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Thanks to reader Jeannine (and Marcus) for informing me that in this month's Allure Magazine there was a quote by Jude Law where he reveals his 'true' height, probably much to the annoyance of Matt (I'm 5ft 11) Damon...I can just see the rage in Damon's eyes when reading this quote from Jude:

"It depends on my mood, really. I'm five nine, and some days I only feel five nine. But if I'm feeling tall, I say six feet!"

I don't know. I had a look at some pictures from years back with Jude and he doesn't look 4 inches taller than say Spielberg for instance...maybe 3 max. The same article also mentions Heidi Klum saying that she really is 5ft 9 but because everybody else lies, she says she's 5ft 9.5.
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Rick says on 4/Jun/15
I'm 192,5 cm and usually I just round it up to 6'4. Is that okay?
[Editor Rob: a lot of people would round up to that if 192.5 ]
MM says on 3/Dec/14
When did Matt Damon claim 5ft11? You haven't put that on his page Rob.
[Editor Rob: well it's 5ft 10.5 he's really claimed, there was one instance I think it was a mistake the 5ft 11.]
House says on 3/Aug/14
So why is Jude Law still listed at 5'11 given this article?
midge says on 21/Mar/14
Interesting how the "short" actors are so nice looking.....good things come in small packages
Eric says on 1/Dec/13
Height discrimination is getting to be just as disgusting as racial discrimination, Americans always need a pig to poke and it's pretty sad..
danraz says on 11/Nov/13
I'm 5 feet 8 and he's about my height. Should go into acting too pass myself off as taller :)
Carter says on 19/Oct/13
It's interesting what Penny says below about the camera loving big heads, since my wife saw Jude Law at a film festival a few years ago, and her comment was that--while he was very handsome--he also looked like a toothpick with a grapefruit stuck on top. Very large head on a smallish, thin body. If he really is only 5'8 or 5'9...what does that mean for Robert Downey Jr.? 5'6 or 5'7? Wow.
Plump says on 24/Sep/11
Kristin, you must've been dreamin.
talllass says on 17/Sep/11
Just seen Mr Law in 'Anna Christie' at the Donmar.A very good performance from an actor is 5"8 tops
kristin says on 25/Sep/10
I met Jude in London in 2002 and he is definitely only 5'8" or 5'9"... we stood at the bar together and he was only slightly taller than I am...
Ali says on 23/Jul/10
I met Jude Law and he's not 5.11! He's just about as tall as me, maybe a tiny bit shorter without shoes, and I am 5.8 (1.73). I also so Nicole Kidman walking down the street and she is VERY tall. In films they use tricks to make actors look taller than they are, and in Cold Mountains even if Jude was clearly razed you can tell he is a short man. So, yes it is a lie!
Ali says on 23/Jul/10
I met Jude Law and he's not 5.11! He's just about as tall as me, maybe a tiny bit shorter without shoes, and I am 5.8 (1.73). I also so Nicole Kidman walking down the street and she is VERY tall. In films they use tricks to make actors look taller than they are, and in Cold Mountains even if Jude was clearly razed you can tell he is a short man. So, yes it is a lie!
Penny says on 14/Jul/10 Lageasy says some of you folks are willfully ignoring lifts, boots with heels, angles, uphill shots, ditch shots, boxes, etc.etc.etc. Jude is elfin. All these guys are short with prominent heads. The camera LOVES big heads... literally and figuratively and spin includes height/weight/age/and gender preferences.
iQ says on 11/May/10
He is 5'10.75 or a week 5'11. 1.79 sounds fair for me.
Carl says on 15/Dec/09
I saw him filming in a car park in Toronto in the winter of 2007 and I am 6'1" and my bro in law who was with me is 6'5", We both looked down on him, as did my ex who is 5'9", make of it what you will ;)
Kara says on 3/Dec/09
Actually Nicole Kidman is 5'11 3/4" and he was a bit taller than her in Cold Mountain, so I'd guess he is 6'. I recently met him (he is very nice) and he towered over me and I'm 5'7" but was wearing 3 1/2 inch shoes
Kara says on 3/Dec/09
Actually Nicole Kidman's 5'11 3/4" and he was a bit taller than her in Cold Mountain so im guessing he's about 6'. I recently met him and he towered over me and I'm 5'7" but I had 3 1/2 inch heels on.
teddy89 says on 28/Jun/09
If he said 5'9 why wouldn't it be a lie? I'm 5'8 and i would never say that i'm 5'5!!! No way 6 foot tall for judd.
obzervi says on 16/May/09
Nicole Kidman is either the same height or taller than him in Cold Mountain, and she's 5'10.5
Anonymous says on 19/Apr/09
men never claim to be shorter than they are.
women sometimes do.
is this not common knowledge?
azlyn says on 5/Mar/09
Jude is half an inch shorter than my hubby who is 5 ft 10 1/2.i am 10 inches shorter than jude.i am short they are tall.i luv my husband and jude equally the same.
17,181-182cm* says on 7/Mar/07
I meant screencaps from behind the scenes of The Aviator.
17,181-182cm* says on 7/Mar/07
Does anyone maybe have a screencap of Leonardo Dicaprio and Jude Law.I've heard people say that he looks the same height or possibly 1cm taller than Leo.And they both had good postures there.So if thats true,then he's definitely 180cm
lorie says on 6/Mar/07
i have seen him out walking without shoes. we were on a level flat surface and i am 5'5 without shoes. he was like 3/4 head tall than me. so he really is 6'ft tall or at shortest 5'11 (3/4). and he has really long legs and a short torso. if u film everyone on a camera at torso level then the one with the short torso looks shorter but do a full body shot then the one with the long legs looks taller and leaner.
Fawley says on 2/Mar/07
If you look at pics of Jude Law and Nicole Kidman together at the Cold Mountain premieres, they are about the same height and Nicole wears 2- or 3-inch heels I think. Nicole is very tall -- 5'10" to 6' so he is at least 5'10".
dancer says on 26/Feb/07
despite that quote from allure magazine id say he is 5,11 becauce he is slightly taller tha cameron diaz IN HEELS might i add in the film the holiday.. he obviously doesnt really know his height himself.. 5.9 would be unrealistic as cameron is as we all known a tall woman.
harry says on 12/Nov/06
who give a flying f*ck how tall he is? if he reckons he is 5 foot 9 then just accept it. Not all actors lie about their height!!
Fawley says on 10/Nov/06
C'mon John Bell. Jude Law has a huge head for his slim build. I know 'cause I love Jude especially that big head of his and I look at a lot of his pics. I think he's 5'10" with a long torso.
John Bell from Hell = The Ghost says on 8/Nov/06
People think jude is tal because he has a small head and face compared to his body. He looks like he could be 6 ft based on above the waist shots, but in reality hes 5'9 1/2
Natalie says on 28/Oct/06
I don't know. I mean he looks quite tall.I believe he is 1.77-1.79 cm. Maybe taller but I can't say sure.
guy la dueche says on 20/Oct/06
maybe he's 5-foot-11 when he wakes up and his spine contracts from gravity during the day and he shrinks down to 5-foot-9 before bed... and if he woke up on the moon he'd only shrink to like 5-foot-10... that would be awesome
anon says on 15/Oct/06
I was standing right beside Jude at a bar recently and he looked much smaller than i expected but was probably a bit taller than me - i'm 5'8" so i think he must be around 5'10". but definitely not 6'.
riven says on 10/Oct/06
same here big will, i'm 5 foot 6 and definitely look smaller than your reflection...
i wish i'm taller than that..
big will says on 13/Sep/06
I'm 5 foot 9 and i always find that i look small in the reflection of shop windows. Weird.....
Bill says on 7/Sep/06
"Excuse me Jared, Iwant to understand your comment but I'm french and I don't understand what "level pegging" means.
He was taller than you or he wasn't?"

