How tall is John Cena ?

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John Cena's height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

American Professional Wrestling Star and Actor from films like The Marine and 12 Rounds. His billed height in wrestling was 6 foot 1, but in a 2006 Khaleej Times interview he was quoted saying: "I know that I'm 6 feet, 245 pounds" and also said "I am 6 feet. And if I wear cool shoes, I am maybe 6'1."
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Height183 says on 27/Feb/15
@Idk: Here is Bray Wyatt next to John Cena. This is when he used to be known as Husky Harris. You can see Cena slightly edges him out. It all depends on how tall you think Cena is. I think Cena is 6'0'', So Bray to me is 5'11.75''

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miko says on 26/Feb/15
I've only seen Wyatt close up once and he looked around 6'1. Definitely over 6 foot anyway.
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 26/Feb/15
James says on 25/Feb/15

What most people don't understand is that carrying excessive muscle well into the overweight range for your height puts a strain on your heart and organs. Also later in life you run the risk of all that muscle turning into fat. Just to look at some ex bodybuilders.

Much more beneficial to build muscle within the healthy weight range for your height if you ask me.

Yeah, I think between 20 and 35 there┤s no problem having a bit more musclemass, I will turn 37 in a few month and the main reasons I decided to lose weight is putting less strain on heart and spine and my age.
James B says on 25/Feb/15
Cena will be obese when he's older if he does not slim down late in life. Just look at mike Tyson today
Idk says on 25/Feb/15
*weak 6'1 or 6'1, I meant.
Idk says on 25/Feb/15
Anybody have an idea on Bray Wyatt? He looks maybe weak 6'0 or 6'1 to me.
James says on 25/Feb/15
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 23/Feb/15
James B says on 21/Feb/15
I meant to say 185 pounds for large framed 6ft male.

Training 5 Days a week Boxing/ Soccer and strict nutrition I was about 185lbs 18 years ago. After that period I did weightlifting and judo/ wing tsun and non restricted nutrition I went up to 234lbs max when I maxed out benchpressing 374lbs/ 170kg.

today I┤m cutting down since Nov14 from 224lbs to 193 right now doing a lot cardio and don┤t eat mor than 2000 kCal/day

After Cardio I usually do benchpress with 253lb 12/3
I will continue downcutting until I start to lose strength, think that┤s the most healthy weight then.

What most people don't understand is that carrying excessive muscle well into the overweight range for your height puts a strain on your heart and organs. Also later in life you run the risk of all that muscle turning into fat. Just to look at some ex bodybuilders.

Much more beneficial to build muscle within the healthy weight range for your height if you ask me.
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Feb/15
James, yea 180lbs is fine for 6'0 but you don't seem to understand I am carrying a good deal of me. For me to cut down to 180lbs that's a 30-35lb drop. Id lose too much muscle and size and Id feel too lite. Nowadays I feel good at my weight.
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Feb/15
Danimal, yea 240-245lbs is a safe bet for Cena. 235lbs at the very least he weighs. Me and Cena are the same height or within a fraction. As built as I am at 210-215lbs Cena prob has 25-30lbs on me. Its obvious hes on gear. I know you knew that but some don't seem to believe it LOL
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Feb/15
Arch, sorry I haven't been online much lately so I missed it. Honestly I'm not sure on him if he's natural or not.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Feb/15
@ Danimal, what do you reckon on Moger? Hard to believe he's completely "natural".
Arch Stanton says on 23/Feb/15
Alex, why do you keep ignoring my Moger questions LOL? I've asked you twice now! Naturally Alex perhaps you are a medium build guy, but you're pretty jacked, your arms especially are quite impressive, at your current build after a lot of training I'd call you a large build guy, not some 240 6 ft wrestler but still large in comparison to average.
James says on 23/Feb/15
Alex 6'0 says on 22/Feb/15
Connor6ft, I'm a very built guy but big muscles doesn't always equal big frame. My skeleton frame I believe in medium.

Cena strikes me as a guy who is medium framed but seriously works or takes something unatural to get to the the size he is. Brock Lesner on the other hand is BIG framed but even he should weigh no more than 194 or 193 pounds.

Don't laugh but a large framed 6'11 man like big show should weigh in at no more than 243 pounds.
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 23/Feb/15
James B says on 21/Feb/15
I meant to say 185 pounds for large framed 6ft male.

Training 5 Days a week Boxing/ Soccer and strict nutrition I was about 185lbs 18 years ago. After that period I did weightlifting and judo/ wing tsun and non restricted nutrition I went up to 234lbs max when I maxed out benchpressing 374lbs/ 170kg.

today I┤m cutting down since Nov14 from 224lbs to 193 right now doing a lot cardio and don┤t eat mor than 2000 kCal/day

After Cardio I usually do benchpress with 253lb 12/3
I will continue downcutting until I start to lose strength, think that┤s the most healthy weight then.
Danimal says on 22/Feb/15
I'm not sure what happened to my most recent post? I was just saying that imo, John Cena is easily 240-250 pounds on a slightly over 6'0" frame. The bare minimum I can see him weighing is in his 230's. As for him being "natural". Not a chance. He's been on gear for years. You don't get to that size, with that level of definition and conditioning without being "on". The same goes for The Rock in recent years and HHH back in the early 2000's and Batista of course (who both have either been off the gear, or have reduced their stack by a lot).
Alex 6'0 says on 22/Feb/15
Connor6ft, I'm a very built guy but big muscles doesn't always equal big frame. My skeleton frame I believe in medium.
6ftMagician says on 22/Feb/15
Cena has shorter arms creating the illusion of a shorter dude. Actually, his arms are almost normal length for his height, it's just they are so bulky (especially his triceps) that they appear to be a dwarfs arm. Not a good look at all. The best physiques are Bruce Lee and C.Ronaldo (same as Lee just a 6ft+ version).

Forget getting huge if it sacrifices health (joints and vital organs).
Best weight for someone 6ft is 155-175lbs, with low bodyfat percentage to accentuate the level of musculature. A 5ft 8 guy would get away with 140lbs and still look great, see UFC fighter Connor McGregor.
James B says on 21/Feb/15
I meant to say 185 pounds for large framed 6ft male.

Alex maybe you should aim for 180 pounds? David beckham has one of the most athletic bodies in the world and he is only 160 pounds at 5'11
Danimal says on 21/Feb/15
He definitely can look to be between 240 and 250 pounds. At 6'0" carrying that kind of size, I don't see him under 230 pounds. If he was 210-220 pounds, he'd look much smaller and yes, he's on steroids. That level of muscle and conditioning is not attainable going the natural route. Same goes for The Rock in recent years.
Connor6ft says on 21/Feb/15
@Alex 6'0 your'e bigger than medium frame dude, from looking at your pics you look like a big guy, Im smaller than you in build but I'm still quite big.
Height183 says on 21/Feb/15
And now here is our Big Dave with 6'2'' listed Chris Pratt.

Click Here

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My goodness, check out Batistas heels compared to Chris pratts in the second picture I posted! I hope this shows some people that Batista has never seen 6'3'' in his life! And Lets not forget that Batista was also an inch taller than Brock Lesnar.
pilot says on 21/Feb/15
I don't have a large frame but people call me big at 6-3 185-195. I can only fit into XL shirts.
Alex 6'0 says on 21/Feb/15
Height183, hard to say for sure but yea about 2 inches possible. Likely in between 1 and 2 inches
Alex 6'0 says on 21/Feb/15
As built as I am I'm more of a medium frame. I am not a large frame guy. For me to get down to 170-175lbs would be crazy now. Toward end of high school I was that range and it fit me well. I was a 17 year old thin kid but wasn't muscular at all. after putting on muscle on over the years I would look skinny at that weight range now if I got that low
James B says on 19/Feb/15
184.3cm says on 19/Feb/15
I agree with your comment to an extent James. Cena will need to slim down as he ages but 181 pounds for a large frame really? I mean this guy is 240 pounds probably. I weigh now 205 pounds and do loads of cardio, dont feel overweight at all. I usually swing 198 -207 nowadays depending on workouts etc.
I would expect a 5'10 guy to weigh more 180 when staying fit and healthy.

I go do tons of cardio and use weight machines at the gym and I only weigh like 151 pounds at 5'7. I lift weights that I feel comftable with though like not really heavy ones. I reckon drinking 3 litres of water a day helps me keep slim too.
Height183 says on 19/Feb/15
Chris Pratt is listed 6'2'' on this site and it does look like he has about 2 inches on Cena. Just go on 24 seconds. What do you guys think?

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184.3cm says on 19/Feb/15
I agree with your comment to an extent James. Cena will need to slim down as he ages but 181 pounds for a large frame really? I mean this guy is 240 pounds probably. I weigh now 205 pounds and do loads of cardio, dont feel overweight at all. I usually swing 198 -207 nowadays depending on workouts etc.
I would expect a 5'10 guy to weigh more 180 when staying fit and healthy.
James says on 18/Feb/15
What most guys don't understand is that carrying too much muscle in the 'overweight' range for your height puts a strain on your heart and orgrans.

much more beneficial for your health to build muscle within the healthy weight range for your height. Healthy weight range for a 6ft man is.

In general.....

Medium framed size 6'0 male should weigh 172 pounds
small framed 6'0 male should weigh 159 pounds
large frame 6'0 weigh rouhgly 181 pounds
James says on 18/Feb/15
Carrying as much muscle as Cena can put a strain on your heart. In general carrying too much fat or muscle is not healthy. Cena would be better of at 185 pounds of solid muscle if he's 184cm. You can look bulky at weight if your 6'-6'1 range.

