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Aaliyah (5ft 5in)
Quinton Aaron (6ft 8in)
Amanda Abbington (5ft 4in)
Tony Abbott (5ft 10in)
Paula Abdul (5ft 0in)
Kareem Abdul Jabbar (7ft 1.875in)
Jake Abel (6ft 1in)
F. Murray Abraham (5ft 10in)
John Abraham (5ft 11.5in)
J.J. Abrams (5ft 7in)
Candice Accola (5ft 6.75in) R J
Kirk Acevedo (5ft 8.5in)
Amrita Acharia (5ft 2in) R
Amy Acker (5ft 7in) J
Joss Ackland (6ft 0in)
Jensen Ackles (6ft 0in) R
Amy Adams (5ft 3.5in)
Brian Adams (6ft 5in)
Brooke Adams (5ft 3in) R
Bryan Adams (5ft 7.5in)
Christine Adams (5ft 8in)
Christine Adams (5ft 8in) R
Don Adams (5ft 8.75in)
Douglas Adams (6ft 5in)
Jane Adams (5ft 5in)
Joey Lauren Adams (5ft 4in)
Kaye Adams (5ft 7in)
Ryan Adams (5ft 8in)
Yolanda Adams (6ft 1in)
Chris Addison (6ft 2in)
Mark Addy (5ft 10.5in)
Adele (5ft 8in)
Paul Adelstein (6ft 1.25in)
Isabelle Adjani (5ft 5in)
Scott Adkins (5ft 10in) R
Trace Adkins (6ft 6in)
Max Adler (6ft 0in) R J
Razaaq Adoti (6ft 3in)
Dwayne Adway (6ft 4in)
Ben Affleck (6ft 2.25in)
Casey Affleck (5ft 9in)
Afrojack (6ft 7.5in)
Andre Agassi (5ft 10.75in)
Nina Agdal (5ft 8.75in)
Keiko Agena (5ft 1in)
Shohreh Aghdashloo (5ft 5in)
Dianna Agron (5ft 5.5in)
Christina Aguilera (5ft 1.5in)
Jenny Agutter (5ft 7in)
Freema Agyeman (5ft 2in) R
Danny Aiello (6ft 2in)
Clay Aiken (6ft 1in)
Liam Aiken (5ft 7.5in)
Laura Aikman (5ft 4in)
Jhene Aiko (5ft 2in)
Kacey Ainsworth (5ft 2in)
Donna Air (5ft 7.5in)
Maria Aitken (5ft 10in)
Malin Akerman (5ft 8in)
Claude Akins (6ft 1in)
Akon (5ft 10in)
Marc Alaimo (6ft 0in)
Lauren Alaina (5ft 6in)
Jessica Alba (5ft 6.25in)
Damon Albarn (5ft 11in)
Jodi Albert (5ft 5in)
Louise Albritton (5ft 7.5in)
Alan Alda (6ft 2in)
Kristen Alderson (5ft 1in)
Lily Aldridge (5ft 8in)
Flex Alexander (6ft 3.5in)
Jaimie Alexander (5ft 8.5in)
Jane Alexander (5ft 7.5in)
Jason Alexander (5ft 4.5in)
Khandi Alexander (5ft 4in)
Sarah Alexander (5ft 3.75in)
Sasha Alexander (5ft 5in)
Kristian Alfonso (5ft 4in)
Muhammad Ali (6ft 2.5in)
Tatyana Ali (5ft 4in)
Alfie Allen (5ft 7in) R
Beth Allen (5ft 4in)
Chad Allen (5ft 7in)
Christa B Allen (5ft 5in)
Debbie Allen (5ft 2in)
Hoodie Allen (5ft 6.5in)
Joan Allen (5ft 10in)
Karen Allen (5ft 5in) R
Keith Allen (5ft 6in)
Kris Allen (5ft 5.75in)
Krista Allen (5ft 6in)
Laura Allen (5ft 4in)
Lily Allen (5ft 2in)
Nancy Allen (5ft 4.5in) R
Sandy Allen (7ft 7.25in)
