How tall is Dakota Fanning ?

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Dakota Fanning's height is 5ft 4in (163 cm)

American Actress known for roles in The War of the Worlds, Man on Fire and The Runaways. Her sister Elle said in 2011 "My sister's 5'4" and I'm 5'6"

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Pedro said on 30/Aug/15
How tall do you estimate Dakota's boyfriend, Jamie Strachan? He is listed 6'2" pretty much everywhere, but he looks slightly taller to me: Click Here
[Editor Rob: as a model many who are 6ft 3 do get listed 6ft 2, he could pass for 6ft 3-4 range!]
mell bell said on 10/Feb/15
Dakota Fanning 5'4
Elle Fanning 5'8
Brooke Hyland 4'11
Paige Hyland 5'6
Hmm said on 31/Jan/15
Met her in 2012 NY Fashion week, I am 5"5 in flat and she was in platform heels still shorter than me,most celebrities are very Tiny, models are the only tall ones
Stephanie said on 22/Jan/15
Dakota was 5' 4" and the doctors said she was done growing as of late 2010. If you look at pictures of her next to her mom (who obviously isn't growing anymore), she looks the same height as she did back then.
Pedro said on 10/Nov/14
Here she is next to Kareem Abdul Jabbar lol: Click Here
Pedro said on 29/Aug/14
Here is Dakota standing next to Kirsten Dunst: Click Here
Jill said on 1/Jun/14
Pedro, it is possible but you also have to consider that their feet are chopped off in the picture so there is no accounting for footwear advantage or disadvantage on either. I think it's fair to say that Dakota is somewhere between 5'3 -5'4.
Pedro said on 28/Apr/14
Here is Dakota next to Britney Spears: Click Here
They look about the same height. So it's another proof that Dakota is around 5'4".
Stephanie said on 28/Apr/14
Dakota is still 5' 4"... the distance in height between her and her sister has increased over the past few years. Elle is 5' 8" now and if Dakota were 5' 5" she would look taller next to her sister.
Pedro said on 17/Mar/14
@Dion Dakota was 17 years old in 2011. Elle said that her sister already was done growing at the time.
Djon said on 13/Mar/14
Basically,height of Hannah was 5.4 in 2011. But our curiousness about her height was "what's her height now,presently 2014????"
Liz said on 24/Feb/14
@ Clinton Adolph Seeber
Elle and I are same height I am between 5 feet 4-5 feet 6 7. Elle is now least 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 5 but looks taller. Because she had a early growth spurt. I think. She done growing now. Dakota is shorter than me.
Liz said on 24/Feb/14
@ Clinton Adolph Seeber
Elle and I are same height I am between 5 feet 4-5 feet 6 7. Elle is now least 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 5 but looks taller. Because she had a early growth spurt. I think. She done growing now. Dakota is shorter than me.
Pedro said on 26/Nov/13
@lizzie Why do you always repeat your estimation for Elle's height in Dakota's thread?
lizzie said on 25/Nov/13
elle is around my height but she look taller than dakota
elle is around between 5 feet 4 half to 5 feet 5 no more than that
Lizzie said on 18/Nov/13
Elle seem looks taller
I would say she around 5feet 3 half to 5feet 5
Elle is not taller than her mother is 5feet 9 to 5feet 10 she least 4 inches shorter than put her as 5feet 3 half to 5feet 4 half. I know she around my height so she 5feet 4 ish to 5feet 6 and no more than that. With hight heels around 5feet 8 to 5feet 9 half so around 5 feet 4 half to 5feet 5
Stephanie said on 27/Oct/13
@Lizzie Elle is way over 5' 5"... that was her height in May 2010! Late 2009 was 4' 11" to 5' 0". She was 5' 6" by her interview in late 2010. Dakota has been 5' 4" since 2010 and wasn't much shorter the years leading up to it. Look at new pics, Elle is nearly as tall as her mother!