Sorry dont mean to piss people of by that comment
Alex 6'0 says on 17/Feb/15
Height183, yea today Cena looks at least 240. He is huge for sure. Looks close enough to his billed 251lbs.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Feb/15
I think Seth Rollins and Ryback are both 6ft1-6ft2
Height183 says on 16/Feb/15
I wouldn't be surprised if Cena is close enough to 250lbs today at his height. The guy is huge.
James says on 16/Feb/15
182cm is unlikely for Cena however although not towered looked quite a lot shorter than John Laurinitis who didn't look over 6'3 compared to Brock lesner.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Feb/15
@Alex, do you think Calum von Moger is natural or what? What's your opinion of him?
Eddie198 says on 15/Feb/15
He is a type of person who looks smaller than he is. But truth is that he is 6'0 or very close to 6'1 I think. Come on guys look at him when he is face to face with The Rock. And for example look at him with Andy Roddick too. He also looks at least 6'0 in movie 12 rounds or The Marine.

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Alex 6'0 says on 15/Feb/15
When Cena debuted in 2002 I think he looked more 220lb range and had then gotten up to 240-245. He was billed at 248 and is only billed 3lbs heavier today at 251. Remember these guys can fluctuate in weight depending on diet and training program
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Feb/15
Height183, yes that's what I been saying. He has claimed both 6'0 and 6'1 that's why I have a feeling he lies in between at perhaps 6'0.5. Also he claims 250lbs in that video which is he billed WWE weight. Is he really 250? He has also claimed 240 before too. A friend of mine saw him fairly close at an event 4-5 years ago and said he looked 225-230lbs. 6'0-6'1 230lbs lean and jacked like Cena is huge but of course he could be 240 range. Not sure on 250 though. I'm 6'0 210-215lb range and I'm a pretty big guy and Cena would have at least 25lbs on me
IcemanMHS7 says on 14/Feb/15
good......but undertaker is much taller(203 cm)
miko says on 13/Feb/15
Cena can certainly get away with claiming 6'1. He's close enough to it.
Height183 says on 12/Feb/15
Interesting... In this new food video Lol, Cena claims he is 6'1''

Go to 6:01 and listen to what he says.

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HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 11/Feb/15
Imo Cena is 6┤0.25" and rather 6┤0.5" than 6┤0"flat

HHH and Reigns are 6┤1.5"-6┤1.75"
Lesnar 6┤1.75"-6┤2"
Batista and Rock 6┤2.5"-6┤2.75"
Hogan 6┤3"-6┤3.25" (6┤5.25"peak)
Orton 6┤3.75"-6┤4"
Taker 6┤6.75" (6┤7.25" peak)
Sid 6┤6" (6┤6.75" peak)
Height183 says on 11/Feb/15
I think Cena is more 5'11.75'' - 6'0'' barefoot over 6'0'' - 6'0.5'', since we are trying to guess the most accurate heights.
Alex 6'0 says on 10/Feb/15
We know Cena is in the 6'0 range. We're just debating is he more 6'0 or more 6'0.5. Could lie in between. No way gonna tell 1/2 inch from looking at him in a pic unless he is with someone's who height we are 100% certain of and still you can't tell small fractions. If hes around NY doing a signing I could get a pic with him but not guaranteed he is standing for the pic
Alex 6'0 says on 9/Feb/15
Connor6ft, hard to say exactly what I say you weigh but 200-205 is what you look
Connor6ft says on 8/Feb/15
@Alex 6'0 Hey Alex what would you guess my weight is in this pic?: Click Here
I look quite big here for 6'0 but that's because I'm a little overweight I look maybe 210-212lbs .
Dong says on 3/Feb/15
he looks 6'.. just watch his matches
Daniel bryan is lucky if he is 5'7"
miko says on 2/Feb/15
A fraction shorter than 6'1/6'1.25 Rollins.

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Height183 says on 2/Feb/15
Here with Roman Reigns, Cena can look barely 6'0''

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184cm is not impossible, but he has looked 6'0'' flat way more often over the years.
Height183 says on 31/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: I can get funny with you too buddy, but I'd rather sit for hours and watch paint dry :) Lets just stick to the topic of height.
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 30/Jan/15
Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
I bet you are still ''laughing your ass off''. I am too for different reasons :)

"Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
...It's just my OPINION man. I still think The Wellness Policy applies for Everyone! not just a handful of selected people. What the hell that wouldn't even make sense! "


Maybe re reading your comment? Yeah, but I think I know what you really meant there;)
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Jan/15
HeightcrazyRed6ft, yea that's what I say was saying. Even genetically guys who are strong and have size don't get that look like these guys get. I'm 6'0 210-215lbs naturally been lifting for years and I'm a pretty big guy but I don't have that look like Cena has. Can only get so big and strong naturally before you can't really gain anymore without drugs.
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Jan/15
Height183, I think he can look 6'0.5 but I always say he looks in the 6'0-6'0.5 meaning he would be closer to 6'0 than 6'1. He usually claims 6'0 but I did see him claim 6'1 once or twice in a magazine so it makes me think maybe 6'0.5 but that's at most.
Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
Alex, Cena can look 6'0.5'' at times yes. Most of his pics and video clips looks 6'0'' though. Do you think he is more closer to 6'1'' than just a flat 6'0'' though?
Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
I bet you are still ''laughing your ass off''. I am too for different reasons :)
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 29/Jan/15
Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: I said ''That's what I think anyway.'' So you can ''laugh your ass off'' all you want. It's just my OPINION man. I still think The Wellness Policy applies for Everyone! not just a handful of selected people. What the hell that wouldn't even make sense!


Yeah the world is a kindergarten...
But if it┤s your opinion, it┤s just that and doesn┤t need to make sense
Height183 says on 29/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: I said ''That's what I think anyway.'' So you can ''laugh your ass off'' all you want. It's just my OPINION man. I still think The Wellness Policy applies for Everyone! not just a handful of selected people. What the hell that wouldn't even make sense!
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 28/Jan/15
Height183 says on 27/Jan/15
... Absolutely not. That WWE wellness policy is a 100% Legit.

maybe the midcard or under and upper midcard are tested legit to keep the thing alive...

Main eventer like HHH, Cena, Lesnar or freaks like Ryback are on roids.
there may be a off-time for them, but nobody looks like that without roids...

Even genetically stronger people don┤t look like that, roid signs...
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jan/15
Cena looks a bit over 6'0 with 6'1 Lashley even if angle was fair.
Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jan/15
Height183, I'm going to have to disagree. When he competed in bodybuilder he was on them and most of his wrestler career he was on them. When he first came in 2002 I say he was prob natural. But year to year he got bigger overtime. 6'0 240lbs ripped and lean like that isn't naturally. Cena has one the best physiques I've seen and I respect all his hard work in the gym but if he's naturally id be very surprised.
6ftMagician says on 28/Jan/15

There are new studies by Norwegian scientists which strongly suggest steroids continue to have an unfair advantage on your body years after stopping use. It's clear as day John took some form of steroids or HGH, his hands are often depicted as a HGH user's because they are so big for someone his height (or of any height).
Height183 says on 27/Jan/15
Alex, I don't think Cena is on Steroids as of right now. Absolutely not. That WWE wellness policy is a 100% Legit. There have been many real life suspensions because of rule breaking... Has he used them before? I don't know... He has said even before the PG era started and before kids looked up to him, that he has never touched steroids in his life. I don't know if he was on it during his bodybuilding days, but he sure isn't now. That's what I think anyway.
George F says on 25/Jan/15
Rob what range do you think WWE wrestler Ryback is?
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 6ft 1 range is quite possible.]
Alex 6'0 says on 25/Jan/15
Height183, they don't get tested regularly. I'm 100% sure Cena is on steroids. Of course not going to admit it since he has kids looking up to him. Maybe at times he's on lower doses than other times but he's def on it.
As far as Angle and Cena height difference. It does look 2-2.5 depending on certain pics.
Height183 says on 24/Jan/15
Rob has met Bobby Lashley and has him at 6'1''. I know Lashely is a tad in front of the camera here, but he has a good 2cms on Cena here, even if the angle was fair. You can't also forget Cena has hair advantage over Lashely, and without a doubt... footwear advantage over him too.

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Height183 says on 24/Jan/15
''Cena doesn't have 2.5-3 inches on Angle''

Exactly Alex. I couldn't put it better. I've seen a lot of footage from 2005 when Cena and Kurt were feuding. Barely looked 2 inches most of the time.
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Jan/15
Miko, I see what you mean in that video from 2003 Id say 2.5 inches though can look 3 in certain shots. Its def over 2 there but in 2002 video is just 2 inches. Footwear looks about the same Id say. Angle from meeting the guy and in my pic with him he looks to be 5'10 but honestly could be just under. Cena usually looks 6'0-6'0.5 in pics. 5'10 and 6'0.5 is possible. Bare minimum is 6'0 for Cena
Alex 6'0 says on 24/Jan/15
Cena doesn't have 2.5-3 inches on Angle. 2.5 inches max there and in the video I posted from 2002 looks just 2 inches.
Height183 says on 24/Jan/15
Alex, You really think so? Don't they get tested regularly though? or is that all a lie?
Alex 6'0 says on 23/Jan/15
Height181, Cena def. has used steroids and is on them as of now. He may not abuse them like pro bodybuilders do but he's def on steroids now. He's just saying he hasn't since kids look up to him.
miko says on 23/Jan/15
Here is the video Vegas posted a few weeks back, watch it at 8:42-8:46, you'll see the true difference between Cena and Angle, when John actually stands up straight and isn't leaning in. Its a 2.5 to 3 inch difference. If its a two inch difference then Cena has the smallest forehead on the planet. Makes sense really as Angle is 5'10 and Cena is 6'0.5 or slightly over it.

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Alex 6'0 says on 23/Jan/15
With 5'10 Kurt Angle from 2002. Looks 6'0. Cena was still a pretty big guy back then when he debuted before packing on even more size. If he's 235-240 now he looks more 220 here.
Height183 says on 23/Jan/15
@Alex 6'0': Alex, do you think Cena has ever used steroids? I mean, he's said he never has. What do you think?
Alex 6'0 says on 22/Jan/15
Cena in my opinion has one of the best physiques. Perhaps the body id choose if I could haha. 6'0 230-240lbs jacked and lean
Height183 says on 22/Jan/15
With 6'2'' Goldberg, Lesnar is nothing more than 6'1.5'' Maximum, I hope this clears things up for people.

