How tall is Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai's Height

5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Indian Actress and model, formerly Miss World 1994. Miss Rai Bachchan is well known for roles in films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, Jodhaa Akbar, The Pink Panther 2, Dhoom 2, Mohabbatein and Guzaarish.. Her official site gives 5ft 7 as height.

How tall is Aishwarya Rai
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Average Guess (38 Votes)
5ft 6.25in
dosti said on 6/Dec/16
impressive dosti,where did you find such good comparison video
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/16
I am also a 155 tall man but can anyone convert it into feet and inches as I cannot interprety height properlyam I taller than kajol, Karishma etc or not
Dosti said on 4/Dec/16
Dost footwear not seem in the pic of amitabh sir and pooja
Dosti said on 4/Dec/16
Check after 2.00
Click Here
Dost said on 3/Dec/16
@abc, that site does not allow hot linking, so after you click the link and it doesn't come up, just reload the page and it should work.
XYZ said on 2/Dec/16
Engineer,that's Elizabeth Debicki!
shortlover said on 2/Dec/16

That's Elizabeth Debicki, she's 6'3" tall. She's one of the tallest and prettiest actresses in Hollywood although she's from Australia originally.

Australians are a very tall bunch, hardly 2-3% of Indian men can match upto Elizabeth Debicki. I am 5'2" myself and Indian male, might come upto Elizabeth Debicki's chest.
Engineer said on 1/Dec/16
Someone really towering Big B

Click Here
Dost said on 1/Dec/16
@dd, awesome find! The angle is a bit deceiving, and also check out the spaces between 6'0 and 6'6"...there's only five inches in there??? The same looks to be true between 1' and 1'6" so I bet it's the same for them all. Also, the measurement starts at like 4" from the bottom...the height chart seems to be doctored a little bit!!

In any case, Karishma is probably like 6'1" with those 4" heels, so I think around 5'9"
abc said on 30/Nov/16
dost image is not available please repost
dd said on 30/Nov/16
Click Here
Dost said on 29/Nov/16
Compare to this:

Click Here - Amitabh with 5'10-5'11 Pooja Batra
Dost said on 29/Nov/16
@aaa, oh yes, I saw it now. I totally skipped over that. Yeah, Yukta looks almost as tall as Amitabh. I think she is pretty much 6'0" bang on.
aaa said on 29/Nov/16
@dost, watch carefully at @17.21,17.37,17.39.
Dost said on 29/Nov/16
@aaa, I didn't watch the whole clip but where was Yukta? The only tall girl I saw was the woman in the blue dress but that did not look like Yukta. Maybe I'm going crazy!
aaa said on 28/Nov/16
Very good height comparison video between Amitabh and Yukta from iifa 2000. After 17 min, they stand together in couple of frame and you can clearly see that yukta is only 1-1.5 inch shorter than Amitabh and she is as broad as Amitabh. I have never seen any Amitabh with such a huge indian lady. If Amitabh is 6'2 then yukta can be easily 6'0 or 6'1.
Click Here
Fatima said on 25/Nov/16
John Abraham and akshay are 2 inch taller than deepika they are 5.11......sonakshi is 5 feet 6.5 inches....shilpa and shashmita are 5 feet 7 inches....or may be some cm more....rani mukhergi is 5 inches less than kareena and 3 inches less than kajol so she is 4 feet 11 inches.....saif ali khan is 5.7... Govinda is 5.5.........kapil sharma is 5.8......jequline is 5.4.......pooja batra is 5.10......hirtick roshan is 5.10......
Fatima said on 25/Nov/16
Madhuri ki deepika k saath ye pic show kr rahi hy k she is 6 to 7 inches less than deepika jasay main ny kaha madhuri is 5.2
Akshay said on 24/Nov/16
Click Here

Deepika and Madhuri Dixit
Fatima said on 24/Nov/16
Guys aap kasay in stars ki height ko barha charha k paish ker rahay hain .....deepika NY khud kaha hy k she is less than 5.9.....mean she is 5 feet 8.5 inches....Katrina deepika sy kuch cm choti hy mean she is 5.8 .....anushka is little less than Katrina so she is 5 feet 7.5 inches......shahrukh khan is 2 inch less than deepika so he is 5 feet 6.5 inches.....Salman khan is 1 inch less than shahrukh so he is 5 feet 5.5 inches......amir khan is 1 or 2 inch less than Salman so he is 5.4......kareena is same as amir so she is 5.4 .....karishma is 2 inches less than kareena so she is 5.2.....madhuri is same as karishma ....kajol and juhi also same.....ashwaria is same as Salman and 3 inches taller than madhuri so she is 5.5....and u can imagine the heights of other actors with this criteria
gags said on 23/Nov/16
Aish with anushka, at least 3.5" difference...
Click Here
abc said on 22/Nov/16
good pic dosti.john in 0.5 inch slippers is eqvivalent to sonakshi in 2 inch heels.i also noticed that sonakshi is slouching a bit to not look taller
Dosti said on 20/Nov/16
Click Here
Dost said on 15/Nov/16
@Abby, close but I disagree.

