How tall is Jim Parsons ?

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Jim Parsons's height is 6ft 1.25in (186 cm)

American Actor from The Big Bang Theory.

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Rhonda says on 8/Apr/14
There are a couple of good pointers towards his height :- his head reaches the top of the bracket of the door in shoes and just under that with it shoes. I believe Ross from Friends reaches a similar height in shoes and many believe he is also slightly under 6ft1. Personally I think the absolute max he can be is a 6ft1 flat and the bare min he could be is 5ft11.5. I am going to say 6ft to 6ft0.5 would be my personal opinion on his height. I am trying to find the height of Gablehauser because Sheldon is similar height. Anyway the top of a bracket from a door frame is a good number of inches if he were 6ft1 with shoes he'd be taller next to door frame. MrGrim no way is he as small as 5ft10, Leonard's mother is that height and he is taller, assuming she is actually a genuine 5ft10 that is. There is nothing to point to such a low 5ft10 height for him. He looks a few inches more.
EzioAuditore711 says on 24/Mar/14
Palin is 100% right! That's what I've been saying all along. And BTW I'm pretty sure that Palin at 186 cm would be taller than Jim Parsons.
MrGrim says on 24/Mar/14
5'10, 5'11, tops don't be fooled skinny people can look a lot taller than they actually are even the way you dress can make you look taller I am 6'0 but if Jim parsons is 6'1 then I'm 6'2 or even 6'3 I mean come on you all know how actors say there a few inches taller than they actually are but hey if you think he's over 6'0 then tom cruise is 5'10 and its all a big lie about him being short
Chris says on 18/Mar/14
If Will Wheaton is 5'10, then Jim is obviously over 6ft: Click Here
Pallin 186cm says on 17/Mar/14
Jim parsons thrives on the fact that he Works with short cast members, so he can tell anyone that he is as he claims, 6'2". This is ridiculous since he is clearly shorter than Dj Qualls who is a legit 184 guy, and just by looking at Sheldon you can see that he is not even 6'1" imagine if hugh Jackman or Tom hiddleston would stand next to him, then his 6'2" claim would die on the spot
EzioAuditore711 says on 13/Mar/14
I'm 6'3'' and am a full head taller than somebody in the 5'5''- 5'6'' height range. If Kaley Cuoco is 5'6'' maybe 5'5'' and we assume Parsons is about 6'2'' she should be at about his lips. She isn't. Thus making him shorter than 6'2'' or 6'1'' for that matter. Plus he doesn't look a head taller than Galecki who's no more than 5'5'' and may be 5'4.5''. Just watch The Big Bang Theory.
EzioAuditore711 says on 13/Mar/14
I'm 6'3'' and am a full head taller than somebody in the 5'4''- 5'5'' height range. If Kaley Cuoco is 5'6'' maybe 5'5'' and we assume Parsons is about 6'2'' she should be at about his lips. She isn't. Thus making him shorter than 6'2'' or 6'1'' for that matter. Plus he doesn't look a head taller than Galecki who's no more than 5'5'' and may be 5'4.5''. Just watch The Big Bang Theory.
I\\\'m right says on 9/Mar/14
I'm smart and I say Jim Parsons is just above 6". I heard 6'1/4" Maybe just over 6" on SNL.
SomeGuy says on 7/Mar/14
Parsons looks about 4" shorter than Conan who people tend to think of as dead on 6'4" at best. Take a look at this video standing beside one another from 3:45 onwards
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HellBoundPower says on 7/Mar/14
Just saw a picture of him with Anson Mount on Twitter, and Mount looks to have an inch on him.
jordydecke says on 25/Feb/14
@ezioauditore711 he is more than just a simple six foot, I know the guys around him are all short but if he is, as you say, six feet tall then he's the tallest six footer I've ever seen compared to everyone around him.
EzioAuditore711 says on 23/Feb/14
Why haven't you downgraded him yet Rob? He's 6 feet tall.
