How tall is Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck's Height

6ft 2.25in (189 cm)

American actor/director best known for Argo, The Town, Good will Hunting, Batman vs Superman, Gone Girl, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes, Mallrats, Shakespeare in Love and Armageddon. An article on ShortSupport (Rita Zekas, Toronto Star) mentioned that Ben once said, "I'm 6 foot 3 1/2".
I was 6 feet 3. and people told me. "You're too big to be a leading man"
- Intelligencer, 2000

How tall is Ben Affleck
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Average Guess (161 Votes)
6ft 2.41in (189cm)
Ben said on 25/May/17
Ok Rob, so I had a war with a few Ben Affleck Batman fanboys who got really pissed when I said Ben Affleck is not 6'4", he's 6'2.5". I even showed them proof which pissed them off even more! :D
Editor Rob: ben, it is understandable. Many fans do like the idea of their heroes being taller than they really are.

The reverse is some wanting actors to be shorter than they really are...

I'm merely interested in trying to provide reasonable guesses!

Ben claiming 6ft 3 range, may well be a shoe measurement...
HonestSlovene said on 25/May/17
@Spencer LOL nothing huge about him. He is tall but not uncommon, especially for a white guy his height is probably 80-90th percentile range. Me at around 5'10.5" would feel shorter but not towered or anything like that.
HonestSlovene said on 25/May/17
He is 6'2" flat more or less, I agree with shiva. Maybe a decent 6'2" morning guy that brushes 6'3" at best.
Christian said on 24/May/17
I'm 6'3 and ben was easily my height when I met him.
Jim said on 23/May/17
Looked only one inch shorter than 6'4 Jason momoa so he's got to be 6'2.5 or 6'3
shiva 181 cms said on 23/May/17
Nothing over 6'2 for Ben Affleck ,never was 6'3 for sure ,still don't get why people think him over 6'3 when he was clearly a fraction shorter than Freeman (who was old enough to lose some height) , he didn't appear much over 2" taller than 181cms Timberlake, looked just a bit taller than jackman who's just a strong 6'1 maybe 6'1.5, looked a clear 2cms shorter than both hartnett and Schreiber who are just 6'2.5-75, and so on
Imo I'd bet he's 6'1.75 over 6'2.25-5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/May/17
192-193cm in dress shoes for him isn't hard to believe if he's 188-189cm barefoot which I still think is fair.
Henry said on 20/May/17
No way he's under 6'3 he's a huge dude
berta said on 16/May/17
i think this guy have a body that can make him look shorter than he is . he can look 188 flat by himself sometimes even 187 but besides others i would say he is either this listed height ore 1/4 OVER
Kelly said on 15/May/17
In batman v superman he can look 6'4 in some scenes with 6'1 cavil. But barefoot I'd give ben 6'3
Arby said on 13/May/17
I've met Ben in person and he's a little shorter than me I'm a little over 6'3" myself.
Anderson said on 13/May/17
6'3 in my opinion
Sam said on 11/May/17
I could see someone his size with broad shoulders and good posture could convince average sized folks of being over 6'3", but that would make Liev Schreiber at least 6'4" and Michael Shannon 6'5"ish and neither of those things are true.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/May/17
20 years ago could look a solid 189cm
Mike said on 11/May/17
Six-three seems about right.
Luke said on 11/May/17
Affleck is a tall man I've met him and he looked 6'3 or 6'4
Slothee said on 10/May/17
6'2.5"!!! I feel like 6'2.25" is too low
Quentin said on 8/May/17
Ben usually looks around 6'3 to me.
Spencer said on 7/May/17
He looks 6'3 to me in most films . He's huge .
Dan said on 7/May/17
Timothy...nothing "average" about 6'2". At that height, you're taller than well over 90% of the people you walk by.
Darren510 said on 7/May/17
I have seem many pictures of him next to his 5'9.5-5'10 buddy Matt Damon and he usually looks about 4.5-5 inches taller.
berta said on 5/May/17
listing is fine he really is a 189 guy. he can look shorter standing by himself
Dejavu said on 2/May/17
At times the difference between him and momoa looks only an inch or 1.5 inches max
Wrs567 said on 28/Apr/17
that quarter inch is just a bit too much

I can by a flat 6'2'' though
Richardspain said on 27/Apr/17
189cm with footwear is possible.

