How tall is Aishwarya Rai ?

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Aishwarya Rai's Height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Indian Actress and model, formerly Miss World 1994. Miss Rai Bachchan is well known for roles in films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Jodhaa Akbar, The Pink Panther 2, Dhoom 2, Mohabbatein and Guzaarish.. Her official site gives 5ft 7 as height.

How tall is Aishwarya Rai
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Comment on the Height of Aishwarya Rai

Engineer said on 9/Feb/16
Another Miss India making into Indian movies who is nearly 5'10" is Uravashi Rautela. Saw recently in one of the award functions standing next to Gulshan Grover who is about 5'9" in shoes, and she simply overwhelmed him
Dost said on 9/Feb/16
@tcm, I would agree, I thought Kriti would look even taller, but there are some other pics from that appearance, where she towers over Sonakshi. Taking all the angles into account, I think Kriti has at least 2" on Sonakshi, maybe 2.5" and they are in similar size heels. Sonakshi is about 5'7" so that would put Kriti at 5'9 to 5'9.5"

Click Here
Bebz said on 7/Feb/16
And this ... Click Here
Dosti said on 6/Feb/16
Tinu are a srk fan?
Nona said on 6/Feb/16
@tinu aishwarya is no comparison to the gorgeous Tabu. The 2nd pic clearly shows how small aishwarya is. It's not only the height, check out the overall figure. Tabu's shoulders are huge and though you cannot see her legs those too are huge compared to aishwarya. Tabu is 5'10" & 75 kgs compared to Aishwarya's 5'6" & 56 kgs
tcm said on 6/Feb/16
I would have expected Kriti Sanon to look slightly taller than she does here with Sonakshi Click Here

How tall is Sonakshi? 5'7? That would make Kriti 5'9/5'10?
Engineer said on 5/Feb/16
While Kriti Sanon is seen wearing big heels (4"), she is simply towering over everyone else

Click Here

Click Here

@Rob How many inches will those heels add to her already towering height of 5'9"+
tinu said on 4/Feb/16
Click Here
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Click Here
Click Here

Dec@p!7ator said on 3/Feb/16
raveena is more than 5'6 and has well built body
dfgh said on 2/Feb/16
@AK that actress' name is Aishwarya. She is around 5'9" and quite well built. She'll be able to lift that hero over her head effortlessly
John said on 2/Feb/16
Raveena is a strong 5'5 (166cm).
AK said on 31/Jan/16
Here is a song from a very old Tamil movie. The heroine clearly towers over the hero, not just, but by a good margin. Especially, look at the last sequence of the song
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rk said on 28/Jan/16
Good height comparison between aishwarya, raveen and pooja batra. If aish is 5'6", then raveena would be 5'7" and pooja would be 5'10".
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Dost said on 26/Jan/16
If you watch the entire Bigg Boss finale, at the beginning with Katrina and Aditya do their dance, you can see Katrina in completely flat shoes. Yet when Tabu comes out, you can see her in the similar 3" heels she wore at the Fitoor promo pics we saw earlier.

What might be more impressive is that the contestant Mandana I think her name is, towered over Katrina when they were standing next to each other. Couldn't see her heels, but she looked 3-4" taller so even with high heels, she could be close to 5'8".
Dec@p!7ator said on 23/Jan/16
guys in bigg boss grand finale tabu appeared taller than katrina kaif. well built katrina kaif was looking weak in front of tabu
kkk said on 22/Jan/16
What is the height of women dancing behind kareena kapoor? They make kareena loook like small kid in front of them..
Click Here
pop said on 20/Jan/16
please can anyone give the link to that video
PKB said on 19/Jan/16
@PPP: Here is a picture from the event (differences in floor elevation or heels are not visible)
Click Here
ppp1 said on 19/Jan/16
yes very true. i don't think riya is more than 4'11.
ppp said on 17/Jan/16
any one have video of riya seen with models at ramp in Kolkata fashion week 2009.Riya looks below shoulder level of all models.
subha said on 13/Jan/16
kriti sanon with athiya shetty, both looks equal with athiya has small heels, that makes kriti slightly taller
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tiny said on 11/Jan/16
Thanks to everyone for posting the nice pics of the gorgeous Tabu & Katrina. Height apart Tabu who is 43 years old gives the 20 somethings a run for their money as far as looks are concerned and mind you she has not been under the plastic surgeon's knife. Katrina's legs are something to die for, not overly muscular but very toned like say compared to someone like Deepika whose legs ar every skinny
Dec@p!7ator said on 10/Jan/16
@tinu all the three pics prove that sonam and katrina are equally tall. but katrina's built is awesome
Dost said on 9/Jan/16
@tinu, actually, they look either the same height or Katrina is marginally taller. Those pics aren't as good evidence as this video, check out from 0:00 - 0:25. They are standing right next to each other. We can see Sonam's massive 4" heels and I bet Katrina is also in huge 4" heels as well.

Click Here
tinu said on 9/Jan/16
i think sonam 1/2" taller to katrina Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Dost said on 7/Jan/16
Here is the best pic I can find...where heels are clearly visible. As you can see, Tabu's heels are hardly "tiny", they look about 3" to me and Katrina's are maybe 3 to 3.5", In this pic, Katrina is still about 1/2" taller, so this confirms there is no way Tabu is 2" taller! The best she can hope for is equal to Kats and I actually think she is a marginally shorter. Tabu is the exact same height as Deepika Padukone.

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Steve said on 7/Jan/16
My guess is that Katrina is slightly taller than Tabu (maybe half an inch). Throwing in my estimates from the latest discussions:

Katrina- 5'8.5
Sonam- 5'8.5
Tabu- 5'8
Sushmita Sen- 5'8 (looks taller than Tabu in Biwi No.1 and at least as tall in Filhaal)
Shilpa Shetty- 5'7.5
Bipasha- 5'6.5
Dost said on 7/Jan/16
@0011, you must be looking at a different pic, if you think Tabu has "tiny" 1" heels. There's no way Tabu is 2" taller than Katrina, no way. I would peg them pretty much the same height, around 5'8.5"
sonu said on 7/Jan/16
@rkk.. both have not equal heel..
Tabu wear 2 inchs nd katrina 3 or 4 inchs
Dost said on 6/Jan/16
@rkk, great find!!! I have been looking for a comparison pic of Katrina and Tabu for ages. I think this proves Katrina is at the high end of the 5'8' scale and Tabu is right behind. I stand by my guesses!
0011 said on 5/Jan/16
Tabu with Katrina. Tabu is in tiny heels(about 1") and Katrina in big heels(may be 3"). They seem same height in the pic although Katrina looks slightly taller as Tabu has slouched a bit by crossing her legs. Katrina would be 5'8" barefeet and Tabu 5'10". Tabu makes the average sized Katrina look small in comparison(except for the lower body as Katrina has toned legs)
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subha said on 5/Jan/16
katrina kaif heel is bigger than tabu, that makes both of them same height..
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Click Here
rkk said on 4/Jan/16
Click Here

katrina taller than tabu, both have equal heels
Dost said on 4/Jan/16
@dfxc, Tabu looks to be in about 3" heels and also appears about 3.5" taller than Shilpa...I think she is about 1/2" taller. Trust me, I've seen them both in flats and the difference is 1" max.

