How tall is Brooke Shields ?

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Brooke Shields Height is 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

American Actress best known for films such as The Blue Lagoon, Endless Love, Sahara, Alice, Sweet Alice and TV series Suddenly Susan. She mentioned her height on Entertainment Tonight, claiming "I'm six foot tall"

How tall is Brooke Shields
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Comment on the Height of Brooke Shields

ilovetallwomen said on 31/Jan/16
Either way we look at it, this gorgeous woman is tall & has an amazing body to go with it. 50yrs old & can still turn heads. Yet to see a female celebrity to match the appeal she had at her peak
charlie said on 21/Dec/15
Brooke's 5 foot 7 folks,in heels she is 6 foot to 6 foot 1. on Craig Ferguson show she stood a bit shorter than him and he is 6 foot 2 and a half. She was wearing 6 inch heels during the taping of the 2008 appearance.
charlie said on 21/Dec/15
There are numerous photos of Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson. One appeared to be a her wearing a wedding dress. Michael jackson is well was 5 foot 9 inches and Brooke was wearing high heels 5 inches and looked 5 inches taller than him. That would make her height 5 foot 9 inches or 5 foot 7 inches which is fairly close in height differences. This would explain why she says she is 6 feet tall. When she was asked her height she was wearing heels and that made her 6 feet tall. so at the time she would be 6 feet tall.
charlie said on 21/Dec/15
There is no way Brook Shield's is 6 foot tall. She might be 5 foot 7 inches in flat feet but seeing that she wears heels everywhere she goes she looks 6 feet tall makes sense 5 inch shoes on a 5 foot 7 female. There is a photo of her with Bootsy Collins,Snoop Dogg and Lisa Leslie. Assuming that she is in heels she looks a good 5 inches shorter than Bootsy who stands 5 foot 2 and a half. If she is wearing flats that still makes her 5 inches shorter than Bootsy leaving her at 5 foot 9 inches. Seeing the photo here she is wearing a dress she is not going to wear flat shoes Click Here
Mat 5'10.25 said on 21/Nov/15
Rob, do you think she is lying and she knows she is nowhere near 6'?

I mean; she dated Dean Cain, who is 5'11.5, AND married Andre Aggasi who is 5'10.5. There's no way she never asked them how tall they where, and there is no way she ever thought she was taller than any one of the two. She lied. Right?
Editor Rob: i'm sure agassi did wear some lifts at times with brooke, but it is very possible at her age she lost a bit of height...after all, she is older than Jenny who has lost at least 1/4 and possibly 1/3rd inch...
Asia said on 28/Aug/15
This Vogue editorial was a year before Blue Lagoon and the Famous Calvin Klein Ad. She was not yet 5'10 at age 15. Saw her in New York Coffee Shop in flat shoes, no less than 5"11
manitoban said on 27/Aug/15
On the tv show Boom air date August 27 2015 she was claimed to be 6ft tall.
Maryanne said on 26/Aug/15
Click Here


Can you explain this to me ? I know she was only 15 here but she was said to stood 5'10 when she was 15 and with heels Rene Russo looks closer next to her
[Editor Rob: it's a very tricky shot to take height from.]
M said on 13/Aug/15
If Agassi is only 1.77-78m and she is shorter then him about 3cm, then she is solid 1.75m
Smartman said on 1/Aug/15
What? There are people here saying Brooke Shields is 5'9". She was around 4-5 inches taller than Michael Jackson! - and HE'S listed at 5'9". Now something isn't accurate.
Batman said on 14/Jul/15
I was watching her on tv so I checked this site since she seemed rather tall. I don't understand your logic. If she was standing next to her dad who is only a strong 6ft. Then why is she still a head shorter than him on her 21st birthday? That must be pretty full grown plus if she was a full 6ft I don't think she'd always wear heels. I think you should compare here to her ex Michael Jackson who you can have a more accurate height for. Also I think you guys should stop being so technical over quarter inches, there's no way to measure that over shoes and morning height.
bodwaya said on 27/Jun/15
rob she was taller then 5 foot ten.5 topher in that 70sd show has she shrrunk since then
MaryAnne said on 4/Jun/15
You mean Chris, Arch Stanton?
Arch Stanton said on 3/Jun/15
MaryAnne says on 3/Mar/15
Rob, did brooke ever hit the 5'11 range or 5'10 and half become her peak?She has a taller sister and very tall father.Her daughters seems very tall for their age.I think they can surpass their mom's height when they grow up
[Editor Rob: I think from all I've seen somewhere in 179 range was likely.]

