How tall is Dave Batista ?

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Dave Batista's height is 6ft 2.75in (190 cm)

American Professional Wrestler David Bautista is also an Actor known for roles in Riddick and Guardians of the Galaxy. One of his claims was "I'm 6ft 5" and another visitor said they saw him claiming "6ft 3".

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Aza says on 12/Oct/14
Batista is at least two inches shorter than Orton so if Orton is 6'4 (which is very believable) then Batista is 6'2 evening height. This is still a great height to be.
vipul says on 6/Oct/14
i don't think he is so short.
Back in his feud with undertaker, he looked only 2-3 inch shorter than him.
taker was a legit 6'8" then, & consider that his shoes can't have more than 1" on taker's shoes, so he could not be less than 6'4 , but for now, he's lost lot of height, & is not standing straight, plus the shoe difference makes him look shorter.
Also, he has lost much mass, making him look smaller. Orton is definitely above 6'4" , & stands pretty much to his full height , also 2.5" boots.
rick says on 3/Oct/14
My fellow cop and friend told me he saw Batista in person at the gym and that he's no more than 5'8. My buddy is 6'4. I obviously don't believe my fellow cop, but from my observation, Batista appears to be around 6'2. I base this on his mma fight where he was about 3 inches shorter than referee, Dan Mirogliotta, who is 6'4 and was wearing shoes while Batista was Barefoot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Oct/14
Rob, is the full 6ft3 possible?
[Editor Rob: you can't rule it out]
184.3cm says on 28/Sep/14
Bloody hell didnt this guy get billed 196cm?.? maybe someone is stealing his height rofl.
Vegas says on 26/Sep/14
Mamun has a recent photo taken with Batista and I have say he looks solid 6'3 in it.
Sam says on 25/Sep/14
I thought Batista and Pratt can look similar but Batista has him by a hair, more noticeable in the movie than in photos. But if Lee Pace is 6'3.75", there's no way Batista is over 6'2"-6'2.25" range since Pace has at least 1.5 inches on him.
Aza says on 22/Sep/14
Batista does look shorter than chris 6'2 evening height think he has lost an inch over the years.
steve says on 16/Sep/14
@rob watch pacquiao vs hatton, and behind manny in his entrance is boxer michael moorer and batista and moorer was listed at 6 ft 2 and batista toward him, interesting if u can take the time and reply to this.
Thank you
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Sep/14
Probably always in the 6'2-6'2.5 range. Today perhaps a small fraction less at 45 years old. He always had a huge muscular build on a lean frame which can give a taller impression especially on TV. Back with Evolution 6'4 Orton always seemed to have over an inch on Batista. Batista was also a little taller than HHH back then too.
Sam says on 8/Sep/14
He does look close to his listing in Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe closer to 6'2.5" than 6'2.75" though.
Clay says on 4/Sep/14
He's kinda slouching with his arm around Jericho there, while Chris looks like he's trying to reach for the stars.
SaveUsY2J says on 4/Sep/14
@The R: Yet Batista clearly edged out Pratt in the movie.
BorkLaser says on 31/Aug/14
With Chris Jericho. Click Here
The R says on 30/Aug/14
Just so you guys know, on Chris Jerichos podcast, Batista pretty much confirmed he's under 6'2. He said Chris Pratt had to take off his shoes to do photoshoots with him.
Alex says on 25/Aug/14
I think he's taller than 6'3, because he seems to always have a bad posture.
mike says on 18/Aug/14
badass PR photo!
legit 190er full 6ft3 might be possible to.
Alex 6'0 says on 18/Aug/14
Batista had an inch on HHH in their faceoffs back then
Dave Bautista says on 12/Aug/14
Wait, I think Batista is taller than Triple H look at the height of Batista and Triple H in real or in youtube when they are 1on1 with steel cage match in 2005.If Triple H is 6'2 then Batista is 6'3.Im the one of Batsta's fan so before you comment you need to Deal With It, Batista Unleashed.
Clay says on 11/Aug/14
how is there no pics of Dwayne and Dave next to each other after all these years? Thats a bigger mystery than what their real heights are.
miko says on 11/Aug/14
I think fully stretched out Batista can look close to 6'3 on occasion, but in reality he's a very solid 6'2.5.

A Batista/Rock staredown would be very interesting, I think Rock would have the edge but it would be incredibly close.
random pics says on 11/Aug/14
What about Chris Pratt then? He is on the same line as or even behind Batista and has a slack posture.