Katrina is 5'8.5"
Tabu is just a shade under (check out the promos of Fitoor)
Deepika is also right there, same height as Tabu
Aishwarya is a tad above 5'6"

There's no way Tabu is 5'10.5"...she is a good 2" shorter than Pooja Batra who is between 5'10 and 5'11
Abby said on 15/Nov/16
Tabu is 5'10.5" and aishwarya rai is 5'7" ,katrina kaif is 5'9",deepika is 5'9" without shoes.
Nona said on 12/Nov/16
@sam, nice videos. It is a fact that Tabu at 5'9" & 80 kgs is one of the most well built girls in the industry along with Sonakshi Sinha (5'6" & 70 kgs) & Huma Quereshi (5'7" & 75 kgs). Aishwarya who is 5'6" was very tiny when that movie was shot and probably weighed 53 kgs. You can see the difference in the size of their arms & shoulders. Now Aishwarya weighs close to 62 kgs
abc said on 12/Nov/16
I agree dosti
Dosti said on 11/Nov/16
Sushmita Sen is so tall
Click Here
Dosti said on 10/Nov/16
Guys please uploading pics and proofs
This page has been so dull from last few days
sam said on 10/Nov/16
Couple of scenes from tamil movie which clearly shows height and size difference between aish and tabu.
Click Here
Click Here
If aish is 5'6" than tabu might be 5'9" or 5'10".
nona said on 7/Nov/16
@shortlover: its good that you have bought up the topic of the tallest Indian Family. The heights mentioned by you are a little outdid though. Mruga is 6'2" and is the shortest in the family. Saniya is a staggering 6'7". Their mother Sanjot is also a very tall lady at 6'4".
Abc said on 7/Nov/16
Aishwarya is 5'7",kriti sanon is 5'10.5"
Faez said on 7/Nov/16
No no 3 inches difference its more than 5 or 6 inches
Dosti said on 6/Nov/16
I really don't know why this group is so silent tall boy
kaam said on 6/Nov/16
Click Here how tall jwala is
shortlover said on 6/Nov/16
Guys have you heard of Saniya Kulkarni? She was the youngest member of the tallest Indian family. Her sister Mruga is 6'1" and now Saniya is 6'4". 90% of the Indian men are a foot shorter than her and would reach below her shoulders if that at all. She's very cute and good looking as well.

Check out this pic, I am assuming the lady in the pic is 5'1" or 5'2" she reaches below Sania's breast level.
Click Here
tllvr said on 6/Nov/16
Click Here
You can see deepika padukone claimimg herself to be little less than 5'9"
Tall boy said on 5/Nov/16
Hi.. why the group is silent..good to see more height comparison pictures.
Editor Rob: well here is Aish beside the actress Naomi Watts: Click Here. Both look roughly similar heels and Naomi claims 5ft 4.5...I think Aish can look a couple of inches taller.
abc said on 28/Oct/16
good pic razu ,upload more of this kind.
Razu said on 27/Oct/16
Both kriti and tiger are barefeet and kriti is taller than tiger Click Here
Dosti said on 21/Oct/16
Rob I think kriti is taller than 5.8.5.. She is min 5.10
Abc said on 21/Oct/16
So plz upgrade her height to atleast 5'10.5 to 5'11 as she also claimed in an interview on Asian age that she is an inch taller than tiger so Kriti can be 5'11 as tiger is 5'10
Rick said on 20/Oct/16
Has anybody has any picture of Riya sen with Sonam Kapoor or Deepika Padukone? Riya is 5 years elder then them but still would look like a kid. please share any pic you might have
Abc said on 20/Oct/16
Rob how can you put Kriti Sanon as 5'8 when srk is 5' dilwale shooring srk was made to stand on 3inch platform +2 inch shoes still was equivalent to Kriti barefeet
Editor Rob: there's always a chance she could be taller
Aish karo.. said on 19/Oct/16
Height of divas are being reached by common girls now a days.. new generation girls raised bar as far as height is concerned.. most grew taller
Aadvaya said on 14/Oct/16
Akshay kumar 6'1"
Jackie shroff 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
Abhishek bachchan 6'3.5"
John abharm 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Ranbir kapoor 6'
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Siddharth malothara 6'2"
Aditya roy kapoor 6'3"
Kunal kapoor 6'3.5"
Kapil sharma 5'11.5"
Tiger shroff 5'11.5"
These are the real height of stars without shoes.
Nona said on 14/Oct/16
@Dost, lovely comparison pic of Sonakshi & Kriti. Clearly proves that Kriti is at least 5'10" because Sonakshi is around 5'6". The pic also shows how thin Kriti is, her legs are so long and lean and hips so small compared to Sonakshi. I guess Kriti weighs only about 55 kgs and Sonakshi easily tips the scales at 70 kgs
Dost said on 12/Oct/16
Sonakshi falls well short when compared to the other tall heroines. Look at these pics:

With Katrina Kaif: Click Here - she looks marginally shorter even though Katrina has maybe 1" shoes and Sonakshi probably 3-4"
With Kriti Sanon: Click Here - dwarfed by a good 3"
John said on 9/Oct/16

Don't be biased dude.She looks at least an inch shorter(possibly 2:look pic 2) than him :-
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

But i think, John looked a weak 5'11 or flat 5'11 if Sonakshi is 5'7.
abc said on 6/Oct/16
watch the kapil sharma show of john and sonakshi.sonakshi with 3inch heels was an inch taller than john.that is quite tall!
ppp said on 5/Oct/16
Does any1 have pic of ash with tall models backstage at India couture week 2015
djay said on 3/Oct/16
i met her. i am 5'2" man. i was below her chin. she is 5'7.5"+ 3" heels
Dosti said on 2/Oct/16
Does anyone have pic of ash looking taller than any actor?
Dosti said on 2/Oct/16
Heythere bad pic to compare height
HeyThere said on 30/Sep/16
Click Here

5'6.5 is the best guess for Aishwarya
Aza said on 30/Sep/16
She looks 5'6 to me
Dosti said on 29/Sep/16
Ash is as tall as srk or salman
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/16
Hello please specify at 184 cm , are u a boy or a girl .I am a 157 cm tall man
ppp said on 28/Sep/16
Can anybody post the backstage pics of Aishwarya with tall models at AICW 2015
Dost said on 26/Sep/16
@Husnain: But Katrina was taller than Anushka and they both admitted it during the JTHJ promos.
Engineer said on 26/Sep/16

