How tall is Ellen Page ?

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Ellen Page's height is 5ft 1in (155 cm)

Canadian Actress best known for roles in movies like Inception, Juno, Super, Whip It, and X-Men: The Last Stand. She was listed on an agency page as "5ft 2 and 105lbs", although in The Mirror Newspaper she said "It was lot of fun being a 5ft 1 in superhero" and has said 5ft 1 on other occasions.

Marion Cotillard, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen
Photo by Landmark / PR Photos
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Bird says on 19/Jan/15
She lookes even smaller because she is so thin. Also, I'm 5' or 154cm and I can tell you being this short in a western country of tall people is incredibly inconvenient. Everything is too big. Not just in height but in scale. I hate complaining about something like this but on a personal lever it is very difficult. You are rarely taken seriously because you look like a child. Imagine that..
Arch Stanton says on 6/Oct/14
Looks 5' flat in Juno.
blue says on 3/Oct/14
Hi rob, how much do you think she weight on the photo above?
105 lbs for 5ft1?
[Editor Rob: barely 100 pounds]
AnaS says on 14/Aug/14
I meant watched, not saw. Lost in translation...
AnaS says on 14/Aug/14
I saw Juno a few days ago. I thought that Michael Cera was at least a 6 footer and I am quite surprised too see that he's listed at only 5'8.5". I think that he height difference was higher han that. She looks so tiny, I would say that she's 5'0" max and Cera is probably a tiny bit taller. Just my opinión.
deadhead says on 6/Jun/14
Woman on this website are soooo shallow lol. how have to be a certain height in order to get your approval. silly woman.
jj says on 8/May/14
She is shorter like 4'10
K says on 17/Feb/14
Editor Rob is very good at guessing heights but I wouldn't be surprised if she's 4'11 to 5'.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/14
Yeah what I guessed, in fact I could buy 5'0 range too, make Di Caprio look a six footer in Inception.
Randomgirl says on 14/Oct/13
It's funny because people say I look so much like her and I carry myself like her too, yet I am between 5'5 and 5'6. She looks 5'0 to 5'1 I don't think shorter than that.
cassieQ says on 27/Sep/13
I think she's under 150cm
Tordis says on 20/Aug/13
@paciugo: It often has to do with proportions. Women with shorter limbs, shorter fingers, bigger head (cute proportions) often appear petite or at least shorter at first sight. They don't necessarily need to be petite by height. (Very) curvy women often get their curves noticed before their height, so they often appear not so petite than they are. Sometimes being very skinny also lets a woman look taller (especially if she has long arms and legs), but mostly it adds to the petite look.
I'm 5 ft 2 btw and I love being tiny, although finding clothes can sometimes be a little tough because although I'm slender, I'm curvy. Ellen Page has a more boyish figure, maybe she finds it easier.
K says on 31/May/13
I'm 5'3" and I find my height to be inconvenient! I think the world is made for taller people, at least where I am from, the U.S. People comment how short I am all the time even though I'm an inch below average. I can't imagine being shorter. Being too tall would also be convenient. I wouldn't want to be a woman and over 5'8" personally.... 5'6" would be nice
little sue says on 30/May/13
Why inconvienient?? its only 3 inches below average height as opposed to yourself being 6 inches. At least she has material to cut off trousers, I see that many tall women wearing trousers flapping round their ankles because their legs are that long
Ariel says on 28/May/13
Wow, I could not imagine being that height. I am 5'10, my brother is 6'5, my boyfriend is 6'6, and my uncle is 6'9. Don't get me wrong, she is as cute as anything, but still 5'1 must get inconvenient ...
Ariel says on 28/May/13
Wow, I could not imagine being that height. I am 5'10, my brother is 6'5, my boyfriend is 6'6, and my uncle is 6'9. Don't get me wrong, she is as cute as anything, but still 5'1 must get inconvenient ...
Rich says on 23/Mar/13
Height does not matter at all unless the guy is incredibly insecure.
Alexandra says on 7/Mar/13
@angar: Are you in giants school? :)) 5'10" for a woman is too much, unless she's like a supermodel. And you're 6'4'? Geez :)) 5'6'' is perfect for a woman! I am 5'3'''and a bit on the short side, but then again I don't like my men to be taller than 5'11''max!
paciugo says on 24/Feb/13
there's a picture of her standing next to Drew Barrymore, same level on the ground, same posture, same footwear and they look the same height. but on the red carpet with heels Barrymore looks taller than her. how is that possible? higher shoes?
angar says on 25/Jan/13
@Kitty Kate
are you in The Smurfs school?
how is 5'6'' tall and how are all the guys at your scholl shorter?
i am 21 and 6'4'' and my gfriend is 5'10''
i guess you must be under 13
Sam says on 23/Jan/13
Unsurprisingly, she looks roughly child-sized next to Alexander Skarsgard:
Click Here
Kitty Kate says on 2/Jan/13
Gosh, I wish I had her height I'm 5'6 and my whole high school is shorter than me, even a lot of the guys!! It sucks! I was told all my life I would be 5'3 and petite. I wish that was true...apparently my height is too tall for a girl,which upsets me because I have to look down upon my peers! I hear all these girls wish they were tall, but being tall really sucks! Apparently guys have to be taller than you to be your boyfriend, but if most of the guys at my school are short...
My family thinks of me as a midget(basically my whole family is either 6'0 or over), but at school I'm a giant! You have no idea how jealous and envious tall girl like me are envious 5'5 and under! Consider yourselves lucky!
Danny says on 2/Jan/13
She is 5'0 and not a centimeter over that. Marion is wearing 3 1/2 inch heels and appears about 2 inches shorter than the 5'11 which would make her actual height 5'6. DiCaprio. Ellen is wearing 3 1/2 inch heels and appears about 8-9 inches shorter that Leo which would out her at 5'2-5'3 with the heels on. That means she is 5'0 at best, more likely just 4'11.
Silent d says on 5/Feb/12
She is tiny. I think she was shorter than drew barrymore. 5 foot.

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