Their father is also tall, about 6'3 or 6'4" I think.
Arch Stanton said on 3/Jun/15
Two women who I took for granted for six foot are here and Elle Macpherson, and it seems neither actually are ;-)
Arch Stanton said on 3/Jun/15
I admittedly always thought she was 6 ft too!!
randy said on 29/Mar/15
Lisa Leslie makes Brooke Shields look tiny. Click Here
J.Lee said on 6/Mar/15
Rob, why do you think Brooke thinks she is 6 feet tall? And everyone believes it. Is it because it's part of her image? Or that she wears heels?
MaryAnne said on 3/Mar/15
Rob, did brooke ever hit the 5'11 range or 5'10 and half become her peak?She has a taller sister and very tall father.Her daughters seems very tall for their age.I think they can surpass their mom's height when they grow up
[Editor Rob: I think from all I've seen somewhere in 179 range was likely.]
MaryAnne said on 3/Mar/15
Poor Brooke. She got downgraded but still tall woman!
J.Lee said on 1/Mar/15
Rob, sure Brooke could have been a little further from camera. But what about these photos from the same event which show different angles. Doesn't Carol seem noticeably taller from all angles?

Click Here
Click Here

Also, you said that Brooke could have lost some height, but here are some photos of Brooke and Carol standing together when they were much younger.
I don't see how Brooke can be taller than Carol. Please check these out below. Something doesn't add up. Is Brooke really half an inch taller than Carol? Carol seems to edge her out in all photos.

Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: hard to tell from older photos, but Brooke certainly could have been no taller, in that era when with Agassi she could look anywhere in 5ft 10-11 range.]
J.Lee said on 28/Feb/15
Rob what do you think about this video with Brooke and Carol Alt?
[Editor Rob: brooke could have lost some height, I think in the clip because Carol is a bit closer it can appear more - Alt maybe is still a strong 179 herself and hasn't lost anything.]
sixfooter said on 29/Dec/14
Still gorgeous. I think she's 5'11 exactly. Tall woman
Dan said on 19/Sep/14
Have seen a pic of her with Lisa Leslie. Lisa makes Brooke look tiny.
J.Lee said on 13/Aug/14
Rob you sure Brooke is taller than Agassi by a quarter inch? I'm finding a lot of evidence that without her heels, she appears shorter. With heels, she only edges him slightly. I mean unless he's wearing secret lifts.. Here are some links

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Plus it looks like she might not be a full inch taller than Daryl Hannah or 2 inches taller than Cindy Crawford
[Editor Rob: there is a chance they could be identical, but agassi in a wee lift isn't impossible]
Emmett said on 21/Jul/14
Zyber they are virtually the same height, and could easily have a .5 to 1 inch difference in shoes.
J.Lee said on 4/May/14
zyber they are almost the same height
zyber said on 30/Apr/14
if Paulina Porizkova is 5'11, as most sites described her, then Brooke is really a six footer...visit the links below:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
avi said on 21/Apr/14
No taller than Dylan Walsh . 4 -4.5 inches shorter than Julian McMahon in nip tuck. So this listing is off. 5'9.5 area seems better.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/14
Now that's a woman who got great genes from her father.
tiny said on 26/Feb/14
Brooke must be about 5'11". Over the years she has pu ton some weight and in fact this suits her as she was very skinny during her acting days. Guess she tips the scales at aroung 160 lbs which is great for her height.
J.Lee said on 24/Feb/14
You know she doesn't really have very many photos with other tall female celebs. I've tried to look for photos of her with Nicole Kidman, Tyra Banks, Rebecca Romijin, etc.. Can't really find many pics with her and other tall girls in which they're both wearing the same shoes. But the ones that I have found such as the ones with Jenna Elfman, Cindy Crawford, and Daryl Hannah do make Brooke look a bit shorter than 5 ft 11. But Brooke has been wearing higher heels over the years, makes you wonder if she has shrunk a little and is trying to make up for her lost height. I'm gonna wager that she has lost a fraction. She seems to wear ridiculous heels as if she's a bit conscious of her height. She was on a show with Wanda Sky and kept showing off her height, but Wanda is 5 ft 2 and Brooke had heels on.
J.Lee said on 24/Feb/14
Rob here is something for you to look at...