Also, the Elle quote was from a magazine interview from late 2010, not 2011. The scans are available at her fan sites. The quotes from 2011 are the "We Bought a Zoo" promo interviews (December) and she was around 5' 7" then.
Lizzie said on 21/Oct/13
Elle looks between 5 feet 5 to 5feet 6
Elle is now like 5 feet 4 to 5 feet 5 half
Lizzie said on 7/Oct/13
Elle is least 5 feet 5 without shoes
I think she pale. She look a child so I think elle make her taller than she is
On different people think she 5feet 4 to 5 feet 6 height range
Elle is must be around more like 5feet 3 to 5feet 5 in pictures this year but no more
Lizzie said on 6/Oct/13
Elle is now 15 years old
by 2010 she was 4 feet 11 to 5feet
by October she looks taller than her sister like 2 inches with heels so she looks 5 feet 8 to 9 to her sister who inches shorter 5 feet 6 to 5feet 7 so real height is on most websites 5 feet 4 to 5feet 7
Elle must really be 5 feet 4 to 5feet 5 by now no taller than me > She is about height with flat shoes so would . my height range is 5feet 4 to 5feet 6 she no more than coupleher mother she is 3 inches shorter than mother now.
Stephanie said on 4/Oct/13
@Lizzie Elle was 5' 3" in early 2010. By November 2010 she was 5' 6" and had grown taller than the 5' 4" Dakota. Late 2011 she was 5' 6.5" to 5' 7" and early 2013 she stated her height as 5' 7.75". Now I would guess she is at least 5' 8". She is taller than you are now, and by quite a bit assuming you're in the 5' 3" to 5' 5" range.
Pedro said on 13/Sep/13
@Lizzie Elle didn't just say this spring that she is "slightly taller". She said specifically that she is "five-seven-and-three-quarters" (172 cm): Click Here
Lizzie said on 12/Sep/13
elle s not 5feet 7
Elle is around my height with flat I say more around 5feet 3 to 5feet 5
She usally with heels shge look tall like 5feet 7 to 5feet 8
Elle say in interview this spring that sightly taller
Sighlty doesnt mean 4 inches it she like 5 feet 3 to 5feet 5 ish not 5feet 7
Lizzie said on 12/Sep/13
She looks with flat shoes as right September 2013
Elle looks like 5feet 5 to 5feet 6. She cant be 5feet 7
Stephanie said on 9/Sep/13
@liz Elle is definitely much taller than Dakota, even in similar heels. Elle is 5' 7.75" as of earlier this year. Dakota has been 5' 4" since 2010. That's a difference of nearly four inches! I don't know how much more Elle has to grow (she might be done, or possibly have another inch to go), but Dakota has been done growing for a while now. Yes, she was 5' 4" as of late 2010, but June 2009 call for a double listed Dakota's height as 5' 3.5" so her growth was almost nothing from age 15 to age 16 1/2. And from late 2010 she's stayed the same height.
liz said on 25/Aug/13
Elle is may look tall because high heels
elle is now 5 feet 4to 5feet 5 half range
Dakota 19 she look 5feet 5 to 5 feet 6 I believe that around the same height. Elle is half inch tall
XOXO said on 15/Aug/13
Dakota is 5'4'' and for the record she is taller than Kristen. I would say about one inch taller than her. I think Kristen is about 5'3.5'' not more taller than that. So YES Dakota is taller than Kristen, and she(Kristen) looks taller cause her head is small, she's got long legs and is skinny.
liz said on 30/May/13
Dakota looks 5 feet 6 to 5 feet 7. Elle look 5 feet8 to 5 feet 9 with heels
Dakota is between 5 feet 3 half to 5feet5. Elle is now around 5 feet 4 to 5 feet5 barefoot
Pedro said on 23/May/13
@tall How can you say that Dakota is 5'2" by looking on that video, if you can not see the size of the heels that they were using?
tall said on 22/May/13
she looks 5'2 here Click Here
Pedro said on 16/May/13
@marla Dakota's heels aren't very high on that picture, as you can see here: Click Here . She also doesn't seem to have a very straight posture on that picture. Besides, maybe it is Sofia Coppola who is slightly taller than she is listed here.
marla singer said on 7/May/13
Rob, what do you think about this picture Click Here I supported Dakota's upgrade to 5 ft 4 but I'm starting to think she was good at 5 ft 3. She can't be just 1 cm shorter than Sofia Coppola (in flats), if, in heels, she's barely taller than her...
Josh said on 6/May/13
dakota fanning shoe size is 7 and she's 5'4 i know cause i'am friends with her and she's on yahoo answering fan questions as we speak at officialdakotafanning_19 on yim hit her up.
truth178cm said on 3/May/13
5ft4 is pretty spot on.
Green Beret37 said on 8/Apr/13
5'6.5 is my height maybe 5'7 if i remember correctly
Liz said on 3/Mar/13
Dakota is looks taller than 5feet 4
Elle looks taller with heels 5 feet 3 to 5feet 5
Pedro said on 2/Mar/13