Here's another pic, I'm guessing they are both in flats:

Click Here
dfxc said on 2/Jan/16
Tabu in small heels with Shilpa and Bipasha. They both are probably in flats. Bipasha should be around 170-171 and shilpa 172-173. Tabu might be at least 4cm taller than shilpa(minus the heels)
Click Here

Tabu with Anushka Shetty who is between 178-180cm. Anushka seems max 1-2cm taller. So Tabu is not less than 5'9.5
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Dost said on 31/Dec/15
@Nona, I don't think Tabu is 5'10. I can possibly agree with max 5'9". If you watch the movie 'Tarkieb', both Tabu and Shilpa Shetty are in it and there is at least one scene where they are both in flats in a canteen or cafeteria. Tabu is only about 0.5" to 1" taller. Also watch this song from Himmat (Click Here), Tabu is in flats and Shilpa about 1/2" heels and Tabu appears just marginally taller.

Finally, in Virasat, the 5'11 Pooja Batra was at least 2" taller than Tabu...
Nona said on 29/Dec/15
@Dost: You seem to have covered everyone from 5'8" to 6'0" and I more or less agree with the heights you have put up but for a few deviations as given below:
Tabu - 5'10" (she is this tall but because of her broad build does not look it. Observe her with Pooja Batra (5'11") in Virasat
Lisa Haydon - 5'9"
Shilpa Shetty - 5'7" (she should not be on your list)

Since you have put in the heights let me put in the weights what I think these girls are
Kriti Sanon - 65 kgs
Diana Penty - 55 kgs
Nargis Fakhri - 60 kgs
Katrina - 70 kgs
Anushka - 56 kgs
Tabu - 75 kgs
Lisa Haydon - 62 kgs
Deepika - 67 kgs
Sonam - 70 kgs
Sushmita Sen - 65 kgs
Shilpa Shetty - 65 kgs
Karishma Tanna - 65 kgs
Dipannita Sharma - 60 kgs
Bruna Abdullah - 62 kgs
Yukta Mookhey - 85 kgs
Dost said on 28/Dec/15
@Nona, I actually think that Kriti might be slightly taller than Diana Penty. When I watched the movie 'Cocktail' and also promotional appearances, Diana appeared about 1" taller than Deepika. If Deepika is about 5'8 1/4" (my guess), that would put Diana at about 5'9 1/4" - 5'9 1/2". Whereas all the photo evidence I have seen of Kriti, she appears to be almost 2" taller than the Anushka/Katrina/Deepika/Sonam lot. So I think she is probably 5'9 1/2" - 5'10".

Here are my updated estimations:

Kriti Sanon - 5'10"
Diana Penty - 5'9.5"
Nargis Fakhri - 5'8.5"
Katrina - 5'8.5"
Anushka - 5'8.5" (just a smidge shorter than Katrina - as per JTHJ promos)
Tabu - 5'8.5" (maybe the same height as Anushka or Katrina, nothing conclusive)
Lisa Haydon - 5.8.25" (she appeared at least just as tall as Sonam in the movie 'Aisha'; also she is appearing alongside Nargis in Housefull 3 so that should give us a better idea)
Deepika/Sonam - 5'8.25" (already posted pics of Katrina looking taller than Sonam and Anushka appearly just barely taller than Deepika)
Sushmita Sen/Shilpa Shetty - 5'8" (they seem to be almost the exact same height)

There are also girls like Karishma Tanna (5'9.5"), Dipannita Sharma (5'9"), Bruna Abdullah (5'8.25") who have appeared in movies as well. And from the past - Pooja Batra 5'11" and Yukta Mookey who was maybe 6'0". Did I miss anyone???

Did I miss anyone?
subha said on 23/Dec/15
In this photo shilpa shetty looks taller than sushmita sen
Click Here
Here Sushmita sen looks way taller than shilpa shetty
Click Here
lalbabu said on 23/Dec/15
shilpa and sonam are seen almost same height , while shilpa's heels are much higher than sonam's heels. so sonam is minimum one inch taller than shilpa.
Nona said on 22/Dec/15
@Dost: I have never seen Kriti Sanon in person but from what I see of her on the TV and with whoever she is seen she seems to be a girl with really long legs and looks atleast 5'10" if not closer to 5'11". I only hope she does not disappear like the equally tall Diana Penty did cos Bollywood is defnitely not a place for girls over 5'9" with the extremely talented Tabu being the only exception at 5'10". Kriti & Diana should try the Telugu industry which accepts tall girls cos the top heros are all above 6 ft tall. However both Kriti who weighs about 60 kgs and Diana who is 55 kgsare extremely thin and will need to fill out for the Telugu film industry. This is the reason the very tall and well built Anushka Shetty (5'11", 78 kgs) has made a name for herself there
Raj said on 22/Dec/15
@Subha- Shilpa's heels are much higher than Sonam's there.
Nona said on 20/Dec/15
@Dost: Thanks for the pics of Katrina & Sonakshi. I would put Katrina at 5'8.5" & Sonakshi at 5'6". However form that pic it is clearly visible how huge Sonakshi is compared to even Katrina who is quite a big girl. Guess Katrina weighs about 70 kgs and Sonakshi about 78 kgs
razu said on 19/Dec/15
Click Here look at the height difference between sonam kapoor, chetan bhagat and jacqueline fernandez
Dost said on 19/Dec/15
Rob, we should add a page for Kriti Sanon. She has claimed 5'9" in an interview (Click Here) and I think she is at least that and probably closer to 5'10" as she had a good 1" on the 5'8.5" Anushka Sharma.
subha said on 18/Dec/15
shilpa shetty & sonam kapoor, they are both in heels, shilpa shetty looks taller
Click Here
Dost said on 18/Dec/15
See here: Click Here

Also, check out this pic of Deepika with Rafael Nadal: Click Here
Those look like 4" heels to me and Nadal is 6'1", yet Deepika is still about 1" shorter. So that means Deepika is probably 5'8 if you do the math. :)
Dost said on 18/Dec/15
@Subha, if you google more pics of Katrina and Sonakshi, you will see that Katrina is in some shoes with maybe 1/2" heel and Sonakshi is wearing at least 3-4" heels. I would peg Katrina at a tad over 5'8" and Sonakshi at 5'7"
PKB said on 17/Dec/15
@subha: Ms. Shetty has huge heels on while Ms. Sinha is on falts: Click Here
razu said on 17/Dec/15
@subha just look at the foot, shilpa is wearing heals
5'5"Gal said on 16/Dec/15
She's shorter than 5'5.5 Marion Cotillard in their photos together. She looks to be 5'5 even, that or she has horrible posture.
subha said on 16/Dec/15
here katrina looks same height as sonakshi
Click Here
subha said on 16/Dec/15
look at the huge height difference between shilpa shetty & sonakshi sinha
Click Here
yazu said on 11/Dec/15
kriti sanon is in flats, still she is taller than varun dhawan, so this means she is easily 5'10''
zxzx said on 10/Dec/15
5'2" Kajol with around 4 inch heels is still barely reaching only eye level of Kriti. Kriti is easily 5'10 or a bit taller than that.
aaa said on 9/Dec/15
Very good comparison between aish and some tall models..after 1 min aish pass through some really tall models..She is at least 5-6 inches shorter than all of them..funny thing is she looks as tall or even shorter than them even if she stands on high step..she looks very tiny in comparison to them..Those models can easily lift her for few minutes...what do you think guys?
Click Here
Dost said on 24/Nov/15
@tallover, wow Kriti in flats still towers over Kajol and she looks as tall, if not taller, than SRK and Varun. She's a legit 5'9+ in my opinion.
tallover said on 20/Nov/15
Kriti with kajol
Click Here