Brooke struggling to look a full inch taller than 5 ft 10 Daryl hannah in these photos below and there heels appear to be the same...

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Brooke 2 inches taller than 5 ft 9 cindy crawford looking very questionable here (Cindy's shoes don't appear to add additional height)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Brooke Shields struggling to look 1.25 inches taller than Mandy Moore (could be slight heels or maybe Moore needs an upgrade)

Click Here
Click Here

brooke struggling to look 2 inches taller than heidi klum

Click Here

Brooke actually looking considerably shorter than 5 ft 10 Jenna Elfman

Click Here
Click Here
ahoj said on 4/Feb/14
Interestingly, on these pictures with 6'4" Barry Bostwick she looks like 15 cms shorter than him. That would put her around 5'9" - 5'10". Click Here
Jewel said on 23/Dec/13
such a handsome dad
Editor Rob said on 19/Dec/13
She got her height from her Dad...
Click Here
"My father, Frank Shields, is 6 feet 6 1/2 inches tall"
Pleb said on 11/Nov/13
5ft 9-5-10, needed heels to edge out Agassi, tall lady.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/13
182cm, Rob?
J.Lee said on 5/Jun/13
Rob do you think Brooke knows she's 5 ft 11? And if so, why doesn't she think 5 ft 11 is as good of a height as 6?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure at one point she's been measured, ]
J.Lee said on 25/Apr/13
Rob does this pic prove Brooke is 6 ft? She is next to the height measurer but can't tell with the angle Click Here
[Editor Rob: don't think it helps that much]
brownny said on 21/Apr/13
am a male of 20yrs, am also 5ft11 inches an dats pretty close to 6ft i guess brooke shield is pretty tall.
ahoj said on 12/Apr/13
Of course I don't mean that talking about the height of famous people is pointless. I would also like to know what is her height, but in my opinion we can't guess it by looking at several photos whether she is 5'11, or as she once stated 6'1" .... We can make those estimations only by comparing her to other people, but we only have an estimation on the height of other people as well, and also you never know the posture of her and the other people which can also give inches of misscalculation.
ahoj said on 12/Apr/13
Probably she has read this forum. Would not it be easier to ask her, what her height is exactly, or even it would be easier for her if she has read this conversation to answer this question by herself. Best way of course would be to simply measure her, then there would be no other clearly pointless conversations about that.
little sue said on 10/Apr/13
They look almost 6 inches but they have a big platform so that helps. For instance I have 4 inch heels without a platform and they give me about 2.5 inches of height but I have some 4 inch heels with a 2 inch platform and they give me about 3.25 inches of height
J.Lee said on 9/Apr/13
sorry rob the link is Click Here
[Editor Rob: probably measure 6ft 3-3.2.5]
J.Lee said on 9/Apr/13
Rob I really wanna know. In the heel below, you said these heels give 4.25 inch heels but how high are they? Click Here And how high should a heel be to give 4 inches...
J.Lee said on 6/Apr/13
Rob how tall is she n these heels? Click Here Also rob, everywhere says brooke is 6 foot. Have u met her and do u think she is really just 5 ft 11?
[Editor Rob: the heel probably gives around 4.25 inch]
nona said on 13/Mar/13
Brooke Shields is now 6'0" & abt 170 lbs. She has turned out to be a tall well built woman compared to her skinny teen years when she weighed abt 130 lbs at 5'11"
SAK said on 10/Mar/13
Ofcourse girls can grow past 16. Look at Sharapova. When she won Wimbledon she was 17yo and 5f11. Now she's about 25yo and 6f2.

It can happen, but it's less common.