@marla I totally agree. Elle said more than once that Dakota is 5'4''. She also said this on this interview from December 2011: Click Here . I don't think that Elle would have had any reason to lie about Dakota's height in that way, because she made it pretty clear that she is very pleased about being much taller than her older sister.
So I don't understand why Dakota's height hasn't been updated here by now?
marla singer said on 2/Mar/13
Sorry everyone, she's taller than 5'3. Elle is listed here as 172cm: in this recent photo Click Here Elle has about 8-9cm heel (the heel is low but the platform is very big) while Dakota has some kind of kitten heels on, which gave her possibly 3 cm. Elle looks about 16 cm taller, and considering her 6cm heel-advantage, she is actually 10 cm taller than Dakota and not 12 as it seems looking at the listings, so Dakota is near 5'4, maybe 5'3.75.
She looked nearly as tall as 5'4 Kristen Stewart, and I just don't see her as short as 5'3, like Pink or Natalie Portman.
Liz said on 21/Feb/13
Elle is 5feet 4 to 5feet5 No more than barefoot
Liz said on 14/Feb/13
I think Elle is 5 feet 4 but she look taller
She said on tv that she is not real sure on her height 2 or 3 years ago
she was on 12 when said that she was 5feet6 and look between 5feet1 back then now she between 5 feet3 to 5feet4 no way she taller that Dakota is 5 feet3 to 5feet4
Ali said on 19/Jan/13
I think Elle is 5'7" now
Liz said on 17/Jan/13
Dakota height is 5 feet3 Elle is like 5 feet 4
Pedro said on 14/Jan/13
Dakota's height should be updated. She is 5ft 4in. That has been already confirmed a long time ago by Elle.
Liz said on 11/Jan/13
Dakota looks sighter shorter than I am 5 feet 4 half to 5 feet 5 half. Dakota is more 5 feet 3 half
Elle looks 1 to 2inches than her. Dakota 5 feet 3 and elle is around 5 feet4 .
Tessa said on 6/Jan/13
yes, I agree with stephanie. I think that dakota is 5'4"
Stephanie said on 5/Jan/13
Dakota is 5' 4" and done growing as of late 2010.
Effy said on 30/Dec/12
@Ria shoe size is definitely not accurate when determining how tall someone is. I am a 5'11.5" 18 year old girl and I wear an 8 or an 8.5 in shoes.
marla singer said on 19/Dec/12
@Ria this is DAKOTA FANNING'S PAGE, NOT Paris Hilton's!
Millie said on 1/Dec/12
Um... I'm 13 and I'm a size 10 shoe (almost 11, actually) and I'm 5'5" and I can guarantee that I was a size 8 when I was 5'4". I suddenly feel... large.
marla singer said on 22/Nov/12
PLEASE ROB HAVE A LOOK HERE :) Dakota is taller than 5'3
1 - In this 2012 pic she looks 5'4 next to 5'7 Elle Click Here
2 - She looks about the same height as 5'4 Kristen Click Here
3 - Slightly shorter than 5'6 Kaya Scodelario Click Here
Dana said on 11/Nov/12
Ria what is your deal? The (misguided) things you're saying don't appear to correspond with any other comments. Where are you getting these shoe sizes anyway? You're like a spambot except you only talk about women's shoe sizes.
Dana said on 7/Nov/12
@Ria I'm sure you're basing that on something, but you're not right. My friend and I share size 8 shoes all the time; she's 5'2.5" and I'm just over 5'8". My other best friend is my exact height but she wears a size 11. The correlation between height and shoe size is verrrrry loose.
Darla said on 28/Aug/12
It's 70 inches tall or 5'10". That's the height of the car.
Liz said on 15/Aug/12
Dakota look 5 feet5 but between 5 feet 3 to 5feet 4
Elle look tall Dakota but she wear high shoes make her look taller
Elle is more 5feet 3 to 5feet 4 she not 5feet7 to 5feet9
@ curious you are right Elle is listed 5 feet 6 but she is now 5feet3 to 5feet 4 Elle says she five 6 when she was 12. In 2012 she about 5 feet4
curious said on 9/Aug/12
show me any where that Elle is listed over 5'7"
bill said on 2/Aug/12
Elle is 5''9 and still has 4 years to grow.Dakota is 161cm
Stephanie said on 14/Jun/12
Dakota is slightly taller than 5' 3" Natalie Portman. Click Here

And that quote from Elle at the top of this page is from c. November 2010. The scan is on Elle's fan sites. Elle gave her height as 5' 7" in the December 2011 "We Bought a Zoo" promo interviews (they may or may not be on YouTube still because the copyright police may have removed them by now). Dakota's height was given as 5' 4" in November 2010 and her doctor said she's done growing. Which makes sense because she was 16 at the time.

I think Dakota *appears* shorter at times because she, like many/most teenagers these days, doesn't have the best posture. But the 5' 3" height was from probably about 2008 because the casting call in June 2009 for a photo double gave her height as 5' 3.5".

Re Kirsten Dunst height, I'm not 100% sure. I always thought she was 5' 7" but maybe she's slightly shorter, closer to 5' 6" than 5' 7".

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