I tend to agree to your observations!
Husnain said on 24/Sep/16
Yes Aishwarya is 5 Feet 7 inches..
Anushka is 5 feet 10 inch
Deepika is 5 feet 9/5 inches
Sonam is 5 feet 9 inches
Katrina is also 5 feet 9 inches
Dost said on 23/Sep/16
Speaking of Aish, in her new upcoming movie "Ae Dil Hai Mushkil" releasing next month, she will be on screen along with the 5'8.5" Anushka Sharma. The 5'9" Lisa Haydon is also in the film.
hello said on 23/Sep/16
My height is 184 cm and I wanted to compare it with bollywood actresses. Once I met deepika and challenged her for height comparison. She was in her max heels (8 cm i guess) and was still shorter to me by atleast 1".
Also once in a party I met kriti, she was in flats and as expected she was shorter to me by 7-8 cm.In the same party I saw sonam wearing slight heels (1 inch) and was almost equal to kriti.
In a promotional show I met Sania sheikh and challenged her to height comparison (I was not aware of her height and thought that i would easily tower to her). When she stood I was surprised, she was in 2 inch heels.I asked her to put it off. This time i was wrong and she was 1.5-2 cm taller to me. She said that she knew some other models reha etc who could easily tower over my height.
Before this incident I never met a girl taller than me...LOL
Sid said on 22/Sep/16
Yes aishwarya 5'7" is 3 inch shorter than 5'10" shahruk khan.
Engineer said on 18/Sep/16
@Dost. Here is photo KK's heels, looks around 1.5"
Click Here
Editor Rob: those should give at least 2 inches, no less really
Lulli said on 16/Sep/16
Aishwarya is 5'7" and is three inches shorter than 5'10" srk and salman khan.
Dost said on 15/Sep/16
I couldn't figure out how to get the video but here is the best screen cap I could take: Click Here

Looking at the video agian, it's possible Katrina was in small 1-2" heels but Karishma was definitely in total flats.
Sss said on 14/Sep/16
@kaam katrina is wearing big heels and kapil is in flats.kapil is 5'11.5" tall and katrina is 5'9" tall.
Aadvya said on 14/Sep/16
Hrithik roshan 6'2" without shoes and is way taller than 5'9" katrina kaif without heels.
Akshay kumar 6'1"
Jackie shroff 6'2"
Sonu sood 6'3.5"
Abhishek bachchan 6'3.5"
John abharm 6'2"
Arjun rampal 6'2.5"
Ranbir kapoor 6'
Arjun kapoor 6'2"
Siddharth malothara 6'2"
Aditya roy kapoor 6'3"
Kunal kapoor 6'3.5"
Kapil sharma 5'11.5"
Tiger shroff 5'11.5"
These are the real height of stars without shoes.
friend said on 13/Sep/16
@dost, can you find that video of karishma and katrina dancing together ?
Nona said on 13/Sep/16
@Dost, nice Virasat reunion pic. Only confirms that Pooja Batra is 5'10" and Tabu is 5'9". However when the movie came out they were listed at 5'11" & 5'8 respectively. One more thing very visible is that both of them are considerably bigger then they were when the movie released. At that time Pooja weighed 58 kgs and Tabu weighed 70 kgs. Now Pooja is easily 65 kgs and Tabu is close to 82 kgs
kaam said on 13/Sep/16
Click Here katrina is much taller than kapil n sunil grover here
Dost said on 12/Sep/16
@Dosti, interesting clip. SRK must wear huge lifts in his shoes because he normally appears about an inch taller than Deepika when the "real" cameras are rolling.
Dosti said on 11/Sep/16
Check 1.09 and 1.15
Click Here
Dost said on 10/Sep/16
Anyone catch Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 9? Karishma Tanna is on it as a competitor and today, Katrina Kaif also appeared. There was a segment where they were both dancing sort of together in flats/barefoot and Karishma appeared slightly taller. Saying 5'9.5" for Karishma and 5'8.5" for Katrina.
Dost said on 10/Sep/16
Virasat reunion: Anil Kapoor with Tabu and Pooja Batra: Click Here. Can't see the footwear, but Pooja is probably 1.5-2" taller than Tabu...
Rinkz said on 10/Sep/16
Aishwarya is 5'7" she is three inch shorter than 5'10" srk...salman is 5'9.5" and is taller than 5'9" katrina kaif...saif is also 5'10" without shoes.
AJ said on 7/Sep/16
It's funny how this page is for Aishwarya Rai Bachan yet everyone is talking about Sonam, Katrina, Kriti and Deepika XD
dd said on 7/Sep/16
Click Here
mandana karemi
anonymous said on 3/Sep/16
saw Sindhu a year before really close could measure myself against her,as I am a man of just 157 cm tall could barely reach her shoulders, in fact my eye contact was with her vaccination mark on the arm, felt so tiny and small in front of her, in fact her mother was there and she too is very tall but not as tall as Sindhu, I shook hand with her mother and my hands were very small compared to hers.
DS said on 31/Aug/16
Anushka Shetty's heels... PV Sindhu and Anushka Comparison. Don't know about PVS heels...
Click Here
Dost said on 30/Aug/16

But Sonam does not look more than 1" taller than Shilpa: Click Here - they seem to have similar footwear.
Dost said on 29/Aug/16
@dost...they aren't back-to-back...Kriti is standing behind Reha. But agreed that Reha is quite a bit taller, at least 3"

Also, could you not find a name other than "Dost" to use? I've been using that handle for years.
dost said on 28/Aug/16
Kriti sanon looks like a dwarf opp Rehea Sakuja.Saw the video posted by dj on 9 may .see at 4.02 they almost stand back to back..
Nona said on 25/Aug/16
@zxz nice pic of Sindhu & Anushka. Clearly Anushka is at least the same height if not slightly taller than the 5'11" Sindhu in that pic though their footwear isn't visible. Sindhu is a proven world class athlete who weighs in at 68 kgs but Anushka is much bigger than her and must weigh in at close to 78 kgs
Steve said on 25/Aug/16
@Dost- From the photos, it does seem that Athiya is slightly taller than Shilpa. The postures and the camera angles are not the best. But it does seem quite obvious that Athiya is taller. Maybe 2 inches would be slight exaggeration but it does seem that Athiya is taller and maybe an inch could be the right margin.