Brooke grew very fast, and was tall from an early age. She could be 5f11.5.
Shelly said on 8/Mar/13
5' 11, maybe 5' 11.5" for Brooke Shields. Thank you, Seven for mentioning that. I was 5' 6" at 14 and 5' 7.75" at 25 so girls do grow past 16.
J.Lee said on 5/Mar/13
how tall rob would u imagine brooke out of bed?
Seven said on 17/Feb/13
Brooks is a solid 5'11". And, yes, girls do continue to grow in height after age 16. At age 16 I was 5"7, but 23 I topped out at 5"8.25".
J.Lee said on 10/Dec/12
how tall in these shoes rob?
[Editor Rob: they might give 3.5 so somewhere in 6ft 2-3 range is possible]
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
I don't know if she is 6 foot but i would think close. 180cm is about right. It was weird in just shoot me when she was next to david spade because when rebecca romijn was with david spade there was a bigger height difference. I could live with 180cm but i don't think she is 6 foot.
j.lee said on 18/Aug/12
Bill most girls don't grow at all after 16. 16 is like 24 for a guy
bill said on 25/Jul/12
She was 180cm at age 16 so i think she must be 183cm at age 18 and still at that height until now.
J.Lee said on 24/Jul/12
Rob, i think we often thought brooke was shorter than 6 foot because of glen. But now that glen is not altering decisions, do u think brooke is 6 foot? Because if she is not, why is she always taller than all the girls in photos and films?
PJ said on 1/Oct/07
Have seen her in SoHo NYC on several occasions, approx 5'11, no shorter then that.
redrum said on 24/Sep/07
Actually, her shoulders are below John Forsythe's in the Mar 12 photo.
carl said on 4/Aug/07
Because of varing anges, posture and footwear, one can never accurately determine a person's height based on photographs. I find it stupid for some of you to use pictures in an attempt to debunk or corroborate the height of Brooke Shields. Likewise, you cannot precisely figure a person's height by just looking at her walked past you. Not unless you get the chance to stand straight beside or at the back of the person can you really get a close approximation of her height. Brooke Shields may not be exactly 6'0 but she sure at least 5'11 or 5'11 1/2. She was definetely taller than Kathy Ireland when Kathy guested at her Suddenly Susan show. She was definitely taller by at least 1.5 to 2 inches than Kathy who is listed as 5'10. If she is only 5'11.5, who cares? A half inch difference would not make her short.
timber said on 8/Jul/07
re: the pic on 12/Mar/07-- Brooke is probably 5-10 1/2, because she appears the same height as John Forsythe, who was in his 60s when that pic was taken, and, as Rob says, had probably shrunk from 5-11 to 5-10 1/2 by then.
Joe Schleppi said on 21/Jun/07
I saw her on the Upper East Side in NYC and was surprised that she was so tall.
tallgirltoo said on 16/Jun/07
She is 6'0", certainly not 5'8"! And for all those guys who were saying how "big" she was, she is not "big" she is tall, there is a difference.
Aix said on 8/Jun/07
More like 5'11.75" or 6'0.25" I guess, she looks pretty big in her modeling pictures Click Here subtract the length of the heels from her height with shoes and you'll see the answer.
Andrew Bartolomei said on 1/Jun/07
I am 5-9 3/4 tall and I saw her one night on the street walking and she is tall. Probably 6ft. I was like, this lady is big.
anonymous said on 1/Apr/07
i think she could be 5`11 to 6 feet, but barefoot.
Robert said on 17/Mar/07
Yes, Brooke shields could be 5-11 to 6 feet, but with high heels, not in tennis shoes.
Aphrodite said on 16/Mar/07
Andre Agassi is 5'10 3/4" and Brooke Shields is taller than Agassi so Brooke Shield could be 5'11" to 6'0"
Robert said on 12/Mar/07
Here is Brooke Shields in tennis shoes.
She might be 5-11 in heels, but not in tennis shoes.
Click Here
glenn said on 12/Mar/07
stop the nonsense.she is around 5-11.met her enough.
Robert said on 10/Mar/07
Here is a picture of Brooke Shields in tennis shoes.
5-8 sounds realistic.
She might look 5-11 in heels, but not in tennis shoes.
Robert said on 8/Mar/07
I have a reason why Brooke Shields cannot be 5-11.
A former school teacher of mine is not exactly a 5-11, and she looks much taller than Brooke Shields.
Okay, Brook Shields is tall for a woman, but women at 5-11 are really very tall.
Taylor said on 3/Mar/07
Definetely no less than 5'10 and no more than 6'0!
anonymous said on 20/Feb/07
I saw Brooke shields in a elevator... real tall. I would guess at least 6 foot and she had on flats she was on her way to a dance class.
Anonymous said on 4/Feb/07
ive had the real life honor of meeting brooke sheilds...who i must add is so beautiful and so very NICE!!! ( i swear you wudnt even know she was famous )I am 5'6 1/2 barefoot she is def. 5'11 or 6 foot. she has an amazing figure and has def. aged gracefully
Mr Mayfair said on 10/Jan/07
Always listed as six foot, she IS taller than Agassi, who is no more than 5.10, and certainly no shorter than me (5.11), allowing for shoe heel difference. Not as tall as Brigette Nielsen though.
Mind you I'm interested in more than her height, she is stunning!
Alex said on 22/Dec/06
I think she is damn near 6'0. Maybe like 5'11.5?
Mac said on 16/Nov/06
just watched that 70's show tonight..