Click Here
Nona said on 19/Nov/15
@Engineer: Sridevi's younger daughter is listed at 5'8" & the older on at 5'5" on one of the site whereas Sridevi herself is a tall lady at 5'6".
@Tallgirl: Looks like you have compared your 6'3" frame with most of the bollywood actresses, do you have any pics to share? Also have you met any of the tall South Indian actresses like Anushka Shetty (5'11"), Shruti Hasan (5'9") or Shubra Aiyappa (6'1")
Tallgirl said on 18/Nov/15
@friend I think deepika is 5'8-9 ish. yes we were standing and she was amazed that she had to look upto me. the top of her head was around my lips. rani on the other hand i i met and she was scared more than amazed
Engineer said on 17/Nov/15
@Roy, you are right she looks nearly 5'9", which is quite tall.
Aish karo.. said on 15/Nov/15
One can check her Instagram she literally dwarf every one
subha said on 15/Nov/15
kareena looks very shorter than karishma
Click Here
friend said on 14/Nov/15
Tallgirl@How tall is deepika p according to you,Was she ready to stand with you and check the height difference... pl elaborate your experince
roy said on 13/Nov/15
@Engineer yes I agree Sridevi wont be more than 5'6 ... but in the pic her daughter looks almost 2-3 inch taller than even if she is wearing heels she is quiet tall.
roy said on 13/Nov/15
@Engineer yes I agree Sridevi wont be more than 5'6 ... but in the pic her daughter looks almost 2-3 inch taller than even if she is wearing heels she is quiet tall.
Aish karo.. said on 12/Nov/15
We have to accept this girls has eventually become taller than guys at least in glamour industry either models or heroines ...

Previously no one could think pairing of amir and anushka ...
Tallgirl said on 12/Nov/15
I would have loved too.but rani wasn't too keen.i don't blame her cause she felt tiny and probably didn't want people to see the height difference.
babu said on 11/Nov/15
Click Here Shilpa towering aish lvely snap and aish towering prieti
Engineer said on 11/Nov/15
@Roy i too saw the same. It is clear in some photos which one can see of Shilpa sh is in flats, Sridevi is wearing some sort of heels, maybe an inch or so, it is unlcear how many inches heels Sridevi's daughter is wearing? I have met Sridevi and at that time she was in flat shoes, my guess she is not more than 5'6".
roy said on 10/Nov/15
Look at sridevis daughter Khushi towering over sridevi and shilpa shetty Click Here
Ismail said on 9/Nov/15
@Tallgirl didn't you click a pic with rani?
aaa said on 9/Nov/15
why didn't you take photos with them?
Tallgirl said on 8/Nov/15
I am 6,3ish and i am a girl .In india i tower over almost every girl. I have infact met rani mukherjee and she came upto my chest which makes her barely 5'1.I have also met deepika padukone and she came upto chin and also she was amazed at my height and told me to be confident always/. I have been to US where i have come across much taller girls.
Ismail said on 2/Nov/15
Any idea about the heigh of neha kakkar. She seems 4'7 or 4'8
jazzzz said on 30/Oct/15
@ppp it's her or Amrita Rao or Minnisha Lamba
Nona said on 29/Oct/15
@ppp: Riya Sen is 4'10" and weighs 40 kgs and is the shortest and tiniest actress in Bollywood but she is very well proportioned. However she claims to be 5'2".
ppp said on 27/Oct/15
what is the height of riya sen? I think riya is shortest actress in bollywood.
Aish karo.. said on 26/Oct/15
Really don't understand how these days heroine and models r becoming so tall in India avg 175 just unimaginable in a country where avg male height is 170
lalbabu said on 25/Oct/15
Aishwarya is tall, but she is shorter than tall actresses like Deepika, Katrina and sonam kapoor
tinu said on 8/Oct/15
luk priyanka in high heels luk shorter, kareena in flats and shabana in heels. Click Here
figo said on 6/Oct/15
Aishwarya is not short at all.she is 5.7 which is taller than average indian male
tinu said on 4/Oct/15
Click Here if alia in 2" heels aish in flats thn aish not more thn 5'5"
Engineer said on 3/Oct/15
@Dost I agree with you
Dost said on 1/Oct/15
Nice video, I think Karishma is very close to 5'10"...
Engineer said on 30/Sep/15
A good video that provides how tall Karishma Tanna is. You can notice as both Upen and Karishma are bare feet.

Click Here
figo said on 28/Sep/15
Karenna's height is wrong every where she is at least 5.7
Nona said on 24/Sep/15
Kareena is not only a good 3" taller than karishma but weighs about 10 kgs more than her and looks huge compared to Karishma. Infact Kareena looks like a mother of 2 kids more than Karishma
gags said on 22/Sep/15
Check these: Click Here
Dost said on 20/Sep/15
@tinu, your pics are still inconclusive. They are not taken head on, but instead where Kareena is in the foreground slightly. Look at this, head on shot:

Click Here

Kareena - 5'6"
Karishma - 5'3"
Alia - 5'4"
subha said on 19/Sep/15
who is taller? may be karishma is in bigger heels
Click Here
tinu said on 18/Sep/15
@Dost u r rt even some pics karishma luks taller to kareena but thr may be 2" dif bet them, same like u never predict priyankas ht she always in huge heels.
Click Here
Click Here
qaqa said on 17/Sep/15
@aaa that's probably Miranda Hart who acted in spy movie with Nargis. She is listed as 185cm tall but might be even taller than that. She is very well built too as you can see in the pics below. she can smother even above average sized men with ease.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
gags said on 16/Sep/15
This is how short karishma is than kareena:
Click Here
nona said on 15/Sep/15
@tinu: nice pic of Alia, Karishma & Kareena. Alia looks only as tall as the 5'3" Kareena and Karishma at 5'6" is huge compared to her. Guess Alia is 5'3" & weighs 45 Kgs compared to Kareena who is 5'6" & weighs 65 kgs
aaa said on 13/Sep/15
I have never seen nargis fakhri with such a tall woman. Even though nargis is in heels and other woman is in flat, nargis is gating dwarfed by 4-5 inches, If nargis fakhri is 5'9" then tall lady standing next to her (around @ 44 sec) must be atleast 6'3 or 6'4"
Click Here
Dost said on 13/Sep/15
@tinu, that's an inconclusive picture, you can't see the lower portion or their footwear. Also we know from other photos that Karisma is not that much shorter than Kareena.

