How tall is Rihanna ?

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Rihanna's Height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Barbados-born singer known for songs such as Umbrella, Diamonds, We Found Love, Only Girl and Don't Stop the Music. In Fabulous Magazine, she says of her height: "My weight fluctuates, but I don't weigh myself every day. I'm 5ft 8in and weigh around 9st 7lb".

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Comment on the Height of Rihanna

mual said on 21/Sep/15
ive meet her she was definitely taller than me and im 5'8" (SHE HAD NO HEELS)
louise2002 said on 11/Sep/15
she is the same height as cars 5.7
James said on 10/Sep/15
Rob how she can be 5'8" when she is the same height next to cara delevingne?or cara is +170?
[Editor Rob: from what I've seen of them together, I believe Rihanna can appear taller.]
monkor said on 26/Jul/15
5'8"-5'9" compared to brooklyn Decker
cdk said on 19/Jun/15
SHE IS 5'7"
John87 said on 2/Jun/15
I love how Jay states 5'8 is not short for a woman, it's 3.5" above average so no **** it isn't short. That's like saying a 6'1.5" man is 'not short' - captain obvious to the rescue. Rihanna is a tall lady, fact.
John87 said on 2/Jun/15
I love how Jay states 5'8 is not short for a woman
gneek said on 19/May/15
She look taller. I give her 5'10". Minimum 5'9"
MaryAnne said on 10/May/15
Tall and Beautiful....
Jay said on 7/May/15
Lucky, 5'8 is not short for a woman.
Shayshay said on 28/Apr/15
Crop the heels off to see there real height
Lucky said on 24/Apr/15
Suprisingly short, 6ft here and her head was up to my chin
Bishop said on 11/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think this big woman next to her is?:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: her heels don't look much really, although that other person's sneakers don't match. About 6ft 1 range maybe.]
Silent_D said on 10/Mar/15
@DOG miranda kerr is not 5 foot 9, she is 5 foot 7 and i think candice is 5 foot 8. 173cm for rihanna.
Xyz said on 28/Dec/14
I'd say 5'3.5" for J.Lo , 5'5" for Bey and 5'7" for Rihanna.
Jared said on 15/Nov/14
she's not 5'8.
You need to look no further than shoeless pictures of her and Chris Brown.
Chris Brown is 5'11 and she looks exactly 4 inches shorter than him
Ashley said on 8/Nov/14
Rob when Rihanna did SNL with Anne Hatheway she looked shorter and Anne claims 5'7. What do you think of that? Even if you bump Anne's height to 5'8 Rihanna is still shorter.
[Editor Rob: would it maybe have been a case of Anne in big heels and Rihanna in a lower type of boot. That's only thing I can think of as I'd be surprised if Rihanna really was shorter than anne]
andre said on 5/Oct/14
She is about 5ft7.5 or 5ft8 and chris brown is 5ft11.5
Good said on 5/Oct/14
Click Here
Click Here
@evil Rihanna is 2" taller than beyonce. In those pictures shows that beyonce wearing at least 1.5" taller heels. Altough beyonce is standing as straight as she could and rihanna is not. They llok at the same height.
Rihanna wears 120mm (4.5") heels
evil said on 23/Sep/14
i think that rihanna is a solid 5'8, but i think that beyonce is not 5'6 if rihanna is that tall, i think beyonce is at least 5'7, maybe a weak 5'7.5
j said on 22/Sep/14
If she claims 5.8ft let her go on flat totally with willow smith by then we know how tall she is and for willow smith she is 5.0ft
Jay said on 10/Sep/14
ROJINA, where did you even get that estimate from?
littlesue said on 4/Sep/14
I would say she lying more about her weight than her height
ROJINA said on 3/Sep/14
She CANT be 5"8............someone at that height who weighs as that much would be MUCH more trimmer! I d say she is 5"6-MAXIMUM.
Boo said on 16/Jul/14
Rihanna and Adriana Lima
Click Here
wish i could find another pic from better angle.
keintag said on 30/Mar/14
she definently looks more taller. Maybe 5'10" ?
divincodino92 said on 10/Jan/14
On Facebook i saw a photo with her and 186cm Jim Parson! Rihanna seems 5.75-6 inches shorter than Jim! Can she goes with 170-171 Rob? What do you think about?
[Editor Rob: possibly she didn't stand as well as him?]
Just said on 30/Dec/13
She herself claimed 5'8. She's shorter than 5'9 Doutzen Kroes in The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012. This height seems right for her.
DOG said on 30/Nov/13
@silent D. i think you have some interest in Rihanna's height. i just wondering if Rihanna, Candice, Miranda Kerr, standing side by side without heels. Candice and Miranda are claiming that they are 175cm. but why does Rihanna look much taller than Candice in Victoria's Secret 2012.
Kristin said on 10/Nov/13
I've meet and have taken a picture twice with Rihanna. Im 5.9. She had Adidas sneakers on and was a smidgen taller then me.. I had converse on. I def believe she a solid 5'9.
Dog said on 6/Nov/13
Click Here
this is a pic rihanna with indonesian celebrity chef name farah quinn who is listed at 172cm tall.
Dog said on 6/Nov/13
Click Here
this is a pic rihanna with indonesian celebrity chef name farah quinn who is listed at 172cm tall.
George said on 30/Oct/13
5ft8 flat. This is how tall a a tall lady looks in heels. Got you all deceived...she is tall for a woman at 173 at night but not taller. Have a nice life people.
Strange said on 2/Oct/13
you dont think that Rihanna is 5 feet 8 inches at night ,though ?

