How tall is Aishwarya Rai ?

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Aishwarya Rai's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Indian Actress and model, formerly Miss World 1994. Miss Rai Bachchan is well known for roles in Bollywood films like Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas and Jodhaa Akbar. Her offficial site gives 5ft 7 as height.

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nona says on 18/Sep/14
Talking of sportswomen, I was just looking at the profiles of Krishna Poonia & Seema Punia the 2 champion discus throwers and was amazed that indian girls could be so tall and huge. Krishna Poonia is 6'0" & 96 kgs and Seema Punia is 6'1" & 98 kgs. These 2 are easily taller and stronger than 70% of the men in India
Loyd says on 16/Sep/14
Click Here
Look at this
John says on 16/Sep/14
@sid Ayushmann is 5'8 maybe 5'8.5 but no more than than.Sonam is almost 5'9 but she looks much taller in films/promotions.Akshay is 5'11 so he's only arround 2 inches taller than her.
nona says on 15/Sep/14
@figo: Sonika Kaliraman is a wrestler and not an actor. However she is tall at 5'11" and also very huge at close to 85 kgs. She participated in one of the Khatron Ki Khiladi seasons and she was the only girl with another girl for a partner. Guess none of the guys wanted to partner a girl stronger than them.
sid says on 15/Sep/14
Sonam was looking as equal in height with akshay in song full volume of thank you movie. In that song sonam was barefoot and akshay was in shoes.. So this shows that sonam is much taller than other heroins. Also she was taller than aayushman in bewakoofian.
John says on 14/Sep/14
Hey guys!
Can somebody predict arjun kapoor's height?He looks 5'11 to me because next to 5'9(176cm) imran he only looks arround 2 inches taller.
And what about Vivek oberoi,he is listed as 5'10(177cm) but he looks much taller than Neha Sharma(5'9).He was even taller than her in high heels.
jack says on 13/Sep/14
how short priyanka is looking in front of tall models...
Re@l heights says on 13/Sep/14
Akshay Kumar 5'11(180cm)
John Abraham 5'11.5(182cm)
Hrithik Roshan 5'10(178cm)
Ranbir Kapoor 5'10.5(179cm)
Imran Khan 5'9.3(176cm)
Sharukh Khan 5'7(170cm)
Salman Khan 5'6.5(169cm)
Shahid Kapoor 5'7(170cm)
Aamir Khan 5'5(166cm)
Bobby Deol 5'10(178cm)
Vivek Oberoi 5'10(177cm)
Sunny Deol 5'7.5(171cm)
Abhay Deol 6'1(185cm)
Sunil Shetty 5'9.3(176cm)
Irfan Khan 5'9(175cm)
Karan Johar 5'9(175cm)
Sanjay Dutt 5'11(180cm)
Zayed Khan 6'0(183cm)
Ranvir Singh 5'9(175cm)
Saif Ali Khan 5'7(170cm)
Ritesh Deshmukh 5'8.5(174cm)
Aftab Shivdasani 5'11.5 (182cm)
Akshaye Khanna 5'7(170cm)

Deepika Padukone 5'8(173cm)
Anushka Sharma 5'8(173cm)
Katrina Kaif 5'8.5(174cm)
Diana Penty 5'10(177cm)
Sonam Kapoor 5'8(173cm)
Shilpa Shetty 5'7.5(171cm)
Sushmita Sen 5'7.5(171cm)
Tabu 5'8(172cm)
Sonali Bendre 5'7(170cm)
Priyanka Chopra 5'5(165cm)
Lara Dutta 5'7(170cm)
Aishwariya Rai 5'5(166cm)
Bipasha Basu 5'6(168cm)
Sunny says on 13/Sep/14
@dost- Agree with your assessment regarding Shweta Menon and Shilpa. From the Miss Femina video, it seems that Sushmita is 5'8-5'8.5, Shweta is 5'9, Francesca and Jesse are 5 '10 while Pooja and Karminder Kaur are 5'11.
Dost says on 13/Sep/14
@Sunny, I do agree that I think she is taller than 5'8, I'm guessing about 5'9 and Shilpa is 5'8. I have no explanation for why Shilpa looks so much shorter than Shweta in the video!
nona says on 12/Sep/14
@dost: thanks for the video post. Aishwarya & Namrata at 5'6" are by far the shortest. Pooja Batra at 5'11" is the tallest. Francesca Hart, Karminder Kaur & Jesse Randhawa are 5'10". Sushmita Sen & Shweta menon are 5'8". Karminder Kaur & Francesca Hart are the most well built girls amongst all on view and both weighed about 70 kgs back then. Aishwarya, Namrata & Sushmita looked about 55 kgs. Shweta weighed about 65 kgs and Pooja about 60 kgs.
Sunny says on 12/Sep/14
@Nona and @Dost- Sure Shweta Menon could be 5'8 but maybe that could mean that Shilpa is less than 5'8. You can see clearly in the scene that they are filmed through various angles and at the end of it they are standing close to each other. Shilpa barely is at Menon's eyebrows level. Sure Menon has boots on but a few seconds earlier you can see that they aren't that much high heeled boots. But the difference in their respective heights seems very much more significant than any advantage the boots could provide to Shweta Menon.

I think throughout the movie, Menon also seems almost as tall as Sunil Shetty while Shilpa, whether with high heels or not, never looks anywhere as tall as Sunil Shetty.
Figo says on 11/Sep/14
Noboby is discussing about sonika kaliraman she is more than siz feet tall i m sure she will dwarf any hero
Dost says on 11/Sep/14
I think Shweta is around 5'9. In Miss India 1994, she was taller than both Aishwarya and Sushmita Sen. Shilpa Shetty is about 5'8.