Anyway, a better pic of Alia and Kareena, I agree with Nona that Alia is in the 5'4 range: Click Here
nona said on 11/Sep/15
@iluvtallwomen: Yukta is a giantess by Indian Standards and is really about 6'1" and weighs 88 kgs. She likes to claim only 5'11" as she is like a few tall women who think 6'0" is very tall and dont wnat to mention that number.
tinu said on 10/Sep/15
alia not more than 5'3" Click Here
nona said on 9/Sep/15
@Dost: awesome comparison of Katrina & Alia. Looks like Katrina has a 1" heel advantage, so there is atleast 4" difference betwen the 2 ladies. So guess 5'4" & 5'8" for both of them is a fair call. BTW any idea who the other ladies are cos they all are easily between 5'7" & 5'8"
@iluvtallwomen said on 7/Sep/15
Yukta is 5'11. She said herself in her 1999 miss india interview.
Dost said on 7/Sep/15
In another bit of news regarding upcoming films, there are reports we will see Salman Khan, Deepika Padukone and Kriti Sanon together in 'Sultan'.
Dost said on 7/Sep/15
Katrina Kaif towering over Alia Bhatt: Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be a good 5 inches]
Dost said on 2/Sep/15
In the upcoming movie Housefull 3, Nargis Fakhri will appear alongside Lisa Haydon. Both are in the 5'8 to 5'9 range. Jacqueline Fernandez is also there, but I think she is about 5'7 max.
nona said on 31/Aug/15
@aish_short: It is true that the 6'1" & 88 kg Yukta is an amazon compared to the 5'6", 56 Kg Aishwarya but the angle in that pic does not do justice Sushmita looks only an inch shorter than Yukta whereas in reality she is about 5" shorter. There is no one in Bollywood who is as tall and heavy as Yukta. The closest to Yukta in both height and weight are Tabu (5'9" & 75 Kgs) and the South Indian heroine Anushka Shetty (5'10" & 78 kgs)
aish_short said on 29/Aug/15
look at this pic..yukta totally dwarfed aish
Click Here
angle is not very good, but you can still see the height difference
Rifle said on 28/Aug/15
Imdb has listed Alia Bhatt at 5'3".
maybe Rob can tell her real height?
Rifle said on 28/Aug/15
Imdb has listed Alia Bhatt at 5'3".
maybe Rob can tell her real height?
tiny said on 27/Aug/15
Another tall Shetty girl has entered Bollywood and that is Athiya Shetty who is the 5'9" tall daughter of Suniel Shetty
viks said on 25/Aug/15
Girls are getting taller and stronger.recently shakti mohan lifted dharmesh on dance+ show on star plus.anyone has video or image then please upload
nona said on 25/Aug/15
Alia Bhatt is 5'6" but fo rsome reason she looks only 5'4". Saw her with Katrina Kaif at the Pro Kabaddi Finals and there was only a 3" difference between Alia and Katrina who is 5'9". The real difference was in their physiques, Katrina with her big hips and thick strong legs was huge compared to Alia. Guess Alia weighs about 55 kgs compared to Katrina's 70 kgs
razu said on 22/Aug/15
I think alia is 5'5 and that is why she looks so tall when she is with heroes like varun
Rifle said on 19/Aug/15
How tall do you think Alia Bhatt is?
PKB said on 17/Aug/15
@RK: These pictures are not very good for comparing heights. Please look at Click Here and click on the individual photos to see how the relative height between two individuals change from one picture to another.
xyz said on 16/Aug/15
Click Here
lara dutta towered over .she barely reaches this players shoulder who is almost 7 feet.lara dutta is in heels.imagine someone like rani mukerjee shed barely reach her stomach
[Editor Rob: that's a very tall women!]
ppp said on 16/Aug/15
aish is 5'7" which is consider tall for Indian lady
babu said on 14/Aug/15
Rk...superb pics...ash looking lke kid in frnt of currrent crop of models...I guess anushka wl also be very taller thaan ash....
atul said on 13/Aug/15
@RK, these girls are giants dude. They look as tall as Abhishek Bachchan. Gosh, Aishwarya must be feeling intimidated and short complex.
Dost said on 10/Aug/15
Found this interesting pic of Manish Malhotra with Katrina Kaif. The interesting part is in the background, the girl looks to be Kriti Sanon! Taking into account foreground and background, we can probably confirm Kriti is taller than Kats

Click Here
RK said on 8/Aug/15
Interesting pics
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
ROY said on 3/Aug/15
Kriti sanon and aishwarya rai Click Here
xyz said on 17/Jul/15
Ur tiny dude like I'm 6'4 and my gf is 5'2 barely reaches my chest and her brother is 5'1
Dost said on 14/Jul/15
Finally found a pic: Click Here

Kriti is definitely taller than Anushka and that makes her taller than Katrina, Deepika and Sonam too. With Diana Penty all but disappeared, Kriti is the undisputed tallest actress at the moment as I've been saying for a while!!!
Dost said on 14/Jul/15
@nona, @qaqa - missed the IIFAs but would have loved to see Anushka (Sharma I assume?) alongside Kriti. I agree with your assessment that Kriti is taller than Anushka, but not sure if it's 2" or maybe less.

Anyone have pics?
Nona said on 14/Jul/15
@qaqa: Yes I meant Anushka Sharma. As you say Anushka Shetty is the same height as Kriti Sanon but weighs 80 kgs compared to kriti's 53 Kgs and is huge compared to her. However Anushka Shetty may be heavier than Sonakshi who is 75 kgs but Sonakshi looks bigger as she is about 4" shorter than Anushka Shetty. All in all Anushka Shetty is one of the biggest girls in the Indian Film Industry and the only other actress who comes close to her is Tabu who is 5'8" & 78 kgs with really broad shoulders, wide hips and thck strong legs.
qaqa said on 9/Jul/15
@Nona did you mean to say Anushka Sharma? Anushka shetty will be either same height or a bit taller than Kriti Sanon. Also Kriti will look tiny in size next to the well built Anushka Shetty. Even Sonakshi looks average sized compared to Anushka Shetty.
nona said on 6/Jul/15
I watched the IIFA awards on TV yesterday and noticed that Kriti Sanon was about 2" taller than Anushka Shetty, so that would make Kriti 5'11". However Kriti is thinner than Anushka who has put on weight recently and weighs only 53 Kgs compared to Anushka's 58 Kgs.
There was also a performance by Sonakshi sinha and she looked absolutely huge with tree trunk like thighs and super broad shoulders and hips. I am sure Sonakshi tips the scales at close to 75 Kgs
nona said on 12/Jun/15
@zxcv: Nice pic of the Tabu & Anushka Shetty who are easily the most well built girls in the industry. Tabu is 5'10" and weighs 80 kgs with broad shoulders and huge hips. Anushka is also 5'10" & weighs 75 kgs with broad shoudlders, curvy hips and thick strong legs.
zxcv said on 8/Jun/15
Anushka Shetty with Tabu.Footwear not visible. Both are looking almost same height. I guess Anushka is 5'10.5 and Tabu 5'10. 44yr old Tabu and 33yr old Anushka can still make most young heroines look pale in comparison. Both are also easily stronger than the average Indian man.
Click Here
Rifle said on 1/Jun/15
Any plans on listing Alia Bhatt & how tall do you think she is?
swapnil said on 29/May/15
Alia bhatt is 5'6.5" without heels.
Srk is 5'10" without shoes.
akshay 6'1" without shoes
John 6'2"
Tiger 6'
Ranbir kapoor 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
nona said on 27/May/15
@Rifle: Even I would go with IMDB reg Alia Bhat's height cos she defnitely does not look 5'6". IMO she can be max 5'4" but is quite a well built girl weighing in at about 60 kgs
Dosti said on 25/May/15
Sss that's anushka
Dosti said on 24/May/15
Anushka Sharma looked so tall in nach baliye 7,taller than almost all
sss said on 22/May/15
Click Here look at full video katrina is barefeet
Rifle said on 17/May/15
How tall do you think Alia Bhatt is?
Many list her at 5'6" but imdb has her at 5'3"

Click Here
Nona said on 13/May/15
@Dost & Dino: Your pics only go to prove that Kriti Sanon & Diana Penty are the 2 tallest female actors in Bollywood. Kriti looks like she is close to 6'0" as the golfer Sharmila Nicollet is really 5'11". If not 6'0" Kriti is most defnitely 5'11" and Diana must be atleast 5'10" if not taller. These 2 are taking the level up by another couple of inches from the likes of Deepika/Katrina/Sonam/Anushka much the same way as they did from Aishwarya/Bipasha/Shilpa. However both Kriti an Diana are extremely thin and I guess Kriti weighs about 58 kgs whereas Diana is just 53 kgs
Dosti said on 10/May/15
Nargis looks so tall
Dost said on 7/May/15
@Dino, good timing! Didn't see your post but nice find with Lisa, who is pretty close to 5'9. If you watch the movie Aisha, she is pretty much the same height as Sonam Kapoor.