Vegas says on 21/Jun/14
random pics says on 19/Jun/14
Check the first photo.. you'll see Christ Pratt is a head taller than Batista who's wearing boots..

this one?

first up pace is much closer to the camera as the line i drew shows or how much bigger a head pace has Click Here

even then a head taller?
random pics says on 11/Aug/14
What about Chris Pratt then? He's on the same line as or even behind Batista and has a slack posture.
Rikashiku says on 9/Aug/14
@Mateo. Lee Pace is also closer to the camera.
Mateo says on 1/Aug/14
Yeah looks like Lee Pace has a solid 3.5" on Bautista.. and Bautista is wearing Timberlands! He could actually be 5'11" tops! Given the boots he could even be in the 5'10 range.. I have a friend about my height and he towers me 2"+ when he puts on the same Timberlands.. highly suspect!

Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Jul/14
They would bill Batista at 6'5-6'6 and Orton at 6'4-6'5 when Orton was clearly taller. That's the problem with some billed heights. Gotta bill the wrestlers evenly Lol. Orton at 6'4 really puts Batista more like 6'2.5
Sam says on 28/Jul/14
How tall do you think Batista is, Rikashiku?
Rikashiku says on 25/Jul/14
Randy Orton has always looked taller than Batista even early in their careers, Orton made Batista look 6'3".


Those are terrible uneven pics.
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Jul/14
He use to be listed at 6'6 in earlier WWE days but was sometimes referred to as 6'5. He's never been referred to as anything below 6'5
Sam says on 23/Jul/14
Hmmm, I think this guy is a crazy up-lister like his co-star Vin is w/ Michael Rooker, no matter how much he's dropping there, 6'5" is crazy.
Click Here
Here with the cast he can look close to his listing, though
Click Here
Stands looser here but this and the last show one show he's definitely shorter than 6'3.5" listed Lee Pace
Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 23/Jul/14
Wasn't this guy listed at something crazy like 6 ft 6 (198cm)? Always thought that seemed wildly exagerrated!!
Aza says on 21/Jul/14
Justt curious for reference you think Rock is taller than Batista?
SaveUsY2J says on 20/Jul/14
@Aza: Nada. Randy Orton does not have a full two inches on him.
Aza says on 20/Jul/14
Batista is 6'2 max evening height
Alex 6'0 says on 20/Jul/14
Batista is still a pretty big guy today just not the same size he was at his peak and WWE days. Lost significant size but still big that shows you how big he really was at his biggest 02-05
avalanste says on 14/Jul/14
i saw him in Singapore few days back, think was the promotion for Guardians of the Galaxy, he doesn't really look as tall as i would expect him to be, prolly around 6'1-6'2 (I'm about 5'10), definitely not 6'3, but he's pretty well-built, solid figure.
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jun/14
Batista could have lost a fraction. Its possible. He's never looked over 6'3 anyway. His weight is much less nowadays too. I remember when he had left WWE back in 08/09 he was still massive but not quite as big as his earlier days in WWF 02-05. Batista is still a pretty big guy today but a good difference from what he was.
SaveUsY2J says on 26/Jun/14
Has probably shed a cm from wear and tear. 189 would be more accurate for 2014 Batista (or should that be Bootista?)
Vegas says on 21/Jun/14
random pics says on 19/Jun/14
Check the first photo.. you'll see Christ Pratt is a head taller than Batista who's wearing boots..

this one?

first up pace is much closer to the camera as the line i drew shows or how much bigger a head pace has Click Here

even then a head taller?
random pics says on 19/Jun/14
Vegas says on 20/Mar/14
random pics says on 19/Feb/14
183 cm is his height..Look for Guardians of the Galaxy Cast on the internet and take a look at the pics. Or maybe chris pratt is 198cm and lee pace is 203cm. Zoe saldana must be 179cm too if Batista is 190cm.

post some video showing chris pratt having 8cm on batista.

Click Here
It's not a great pic, but it gives the general idea. With Lee Pace at 6ft3.5, they're is no way Batista is near 6'3. 189cm max, and he still makes Pace look 6ft3.75. Downgrade Rob?

Check the first photo.. you'll see Christ Pratt is a head taller than Batista who's wearing boots..
Rikashiku says on 8/Jun/14
VM says on 30/May/14

Care to share this video? because the three I looked at show Sheamus is taller.
MJ says on 6/Jun/14
Batista was billed at 6'7( with one person on you tube saying that he was 6'8, which I do not think can be true, but anything is possible). JR used to say "Batista 6'6 maybe 6'7" on different occasions(the 6'6 part, but don't about the 6'7 part).
I have also seen WWE billing the undertaker at 6'8 or around and then later billing him at 6'10. I wonder why they do that- bill someone at some height and then reduce it and later increase it.
AKK says on 30/May/14
Just saw the episode of WWE Vintage with Evolution. Holy crap did Orton tower over everyone. Triple H was saying Batista was 6'5" and 325 pounds(to be fair, HHH seemed to be stooping a little, and Batista did look legitimately taller than him by a couple inches). But then they switched to the hard cam for the group pose with their arms raised, and Orton looked almost a whole foot taller than Flair(though admittedly, his hair was way poofier back then).
VM says on 30/May/14
Batista is taller than Sheamus with his hair(as proof in a 2009/2010 video) You could check it yourself if you want Rikashiku. Also, Randy Orton suffers from hyper mobility so he might look taller than he really is I guess.