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Height183 says on 21/Jan/15
Both guys looked taller than each other. Lesnar is still taller than Seth though, that's obvious. Rollins is about 6'1'' and Lesnar 6'1.5''. Lesnar is still shorter than Legit 6'2'' guys like Goldberg and Batista. We've all seen it.
miko says on 21/Jan/15
If you cant beat them, join them....

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Alex 6'0 says on 20/Jan/15
That's a backstage pic. Can't trust those often. Rollins usually looks near 6'1 with Cena but looks slighty taller than Lesnar there who I think is at worst 6'1.5
Height183 says on 20/Jan/15
''Lesnar was furthest from the camera.....''

Do you even read what you write sometimes? and you call me ''backwards''? Lmao.. You are seriously becoming like a parody on here.
miko says on 20/Jan/15
Nice screenshot there of when Lesnar was furthest from the camera..... when face to face lined up properly/fairly Lesnar looked around an inch taller.

Rollins is 6'1/6'1.25 and Lesnar is 6'2.
Height183 says on 19/Jan/15
@Alex 6'0'': Alex, what do you think about Seth Rollins looking taller than Lesnar on Raw?

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Do you think Lesnar is in the strong 6'1'' range? I mean Batista also did have an inch on him too.
James B says on 19/Jan/15
Have you guys seen the rock next to legit 6'4 billy gunn?????????? No way did he just look 6'2-6'3 compared to him
Alex 6'0 says on 19/Jan/15
Danimal, 6'2.5 for both Rock and Batista back then seems right. Ive always said 6'2.5-6'3 but with 6'4 Orton Rock and Batista looked 6'2.5
Connor6ft says on 19/Jan/15
@Danimal The Rock looks similar height with Batista yeah there both strong 6ft 2 weak 6ft 3 guys.
Danimal says on 18/Jan/15
Alex, who do you think was taller? The Rock or Batista? I don't think either of them was ever a full 6'3" (circa 2002).
James B says on 18/Jan/15
I thought lesner looked more 6'1.5 as well at times. Next to triple h recently he looks more than 187cm
Vegas says on 18/Jan/15
Alex, around that yes. I saw him again in person in 2009, but didn't get close to him on that occasion. It was same night as I met Miz, Sheamus and a number of others. I got a blurry photo of Batista standing near chavo though from a distance...chavo i later did get a chance to talk to

Clay that is correct and I posted the photo on Batistas page. He did look 6'3 in that but we need to consider Mamun usually wearing flat sandals and batista might have been in boots?
Clay says on 17/Jan/15
Vegas has also said he's seen a pic of Batista looking 6'3'' with Mamun who we know is 5'8''.
Alex 6'0 says on 16/Jan/15
Vegas, 6'2.5 for Batista back then? In his early WWE years he looked 2-2.5 taller than Cena
Height183 says on 16/Jan/15
''i met batista in 2004 and didn't think he was a full 6'3''

Well what do ya know, For once I agree with you Vegas Lol.
Vegas says on 16/Jan/15
Thats the screenshot rotated a bit better. camera angle is extremely high (the top rope closest to the camera is lower than bottom rope the other side of the ring) so just one step further from the camera would make a huge difference in that case Click Here

i met batista in 2004 and didn't think he was a full 6'3. he was noticeably shorter than my 6'4 friend who stood behind saying that pretty sure jim cornette "helped" batista with his height in ovw
Alex 6'0 says on 16/Jan/15
Clay, I don't think Batista lost more than a fraction. 6'3 to 6'2.5 is likely. Never looked over 6'3 in WWE though.
Lesnar has looked a weak 6'2 with 5'10 Kurt Angle in most stare downs. Is he under 6'2? Not saying he is but he isn't more than 6'2 either. Evening measurement after squats or any type of heavy lifting in the gym you can possibly be slightly below normal low yea.
Height183 says on 16/Jan/15
Yeah Alex, I also have Brock at 187cm like you and Connor, He's just not a proper full 6'2'' person.

Batista has never been 6'3'' in his life. He was always 1.5 inches shorter than 6'4'' Orton during the Evolution days.

Click Here

Today he looks 2 inches shorter than Orton. He also barely looks taller than Triple H today.
Height183 says on 16/Jan/15
@Alex 6'0'': Sometimes you can actually spot a good Centimeter. As you said Ryback looked 6'0.5'' with Kurt Angle. Here you can see Ryback edging out Cena by a good cm. Cena was telling the truth about his height all along.

Click Here
Clay says on 15/Jan/15
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Jan/15
Height183, I'm not totally sure on Batista peak height. 6'2.5-6'3 I say and yes he has a good inch on Brock there. 6'1.5-6'1.75 is possible for Brock.

Possible evening measurement after squat day? Sure. Peak of 6'3'' for Batista (has he really lost much? I don't think so).
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Jan/15
Connor6ft, me you and Height183 are the same height really. If anything only a few MM apart. To be a weak 6'0 your evening height is more 5'11.75. We are all 6'0-6'0 1/8 range evening.
Alex 6'0 says on 15/Jan/15
Height183, I'm not totally sure on Batista peak height. 6'2.5-6'3 I say and yes he has a good inch on Brock there. 6'1.5-6'1.75 is possible for Brock.
Height183 says on 14/Jan/15
@Connor6ft: I'm sorry to read that mate. I didn't know. But yeah I still think you're 6'0'' and not under it. You're still a tall guy.
6ftMagician says on 14/Jan/15
@Connor6ft I am several mm over 184cm in the morning (self measured). I am pretty much bang on 183cm at night. Don't fret 6ft is not magical, I have learnt to just accept one day I'll shrink to a flat 180cm. I used to really care about height, but now, owing in part to Rob's satire, I couldn't care less if I was 170cm or 190cm. Life's too short (excuse the pun).
Connor6ft says on 13/Jan/15
@Height183 nah I would put you in the strong 6ft range because 183.1 is just 2 mm over 6ft that's still a strong 6ft in my book, I'm more of a plain 6 footer.
Connor6ft says on 13/Jan/15
@Height183 I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that's why I measure myself a lot in case you were wondering, but the door was straight and the floor was solid bathroom tiled so I think the measurement was accurate so yeah I'm just 6ft no more than 182.88cm and I am trying to fight my OCD but it's not easy for me though.
Height183 says on 13/Jan/15
@Connor6ft: I think it's safe to say that you are 6'0'', because 182.88 is exactly 6'0''. You are just more of a weak 6'0'' guy. To be fair so am I. Connor, I do think you need to get measured on the Stadiometer. It seems like you are not satisfied for some reason and that's why you keep measuring yourself Lol.
miko says on 13/Jan/15
Batista is pretty much identical in height to Sheamus, both weak 6'3 guys, I've met Sheamus twice BTW. 6'2.75 is bang on for Dave, he wore bigger boots around his debut and could look very close in height to 6'4 Orton to account for his 6'6 billing.
Vegas says on 13/Jan/15
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Jan/15
while Miz is 6'0.5-6'0.75

nah, i bet if you get a shot with miz he will measure up to you like frank did.

he is not a near 6'1 guy unless kofi is at least 6ft Click Here
Connor6ft says on 13/Jan/15
Brock Lesnar could be in the 6ft 1.25-75 range.
Connor6ft says on 13/Jan/15
@Height183 so it sounds like your'e 2 mm taller than me then so me at 182.88cm you at 183.1cm yeah a couple mm difference would be very hard to spot but we are very close in height though and about Batista he's been billed at 6ft 5-6ft 6 on WWE before which is absolutely crazy I think 189-190cm is what he looks, the WWE are terrible at estimating height, I can remember back in the 80's when Hulk Hogan was billed at 6ft 8 and Andre the Giant 7ft 5 which is insane!
Connor6ft says on 13/Jan/15
@Height183 yes it was in the afternoon at 3:10pm when I measured myself so would you say I'm more 182.88 cm bang on 6ft than 183cm? or 5ft 11.75? Is it safe for me to say I'm six foot?
Height183 says on 13/Jan/15
@Alex 6'0: Alex this question is for you. How tall do you think Brock Lesnar truly is? I've seen on the Batista page that you think Batistas peak height was 6'2.5'' .. Batista easily has Brock by an inch here (3cms). Pause exactly at 2:04 on this video.

Click Here
Height183 says on 13/Jan/15
Connor, What time did you take that vid? was it in the afternoon? You look bang on 6'0'' there. I might slightly edge you out but no one would really notice. I got 183.1 in the afternoon on the Stadiometer.
Connor6ft says on 13/Jan/15
It seems like the link didn't work last time ill try again
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Jan/15
It would be a pretty good pic if I were to get one with Cena
Connor6ft says on 12/Jan/15
Alex I've made another video here it is
Connor6ft says on 12/Jan/15
@Alex 6'0 I had a video of me measuring myself at my low but it's been deleted though I might do another one soon and show you it, I was just 3mm shy off 6ft the last time I measured myself at my lowest.
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Jan/15
Connor6ft, yup exactly. We'll never know for sure what they both measure but we have a very good idea
Alex 6'0 says on 12/Jan/15
There are inconsistent looks between Cena and Miz. Both guys look to edge each other out a bit in certain pics. But in most pics it looks like Cena is strong 6'0 meaning he could be something like 6'0 1/4 while Miz is 6'0.5-6'0.75
Height183 says on 11/Jan/15
@Connor6ft: I think Cena is just a proper 183cm person. This is the height he looks to me most of the time, in and out of the ring. In his trainers, yeah he can look a little over 6'1''. It's just my opinion from everything I've seen. Me, you, Alex and Cena are about the same height.
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 11/Jan/15
Height183 says on 10/Jan/15
@Connor6ft: Hey Connor, don't be fooled by these guys on here. Miz is 6'0.5'' and he IS taller than Cena.