I see a strong 187cm no more no less
Height obsessed child said on 24/Apr/17
He looks about an inch and a half over 6'1 Henry Cavill.
shiva 181 cms said on 21/Apr/17
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shiva 181 cms said on 21/Apr/17
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joe### said on 21/Apr/17
liev Schreiber over 2cm taller
shiva 181 cms said on 20/Apr/17
Ben Affleck height is either 6'1.75 or maybe 6'2 there's too much evidence to point that
He was a good 2cms shorter than Josh Hartnett whose 189-190 cms
He had barely 2-2.5cms on Obama who is exact 6'1
He was a 1/4" shorter than Morgan Freeman in the early 2000's where Freeman could have been flat 6'2
He always Looks to have 4-5" on Matt Damon sometimes 5" and Damon's 177cms roughly
He's 2cms shorter than liev Schreiber whose 189-190cms ,closer to 189
He looks to have 3-4cms on cavill
All evidence point to 187-188cms range
Normal tall guy said on 19/Apr/17
Everyone lies about their height, well actors that is, so, since that is true constantly, why would affleck be any different, probly 6foot
Timothy said on 18/Apr/17
In Daredevil he looked a solid 6 foot 3 inches next to Micheal Clarke Duncan when they had their final showdown at the end of the film. Rob is there a possibility Ben lost some height and now is just an average 6"2 guy.
Verba said on 16/Apr/17
Looked more than an inch shorter than 6'3.25" listed John Lithgow in 'The Accountant' and it wasn't only a play of angles. There were several scenes with him where he looked like a 6'2 flat. So either Lithgow is a legit 6'4 or Affleck isn't as a tall as 6'2.5"..
Mike said on 16/Apr/17
Rob, watch his interview with Conan in the 90s, they're nearly the same height. Would say 6'3 1/2 is accurate.
Joanna said on 15/Apr/17
What is Ben Affleck's peak Height Rob?
Dejavu said on 13/Apr/17
I wouldn't be arguing anything under 6'2 next to Jason Momoa.
berta said on 12/Apr/17
also he looks taler than i thought he would beside jason mamoa. mamoa cant really be more than max 193. i mena in those photos it looke like he take ben with max 3 cm. but different posture and fotwear
berta said on 12/Apr/17
those cliams that he is 184 seems ridicoulus to me the guy was 1 inch taller than legit 6 foot 1 costner 5 years ago. i cant really see him shorter thna 188 and no taller than strong 189 190 seems to mutch
S.J.H said on 10/Apr/17
Lol. So coincident every actor were Short looking than listing then. 6'3 rofl..
Jonathon said on 9/Apr/17
Affleck looked a very strong 6'3 next to 6'4 Jason Momoa. He can't be under 6'2
Dejavu said on 8/Apr/17
Not sure whether he lost height. He definitely put on weight and looked stockier compared to how he looked 10 plus years ago. He could look closer to 6'3 when he was still skinny. I think he has a tendency to slouch next to shorter guys in photos.
Mark Underwood 183cm said on 8/Apr/17
Rob I noticed for Ben Affleck you haven't put a peak height is 6"2 his current height as he is in his mid 40's and in films like Daredevil it's hard to think of Affleck as anything under 6"3.
Dejavu said on 7/Apr/17
There are more photos where he could look similar to Jason Momoa who is losing a bit if height with his stance. I can't see him under 6'2. Rob has him right at 6'2 or a bit over. He is a very strong 6'2 who can look above at times.

Click Here
Click Here

Again, you can't post a photo of a person standing alone and tell his height.
HonestSlovene said on 7/Apr/17
@S.J.H LOL he is 6'1.75" at worst, around 6'2" 100%, not like this listing needs a huge downgrade anyway.
German said on 7/Apr/17
Click Here

I'd say 184-185 max for him. Why Ben once said, "I'm 6 foot 3 1/2"?
Dejavu said on 7/Apr/17
He got 4 inches on Bryan Cranston and 2 inches on John Goodman.
Click Here

In this photo he looks only an inch shorter than Jason Momoa who may be slouching. If he is really 6'1 like what you all are saying, it would make Jason Momoa 6'2.
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S.J.H said on 7/Apr/17
@James Dingle

I've met ben affleck close up once he look 186cm to me he wore dress shoes about 1.2' thickness in heels, i wore a classic converse chucks given 0.6' boost. Maybe you're right at one point. My legit 6'0 cousin told me same thing as you that he is legit 184cm although i'm not convince it. I think he can be 6'1, maybe..

Click Here He was really short looking as i never see a 6'2.25 guy this short. Honestly my 6'2.25 older brother easily look much taller than him

Click Here He does look about 184cm in this full picture and i even think he struggle to look 184cm but i lie tell others say he look 6'1.

Click Here I took months or years look at this picture that jeremy renner look nothing over 170cm and affleck only look almost 185cm and this camera angle wasn't a really bad angle at all.

Click Here This is korean actor Lee Min-Ho he look similar as affleck height or maybe fraction lower , he claim 186cm and this waxwork figure is like 3-4cm taller than him. He might just be 183cm in real. By looking at his frame he even look taller than affleck due to slim body type.
James Dingle said on 6/Apr/17
Definitely wears lifts as well as a hair piece. His real height is 184cm. He has exaggerated his height beyond reality with listings as ridiculous as "6'3 or "6'4 is preposterous. He is 184cm legit.
Dejavu said on 1/Apr/17
He wasn't shorter than Morgan freeman in the full body photos
JaysonKent said on 31/Mar/17
What do you think explains the height difference between Ben and Casey. Seems substantial.
Editor Rob: simply genetics, one boy ends up with a mixture that has more of the taller genes than other.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Mar/17
Looked 6ft3 in Good Will Hunting
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Mar/17
I used to be of the opinion that Ben must be tall because twice he played the boyfriend of 5ft10 Liv Tyler, in 'Armageddon' and then again in 'Jersey Girl'.
Then Liv played the girlfriend of his much shorter brother Casey, in the film 'Lonesome Jim'!
Yes, there is hope for you shorter guys out there! I always knew that Liv wasn't a shallow person! She's been out with AND married, shorter guys, including Joaquin Phoenix, with whom she stars with in 'Inventing the Abbotts'!
So Ben gets 6ft2.5 from me, and a bit of 'Livesque' digression!
If I was an actor, I'd count myself lucky to star with her just once! He's been lucky twice over! How about a hat-trick? 💏💞
insomniak said on 28/Mar/17
6'2 flat the .25 is unnecessary
mister_lennon said on 28/Mar/17
Yes, freeman was a little bit taller than afkeck.
S.J.H said on 28/Mar/17
("You're too big to be a leading man") What a lie..
shiva 181 cms said on 27/Mar/17
Morgan Freeman was a 1/4" taller than Ben Affleck when already he lost a bit of height

So there's no chance Ben is taller than a peak Freeman I'd say morgan Freeman is 6'2.5 peak and Affleck is 6'2 as always
grizz said on 26/Mar/17
@Dejavu, not to mention the fact that Freeman was a strong 6'2 guy 15 years ago. Since Affleck slightly edged him out, there is no way he's below 6'2.
Dejavu said on 26/Mar/17
Ben with a bit of a footwear advantage has 4 inches on Jason Bateman. I really wouldn't place a bet that he is under 6'2.