I do also think that Sonam is taller than Anushka there. But it is closer between Anushka and Shilpa.

My guess would be:

Sonam- 5'8.5
Athiya- something between 5'8-5'8.5
Anushka- 5'8 or marginally higher
Shilpa- something between 5'7.5-5'8.
Dost said on 24/Aug/16
Look at the 5'10" supermodel Ujjwala Raut making Bollywood's 5'7.5" Lara Dutta look short... Click Here
Ujjwala even has at least 1" on Katrina Kaif: Click Here
zxz said on 23/Aug/16
@tcm Jacqueline should be between 5'5"-5'6" and Kangana around 5'7". Sonakshi must be a solid 5'8". Even a fit girl like Jacqueline looks petite in front of Sonakshi.

Anushka shetty with 5'11" PV Sindhu. Looks like same height. Anushka seems to be slightly slouching though.
Click Here
Dost said on 22/Aug/16

I think less than half inch separates Sonam and Anushka, but without seeing their footwear, it's difficult to tell. We've seen all four Katrina, Sonam, Deepika, Anushka all with each other in some form and they are all very close, they have to be around 5'8.5" - all four.

Shilpa is maybe up to 1" shorter than them. Athiya does not appear to be 2" taller than Shilpa, I only see one pic of them and neither is standing up straight but they look the same height. I'm not sure how it can be concluded she is taller, let alone 2". I think you are overestimating Athiya, as I believe she is at least 2" shorter than Kriti Sanon...I'd peg her around 5'8", the same as Shilpa.
Tortuga said on 21/Aug/16
@Steve @Dost
Footwear is not clear in any of the pics. So can't really compare the heights.
Steve said on 21/Aug/16
@Dost- I think Sonam looks slightly taller than Anushka Sharma in the pic. Maybe an inch taller.

Shilpa and Anushka look to be of same height. Athiya looks like an inch or 2 above Shilpa.

I think Athiya is the tallest of the lot, followed by Sonam. Shilpa and Anushka are an inch further down. What do you think?

What would be your respective estimate about them?
tcm said on 21/Aug/16
Athiya, Sonakshi, Kangana together: Click Here Click Here

How tall is Sonakshi? She's taller than Kangana, who's at least as tall if not slightly taller than Priyanka Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Sonakshi absolutely towers over Jacqueline here: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Jacqueline is at most an inch shorter than Kangana. See both with Kareena: Click Here Click Here

But Sonakshi in flats is much shorter than Shilpa in heels: Click Here Click Here Click Here
Dost said on 21/Aug/16
@Steve, good find! I've never seen a pic of Anushka and Sonam together, so that was nice to see. They look the same height. At the same event, there is also a pic of Shilpa Shetty with Anushka Sharma and they look pretty close too.

I've seen pics of Athiya Shetty with Kriti Sanon and Kriti was taller by 1" even though she had smaller heels on.
Steve said on 18/Aug/16
Here is Shilpa Shetty with Athiya Shetty and Anushka Sharma with Sonam. Scroll down in the link to see the pics.

Click Here

Another one with Shilpa and Athiya.

Click Here

Athiya is probably an inch or 2 taller than Shilpa.
heightchecker34 said on 10/Aug/16
Aish can look anywhere between 5'6-5'7, so this height summarizes that up nicely. She always looks short next to her husband Abhishek Bachchan who is 6'1.5 (187cm), so its seems proper. This is why 6'1 and 6'2 heights for men are still considered tall and desirable, because average height women can put on heels and still look smaller next to their man. Great actress, I know she gets under fire for being "plastic" but when she does movies, more so before the marriage than after, they usually turn out to be classics! One of the power couples in India.... good or bad she always be talked about, and I guess that's better than fading into oblivion... oh and a former Miss World winner... nbd.
Dosti said on 2/Aug/16
Click Here
Dosti said on 2/Aug/16
Kaam don't upload useless stuff
John said on 1/Aug/16

Do reckon that Kapil is about 5'8 so 5'9 would be a better fit for Diana.
Razu said on 31/Jul/16
Look at the height difference Click Here
dc said on 30/Jul/16
Click Here
Engineer said on 29/Jul/16
@Kalu can you please use to shorten the website names as i really fear to click on your postings as it starts downloading unwanted stuff on to my laptop.
kaam said on 29/Jul/16
Click Here
Dosti said on 28/Jul/16
Kalu Deepika is wearing max heels possible
dj said on 28/Jul/16
dosti kriti sanon is so shorter than reha sukheja understand....
kalu said on 27/Jul/16
Click Here deepika totally towers over srk
kalu said on 27/Jul/16
Click Here deepika totally towers over srk
kalu said on 27/Jul/16
Click Here deepika totally towers over srk
kalu said on 27/Jul/16
Click Here deepika totally towers over srk
kalu said on 26/Jul/16
Click Here deepika towers over srk
Dost said on 26/Jul/16
Watch this video, especially from around 57:50...Diana Penty, in about 3" heels, towering over Kapil Sharma. She looks about 3" taller than him. I've seen Shilpa Shetty, Sushmita Sen, Deepika Padukone with similar heels next Kapil and they are only about 1" taller. So Diana is around 2" taller than Sushmita/Deepika/Shilpa, making her close to 5'10".