Watch this video: Click Here

There are lots of interesting observations as the clip includes: 5'7 Aishwarya, 5'8 Sushmita, 5'9 Shweta and then 5'10 Jesse Randhawa as well as 5'10+ Francesca Hart. Then we also see appearances from 5'11 Karminder Kaur, 5'11 Pooja Batra and 5'7 Namrata.

Highly recommend everyone to watch it!
nona says on 11/Sep/14
@Sunny: Shweta Menon was a Ms. India participant and was listed at 5'8", so she should be only as tall as Shilpa.
@Dost: Karminder Kaur is easily 5'11" & weighs 78 kgs and she clearly is so much taller & bigger than Shilpa who at that time weighed only 55 kgs
Sunny says on 10/Sep/14
@Dost- What would be your personal estimate on Shilpa and the other actress (Shweta Menon) height? Sure she has boots on while Shilpa is barefoot but they don't look like 4 inch heels boots while the difference in their height is very significant there.

I will try to check out the hospital scene you mentioned. Maybe I missed it.
Dost says on 9/Sep/14
@Sunny, that is from Prithvi and the other actress is Shweta Menon, who is reportedly about 5'8. IF you watch the rest of that movie, a few scenes earlier you will see the 5'10/5'11 Karminder Kaur dwarf Shilpa Shetty in a hospital scene.
Shahbaz Lahore says on 9/Sep/14
M from pak my height 7.6 my sis 6.11+ my mom 6.4ft and 185kgs I have 20 bro and sis all 5.11+ him pak Ind se ziada tall hotey h
nona says on 9/Sep/14
@Figo: Shilpa Shetty has not lost any height, its just that compared to the younger taller actresses entering the industry she looks short. When Shilpa entered the industry except for Tabu & Pooja Batra all other actresses were not more than 5'6", so she appeared tall.
sid says on 9/Sep/14
Another tall girl going to appear in bollywood gabriela bartante
Sunny says on 8/Sep/14
Check out this scene from a Shilpa Shetty movie. At from the 1'55'50 to the 1'59'00 mark, Shilpa is alongside another actress and the latter towers over her. Shilpa is barefoot there while the actress is in boots. But the difference is height is very significant.

Click Here
Krish says on 8/Sep/14
I think that girls like Shilpa and Sonali Bendre looked quite at the time of their debuts. Their slim frame made them look even taller. But in today's times lots of girls will tower over them. I think Shilpa is slightly below 5'8 and lots of actresses today are taller than that.
Figo says on 8/Sep/14
I can say to nilufer welcome to tall actress club
Figo says on 7/Sep/14
Is it possible that shilpa shetty has lost a bit of height because when she entered the film industry she was much taller
Dost says on 7/Sep/14
I think Tabu is about 1cm taller than Shilpa, so in terms of feet/inches, maybe Tabu is about 5'8 1/2 and Shilpa is about 5'8. They've acted together in "Himmat" and "Tarkieb" and Tabu looks marginally taller in both. Check out this song from Himmat, at about 1:05 - 1:20. Tabu is in flats in this song, Shilpa in very small heels.
nona says on 6/Sep/14
@Krish: Tabu (5'9") is actually taller than Shilpa Shetty (5'8") by an inch but they look the same height because Tabu (80 kgs) is much bigger and broader then Shilpa (68 kgs). This is specially evident in their hips and shoulders where Tabu is huge.
nona says on 6/Sep/14
@aparash: Not only does this Nilufer look tall but she is huge. There is no mention of her height anywhere online but I guess she is around 5'9" and easily weighs about 80 kgs
Figo says on 5/Sep/14
In an interview in times of india on 6 jan tabu has said she is 5.8 so shilpa shetty must be shorter than that height but tabu is a big girl she is not slim i dont remember any hero lifting her
aparash says on 5/Sep/14
Guys any idea about height of this new actress Nilufer salehi?
she looks supertall compared to the actor.
Click Here
ss says on 5/Sep/14
i never saw indian female taller than big b in any pics...however Elizabeth debiki was way taller than him in cannes...but i think celebrities like reha sukheja, yukta mukhey , shonal rawat,sania shaikh would look either equal to to taller than him..
Krish says on 5/Sep/14
Tabu seems half an inch taller than Shilpa. Tabu also seemed slightly taller than Shilpa in a film where they were together. The other girl in the photo seems more than an inch taller than Shilpa.
kareena_singh says on 5/Sep/14
The tall girl is shuttler P.V.Sindhu who's 5'9" tall.
RR says on 4/Sep/14
@SV @ Dost This Tall girl looks like PV Sindhu
aparash says on 4/Sep/14
Lol at jwala gutta 'dwarfed' amitabh at kbc. Being an inch shorter doesnt mean dwarfing! Go easy on the words.
Figo says on 4/Sep/14
I remember tabu's debut movie pehla pehla pyar it was so embarassing to see the hero rishi kapoor so shorter than tabu as if she was the hero and viceversa
alover says on 4/Sep/14
Shes pv sindhu badminton player. 5 11 in flats
SV says on 4/Sep/14
@dost who is that tall girl you were taking about?
rd says on 3/Sep/14
look at ameesha patel with deepika padukone Click Here
Engineer says on 3/Sep/14
@Figo, i agree Big B is not anymore or ever was 6'2". See the attached picture. he has at least 1" shoes, Anushka Sharma looks in heels pretty close to his height i guess some where near 6'.