Now we fool people because we disagree about a half inch? Interesting knowledge about you...

Back to normal estimations, you said Lesnar isn┤t a full 6┤2" in your opinion so Miz isn┤t a full 6┤0" 4:17 onwards...

Click Here
Connor6ft says on 11/Jan/15
@Height183 ok I'm with you on this mate, so what would you bet on the most for Cena? 182.88cm or 183cm? I think if he's not 6ft 0.5 then he is still a bit over 6 foot, 183cm seems right i doubt he's just only a plain 6fter like he said he is but without seeing Cena and Miz get measured underneath a stadiometer or by a tape measure we'll never know for sure exactly what their heights are.
Height183 says on 10/Jan/15
@Connor6ft: Hey Connor, don't be fooled by these guys on here. Miz is 6'0.5'' and he IS taller than Cena. Look at this video and Start watching from 2:02 onwards mate. Also pause on 2:09. You can clearly see Miz is taller, Cena has a cap on and thicker sneaker advantage too. :)

Click Here
Height183 says on 9/Jan/15
Miz had his legs spread out that whole segment like he did with Brock Lesnar. That video doesn't prove anything. Cena is also wearing a cap. I have noticed Mizs posture is horrible most of the time during lots of WWE segments. He is still 184cm and Cena about 183cm.

''haha'' what's so funny? It's like you are trying to laugh at people who are saying Miz is 184cm, and not post the video for the sake of height debate. How old are you? Cena is not 6'0.5'', The man has said himself that he is only 6'0''.
Connor6ft says on 9/Jan/15
@miko oh so Cena is taller than Miz but why is Miz looking 5ft 11 range in this video? Cena looks 6ft-6ft 0.5.
Connor6ft says on 9/Jan/15
Rob I'm not really sure who's taller between Cena and Miz, who do you think is taller? The pic that Height183 posted I was wasn't sure Mizs hair might have fooled me into believing he's taller than Cena but then again they both were slouching a little so it's a bit hard to tell really so what do you think?
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 9/Jan/15
miko says on 9/Jan/15
Again, as you'll see here Cena is taller, at least half an inch. At 3:50 you'll see both men standing straight and Miz is looking up haha.

Miz is a weak 6'0, Cena is 6'0.5/6'0.75.

Yeah Cena is clearly the taller man, at worst Cena 6┤0", Miz max 5┤11.5"

So 6┤0" is fair for Miz and Cena is around 6┤0.5"
miko says on 9/Jan/15
Click Here

Again, as you'll see here Cena is taller, at least half an inch. At 3:50 you'll see both men standing straight and Miz is looking up haha.

Miz is a weak 6'0, Cena is 6'0.5/6'0.75.
MD says on 9/Jan/15
Whether it's wrong or right, I distinctly remember before he got into wrestling (when he was being featured on the Real World) Miz being listed as 5'11".
Clay says on 8/Jan/15
They are damn close, could both be 6'0.5''. Don't be fooled by Miz's hair, he isn't taller than Cena.
Height183 says on 8/Jan/15
@Alex 6'0'': Exactly Alex, Miz is clearly taller than Cena.

HeightcrazyRed6ft: My eyes can clearly see Miz is taller. I have stood next to my friends for pictures like this. Miz sticking a leg out further makes no difference at all to height Lmao. Miz is clearly taller. Please accept that. The proof is in front of your eyes.
Connor6ft says on 8/Jan/15
Actually from looking at that pic that Height183 posted Cena really does look a 1/2 inch shorter I'd say Miz is in the 6'0.5 range and for Cena he looks similar height to me and Alex so he probably is just 6'0 like he says he is.
andre says on 8/Jan/15
John cena 5ft11 and 235lbs
shawn michaels 5ft10 and 180lbs
triple h 6ft1 and 240lbs
randy orton 6ft3 and 220lbs
hulk hogan 6ft2.5 and 250lbs " prime 6ft4"
batista 6ft2 and 230lbs " prime 260 and 330lbs in ovw"
daniel 5ft7.1 and 182lbs
Vegas says on 8/Jan/15
not sure how this turned into a miz discussion.

rob has george lopez at 5'10 and ramsey (a real 6'1 guy) is looking down on miz, can the 6ft+ miz stuff end now :D Click Here
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 8/Jan/15
Height183 says on 8/Jan/15
Cena isn't taller than The Miz, he is shorter.

Click Here

Miz is closer to the cam there so he appears taller, Miz has also a small head/ high chin wich makes him appear taller.

Looking at the top of their heads and regarding miz closer to the cam Cena is the taller man, not by much ~ 0.5" but taller
Alex 6'0 says on 8/Jan/15
Good pic of Cena and Miz. Miz looks easily 1/2 inch taller and I may see an inch there but can't say for sure.
Height183 says on 8/Jan/15
Cena isn't taller than The Miz, he is shorter.

Click Here
Kourosh says on 7/Jan/15
Alex i saw miz in Malaysia on October 2014. WWE had a short tour trip in South East Asia. 6'0 range was the first thing he looked. I'm 5'10 with shoes on (177.8) and he was not much taller then me but still there was noticeable difference between us as he walked pass by me 5 feet away.he was not a very tall guy but fairly tall. Cena was almost the same maybe a tad taller so 6'0.5 for cena is bang on.
Height183 says on 6/Jan/15
Cody Rhodes is another one of those solid 184cm guys just like Ryback and Miz.

Click Here

Click Here

Big Cody is also taller than Cena, So Cenas 6'0'' claim for himself seems very honest and accurate.

Click Here

Click Here
Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jan/15
Ive seen Miz in person online but it was a bit of a further distance away but he did look 6'0-6'1 range
Connor6ft says on 5/Jan/15
@Height183 yeah i agree with you Miz doesnt quite look 6ft 1 but he still is over 6ft I can believe 6ft 0.5 for him, Cena looks around the same height as him, there definitely strong 6ft guys.
Height183 says on 5/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: We are all guessing around the same area anyway, so there is nothing wrong with your guess of 6'0'' for Miz. I am only going by what I can see with my own eyes. Rob has met Maryse and said she's 5'8''. Miz can look 5 inches taller than her like Rob said. My guess is 6'0.5''
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 5/Jan/15
Height183 why should just your opinion be rude?

Vegas proved his height, met the Miz and came up with real good estimates and pics for years, wonder why there┤s no Big Vegas on the userheightpage

that doesn┤t mean I agree with all of his estimations

I can┤t see Miz taller than Cena and Cena could be as low as 6┤0.25" - so Miz is max 6┤0" imo
Height183 says on 4/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: I hope this doesn't rude, but I'll go with Robs estimate over your and Vegas's theories any day. Rob thinks Miz could be 6'1'', I think he is just under at 6'0.5''
Peyman says on 4/Jan/15
Cena : 183
Miz : 182
Lesnar : 186
Ziggler : 178.5
Ryback : 183.5

all night heights of course (lowest estimation)
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 3/Jan/15
Click Here

Does look max 6┤0" with 5┤11" Dolph Ziggler, I think Ziggler is a weak 5┤11" like 179-180 evening wich puts the Miz somewhere between 5┤11.5"-6┤0", therefore 6┤0" would be fair for The Miz.

With Maryse it┤s very difficult, imo Rob could be off about a full inch with her footwear giving 4inches in his pic, so Maryse aroung 5┤7" would change the whole thing...
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 3/Jan/15
Click Here

I met Piper in march 2013 Click Here
and had more height on him than miz despite Piper had much bigger custom made footwear when I met him Click Here
I was 186.3cm in 1.25" dress shoes and Piper wasn┤t over 5┤9" barefoot probably shorter.
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 3/Jan/15
Height183 says on 2/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: Rob has met Maryse and has her at 5'8''

Click Here

Miz has more than 4 inches on Maryse

Click Here

Now do the maths.

Look at 5┤11" Vegas pic and tell me Miz is 1.5" taller...
miko says on 3/Jan/15
Well I guess Miz at 6'0.5 puts Cena at a solid 6'1 as John is the taller man, simple...

Cena was looking close to 6'1 both times I've stood next to him at WWE events in the UK. I'm 6'0.25 and we were very close in height but I had a half inch footwear advantage at least.
Height183 says on 3/Jan/15
Thank you for your input Rob. Shows how much these posters know about height who are saying Miz is under 6'0.5'' Lol. It's their opinion though to be fair, but it's just funny.
James B says on 2/Jan/15
Can pass for 6'1 I'd say.

Yikes though this guy weighs a whopping 240 pounds at only 6'0-6'1 range............. What must he take to get to that size? Naturally I think Cena is medium built and not a naturally born freak like Brock Lesner, mark henry, big show or mike Tyson. But even those guys have done unnatural things to get to the size they are.

Athletes like randy Orton and cm punk look much more natural compared to them that's for sure.
Height183 says on 2/Jan/15
@HeightcrazyRed6ft: Rob has met Maryse and has her at 5'8''

Click Here

Miz has more than 4 inches on Maryse

Click Here

Now do the maths.
Height183 says on 2/Jan/15
Rob, What listing would you have given The Miz? You've met his wife and listed her at 5'8''. Even when she is in big heels he can still look about 6'0.5'' next to her.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I had a look and he can look when she has big heels maybe 2 inches taller, other times maybe more like 3 or a bit less, I'd say he could look 6ft 1.