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Kayle said on 25/Mar/17
6'2. He towers over people at award shows. He slouches in a lot of pictures. I can't see him being less than that, he looks very tall.
Shiva182cms said on 25/Mar/17
Ben Affleck height is 6'2 no more no less
Dejavu said on 23/Mar/17
Ben Affleck is obviously further away from camera with Morgan Freeman. In these photos, he looked the same height as freeman 15 years ago. You can't tell how tall a person is exactly by posting a picture of a person standing alone.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Danimal said on 19/Mar/17
6'3"-6'3.5" in SHOES. 6'2"-6'2.5" barefoot.
S.J.H said on 19/Mar/17
@Gerry @Dsmooth

Yes you're absolutely right. Affleck is 186cm as i met him last year not even a chance like berta say his wide shoulders make him shorter not that case. I can easily spot 6'1 and 6'2 guys in person as my 3 older brother were in the range 6'1, 6'2.25, 6'2.75 at their lowest and it's obviously affleck look as tall as my older brother strong 6'1.25 before lunch hour and i'm not surprise by night he is just a legit 6'1 guy.

Click Here look as low as 185-186cm top

Click Here this picture took just at night look as low as 6'1. legs were too short for a 6'2 person. No way he is near 6'2

Click Here 10years ago affleck does not look taller than 6'2 listed morgan freeman who only look 6'0.75 with 6'4.75 kobe bryant

Click Here prove of kobe bryant legit 4' taller than morgan freeman. freeman is probably 6'1.25 peak and 6'0.75 now
berta said on 17/Mar/17
i think affelcks wide shoulders can make him look shorter than he strange thing is that peter stormare always looked 1 cm taller and he claims 188. But i think affleck is the listed height. he looks like a legit 188 guy that can be close to 189.
Dsmooth said on 13/Mar/17
Ryan Reynolds has more height on Jackman than Affleck does. Same story with Common and Jason Bateman.
Gerry said on 10/Mar/17
Click Here:

is this guy legit 189??? highly doubt. 186 cm at most....
S.J.H said on 10/Mar/17
Henry cavill is not as tall as we think. Not a real 6'0.5 , cavill is somewhere 182-183cm
Mike said on 8/Mar/17
I doubt he is less than a strong 6ft 2, he looks near 2 inches taller than 184 range Cavill.
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17

I account that charles barkley is closer to the camera so it's 3" and i atually met him in real close up and he struggle to look 6'1.5 but is more like 6'1.25 guy and is how he look 6'2.5 with dress shoes not without it. He can only be 6'2-6'2.25 out of bed.
Jordan87 said on 28/Feb/17

Charles has Affleck by an Easy 4" in your Picture.You Only See 3" in that pic? Don't be Misled by his hair. No Way only 3".

Based on your pic, if Barkley is 6'5.5" with Shoes on, Ben is is 6'1.5" with Shoes on. Maybe Ben is giving more of a lean.

I do Agree with you however that without Shoes on, Ben would measure under 6'2"
S.J.H said on 24/Feb/17
Click Here just like what i see him in real. 6'2.5 in dress shoes with a 6'5.5 with shoes charles barkley
mister_lennon said on 23/Feb/17
minimum 6´2. 188-189 guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/17
6ft1½ is definitely too low
Jordan87 said on 21/Feb/17
Strahan has Ben by easy 2.75" Inches. Strahan admits he is 6'4.25. Ben is A good 6'1.5" with Mike.
grizz said on 19/Feb/17
@Gerry,I'm not sure if you're serious with posting that set of photos
Mark(5'9.25 said on 17/Feb/17
There was one picture with Affleck and Ryan Reynolds. Affleck was actually taller than him.
Gerry said on 17/Feb/17
Click Here:

Aflleck with Strahan
jack said on 16/Feb/17
Click Here definitely taller than reynolds, even though the positioning and angles are weird you can at least 0.5-0.75 of an inch
Dejavu said on 15/Feb/17
Next to 6'0 Adrien Brody, Ben Affleck looks 6'2 plus.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 7/Feb/17

I myself tend to put Ben in the 6'1.5-6'2" range Alot myself. Only time he doesn't look it is with Momoa, he looks taller. Guys like Caville have stubby little arms so they tend to Look Shorter than they are.
Peter 179cm said on 7/Feb/17
@ S.J.H Truth is he can look around 6'2 with Renner who's listed 5'8.5 but could be 173 flat since he's identical to Rob.Look up your 3rd picture again and you'll realize it.
grizz said on 6/Feb/17
S.J.H.,what facts and reality? LMAO
You just compared two different guys with no GROUP PHOTO of them whatsoever by dissing one not being 6'2 because he doesn't "look" like that. In solo shots!
You are overestimating this Asian dude because he's very slender built, and lean guys always look taller than stronger guys.
If you compared Henry Cavill with Grant Gustin the same way you did these two, you'd say that Grant is obviously the taller guy. Just the opposite-stocky built Cavill edges Austin
S.J.H said on 6/Feb/17
LOL. His posture wasnt that bad at all and his not an old man yet. Excuses too much from fans. Liev schreiber will be 6'3.5 then big laugh from pablo schreiber at 6'5.5
vaiski said on 6/Feb/17
He's got bad posture for sure. Always been over 6'2.
S.J.H said on 5/Feb/17
Click Here 6'2 proportion really?

Click Here 6'2? Honestly look 6'1 here

Click Here 6'2 frame?

