How tall is Demi Lovato ?

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Demi Lovato's height is 5ft 2.5in (159 cm)

American singer and actress known for songs such as "Heart Attack", "Neon Lights", "Really Don't Care" and "Give Your Heart a Break". She mentioned her height on twitter, claiming that "I thought I was 5'5" a while ago.......... Until I took my shoes off.........I grew!!! Yayy!!! I'm 5'3" and a HALF!!!"

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Charon540 says on 29/May/15
If you're claiming a 5'2" girl to be standing at 5'9". You got issues!!!
120 says on 28/May/15
@Sel Ugh, i'm sorry that comment alone just almost gave me an aneurysm because of pure stupidity and exaggeration. smh
GG says on 21/Apr/15
She was 5'4 in 2009 so i'd say it being 2015, she's around close to 5'5 now...
Ally says on 13/Apr/15
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Sam towers over her by almost a foot so 5'2.5" seems more accurate than 5'3.5"
Brad says on 31/Dec/14
5 feet to 5 foot 5......she has the mystery height.
Jane says on 29/Dec/14
She doesn't look more than 153-154 cm. But in heels whe might be 163 (5'4) . It is normal to add to their heights.
lucy says on 9/Dec/14
@blue, I disagree. She seems very caught up about her looks even though she's trying to combat it. I believe she WOULD lie about her height. In many photos with Selena Gomez, compare the two -- she's not just 1 inch shorter. The difference is a little more than that. She's 5ft2 and a half. Sorry blue.
blue says on 15/Oct/14
Personnaly i don't think she's the kind of girl who lise 'bout her height.
She doesn't seem complexed 'bout her body like others girls could be, she had admitt her weight (60-65kg) easily. She's really beautiful and she knows it!!
So 5ft3 and a half.
Sorry Rob.
Livi says on 6/May/14
Seriously guys come on honestly I see her on the X-factor and she looks like she's 5'5 or 5'6 because in that picture above Selena is 5'7! Not that far in hight guys😒
Danny says on 14/Feb/14
Man, I never knew that Demi Lovato and me are just the same height. Must've been about the food I've been eating so many.
Alyssa says on 14/Jan/14
She's 5'3
Josie says on 11/Jan/14
I've been looking at lots of pictures of her, watching her music videos, etc. To me she seems like she's 5'2" at the most. Probably more like 5'1"-5'1" 1/2. She still manages to look tiny even in huge heels.
isis says on 30/Dec/13
shes 5'4 the same height as my little sister
Tania says on 5/Nov/13
She looked about 5'1-2" to me in Camp Rock 2. 5'5" ? Lol, she wishes.
Alyssa says on 19/Oct/13
Same thing happened to me except im 5'4 AND A HALF. I thought i was 5'5 almost 5'6 until i stopped wearing sneakers but im only 5'4 and a half and 18. Demi is only 5 feet tall
Brad says on 4/Oct/13
Taylor Swift made her look tiny even with huge heels on and Taylor in 1.5 inchers. Sings better than Swift.
diana says on 24/Aug/13
lol she looks more like 5'1. why has noone suggested this? she's quite a bit shorter than selena (5'4) too. I feel like if she was 5'2 or 5'3 it wouldn't be that obvious.
Jay says on 28/Jun/13
Yeah, some of you are naive, if you think she's over 5'3. Seriously, 5'9?
Amber says on 9/Jun/13
You guys are idiots. She's 5'3. I should know, there's a picture of her meet Zendaya and Daya is 5'10! Demi had to step on a couch JUST to get a picture with her and she wasn't wearing heels either.
Sel says on 10/Apr/13
Demi lovato is 5'9. I met her and im only 5'4 and she looked a 5 inches taller than me and she was wearing flats
allison says on 29/Nov/12
wow i thought she was 5'7 but shes only 5'2
teyet says on 24/Nov/12
wow, i thought she was 5'6'' I CAN'T IMAGINE THAT SHE WAS ONLY 5'3''
Ali says on 18/Nov/12
Britney Spears must be more than 5'4 then since she looks a good bit taller than Demi Lovato!
JaHayden says on 14/Nov/12
Well at this point I'm 5'11" I'm trying to push for 6'5" or 6'6". Do something active to grow it will help a lot. One summer I was between 5'4" or 5'5" so I grew like 9" over the summer. That's how I'm 5'11" at this time.
marla singer says on 14/Nov/12
She might have grown... maybe 5 ft 3?
In this 2009 video at 7:55 Click Here she says "I like to say I'm 5-5 but I'm 5-4"
173 says on 12/Nov/12
Levato as listed and Bieber be 5'5.5".
says on 11/Nov/12
5'4 brad? Seriously man. U mean she and bieber are same height.. Hell no.
Bieber 5'5.75
Lovato as listed
Carmen says on 13/Oct/12
I'm 15 years old girl and i'm currently 5'6 and a half so she's shorter than me. she's 5'3 because i looked up her height.but could be wrong because her legs are short
danielle says on 10/Oct/12
she's around 5'5 or 5'6
Linda says on 30/Sep/12
I saw a live chat from back in 2009 and and she got a question about her height and she answered : I like to say that I'm 5'5 but I'm only 5'4.
So guess she's 5'4 ;)
Here's the link to that clip its at like 7:58
Click Here
demetrius says on 30/Sep/12
I saw and old live chat from back in 2009 and she said: I like to say that i'm 5'5 but i'm only 5'4. so i guess she's 5'4 ;)
here's the link to the live chat, the height question is at about 3:17 or something :)
Sophia says on 19/Aug/12
in other sites, it says that she's 5'4"
jtvd says on 9/Aug/12
she said in a live chat a while ago that she likes to say shes 5'5 but is actually 5'4.... i would say 5'4.
Brad says on 25/Jul/12
5' 4", tricky footwear.
Taylor says on 17/Jun/12
I also always thought she was 5'2 but people to grow but not at the age she is.
Aria says on 6/Jun/12
5'2.5"-5'3" seems about right. I always thought she was exactly 5'2":Click Here
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