Hi says on 7/Feb/14
He is tall
Rhonda says on 28/Jan/14
Emily says on 13/Jan/14
@Rhonda A 9 inch head at your height is actually on the bigger side. 9 inches i think is the start of "big" for female head length. Mine is at least 9 inches (not sure how long exactly), but i'm almost 6 feet tall.====== Ok, I am not sure on the average head size for female head size is. My bf head is 10 inches and he is a head taller.
EzioAuditore711 says on 20/Jan/14
He's not 6'1.25''. Looks barely 6' next to 5'6'' (maybe less) Kaley Cuoco.
Lorne says on 17/Jan/14
His head really isn't that long, in fact it can look smaller to me...
I\'m right says on 15/Jan/14
He's about half an inch Shorter than DJ Qualls, so 6' 1/2"
dennis 186 cm says on 15/Jan/14
6'1" is probably right , even though short cast members, during the seasons we meet some of pennys boyfriends WHO are legit 6'4" guys and there aint much difference between them and sheldon
Emily says on 13/Jan/14
@Rhonda A 9 inch head at your height is actually on the bigger side. 9 inches i think is the start of "big" for female head length. Mine is at least 9 inches (not sure how long exactly), but i'm almost 6 feet tall.
Rhonda says on 11/Jan/14
Rob Leonard Nimoy head is bigger than Sheldon's on the photo just measured it, please check again as we think you are wrong here, Nimoy's head is bigger than 9.5inches, it is long. I am 5ft2 and my head is about 9inches and I've a small head and face.
[Editor Rob: I know it's slightly longer in the photo with Jim...

you can compare nimoy's head to mine, it is very similar I believe]
Emily says on 10/Jan/14
And what's his face length? 21 cm? He has a very high hairline.
[Editor Rob: I don't think his head is over 9.5 inches and with an at most 3cm hairlevel, 21-21.5 face length might be right]
Emily says on 3/Jan/14
9,5 inches? No way. His head is definitely longer than that
[Editor Rob: look at His head with leonard Nimoy who I met and his head isn't longer than mine.]
EzioAuditore711 says on 29/Dec/13
6 foot flat,maybe a very strong 5'11''.. Doesn't tower over Kaley Cuoco and she's only 5'6''. I'm 6'3'' and am a full head taller than my grandfather who's 5'5''-5'6'' range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/13
He can look 187-188cm at times on TBBT because he's rake thin and the short cast
Gheist says on 20/Dec/13
Anywhere around 183-185 is good for him, he towers everyone in the show, but considering Nayyar is at max 171cm is a lot of difference. Since he is tall and skinny he looks taller, 183-184 for him is my bet.
Mr. R says on 28/Nov/13
Actually, I'm wrong Jim referred to himself as 6-2 on the tonight show last week.
Mr. R says on 23/Nov/13
I was at the Tonight Show taping tonight with Jay Leno, and Jim said at one point that he was 6-1. But when he came to greet Leno, he clearly was not three inches taller than Jay. Rob has this one right on the nose!
Sarah says on 4/Nov/13
He is about 6'1", good listing.
Rhonda says on 20/Oct/13
Blaze most of the cast are sub 5ft6 so you'd tower over them like one of Penny's taller bofriends, taller than them even I think I searched and Some of Penny's boyfriends were in the 6ft3-4 range and towered over Sheldon.
Emily says on 19/Oct/13
He has a weird head shape and it's quite big too. 10 inches long?
[Editor Rob: not sure it's quite that long, maybe 9.5ish]
Blaze says on 3/Oct/13
I thought he was 6'2 since he completely towers the cast. wonder how I would look with the cast since I'm 6'5...
jim says on 13/Sep/13
I'd say 184cm. He's surrounded by tiny cast members and his skinny frame makes him look taller.
Balrog says on 10/Sep/13
183? Jesus Christ.
Viper says on 9/Sep/13
183cm at best
Lorne says on 30/Aug/13
Wasn't he listed 6' 1 flat? That's closer, he doesn't look taller than 6ft0.75in DJ Qualls.