Tim Allen (5ft 10.5in)
Woody Allen (5ft 5in)
Kirstie Alley (5ft 7.5in)
Marshall Allman (5ft 5.25in) R J
Kirstie Allsopp (5ft 7in)
June Allyson (5ft 0in)
Michalina Almindo (5ft 5in)
Daniella Alonso (5ft 5.5in)
Carol Alt (5ft 10.5in)
Summer Altice (5ft 10.5in)
Josef Altin (5ft 6in) R
John Altman (5ft 11in)
Robert Altman (6ft 0in)
Dean Ambrose (6ft 0.75in)
Lauren Ambrose (5ft 5.5in)
Alessandra Ambrosio (5ft 8.5in)
Don Ameche (5ft 10.5in)
Robbie Amell (5ft 11in)
Stephen Amell (6ft 1in)
Tony Amendola (5ft 10in) R
Madchen Amick (5ft 6in)
John Amos (5ft 11.5in)
Tori Amos (5ft 2in)
Eva Amurri Martino (5ft 9in)
Susie Amy (5ft 7in)
Anahi (5ft 4in)
Anastacia (5ft 2in)
Elena Anaya (5ft 3.5in)
Ronni Ancona (5ft 10in)
Mini Anden (5ft 10in)
David Anders (5ft 11.5in) R J
Angry Anderson (5ft 1.5in)
Anthony Anderson (5ft 9in)
Brett Anderson (6ft 0in)
Daryl Anderson (6ft 4in)
Gillian Anderson (5ft 2.5in) R J
Jan Anderson (5ft 0in)
Loni Anderson (5ft 6in)
Melody Anderson (5ft 6in) R
Michael J Anderson (3ft 7in)
Miles Anderson (5ft 10in)
Natalie Anderson (5ft 4in)
Pamela Anderson (5ft 6in)
Richard Anderson (6ft 3in)
Richard Dean Anderson (6ft 1.75in)
Samuel Anderson (5ft 10.25in) R
Bibi Andersson (5ft 4in)
Sophie Anderton (5ft 9in)
Adjoa Andoh (5ft 4in) R
Peter Andre (5ft 7.75in)
Ursula Andress (5ft 5in)
Dana Andrews (5ft 10in)
Dean Andrews (5ft 8.75in) R
Erin Andrews (5ft 10in)
Julie Andrews (5ft 7in)
Naveen Andrews (5ft 7.5in)
Real Andrews (6ft 1in)
Sebastien Andrieu (6ft 1in)
Michelle Ang (5ft 3in)
Michael Angarano (5ft 7in)
Criss Angel (5ft 11in)
Vanessa Angel (5ft 8in)
Anggun (5ft 4in)
Kurt Angle (5ft 10in)
Christien Anholt (5ft 7in)
Jennifer Aniston (5ft 4.75in)
Lisa Ann (5ft 2in)
Dave Annable (5ft 9in)
Odette Annable (5ft 8.5in)
Chloe Annett (5ft 4.5in) R
Francesca Annis (5ft 5in)
Nonso Anozie (6ft 5.25in) R
Aziz Ansari (5ft 5.5in)
ANT (5ft 6in)
Adam Ant (5ft 8in)
Lulu Antariksa (5ft 3in)
Gethin Anthony (5ft 9.75in) R
Lysette Anthony (5ft 5.5in) R
Marc Anthony (5ft 6in)
Benz Antoine (6ft 3in)
Susan Anton (5ft 11in)
Gabrielle Anwar (5ft 2in)
Devon Aoki (5ft 5in)
Magda Apanowicz (5ft 3in)
Gabrielle Aplin (5ft 2in)
Shiri Appleby (5ft 2.75in)
Anne Archer (5ft 6in)
Jeffrey Archer (5ft 10in)
Melissa Archer (5ft 5in)
Leila Arcieri (5ft 3in)
Manuela Arcuri (5ft 7.5in)
Lee Arenberg (5ft 3.75in)
Asia Argento (5ft 6in)
Carmen Argenziano (5ft 10.5in) R