In flatter footwear (both) he can sometimes though look more than 5 inches taller than her.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Jan/15
184-185cm range. I still find it hard to believe Ambrose is under 6ft1
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 1/Jan/15
I disagree with Miz at 6┤0.5"

5┤11.5" imo, rest is camera angle or footwear.
Height183 says on 31/Dec/14
@Alex 6'0'': Yep, both 6'0.5'' guys. Kurt was also a lot closer to the camera but it still didn't matter.
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Dec/14
Miz looks 6'0.5 with 5'10 Kurt Angle. Ryback was listed at 6'0 in Tough Enough but looks to be in between 6'0 and 6'1 though.
Height183 says on 30/Dec/14
@Vegas: Can you just make life easier for everyone and give us a list of the superstars you met with your height estimation next to their names. What are your exact height guesses for each wrestler?
Vegas says on 30/Dec/14
me with some of the guys mentioned over the past few weeks, put in bret hart because he is someone rob met Click Here

miz and kofi had about 1/3rd of a inch more footwear than me as they were wearing what looks like ~1.3-1.4 inch shox, bray not sure, bret probably around same as me that night. i measured myself with robs aerosol method standing 182.8cm in shoes about 11pm couple of months back..its late at night when i meet most of the wrestlers
Vegas says on 30/Dec/14
8mins 43 seconds till 9 minutes 5 Click Here
BorkLaser says on 29/Dec/14
Don't know where to post this, but Cena just stood face to face with Edge. Edge didn't look any taller than 1.90m
Kourosh says on 29/Dec/14
i have seen miz in person back in October. He did look 6'0 or 5'11.5 at worst nothing below that.
i met Cena as well he was in flat shoes and he was about 2 inches taller than me considering me 5'9.5 ( 5'10.25 with shoes on).
so i believe both cena and miz are so close in height, both man are 6'0 tall.

kofi and big e were 5'10 to 5'10.5.

bray wyatt was 5'11.5 or close to 6'0. i believe cena gave me taller 6'0 impression than bray.

big show was a giant he was tall so i dont know and i dont care if he was 7'0 since he was way too tall.

aj lee 5'1 to 5'2 nothing more she was small.

well these are the only superstars i have met.
connor6ft says on 29/Dec/14
Rob how tall would I look next to Cena?
[Editor Rob: probably very close, you'd need a few shots up close maybe to notice the difference, at a glance you probably would seem very similar.]
Height183 says on 29/Dec/14
Here you go to all the jokers saying that Miz isn't 6'0.5'', 2.5 inches on 5'10'' Kurt Angle who Alex has met. Even the hair aside there is 2.5 inches there between Kurt and Miz and Kurt and Ryback. Both Miz and Ryback are 6'0.5''

Click Here
Height183 says on 28/Dec/14
Most of the time Cena looks bang on 183cm. Nothing above it and nothing below it. I think 6'0'' is his exact height. I'm going with what Cena says himself.
connor6ft says on 27/Dec/14
Actually yeah he does look a fraction over 6ft, 184.15cm is about right for Cena.
connor6ft says on 27/Dec/14
Rob what did you think I looked in my pic 6ft flat or 183?
[Editor Rob: impossible to tell, but your proportions make you look roughly that mark. You could still have a 5ft 11 or 6ft 1 man look similar though in photos.]
larzme says on 27/Dec/14
hey most generaly if you look at a well built person's body anotomy you will realize that they look bigger than you would measure them. so 1.85m seems to make sense
Alex 6'0 says on 26/Dec/14
No way to tell 5'11.75 from 6'0 unless you put them on a stadiometer but Cena just looks more of a strong 6'0 range guy than weak 6'0.
Connor183 says on 26/Dec/14
Rob don't you think Cena might be as tall as me?Click Here 183cm isn't impossible
[Editor Rob: I believe Cena might have been measured a bit over the 6ft mark and at times just claimed the 6ft. Then when people meet him they'll never think he's not that height and many would think he was 6ft 1.
He may still edge you out.]
Height183 says on 26/Dec/14
@Stan: Cena at 5'11.75'' would not surprise me at all. I do think he is exactly 6'0'' though, like he says he is. 182 - 183cm is right for him.
Stan says on 25/Dec/14
Honestly cena does'nt look like a 6feet guy. Maybe his built makes him short looking. He in 5'11 range alot. Maybe he mean 6'1 in sneakers / shoe.
Height183 says on 24/Dec/14
There is no way in hell Lesnar is 2 inches taller than The Miz. Miz had his legs spread out there. If both Men stood properly next to eachother Lesnar would have him by an inch Max.
Clay says on 20/Dec/14
Lmao Lesnar is bending down and still has two inches on Miz.
miko says on 18/Dec/14
Watching the Tribute to the Troops show from last night, Cena had a noticeable amount of height on Miz, although they weren't nose to nose. Cena is clearly the taller of the two, but I'm not sure on the exact difference between them, its definitely not more than an inch.

And some on here think Lesnar and Miz are both 6'1.... Click Here
George F says on 17/Dec/14
There is a mugshot and Scott Steiner looks below 5ft 11. My guess is 177-178cm barefoot. He is 5ft 10 at best I would say. There are rumours he is a lift wearer though.
Clay says on 16/Dec/14
Scott Steiner was only in the 5'11'' range.
George F says on 16/Dec/14
Rob I think Ryback is 5ft 11 or 180cm but he is wearing thick boots with an insert and manage to look over 6ft. Your thoughts on his height?
Height182 says on 15/Dec/14
@Vegas: Give me your height guesses for the guys you met then. You still haven't told us how tall do you think they are.
Kourosh says on 15/Dec/14
Vegas im 5'9.5 so with shoes on 5'10. i was eye to eye with kofi and big e maybe a tad taller than me 0.75 not even full inch. my eyes was at middle or lower side of bray's nose which makes 4cm or max 5cm (2inch) difference between us. Cena and Miz was more or less same. I towered over aj lee and i was like a giant next to her as her top of head couldnt even touch my chin. Anyways my estimation is based on my eyelevel so i might be wrong by an inch or so but not more than that.
George F says on 15/Dec/14
Rob how tall do you think Scott Steiner is?
[Editor Rob: not as sure on him]
Vegas says on 14/Dec/14
Height182 i was standing talking with miz for quite a while and he isn't as tall as you think "out of gear". my brother was also there and he is 5'11.5 btw (and would have been a little under that when we met miz very late at night). for miz to be 6'0.5 barefoot he would have to have been very close to 6'2 in the shoes he was wearing and he wasn't that.

austin and cena are both taller than miz in person. at the end of the day you can believe what you want, just remember i got robs 189cm friend height correct to the exact cm from a photo but my height estimations in person are terribly wrong even with someone of known height alongside me to compare the wrestlers with...

Kourosh, there wasn't 2 inches between kofi and miz when i met them the same night and bray is taller than 5'11.5 and taller than miz in person.

alex, last time i met austin was in 2006 and he looked solid 6ft back then. can't say if he has lost height or not since that time.
Height182 says on 14/Dec/14
@Kouroush: That's Believable. Cena being 6'0'' and Miz being 6'0.5''
I think Miko just screenshot the part where Austin looked taller than the Miz, when he isn't, to back his own argument up. But I'd expect nothing less from him. It's not the first time someone's had a go on him here for being Super Ignorant.
Kourosh says on 13/Dec/14
miz is 6'0 tall i have seen him in person in Malaysia on October.
cena was same as miz maybe a cm taller.
kofi was 5'10
bray wyatt 5'11.5 to 6'0
aj lee 5'1 she was tiny
big e was my height maybe abit taller 5'10 to 5'10.5
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14
Alex 6'0 says on 9/Dec/14

Vegas so Cena 6'0 and Miz 5'11.5 you think?

Vegas says on 8/Dec/14

Height182, i met both cena and miz in person. cena is taller. the video miko posted the other day shows the true difference between those two out of gear.

all those guys ziggler, bret, kofi, miz are in or around same height in person give or take half an inch. cena is taller than all of them in person.

Height182 says on 8/Dec/14

@Vegas: What do you think about this Video? 2.02 and onwards..

Click Here

You are 100% right about Miz not being 6'1'', but as you can clearly see he is half an inch taller than Cena even though Cena has a Cap and thick Sneaker advantage. So if you're trying to say Miz is 6'0'' then Cena would have to be 182cm to you, which is completely not impossible. I still have Miz at 6'0.5'' and Cena at 6'0''.

Vegas says on 8/Dec/14

Height182 says on 5/Dec/14
@Vegas: How tall do you think he is? Looks 6'0.5'' from what I've seen.

he didn't look taller than julian glover (then 75 years old) in person.

two guys in my class in college went to become top sports stars (one in rugby union, the other in gaa), both were listed 6'1 and both were noticeably taller than miz in person.

JT says on 7/Dec/14

Miz and 6'6.25" measured Rob Gronkowski Click Here The little guy is Joe Pesci, whom I've seen in person several times and is not much over 5 feet (maybe 5'2"-5'3" range). The 4th guy is Vaughn Taylor, listed by the PGA Tour at 6'0". The PGA usually exaggerates heights by 1-2 inches.

Alex 6'0 says on 5/Dec/14

Ive seen Miz in person at same autograph signing where I met Jericho and Kane. I wasn't close enough to him but he look near enough 6'1

Height182 says on 5/Dec/14

@Vegas: How tall do you think he is? Looks 6'0.5'' from what I've seen.

Vegas says on 4/Dec/14

miz isn't 6'1 or 6'0.5 either

Kourosh says on 3/Dec/14

john cena is strong 6'0 i believe like 183.5 cm in evening.

Van says on 2/Dec/14

A solid 6.05in. Wakes up at 6'1 for sure!

Height182 says on 2/Dec/14

@miko: Why would I say Miz is under 6'0''? What is wrong with you?? I clearly said Miz is 6'0.5'' if you can read properly. Cenas Sports footwear and Cap is the only reason he may seem taller there. To be honest he is still struggling to look taller than the Miz.

miko says on 1/Dec/14

Hmmm..... horrible screenshot you say? Well what do we have here, the whole video of the staredown.... Click Here

Watch from 3 minutes onwards, Cena is taller throughout even if you take his hat out of the equation, around 0.25/0.5' taller depending on the stance of Cena, and Miz is standing tall and raising his eyeline so you cant blame his posture, hmm....what would your other excuse be? Is Cena in lifts? I guess you'll be saying Miz is under 6'0 now...