Rhonda says on 8/Aug/13
Lomax says on 14/Apr/13
Him and DJ qualls are the same in height on the episode
exactly I saw that too and Qualls is 6ft0.5. I saw a picture of Qualls and Bradley Cooper 6ft0.5 and Bradley Cooper was slightly taller. search for it.
HellBoundPower says on 8/Aug/13
If Jim is 6'1.25" DJ Quills is almost 6'2". He edged him out on The Big Bang Theory.
Viper says on 8/Aug/13
No way is he this tall.
spainmen says on 30/Jul/13
I would say 185 cms he gets towered by 190-191 cms pennys ex-boyfried zack
Rhonda says on 17/Jul/13
Jim Parsons with Matt Bomer listed as 5ft11.5 and Rob lists him as 5ft11.25 they look the same height in these photos, if not Matt Bomer probably pips him by a little.
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Rhonda says on 17/Jul/13
Jim Parsons is 6ft to 6ft0.5, points of reference is Riki Lindhome who played Ramona Nowitzi is 5ft9 and he had 3 inches on her. He is currently in a play with Lee Pace who is 6ft3 and he has 2.5 to 3 inches on him. Christine Baranski who plays Leonard mother is 5ft10 she isnt far from his height.
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Silent d says on 23/Jun/13
jamz says on 8/May/13
He's about 6'0". He's just skinny which fools people into thinking he's slightly taller than he really is
Mike 181 says on 24/Apr/13
6"2 in shoes..
Lomax says on 14/Apr/13
Him and DJ qualls are the same in height on the episode
Emily says on 1/Apr/13
Btw, i donīt think short people look taller per se. Itīs the physical build that creates the illusion of being taller. Mostly the length of the legs, if you have shorter legs than another person your same height, youīre gonna look shorter.
Emily says on 1/Apr/13
How long is his head? Just wondering...
jack bassmaster says on 25/Mar/13
yeah he is 6ft 1 maybe 6ft 1 1/2 but when he wears shoes he is every bit 6ft 2 look at the scottish guy ferguson who is 6ft 2 he was the same height as him
LOL says on 17/Mar/13
@del how the hell is 6'1 6 inches taller than 5'5? i normally wouldnt call anyone out for that but you claim to know measurements and math.. what are you 12?
B.T. Stomp says on 13/Feb/13
Today I did background on 'Big Bang Theory'.
Kunal (Raj) came right up us to put his drink on the counter.
He politley said 'excuse me' and wished us a 'good morning'.
When he was right in front of me he looked to be his listed height of 5'8".
Johnny (Leonard) walked by me and looked a little taller than his listed height of 5'5".
Then I saw he was wearing big boots.
Jim (Sheldon) walked by from a distance but looked about my height 6'1" if not just slightly taller, maybe 6'1.5"
Simon (Howard) I only saw from the bleachers.
When I watched them rehearsing from a tv monitor Johnny looked about the same height as Simon.
Since Johnny was wearing big boots and Simon I think converse sneakers that would mean Simon has around 1" on Johnny.
Didn't really get to see any of the girls.
Except Mayim (Amy) walked by us to go offstage when I was sitting.
Then Kaley was on the bleachers with Johnny thanking the audience for their participation.
They all seem very nice and I hope I get booked on the show again in the near future.
Ramsay says on 20/Jan/13
How is it a "myth"? It's basic perception, skinnier people always do look taller which is why it's accepted as being that way, you having a couple of people overinflate your height doesn't change that
bostonmike says on 15/Jan/13
It is a myth that people, who are thin, look taller than what they really are. I was 6'0" tall when I was in highschool and 175 lbs and people thought I was about 5'11". I am currently the same height but a 195 lbs and people think I'm 6'1" or 6'2". When your thicker, you look bigger. When you look bigger, you look taller. It's simple you idiots.
leonari says on 11/Jan/13
The guy always looks tall...cause he is.