@ Aaron: People are taller than they are?Also, tell me why you think it isn't? How do you know that HHH is not 6'4. Professionals and trainers associated with this have said that the height difference between Batista and Kane is 4 inches. Kane is definitely at least 6'9. Also, the hunch concept and when people gain weight they look shorter should also be considered. Extra weight can result in Spinal cord compression, which I think many of the wrestlers have faced it(including HHH). It is mostly children who think that people are as tall as they look and no more, because they probably doesn't know about spinal cord compression and other health related conditions that can occur.
Click Here

Batista in an interview said 6'4, but years ago he said he was 6'5 and OVW billed him at 6'7 or maybe even 6'8.Also the CBA billed him at 6'8(the reason I would like to know as I don't think he is taller than 6'7).They are a professional MMA association and I would like to know how they measure people.

Note: All these are theories of mine and should only be considered as such, I request.
Rikashiku says on 23/May/14
Sheamus is pretty tall in comparison. In the few pics I can find, Sheamus(not counting hair) is clearly taller than Batista, and even with Orton, Sheamus looks about the same height.
Clay says on 7/May/14
MMA listings have been terrible as well, such as Randy Couture at a laughable 6'2.
Sam says on 30/Apr/14
Well whatever lifts Batista wore a decade ago he's clearly passed on to Orton. Batista clearly looks around an inch shorter than he did during his first WWE run. Meanwhile, Orton, at least to me; looks a little taller than he already did in years past. Triple H looks roughly the same, but I could see some height loss. He has been wearing dress shoes a lot over the past couple years instead of his wrestling boots.
Magnusver says on 28/Apr/14
Whatever his Mixed Martial Arts listing is, it's probably the most accurate. Obviously WWE exaggerates 2-3 inches, but I believe the MMA leagues actually measure the athletes' height.
Penton says on 28/Apr/14
From the previous post it clear to see Batista is not Randy Orton's height, even when he is close to the camera. Granted his head is stooping, I still do not see him a centimeter over 6ft 2 flat. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: Batista can look anywhere from 6ft 2 flat to almost 6ft 3, at times I think he has hunched shoulders/back]
Penton says on 28/Apr/14
I'll just leave this here guys:

Click Here

Batista: far left
Orton: Center
Cena: at Back
Wrestling Fan: on the right
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Apr/14
Rock and Orton both at 6'3? impossible. Orton between 1 and 2 inches on Rock. Most on this site will put Orton at a legit 6'4. He sure looks it. He's an easy inch taller than Batista too. Batista is more 6'2.5
James B says on 26/Apr/14
Orton really does not look a legit 6'4 but he does look 6'3 1/2 or 6'3 flat. Batista looks 6'2 or 6'2 1/2 and I would say more recently the rock looks 6'3 but did look 6'2 a few years back when he was more bulky.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 15/Apr/14
Orton I think is a legit 6'4. He's always at least an inch taller than Batista and likely its a little more. He looks to have a good 2 inches on HHH which puts HHH 6'2 max and Batista likely is 6'2.5 same as The Rock.
James B says on 15/Apr/14
Batista looks closer to 6'2 than 6'3.
BorkLaser says on 10/Apr/14
Triple H 187 cm
Batista 188.5 cm
Triple H 189 cm (debatable though, maybe 188)
Batista 190 cm
Rikashiku says on 10/Apr/14
6'2.5" is the lowest I'd put Batista at. Don't compare him to Orton so much. Ortons boots are pretty thick compared to others. The most I've seen between them is 2".

Orton looked about the same height(or slightly shorter) as Jake the Snake who could be a slight over 6'4". Next to 6'4" DDP in older pics with Scott Hall, Jake is taller than both by an inch. Maybe Jake is was 6'5" back then? Looking at old pics and new pics, he does look a little shorter(and lighter).

So, how about Orton is a little more than 6'4"? Batista can't be 6'1" or 6'0" like a lot of people are assuming here, just because he's so-in-so shorter than Orton. he is taller than 6'1"-6'2" Benicio.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 9/Apr/14
With Orton at 6'4 Batista would be nearer 6'2.5 I think.
miko says on 8/Apr/14
It can look 2 inches at times but Orton could be over 6'4 himself.
Rikashiku says on 8/Apr/14
You guys are being horrible with the height estimates down there. 3" shorter than Orton? Most I saw was 2" with a guy who looks 6'4" or slightly more, and that was because Orton boots have some pretty thick soles compared to Batusta's fairly flat boots and shoes. These past few weeks, the height difference has varied from less than an inch to a clear 2".