C'est une expression anglaise, l'expression française est "coude a coude", égale
kevin says on 4/Sep/06
Jude is between 5'8 and 5'9 , i am sure of that , i have met him many times , probably he is 174 cm .
Anonymous says on 22/Aug/06
wow...5'9'' to 6'0''...? That's a...broad range...very specific(sarcasm..)
He looks a lot taller than 5'10 Matt Damon ('d have to be at least 6'0 tall...or Matt is 5'9'' and Jude is 5'11...?
sebastian says on 15/Aug/06
bruce lee you are correct. those things are acurate but the scales you stand on are not.
Meyer says on 13/Aug/06
What major male actor would admit to being 5'9 if he really was? After all the efforts Hollywood takes to make portray short actors as taller, it would be stupid. He must have been joking.
DVL says on 9/Aug/06
I have met him a few times as our kids play football together, and he is much taller than you would think, around 5ft11 I would estimate
Bruce Lee says on 7/Aug/06
Unless you measure yourelf properly you cant get a good idea by looking at someone by standing next to them. Go to a doctors surgery take your shoes off, stand against the wall and the doctor will lower that thing to the top of your head. Ive stood next to people who i thought looked much smaller than me. But when looking in the reflection in the mirror they were actually the same height as me!
Tom says on 24/Jul/06
Law does look like a child next to the large 6'4/half Stephen Fry (as does Ioan Gruffudd), in the film Wilde, where there are plenty of useful images of them together. He's certainly doesn't look taller than 5'11, but I'm surprised he's as short as 5'9.
sss says on 4/May/06
Hey women lie more about their height than men, I know a chic who said she is 5'10 but I know I am 5'10 and she is like at least 10cm shorter than me lol.
julio says on 1/May/06
This guy is confusing. I am not sure how tall he is. In the 5'9" to 6'0" range? lol
farzan says on 27/Apr/06
i met jude when i went for a trip to hollywood i am 6"3.5 so he must be at least 5"9 or at the max 5"10
dan says on 26/Apr/06
Excuse me Jared, Iwant to understand your comment but I'm french and I don't understand what "level pegging" means.
He was taller than you or he wasn't?
Jared says on 25/Apr/06
In Oct. 2004 I stood next to Jude Law at passport control at JFK airport and he was on a par with me.I`m 5-7 max and in flat shoes and 2 feet away from me he was level pegging.
dan says on 25/Apr/06
to people who say he's 5'9''
here with 5'5'' Sienna Miller