i mean, she sure does not claim night height herself, cause no one does. Since most people only know morning height or height after being 4 hours awake or so
Conti said on 18/Sep/13
Chris Brown is around 5'11.5,so that makes her 5'7.5
sixfooter said on 22/Aug/13
She's definitely 5'8 or even 5'9. She's very tall
Silent d said on 12/Aug/13
5 foot 8.
PMP said on 19/Jul/13
@tella, agree!
i found some pic
Click Here
Rihanna on Louboutin Lucifer bow which is 120mm
Click Here
Beyonce on Cristian Louboutin Daffodile 160mm
Click Here
tella said on 17/Jul/13
@teej becasue Beyonce wears 6" heels,Rihanna wears 4"
tella said on 17/Jul/13
@teej becasue Beyonce wears 6" heels,Rihanna wears 4"
liars said on 16/Jul/13
She looks the same height as friend Cara Delevigne on holiday today, who is listed as 5'7" but may be a tad shorter. Rihanna may wants to appear taller than she is because whenever she wears "flat" shoes, they're always of the type that have a secret 3-4cm heel.
teej said on 11/Jul/13
In her pics with beyonce, beyonce looks taller for some reason and they both wear heels? Beyonce is listed as 5'6, so rihanna must be shorter, or something, i honestly do believe she looks tall for a girl, but why is beyonce taller than her?
PMP said on 10/Jul/13
i need to give some correction in my argument
50mm heel = (+35mm)
85mm heel = (+52.5mm)
100mm heel = (+60mm)
120mm heel = (+70mm)
^^^ without platform

120mm heel include 20mm platform (Christian Louboutin Bianca 120mm)
>>120mmH+P - 30mmPLATFORM = 90mm heel = (+55mm) +30mmPLATFORM = (+85mm)

140mm heel include 30mm Platform (Christian Louboutin Bianca 140mm)
>>140mmH+P - 30mmPLATFORM = 110mm heel = (+65mm) +30mmPLATFORM = (+95mm)

160mm heel include 40mm Platform (Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160mm)
>>160mmH+P - 40mmPLATFORM = 120mm heel = (+70mm) +40mmPLATFORM = (+110mm)

How thal is he? 5'11"(180cm)right?
1800mm + 20mm men's shoes = 1820mm
and rihanna is wearing 140mm with 30mm platform so her height will increase 95mm
if rihanna 5'8" >> (1730mm + 95mm = 1825mm)

rihanna looks 20mm-30mm taller than that guy, you can see it at (00:50-00:52 from your video)
1820mm +20mm or 30mm = 1840mm or 1850mm
1840mm or 1850mm - 95mm = 1745mm or 1755mm