Click Here
Click Here
Figo says on 2/Sep/14
Amitabh is not 6.2 he has shrinked i guess him to be six feet and by the way jwala gutta dwarfed amitabh in kbc and i m sure yukta would b taller than him
Dost says on 2/Sep/14
Tabu appears slightly taller than Shilpa Shetty: Click Here

Can see Tabu is in heels but can't see Shilpa's footwear. Manisha Koirala also in the pic. But look at the girl on the far left. In flats and looks taller than both Shilpa and Tabu.
tinu says on 2/Sep/14
at last aish exposed with actual height. Click Here Click Here she may be shorter to priyanka and kareena. Click Here
nona says on 1/Sep/14
@figo: I guess Amitabh at 6'2" is taller than Yukta by an inch. I am saying that Amitabh is a real 6'2" cos I saw hin in KBC with the 5'11" Jwala Gutta and he had her by 2". Jwala & Yukta will be a nice comparison cos both these are huge girls. Jwala weighs 83 kgs to Yukta's 85 kgs
Figo says on 29/Aug/14
Is yukta mookhey taller than amitabh bachchan
zig.zag says on 29/Aug/14
Most tineest actress is Amrita rao just 5'3" ,45KGs ,looks twigs in front of Yukta....
Figo says on 28/Aug/14
@ nona terrific one i must say u have almost all the weights accurately bollywood actress are getting taller and bigger
nona says on 26/Aug/14
@figo: here are my guesses on the weights of some of the ladies of bollywood
Shilpa Shetty - 65 kgs
Tabu - 75 kgs
Raveena Tandon - 68 kgs
Sonali Bendre - 60 kgs
Nargis Fakhri - 60 kgs
Katrina Kaif - 72 kgs
Anushka Shetty - 53 kgs
Bipasha Basu - 67 kgs
Sushmita Sen - 65 kgs
Sonam Kapoor - 73 kgs
Diana Penty - 55 kgs
Sonakshi Sinha - 73 kgs
Huma Quereshi - 75 kgs
Yukta Mookhey - 85 kgs, easily the biggest of them all.

I am also throwing in the weights of some of the taller South Indian actresses:
Anushka Shetty - 5'10" & 78 kgs
Namita - 5'8" & 80 kgs
Ileana D' cruz - 5'4" & 56 kgs
Kajal Agarwal - 5'4" & 60 kgs
Tamanna Bhatia - 5'6" & 60 kgs
Figo says on 25/Aug/14
Shikha swaroop is almost six feet tall
Dost says on 25/Aug/14
Shilpa: 5'8
Tabu: 5'8 and a tiny bit
Nargis: just shy of 5'9
Katrina: 5'8.5
Anushka: just shy of 5'8.5
Bipasha: 5'7
Sushmita: 5'8 and a tiny bit
Deepika: 5'8.5
Sonam: 5'8.5

I'll throw in Diana Penty in there at about 5'9.5
Krish says on 24/Aug/14
My guess:
Bipasha- 5'7
Shilpa- 5'7.5
Tabu- 5'8
Sushmita- 5'8
Anushka- 5'8.5
Deepika- 5'9
Katrina- 5'9
Sonam- 5'9
Nargis- 5'9.5
Figo says on 24/Aug/14
Shilpa shetty 5.9 TABU 5.9 AND HALF NARGIS FAKHRI 5.10 katrina 5.9 anushka 5.9 bipasha 5.7 and half sushmita 5.8 deeepika 5 10 sonam 5.11
Ray says on 22/Aug/14
What are the heights of Shilpa Shetty, Tabu, Nargis Fakri, Katrina, Anushka, Bipasha, Sushmeeta, Deepika and Sonam???
Figo says on 22/Aug/14
Sonakshi is indeed a big girl even salman khan with his huge biceps looks small infront of her
Figo says on 22/Aug/14
Any body have idea how much bollywood actresses weigh?can someone accurately predict their weights
nona says on 22/Aug/14
@Dost: lovely pic of Bipasha & Sonakshi. Bipasha is one of the fittest girls and is by no means thin but Sonakshi makes Bipasha look skinny. Those hips of Sonakshi are absolutely huge and the only actress who is bigger than her is Huma Quereshi
Dost says on 21/Aug/14
@Figo, I'll give her 5'7.5" MAX. Yes she is broad and like Nona said, weighs a good amount. But I would not be including her in any discussion of the tallest actresses!

Look at her with 5'7 Bipasha Basu:

Click Here
Click Here
nona says on 20/Aug/14
@figo: Yes Sonakshi is an amazon but not in height. As Dost mentions she is only about 5'7" but has an amazonian build with huge shoulders and big hips. She weighs in the region of 75 kgs which is big for a girl her height
Figo says on 20/Aug/14
Sonakshi is not 5.7 she is taller and dont forget she is very broad
Dost says on 18/Aug/14
Sonakshi is only about 5'7
hd says on 18/Aug/14
even Lara dutta is dwarfed by yukta mookhey Click Here
Figo says on 18/Aug/14
Nobody is discussing about sonakshi sinha she is also an amazon
friend says on 17/Aug/14
If you watch the video posted by short_aish closely, i observed few things when they were to stand closely, Aish called yukta behind near the steps... they walk to-ogether and Aish is just touches her shoulder.even standing on step aish is barely seen
Figo says on 17/Aug/14
Pooja batra is taller than sushmita sen
Nona says on 16/Aug/14
@krish: I agree with dost on the heights of shilpa shetty & karminder Kaur. As far as their weights go I would put shilpa's current weight at 68 kgs. Haven't seen karminder of late but during the Ms India contest she easily weighed around 75 kgs
Figo says on 15/Aug/14
Why is eveyone on this site estimating aishwarya to be short.she is 5.7 if she stands in a crowd she would be taller than seven out of ten guys
Alig says on 15/Aug/14
Awesome video short_aish....awesome comparison b/w yukta and priyanka at the end
Dost says on 15/Aug/14
Look at Pooja Batra stand eye to eye with the 5'11 (?) Mithun: Click Here

She has flats or barefoot throughout the song and Mithun is in 1" heels and they look the same!
Dost says on 15/Aug/14
My guesses are:

Shilpa Shetty: 5'8
Karminder Kaur: 5'10.5
Pooja Batra: 5'10.5
Yukta: 5'11.5 to 6'0
short_aish says on 15/Aug/14
these video has been posted on this site
Click Here
at 44.20 min
Krish says on 14/Aug/14
@dost-Thanks for pic of Karminder Kaur and Shilpa Shetty. The difference in height is impressive there. What would be your estimate of their respective heights?
@nona- can you please give us your estimate of Karminder and Shilpa's respective height and weight please?
Dost says on 14/Aug/14
She's definitely more than 5'10. I think she's 5'11 to 6'0, despite what she may say.
Enginner says on 14/Aug/14
Nice video on Yukta Mookhey. She reveals her heights as somewhere between 5'10" and 5'11".
nona says on 14/Aug/14
@short_aish: How do you know the girl near Yukta is Aishwarya, it could be Diya Mirza also. Anyways there is atleast 8" difference in that pic between Yukta and the other girl. Yukta infact towers over most Ms. India winners including Sushmita who at 5'9" is the tallest.
Figo says on 13/Aug/14
Does anybody has yukta mookheys picture with amitabh bachchan,it would be interesting to compare them
short_aish says on 13/Aug/14
Click Here
just look at short aish is looking in front of yukta...yukta can easily lift her like a baby..
Dost says on 13/Aug/14
Tried to post this before.

Karminder with Shilpa Shetty in Prithvi: Click Here

I think she's about 5'10 to 5'11. Saw her in a pic with Pooja Batra at Miss India 1993 and they were pretty much the same height.
Figo says on 11/Aug/14
Karminder kaur used to come on a serial on dd metro which had puneet issar,shahbaz khan,hemant birje and other tall well built guys and believe me she looked as big as those guys
nona says on 11/Aug/14
@figo: Karminder Kaur sort of disappeared after the Ms. India. She is 5'11" and along with Pooja Batra who is 6'0" dwarfed the winner Namrata Shirodkar who stands 5'6". One more thing about Karminder is that she was a basketballer and as such was very well built with long strong legs. She easily weighed about 72 kgs during the Ms. India contest.
Figo says on 11/Aug/14
Sonam kapoors suster rhea is also very tall
short_aish says on 8/Aug/14
aishwarya is looking very tiny in front of women in pink dress...may be that is because of camera angle...but does anyone has photo of this??
Figo says on 7/Aug/14
Where is karminder kaur?she dwarfed sunil shetty in shastra
Figo says on 6/Aug/14
There was an acrtress named pooja madan who used to appear in zee serial amanat.she was quite tall and stocky
nona says on 6/Aug/14
@figo: Jwala Gutta (6'0", 83 kgs), Krishna Poonia (6'1", 85 kgs) & Seema Punia (6'1", 94 kgs) were 3 of the tallest & biggest women in India's Commonwealth Games team. They are not only taller and heavier than all other female athletes but also 80% of the male athletes. Seema Punia & krishna Poonia are discus throwers and need to be big and strong but Jwala being a badminton player is huge and considering her size she moves very well on court. Her partner Ashwini at only 5'6" & 60 kgs looks like a small kid nest to Jwala
nona says on 5/Aug/14
@fcb: Thanks for the comparison video. Only proves that Yukta is by far the tallest and heaviest actress ever to grace Bollywood. She is easily 6'1" and going by that video should be about 85 kgs
Figo says on 5/Aug/14
There was a photo today in newsapaper in which jwala gutta stood alongsides other medalist.and my my jwala totally dwarfed everyone else
fcb says on 4/Aug/14
aish with rakshanda khan
Click Here
fcb says on 4/Aug/14
rakshanda khan with yukta mookhey at 14 min and in the end...she is shorter than yukta by couple of inches..dont have any idea about footwear..
Click Here
nona says on 4/Aug/14
@Figo: Rakshanda Khan is 5'8", which is tall but nowhere near Yukta (6'1") or Karishma Tanna (5'11"). Rakshanda is also very well built with nice broad shoulders and wide hips and easily weighs close to 75 kgs.
Krish says on 4/Aug/14
Usha Bachani is a tall woman. Maybe 5'8 or above. In a scene in Dulhan Hum Lejayenge, she slaps Karishma sending the latter tumbling down and later on, when Karishma tries to slap her, Bachani barely blinks and this prompts the puny Karishma to run away. The height difference between them is easily around 4 inches or more.
JV says on 3/Aug/14
In Kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, Smriti irani 5'8. Gauri looked taller than her(5'9). Rakshanda khan(5'9.5) taller than Gauri Pradhan & Karishma tanna(5'11) taller than Rakshanda Khan
JV says on 3/Aug/14
In Kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, Smriti irani 5'8. Gauri looked taller than her(5'9). Rakshanda khan(5'9.5) taller than Gauri Pradhan & Karishma tanna(5'11) taller than Rakshanda Khan
JV says on 3/Aug/14
Priyanka Gandhi is 5'8.5" & Rahul Gandhi is 5'7"
Figo says on 1/Aug/14
Another tall woman is usha bachani who appears as a vamp in movies and tv dulhan hum le jayenge,karishma and salman looked like small kids infront of her
Figo says on 1/Aug/14
Does anybody knows priyanka gandhis height.she looks very tall
Dost says on 31/Jul/14
I think I said this earlier, but speaking of tall actresses in serials, check out Shireen Mirza in "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein". She stars as Simmi and is very tall. Looks to be about 5'10 in flats easily!
Figo says on 31/Jul/14
She appeared in few episodes opposite r madhavan.she played the role of manoj pahwas daughter whose name was bhamra in the serial.she would be around 6.2 in height.honestly she would dwarf yukta and karishma tanna easily
Krish says on 30/Jul/14
@Figo- Rakshanda Khan was the actress. It was practically at the time of her debut. A young Nikki Aneja was the other actress. However, Rakshanda isn't that tall by today's standards. She was leaner back then and looked quite tall by the standards of the 90s. She would have been taller than the likes of Raveena, Mamta, Kajol or Karishma and maybe as tall as Shilpa or Sonali Bendre but shorter than the likes of Tabu, Sushmita, Kunika or Pooka Batra back then. I guess she is at around 5'7.5 which is still quite tall for an Indian actress. But definitely nowhere near Yukhta's height.
rahul says on 30/Jul/14
Figo was she regular or just appeared in only few episode
Figo says on 29/Jul/14
I searched everywhere but that link is not available.someone must have known about that actress.i am sure she would dwarf yukta mookhey easily
sreenu says on 28/Jul/14
mr.figo@ can u plz provide the link of that serial
Figo says on 27/Jul/14
I searched everywhere but i still cant find the name of tall actress in sea hawks.any body knows about her?
Figo says on 27/Jul/14
Any body has seen tv series sea hawks which used to come on dd metro.the actress who starred opppsite r madhavan was so tall.can anybody name her?i bet she is the tallest ever actress seen on indian television
South says on 24/Jul/14
@Figo Rekha Sahay was a tall godess. I remember her in Circus and few other serials where she towered over all male costars
Figo says on 23/Jul/14
Anybody knows of yesteryears tv actress rekha sahay.she was six feet plus and quite big
Sony says on 22/Jul/14
Which video
Figo says on 12/Jul/14
Any video of shipa shetty towering over others in nach baliye?
short_aish says on 10/Jul/14
not much difference between them
Click Here
Figo says on 7/Jul/14
Can anybody post the video of an award function in which deepika was towering over govinda
nona says on 5/Jul/14
Guys, Anu is 5'8.5" and weighs 53 kgs whereas as Kat is 5'9" & weighs 68 kgs. Both are extremely beautiful in their own ways. Anu has a more boyish figure with no waist:hip defnition and stick like legs wheras Kat is extremely curvy with a tiny waist, huge hips and thick legs
Dost says on 5/Jul/14
It's confusing because we can't see the bottom half of their torso, what footwear they are wearing (both seemed to switch shoes sometime during this event) or where they are standing.