Also, in this same clip, with 3" heels she looks just as tall as the 6'1" Abhay again that makes her out to around 5'10"..very tall indeed!

Click Here
kalu said on 26/Jul/16
Click Here deepika towers over srk
Hound said on 26/Jul/16
While promoting happy bhaag jayegi in "The Kapil Sharma show" diana was as tall as abhay deol in heels(not so high). You all must watch
Dosti said on 26/Jul/16
We might be needing more proof for diana penty
This proof is not evident
Hopefully she gets more movie
kalu said on 25/Jul/16
Click Here
Dost said on 24/Jul/16
@Hound, I'm pegging her at close to 5'10". She seems about 1-2" taller than Deepika in Cocktail and yes, I agree that if you compare Abhay with Diana and then Abhay with Katrina in ZNMD and Abhay with Sonam & Lisa Haydon in the movie Aisha, it's evident that Diana is taller than them by at least 1"
Hound said on 22/Jul/16
I agree dost. She seems a maximum of 2 inches shorter than abhay, while abhay is listed as 6'1". Which is pretty obvious as he was taller than hrithik roshan in ZNMD. I think diana is 5'11". A very good height. Taller than hrithik and katrina which can be made out by comparing abhay with hrithik and abhay with Diana.
Dosti said on 22/Jul/16
Dj she is tallest of all
Dost said on 21/Jul/16
Anyone catch the trailer for Diana Penty's new movie. She appears almost as tall as Abhay Deol and shes in sneakers..seen Abhay with Sonam, Lisa and Katrina, have to say Diana appears as if she'd be taller than all of them.
kalu said on 21/Jul/16
Click Here look at kriti
kalu said on 21/Jul/16
Click Here deepika too tall
kalu said on 21/Jul/16
Click Here deepika tooo tall
kalu said on 21/Jul/16
Click Here
kalu said on 20/Jul/16
Click Here look at kriti
dj said on 19/Jul/16
kalu kriti sanon is not a amazon understand...
dj said on 19/Jul/16
Click Here watch this video after 8 mints and after 9.18 mints...
kalu said on 17/Jul/16
Click Here Click Here Click Here anushka much towering without heels
Dost said on 17/Jul/16
@Engineer, I'm not even on MAC but I get the same thing...very difficult to see. I think it's that site, better to use tiny url
Engineer said on 13/Jul/16
@Kalu I don't know if i am the only one facing on MAC, all your videos have heavy initial AD content followed by checking to install some MAC anti virus S/W. Thought to let you know!
kalu said on 12/Jul/16
Click Here Click Here anushka looks very taller
kalu said on 12/Jul/16
Click Here another video of amazon kriti
kalu said on 12/Jul/16
Click Here another video of amazon kriti
Engineer said on 10/Jul/16
Hey Rob,
In the photos shared by Alig and rr, considering Jourdan Dunn is 5'11" to 6' tall, and Sonam Kapoor in flats taking care of their postures, how many inches Jourdan dunn is taller than Sonam, To me it looks nearly 6".
dj said on 9/Jul/16
Click Here watch this video after 9 mint...
alig said on 8/Jul/16
Click Here

Jourdan Dunn, 5'11 towers over sonam, ofcourse with heels.
rr said on 7/Jul/16
watch this..sonam kapoor looks so short with this model. Click Here
andrea said on 6/Jul/16
I see that talk about Katrina and Deepika both have the same height.
Click Here

On the other hand not that kind of heel has been deepika in this that is higher than the other image.
Click Here
dj said on 5/Jul/16
Preneeti look child in front of her..
Nona said on 5/Jul/16
@figo, Sonakshi with her broad shoulders and thick strong arms & legs makes most of her male co-stars look tiny. So its quite natural that Salman who is a little shorter than Sonakshi looks tiny too despite his impressive body. Sonakshi is 5'7" and easily weighs about 75 kgs and is very impressive in her new movie Akira where she effortlessly kicks male butt
figo said on 5/Jul/16
Urvashi claims in that video that she is tallest actress in Bollywood
mnu said on 2/Jul/16
dj nice pic.. parineeti is pretty tall.. could understand her embarrasment.
new here said on 1/Jul/16
Click Here
watch this
figo said on 30/Jun/16
Even Salman looks tiny in front of sonakshi
Dost said on 30/Jun/16
@Nona, Shweta is definitely not 5'10", more like 5'8"...only looks a couple of inches taller than Aishwarya in all the pics they are together.
dj said on 29/Jun/16
Click Here watch this...
kalu said on 28/Jun/16
deepika is much taller Click Here Click Here
sonakshi also towers over sallu n shahid Click Here
kalu said on 28/Jun/16
deepika is much taller Click Here Click Here
sonakshi also towers over sallu n shahid Click Here
nona said on 28/Jun/16
Interesting comparison of Deepika with Shweta Bachhan in that video by Dosti. Now Shweta is 5'10" and Deepika looked just as tall as her. Does anybody have details of Deepika's footwear during that awards ceremony
kalu said on 27/Jun/16
deepika is much taller Click Here Click Here
sonakshi also towers over sallu n shahid Click Here
Dosti said on 26/Jun/16
Check this
Click Here
Subha said on 25/Jun/16
The recent photo from iffa 2016, deepika is way taller than priyanka
Click Here
sunnyb said on 24/Jun/16
deep where did you get that pic of deepika .... OMG how tall is that with deepika
rahul said on 23/Jun/16
Can any1 post d pic from Mumbai style awards 2015 where deepika apears taller dan big b...
deepika said on 22/Jun/16
Anyone have pictures kriti sanon with deepika
Dosti said on 21/Jun/16
Click Here
Nargis and anil
kalu said on 20/Jun/16
katrina looks huge with aamir too tall
Click Here
kalu said on 19/Jun/16
katrina looks huge with aamir too tall
Click Here
kalu said on 19/Jun/16
deepika same as bigb Click Here n Click Here with 4/5" heels means she is 5'11"
kalu said on 18/Jun/16
katrina alia in flats kat is too tall
Click Here
katrina is far behind still much taller
Click Here
Dosti said on 18/Jun/16
Great observation by posh
abc said on 17/Jun/16
The girl that is lifting amrita arora is rah sakhuja she is 6'2 and has worked in the hair aashiqui episode 89
Dosti said on 17/Jun/16
Tinu are u a dr
Posh said on 16/Jun/16
Click Here - Kriti Sanon - Tall Diva, Taller than everyone.