Click Here 6'2 hugh jackman and 6'2.25 ben affleck? Well look about the same height and jackman is not even 6'1.5 in real

Click Here a real measured 6'2 guy korean model/actor Young-Kwang Kim. I always thought 6'3 but on his interview mention 6'2 several times. Look taller than ben affleck easily from head to feet overall

Click Here a real 6'1 Min-Ho Lee look exact proportion as affleck

Click Here

Click Here Overall does not look under ben affleck height

I have watch 1998 Phantoms twice and comfirm liev schreiber look 3-4cm taller than ben affleck and i've met liev schreiber in person twice in the morning look solid 6'2.5 and he may not even hold over 6'2.25 in the afternoon. I wouldn't go further now. Whatever any fanboy thinks. 6'2, 6'2.5, 6'3, 6'3.5 LOL.. I will go by facts and reality and do the math
Dejavu said on 4/Feb/17
There are premiere photos of Ben Affleck edging out Josh Hartnett
S.J.H said on 30/Jan/17

Ryan reynolds hardly look over 1.5 max shorter than 6'4.25 michael strahan on many appearance of Live! with Kelly , you can check on youtube. Believe or not the worst reynolds still a 189 plus guy. Affleck is lucky if he hit 6'2 and i would rule out there will be roughly 1.5cm between them
berta said on 23/Jan/17
i think affleck and ryan reynold could be the same height both weak 189 guys
spainmen191cm said on 21/Jan/17
Rob, I dont know why but today I saw a film of Affleck of 1999 when he was 27 and give a taller impression than nowdays, maybe because he was much slimmer?
Editor Rob: back in something like Mallrats, he could look a reasonably imposing guy.
S.J.H said on 21/Jan/17

Lol that would put reynolds 6'1.5 and affleck 6'0.75 and the others celebrities all 2-3cm lower than listing
German said on 19/Jan/17
Of course Ryan Reynolds taller than Aflleck without any doubt. For me Ryan 186-187 barefoot at afternoon and affleck max 185....
S.J.H said on 17/Jan/17
See who got more on 6'0 Common

Click Here

Click Here
BatmanFan said on 15/Jan/17
Looks exactly the same as 6 ft 2 morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson. And there is like 2/3 CM difference between him and Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper who are both 6 ft 1. Defeniteley a 6 ft 2 guy. Nothing more.
Pierre said on 15/Jan/17
With henry cavill listed 6"0.5'(Imo Ben is closer to the camera i don't know for their shoes)= Click Here
S.J.H said on 15/Jan/17
Over 6'2 was a joke. 6'2.25 is just a morning height. People need to see more on jack coleman , brandon routh , dax shepard , will arnett and ryan reynolds. Those were strongest side of 6'2er (189-190cm) and affleck was just about 6'2
tejaswi sharma said on 14/Jan/17
looks between 6'2 to 6'3
James B said on 13/Jan/17
A bit surreal though rob to see an A list Hollywood mega star like Ben affleck anywhere outside of Leicester Square where most of the film premiere take place since there was not even that large of a crowd

I guess the whole thing was probably kept low key
James B said on 12/Jan/17
Rob saw big Ben last night on the red carpet of his new film live by night European premier at south bank in central London. Thing is though I was looking down at him on the red carpet from above (I was looking down at the red carpet from top of Waterloo bridge).

I will say though that even from above he looked like a big tall guy to me ha ha. I guess I should have got nearer the red carpet down below with the rest of the crowd but I get very camera shy LOL.
Editor Rob: well, it's understandable to be camera shy.

Even I was, I know as soon as you put your photos online, they can end up anywhere.

If you are a pretty girl and on social media, you are pretty much guaranteed to have your photos taken and used on dating sites, other fake profiles, tinder etc...
Joel said on 11/Jan/17
Classic 6"2 guy
Jimbo said on 11/Jan/17
20s 190cm

Now 189cm
graceycotati@gmail said on 10/Jan/17
doesnt matter in important matters, but..6 foot 3 next to ellen D on t.v
Peterson188cm said on 8/Jan/17
Ben Affleck Height:

6'2.25 (188.5cm)
Callum Parry said on 27/Dec/16
He's a hard one to guess looks different standing next to a lot of people. I'd say Rob's listing is perfect for him
HonestSlovene said on 26/Dec/16
Yeah he is a decent 6'2 that may hit 6'2.5" earlier in the day.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 25/Dec/16
With John Goodman:

Click Here
Tom said on 25/Dec/16
@Tc The guy isn't 6'3" even with strong posture. He is a strong 6'2" guy.
Tc said on 24/Dec/16
Affleck has crappy posture. Defo a 6ft 3inch dude.
Dmeyer said on 24/Dec/16
Affleckfan , i agree hé could be strong 188 but hé is defenetly 4-5cm over cavill
The Horse of FUNK said on 19/Dec/16
Call me crazy, but I think Ben makes a great Batman and Bruce Wayne, definitely up there with Keaton and Bale. I remember all the flack he got when he was cast. He's also the only actor to have the physicality of Batman who, according to comic book lore, is 6'2" - 6'3", and Affleck looked every bit of it in BvS. Plus his chin alone was destined for the role lol.
abcd said on 19/Dec/16
AffleckFan said on 18/Dec/16
I'd say he is 6ft 2 (1.88). He looks exactly the same height as Hugh Jackman (who is 6 ft 2). And there is almost no difference between him and 6 ft1 Cavill. Defineteley 1.87 or 1.88!
Animus said on 17/Dec/16
He is definitely not too tall to be a leading man. He is just trying to tout his own horn. Sometimes he seems like an insecure guy with anger issues, but he can also be quite likeable and funny.
MJKoP said on 17/Dec/16
Mr. R said on 9/Dec/16
This is perfect. Met him in Vegas and in Hollywood.