I still say 6'2". Benicio del Toro is a fairly tall guy himself. About 6'1", listed at 6'2" on celebsheight. Lee Pace always looks really tall no matter who he's with. 6'3"-maybe near 6'4". For some reason he looks gigantic in that GotG pic. Batista definitly looks shorter now than he did in the earlier days of his career. 6'2" solid? He's shorter than Sheamus and Sheamus is taller than 6'2-6'3" Roman Reigns.
jimmy j says on 6/Apr/14
Watched WM30. Orton and Dave were face to face outside the ring during the main event. Randy towered him in my opinion, at least by 3 inches. Considering some camera angles of course,but it was obvious to say the least. Batista was 6'2 peak, i'd say dipping below 6'1 now give or take.
Lorne says on 5/Apr/14
He looks nowhere near 6'3 with Randy Orton, or Lee Pace. He should at least be downgraded to 189, Rock is taller...
mattR says on 1/Apr/14
On WWE Raw from March 31st 2014 Batista and Randy Orton were face to face, the latter looked much taller, as you have to consider that Batista was wearing Lumberjack boots.
IR says on 28/Mar/14
HHH and Batista 6' 1.5" today.
Batista lost more height, he was 6' 3" peak, HHH was 6' 2.5" peak.
James B says on 25/Mar/14
Maybe it's all his bulk but he does not look over 189cm recently on RAW even 188cm I would not rule him out looking.
Vegas says on 20/Mar/14
random pics says on 19/Feb/14
183 cm is his height..Look for Guardians of the Galaxy Cast on the internet and take a look at the pics. Or maybe chris pratt is 198cm and lee pace is 203cm. Zoe saldana must be 179cm too if Batista is 190cm.

post some video showing chris pratt having 8cm on batista.
Lorne says on 20/Mar/14
Click Here
It's not a great pic, but it gives the general idea. With Lee Pace at 6ft3.5, they're is no way Batista is near 6'3. 189cm max, and he still makes Pace look 6ft3.75. Downgrade Rob?
miko says on 20/Mar/14
He is pretty much always taller than flat 6'2 guys so 6'2.5 range definitely.

He's about 30lbs lighter than his last run in WWE though.
justbringit says on 18/Mar/14
i think that batista sometimes doesnt hold his posture tall enough and this is why people say he is shorer than 6ft 2.75in.I dont believe that triple h is 6'2 maybe 187cm but if he is 6'2 i could see batista being 6'3 he looks 3 cm max taller than him.
allan says on 17/Mar/14
Click Here

here he is with 6'0 nick diaz,hes atleast 6'1
Alex 6ft 0 says on 23/Feb/14
Undertaker 6'4.75?? LOL no way that's a joke
Rikashiku says on 22/Feb/14
Geez, people are downgrading HHH to 6'0" now. A weak 6'2", but certainly not 6'0" tall. He's still taller than 6'0" Cena and around an inch shorter than Roman Reigns who also happens to be an inch shorter than 6'3.5"-6'4" Sheamus.
random pics says on 19/Feb/14
183 cm is his height..Look for Guardians of the Galaxy Cast on the internet and take a look at the pics. Or maybe chris pratt is 198cm and lee pace is 203cm. Zoe saldana must be 179cm too if Batista is 190cm.
SOzzler93 says on 9/Feb/14
Big Studd was 6'5 and 'dre was 6'7 you could tell that with their match as those masked ninjas
BorkLaser says on 5/Feb/14
Now he looks more like 1.88m