The conclusive pics are the ones I posted and the first one by Subha which show their full body...

Katrina is marginally taller, I actually don't think it's even 1/2 inch.
Subha says on 4/Jul/14
Those pictures are from same event, its confusing
katrina looks taller (both in flats) Click Here

Anushka looks much taller than katrina
Click Here
abhishek says on 3/Jul/14
see this pic...both are in flats and looks about the same height
Click Here
nona says on 1/Jul/14
@Dost: Your pics are clinching evidence that Katrina is taller than Anushka by atleast 0.5". I would put Anushka at 5'8.5" & Katrina at 5'9". The other very noticable thing from your pis is how thin Anushka is compared to Katrina. Anushka's legs are half the size of katrina's
Bablu says on 1/Jul/14
Shireen Mirza from the serial "Yeh Hai Mohabbatein" is very tall. Comparing her with the stars of the show, who also appeared alongside Bollywood actor Siddharth Malhotra, I would estimate Shireen to be in the 5'10 to 5'11 range.
Ricky says on 1/Jul/14
@Riya. Where's your observation about bollywood actors?. Specially for salman khan.
Dost says on 27/Jun/14
@Riya...Anushka taller than Katrina, I dunno about that:

Anushka's heels are bigger than Kats yet she appears slightly shorter: Click Here

Same day when they both had flats on: Click Here
Riya says on 26/Jun/14
I'm 5'9" myself, and I've actually met a lot of Bollywood celebs. This is what I concluded from my observations:
Aish-5'7" (like the article states)
Kareena: 5'6" (I was suprised-always thought she'd be taller)
Bipasha: 5'7.5"
Priyanka: 5'6" (she was wearing about 3" heals and was the same height as me)
Lara: 5'8"
Katrina: 5'8.5"
Vidya: 5'3.5-5'4" (her shoes were flat, but not completely flat)
Kangana: 5'7"
Sonam: 5'10"
Deepika: 5'9"
Anushka: 5'9.5" (she said she's shorter than Kat, but I doubt it-considering she was slightly taller than me.)
Jacqueline: 5'8"
Shruti: 5'8"
Shraddha: 5'6"
Sonakshi: 5'8"
Ileana-5'6.5" (I always thought she'd be taller around 5'9", but everyone said she's petite at only about 5'4", but I'd say she's more near the middle considering she was about the same height as me in about 2" heels.)
Parineeti: 5'7" (I was actaully shocked! She always looked so petite to me, but she was quite tall in real.)
Diana: 5'10" (was easily an inch taller than me)
Vaani: 5'7.5" (was just teensy bit taller than Parineeti)
Alia: 5'5" (Again, I was shocked. She looks only about 5'1" or 5'2", but she's actually above average height.)
Kriti: 5'9" (Saw her from far-she looked only an inch shorter than Tiger who's apparently 5'10".)
Deeksha-5'8.5" (just met last week btw!!)
Dost says on 23/Jun/14
@ghangas: great find. They are both in no heels and that woman looks at least an inch taller than Katrina. I think she must be around 5'10...
ghangas says on 21/Jun/14
just how tall is this woman!!
Click Here
Dost says on 19/Jun/14
Malaika looks way shorter than Deepika. The woman who looks close to Deepika appears to be Kalki Koechlin. I think Kalki must be about 5'6 to 5'7, she was shorter than Katrina Kaif in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
aparash says on 18/Jun/14
Didnt know Malaika was as tall as deepika! In IIFA Click Here she looks as tall as DP. Nothing can be said about the footwear though..
ali says on 12/Jun/14
Click Here
tall actress namitha.
sonu says on 4/Jun/14
Namitha @Aparsh
nona says on 4/Jun/14
@aparash: That girl is Namita the actress from the South Film Industry. She is not very tall at 5'8" but she is absolutely huge and weighs more than 90 kgs with massive shoulders, arms and legs. Another girl from the South Film Industry who is worth checking out is Anushka Shetty who is 5'10" & weighs close to 78 kgs
aparash says on 1/Jun/14
Whos this tall girl!
Click Here
sri says on 1/Jun/14
south can u post the links of that manjubhargavi and kannada actress geetha.
South says on 29/May/14
Here are some tall ladies from South