Great. 6'3.5" it is. :D
Mr. R said on 9/Dec/16
This is perfect. Met him in Vegas and in Hollywood.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 9/Dec/16
Again, Affleck was behind the camera in those photos.
Jordan87 said on 6/Dec/16

If you read my post I had Affleck at 6'1.75", if you would like to argue over the 1/4" with me since your saying he is 6'2"

You think in that picture Brady has Ben by Only 2"? And you're using the word Delusional? You silly goose, you.
Jordan87 said on 4/Dec/16

If you think In that pic of brady and affleck there is only 2" than seek help. And in earlier posts I mentioned affleck at 6'1.75 with Obama . Your saying 6'2 so if you want to argue over .25" this way then seek even more help.
GG said on 3/Dec/16
Rob, Min 6ft 2in - 6ft 2.25in you're right.

Click Here

(with 6ft 0.5in Cavill)
GG said on 3/Dec/16
Rob, Min 6ft 2in - 6ft 2.25in you're right.

Click Here

(with 6ft 0.5in Cavill)
Mark(5'9.25 said on 3/Dec/16
The last shot with Obama was when Affleck was further away from the camera.

Also, the picture is where Brady is slightly closer to the camera.
Dejavu said on 2/Dec/16
First of all Ben Affleck doesn't look over 2 inches shorter than Tom Brady. He looks around an inch taller than Obama who is a strong 6'1 and you should be delusional to think otherwise. Ben Affleck is no less than 6'2.
Jordan87 said on 1/Dec/16
There aren't many pictures with Obama and Affleck but in the limited ones we have, Affleck doesn't look at all taller than Obama really. Bam is 6'1 Fyi. I am finding it harder to think Of Affleck over 6'1.75 even at times.

Click Here

Brady is 6'4.25 Here he has Ben by 2.5-3".

Click Here

I think Affleck is around 6'1.75". Still The physically Biggest Batman actor yet. Of course with the Rate DCEU is going with some of their movies, the whole Batman thing may get rebooted again in a few years. Suicide Squad as well as DOJ and MOS were all kind Mediocre at best. Affleck was descent as Batman however.
Dejavu said on 1/Dec/16
Next to jimmy fallon he looks at least 6'2
Jordan87 said on 30/Nov/16

Kerry and Obama

Click Here

Affleck and Obama
Click Here

Affleck is lucky to have Barrack by an 1".
Jordan87 said on 30/Nov/16

In this Pic they Both have their Heads Tilted. If Affleck is taller its not by Much. Affleck is around 6'1.5-6'2 on a good day.

Click Here
Tom said on 29/Nov/16
He has his head tilted in that picture with Obama, I'd say this listing is accurate.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 29/Nov/16
6'2.25"-6'2.5" for Affleck.
Peter 179cm said on 29/Nov/16
6'3 was probably a shoe claim as well as 6'3.5.He's around 6'2 if you compare him to Obama and Cavill and maybe Matt Damon who's a weak 5'10(about 177cm).The tallest he can look is 189 and that's when he's "busting a gut".I do believe he can measure 189 on a good day,though.
Pierre said on 28/Nov/16
@Jordan 87=and i think Ben has sometimes lifts,his shoes are looking sometimes very high imo,he has maybe advantageous shoes in the picture next to Président Barack Obama.
Jordan87 said on 28/Nov/16
Click Here

Obama is a strong 6'1. Ben is not much taller then Obama. I always had Affleck closer to 6'1 than 6'3.
Pierre said on 27/Nov/16
at Oscars 2016 event he look about 6"0.5' next to listed 5"11.25' Leonardo Di Caprio in a picture in web(sorry i don't know how to put a picture in my comments)
Mark(5'9.25 said on 22/Nov/16
seeing him with other people, I would guess Affleck between 6'2.25" - 6'2.5"
Dejavu said on 21/Nov/16
I thought Ben looks 6'2.5 in this scene with Jimmy Fallon. He looks above 6'2.Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Nov/16
I think both Bana and Affleck fall into the 188/189cm zone.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 18/Nov/16
He's definitely not shorter than Eric Bana in person. If anything, I'd say that I got a taller impression from Ben Affleck as my eye level seemed to come up higher on Eric Bana than it did on Ben Affleck.
Sonnecker said on 16/Nov/16
I still believe Ben is 190 cm with his better posture.
German said on 15/Nov/16
185-187 range barefoot not above guys. 185 at night,187 morning for him. Stop upgrade him
S.J.H said on 13/Nov/16
With 6'0 Common. Slouch? Over 6'2?

Click Here
Thomas said on 12/Nov/16
I think he is shorter than joel kinnaman, kinnamam should have a taller height,
Booker said on 12/Nov/16
186-188 cm range
S.J.H said on 11/Nov/16
6'3 in affleck dreamland. He could be 6'2 but no more
Chris said on 8/Nov/16
I think he is 6'3" or a lot closer to it than people give him credit for.

He seems to have a very relaxed posture most of the time, and considering that he might of felt his height meant fewer roles for him he might have further "relaxed" his height. He towers over most people in movies regardless of whether or not he is the lead.

Look at this picture
Click Here

Reynolds and Afleck are clearly taller and tower over the rest of the cast of Smokin' Aces (besides Kevin Durand obviously who is probably at a point where he downplays his own height)
Chris said on 8/Nov/16
I think he is 6'3" or a lot closer to it than people give him credit for.

He seems to have a very relaxed posture most of the time, and considering that he might of felt his height meant fewer roles for him he might have further "relaxed" his height. He towers over most people in movies regardless of whether or not he is the lead.

Look at this picture
Click Here

Reynolds and Afleck are clearly taller and tower over the rest of the cast of Smokin' Aces (besides Kevin Durand obviously who is probably at a point where he downplays his own height)
S.J.H said on 8/Nov/16
I think i would consider liev schreiber to be 6'2.75 as i recall the 2 times seeing him up close he had 1/4 less sandals/sneakers than me. So 6'2 a shout for ben affleck but not higher.

Ben Affleck's Height
6ft 2in (188 cm)
Mark said on 7/Nov/16
Most times, Affleck slouches like a snail when compared with guys looking close to him.