Click Here
Click Here
Enigma says on 3/Feb/14
6'5 peak with boots on,now 188cm barefoot..
Hugh 189 says on 3/Feb/14
He looks a 187-188 with 191 orton...he is the same height of sheamus may be a bit shorter...
SOzzler93 says on 2/Feb/14
taller than 6'0 trips, 6'1.5 Rock but smaller than 6'4.75 Taker - 6'3
ballsack mcgee says on 31/Jan/14
Its not the wrestlers that lie about their height, its the wrestling promotion. Vince wants his wrestlers "Larger than life" Like Andre being 7'5? That put asses in seats... (Big John Studd was 6-8/6'9, no way did andre have 7 inches on the guy)And Batista? He was on Conan (6'4) and was shorter than Conan, so that rules out 6'4 and taller
cdk says on 28/Jan/14
I'd say in 2014 he is 6'2" barefoot. Peak height was 6'3"
john b says on 28/Jan/14
On Raw to night in the ring with Orton and Lesnar Dave looked a good inch shorter then Orton - which Orton is in the 6'3 - 6'4 mark . lets say Orton is6'3 and a half that makes dave 6'2 and a half. But man did yiu see the brown boots he was wearing given him at least inch and a half to two inches in extra height - dave bare foot has to be standing 6'1 tops with these boots he wears this pushes him up a good two inches almos. ..
SimeJosif says on 27/Jan/14
This is odd, re-watching the episodes from smallville he absolutely towered over tom welling who can pull off a 6'4 but looks a good 6'3, I guess he was wearing some serious lifts
The Ben says on 21/Jan/14
Interesting bit on observer radio today.
Dave Meltzer says he'd been around Batista loads backstage and the he was an inch shorter than Orton (6'3). He said that over the last few years Batista had lost serious height and said he now looks just over 6'1. He came off his supplements and has lost weight as well. 45 now and the height loss the seems to really effect wrestlers has kicked in.
Jojo the Dancing Penguin says on 31/Dec/13
Check out "Guardians of the Galaxy" cast pics from Comic Con. Lee Pace, who is listed as 6'-3" is much taller then Batista. And Batista is wearing huge work boots. I can't see how Batista is even near 6'-2 3/4"?
The Ben says on 30/Dec/13
I think Batista probably stands at the Robs height of 6 2.75 but I also believe if he stood as tall as possible he could be an inch taller.
He's one of them guys who never stands straight, he seems more concerned with looking big wide rather than tall.
Still a big dude with an incredible physique at the height and age.
Yves says on 25/Dec/13
Love Batista, he's 6'4".
Kaes says on 23/Dec/13
Here he is rcently with a 6'0 Josh Rafferty. A solid 3 inches over him but his shoulders and traps give the deception of him being bigger.
Kaes says on 23/Dec/13
Met Batista last year, i am 6'2 and he was only slightly taller than me (but alot wider lol), i would give him no more than an inch making him 6'3. But He is 44 so i would say he was a solid 6'3-6'4 during his wrestling days. His Traps and shoulders make him appear 6'6 on TV
Aaron says on 14/Dec/13
Complete rubbish VMJ, For a start HHH isn't 6'4, he is at the most 6'2. Batista is at most one inch taller than HHH. In my opinion Batista is 6'3.
VMJ says on 5/Dec/13
People who lift weights may look shorter than they actually are. That is why Batista may look shorter than his claimed height. You can see in many of'is 6 his pics the extent to which he leans. I don'r think he is 6'3 as even HHH is 6'4 and Batista is probably 2-3 inches taller than him atleast. What I mentioned is a phenomenon where people are taller than they actually look like. The reason is that exercises may strain the body leading to a tendency to lean. This may result in a shorter appearance. I personally am not sure about his height as he looks different at different times. However, I think he is taller than Brock Lesnar, Dwayne Johnson and Hulk Hogan.
Ali Baba says on 21/Nov/13
Except there's photographic proof that Batista is not taller than (looks shorter than actually) ~6'3" Rob Terry, the fact that Kane is not actually 6'10", etc., etc., etc.
VMJ says on 18/Nov/13
Click Here

The above is a link to a database that lists Batista as 6'8 and says that is the official source of database of CES mma fights, if I am right.
ALso, it was mentioned somewhere that height difference between Batista and Kane is 4 inches. I remember in one video- Big Show vs Kane were- J.R said 'Kane- 6 10.5 or maybe 6'11. If that is the case then Batista should be around 6'7. Also, that would make logical sense, since the Undertaker is around 6'10 and he is probably around 3 inches taller than Batista.
Gary says on 8/Nov/13
I would say 6'3.5 at peak and maybe around 6'4.5 in boots.
These days 6'2.5 -6'3 barefoot. Surgeries and injuries could have caused this.
Jesse says on 17/Oct/13
looks 6'3 usually looks a tall guy.
Jesse says on 17/Oct/13
looks 6'3 usually looks a tall guy.
CKDon says on 27/Sep/13
In late 2012 when Batista took height measurment for mma fight they gave him 6'4" thats very tall, in any sport for any athlete. His height coming into wrestling in early 2000s was 6'5"+, .... Dave had many surgery back included, because he is so large, tall & wide its natural for him to loose height vertical mass, he is a 40something year old guy for crying out loud... & allways in Top shape. If some1 is 6'4.5" they can be either be called 6'4" or 6'5", who gives a ****.
Aaron says on 25/Sep/13
Batista does not have a damaged spine. Where are you getting your info from. He has never been 6'6 or even 6'5. In my opinion he is 6'3 maybe 6'3.5. In MMA his height wasn't announced or measured. It wasn't even mentioned at all. I think this is because he is billed and described as 6'6 in wwe
Lyvloev says on 17/Sep/13
Batista has damaged spine, he is usally around 6 ft 2.5 in, but his real height when measuring is 6 ft 4 in as MMA says(that's the latest information). When he was 18 he was 6 ft 5.5 in and he claimed it to be 6 ft 6, but he is no more that height due to disk compresion in spine, still he has body of 6 ft 6 guy and his strenigth is still of 6 ft 6. Cheers!
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 5/Sep/13
He's really at most 6'3 but looks more closer to 6'2.5
IR says on 3/Sep/13
Batista exaggerates his size he was probably 300-310 lbs. at his peak and up to 6' 3 1/2" when as a bouncer.
IR says on 3/Sep/13
Batista is 6' 3" plain and simple.
John says on 27/Aug/13
Baustista is a max 6'1 he is actually around 6'0.25 look at the picture of him with mma fighter Glover Teixera who is 6'0, the picture is on Glover's twitter acccount..
Kian says on 9/Aug/13
WWE wrestlers are normally billed between 1-4 inches taller than what they actually are the ones that are billed 7ft such as Kane are usually only about 6'8-6'11 because Kane is around 6'8 Big Show has been billed up to 7'4 in WCW actual height around 7'0-7'1 was maybe 7'2 at around 1998 when he was younger Great Khali is actually 7'1 maybe 7'2 billed at 7'3 and 7'4 so they are all exaggerated some more than others but Batista has been billed up to 6'7 but he's around 6'3-6'4 could maybe be near 6'5 but no more he looks taller because of his physique but I don't think he's under 6'2.75 or 6'2.5 he looks near 6'5 in some camera angles but maybe he is much shorter than that :/
Along imchen says on 29/Jul/13
I would say that batista will be 6ft 4.5inc tall
Airborne1970 says on 28/Jul/13
Batista was at a WWE Event in Fayetteville, NC .. which I think it was November 2007 .. which I am just shy of 6'4" myself. I was only arm's length away from him as he walked by and I was looking down at him. He does have mass but he's lucky to be 6'2".
John says on 26/Jul/13
Look at the picture of him with the Diaz brothers who are both 6'0 and Jake Sheilds who is 5'11, Dave is a max 6'1
Supermanfan says on 3/Jul/13
Clay says on 19/Apr/13
You realize the ref was in dress shoes and Batista was barefoot, giving a 1.5 inch advantage.