Sorry for the small guys here who hoped him to be 5'9'' but he's more like 5'11'1/2 - 6''
YaoMing says on 22/Apr/06
@bigwill: that's a really strong attitude if that's really you

on jude law: when himself he's saying that he is 5ft 9 than i really don't see anything to question it. he could also be 5ft 10 or 5ft 8 because height-measurement is very flexible.
mike says on 20/Apr/06
I have stood next to him and he is 5.11 same as me.
Paul says on 15/Apr/06
If he is admitting 5'9 he may be less.
Lageasy says on 14/Apr/06
OOOOOKkkk when are you moron girls gonna stop using movies to compare heights. For christs sake, have you not heard of lifts?? Or boxes? If the actor is shorter than the costar than they ALWAYS boost 'em up a bit. You people act like a movie is the best source when they have CGI effects, make up for blemishes, and yes, shoes for height, or camera angles. Just watch that one movie with Ben Stiller in it with that tall chick from Darma and Greg, the whole movie Ben is off and on shorter than her, or as tall as her pending on the shot.
eddie jones says on 13/Apr/06
i'm dead on 6 feet. its all i-ve got going for me,really.a pair of boots addstwo inches,thick socks and,yes apiece of cardboard,makes me6foot,and three inches.i feel good,gazing down on my fellow welshmen,when i go forth thus clad. when i take a trip to chester,though,i don-t feel so tall,cos the english are taller than us.leave us face it,folks,it-s great to be tall,and it-s an adavantage in life to be born with a bit of height.i-m sure prince charles,and tom cruise,and mickey rooney would love to be taller
dan says on 12/Apr/06
In the talented Mr ripley , he is at least 1 inch taller than Damon. + look at this:
bigwill says on 11/Apr/06
Why do people need to lie about their heighth? I am 5-7 and I'm short but so what. I feel big. Maybe not tall, but I am comfortable with myself. I guess I understand the hollywood ego thing but as a normal individual...who cares what others think about my heighth? Be yourself. There's no changing it...unless you have a million dollars and nothing else to spend it on.
sebastian says on 1/Apr/06
so lets say hes 5'8.5
Anonymous says on 19/Mar/06
Jude Law has the same height as Matt Damon. In the movie "The Talented Mr. Ripley" they were on a boat out to sea both wearing timberland boat shoes. They looked the same height in all shots.
Fawley says on 8/Mar/06
I've watched Sky Captain many many times. I LOVE that film. I don't believe Law wore lifts in that movie. My guess is he's 5'10", give or take an inch. Also I don't think people's heights can be judged from a movie because of the way perspectives can be manipulated by the camera. This is especially true in Sky Captain where even the shadows were not real.
Frank says on 7/Mar/06
Jude Law appears to be slightly under six feet tall. In the horrible movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow he was the same height as Gwyneth Paltrow who wore four inch heels. Paltrow is reportedly just under 5'10". I believe Law wore lifts in that film.
Paul says on 23/Feb/06
Yeah....Spot on Jina. For Jude to go much over 6' he might find cowboy boots with extra lifts useful....and thats after lying down for a few hours.
Jina says on 22/Feb/06
Jude Law is definitely not over 5'10 and i know alot of sites say hes 6'1'' which is a lie. I'd say at max 5'10''.
Anonymous says on 22/Feb/06
yeah i saw jude law in paris few months ago, he is a small statured guy, about 5 foot 8. good height
sebastian says on 15/Feb/06
he admitted to being 5'9. Everyone lies about their height for some reason. He could be 5'7 to 5'8
Boudica says on 30/Jan/06
I would say around the 5'9" mark, give or take half an inch. Although this isn't entirely related Jude has a very small torso in comparison to his gigantic hands, feet and head. Much like Uma Thurman really.