Miz is 6'0/6'0.25 range and Cena is an EASY 6'0.5 having seen the guy in person twice.

Alex 6'0 says on 1/Dec/14

Well there's no way we can tell 6'0 from say 6'0 1/4 anyway.

Height182 says on 30/Nov/14

@miko: Horrible screenshot. Picture could have been moving for all we know from looking at that quality. Here is another picture and it's better quality Click Here

Alex, Miz is not 6'1''. He is shorter than Seth Rollins, but still taller than Cena. I don't think there's any chance of Cena measuring over 6'0''. He is shorter than all the 184cm guys like Miz, Ryback, Cody Rhodes.

miko says on 29/Nov/14

Cena and Miz staredown: Click Here

Alex 6'0 says on 29/Nov/14

Ryback was listed at 6'0 in Tough Enough but he's taller than that. Miz I have at 6'1. Cena at 6'0 is fine but he could be a hair over

Height182 says on 28/Nov/14

That 184cm range is more for a guy like Ryback, who isn't quite 6'1'' himself but he is still taller than Cena. The same goes for Miz. Cena is a little shorter at just 6'0'', 5'11.75'' isn't impossible either.

Clay says on 27/Nov/14

I don't think Vegas was saying he's under 6 feet?? Hahaha.

Alex 6'0 says on 27/Nov/14

I think Cena may measure 6'0 1/8-6'0 1/4. A hair below 6'0 isn't impossible but he gives me an impression of someone a bit over 6'0 than bit below.

Height182 says on 26/Nov/14

6'0'' for Cena is just fine. I wouldn't be surprised if he measured slightly under that barefoot. But yeah he looks 6'0'' all the time.

#VegasUnderEstimatesHeights says on 25/Nov/14

Vegas stop underestimating people's heights. it is a joke if you say John cena is anything below 6 feet. he is a solid 6'1

Alex 6'0 says on 25/Nov/14

With 5'10 or just under Kurt Angle who ive met makes Cena look more 6'0.5 in first video but Cena may have slight more footwear. hard to tell but in 2nd video looks more 6'0. Either way Cena isn't below a solid 6'0.

Alex 6'0 says on 25/Nov/14

Yea would be a great pic of me with Cena. Yes a cap would make it a bit tougher to tell. We'd be within MMs of each other prob. 6'0.5 is possible for him but at best since he always claimed 6'0 expect for one time he did say 6'1 in a magazine. Id put him nearer 6'0.5 before 5'11.5. 5'11.5 too low. I think he'd measure 6'0-6'0 1/4 range same as me. Would be a very interesting pic of us and yea he tends to stand for pics with fans. If he's around here again Id go meet him and def ask him to stand!

john says on 23/Nov/14

I'm 5 foot 10 and he's taller than me. I would say he's 6 feet and a half

Height182 says on 22/Nov/14

@Vegas: He is clearly shorter than Cena, His posture is very relaxed there too, so I think he might be dropping a little there. It's a 240p video, so its quite difficult to see to be honest.

Vegas says on 22/Nov/14

Height182 says on 21/Nov/14
He is more in the 5'11.5 - 6'0'' range

5'11.5 so what height is bret hart then at 1 minute 2 seconds Click Here

Height182 says on 21/Nov/14

I think 6'0.5'' is a tad too high for Cena. He is not in that 6'0.5'' - 6'1'' range like a Ryback or Seth Rollins. He is more in the 5'11.5 - 6'0'' range, just like he says he is. Looks spot on 6'0'', I'm sure he's got measured at that so he always claims it. All that ''He's rounding down'' stuff is pure BS and doesn't make sense at all.

1.89m says on 21/Nov/14

My friend cooked for him in London while on tour,hes 6-0" totally. Im a fan WWE so I asked his height my friend is 5-10". He said hes not that tall but very wide,a few inches " over me he said. Nice guy also and liked English chips lol.

Fidh says on 21/Nov/14

5'11 is too short for Cena, but maybe all the years of heavy lifting affected his posture. I still say 6'0.5 flat.

Height182 says on 18/Nov/14

If you catch him at an event organised by the WWE, he is always most likely going to be in his hat and in ''character''. There are plenty of fans on twitter that have met him and have pictures with him while he was just out and about, and he didn't wear a hat. Height guesses were 5'11'' - 6'0''.
[Editor Rob: at least he seems to stand at events/cons while some wrestlers want to sit on a chair...]

Alex 6'0 says on 15/Nov/14

Rob, if I could get a standing picture with John Cena it would be very interesting to see. He has been around here doing signings a few times but its been a few years since his last. Me and Cena would be within a CM and possibly just a few MMs apart
[Editor Rob: yeah he's in one with ali baba which I think he can look a good 6 foot and change...would be interesting seeing him with you, although he might wear a cap which could add a bit!]

Alex 6'0 says on 15/Nov/14

Tebow is actually more 6'2 and change. Still puts Cena 6'0-6'0.5 range. I really can't peg him exactly but I can say for sure he falls in that range

Clay says on 14/Nov/14

6'1.75 Del Rio? Why do we always get cute like this.

RP says on 13/Nov/14

Height 182...please do better research! Tim Tebow is not 6'2"!!! He's basically 6'3"!!! He was measured @ 6'2.75" (barefoot) at the NFL Combine !!! And he was 2" to 2.25" taller than Cena! So, once again that gives us a Barefoot Cena @ 6'0.5" to maybe even 6' 0.75"!!! Jeez!

miko says on 10/Nov/14

Rampage that's because he is, having seen him up close twice, he is not under 6'0.5 and likely a tad higher. 6'0 flat is near impossible.

James B says on 9/Nov/14

Cena does not really look over 6ft with 6'1.75 alberto del rio.
Click Here

However Del Rios hair is thicker but then Cena standing with better posture.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Nov/14

He really does look 6ft0┬Ż-6ft1.

andre says on 2/Nov/14

I'm sorry but in my opinion john cena is about 5ft11.5 230lbs

They say john cena is short and small too play american football

he is huge damn

ray says on 28/Oct/14

Cena looks around 6'0.5 its a fair listing he is solid 6'0 range for sure

Height182 says on 27/Oct/14

I honestly think they both would be 6'0'' flat to be honest. Like you said Alex, 2 inches between Tebow and Cena, and Tebow is 6'2''.

Alex 6'0 says on 27/Oct/14

Cena is likely a bit over 6'0 and Ambrose may just 6'0 flat? The difference if any is very minimal.

Height182 says on 27/Oct/14

Cena and Ambrose are the exact same height. Click Here Click Here If someone is slightly taller between the two then it's definitely Cena, because Ambrose always has footwear advantage over Cena.

Alex 6'0 says on 24/Oct/14

Tim Tebow is nothing below a strong 6'2 and looks max 2 inches between him and Cena.

Zoro 5'9.5 says on 23/Oct/14

To me Cena never looked taller, he went from as tall as Dean to slighty shorter, even if Ambrose has much less impeccable posture than John.
If they also had the same footwear, Dean would have been 0.5/0.7 inches taller, but that's probably not the case.

I used to believe Cena was only 6ft, but now my guess is 6'0.25 on the dot.
For Dean, I would say 184.5 cm, but just 184 is not impossible.

Height182 says on 20/Oct/14

@Zoro: You may have watched Raw and SD, but have you watched the footwear? Deans super thick soled black boots give way more height than Cenas Green/Black sneakers. Yet Cena still manages to look taller. I think they are both 6'0''.

Zoro says on 19/Oct/14

Having watched both Raw and SD in the last weeks, I say that Dean Ambrose is a little taller than Cena. The difference can be as low as half a cm, or as high as half an inch, but it exists.
It's possible that being so very close, they sometimes look equal on TV, but often this is due to Dean's poor posture.

Dean Ambrose 6'0.75 (184.7 cm)
John Cena 6'0.25 / 6'0.5 (183.5 / 184.1 cm)

Shaky says on 16/Oct/14

Howver may be john cena billed height be 6 feet...but actuallly he is somewhere around 5'11...

Clay says on 15/Oct/14

Seen that pic with Tebow before. He looks what he always looks which is 6'0.5 which is exactly what he is.

Sam says on 13/Oct/14

Since it looks like he does a lot of weight training I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped 6ft flat after a good workout and getting those muscles pumping.

Height181 says on 10/Oct/14

@Clay: Cena doesn't wear Shox at all.. and he DEFINITELY doesn't wear any lifts! I remember when he was in a match with Kurt angle once, and his Sneaker came off during the ankle lock!! There were no lifts or anything!! Cena has always looked the same exact height, he has NEVER worn lifts.

The lengths that some of you will go just to prove that you are ''right'' is Shocking. Why can't you be humble for once and admit that you were wrong. I thought Rusev was 6'0'' at first and Test was 6'6'', I was corrected and I admitted I was Wrong!

Clay says on 8/Oct/14

Al what about the Nike shox which are 1.75 basically, and maybe insole inside givng two inches?! Wouldn't doubt it it's pro wrestling after all.

miko says on 8/Oct/14

I think both Cena and Dean would measure around the 6'0.5 mark, if I had to bet on one man being taller I'd probably go for John. Deans posture is all over the place so he can look anywhere from 5'11 to 6'1.

Alex 6'0 says on 8/Oct/14

Clay, I think Cena looks strong 6'0 range. Telling 6'0 from 6'0.5 just by looking at someone is hard. Chances he could measure 6'0 1/8-6'0 1/4. I'm 6'0 and I get guessed 6'1 often so 6'0 can easily look taller. Cena's shoes prob give 1-1.25 range which is normal. If basketball sneakers then 1.4 range

Height181 says on 8/Oct/14

Cena has been wearing those Green/Black sneakers recently, that look like they give less than an inch! I think these sneakers are the lowest height giving ones he's ever worn. Dean was wearing these THICK heeled black shoes. If anything, Cena is taller than Dean. I still think both really are about 6'0'' though.