1'5" advantage? I highly doubt the average dress shoe adds THAT much. None the less there looked to be a much bigger difference than 1'5" inch. I saw that match and there looked to be as much or more difference with Batista and Dan as there is with Batista and Undertaker.

Batista is under 6'3". I'm inclined to think 6'2"ish.

He looks bigger because he has big shoulder muscles giving him a WIDE silhouette.
Jo says on 25/Jun/13
Nohis oppenet was 6 ft 1.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 17/Jun/13
Orton has looked more than an inch taller than Batista at times.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jun/13
Between Randy Orton (6ft4in) and Triple H (6ft2-2.5in)
Mikey T says on 6/Jun/13
I'm gonna say that he's a weak 6'3" his 6'6" claim is laughable.
Aaron says on 22/May/13
His opponent was 6'2 not 5'11. Batista is 6'3
Ricky says on 18/May/13
And that's why I'm giving him a generous 6'2. Dave was barely taller than his 5'11 obese opponent.
bulk bolgan says on 5/May/13
met him at the miami airport. shorter than expected. I'm 6'3" He's shorter than me.
Clay says on 19/Apr/13
You realize the ref was in dress shoes and Batista was barefoot, giving a 1.5 inch advantage..
Ricky says on 12/Apr/13
Batista is 6'2. He was way shorter than Dan Mirgliotta during his mma fight and Dan's 6'4.
jimmy says on 24/Mar/13
6'2" flat.Clearly shorter than Rob Terry.
Aligator says on 21/Mar/13
Stupid who are said batista is 6'2.75,BATISTA IS around real height is 6'5 and he is billed with wrestling boots 6'7 and 335lbs
logan noll 1996 says on 16/Mar/13
Batista had an inch over Triple H during a staredown the two had at WrestleMania. Definately 6'3.
The Animal says on 14/Mar/13
Batista is 6.4 or 6.5
Yaspaa says on 13/Mar/13
He was 2" taller than Kurt Fuller in 1988. 6'5 max.
Ras says on 7/Mar/13
Doodoohead says on 3/Mar/13
6'3??? Really??? Damn, that means I'm almost the same height as Dave! I thought he was 6'6! The man looks HUGE!!! I'm 6'2.25 and I can't believe he's only half an inch taller than me! I thought he was a lot taller. But then again, most wrestlers lie about their height. I used to think Hulk Hogan was 6'7 or 6'8 but now I learned he's only 6'3. He looks no more than 6'3 standing next to 6'4 Troy Aikman.