You can't see footwear here, but here she is towered by Diana Penty: Click Here
tinu said on 7/May/15
nargis fakhri and anil kapoor Click Here and with ileana Click Here
Dost said on 6/May/15
Look at Kriti with 5'11 golfer Sharmila Nicollet: Click Here
Dino said on 5/May/15
How tall is Lisa Haydon?

She is shorter than the golfer Sharmila Nicollet Click Here Click Here

Nicollet is shorter than Kriti Sanon Click Here Click Here
nona said on 5/May/15
@dost: You may be right as far as the heights of Katrina & Sonam are concerned, its just too close to call. I guess Katrina looks a little shorter than Sonam as she has bigger hips and thicker legs.
Dosti said on 4/May/15
Srk is shortest hero after aamir
lulli said on 1/May/15
Aishwarya rai is 5'7" without shoes.
sonam is 5'9" without shoes.
katrina is 5'9" without shoes.
salman khan is taller than katrina.Salman khan is 5'9.5" without shoes.
Srk is 5'10" without shoes.
xyz said on 1/May/15
Kareena will look tiny next to them sonam katrina deepika.she will need boxes to stand on to be off same height
Dost said on 30/Apr/15
@John, I'm actually beginning to re-think Deepika's height. Starting to wonder if it goes Katrina/Sonam, then Anushka and then Deepika. Of course half an inch at most separates all four. If we go by cm:

Katrina 174
Sonam 174
Anushka 173.5
Deepika 173

Something like that!
Dost said on 30/Apr/15
@Nona, I don't think Sonam is 5'9, she is also 5'8.5". The pics prove it. Both ladies have massive heels on and Katrina appears marginally taller. It's likely her heels are also marginally bigger.

Watch the first few minutes here: Click Here

Whatever the case, it definitely proves what I've been saying all along that Kats is amongst the tallest. If other folks claim she is 5'7, then fine - but it's only fair to say Sonam/Deepika/Anushka are also 5'7 as she's proved to be just as tall or taller than them!
John said on 30/Apr/15
Good one, Dost. Quite obvious now that Katrina and Sonam are practically of the same height. Maybe Katrina is marginally taller.

I think that Katrina and Sonam are overall marginally taller than Deepika and they also have half an inch on Anushka.
Nona said on 29/Apr/15
Katrina & Sonam are the same height and are both well built beauties. Katrina is 5'8.5" & 70 Kgs and Sonam is 5'9" & 70 kgs. The only differnce is that Katrina has more curvaceous hips and thick strong legs whereas Sonam is broader at the shoulders with narrow hips and thin legs
Figo said on 27/Apr/15
Oh my god katrina kaif is so tall she really surprised me
Dost said on 25/Apr/15
And watch: Click Here

Dost said on 25/Apr/15
This one is for my DEAR friend Engineer, who thinks Katrina is 5'7 and Sonam is 5'10.

Here they are together and you can see Sonam and her impressive heels. Katrina appears TALLER: Click Here
sss said on 20/Apr/15
subha katrina and anushka in flats but srk is surely in elevator shoes because he is not taller than anushka
Subha said on 20/Apr/15
Katrina & anushka they are both in flats in this event..
Click Here
Click Here
Alig said on 17/Apr/15
Click Here
Yukta mookhey 6'1 and divya dutta 5'4
Nona said on 13/Apr/15
Zarine Khan resembles Katrina Kaif a lot and when she first entered the industry Zarine Khan was nicknamed Fatrina cos of the excess weight she carried. This is visible in the pic with Katrina where she looks so much bigger than Katrina who at 72 kgs is not a small girl. Guess Zarine is about 5'6" and weighs close to 75 kgs
Subha said on 11/Apr/15
katrina with sonam kapoor
Click Here
Katrina with Zarine Khan
Click Here
nona said on 11/Apr/15
2Dost: Thanks for the comparison pics of all the lovely ladies. Nice to see Ujjwala Raut who was one of my favorite supermodels. Even now at age 36 and having a kid she is in very good shape. Going buy the comparison pic I think Katrina is 5'8.5" but at 72 kgs she weighs more than Ujjwala who must be about 67 kgs
Dost said on 9/Apr/15
Some interesting pics:

The 5'10 Ujjwala Raut with Katrina: Click Here
Deepika and Katrina: Click Here
Sonam and Deepika: Click Here and Click Here
Deepika and Nargis Fakhri: Click Here
Diana Penty and Deepika Click Here
height guru said on 8/Apr/15
Anushka and sonam wear less heeled sandals.Anushka is 5'10" while sonam is 5'9".Sonam herself claimed 5'9" on comedy nights with kapil.kapil sharma is 5'11.5" tall.
Dost said on 7/Apr/15
@sss, you are right but I am talking about pictures where their footwear is clearly visible. We have seen pics of Deepika/Anushka both in flats, Anushka/Katrina both in flats and Sonam/Deepika both in heels (this one is harder to tell as you can't figure out how big those heels are). Also seen pics of Deepika/Katrina in flats with SRK.

They are all too close to tell apart, we are talking probably 1 cm difference!
Dost said on 7/Apr/15
@Nona, agreed. My estimations are that Katrina and Sonam are pretty much equal at 5'8 1/2 and Anushka and Deepika are right there at maybe 5'8 1/4 along with probably Tabu and possibly Sushmita Sen. Shilpa Shetty is right around 5'8. If you go the other way, Diana Penty and Kriti Sanon are close to 5'10 and Pooja Batra is 5'10 to 5'11.
sss said on 6/Apr/15
Dost deepika anushka and katrina all are nearly 5.9 but on different occasions they wear different heels or sometimes flat so we can't figure out actual height of them
Nona said on 6/Apr/15
@Dost: You have once again nailed the Sonam/Katrina discussion with your pics which clearly suggest they are the same height. IMO they both weigh the same too at 72 kgs but Katrina has wider hips and thicker legs which makes her look shorter than Sonam who is broader at the shoulders. As I said earlier Katrina is 5'8.5", 72 kgs, Sonam is 5'8.5", 72 kgs, Deepika is 5'8", 67 kgs and Anushka is 5'8", 53 kgs.
Nona said on 6/Apr/15
@Razu: Yes Reha Sukheja is really a staggering 6'1" as mentioned by Dost and by far the tallest along with Yukta Mookhey. However Yukta who weighs close to 90 kgs will eat up Reha who is tiny at just 60 kgs.
Nona said on 6/Apr/15
@Tinu: Thanks for the video of Nathalia Kaur lifting & doing squats with Chang who reportedly weighs 85 kgs. Nathalia is about 5'11" and s clearly very strong in the legs. I guess she weighs around 75 kgs though she does not look it with her slim build.
height specialist said on 6/Apr/15
Height of sonam kapoor is 5'10"
Height of katrina is 5'8.5"
Height of deepika is 5'9"
Height of anushka sharma is 5'10"
Srk 5'10" barefeet
salman 5'9.5" barefeet
hrithik 6'2"
Akshay kumar 6'1"
Siddharth 6'1.5"
Aditya roy kapoor 6'2.5"
Arjun kapoor 6'2.5"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
Kapil sharma 5'11.5"
Navjot singh sidhu 6'3.5"
Imran khan 6feet all barefeet.These are their real heights.
Dost said on 5/Apr/15
Also thanks for the props Nona - I do try to be unbiased and the heights of both actors and actresses is something I've paid attention to (i.e. obsessed with!) since I was a young child!