Click Here - Khushi Kapoor(15 Yo) is much taller than Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

Click Here - Deepika Padukone and Big B

Click Here - A much younger girl is lifting Amrita Arora like feather !
Dost said on 16/Jun/16
@abc, it's actually Anushka who is in heels during that clip Dosti posted and Katrina is in flats: Click Here

This one they are both in flats: Click Here - pretty much the same height.
Dost said on 16/Jun/16
Can't see footwear, but Karishma Tanna appears slightly taller than Sonam Kapoor: Click Here

I would put Karishma as 5'9.5", around the same height as Kriti Sanon, whereas Sonam is in the 5'8" to 5'8.5" range.
Dost said on 15/Jun/16
Not the best pic, but looks like Kriti is definitely taller than Katrina Kaif: Click Here

Kriti is in the background but still looks slightly taller.
abc said on 15/Jun/16
Dosti Katrina is in 3 inch heels and she is 4inch taller but anushka is without any heels 2inch taller she is in flats check the video properly
Dosti said on 15/Jun/16
Any new pics of kriti sanon?
Posh said on 15/Jun/16
Aishwarya Rai next to Anupama Chopra - Click Here

Katrina Kaif next to Anupama Chopra. Click Here. Click Here

Deepika Padukone with Anupama Chopra. Click Here

Anupama looking like a baby next to Parineeti Chopra. Click Here
tinu said on 14/Jun/16
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Posh said on 12/Jun/16
Look at Aishwarya Rai and Anupama Chopra Click Here

And look how short Anupama Chopra is looking next to Katrina Kaif with huge heels on (24inches) Click Here
Dost said on 12/Jun/16
Just watched Housefull 3...tough to tell between Nargis and Lisa. In some scenes, it was Nargis looking taller and in others, it was Lisa. I guess they are probably the same height when all is said and done.
Dosti said on 11/Jun/16
Click Here
Check the difference between srk and katrina
Dosti said on 11/Jun/16
Not a good comparison abc
kalu said on 10/Jun/16
who??@ abc pls send d pic
deep said on 10/Jun/16
Deepika looks so tiny here..Click Here
abc said on 9/Jun/16
Click Here she appears so tall with big b if big b is 6'1 and I am sure she has3inch heels and she is 2 inch taller so she is about5'11
kalu said on 8/Jun/16
alia in heels with srk Click Here just shorter than him by2"
aila in heels with kat Click Here 5.5/6" shorter
kalu said on 8/Jun/16
katrina in small heels 7" taller than alia in big heels.means she is 8/8.5" taller than alia 5'2.5/3".so how can kat be 5'8/9.she is 5'11" Click Here
kalu said on 7/Jun/16
deepika looks huge even with ranveer too Click Here
abc said on 7/Jun/16
add more videos of this kind
abc said on 7/Jun/16
Sonam is really tall good video dd she is about5'9
Dosti said on 7/Jun/16
What an lovely observation guys.... It seems kriti is the tallest actress
Dost said on 7/Jun/16
Sorry for the spam guys, but here are more comparison pics:

Salman & Deepika: Click Here
Salman & Anushka: Click Here
Salman & Sonam: Click Here
Salman & Katrina: Click Here
Salman & Kriti: Click Here

All the women are wearing flats, except for Anushka who I couldn't tell but seeing as how she is only looking barely taller than Salman, she surely doesn't have any significant heels on.
Dost said on 6/Jun/16
Thanks to tcm for the screencaps and also the shots with Varun.

I'm agreeing with most folks here that Kriti is the undisputed tallest actress, I think she is between 5'9" and 5'10"
And then Katrina, Nargis, Lisa, Deepika, Anushka, Tabu, Sonam and probably a bunch of others in the 5'8 to 5'8.5" range

It would be quite a sight to see those latter 7 standing next to each other in barefoot, some of them might be exactly the same height right down to the millimeter.
tcm said on 6/Jun/16
Screenshots from Dost's video below:

Lisa w/ Daboo Click Here Click Here

Lisa's footwear Click Here

Kriti w/ Daboo Click Here

Kriti's footwear Click Here
Dost said on 5/Jun/16
Watch this video to see a decent comparison between Kriti and Lisa Haydon. Footwear also visible. Also Kriti towering over Parineeti.