Clay says on 7/Oct/14

John and Dean Ambrose are absolutely close in height. For the millionth time, if Cena is just 6'0 flat he;s the tallest looking 6'0 flat in this world. He holds on to 6'0.5 in the evening. Cena also gets a lot of height in his shoes doesn't he, that could be throwing some of you off as well.

Alex 6'0 says on 7/Oct/14

Ambrose looks in that 183-184cm range. In that pic they look dead on the same but ive seen Ambrose look a hair taller before.

Height181 says on 7/Oct/14

@Rick: Pictures lie now don't they?

Rick says on 5/Oct/14

If Ambrose stood up straight he'd have the edge. Cena stands nice and straight while Ambrose sticks his neck out and stands with his feet wider apart.

Height181 says on 5/Oct/14

A lot of people keep saying that ''Dean edges out Cena'' which is very annoying for me to read, because it's not true at all! If anything, Cena is the one who edges out Dean Click Here Both men are about 6'0''. I still do not understand the 185cm listing for Ambrose.

Psychoman92 says on 3/Oct/14

I believe ambrose and cena are pretty much the same height to be honest. i think ambrose might be slightly taller than cena. but not by much though.

Alex 6'0 says on 2/Oct/14

They are very similar in height. Even within 1/2 inch is going to be tough to tell just by looking.

johno says on 2/Oct/14

both cena and ambrose are the ideal height of a wrestler and an actor. give them chunky sneakers, and both can look 6'1 to 6'2. imo both are atleast 6'0.5 max but I do agree ambrose does tend to look a little taller at times.

Height181 says on 30/Sep/14

Like I was saying, It's so difficult to tell who is the taller man when it comes to Cena and Ambrose. Click Here Both are about the same height. I'd say both are a solid 6'0''

Height181 says on 29/Sep/14

Dean Ambrose can definitely be 6'0.5'', I'm not disagreeing with that.

evil says on 28/Sep/14

john cena-184cm
randy orton-193;194cm
the rock-192cm
brock lesnar-192cm

Ross says on 27/Sep/14

But if Cena is 6'0.5, then it is possible that Ambrose is 6'0.75, we cannot rule out these possibilities

Alex 6'0 says on 26/Sep/14

Ambrose from what Ive seen looks slightly taller than Cena but as we know sometimes guys can look the same height or a bit difference. On TV heights can vary! I do agree Ambrose isn't more than 6'0.5. If Cena is just 6'0 flat then Ambrose is max 6'0.5. Rollins I think looks 6'1 and Reigns looks nothing easily 6'2 to maybe 6'2.5

Height181 says on 25/Sep/14

@Dax: I used to think that too, but on Raw this week they were the exact same height. Normally you can see a difference even though it's a little, in face to face segments. There was no height difference between the two. I'm not going to even bother commenting on the new Dean Ambrose page, because I think the listing is wrong. There is no point in arguing with people. Dean is also clearly shorter than Seth, and yet they are both listed at 185cm.

Dax says on 24/Sep/14

I don't know, Dean does look a little taller than Cena.

Harry Whitle says on 24/Sep/14

@Andie not bad pictures mate but your estimates seem a bit off. John Cena looks more 6'0.5 as Robs estimate whilst Dean slightly edges him out in the bottom picture. Funny though in the top picture Dean is leaning in and still shoulders over John Cena. But yeah in the bottom picture shows, despite Dean slightly leaning in, there is a marginal difference between Dean Ambrose and John Cena.
John Cena 6'0.5
Dean Ambrose 6'0.75, possibly hits 6'1 on a good day

Height181 says on 23/Sep/14

John Cena and Dean ambrose were the exact same height on Raw this week. Both not taller than the other. Both solid 6'0'' guys. I had Dean at 184cm, but now I think he is more 183cm to be exact.

andie says on 23/Sep/14

john was in the ring with dean ambrose. in these pics dean looks to edge out cena.
Click Here

dean ambrose 6'0.75
john cena 6'0

Alex 6'0 says on 18/Sep/14

NFL combine measurements are legit. They are more in the morning hours so these guys aren't at their low but they're certainly not at their out of bed height either. Whatever a guy is measured at during combine he's prob around 1/4 inch shorter at his low

Jesse36 says on 17/Sep/14

He is defiantly not 6'0 he has to be at least 5'10 or 5'9 becaus chris benoit is 5'7 and John is only 2 or 3 inches taller than him

James B says on 16/Sep/14

Just as I thought jack swagger doesn't look much over 6'4 with Orton
Click Here

James B says on 14/Sep/14

Well Rick 6'3.75 isn't impossible for Orton.

Rick says on 13/Sep/14

Roman Reigns boots also don't look quite as thick as a lot of the guys on the roster, Mark Henry has pretty chunky footwear compared to Reigns. HHH and Seth Rollins also look "short" next to orton. Reigns looks to be maybe an inch and a half shorter than Randy at most. I recently saw Reigns and Rollins at a house show, Reigns was clearly taller and much bigger/heavier.

Height181 says on 13/Sep/14

@Vegas: Since there is no footage of Roman being measured, I can only go by what I see when he stands next to superstars. I still think Roman is about 6'2''

Vegas says on 13/Sep/14

Height181 says on 12/Sep/14
I believe that the combine measurement could be absolutely made up

players are measured barefoot during pro-day and combine and then reported. its completely different from listings. there are videos on youtube of the process.

James B says on 12/Sep/14

Someone said that Henry was 6'1...........

Does he look taller than brock lesner here though?

Height181 says on 12/Sep/14

I believe that the combine measurement could be absolutely made up. I don't believe in listings. I can only judge from what I see with my own eyes.

BorkLaser says on 11/Sep/14

Mark Henry's actually 6'2.75" (1.90m) according to Google which seems spot on IMO. Compared to Cena and Reigns, coupled with the fact that WWE bill him at 6'4", all tells me he's in fact 1.90m.

Vegas says on 11/Sep/14

red are you saying reigns combine measurement is wrong?

Height181 says on 10/Sep/14

I was surprised at how tall Henry actually was. I thought he was only like 6'2''. He is clearly taller than Reigns.

Alex 6'0 says on 10/Sep/14

We'll never know Cena's exact height but we know its in the 6'0 to 6'0.5 range. Unless he gets on a stadiometer that's the only way we'll know for sure LOL

BorkLaser says on 8/Sep/14

Click Here puts Roman at 1.88-1.89m range and puts Henry at 1.89-1.90m range

James B says on 7/Sep/14

I am still certain triple H is taller than a flat 6'1.

Height181 says on 6/Sep/14

James B, It is an uneven picture. Even the ropes don't look straight. Bad pic. Here you go Jamesy boy Click Here A much clearer picture.

James B says on 6/Sep/14

Why is it an awful screenshot? You think camera is too high or something?

Vegas Kane ain't looking 6'7.5 in your pic compared to brodus clay. You yourself remarked that there was no more than 2 inches between Kane and jack swagger in equal footware. Swagger I have pegged at 6'4.5.

Height181 says on 5/Sep/14

@James B: That is an awful screenshot. No way you should judge height from that.

@Vegas: It didn't look anything more than an inch to me. Even when Cena and HHH were feuding around Wrestlemania 22 it always was an inch Max.

Jesse36 says on 5/Sep/14

John cena should be about 6'1 in his sneakers and he should be about 5'11 or 5'10 barefoot

Vegas says on 5/Sep/14

looked about 1.5 inches at the mania 30 press conference to me. hhh's shoulders were noticeably higher than cenas suggesting he may be able to stand even taller. also the height difference between batista and hhh at that event looked to be identical to how they measured up in 2003 suggesting if one lost height then they both did.

thats this year e.g how much taller would you say kane looks there Click Here

thats 2 years ago, rob has crews at 6'2.5, probably a little too tall but crews did have about 2 inches on schwarzenegger around 14-15 years ago Click Here

James B says on 5/Sep/14

Looks just about 6ft2 here compared to 6'0.5 john Cena some years ago

Click Here

Height181 says on 5/Sep/14

Triple H has never been 1.5 inches taller than Cena in his life! an inch at the most, probably even less than that.

Vegas says on 4/Sep/14

Height181 says on 2/Sep/14
Triple H and John Cena looked the exact same height on Raw this week

trips must have lost height since april so because he was noticeably an inch/inch and half taller than cena at that. his shoulders looked alot higher than cenas

Height181 says on 2/Sep/14

Triple H and John Cena looked the exact same height on Raw this week, on Chris Jerichos Highlight reel segment. It was very strange. If Triple H is 6'2'', Cena must also be 6'2'' then Lol.

What do you guys think? My only explanation to this is Triple H's noticeable height loss.

James B says on 31/Aug/14

He has good posture

Alex 6'0 says on 31/Aug/14

I'm a solid 6'0 and most guess me at 6'1 and sometimes 6'2. Shows how some guys give taller impressions. And by just looking at someone not easy to tell whether they are 6'0 or 6'1. Cena claim 6'0 so at best he would be 6'0.5 and rounding down

Height181 says on 31/Aug/14

It's interesting how Cena claims 6'0'', but he genuinely looks like a solid 6'1'' guy all the time. If I didn't know what he claimed, I would easily have guessed him at 6'1'' and nothing less.

Alex 6'0 says on 28/Aug/14

James B, def. any 6'0-6'0.5 guy can look 6'1 plus on TV or in person. Yea footwear will make you taller but some guys just have a taller appearance. Cena is a very buffed up guy so at his height that build can sometimes make you appear even taller. Myself being pretty muscular it can sometimes give a taller impression.

Height181 says on 27/Aug/14

James B, Cena is around 6'1.5'' in his sneakers anyway, so I think he can definitely pass for 6'1'' on TV.

James B says on 27/Aug/14

Alex Cena often looks 6'1 on TV I think

Alex 6'0 says on 26/Aug/14

Cena could be one of those guys 6'0.5 who claim 6'0 flat but most guys 6'0.5 will go with 6'1. 6'0 flat is still possible but he could possibly be 6'0.25-6'0.5 and just rounding down.