Ashley Argota (5ft 3in)
Silvana Arias (5ft 1in)
Jonathan Aris (5ft 11in) R
Adam Arkin (6ft 1in)
Alan Arkin (5ft 10in)
George Arliss (5ft 7in)
Lindsay Armaou (5ft 5in)
Pedro Armendariz (6ft 0in)
Richard Armitage (6ft 2.5in)
Alexander Armstrong (5ft 11in)
Alun Armstrong (5ft 10in)
Curtis Armstrong (5ft 4in) R
Darrell Armstrong (5ft 11.25in)
Jonas Armstrong (5ft 11.5in)
Lance Armstrong (5ft 9in)
Louis Armstrong (5ft 5.75in)
Matthew John Armstrong (5ft 10in) R
R G Armstrong (6ft 3in)
Samaire Armstrong (5ft 3.5in)
Vaughn Armstrong (6ft 0in) R
Desi Arnaz (5ft 9.5in)
Lucie Arnaz (5ft 8.5in)
James Arness (6ft 7in)
Will Arnett (6ft 2.5in)
Nora Arnezeder (5ft 9in)
Luke Arnold (5ft 9in)
Tom Arnold (6ft 1in)
David Arquette (5ft 9.5in)
Patricia Arquette (5ft 1.5in)
Gemma Arterton (5ft 7in)
Hannah Arterton (5ft 4in)
Beatrice Arthur (5ft 9.5in)
James Arthur (6ft 2in)
Jean Arthur (5ft 3in)
Katie Aselton (5ft 6.5in)
Leslie Ash (5ft 5.5in)
Ashanti (5ft 3in)
Richard Ashcroft (5ft 11in)
Kate Ashfield (5ft 5.5in)
Aaron Ashmore (5ft 11.5in) R
Shawn Ashmore (5ft 11in)
John Ashton (5ft 10.75in)
Zawe Ashton (5ft 10in)
Ed Asner (5ft 8in)
Armand Assante (5ft 9.5in)
Fred Astaire (5ft 9in)
John Astin (5ft 11in)
Sean Astin (5ft 6.25in) R J
Skylar Astin (5ft 9in)
Rick Astley (5ft 9in)
Mary Astor (5ft 5in)
Emily Atack (5ft 6in)
William Atherton (6ft 0in) R
Victoria Atkin (5ft 4in)
Emma Atkins (5ft 6in)
Sharif Atkins (6ft 0.25in)
Tom Atkins (5ft 10.75in)
Gemma Atkinson (5ft 9in)
Ron Atkinson (6ft 0in) R
Rowan Atkinson (5ft 11.25in)
Richard Attenborough (5ft 6.5in)
Hayley Atwell (5ft 6.5in)
Jensen Atwood (5ft 10.5in)
Rene Auberjonois (6ft 0in) R J
K.D. Aubert (5ft 9in)
Juliet Aubrey (5ft 8in)
Nadja Auermann (5ft 10.5in)
Claudine Auger (5ft 8in)
Scott Aukerman (6ft 2.5in)
Alana Austin (5ft 7in)
Coco Austin (5ft 2in)
Sherri Austin (5ft 2in)
Daniel Auteuil (5ft 6.75in)
Emilie Autumn (5ft 4in)
Frankie Avalon (5ft 6.5in)
Erick Avari (5ft 8.25in) R
Electra Avellan (5ft 4.5in) R
Elise Avellan (5ft 5.5in) R
James Avery (6ft 5in)
Marie Avgeropoulos (5ft 5in)
Avicii (5ft 10in)
Nicki Aycox (5ft 4in) R
Sam Ayers (6ft 2in)
Dan Aykroyd (6ft 1in)
Reiko Aylesworth (5ft 4in)
Benjamin Ayres (6ft 2in) R J
Lew Ayres (5ft 9.5in)
Iggy Azalea (5ft 9.5in)
Victoria Azarenka (5ft 11in)
Hank Azaria (5ft 11in)
Valerie Azlynn (5ft 9in)

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.