Goutham- Check her standing next to Kamalhassan who is 5'7
Click Here

Manjubhargavi- She should be 60+ now bout she towered over Tabu in a telugu movie

Kannada actress Geetha- She was very tall. I saw a movie where she was taller than Dr Rajkumar
nona says on 29/May/14
Guys any idea of as to Alia Bhatt's height and weight? She is listed at 5'6" & 54 Kgs but appears to be only about 5'2". Her weight though seems correct.
tinu says on 21/May/14
very tall girl with kriti sanon, may be 5'11". Click Here
nona says on 21/May/14
Quote from Sonakshi Sinha in an interview "I am 5'8" tall and have a very healthy Indian frame". Agree with the healthy frame bit but the height is a false claim. She is at most 5'6" but weighs in at a massive 75 kgs with huge shoulders and broad hips.
Ricky says on 20/May/14
I agree...she is 169 cm...because shahrukh 170 cm(5'6.75)
tiny says on 19/May/14
Agree with Aparash & Dost that Kriti Sanon is 5'10". She is as tall as Diana Penty but is much more healthy and weighs about 70 kgs compared to Diana's 50 kgs
Dost says on 18/May/14
She seems slightly taller than Katrina Kaif if you take into account pics of Kat and Aamir. The 5'10" sounds about right, taking her to the top of the current crop of actresses along with Diana Penty.
tinu says on 15/May/14
kriti sanon with aamir without heels. Click Here
aparash says on 14/May/14
The actress making her debut in Heropanti, Kriti Sanon is 5'10"
Click Here
tiny says on 14/May/14
@zig.zag: agree with you on Amrita Rao, she is really tiny but very cute. Regarding the strongest though Sameera is up there, I think she is no match against the likes of Sonakshi (5'6", 75 kgs) and Huma Quereshi (5'8", 80 kgs)
ann says on 13/May/14
Deepika Padukone is taller than Aishwarya Rai.Her height is 5 feet 9 inches and she weighs just 60kgs.
anusha says on 13/May/14
Deepika Padukone is taller than Aishwarya Rai.Her height is 5 feet 9 inches and she weighs just 60kgs.
zig.zag says on 13/May/14
@nona ,at strength angle ,Sameera is strongest in Btown with 5'.9'" ,75kg while Amrita rao with 5'.3" 45 kg is tiniest and weakaest actress,who was even not able to give reply to Esha Deol ,when she slap her at "Pyare Mohan" set.......
nona says on 5/May/14
@John: U are right about Namitha being shorter than Anushka Shetty. Namitha is 5'8" whereas Anushka is 5'10". Moreover because of Namitha's bulk (she weighs close to 90 kgs) she looks even shorter compared to the perfectly built Anushka (weighs 75 kgs)
John says on 3/May/14
@ss- Namitha is probably 5'8 to 5'8.5 at best. She is shorter than Anushka Shetty in Billa. Watch this pic from an event, for e.g:

Click Here
nona says on 3/May/14
@ss: I think that Anushka Shetty (5'10", 78 kgs)is the strongest as apart from being tall and well built she is a yoga teacher and knows how to channelise her strength. Sameera (5'7", 70 kgs) is a close second as she has broad shoulders and thick muscular arms. Deepika (5.8", 65 kgs) as you say is surprisingly strong for her thin frame. Another girl who has to be very strong is Katrina kaif (5'9", 72 kgs) as she has a very strong lower body with amazingly muscular legs as you can see in Dhoom 3
aparash says on 3/May/14
Damn yukta looks so tall
Click Here
aparash says on 1/May/14
ss says on 1/May/14
talking about the strength in Bollywood actress ...
sameera reddy is probably the strongest...having muscular arms and compact body(she lifted krk effortlessly in bigboss)..followed by deepika as she belongs to the sports background..(lifted imran khan in movie)..
then actress from south like anushka shetty (lifted prabhas, ravi teza)
ss says on 1/May/14
yukta = 6'
pooja batra - 5'10"
lisa haydon- 5'9.5"
diana penty - 5'9"
karishma tanna- 5'9"
anushka shetty- 5'9.5"
namitha- 5'10"
Dost says on 26/Apr/14
Thanks Alig, Tabu looks just as tall as Ruby but hard to see from the camera angle.

Sid - That is a bad picture, there are others out there where the two look the same height, if you subtract the huge mound of hair sitting on top of Deepika's head.