she deffinatley looks 6 foot barefoot.. unless this site is wrong about the Wilmer guy who plays Fez.. it has him as 5'7ish and she looked WAY taller(he must be at the very most 5'7 cause she had atleast 6 inches of height on him)
Glenn said on 7/Nov/06
More 5-11.I seen her small heels looking 6ft.
justin said on 30/Oct/06
A friend of mine who is 5'8" saw her play in london and got a picture with her. Brooke looked a little taller than her in the pic, and while posture etc. can not be judged by the pic it looked to me like 5'11" is about right.
Artemmy said on 21/Oct/06
I am 6`0 even, and when i got to meet Brooke Shields, she seemed to actually be a bit taller than me. I'm not saying 6`3-6`4, but she is probably around 6`0-6`1, but i doubt any taller.
Editor Rob said on 7/Sep/06
1996 Dallas Mornin News: "I'm 6-foot"
bikagyura said on 18/Aug/06
Supposedly grew from 5' 6" at age 15 to be 6'" (or 5' 11" as Rob suggests)
Anon said on 14/Aug/06
Agassi is at least 5'11". John McEnroe once listed him as 5'11.5"
Anonymous said on 17/Jul/06
Brooke shields is definitely 6', if not then I'd say 6'1", but no less than 6' for sure. I have a friend who is 6' and I'm slightly under 5'11", and when we both stood next to Brooke Shields not too long ago her and my friend wer the same height, and she was not wearing heels. Also, you can tell just by looking at pictures, looking at her build that she is 6'.
Horatio said on 25/Mar/06
If Agassi is 5'11" officially, he may be more like 5'10". Brooke Shields is probably a bit under 6'.
Elise said on 6/Dec/05
I am sure she is like 183...I have never seen her in reality, but she is always much taller than other actors and as usual even her partners (in the movies) are of the same hight...
Hani said on 30/Nov/05
she is 6ft at most.She is 1 inch shorter than kurtwood smith in that 70s show
Julian said on 30/Nov/05
She is about 6 foot 3. Type in Kristen Johnson and Brooke Shields in google and you will see a picture with her and Ben Stiller and Kristen. Kristen from 3rd Rock From The Sun is 6 feet and Brooke towers over her. With platforms on, swhe is about 6 feet 10. She is huge!!
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/05
We recently saw Brooke coming out of the theater from her performance in Chicago in NYC and I was surprised that she didn't look as tall as everyone says- about the same height as my husband - 5'8.5" or shorter - she was wearing flats.
Anonymous said on 28/Sep/05
I walked pass Brooke on 45th St Manahttan. I'm no more than 6'1" on a good day. She was defintitely shorter than me!!! I didn't notice what type of shoes she was wearing, but i would say 5'10" at the most. Her ht wasn't the first thing that stood out when i passed her....
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/05
brooke claimed she was 6ft 1 in this book by bobbi brown....ive always heard her being either 6ft or 5'11 but then again i dont think someone would add an inch on to their height even when their super tall!!
Mr. R said on 14/Apr/05
As long as they were married, Andre Agassi insisted that he and Brooke were the same height, which would be 5-11 according to his tennis records. I have pictures of them and they do seem to be the same, but in one he has on cowboy boots, and she has on tennis shoes, where he makes up an inch. If Agassi is 5-11, and I think he is a little below this, then Brooke was 6 feet when they were married. I agree however that now she is trying to scrape 5-11. But her new husband is listed as 6-1, so no more bending!

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