Edit: Liev was actually closer to the camera than affleck was.
Mark said on 7/Nov/16
Most times, Affleck slouches like a snail when compared with guys looking close to him.
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Mark said on 1/Nov/16

No he doesn't slouch much with taller guy and he look shrimpy 6'1 next to charles barkley if barkley is 6'6 then no question he is 6'2.5 and even standing straight all time doesn't help him look over 6'2 next to a real 6'2.25 - 6'2.5 guy. A real 6'1.75 is consider very tall and he really is
Christian-196.2cm (6ft5.25) said on 4/Nov/16
SomeGuy said on 3/Nov/16
Hey Rob how tall do you think Gavin O'connor looks like next to Affleck here?: Click Here

I'd say he looks a solid inch taller?


O'Connor is listed as 6ft3.5, and I believe he's genuinely that height, so that would put Affleck at 6ft2 3/8-6ft2.5
SomeGuy said on 3/Nov/16
Hey Rob how tall do you think Gavin O'connor looks like next to Affleck here?: Click Here

I'd say he looks a solid inch taller?
Editor Rob: he can seem a bit more than 6ft 3 there
Tiger said on 2/Nov/16
Very strong 6'2 or weak 6'3, he definitely looked tall in Armageddon. 189.5 cm for Ben
Mark said on 1/Nov/16
@S.J.H There was a lot of slouching and very terrible posture for Ben Affleck. It's actually obvious that Affleck is slouching a lot more, losing height.

By your logic, I would look at least inch taller than a solid 5'10" person if that same person slouched so much.
S.J.H said on 31/Oct/16
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/16

If you think 187cm was too low then think again how could liev schreiber beinng over an inch taller than affleck all the scene in 1998 phantoms and they've same footwear as both act as a sheriff
I know best said on 29/Oct/16
You guys ever see The Sum of all fears? There's a scene where both Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman are walking side by side after meeting with the president of Russia, you can clearly see that they're both the same height. Morgan Freeman' is 6' 2"
Roger said on 21/Oct/16
Just saw The Accountant with Affleck and Lithgow. Lithgow was clearly taller than Affleck. Lithgow looked about 2 inches taller. So, I would say Affleck is 6'2" or so.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/16
Agreed, 187cm is too low even for today. 188-189cm now, maybe a more solid 189cm in his 20's?
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 17/Oct/16
He hasn't shrunk yet as he just turned 44. 189 CM is more believable than 187-188 CM.
German said on 17/Oct/16
6'1.5 max guys for him ,look at the picture with Tom Brady..
Dejavu said on 17/Oct/16
6'2 is the least I will give him
shiva 181 cms said on 16/Oct/16
Rob may be give him 6'2.25 peak and 6'2 now
shiva 181 cms said on 16/Oct/16
In his peak he looked 6'2.5 now he looks 6'2 flat due to loose posture and extra weight Rob in paycheck his proportions looked as of his claimed height
shiva 181 cms said on 16/Oct/16
In his peak he looked 6'2.5 now he looks 6'2 flat due to loose posture and extra weight Rob in paycheck his proportions looked as of his claimed height
John said on 15/Oct/16
Ben can look 6'4 on screen with shoes on. I'd assume he's a little under 6'3 barefoot. Call me crazy but I could see affleck edging out the rock.
John said on 15/Oct/16
Ben can look 6'4 on screen with shoes on. I'd assume he's a little under 6'3 barefoot. Call me crazy but I could see affleck edging out the rock.
Dejavu said on 14/Oct/16
I think Ben's claim is his height in shoes.
Dejavu said on 14/Oct/16
He looks maximum an inch under John Kerry who is probably between 6'3-6'4.
S.J.H said on 13/Oct/16
At most he could get listed 6'2 here but not over. He really is not over 2" taller on 6'0 common and more like 1.75"
HonestSlovene said on 12/Oct/16
6'2 flat barefoot and 6'3-6'3.5 range in dress shoes.
berta said on 8/Oct/16
188-189 guy closer to 189 i think spo good listing
hbode said on 6/Oct/16
Looks just like a really tall dude, probably 6'2" but can look well over 6'3" on screen.
Tyler said on 3/Oct/16
With his bow legs and slouchy posture, I think he looks shorter than he is. 6'2.75"-6'3" at his peak height during the day, but he can appear shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/16
188.5cm evening
Dejavu said on 1/Oct/16
Never under 6'2.
S.J.H said on 1/Oct/16
@HonestSlovene said on 30/Sep/16

John kerry is closer to 6'3 (190.5) than 6'3.25 (191cm) he does look 3cm taller than affleck that is why i figure out his closer than 6'2 but not quite while he can be 6'1.75 as i met him in person
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/16
189cm is better for this guy than 187cm…
Oanh said on 30/Sep/16
I've seen him listed at 6'4" on Google. I think he is a solid 6'2"...maybe 6'2.5"
HonestSlovene said on 30/Sep/16
I think 6'2 flat or 188 cm is the best estimate, with 187 cm still being better than 189 cm. Looks 188 cm with 191 cm Kerry, that is a 3 cm difference.
Jordan87 said on 30/Sep/16
The Man Nowadays doesn't look taller than 6'2. Early 40's should not have lost any height really. Momoa is not a full 6'4 either so Im looking forward to better pics with those two standing side by side. ( Check Momoa on this height, His hat is at the 6'4 mark, not his Head. He is more 6'3).

Ben Im Guessing can pull off 6'2, but not much more than that. 6'4 listings are pretty bad. He is not 6'3 either.

Still by far the best fit physically for Batman. Likely weighed around 230 pounds for the role at around 6'2. Not Bad.
S.J.H said on 30/Sep/16
I know some people may mock me. But i have seem affleck once in person he was really 6'1.5 standing well and at most 6'1.75 compare to a big guy like liev schreiber i met twice really solid 6'2.5 and they have apear in a movie named Phantoms in 1998 and worst affleck look over an inch shorter than schreiber in that movie. But i believe what i have see 187-187.5cm is how he look not quite 6'2 in person
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 29/Sep/16
I think that John Kerry is easily 190 CM.