@ss - agreed, Lisa claims 5'9 and in "Aisha" she was head-to-head with Sonam Kapoor and at times, looked slightly taller!
nona says on 26/Apr/14
Guys, what are your thoughts on Alia Bhatt the current big ticket girl in Bollywood. She is listed at 5'6" & 55 kgs but looks very compact and dainty to be so tall and heavy. She looks only abotu 5'2" & 45 kgs....what are your views??
ss says on 26/Apr/14
lisa hayden is another tall the upcoming movie of akshay kumaar called shaukin.....she stands more than 5'10"...& looks even taller than akshay in most of the cases...
nona says on 26/Apr/14
There is a pic of Priyanka Chopra together with Sonakshi Sinha in todays paper and Sonakshi looks to be about 3" taller than Priyanka. Now either Priyanka is much shorter than her claimed 5'6" or Sonakshi is much taller than her listed 5'6". My judgement says Priyanka is only 5'4" & Sonakshi is 5'7". This coupled with the fact that Priyanka is tiny at 53 kgs compared to Sonakshi's 70 kgs makes Priyanka look like a small schoolgirl
aparash says on 25/Apr/14
That was femina miss india pagaent where people dont usually lie about their stats. If she was 6'1 she would proudly wear it and she seems as tall as aftab ib pyaasa who is 5'11 too.
alig says on 25/Apr/14
ruby with tabu
alig says on 25/Apr/14
ruby with tabu
sid says on 25/Apr/14
Click Here see deepika in front of sonam. Deepika is so much taller.
nona says on 25/Apr/14
@friend: Aishwarya is hardly 5'6" & at that time weighed about 58 kgs, so she looked like a small school girl compared to the 6'1" Yukta who weighed 80 kgs back then
friend says on 24/Apr/14
There is a interesting video where yukta bends down so that aish could be seen,if any one can search the video.... thanks
nona says on 24/Apr/14
@aparash: Yukta claiming to be only 5'11" is understandable cos there is no place for girl who is a 6 footer in Bollywood. There is a pic of Yukta in flats with Sushmita Sen who is 5'8" and in 4" heels and Yukta is taller than Sushmita by a couple of inches. I still feel Yukta is atleast 6'1" if not more.
aparash says on 23/Apr/14
i saw her Miss India contest and her final show back in 99 and she herself claimed to be 5'11".
nona says on 23/Apr/14
@aparash: Agree with you that there is none taller than Yukta but she is defnitely more than the 5'11" you have mentioned. Looking at the pics in your link i would put her more at 6'1". She is easily 6" taller than the 5'8" Achala Sachdev, atleast 1" taller than the 6'0" Purab Kohli and about 11" taller than the 5'2" Bhagyashree. There is also a pic of her with Sohail Khan where he is standing on a higher step but is just about 2" taller than Yukta. Yukta is a true amazon as she is not only tall but also huge and weighs close to 88 kgs
nona says on 22/Apr/14
Rob: Request you to put up a dedicated page for Katrina Kaif as she is also tall (5'9") and we seem to discuss a lot about her in pages dedicated to other Indian actresses
aparash says on 21/Apr/14
Nobody is taller than the 5'11" Yukta
Click Here
Dost says on 20/Apr/14
Lakshmi is 5'8 indeed but I think Karishma is more like 5'9...we can't see any footwear in that pic. It's very possible Karishma is in huge heels and Lakshmi isn't. She is still taller but not by 3".

Seen Karishma with Anushka Sharma, Bruna, etc. She is slightly taller than them but does not tower over them like a Pooja Batra, Yukta Mookhey.
nona says on 19/Apr/14
@ara: Lakshmi Rai is tall at 5'8" but Karishma Tanna is closer to 5'11" and thats why towers over Lakshmi Rai.Nice pics of Karishma, she has put on weight at the right places and looks good. I guess she weighs close to 70 kgs now which is great for her height.
ara says on 18/Apr/14
karishma tanna beating tallest tamil actress ever Lakshmi rai
Click Here
aish_shorty says on 18/Apr/14
aish is looking so short..
Click Here
nona says on 18/Apr/14
I have a friend who is 5'8" and weighs 75 kgs. She is very big made with broad shoulders and looks huge when compared to the other girls in India. Recently she got a job in the Netherlands and now she doesnt want to come back to India. When asked she said that most girls there are as tall or taller than her and also very well built and as such she feels normal there. Further fiding clothes & footwear to fit her are quite easy.
Dost says on 13/Apr/14
Great discussion!

Ruby does indeed look taller than Sushmita by an inch. Definitely think she is 5'9! She is an inch or two shorter than Pooja Batra here: Click Here

A little taller than Shilpa Shetty: Click Here

Taller than Sonali Bendre: Click Here

Zeenat Aman holds her own: Click Here

Can't seem to find the one with Tabu..
hd says on 12/Apr/14
@john here is rubi bhatia with sushmita Click Here
John says on 12/Apr/14
Rubi Bhatia is a tall woman. Saw her alongside Shilpa Shetty and then Raveena at an awards event she was hosting and she was very obviously taller than both of them. She looked slightly shorter than Pooja Batra there who is one of the tallest ones around. I saw her in a tv series and she also was slightly taller than Usha Bachani there. And Usha Bachani is a tall woman herself. Watch her in 'Dulhan Hum Lejayenge' and she looked like 4 or 5 inches taller than Karishma Kapoor. And then Ruby herself looked like she had at least 3 inches on Kareena in 'Main Prem Ki Deewani Houn'.

My guess on these actresses:

Pooja Batra -5'11
Ruby Bhatia- 5'9
Usha Bachani- 5'8
Shilpa- 5'7.5
Kareena- 5'6
Raveena- 5'6
Karishma- 5'4
Madhuri- 5'3

It does seem that Ruby hosted Sushmita and Tabu in other episodes of the show aaa posted here. It would be great if anyone could come up with links of these episodes here.
aaa says on 10/Apr/14
Click Here
look how short madhuri is looking in front of rubi bhatia...
nona says on 5/Apr/14
Its great to hear that Pooja batra has an upcoming release. That would defnitely make her the tallest active Indian actress as you say, no argumnets on that. As far as Yukta goes she was never really accepted by the industry and that is partly due to how tall and huge she is. She was not only taller than most actors but weighed much more than them and am sure most of the heros found her difficult to maneouvre during dance scenes. If it was only her height she would have been successful but her broad build has been her undoing.
Bablu says on 4/Apr/14
Pooja has not retired and is still very much active. She has an upcoming Hollywood/Bollywood release coming up. She probably isn't getting any traditional offers but if the right one came along, she would take it. Yukta was never really an actress in my book.
nona says on 2/Apr/14
@Bablu: Pooja Batra doesnt act anymore nor does Yukta Mookhey so they should not be considered. Taking even regional actresses into consideration I think the tallest actress is Anushka Shetty (Telugu & Tamil) who is 5'10" is the tallest actress. She is not only tall but extremely well built (weight - 75 kgs) with nice wide hips and broad shoulders. She makes all the others you have mentioned except katrina look like school kids
Bablu says on 31/Mar/14
The tallest mainstream actress is Pooja Batra at 5'11". She is taller than everyone currently in the industry including:

Diana Penty (5'9.5")
Nargis Fakri (5'9")
Dipannita Sharma (5'9")
Sonam Kapoor (5'8.5")
Katrina Kaif (5'8.5")
Deepika Padukone (5'8.5")
Anushka Sharma (5'8.5")
176,2Tunman says on 28/Mar/14
mj11:Average in India is 5'5 maybe 5'5.5-6 for Young males.Probably 5' or 5'1 for women.At 5'11 You are more likely in the 95% among youngsters and your wife is more likely in the 98%.At 5'8 a girl will be within 90%in U.S rather than India,though I'm sure you can have huge variations in height in a country like India having extremely large gaps in life standards.
nona says on 28/Mar/14
Gauri Tonk looks seriously tall, dint know she was that tall. She is more 5'9" like Dost mentioned and very attractive and well built too at close to 65 kgs
dost says on 26/Mar/14
Thanks engineer for that video, if u watch the video closely @4.42 there are k tanna & Gouri Tonk together and she is taller than Gauri Tonk who is a very tall lady close to 5-9
aaa says on 25/Mar/14
that reporter is katerina osadcha and she is 5'11" tall.
Click Here
Nona says on 25/Mar/14
@dost: even I think katrina is about half an inch taller than anushka sharma. It's only anushka's ultra slim body type that makes her look as tall specially since katrina is quite voluptuous with real hips and thick strong legs. Check out her legs in dhoom 3, they look so toned and muscular. I guess katrina weighs about 70 kgs compared to Anushka who is only abt 50 kgs
engineer says on 24/Mar/14
Interesting video, Karishma tanna in flats when she stands next to Hussain, she is early as tall.

Click Here
dost says on 23/Mar/14
Katrina vs Anuksha... Katrina little taller... see video @3.44
dost says on 23/Mar/14
Thanks babu.... it feels that Aish is talking to women standing on 1st floor....
jack says on 22/Mar/14
Click Here
ss says on 21/Mar/14
i have read an article where sanya said their parents went to a shooting of hum....where both kulkarnis were taller than amitabh... i think now a days amitabh may be equals to mruga but way shorter than rest of the kulkarni family
babu says on 21/Mar/14
Look at this link below, Ash lukng lke a kid in front of russian model
Click Here
nona says on 20/Mar/14
@PKB: Thanks for the pic. There is easily about 6" difference between the 2 sisters in that pic. So if Mruga is 6'1" then saniya is easily 6'7". Also nice to see that they are not only tall but very healthy. I guess Mruga weighs close to 72 kgs and Saniya about 85 kgs
PKB says on 18/Mar/14
Mruga and Sanya Kulkarni: Click Here
nona says on 18/Mar/14
@Dost: Saniya Kulkarni should be anywhere between 6'5" & 6'7" and as you rightly put it nowhere is her height properly mentioned. I read that when Mruga was born she was 21" and when Saniya was born she was 26". Guess that 5" difference at birth has remained the same or increased as Saniya has grown older.
dost says on 17/Mar/14
@nona i agree with you that Mruga Kulkarni @ 6.1 is shortest in fly, the height of sania is not properly given, her mother is 6.3 or 6.4 and sanya towers her even if you see picts of them mruga wears heels when standing next to Sania but does fall too short...
dost says on 17/Mar/14
@nona i agree with you that Mruga Kulkarni @ 6.1 is shortest in fly, the height of sania is not properly given, her mother is 6.3 or 6.4 and sanya towers her even if you see picts of them mruga wears heels when standing next to Sania but does fall too short...
nona says on 14/Mar/14
Nargis is 5'9" & listed at 50 kgs which is quite ridiculous. She is much bigger than the 5'4", 56 kg Ileana D'Cruz and should easily weigh close to 60 kgs
nona says on 14/Mar/14
Nargis is 5'9" & listed at 50 kgs which is quite ridiculous. She is much bigger than the 5'4", 56 kg Ileana D'Cruz and should easily weigh close to 60 kgs
nona says on 13/Mar/14
Agree with Dost. Nargis is in about 6" heels in that video and that would make her about 6'3" and she absolutely dwarfs Ileana who is about 5'8" in her heels.
Dost says on 11/Mar/14
@shilps - Nargis is tall but in that video, she is in massive heels.
nona says on 11/Mar/14
How tall & heavy is Alia Bhatt? I guess she is about 5'2" and very small made and weighs about 45 kgs.
aaa says on 9/Mar/14
karishma kapoor dwarfed by tall models
Click Here
nona says on 1/Mar/14
The tallest couple in India are Sharad & Sanjot Kulkarni who are 7'2" & 6'3" respectively. Their elder daughter Mruga who is 24 yrs old is 6'1" and is a model. She has been a participant in Channel V's "Get Gorgeous" show. The interesting thing is that their younger daughter Saniya is 18 yrs old and is 6'6". Imagine the plight of the older daughter cos at 6'1" she is the shortest in the family and is even shorter than her mother and is absolutely dwarfed by her younger sister.
Dost says on 27/Feb/14
@Ali, the tall one is 6'1 Reha Sukheja.
nona says on 26/Feb/14
Another tall & well built Shetty girl has entered movies and she is Suniel Shetty's daughter Athiya Shetty. She is about 5'9" & 68 kgs and is taller and bigger than the 5'8" & 65 kg Shilpa Shetty but is shorter & lighter than the 5'10" & 75 kg Anushka Shetty. Guess the Bunt community has the tallest women in India and even the Sikhs are shorter than them.
shilps says on 26/Feb/14
Look how tall Nargis is!!
Click Here

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.