That's because Hulk was 6'6 back in the 80's, nowadays due to the injuries he's sustained on his back and his knees as a pro wrestler AND his age he's now 6'3"-6'3.25".
The Ben says on 5/Mar/13
He never stands tall either, He always hunches. I think he may actually be a little over 6'3 stood at full height.
Alex says on 5/Mar/13
@Doodoohead: Professional wrestling appreciates the big man perhaps a bit too much. You'd be surprised how many 6'6''+ billed wrestlers are actually within the 6'1.5''-6'4'' range. Which kind of makes sense since people of such great height are actualy pretty rare.
Doodoohead says on 3/Mar/13
6'3??? Really??? Damn, that means I'm almost the same height as Dave! I thought he was 6'6! The man looks HUGE!!! I'm 6'2.25 and I can't believe he's only half an inch taller than me! I thought he was a lot taller. But then again, most wrestlers lie about their height. I used to think Hulk Hogan was 6'7 or 6'8 but now I learned he's only 6'3. He looks no more than 6'3 standing next to 6'4 Troy Aikman.
susan says on 26/Feb/13
i think Dave Batista is really hot .
I have crush on him . I live in NYC .
Is he stuck up and is he married .
If so , why doesnt he wear his wedding band ?
James says on 4/Feb/13
189cm like bill goldberg
joker says on 15/Jan/13
6'2.75 at most. Look at this Picture (The man with the iron fists)Dave with 6'2 RZA. Both are same height.

Click Here
Clay says on 12/Jan/13
Neither is standing up properly, he does come off as 6'3'' or close.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 12/Jan/13
He's listed at 6'4 so hes really more 6'3. Thats a good picture as Batista looks a bit below 6'3
The Ben says on 11/Jan/13
Isnt Ali Peek listed at 6'4?
Stephon Marbury says on 11/Jan/13
With 6'3" PBA player Ali Peek.

Click Here

Batista is 6'2.75"
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 29/Dec/12
Clay, def no doubt. Brock had a very bulky massive build but he still had some defintion. Also people sometimes think you have to be big and shredded to be on steriods. You can be 20-25% body fat and be on steriods LOL.
Clay says on 26/Dec/12
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 22/Dec/12
Lesnar still had a decent amount of definition still. He wasn't a fat bulky guys like some strong guys are. He still was on steriods though lol

lol, Brock will probably deny it until the day he dies, but he was definitely on growth hormones or roids (or both) anywhere from 1999-2004.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 22/Dec/12
Lesnar still had a decent amount of definition still. He wasn't a fat bulky guys like some strong guys are. He still was on steriods though lol
Annonymous says on 20/Dec/12
Lesnar has a thicker build, more like a strongman. Batista was a bodybuilder that abused steroids while Lesnar had old farmboy strength and brute power.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 19/Dec/12
Clay, yea they were very close in size, mass, and even height but Batista was def more ripped and vascular. Lesnar had his fair share of cuts though. Also we dont know how much stronger Lesnar was in the gym? He had more brute strength like picking up people but their numbers in the gym could be closer than we think.
Clay says on 16/Dec/12
Alex it's weird that Batista is the same size as Lesnar but in his own words, not nearly as strong. Usually when two dudes are right around the same size their strength in the gym is damn near identical as well.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 21/Nov/12
Also during WWE he said in an interview his weight varied in the 280-290lb range
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 20/Nov/12
Clay, prob yea thought there was a few pics he looked 250-260 range. At his biggest I would have said he was 290-300 his first couple years 02-04 then looked more like 280 range, I saw him in the movie Man with the Iron Fists and he looked a solid 270 at least
Clay says on 19/Nov/12
Alex, he probably was always 270-275 at his lowest recently.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 17/Nov/12
I seen his first MMA from early October. He weighed in at 265 for that fight so makes me think he still is around a good 270-275lbs. But there were pics from last year where he looked more closer to 250lbs. Probably bulked up again for MMA by looking at his newest pics
Ajax says on 11/Nov/12
6'6" on google search! Lol!
Clay says on 1/Nov/12
There are many posters who could automatically be written off as just messing around on here...Big Mike is one of them obviously.

Either that or he is a horribly functioning autistic.
sid says on 30/Oct/12
dicksock I saw Batista match, he was losing he shouldnt won the match. Batista was mounted on that guy throwing weak punches
Miiiiiiighty_l- says on 28/Oct/12
LOL @ Big Mike what a troll !!!

Big Show at 6'8 ? ahahahah ???
Seriously , then what does that make Dennis Rodman ??? 6'3 ??

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James says on 15/Oct/12
6'5 is insane for Batista. What was he smoking when he claimed that?
James says on 14/Oct/12
Someone on this site met Orton and thought he was 6'3.75.

