How tall is Bruce Springsteen ?

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Bruce Springsteen's height is 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

The Boss height in his peak did look in the 177cm zone.
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6'9" barefoot said on 24/Aug/15
@Brad I own the world then since being 6'7" since 8th grad and a senior in high school now I'm 6'9", makes sense since by college I'll own the universe. I do tend to have a lot of small guys want to fight me for some reason. I guess Brad would be one of them. hahahahahah loser Brad..
Johemoth the dog said on 23/Jun/15
@Brad, lol ive never seen someone say they 'owned' someone because they were taller then the other person. Like yea "DUDE I OWNED YOU AT HAVING BETTER GENES THEN YOU." like its some type of competition to be tall based on skill. Silliest thing ive read all day.
Jersey said on 28/Apr/15
Bruce can't be over 5'9
5'8.5 ar best
rockitbaby said on 28/Sep/14
@bass Actually, be seing this video, Axl Looke slightly taller sometimes. I think they're both the same height or Bruce is 1,75m or 1,76 tops. Never taller than that.

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And next to Paul McCartney, who is 1,78m, Bruce is shorter too.

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bass said on 22/Sep/14
He did look about an inch and a half taller than Axl Rose when they both performed Come Together in 1994
rockitbaby said on 6/Jul/14
I was in Rock In Rio Brazil in 2013 and he passed right next to me during the concert. I'm 5'8 and he was my height of just a little bit taller, like 1,75m or 1,77m tops!
Rougeman said on 3/May/14
I,m 5,9, At Tampa show Thursday, Bruce strolled to the bar while playing pay me my money down and had a drink. I was next to him, no more than 5.7. Anyway what does it matter.
Hortense said on 23/Apr/14
I used to lift weights at the Vanderbilt YMCA in the middle 1980's and, now and again, so did Bruce. Gang showers. No shoes. Five foot seven or so. Not above that in this lifetime. There's a reason he sticks to his Herman Munster engineer boots, but so what, what a musician!
bossboss said on 23/Apr/14
5'9" at least. no question.
bossboss said on 23/Apr/14
he is all of 5'9 or 5'9.5 . i met him in person and I am 5'8 and he was easily taller than I am and he was not wearing big boots with heels. no chance is he shorter than 5'9
Bemused said on 12/Feb/14
Looking down the page I think he must be a leprechaun, he seems to be shrinking or growing with every comment.
Balboa said on 23/Jan/14
5'9" right on for bruce/ fallon 5'11". Look at bruce towering over deNiro who's supposedly 5'9"
Balboa said on 23/Jan/14
5'9" right on for bruce/ fallon 5'11"
Brad said on 15/Jan/14
He's never even seen 5' 9" in his life. Jimmy Fallon owned him this week by a few and you can bet Bruce was in standard cycle boots. He's not even 5' 8" in '14.
Charlie said on 28/Dec/13
Not even near to 5'9. In some picture he is as tall as Dylan, so 5'7.
Sam said on 16/Dec/13
Sorry, Bobby, that's a horrible height comparison shot for Springsteen...there's much better ones on the net with Obama and Springsteen where Springsteen looks around 3 or 4 inches shorter, so still solidly in 5'9"+ range.
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BobbyGray said on 13/Dec/13
Look at this Click Here and tell me that he's over 5'8.

I'm gonna go with 5'7, maybe 5'10 in those big boots he's clearly wearing.
Fee said on 21/Jul/13
I have 'Living Proof, pardon the pun and pleasure of being picked to dance with Bruce on stage in Ireland - with my trainers on I stood at 5'9.5 - I was looking straight into his eyes!!
tex said on 15/Apr/13
Bruce at his height (a pun) was 5'9". Saw him recently and he is no more than 5'8" now.
Anonymous said on 11/Mar/13
Bruce is 5'10 and at least 6' with motor cycle boots. He stands at same height as other musicaians and actors of similar height such as Tom Hanks, Jimmy Fallan, Bob Seger, Neil Young, John Forgerty, Sting, Mick Jagger, and Jackson Brown. My cousin is 5'11" and met him up close back in 2008. He said they were the same height
War Pony said on 13/Dec/12
Just saw Bruce and Jon Bon Jovi on stage at the Hurricane Sandy Charity Concert. Jon was definately taller. Then I find Jon listed as 5'9" and Bruce at 5'10". No way!
Brad said on 20/Nov/12
Shook his hand last night. 5' 7.5" tops.
Brad said on 3/Nov/12
Weak 5' 8", if that recently.
letgodhandleit said on 28/Oct/12
I met Bruce in 2008, and stood -arm-in-arm with him after the concert in Charleston, SC. I'm 5'4". He was barely taller than me, 5'7" at the most.
12345 said on 14/Oct/12
Reaper Fallon is not 5 foot 8 hes about 5ft 6.5 to 5 ft 7. could even be lower.
Tom Cruisse said on 29/Sep/12
If his draft card says 5'8 then you know he must be 5'6-5'7 everyone cheats an inch on their height. I do!!
Big fella said on 11/Sep/12
Met bruce at Grammys back stage little hand and am sure he isn't 5 7 without boots .. But was awfully nice
Brad said on 10/Sep/12
His draft card is correct. He wears huge heeled cycle boots to fool you people.
Joe said on 19/Aug/12
I just saw the Bruce Springsteen exhibit at the Constitution center in Philadelphia. They had his draft card on display from when Bruce was 19, ans he was listed as 5'8 and 130 pounds.
Reaper said on 16/Aug/12
TO Joseph: Bruce never admitted to being "5"9.5". To measure to the half inch is ridiculous to begin with. NO ONE can measure just by EYE sight to a half inch. Thats just nonsense at the best and sad to say the least to even try.
Reaper said on 16/Aug/12
TO Joseph the delusional. He passes for an EASY 5-10" rating at any concert show. Like I said you never see the man barefoot or most no one for that matter ss far as a celebrity goes. Look at Brian Fallon whos 5-8" BRUCE TOWERS over him in every picture. Take a hike. Bruce even towers over De Niro at the Kennedy center awards. Bruce makes De niro look like a midget. Hes a LEGET 5-10"
Old said on 16/Aug/12
Dancing in the Dark video,Courtney Cox[5'5"] Bruce would be?Who cares. If he is playing and you are dancin'and remembering...
Lee said on 25/Jul/12
He looks 5'8", maybe 5'9" at the very most. Not a tall guy, but well-proportioned.
JR said on 12/Feb/12
If you added height and girth for his musical genius and poetry, he would surely qualify as a Na-Vi (Avatar) by height but with the built of Andre the Giant. - About 12' 6 " and roughly 750 lbs.

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