Click Here

When Kriti stands next to that dude holding the framed picture, she appears about 1" taller, but when Lisa stands next to him, she is the same height. Also at about 14:00, there is another tall woman in black who is quite a bit taller than Poonam Dhillon, who I believe is a solid 5'6"
John said on 5/Jun/16

looks like Kriti is 5'9, Katrina 5'8 (she looks 5'7 in that pic though but she is taller than Deepika and Sonam who look 5'7.5 in the pics with Aamir. Anushka is a difficult case, i always thought she is only a half inch shorter than Katrina but in the pic with Aamir she looks 5'7 same as Tabu. Priyanka looks 5'5ish.
dd said on 5/Jun/16
Click Here
kalu said on 5/Jun/16
bending her legs to become same height as tiger.she is easily 6'1" Click Here
kalu said on 5/Jun/16
deepika is bending her legs even in flats still taller Click Here
tcm said on 5/Jun/16
Kriti w/ Varun Dhawan Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Anushka w/ Varun Dhawan Click Here Click Here

Lisa w/ Varun Dhawan Click Here

Nargis w/ Varun Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

Sonam w/ Varun Click Here

Sonam's heels Click Here
new here said on 5/Jun/16
kriti is probably the tallest actress now ..5ft9.5
anushka,deepika,sonam 5ft8.5
katrina 5ft 8
Dosti said on 4/Jun/16
Aamir khans barefoot pic is only pic I can comment, in other pic aamir khan is wearing his fav heels shoes which is very difficult to comment on it
SV said on 3/Jun/16
@Dost based on the pics you posted : Deepika is absolutely 5'8.5", Aamir wears 2" lifts all the time so 167-68 cm (around 5'6") for him. Anushka also 5'8.5"(174 cm) and Sonam and Tabu(if she's in flats) are 5'9"(175 cm). Kriti Sanon is probably 5'9.5" (177 cm).
Dost said on 3/Jun/16
More pics:

Click Here - Kriti dwarfing Priyanka. PC has heels on and I saw a clip from this awards show and Kriti appeared to be wearing very small heels or possibly flats.
Click Here - Sonam & Kriti - I know this was posted before, but worth seeing again to see how tall Kriti is when she has heels on
Click Here - Kriti taller than Anushka Sharma
Dost said on 2/Jun/16
Look at these pics:

Kriti in flats with Aamir Khan, she simply towers over him: Click Here
Deepika in flats with Aamir, not quite as towering, but still taller: Click Here
Sonam in flats with Aamir: Click Here
Anushka with Aamir: Click Here
Katrina with Aamir: Click Here - best I could find of her in as close to flat shoes as possible
Tabu and Aamir: Click Here - pretty sure she's in flats as at the same event, Sonakshi looked taller than Tabu and that will only happen if Tabu is in flats

Make your own conclusions!
Dosti said on 1/Jun/16
Great observation dost, hope u can get some proof for kriti sanon
baz said on 1/Jun/16
kat is taller than anu Click Here
SV said on 1/Jun/16
@Dost,tcm Ritesh Deshmukh is 5'10.5" I think. So deduce your results based on that.
Dost said on 31/May/16
@deepika, well the promos and appearances as part of Jab Tak Hai Jaan ruins your theory and predictions. Katrina was slightly taller than Anushka. Also 6' for Kriti is quite exaggerated.

@tcm, good comparison pics. Here's a couple of others:

Karishma Tanna with Ritesh: Click Here I always thought Karishma was in the 5'9" range but she looks shorter than Ritesh even with a couple inch heels on, so not sure now.
Deepika: Click Here
Sushmita, Lara: Click Here - can't see footwear
baz said on 31/May/16
Click Here
deepika said on 31/May/16
I think Katrina is shorter than all like sonam deepika Anushka ......kriti sanon tallest actress with height 6feet.deepika shorter than Anushka and Anushka shorter than kriti.
baz said on 30/May/16
look how tall is katrina even while bending Click Here
tcm said on 29/May/16
Lisa Haydon in flats w/ Ritesh Deshmukh Click Here Click Here Looks the exact same height(would be taller barefoot)

Nargis w/ Ritesh Deshmukh Click Here Note, Ritesh is wearing the same shoes as in the pictures above w/ Lisa H. Nargis is wearing boots that'd give her an inch or more, I guess, and looks the same height, maybe slightly taller.

Kriti w/ Ritesh- wearing similar shoes Click Here Click Here The angles are misleading on this one. It's hard to tell, but she looks the same height too.
baz said on 28/May/16
Click Here
Nona said on 28/May/16
Shilpa Shetty who is just 5'7" is always in footwear with minimum 3" heels so it is natural for her to tower over Aishwarya who barely manages to touch 5'5". It is with girls like Kriti that you get a measure of how short Ms. Shetty is
kriti said on 27/May/16
Kriti sanon is tallest actress at 6feet
Dosti said on 27/May/16
Salu bhai is wearing around 3 inch heel shoes whereas anushka Sharma is almost bare foot shoes
Dosti said on 25/May/16
Anushka Sharma is around 5.10
kalu said on 25/May/16
now no one can say that anu kat dp are 5'8"
kalu said on 25/May/16
anushka was in flats n salman had 2" shoes still anu was 4"taller than him in sultan trailor she is easily 5'10.5" or more
SV said on 25/May/16
Click Here
Anushka is in flats; that makes her 174-175 cm
PKB said on 24/May/16
@babu: Here is a photo with the footwear visible for both Ms Rai and Shetty
Click Here
babu said on 24/May/16
Shilpa seems to way taller than ash in ths snap.... they look lovely together.