Its a pity those big feet don't signify anything else of great magnitude.
jimbo says on 25/Jan/06
My parnter literally bumped into him in Barney's NY last month. My partner is 6'2" and he thought Jude was probably 5'11" or so.
175cm16andgrowing says on 15/Jan/06
You know, this guy has been listed as 5'9'', 5'10'', 5'11'', 6' and 6'1''. He said 5'9''... did he just joke around? I would say he's 5'11'' considering the weight gives him, I'd say he's 6'1'' looking at his face but I'd say 5'10 when I see a full-picture of him.
Schiller says on 14/Jan/06
Now if he said he is 5'9'' I don't know why you put him at 5'11''. He knows better, and one more thing, for my curiosity: How can you see the difference between 177 178 and 179 cms ? Many stars are in this range and there are a lot of coments like "I don't think he is 179 maybe like 178". How can you people see a difference of 1 cm ? And movie stars are not short, get this thing out of your head! Yes, Jason Alexander is short, but Jude Law or Brad Pitt are average height you can see on every movie they play in. And Jude Law is 5'9'' if he said so. If you wouldn't have mentioned this article I would say that he is a skinny 5'10'' he never looked tall to me on screen, like a 6 footer or more.
Another Anonymous says on 19/Dec/05
In support of the last Anonymous poster, 5'8" / 5'9" is not tall, but it is also defenitely not "tiny." The people who say such things are just using their size and making such comments to make themselves feel better about other insecurities. That being said, I say he's 5'9" cause he said so himself in that magazine! =)
DB says on 8/Dec/05
He towers over David Bowie in a backstage shot, he's 6'1.5".
Papercut says on 28/Nov/05
I agree with the last post, he just doesn't have the frame to be 180lbs even if he were 6'1", 150 is believable as he's a thinish guy. Sorry but no way is he 6ft, he is'nt 5'9" either. He's bang on 178cm (5'10.5") from looking round google and comparing him next to the other actors he's standing with...they just round it up on imdb to 180cm.
175cmandjust16 says on 23/Nov/05
Well, I'm 16 and about 5'9'' is about 175cm and I am from Germany. I know some classmates, one of them is a very sportive guy who claims to be 5'10'' but he isn't. He's 5'11'' or 6' but his weight is just 150lbs so he doesn't want the others to think Mr. Sport is skinny. I think it's the same with Jude Law. He seems to be tall on the one hand, on the other hand I've read his weight is 145lbs, 150 and I think absolutepictures has 180 or something but 6'1'' in height. So if he weighs 154 or 150 he can't be that tall. I have to stand straight, then I'm 5'9'', my weight is between 125 and 150lbs. Now it's around 140 or something and I look thinner than Law. So either his height is wrong or his weight. Or he just doesn't have any muscles.

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