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Gheorghe Muresan Height
Gheorghe Muresan's height is 7 ft 7 in (231 cm)

This former colossal Romanian Basketball player turned to acting and is most famous for being in My Giant opposite Billy Crystal.

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weekly says on 3/Apr/06
Here is the list of 50 tallest basketball players according to eurobasket.com: Click Here
Manute Bol is lited at 231 (9th place), Muresan at 230 (10th place). But I prefer it conversely. But noone of them was the tallest player ever DRAFTED by NBA team. This honour goes to Yasutaka Okayama, who was drafted in 1981 by Golden State Warriors, but he never played in NBA. His height is (more sources) something between 233-236 cm.

One more thing: Muresan also appeared in Eminem's video My Name Is.

Anshelm says on 21/Mar/06
This could be a useful bit of information when comparing these tall guys: one time Guinness recognized Manute Bol though born in Sudan as the tallest American (don't know if he still is) at 7'6"/230,5 cm. This should be based on several measurements, as Guinness is still very strict about height records, even if they've got a bit sloppy otherwise. Earlier (1992 edition) they had his height at 230 cm/7'6" as the tallest NBA player (pre-Muresan era). And so he's never been a FULL 7'7".

Jake says on 26/Feb/06
Sing, stop trying to claim Yao is taller than Muresan. He isn't even taller than Bradley.

bllb says on 14/Dec/05
yao ming:7'5" shawn bradley:7'6" Gheorghe Muresan:7'7" manute bol :7'7"

zas says on 27/Sep/05
Muresan is 7-7 1/4.(232 cm)

Joe says on 23/Sep/05
Man,thats why the metric system is superior. If the player's heights were all measured in meters or centimeters, instead of feet and inches, who is tallest would be very clear.

JBricks says on 12/Jun/05
Don't automatically assume people are wrong Sing. You aren't always right I'm sure. Where's your second alias 'the wanderer' to "back you up?"

Sing says on 9/Jun/05
Please don't start on the where I am from thing. I am American but a big Yao Ming fan. So let's not go there, aight? Peace.

I don't understand why Muresan is so popular to the point where the media jack up his height and want to make him a movie star. Granted, he's tall and big, but slow as molasses. The only reason he averaged over 2 blocks one season was because all the NBA players tried to dunk on his head and underestimated his reach advantage. Shaq embarassed the heck out of him when they went head to head.

Sing says on 8/Jun/05
JS, so who cares what wikipedia says? It's written by people like you, and me. Anybody can edit the articles. Maybe you wrote the articles on Muresan and Bol yourself?

You are wrong! Bradley was taller than Muresan, but Manute Bol was definitely the tallest ever. Why people, like you, keep mouthing off that Muresan is taller I don't know.

Unless you can come up with photos, I believe Manute is the tallest ever, Yao Ming second, Bradley 3rd, and Muresan at #4. However, in a couple of years Ming might move to #1 since he's a shade under 7-7 already, some even say he's 7-8 now! Shaq does talk smack but though I don't believe Yao is 7-10, he might be close with shoes on. I would say Yao is about 7-8 to 7-9 with shoes on.

JS says on 8/Jun/05
But this is a heights site, not an nba-talent site. It was featured on ESPN, wayyy back in the day after Muresan was drafted. You can find a mention of it at wikipedia on the Manute Bol and Muresan articles, obviously they saw the same thing too. Call up ESPN.

Who cares what Bradley says? You've cited Shaq too, but does he even know how tall he is? Does he really think Yao is 7'10 in shoes, no he doesnt.. because he likes spewing off at the mouth all the time. I don't know if you're from the US or not, but if you are, you should know that.

You can't sit there and automatically say I'm wrong simply because you're a self-proclaimed expert w/ Yao Ming.

Sing says on 8/Jun/05
JS, you have no photo proof, and unless Bradley said it himself, your claim has no legs to stand on. When you are talking about 1 inch for giants 7-6 or 7-7 tall, that's a very narrow margin of error so you have to be very accurate. I have never seen photos of Muresan standing back to back against Bol or Bradley. Maybe there is a good reason for that. He's shorter than both of them. If you an article then paste the link here please.

Regardless, Muresan shouldn't have been in the NBA in the first place. He was terrible. and his acromegalic body finally gave in after a few mediocre seasons. That's what happens when a guy who's supposed to be normal-sized grow tall due to disease.

JS says on 7/Jun/05
Ok NBA height expert. You're going on pure hearsay when I've actually read these statements and you can find them on the Internet if you look hard enough.

Sing says on 7/Jun/05
JS, nope. Bradley and Muresan never stood back to back so nobody can say for sure who's taller. Bradley looked taller, but Bradley admitted Manute was a bit taller than him. Muresan got a lot of hype for some reason, including a movie. But he was nowhere near Sabonis' or for that matter, Bradley's skill level.

He's the tallest because some media dork wanted to make him the tallest. Manute is the real tallest player ever, though It's possible Yao Ming will overtake him one day.

JS says on 7/Jun/05
Sing, no he's not. Bradley was in the league at the same time as Muresan and Muresan was declared the tallest player after they determined he was slightly taller than Manute Bol.

Noone takes Bol in wingspan though, period. His is probably the longest in the world.

Sing says on 5/Jun/05
nope, Bradley is taller than Gheorge.

JCS says on 2/Jun/05
Tallest player ever was Muresan. He was 2cm or so taller than Bol. Do your research guys.. Muresan is almost 7'7" barefoot

Sing says on 24/May/05
Gheorghe ain't that colossal. He only weighted 305 lbs, Yao Ming outweighs him by 10 lbs, is taller than him @ 7'6", and a much better basketball player. Muresan is 7'5" even barefooted. He's definitely not taller than Bradley. Muresan and Bradley went head to head in a few games, and Shawn looked taller than Muresan. Not sure why Muresan got a lot of hype though. I guess they wanted him to be good because he's heavy. But he isn't even close to Arvydas Sabonis' caliber, not to mention Shaq or Yao.

JS says on 15/May/05
Judging from this: http://www.scholarshipamerica.org/home/img/newsgfx/cs4ne137.jpg

I'd say 7'7" barefoot is likely.

mask says on 21/Mar/05
He is 7'7'' with shoes on.I think he is barefeet 7'5.5'' because in a photo near 7'6'' shawn bradley he looks a bit shorter than shawn.

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