Rihanna must a little bit more than 5'8".
Sam said on 7/Jul/13
I agree with G man 619 - people on here like to say that the men are always lying and are shorter than they really are. But the sexy, long legged women get a pass with people raising the height. Rhianna claimed 5'8, never said 5'9. I know that some actress' will boost their height (Jennifer Lawrence), but others like Rhianna probably don't care to be listed as an inch taller.
superog said on 6/Jul/13
look at rihannas official,up-to-date website Click Here it's 5'9"
G man 619 said on 2/Jul/13
It's funny how posters like to deflate the heights of those celebs who they really despise and envy such as 'Justin Beiber' and 'Tom Cruise' but when it comes to hot chicks like Rihanna they like to inflate the height. Must be some kind of fantasy thing.
rexon said on 28/Jun/13
R u kiddin' david? Compare her photos with other celebs she really looks taller 5'9" (1m 76cm)at least
David said on 26/Jun/13
Rihanna NEVER 5ft 10 but definetley 5ft 8 probably with 1 inch shoes on.Great pop singer ,great songs i am a big fan.
liars said on 5/Jun/13
In the Victoria's secret show, she looked much shorter than Doutzen Kroes, who's real height according to a photographer I know is 5'7.5" - 5'8"
Lee said on 4/Jun/13
she is 5ft 8in certainly looked about that tall in the where have you been video next to all those men. anyway she said so herself, she might have been young but woman stop growing around 16-17 she does wear platforms a lot and can look 6ft 2 in them but barefoot i'd say 5'8" like Ciara
Nick said on 1/Jun/13
5'8 according to this (next to Ashton Kutcher): Click Here
PMP said on 3/May/13
5.5" platform won't makes you 5.5" taller it only give you 2,75"-3" taller taller. Stevan Raab is 6' then Rihanna is 6'-3" = 5'9"
gruethy said on 1/May/13
She is 1.78 cm (5'10") i am sure
fmaalmi said on 21/Apr/13
She is at least 5'9" compare her with other celebs and look their photos carefully,It's clear that she is really tall
PMP said on 19/Apr/13
Click Here
pretty tall. All of them must wearing heels (look at thier hips level)
i' sure that she is 5'9"
janelle said on 17/Apr/13
@emily to the ankle
Emily said on 1/Apr/13
@janelle is that 35 inch inseam to the floor or to the ankle?
janelle said on 31/Mar/13
i'm 5'8.5 and my legs are 35 inches inseam which are longer than hers. people think i'm 5'10-6' because i look like a giant from faraway/in pics, but i was measured by my docor and my friend, and they both said 174cm. this proves that just because her legs look super long and she looks tall from afar doesn't mean she's tall. I'll give her 5'8".
Spring said on 31/Mar/13
here is rihanna with Isebeli Fonata who is 5'10"
Click Here

at least 5'9" for rihanna
PMP said on 30/Mar/13
Click Here
Click Here
doesn't she looks 4"-5" taller than 5'5" Stella Mccartney?
both wearing 120mm heels
5'9" Rihanna
summer said on 24/Mar/13
PMP that is exactly the same picture I posted they are both wearing heels and Jennifer heels are not higher but she is clearly an inch taller. That makes it 5'8 for Rihanna.
PMP said on 22/Mar/13
and here is rihanna with 5'9 jennifer hudson who is wearing higher heels.
Click Here

5'9" for rihanna
summer said on 20/Mar/13
Here is rihanna with 5'9 Jennifer hudson. Click Here
peackly said on 16/Mar/13
5'10" that's the truth
nikkipop said on 12/Mar/13
agree with you @rendygarp -more like 5'10"
Igo said on 9/Mar/13
Easily 5'9" her long legs can make her look taller though
leptoutta said on 8/Mar/13
At least 5'9"
suchagreatidea said on 5/Mar/13
I saw her at supermarket i swear she's at least 5'10-5'11 without boots
KN6\'4 said on 4/Mar/13
@Cliff that picture with MJ doesn't show what shoes they were wearing and she was probably wearing heels, and I am pretty sure Michael was about 178cm anyway so. Rihanna is easily 6 foot in heels, she is probably around 5'9 or more barefoot. With 6 foot (maybe 6'1) Chris Brown at the Grammys she wasn't much shorter
rendygarp said on 3/Mar/13
More like 5'10"
Lemmeluvya said on 2/Mar/13
she's looking at least 5'9.5" next to other celebraties
boqumuyea said on 24/Feb/13
In my opinion 5'10" without heels . She is looking like really tall for bruno mars at grammys.
@BMS said on 21/Feb/13
Rihanna with 4" heels clearly 1" shorter than 6'0" chris brown.
5'11" - 4"heels = 5'9"
goshish said on 15/Feb/13
She is more like 5'9" or 5'9.5 for chris brown
Greg said on 13/Feb/13
@Silent d Chris Brown is definitely not 6'2. He's barely 6'0 so I don't know what you're talking about.
ME said on 10/Feb/13
this photos
Click Here
Click Here
Rihanna wearing Christian Louboutin Pigalle (120mm)
Brooklyn Deacker Wearing Christian Loboutin Crosspiga (120mm)

Click Here
Rihanna Wearing Manolo Blahnik Ankle-strap (100mm)
Brooklyn decker Wearing Christian Louboutin Crosspiga (120mm)

