How tall is Christina Hendricks ?

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Christina Hendricks's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actress best known for her role as Joan Holloway in tv series Mad Men. In film she can be seen in Drive and I Don't Know How She Does It, in addition to memorable appearences on tv shows like Firefly. I read in Page Six of the New York Post (Oct 12, 2008) Christina talking about her weight, "I was a model for years, and even when I was 19 years old and 115 pounds [and 5'8"] my agency said, 'Your ankles are a little large. If you could lose 10 pounds, that would be really great,'...I've always had boobs and hips, even when I was 115 pounds. And here I am, much heavier than when I was modeling.". Jenny and I met her at a Glasgow Starfury convention for Firefly in March 2007 (photo by Daniel). She had a good 2 inch more footwear than me this day.

Christina Hendricks at Glasgow Starfury Convention
5ft 8 Rob, 5ft 8 Jenny and Ms Hendricks.
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Mouse22 says on 6/Aug/15
Isn't Christina exactly 171 cm?
[Editor Rob: she's smaller than that]
Hypado says on 27/Jun/15
Christina Hendricks's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

169 cm or 170 cm in Mad Men.
MarkyMark says on 23/May/15
Nice picture Rob, I'm jealous !
geof says on 16/Feb/15
what i would do to be in your place rob
truth2 says on 6/Dec/14
Geofrey Arend is 6ft2-6ft3.
Sam says on 30/Apr/14
There's no way Arend is as low as 6'1" unless Zach Braff is like 5'10".
Mathew says on 27/Feb/14
Ryan says on 8/Aug/13
I agree with this height, above average for a woman. Her husband Geoffrey Arend must be pretty tall! Well over 6 foot anyway.


Her husband is Geoffrey Arend. He's listed all over the place at 6'3" but in reality he's about 6'1".
176,2Tunman says on 18/Feb/14
In Drive,she looked like 5.25-5.5in shorter than Gosling who is probably 6'0.25-6'0.5.5'7 is perfect.Oh,and obviously very attractive.You're really lucky to have such job,Rob.
little sue says on 10/Feb/14
Surely attractiveness is in the face Arch so sounds a bit of a daft comment to say women in the 5ft 6 to 7 range are the most attractive anyway its a bit tall for me, 5ft 4/5 more my ideal height for women and 5ft 10/11 for men
Arch Stanton says on 7/Feb/14
@Little Sue. Yeah 5 ft 7 for a woman is the lower end of tall I think, sort of like 6 ft for a guy. But a legit 5 ft 7 woman with heels will generally look a tall woman in public especially if long legged and skinny proportionally, it's certainly noticeably above average anyway. Women can be attractive at all shapes and sizes but I've always thought 5'6-7 is a great height for a woman and some of the most attractive women lie in that sort of range, and it seems a lot of the men women frequently cite as the most attractive tend to be 5'11-6' (Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Leo Di Caprio, Michael Fassbender, Jude Law, Justin Timberlake, Viggo Mortensen etc) which is the male equivalent for 5'6-7 for a woman.
lelman says on 6/Feb/14
Insanely jealous of that photo there Rob, lol. I would peg her at about 169cm, just shy 5'7".
[Editor Rob: I wish I had got another photo with her the next day now...don't think she's done another con in the UK since that one.]
Emily says on 10/Dec/13
That hairstyle really suits Jenny. She looks gorgeous there
[Editor Rob: I think she had pigtails tied back there...]
yeye says on 19/Oct/13
Arend has to be taller than 6'3.

Gonna call 6'5-6, he is a lot taller, even when she's in heels.
Larc 74in says on 28/Aug/13
Damn, she's hot as hell, and tall too.
5'7 seems right.
little sue says on 11/Aug/13
Average for a woman!!!! not anywhere near Great Britain
Sam says on 8/Aug/13
Arend is around 6'3"
Ryan says on 8/Aug/13
I agree with this height, above average for a woman. Her husband Geoffrey Arend must be pretty tall! Well over 6 foot anyway.
Elijah says on 7/Feb/13
@Peyman: lol. I feel the same man... I came her to read about her height not her looks.
[Editor Rob: her height I'm pretty certain is definitely not 5ft 8, there you go, back on topic :)]
Sam says on 5/Jan/13
good job rob, she's beautiful!!
Peyman says on 28/Dec/12
@ Arch Stanton
so that means I'm not a red blooded male, doesn't it ?!
WOW , she's a super hot
Rob I wish I were you . nice job
curvy ,a beautiful redhead, super amazing breasts .
Wows again
is it better now ??!!
I just meant it's better to more speak about her height as this page is officially made for that.
Arch Stanton says on 4/Dec/12
peyman says on 20/Jan/12
90% of the posts were absolutely irrelevant to her height , LOL, why you show all kind of comments Rob? (anyway,in my opinion 5ft 7in seems to be right for her)

Um, if any red blooded male was stood next to her, height would not exactly be your preoccupation LOL. Surprised Rob remembered to note her height...
[Editor Rob: of course height is always on my mind...but it was at the back of the queue in this case, other things were more far more pressing...and not just against my inter t-shirt...]
getting_taller says on 22/Nov/12
Rob?! why you have to hug man? feelsbadman.jpeg lol.
dong says on 13/Oct/12
You are lucky man!She's beautiful!

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