Yao Ming with John Kerry:

Click Here

Yao Ming with John Cena:

Click Here

Yao Ming with Novak Djkovic:

Click Here

He easily would be 190 CM by any of those people. Ben Affleck appears to be just barely shorter than he does, so 189 CM is a good estimate. 187 CM is off.
John said on 27/Sep/16
Click Here
With Kerry Affleck 6'1.5 top. Come on guys
Mark said on 24/Sep/16
@S.J.H. Actually, Affleck edged out Reynolds.

Click Here

And this was Affleck when he was away from the camera and was looking down too.
HonestSlovene said on 22/Sep/16
@S.J.H 100% agree. He looks like a friend I know, who is mid-upper 6'1, lower 6'2 range at most.
S.J.H said on 20/Sep/16
Ben is really not quite over 6'1.75 with a hardly upgraded 6 foot tall common. 6'2 at most and claiming 6'3 with shoe and 6'3.5 with a hair. Reynolds look at least 2.5" edge out common in reliable close up picture but still gets underestimated
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/16
Near 6ft4 in the Batsuit
Mark said on 19/Sep/16
Affleck did beat out Reynolds in height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Sep/16
Affleck may fractionally beat out Reynolds.
Willes189 said on 17/Sep/16
Jason Momoa 193cm (6'3.75-6'4.25)
Ben Affleck 189.5cm (6'2.5-6'2.75)
Ryan Reynolds 188.7-189.1cm (6'2.25-6'2.5)

I'm 100% sure on this one
184guy said on 7/Sep/16
Not more than 3 cms between Ben and Jason
Jason could be 6'3.75 so Affleck should be around 6'2.5
I don't think is a good pic for a precise comparsion
Dejavu said on 5/Sep/16
He is looking his listed height next to Jason Momoa who Rob met. A very strong 6'2 or a bit above
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Aug/16
Might hit 6ft3 on the nose first thing...
Mark said on 30/Aug/16
Near the camera or not, the picture isn't distorted.
Dejavu said on 30/Aug/16
He is slouching there and doesn't look more than 2 inches shorter
James said on 29/Aug/16
@moe Momoa is nearer the camera look at his left foot and shoulders.
moe said on 29/Aug/16
Here is Ben Affleck standing next to Jason Momoa at the Suicide Squad premiere. He looks 2 inches shorter, easy. Click Here
Dejavu said on 27/Aug/16
To be honest he looks taller than how Joel Kinnaman looks next to Henry Cavill.
Scott said on 24/Aug/16
Ha ha, on Google he's listed as 6' 4". That's so ridiculous. I thin, the listing here is right.
Ren said on 23/Aug/16
Rob,Who is taller? Affleck or Reynolds
Editor Rob: I do think that Affleck might just edge him, but Reynolds could be argued himself as looking a fraction over 6ft 2 at times...yet the guy has claimed between 6ft 1 and 2, of course also 6ft 2.
The Man said on 11/Aug/16
Click Here
Ben has nothing more than 1.5" on Henry. He's 6ft2 flat. The quarter inch should be removed.
AlexMahone said on 10/Aug/16
Rampage...Yes I know that and I can accept. I thought that maybe Affleck is a little bit taller than 189cm. At least based on the Justice League trailer...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/16
Rob met Jason and can confirm him at about 6ft4
AlexMahone said on 25/Jul/16
Rob, did you see the new Justice League Comic Con trailer? We don't see the footwear but Affleck and Jason Momoa stand face to face together and Momoa is max 1cm taller. What do you think?
Editor Rob: will be interesting to see how they look together at events in the future.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/Jul/16
While none of the photos are very good, there are some of him on Google by Jason Momoa that show Ben Affleck as being 1"-1 1/2" inches shorter. Chris Hemsworth appears to be an inch shorter than Jason Momoa as well, but I do believe that there is at least 1/2" of an inch between them.
Johno said on 13/Jul/16
Jason Mamoa is probably 6'3.5, probably 6'4 or near there in the morning.
Tyler said on 12/Jul/16
We will find out how tall Ben is in the next superman movie when he is next to Jason momoa who is close to 6'4 if not he is 6'4.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/16
Rob, how likely is 191cm out of bed?
Editor Rob: it's a distinct possibility he could be near to it.
truth said on 9/Jul/16
@Ice He never gave a "191 cm impression", more like 188-189cm out of bed and 187 cm at worst.
Alex said on 9/Jul/16
If in those photos Affleck with business shoes was around 190/191 cm, then, around 4 cm of difference next to Vaughn would be logical.
Ice said on 7/Jul/16
Gives a 191 cm out of bed impression .
Adrian said on 6/Jul/16
Click Here
2-3 cm? i don't think so , actually 4 or +
Alex said on 4/Jul/16
Rob did you look that photo with Affleck and Vince Vaughn? How tall is Affleck in that photo? Maybe 192 cm if was wearing 3,8 cm of shoes (188,5 + 3,8). He looked just 2 or 3 cm shorter then Vaughn.
Editor Rob: from the photos I have seen, I think you could argue Vaughn can look 6ft 4.5 generally, more than a big 6ft 5, whether he is at an age where a fraction could be lost is the question.
Peter 179cm said on 4/Jul/16
Both of his claims are definitely shoe-heights,he never looks close to 6'3 i mean he only looked 185-186 max in Armageddon next to lifted Willis and has Cavill by 4-5cm at most,and Cavill might actually be 183 at his low...Nomore than 188cm or flat 6'2 imo,and he may infact dip below the 6'2 mark by a little and measure closer to 187cm sometimes
AlexMahone said on 30/Jun/16
Rob, how can Affleck is only 6'2.5" because he's taller than also 189cm Will Arnett? He is 2-3cm taller than Arnett in the Jimmy Kimmel Show....
Editor Rob: will can look just 6ft 2 at times.
Alex said on 25/Jun/16
188/189 cm
Lockdown90 said on 22/Jun/16
188 no more than
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/16
190/191cm or 6ft3 on the dot out of bed
Adrian said on 20/Jun/16
no Ace, you are wrong. max for him 189 out of bed.
Ice said on 19/Jun/16
Dont know , his 6'3.5" claim might be right out of bed , I guess . If so , then 189 would be a pretty low listing for him . He might well be a solid 191 cm out of bed .
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/Jun/16
Tom Brady is also closer to the camera.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/Jun/16
Tom Brady was measured at 6'4 3/8", and I don't see more than two inches between them.
Adrian said on 15/Jun/16
What do you think,Rob about that photo? Aflleck's can be under 6.2?
Editor Rob: with Brady I don't think he looks sub 6ft 2
truth said on 15/Jun/16
Cavill 183.5-184.5cm, Affleck 187.5-188.5cm.
Mark said on 14/Jun/16
I doubt Affleck's is anything under 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/16
Still, I'd be surprised if he dipped below 6ft2 flat.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/16
He does look sub-6ft2 in that photo...
Adrian said on 11/Jun/16
With Tom Brady he is at most 6.1
Look at this Click Here
Dejavu said on 10/Jun/16
Affleck is 4-5 cm taller than Cavill
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/16
Ben Affleck: 188-189cm
Henry Cavill: 184-185cm
Andrew said on 3/Jun/16
Interesting that he would be told that when in the old days there were many tall actors.
Mike said on 2/Jun/16
Not under 6ft 2. Looked very tall in Batman v Superman, 6ft 2.25-.5 is Affleck's range.
truth said on 27/May/16
Just a normal 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) guy.
S.J.H said on 22/May/16
I trust my sight that ben affleck is 6'1.5 max and not over. Most people might fool by the impression from his older film and his 6'3-1/2 claim thinking his at least 6'2.5 or 6'3
Johan said on 21/May/16
Editor Rob: the last film of Affleck's I watched was Runner Runner...if I didn't have an idea about height, but was told Gemma Arterton was 5ft 7 I'd have said:
Timberlake 5ft 11, Affleck 6ft 1.5-2.