Click Here
dj said on 22/May/16
Click Here
Dost said on 21/May/16
I could see 1" diff. Lisa appears taller than Sonam and Nargis, so she should be pretty close to 5'9". Kriti I think is almost 5'10", so I will say either 0.5" to a full 1" difference.
tcm said on 20/May/16

Maybe you are right. But I still think that there is still some difference in heel size b/w Krit and Nicollet in those pictures. At least 0.25''. And Kriti looks 0.25'' to 0.5'' taller, I think. My guess is she's at least 0.5'' taller than Nicollet, who is .25'-0.5''' taller than Lisa. Maybe 1.5'' b/w Kriti and Lisa is a stretch, but I'd say it is at least 0.75'', maybe even a full inch.
Dosti said on 20/May/16
Dj video not available
kalu said on 19/May/16
kriti is in flats so she is 2" taller than nico
alig said on 19/May/16
nice videos @dj
are you really going through all of them fashion show videos or is there some cool searching google-fu technique which I ain't aware of?

thanks for the share though man!
Dost said on 19/May/16
@dj, nice video again, but I think we get it. Reha Sukheja is about 6'1" and as you can see during the last minute of that video, is about 3"+ taller than Kriti Sanon. This would put Kriti close to the 5'10" range, which is what everyone has more or less agreed on.
Dost said on 19/May/16
@tcm, I'm not sure I agree with that assessment. Kriti and Nicollet both look to be wearing about 2" heels

Click Here - a good high res photo to show their heels, they are different shoes but the heels seem more or less the same, in the 2" range. There is almost no difference in height between the two, 1/2" might be pushing it.

In your pics below, we can see Lisa and Nicollet are wearing the exact same runners and they are pretty much standing next to each other. I also see less than half an inch separation between the two.

If I had to get picky, I would say Kriti is 0.25" taller than Nicollet, who is 0.25" taller than Lisa, making Kriti only 0.5" taller than Lisa. I don't think it's anywhere close to 1.5" to be honest.
dj said on 18/May/16
Click Here what this video....
Dosti said on 18/May/16
How can you so sure kalu?
tcm said on 17/May/16

Kriti is wearing slightly smaller heels than Nicollet in those pictures. My guess is that KS is at least a half or a full inch taller than Nicollet, who herself is at least half an inch taller than Lisa Haydon. I think Kriti is at least 1 inch, if not more taller than Haydon. I'd say 1.5. 5'9.5 and 5'11 for Lisa and Kriti, respectively.
kalu said on 17/May/16
kriti nargis 6'1" lisa 5'11/6' sonam 5'11"
dj said on 17/May/16
reha is much taller than kriti sanon... watch this video Click Here
kalu said on 16/May/16
lisa is 5'11+
Dost said on 16/May/16
@tcm, good pics. I have seen those with Nicollet, who I have seen claim 5'11 and 6'1 (!!!) for herself. My guesses of those mentioned recently:

Kriti 5'9.5"
Sharmila 5'9.5"
Lisa 5'9"
Sonam and Nargis 5'8.5"
John said on 16/May/16
Lisa is 5'9, about an inch taller than Sonam who claims 5'10.5 lol. She also appears a good inch or 1.5 inch taller than Nargis and 4,5-5 inches taller than Jacqueline in housefull 3.
tcm said on 16/May/16
Lisa is at least 2.5/3 inches taller than Kangana, who's 5'6.5 or 5'7. Click Here Click Here

That makes her at least 5'9, at most 5'10.

She's slightly shorter than the golfer Sharmila Nicollet Click Here Click Here

Nicollet is either the same height or just a shade shorter than Kriti Sanon Click Here Click Here

Which would make her 5'11?
Dosti said on 16/May/16
Kalu upload some videos what are you talking about?
Dost said on 14/May/16
Interesting pic, can't see footwear but here are Diana Penty and Lisa Haydon. Probably Diana has bigger heels than Lisa, I think barefoot they would be very close, maybe Diana 1/2" taller.

Click Here
aaa said on 13/May/16
Sonakshi sinha with 6'3" tall woman
Click Here
kalu said on 13/May/16
reha is 6'2/3" in big heels n kriti 6'1" in small heels
Engineer said on 12/May/16
@DJ Awesome video. Totally agree Reha really towers (i think while it cant be said with certainty all models are in flats!) @ Dost totally agree Lisa Haydon is tall, i too thought when i saw Queen movie. Lisa visibly taller than Sonam and both in flats. Your estimates on Kriti and Rhea look on spot.
Dosti said on 12/May/16
Impressive dost... Where do u find such videos?
dj said on 12/May/16
All models wear equal heels but reha sukheja tower over tall bollywood actress kriti sanon....kriti sanon look so short....
Dost said on 12/May/16
@dj, well even though that is a slightly misleading comparison due to their positions, Reha is definitely quite a bit taller than Kriti. Reha is in the 6'1" range whereas Kriti is in the 5'9" to 5'10" range. So that is a minimum 3 or 4".

Also here's an interesting video: Click Here

Throughout this song (from movie Aisha), Lisa Haydon looks taller than Sonam Kapoor. Also after seeing the pics/video of Lisa with Nargis, I will have to bump up my estimation of Lisa to 5'9" as I believe Sonam is in the 5'8.5" territory.
nona said on 12/May/16
@dj: super comparison video. Kriti looks atleast 4" shorter than Reha and Im sure all models are wearing the same size heels cos thats how it is in these shows. So if Kriti is 5'10" then Reha has got to be atleast 6'2". She absolutely dwarfs every other model on stage so our actresses really don't stand a chance against her.
kalu said on 12/May/16
in d malqng song aamir is below katrina's eye level
Dosti said on 11/May/16
Kriti sanon is coming at eye level of reha, but footwear not seen
A said on 11/May/16
@dj very nice video
kalu said on 11/May/16
in satyameva jayate deepika was a whole foot taller than.only aamir's forehead part was deepika's shoulder level.
dj said on 9/May/16
Click Here see this video ...kriti sanon look so short infront of reha sukheja...
Dosti said on 8/May/16
Who is sania shekh? Indian model? She is really tall
Razu said on 6/May/16
Just look at the height difference Click Here Click Here
Sania sheikh is so much taller than these tall heroins
Dosti said on 6/May/16
Click Here

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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