Rihanna is 5'8" - 5'9" for sure
Silent d said on 4/Feb/13
I remember chris brown was listed as 6 foot 2. He said it himself in an interview. He said he was too tall to dance. He was 19 when he said that. 5 foot 8 for rihanna.
liars said on 3/Feb/13
I used to follow the modelling scene, as I used to be a fan of some of them. I don't know all of the women in this show, but know that it's an open secret that Doutzen, Adriana and Alessandra are signifcantly shorter than the average model. They are considered to be in the 5'7 - 5'8 range. Hilary Rhoda is listed as 5'11, but is actually 5'9 as she once write then deleted, several years ago. She said "I'm 5'9, 5'11 with heels" Her being 5'9 is consistant with some of the paparazzi pictures of her with her 5'10 ex-boyfriend. So, if anyone want to look through the pictures again, you've got a definite 5'9 benchmark for one of the girls.
I'd like to add that I've notice when Rihanna wears "flat" shoe's, they are often of the type that look flat but actually increse your height by 2-4cm...never seen her in properly flat shoes. Think she might be an height exaggerator myself, I'd put her at 5'7 and will be looking at Victorias Secret picks when I can be @rsed.
Jan said on 20/Dec/12
Doutzen is only 5'9. She has stated this herself in interviews. You have to pay attention to the footwear. Doutzen has on heels with a 2 inch platform in front with a much higher heel. Rihanna has a smaller heel on. I would say Rihanna is 5'8.5. Candice is 5'8 just like Alessandra. Miranda is only 5'7.5 max.
Me said on 9/Dec/12
I saw her with Candice Swanpowel. Rihanna look a bit taller than her.
Candice Swanpowel is 5'9" based on VS official website.
Ally said on 6/Dec/12
So, if anyone watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, it should be pretty obvious that she's closer to 174+ Unless all those models are 5'6 or 5'7 and exaggerating their height.
Jack said on 6/Dec/12
maybe 174 cm is closer?
JB said on 5/Dec/12
chris brown is 6 foot and rihanna really isnt that much shorter than him she looks 3 about 4 inches shorter than him, ri is definitely 5'8+ barefoot
HR said on 25/Nov/12
once again.

in this picture
Click Here
Click Here
Rihanna Wearing 10cm ancle strap manolo blahnik and brooklyn decker wearing 12cm Christian loboutin.
if you don't look closer they do have the same height. but if you look it closer rihanna looks little tiny shorter

they have same height 5'8" or 5'9". i'm really sure.
HR said on 24/Nov/12
Rob, I need your opinion

i have an interest in this Picture
Click Here
i have already check Christian Louboutin Site. their shoes have the i2 heels height (120mm) every Christian Loboutin Shoes above 120mm have extra platform.

this picture shows rihanna have lo lever aye.

i think from this pitcure they have do have the same height.
What do you think Rob?

i don't know if they are 5'8" or 5'9". but they have same height. (i think)
ME said on 17/Nov/12
Doutzen = 5'10" + 6"heels = 6'2"
Rihanna = 5'8" + 4"heels = 5'10"
6'2" - 5'10" = 4"
but the gap which shown is 3" max
5'8" -5'9" for rihanna
Adriana said on 14/Nov/12
Doutzen is listed @ 5'10, and not 5'9. I think Rihanna is between 5'7 and 5'8.
Bo said on 13/Nov/12
we can not use "USUALLY" reason. we need the fact and picture to prove the fact.
jk said on 12/Nov/12
@Ally and @theblack

Most girls stop growing around age 15-16...
rani said on 12/Nov/12
its usually rhianna who is in skyscrapers and hathaway in flats.
Joe said on 12/Nov/12
in ME's picture she's walking side bt side with 5'10 with 6" heels Doutzen Kroeswhile rinna only wearing 4".
the gap that shown is 2-3"
so 5'8" still the minimum height calculation.
little sue said on 11/Nov/12
Rihanna could be in flats and hathaway in those 6 inch skyscrapers!!
Me said on 11/Nov/12
Click Here
The model waring 6" heels while Rihanna wearing 4"
My question is, why did she wearing smaller heels in that show. 5'8" is close to another victoria's secret model height.
If she wearing same heels size. She might be look closer to the other model height.
Joe said on 11/Nov/12
that is not sowing their shoes
rani said on 10/Nov/12
with a 5'7 anne hathaway, rihanna is still short
rani said on 10/Nov/12
With 5'7 Anne Hathaway

Click Here
DanMan said on 8/Nov/12
She was constantly towered in the Victoria's Secret show by 5'9"/10" models in similar heels.