@razu, Reha is the tallest of the tall - a staggering 6'1!
Dost said on 5/Apr/15
@Engineer, don't agree with you at all:

Imran/Sonam: Click Here Click Here
Imran/Katrina: Click Here Click Here Click Here

What you say? I can't figure out how based on any pics you can deduce that Sonam is "certainly" taller than Katrina. I think they are pretty much the same height. Also we've seen Deepika/Sonam together and Deepika/Anushka and Anushka/Katrina all together. Pretty much all the same height of 5'8.5!
razu said on 4/Apr/15
Just see 89 episode of yeh hai aashiqui of reha sukheja. She is so taller than her boyfriend that he comes at her shoulder level only and he has to stand on chair in order to hug her.reha sukheja is a really tall girl.
roy said on 3/Apr/15
Sonam Kapoor dwarfed.... Click Here
Engineer said on 3/Apr/15
@Dost We might differ, even if Sonam is not 5'10" maybe somewhere between 5'9" and 10", my estimation she is taller than Katrina. The difference between sonam Vs Imran and Katrina Vs Imran i think shows she is certainly taller than Katrina!
qwe said on 2/Apr/15
Click Here
The above link and many other pics there have Anushka Shetty along with Hamsa Nandini. Though there are no pics at perfect angle, Anushka looks as tall as Hamsa in all pics in which they are standing close together. Also even the well built Hamsa looks like average sized compared to strong Anushka.
Dost said on 2/Apr/15
Forgot to attach the pic: Click Here
Nona said on 2/Apr/15
Dost is never wrong in his assessment as he has a very logical way of going about it. I would go by his views give or take half an inch for a few people.
tinu said on 2/Apr/15
nathaliya lifts chang at 49.14 link Click Here
mike said on 2/Apr/15
has any one seen video of Nathalia Kaur lifting Chang? badly want to see the video... pls. help with some information or video link...
Dost said on 1/Apr/15
@Engineer: Don't think Sonam is quite 5'10, maybe 5'9 max and closer to 5'8.5...she doesn't seem to be any taller than the likes of Deepika, Anushka or Katrina to me. In her past movies, saw her equal to Lisa Haydon and Bruna Abdullah both of whom are not quite 5'9.

If Sonam is 5'10, Imran Khan is a 6' footer and he's not.
Dost said on 1/Apr/15
Pooja Batra is a legit 5'10, maybe 5'11. Look at this picture from the same event, she is definitely taller than Shraddha and you can see has flats. Also she is just as tall as Karan Johar and Varun and they each have 1" heels! I have seen pics of Katrina and Deepika - in flats - with Karan and they are about 2" shorter so this confirms that they are in the 5'8 range and Pooja is in the 5'10 range.
Engineer said on 1/Apr/15
I think Sonam Kapoor close to 5'10" in stockings as she really towers so many people. Look at the photo of abhishek posted in massive heels that JAcquline wore with probably few inches of heels on herself (Sonam), she is as tall as Jacquline.
nona said on 1/Apr/15
A Telugu Movie called "Rani Rudhramadevi" is going to be released shortly and this has the tallest female cast ever in Indian Cinema. It stars Anushka Shetty (5'10", 80 kgs), Hamsa Nandini (6'0", 85 kgs) & Nathalia Kaur (5'11", 75 kgs). Apart from being very tall all these girls are very well built and have broad shoulders with beautiful slim waists and big hips. This is a movie for people who like tall well built girls.
nona said on 1/Apr/15
@abhishek: Nice pic of Sonam & Jacqueline. The heels of jacqueline are about 1" bigger than Sonam's heels so guess Sonam is 1" taller than Jacqueline. I would pur Sonam at 5'9" & 70 kgs and Jacqueline at 5'8" & 68 kgs
nona said on 1/Apr/15
@mike: thanks for the pic. Nathalia Kaur is 5'11" and from that pic she looks like she weighs atleast 75 kgs. Check out those powerful legs of hers. Can anyone post the video of the episode of her lifting Chang
Gk said on 1/Apr/15
Nathalia Kaur is even taller than Lisa Haydon...
mike said on 1/Apr/15
Nathalia Kaur is amazing... see this pic of her lifting Chang
Click Here
Anon said on 1/Apr/15
@dk In which episode nathalia lifted chan? Could you please give me the link of that episode?
razu said on 31/Mar/15
Nilufar salehi appeared in rnbdj and she was taller than both anushka and srk
Gk said on 31/Mar/15
Tall ladies is a trend in India nowadays
I guess 5'5 is average now
dk said on 31/Mar/15
Yes ss...u are correct...nathalia kaur is a Brazilian model...she is 5'11-6.. She lifted chang like a feather and also done squat while lifted him...all contestants and rohit shetty were stunned ..amazing strength
abhishek said on 31/Mar/15
in this pic, sonam is taller than jacqueline
and jacqueline is wearing bigger heels!
Click Here
nona said on 30/Mar/15
Good to see the tall Miss India's. I am sure both touch or cross 6 ft like Yukta Mookhey but for obvious reasons they have reduced their heights to 5'11.5". Anyways both have gorgeous slim bodies and weigh about 65 kgs unlike Yukta who weighed 75 kgs during the pagaent and now weighs a whopping 90 kgs
Engineer said on 28/Mar/15
Femina Miss India runner up Miss Aafreen Rachel Vaz is 5'11.5" tall, and Miss Aditi ​Arya Femina Miss India is 5'11".
anonymous said on 28/Mar/15
Being only 5 feet tall man,I don't understand how people are calling 5'7'' ash as short please understand that ash's height is very tall by indian standards,as I am from Hyderabad , I saw shilpa reddy who is a former winner of gladrags mrs.india contest,i was just reaching her waist,in fact at Mumbai airport I happened to meet rakhee gulzar ( yesteryear actress)way back 10 years before, and she was so mean that she measured me from behind just to prove that even she at 5'2'' is taller than me, the other taller woman with her was giggling.
Engineer said on 27/Mar/15
@nona I actually met her (Madhu Sapre) on a flight from Bombay (Mumbai now) to Delhi. We actually set next to each other (coincidence). I did ask her height, she mentioned between 5'7" and 8" and she was wearing 3" heels. she was slim and obviously tall, athletic, sharp features. She spoke well.
jp said on 27/Mar/15
@Nona - yes she is.
nona said on 27/Mar/15
Dont know if anyone remembers Madhu Sapre. She came onto the scene before Aishwarya & Sushmita and was infact taller than both of them. Infact Madhu Sapre was 5'9" and very athletically built at 65 kgs way back in 1992 and this was the first time the western world had seen such a tall & strong Indian girl. I guess she should be given credit for putting Indian Girls on the world beauty pagaent map
ss said on 27/Mar/15
Nathalia kaur 5'11 lifted meiyang chang 85 kg easily in khatro k khiladi
nona said on 26/Mar/15
@jp: nice comparison pic. Is that the 6'1" Kathryn Bigelow?
sss said on 26/Mar/15
Click Here
jp said on 25/Mar/15
Click Here