He also looked that mark next too 193cm drew mcintyre
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 13/Oct/12
Id put Orton at a hair over 6'4 before under 6'4
James says on 11/Oct/12
Sorry about all the questions rob but is 6'2.5 (189cm) possible for Batista? He could often look that range in photos with 6'3.75 (192cm) Randy Orton.
[Editor Rob: yeah he can look within that range aswell.]
dicksock says on 7/Oct/12
Batista is 6'2.5"-6'3" and was listed at 265lbs in his first mma fight, which I just saw. He won by tko in the first round by the way.
Alex 6\'0-6\'0.75 says on 20/Sep/12
Batista has leaned out a good amount but hes still a pretty big guy. He was so big that evening leaning out 40lbs makes him very big still.
Haze says on 13/Sep/12
I've always thought him around 6'2.5". And it goes well with his listing, because honestly... who can tell a 1/4 inch difference. I believe he is around .5" to 1" taller than hhh. Excellent physique. He recently posted pictures looking to have leaned out about 30-40 pounds. Looks much better IMO.
Nick says on 29/Aug/12
AK47, good photo, batista always has relaxed posture, if i imagine him taking a step closer to camera where rza is and standing tall i can see the difference transform into .5 to an inch
Alex says on 25/Aug/12
Danimal, yea they referred to him as 6'6 290lbs in the article. He hasn't been 290lbs since his earlier WWE days!
AK47 says on 21/Aug/12
Look here: Click Here

RZA and Batista. RZA is 188cm
AK47 says on 21/Aug/12
Batista is around 190cm. His massive body and his long legs add him some inches.
Alex says on 16/Aug/12
He has his first MMA fight booked against Rashid Evans on October 6th. I'd actually like to see this fight. Now Evans they list at 6'2 225lbs. They were referring Batista as 6'6 290lbs. Obviously hes no way near 6'6 but 290lbs would be over the limit for heavyweight which he certainly isn't now anyway. He looks more 250-260lbs last I seen him.
somedude says on 9/Aug/12
lol-how does one go from 6'8 to 6'2 and change? Thats ridiculous no matter what circumstances. Id say Batista was a 6'3 1/8 guy who was posing as 6'5 when he first got into wwe. Now that hes older eased up on the roids and lost 15-20 lb of bulk. And maybe a 1/2-3/4" in height but no one loses 5" unless they live to 125 yrs old lol
Alex says on 4/Aug/12
Anon, well when some people lean out they lose muscle but he lost a lot of muscle and lost definition too! I disagree on 9% body fat. I think he was lower than that at some point. Lesnar was 10% and Batista was noticeably more cut than he was
Anon says on 2/Aug/12
He didn't lean out, he lost muscle mass. He was no more than 9% BF to begin with.
Alex says on 28/Jul/12
Seen recent pics of Batista and he is much smaller than he was. Dont get me wrong. Hes still a big guy but no where near like he was. At the end of his WWE career he leaned out some but his first few years in WWF 02-05 he was his biggest
WMD says on 24/Jul/12
Brock is 6'3 so Batista gotta be 6'3 or a bit taller. Cause both Batista and lesnar are about the same height except Batista is a little taller.
swag says on 10/Jun/12
lol i always thought wwe stars are much higher.. so how tall is kaval? now i dont believe that he is 5'7-5'8, he looks about 5'5 or 5'6
Rikashiku says on 4/Jun/12
HHH is closer to 6'1" now a days.
jaypee says on 3/Feb/12
all this claims about Batista as 6'5 is hogwash. he is barely taller than triple H. We all know as a fact that triple H is 6'2
Ras says on 1/Feb/12
Rich says on 30/Dec/11
Click Here
The pics with the girls at the bottom are great shots. If youve ever seen the video of this day at his gym, Dave is barefoot while these girls ,even though not visible, are probably wearing some sort of footwear. Batista looks nothing of his talked 6'3-4, unless these girls are 6 feet tall. I guess he always looked bigger from his muscle giving some sort of extra size. Now, i dont even know.
Rikashiku is right. If those women were wearing heels then they must be about 5'9" barefoot. Take into account Batista was barefoot in that pic, and he is dropping posture. I've learned that having a bad posture can make you look hideously shorter, Tak into account that the ground may be uneven too. Batista IMO is the listed height here.
Ras says on 1/Feb/12
I think CM punk is 5'11", maybe 5'11.25" tops. It's really weird how Punk would look up at 6'4" John Laurinaitis in past shows and this monday they looked more like their own normal heights that's how I think a 5'11" guy would look next to a 6'4" guy. They probably told Laurinaitis to stop wearing his elevator shoes so that Punks 6'2" billing looked more realistic (even when he clearly looked about 5 inches shorter than Laurinaitis). Laurinaitis easily looked 6'6.5" with his elevators while Punk used some boots that almost looked like slippers, that's why he looked so short next to Laurinaitis, but now I think he waers more regular wrestling footwear. I estimated both Laurinaitis and Punk's footwear at 1.25. Triple H I think wears elevators too cause he looked eye to eye with Laurinaitis while William Regal who is a 6'1.75-6'2" guy looked more like a proper 6'2" guy next to laurinaitis
rory says on 26/Jan/12
if he claims 6'5 and you saw 6'3 why put him as 6'2.75 makes no sence he deffenetly taller than 6'3. 6'5 at least

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