Click Here
Click Here with 5'9" listed Doutzen Kroes

Considering she's barely taller than 5'5.75" Katy Perry, I give Rihanna a weak 5'7".
beouleu said on 30/Oct/12
agrree with @Me. they wear same heels
Brooklyn Decker Click Here
Rihanna Click Here
Me said on 29/Oct/12
@Silent D. that pic show that their knees is on the same level. and thir feet angle is simiar. both of them wearing 4" christian loboutin.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
Me rihanna has higher heels. Maybe by 2cm. 5 foot 8.
beouleu said on 27/Oct/12
agree with @Me. if Rihanna is trully 5'8", brooklyn decker must be 5'8". but if Brooklyn Decker is trully 5'9" rihanna must be 5'9" too.
They have similiar height.
Me said on 26/Oct/12
@ Sinead finn. rihanna has longer head which is makes her look shorter by her ayes level. Rihanna is 5'9"
Click Here
both have same heels size, same legs length, same hips and shoulders level, exept the ayes which is makes rihanna looks shorter. but they have same height.
(5'8"-5'9") for both of them.
Sinead Finn said on 21/Oct/12
In this pic, by the side of Victoria's Secret model Brooklyn Decker (who is trully 175 cm / 5'9'') Rihanna really looks like being 173 (5'8'').
Click Here
michael said on 28/Sep/12
yes i agree with silent d!
Silent d said on 18/Sep/12
Is she taller than kesha? If kesha is 5 foot 9 than rihanna is close. 5 foot 8. I'm pretty sure brooklyn is a smidgen taller. 5 foot 9 seems a little tall for her.
Me said on 14/Sep/12
@lazar Katy look 4" sorter than rihanna. rihanna wearing 4" heels. if rhanna takes her heels of too riri still look 2" taller than katy.
Click Here
Click Here
5'7" for katy and 5'8"-5'9" for rihanna
Lazar said on 11/Sep/12
Erm, hate to burst your bubble but here is the video of the vma 2012, and at the end of the video you can see Katty Peryy (170/5'7) without her heels walking side by side with Rihanna (My guess 173/5'8 at most) who is wearing her heels.

Click Here
Lazar said on 11/Sep/12
Erm, hate to burst your bubble but here is the video of the vma 2012, and at the end of the video you can see Katty Peryy (170/5'7) without her heels walking side by side with Rihanna (My guess 173/5'8 at most) who is wearing her heels.

Click Here
Louise said on 19/Aug/12
Compare to Brooklyn Decker who is 5'9", Rihanna's hand level, knees level, hips level totally the same with Brooklyn Decker. just only the neck, chin, ayes level are different which is Rihanna's is lover than Brooklyn Decker. but rihanna has longer head, so it makes They have same height.

Brooklyn Decker is a model, She must be at least 5'9"

5'9" for rihanna
Rokie said on 15/Aug/12
2005 5'6" Pon de replay
2006 5'7" SOS
2007 5'8" umbrella
2008 5'8.5" Take a bow - Disturbia
2009 5'8.75" Rude boy
2010 5'8.90" S&M
2011 5'8.95" We found love
2012 5'9" Battle ship movie premier (compared to Brooklyn Decker)
and will never growing tall again
Rih said on 10/Aug/12
175------------------------------------- THIS IS CORRECT
Nesh! said on 9/Aug/12
I swear I saw her at 6 foot 1 somewhere. I just knew it was wrong lol. Still tall and beautiful nonetheless ;)
Peyman said on 9/Aug/12
5ft 8in for Rihanna can be used as a reference
Me said on 1/Aug/12
nextb to 5'9" Brooklyn Decker
Click Here
Click Here
Same heels size
marla singer said on 26/Jul/12
She's more like 5'9"
SAK said on 16/Jun/12
She has long legs. 5ft8 seems legit for her. Not any higher though.
theblacklab said on 11/Jun/12
5'9" now I think, she's a skinny girl and despite her height, she wouldn't weigh 137lbs at 5'8", she's a celeb after all. I agree with Ally that if the claim was made age 17, she would have grown, but her claim would've been when she was 17. She was probably about 5'6.25 when she was 15, 5'7.25 at 16, 5'8" at 17, 5'8.5" at 18 and 5'9" by 19.
Ally said on 14/Feb/12
Next to 5'9 Gwyneth Paltrow: Click Here
Jennifer said on 13/Feb/12
Yeah Ally, Ur right...
Most definitely 5'9 minimum!
Ally said on 12/Feb/12
She's clearly 174 to 175 cms. She said she was 5'8 when she was 17 years old. At that age, people don't get measured very often. She was probably relying on measurements from a year or two ago. Definitely taller than 173cms now.
foo said on 9/Feb/12
Just look at her standing by Mariah. Tallish.
Silent d said on 6/Feb/12
That photo makes nicki minaj tall but she has heels. 173cm.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.