del says on 10/Jan/13
Oy he's lanky so he looks taller (I'm 5'7 and people think I'm taller cause of it) but he's at least 6'1..if you know measurements and math, galecki is 5'5 which if parsons is 6'1 that's an 6 inches difference and that's apparent...I'm 6 inches taller than both my sisters and you can definetly tell, when I look at them I'm literally more than a head taller...if u watch them all together in a close scene, he's way above a head taller
Josh says on 9/Jan/13
looks around 6'0.5 (184 cm)
Mastro says on 2/Jan/13
Funny that people are quoting the life sized cut outs- do you really think they get all six sigma with those? They could easily be an inch or so off.
balrog says on 25/Dec/12
The slight downgrade is perfect Rob. Also I'd put Galecki under 5'5'' now you add Nayyar at 5'7''
Jack says on 23/Dec/12
I think 6'1" is right for him. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would lie about his height, so when he said he is 'six-two' he probably meant it in shoes.
Silent D says on 13/Dec/12
Johnnyfive says on 29/Nov/12
I watched him on Leno the other night and when Jim was talking about a life sized cardboard cutout his mom had of him he said "its 6'2" obviously the cutout is in shoes because its from his show so if he's 6'2 in shoes, then that means he's 6'1 barefoot (185cms).
tony t. says on 26/Nov/12
Thought he was like 5'11 or something closer to that. Didn't realize he was quite this tall.
FACE says on 19/Nov/12
Solid 185cm 6'1
Now that he has put on some weight since the first series you can see he is not 9 inches tall than Leonard
alex says on 7/Nov/12
Definitely NOT 187cm. Closer to 184-185cm. He doesn't that much taller than 5'4 Simon Helberg. 187cm is way to tall. He needs a downgrade.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Oct/12
Yeah 186-187cm looks right. Close to 6ft2
balrog says on 21/Oct/12
He's bulking up for the role of Flash I think. 185-186 cms.
Silent d says on 7/Oct/12
6 foot 1. Rob did you upgrade him from 6 foot 1? I remember he was listed as 6 foot 1. He is deceptively built. He looks lanky but i think he wears layers of clothes to make himself bigger.
AD says on 11/Sep/12
This is Jim next to 6'0" (or slightly under) Leonard Nimoy
Click Here
Interesting that people still refer to Jim as 'skinny'....this is a cast picture with a rare shot of Jim in a short sleeved T-shirt in the last season, looks pretty bulked up to me!
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zero says on 10/Sep/12
Parsons is probably a solid 6'1'' and pretty skinny. In TBBT looks 6'4'' because the rest of the cast is short, the tallest male after him is Kunal Nayyar (Raj) who looks in the 5'7'' range.
SolidSnake says on 3/Sep/12
Looks about 5'11'' on BBT. Maybe I'm missing something
witchdoctor says on 14/Aug/12
He's a flat 6 ft1(1.855m)
Tommy says on 11/Feb/12
I think maybe he's a bit below 6'1.5. He looked a touch taller than 6'.5 listed DJ Quall appeared on the show. I don't think it was a full inch. 6' is too low. I'd go with 6'1.
SIlent d says on 9/Feb/12
Solid 185cm.
I KNOW says on 2/Feb/12
I know for a fact Jim Parsons is 6'. 2 inches shorter than Letterman. The same height as other 6" guys. People don't look at dimensions. Like me.
MrGoodGuy says on 25/Jan/12
I should mention that I like this actor and his portrayal of Sheldon in TBBT, yet I feel this is an obvious over listing. Judging solely based on the show my estimates for the cast members and the video clips with Letterman where he was clearly a bit shorter (an inch or a bit more) I thought 6.05". In perhaps the most recent episode Sheldon is shown in solid looking footwear looking shorter than a 73" inch life sized cardboard cutout of Zachary Quinto which can be found as identical to the one found online through Google stating this 73" height. Accounting for the possibility of a shoe with only .6 inch heel and his mediocre posture perhaps 6 foot is even more accurate, the 6-2 claim may have been made in order to cover up the true height of the smaller cast mates.

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