look at aamir khan
abhishek said on 25/Mar/15
Shraddha Kapoor is not taller than 5'6"
maybe Pooja Batra is shorter than 5'10" !
Subha said on 24/Mar/15
How tall is shruti hassan? taller than aishwarya rai..
Click Here
boss said on 24/Mar/15
Ash was taller during her younger days, now a days girls like deepika, anushka, sonam are vry tall so ash looking shorter compared to them... it will interestng to see her new movie with anushka though
Engineer said on 23/Mar/15
How tall is Shrhadha kapoor? i thought about 5'6"? With those heels standing next to Pooja Batra nearly 5'10"??
nona said on 23/Mar/15
Amongst Katrina Kaif (5'8.5"), Deepika Padukone (5'8"), Anushka Sharma(5'8") & Sonam Kapoor (5'9") I think Katrina has the most curvaceous body followed by Sonam, DP & Anushka. However as far as their weights go I think Katrina & Sonam weigh 70 kgs, DP weighs 67 kg sand Anushka i snot more than 55 kgs
nona said on 23/Mar/15
Pooja Batra - 5'11" & 68 kgs. Going by the pic Shraddha would be 5'7" & 60 kgs. However from what Ive read about Shraddha she is only 5'6".
Subha said on 22/Mar/15
shraddha kapoor always wears big heels, which makes her taller.
taller than kangana ranaut
Click Here
with jacquelynn
Click Here
abhishek said on 20/Mar/15
@rob how big are these heels?
These make Shraddha Kapoor taller than Pooja Batra
Click Here
[Editor Rob: they should give her a good 3.5-3.7 inches of height I believe.]
kk said on 19/Mar/15
in comedy nights karishma tanna towered over every man including shoib akhtar...harbhajan singh...sunil grover..kapil sharma...she was only shorter to sidhu
Dost said on 18/Mar/15
@Nona, yes I agree. Look at that last pic I posted and compare their thighs. Deepika is much thicker, Anushka so thin.
Nona said on 18/Mar/15
@dost: DP looks like she has put on weight and is broader and wider than anushka. Guess that's why she appears shorter. IMO both are the same height of 5'8".
Nona said on 18/Mar/15
@engineer: agree with you on the increasing avg height of Indian girls. Out of every 10 girls I come across every day, 4 are less than 5'4", 4 are between 5'4" & 5'6", 1 is between 5'6" & 5'8" and 1 I more than 5'8". The best thing is that the taller girls think it's perfectly normal to tower over men
Dost said on 18/Mar/15
@Subha, great find and interesting pics. It's tough to figure out who is taller - in some photos, Anushka looks taller and in others it's Deepika. I think they are really close, this might be the best one to figure it out:

Click Here
Subha said on 17/Mar/15
Deepika padukone & Anushka sharma, both in flats.
Click Here
Nona said on 17/Mar/15
The only tall actress who is perfectly proportioned for her height is Anushka Shetty who is 5'10" and weighs 80 kgs. All the other tall actresses are either too thin or too fat.
Subha said on 17/Mar/15
Deepika & Anushka both in flats, looks almost same height,anushka seems slightly taller
Click Here
Click Here
Engineer said on 16/Mar/15
One sample that current crop of Indian girls' average height is on the rise is participation in Femina Miss India will get a good idea. The selected most likely will end up in Indian Film industry. "Femina Miss India 2015". The heights range from 5'7" to 5'11.5".
aparash said on 14/Mar/15
@jd what was that!
Krish said on 14/Mar/15
My guess is that Sonakshi is at 5'7 while Shilpa is at around 5'7.5.
nona said on 11/Mar/15
@dost: super find of the pic with the footwear. Infact even I was wondering after seeing P.K's pic if Shilpa was closer to 5'10 cos there is no doubt that Sonakshi is 5'6". Now your pic has proved that Shilp ais not more than 5'7". The other striking thing in the pic you have posted is the difference in their builds. Shilpa has a knockout hourglass figure and weighs about 65 kgs whereas Sonakshi is much broader at the shoulder and has wider hips and weighs close to 72 kgs.
Dost said on 10/Mar/15
@P.K., well just take a look at the footwear!!!

Click Here
nona said on 10/Mar/15
@P.K: thanks for the lovely comparison pics. Karlie absolutely towers over Frieda even with lower heels. Any idea who the other girl in the pic is. Though she is wearing huge heels she too is very tall and also very well built. Karlie is 6'1" & 52 kgs, Freida is 5'6" & 56 kgs and the other girl is 5'9" & 65 kgs
P.K said on 9/Mar/15
Karlie Kloss ( 1.85 ) with much shorter Frieda Pinto ( 1mt65 ). Click Here
Freida Pinto with King Khan, Shahrukh khan who is almost 1mt75 : Click Here
Nargis Fakhri is also very tall.1mt78 Click Here
Amisha Patel looking like a kid next to Bipasha Basu Click Here
Koena Mitra dwafting Minisha Lamba : Click Here
MinIsha Lamba is so short,shorter than everyone. Click Here
Subha said on 9/Mar/15
what is kangana ranaut's height? she is taller than priyanka chopra..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
nona said on 9/Mar/15
@aparash: Yukta claims to be just 5'11" and 67 kgs whereas anyone who has been near her will vouch for the fact that she is easily 6'1" and also a very big girl who weighs between 85 - 90 kgs. Guess she doesnt want to scare the men by mentioning her real height and weight
P.K said on 8/Mar/15
Click Here - Sonakshi Sinha dwafted ! :P
aparash said on 6/Mar/15
Yukta is 5'11 she said herself in her interview after she won miss world.
nona said on 6/Mar/15
@Dost: Agree with you that the recent estimates given by some of our friends are absolutely ridiculous. The only actress taller than 6 ft is Yukta. Pooja Batra & Karishma Tanna 5'11". Tabu is 5'9" & Raveena is 5'6". However all the girls mentioned above except Pooja Batra and Karishma Tanna are very big girls. Yukta weighs 88 kgs, Tabu is 80 kgs and Raveena is 73 kgs. Pooja Batra is only 65 kgs and Karishma Tanna is 67 kgs
razu said on 5/Mar/15
From almost all heroins the main goddesses of height are namitha, yukta and anushka shetty. These are the most tall actresses of indian film industry with massive heights of nearly 6ft
afjal said on 5/Mar/15
Tall beauties of India are Yukta mookhey 6'3 Karishma tanna and jwala gutta 6'2 Namitha 6'1 The 6 feeter Beauties are Sonam kapoor, Kriti sanon,5'11 are Deepika padukone, tabu,sushmita sen,anushka sharma, 5'10 are Huma qureshi, Sonakshi sinha, Smriti irani, Sonali bendre,5'9 are Raveena tandon, divyanka tripathi,
height specialist said on 5/Mar/15
Real height of film stars :-'
Aishwarya rai 5'7"
Kriti sanon 5'11"
Huma qureshi 5'9"
Sonam kapoor 5'9"
Shilpa shetty 5'9"
Katrina kaif 5'9"
Parineeti chopra 5'8.5"
Deepika padukone 5'9"
Madhuri diksit 5'7"
Aalyia bhatt 5'6"
Priyaka chopra 5'7"
Karishma tanna 6'
Namita kapoor 5'9.5"
Yukta mukhi 6'1"
vk said on 3/Mar/15
see how short rani is looking in front of this giant woman after 15min in this video..funny thing is their size difference. Rani is barely touching her shoulder and looks like a kid in front of her..that woman can easily lift her like a kid..
Dost said on 2/Mar/15
These estimates are getting ridiculous!