Which is probably right on...5'11" Timberlake and 6'2" ish Ben.

I think 6'2.25" is still possible though with good posture but thats max.
LMAO said on 18/May/16
not 6'3 probably 6'2
Andrea said on 12/May/16
Good finding, Rob! Of course he's not anywhere near 6'3, though!
I'm waiting for Rampage's comment where he says that he claims 6'3 because he measured that mark out of bed... :)
Editor Rob: the last film of Affleck's I watched was Runner Runner...if I didn't have an idea about height, but was told Gemma Arterton was 5ft 7 I'd have said:
Timberlake 5ft 11, Affleck 6ft 1.5-2.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 12/May/16
Ben Affleck: 6'2 1/4"
Will Smith: 6'1 1/2"
Henry Cavill: 6'0 1/2"-6'0 3/4"
Jordan87 said on 10/May/16
Will Smith is more 6'0-6'0.5 from what ive seen.
Mark said on 8/May/16
His 6'3" claim isn't too exaggerated considering that he edges out 6'1" Cavill. Though Michael Shannon appears taller than Ben, but that's because Shannon is much over the 6'3" range.
altını şer incisi ker said on 5/May/16
Max 188 no more than
Johno said on 5/May/16
@Ll, the only chance of Smith being 6'1.5 is straight of bed. The likes of Jay Z are taller than him and alot of people argue Jay Z's height around that field.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/May/16
6ft3½ in shoes
Allie said on 3/May/16
Because Danny, Ben says 6'3.5 and most people don't like saying half inches. Famke for example is described as 6 ft yet she says 5'11.5.
Ll said on 3/May/16
Danny, Click Here

Look at that picture and compare him with the 6'1.5 Will smith.
Danny said on 2/May/16
Why the hell does google and BvS producer claim he is 6'4" and IMDb says he's 6'3,5" He's clearly 190cm max. Why do people lie :/ Celebheights and honest celebs seem to be the only reliable height sources.
Jug said on 26/Apr/16
6'2 I would say, not more.
Alex R said on 26/Apr/16
Sounds about right. He looked slightly smaller than me when i've met him
Alex R said on 26/Apr/16
Sounds about right. He looked slightly smaller than me when i've met him
Jordan87 said on 25/Apr/16
I think he gives a 6'1 impression b/c he has a pretty Big ( Long head) which can make him look shorter. Also 216 pounds for 6'2 isnt really "hulking", The suit made him almost like a Brock Lesnar Sized guy ( 6'2 270). Still Affleck did the work to get in shape and add decent amount of muscle. He naturally is a lanky guy so it was harder to put the mass on then Say a guy like Tom Hardy who did it fore Bane ( was only 198 Pounds at 5'8.5).

If you look at the Comparison Picks I posted of Holyfield and Affleck next to Clooney, Ben does look slightly taller than Holyfield who on this site is bang on 6'1, so Ben is taller than 6'1 for sure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/16
He can look anywhere from 6ft2 up to almost 6ft3. So this or 6ft2½ tops is a good shout for him. 6ft2 flat could be his absolute low but even after a long day he might still be a touch above it. Really puts other deluded guys who claim 6ft2-3 (but are really 6ft1 range) to shame...
Crane said on 19/Apr/16
Let just say he is 6'2" flat. In fact, that's what he looks all the times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/16
A 5ft11-6ft guy claiming 6ft1 is bad enough but 6ft2?!

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