The only one I see anywhere close to being correct is Pooja Batra at 5'11. How can Sonali be 5'10 when Pooja was like 4" taller than her in "Bhai"? And Pooja was also 2" taller than Tabu in Virasat! Karishma Tanna was the same height or maybe a tiny bit taller than Anushka Sharma in Nach Baliye. She might be 5'9 to 5'10. Yukta is 6'. Deepika and Sushmita are in the 5'8 range. Sonakshi is 5'7 and Raveena is like 5'6 to 5'7.
snatak said on 2/Mar/15
@mani-In Real Namitha is between 6'-6'1 (184-185 cms).She is a real big woman ..Tall and huge
mani said on 1/Mar/15
Wat is height of namitha kapoor in real
rahulumaled said on 1/Mar/15
Yukta mookhey 6'3
Karishma tanna 6'2
6 feet women are Namitha, sonam kapoor, jwala gutta, krishna poonia,
5'11 are pooja batra, Tabu, diana panty, Kriti sanon
5'10 are Deepika padukone, sushmita sen, sonali bendre, smriti irani
5'9 are sonakshi sinha, Huma qureshi, Raveena tandon
nona said on 25/Feb/15
Reha Sukheja is 6'1" and weighs about 65 kgs whereas Yukta Mookhey is also 6'1" but weighs a massive 90 kgs. Would be nice to see a comparison of both of them
srejaal said on 25/Feb/15
Sonam kapoor is 6 feet tall with really thin body weighing 50 kg .
razu said on 24/Feb/15
@bad boy-6 can you post your and your cousin's pic
rahul said on 24/Feb/15
Namitha, Sonakshi sinha, Huma qureshi are the three giantess.They are Tall women with busty big size body and a lot of weight. NAMITHA 6'1 and nearly 100kg. .sonakshi sinha 5'10 and 90 kg and huma qureshi 5'10 n half and 92kg. The are truelly some beautiful giantess
bad boy-6 said on 23/Feb/15
Girls are getting taller nowadays.. My cousin,she is studying 11th std(age:16 yrs). Is very tall than me. I am 5.7
razu said on 22/Feb/15
Tonight at a party I saw a girl with height 5'11" and weight somewhere near around 120 kgs. She was looking like a giant
arjun saha said on 21/Feb/15
Yup smriti irani is a big woman.she is about 5'10.this I say as I have personally met at 5'6 she easily towered over me by 6 inches as she was in heels in which she was more than 6' long. But she is a beauty and absolutely gorgeous doubt she has so many fans.but put on a lot of weight.she is around 90-92 kg I suppose.
aparash said on 21/Feb/15
lol at the below height chart! Yukta @ 6'5! tanna 6'3! someone has lost it
Dost said on 21/Feb/15
@sahu, tuit, whatever - your estimates are a little crazy, seems you've added at least 3" to many of those women and sometimes more.

@Aa - Reha Sukheja is a true giantess. She is reportedly 6'1! Look at her with Shahrukh here: Click Here
sahu said on 20/Feb/15
Yukta mookhey 6'5
Namitha 6'3
Jwala gutta 6'2
Kriti sanon 6'1
Karishma tanna 6'3
Sonam kapoor 6'
Tabu 5'11
Deepika padukone 5'11
Anushka sharma 5'11
Sonakshi sinha 5'10n half
Smriti irani 5'10
Huma qureshi 5'10
Shipla shetty 5'10
Ileana d cruz 5'10
Sonali bendre 5'10
Raveena tandon 5'9
Dibyanka tripathi 5'9
rajesh said on 20/Feb/15
Smriti irani is 5'10 only.met her during a rally.she looks even bigger b cos of her figure.she would be close to 80-85 ki. May be 90kg also.
sagarhs said on 20/Feb/15
If yukta is so tall imagine her wearing high heels of 6'2 ch. She would be a 7' tall gorgeous and beautiful giantess
Aa said on 19/Feb/15
Click Here

The best height comparison you will ever see. Beauty at its best
tuit said on 18/Feb/15
Yukta mookhey 6'5....Karisma tanna 6'3....The Great NAMITHA 6'2.....jwala gutta 6'2 ....Smriti irani 5'11 ....sonakshi sinha 5'10 ...huma qureshi 5'10 ...Tabu 5'11 ...
tuit said on 18/Feb/15
namitha 6feet 1 inch yukta mukhey 6 feet 4 inch jwala gutta 6feet 2 inch huma qureshi 5feet 8 inch sonakshi sinha 5 feet 9 inch these are the giantess and huge beauyties of indian cinema
jon_jani said on 13/Feb/15
shortest indian actress and tallest german actress
is this an accurate portrayal of heights?
Dost said on 8/Feb/15
Nona, agree with you on Kriti but don't think Sonam is in her league. Only one up there is Diana Penty. Sonam imo is there with Katrina and Deepika.
nona said on 7/Feb/15
@Dost: U r absolutely right w.r.t Kriti & Sonam and right now they are the 2 tallest girls in bollywood.
@As: Nice pic of Smriti Irani with MO...only proves that Smriti is about 5'8" 7 that our president is only 5'4". Check out this pic where he is almost a foot shorter than Ursula Plassnik the 6'4" ex foreign minsiter of Austria
Dost said on 6/Feb/15
@Nona, the Tabu video isn't working for me but here are footwear of Kriti and SOnam visible, you can see they are flats.

Kriti: Click Here
Sonam: Click Here
nona said on 5/Feb/15
@Dost: Nice compilation and good job. The heels of Sush, Shilpa & DP are visible but how do u know that Sonam & Kriti are in flats, also Tabu's heels are not visible at all. However I agree wth you that Kriti (5'11") is the tallest. She is followed by Sonam (5'10'), Tabu (5'9"), DP (5'8", Sush (5'7") & Shilpa (5'6"). As far as weights go Tabu (78 kgs) is the heaviest followed by Sonam (73 kgs), Shilpa (67 kgs), Sush (65 kgs), DP (63 kgs) & Kriti (56 kgs)
Dost said on 4/Feb/15
Hey guys, check this out. Took me a bit to do this but several tall Bollywood heroines have appeared on Comedy Nights with Kapil. So I went through clips and grabbed screen caps when they walk through the door in order to compare.

Click Here

Sushmita, Shilpa and Deepika all have massive 4"+ heels. Sonam and Kriti are in flats and Tabu is in about 2-3" heels. Looks to me like Kriti is the tallest and at least 2" taller than the rest...Tabu may be second and the other 4 are all probably really close...interesting!

What do you all think?
As said on 4/Feb/15
any other option @rob?
khan said on 30/Jan/15
@As post pic plz

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