Alex 6'0 says on 26/Aug/14

Rob, I'm assuming Height 181 got banned from the site? wasn't a bad poster but he did seem to think he was always right. Never had a problem with him really
[Editor Rob: I have a problem with people who come up with false statements, not about guessing etc, but maybe about the site.]

marcus says on 20/Aug/14

john cena 6'0.5, 6'1.5 in sneakers
shane o mac 6'0, maybe 6'1 before injuries
vince mcmahon 6'0, 6'1 peak

James B says on 14/Aug/14

Yeah I'd say 6'1 for shane is accurate.

Alex 6'0 says on 10/Aug/14

Shane did look a bit taller than Vince at times in the late 90's/early 2000s but Vince wasn't quite as tall as his peak but was def. taller than today. 6'1 peak, 6'0.5 in the 90's/early 2000s and today looks 5'11-5'11.5 range

Attitude says on 9/Aug/14

Shane actually looked pretty tall in 1998-1999. I would wager that he was taller than Vince.

Shoown says on 9/Aug/14

Shane is 6'1 in sneakers, otherwise a flat 6'0 and nothing less. John Cena used to wear thick sneakers back then and not to forget, assuming he does, looks to be a centimetre over the 6'0 mark, making him 6'0.5 flat. Take those factors into account and we can see why Cena appears taller than Shane. But Shane is no way below a flat 6'0. Don't forget Shane may have been taller before he took part in dangerous in ring action. Injuries could have affected his posture especially the dangerous bumps Shane has taken.

Alex 6'0 says on 8/Aug/14

If Shane is 5'11.5 Id be pretty surprised. He just always gave me a 6'1 impression and I'm not even talking about in footwear. Cena is at least 6'0 flat or a hair over but still Shane looked a fraction shorter. Cena may have had chunkier sneakers.

James B says on 8/Aug/14

184cm I think is fair for vince McMahon in the 90s and 185cm in the 80s. Today vince could be 182cm.

SaveUsY2J says on 8/Aug/14

"Go to exactly 3:21 when the angle is fair for both men. Triple H and Cena are almost identical height there. You'd be blind to miss it. Click Here Triple H needs a good downgrade from that ridiculous 6'2'' he's listed at. Even at 5:54 it looks less than an inch!"

Pause at any point between 4:45-4:55, both men equidistant from the camera and HHH has a visible 1.5 inches on Cena. Even if Cena is a flat 6'0, which he isn't, that would not make Trips as low as 6'1.25. 6'0.25-6'0.5 is his range, he's like Chris Pine in that they're both guys who claim 6'0 even though they clear that mark.

If HHH does need downgrading it's by a quarter-inch at the very most.

Alex 6'0 says on 8/Aug/14

Big E looks no more than 5'10 to me. His weight is easily around 280lbs if not closer to 300lbs. Seen a video of him at Cena's gym benching 575lbs for his max bench!

IR says on 8/Aug/14

Big E Langston 5 ft 10.5 in ( 179 cm )
Kofi Kingston 5 ft 11.5 in ( 182 cm )

Alex 6'0 says on 7/Aug/14

Vince I always thought was a peak 6'1 and Shane looked the same. 6'1 for Shane possible still? he surely looks it but looks more 6'0.5 with Cena.

Alex 6'0 says on 7/Aug/14

I've always thought Shane looked 6'1 but looks below that in that video.

Alex 6'0 says on 6/Aug/14

Assuming Cena didn't have any chunky sneaker footwear advantage either but overall still a good video. I was looking at other pics on google images of HHH/Cena and HHH never looks taller than 1.5 inches over Cena. Sometimes an inch, or like in that video if even an inch

Alex 6'0 says on 5/Aug/14

Height181, good video. It does look 1/2-3/4 inch there only but then Ive seen HHH look 1-1.5 inches taller other times as well. HHH does need a downgrade but it'll only be a minimal downgrade if he does get it.

James B says on 5/Aug/14

Looks 1 inch between cena and triple h in that video

miko says on 5/Aug/14

Not a chance on this earth that Cena is a flat 6'0 from first hand experience.

Rob has this guy nailed on at 184cm.

Alex 6'0 says on 5/Aug/14

Big Ben with Flair and HBK
Click Here

Ben with HBK and HHH. Not a great shot but Ben still is taller even with HHH having the camera angle. I think ive seen of Ben and HHH together in a better shot but can't find it.
Click Here

Alex 6'0 says on 4/Aug/14

Yea true we can't see footwear and also Ben seems to have a bit more relaxed posture there as Cena has a better posture there. Not saying he's 6'0.5 but in that pic with Ben he sure looks it. But that's just one pic. He looks more 6'0 flat most of the time but 1/2 inch isn't easy to tell in pics anyway.

James B says on 4/Aug/14

He looks closer to 183cm next to triple h.

Alex 6'0 says on 3/Aug/14

184.5 would be nearly 6'0 3/4. No way would he be that height and round down to 6'0. 6'0 1/4 rounding down very possible. He does look 6'0 1/4-6'0 1/2 with 6'4 3/4 Ben Roethisberger though

James B says on 3/Aug/14

Rob how tall is the guy wearing black on the left if Cena? 6'8? 6'9?
[Editor Rob: he's got 6ft 7 and 8 listings]

Connor 183cm says on 3/Aug/14

Rob maybe Cena is 184.5cm but can walk about as a 183cm guy?
[Editor Rob: he generally looks a bit taller than 6ft on the nose, but then he isn't going about in converse, usually a shoe or decent sneakers/boot]

Alex 6'0 says on 3/Aug/14

Rob, how much difference do you see with Cena and 6'4 3/4 Ben Roethlisberger? Can't see footwear and also Ben seems to have a little more relaxed posture. Looks more 4-4.25 inch range there. Harder to tell since they both have hats on.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he certainly doesn't look less than his listing with Big Ben]

Alex 6'0 says on 3/Aug/14

He looks right at 6'0 with Ali Baba. But look at the picture with him next to 6'4 3/4 Ben Roethlisberger he looks closer to 6'0 1/2

Connor 183cm says on 3/Aug/14

@Height181 Cena is probably 183cm range yeah,

Alex 6'0 says on 2/Aug/14

Ali Baba said Cena looked 5'11.5-6'0 to him. I thought looked a solid 6'0 in the pic. Not sure if any can bring up the pic of Ali Baba and Cena again.
[Editor Rob: jt had a picture still Here, I forget babas own photobucket name.]

James B says on 2/Aug/14

Rob Ali baba thought Cena could be 5'11 1/2.......
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he thought about 6ft with a chance under, but I'm not sure he really looked that, I could buy 6ft and change with Baba]

Alex 6'0 says on 1/Aug/14

Me and Cena would be within a few MM. 1/4 inch max. If he were really 6'0.5 I think he would go with 6'1 as most guys 6'0.5 would. I think he's just over 6'0 as 6'0 1/4 and just goes with 6'0. Nothing wrong with that as most guys a hair over will round down. 6'0.5 isn't out of the question though but that's the max he'd be. With 6'6 Ali Baba he looked right on 6'0 flat. Ali Baba himself said Cena looked 5'11.5-6'0. 5'11.5 is pushing it too low for Cena though. He's nothing below a solid 6'0

Connor 183cm says on 1/Aug/14

Rob well Cena himself says he's only 6ft and you think he might only be 6ft so are you changing the current listing to 183cm? I think its possible he may only be just a mm over 6ft.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't change him as I think he can look a bit over just 6ft]

Connor 183cm says on 1/Aug/14

Rob me and Cena i bet will be close in height do you think he's a fraction taller than me or could we both be similar in height? he is a big 6ft guy anyways.
[Editor Rob: I think he is a genuine case of just dropping a fraction from his height, I think Chris Pine and him probably fall in the same category where they've not bothered with a fraction and simply a bit modest. He could probably be a few mm taller than you although without measuring you never know!]

Alex 6'0 says on 1/Aug/14

Hogan still a legit 6'3 Id say. Peak nothing below 6'5

James B says on 31/Jul/14

Hogan still looks 6ft4 to me.

Chris says on 30/Jul/14

Hogan towered over Cena in shows this year. If Cena is 6 feet then Hogan (after corrective back surgery) must be 6'4+

Alex 6'0 says on 30/Jul/14

I've always thought RVD looked 5'11 but looks more 5'10.5 there with Cena in first pic. 5'11 for RVD is still fair. Not taller though

James B says on 28/Jul/14

6'0.5 seems fair. He can pull of 6'1 as well for sure.

Alex 6'0 says on 26/Jul/14

Good evidence. Those combine listings are accurate. He has 3 but only within 1/4 inch of each other. No way if he was just 6'2ish he'll get listed at 6'3. 6'2.5, 6'2 5/8 and 6'2.75 all would get a 6'3 listing. Reigns is a legit 6'2.5 then. Seems right. That puts Cena at 6'0 or a hair above still. 2-2.5 inches he has on Cena.

DocHolliday says on 26/Jul/14

You know it Vegas :o)

Not often you can find anything legit to get their heights down, so it's nice to have a real reference for once

Vegas says on 25/Jul/14

good backup evidence doc. he was measured 6'2 5/8th based on that. that really does help us to pin down the heights of hhh, cena alot more
[Editor Rob: yeah I think this is one wrestler height that is pretty much 6ft 2.5 range ]

DocHolliday says on 25/Jul/14


Click Here

DocHolliday says on 25/Jul/14

Here you go, a couple things on Joe Anoai (Roman Reigns) pro day...because I'd really just make things up in order to argue with people.

Click Here

Click Here (his college listing, this is unofficial)

Click Here

Click Here

Long Story short, he is listed 6'2.5, 6'2 5/8, 6'2 3/4 (on the "official" pro day rundowns). So if you want to take the shortest, 6'2.5 would be it.

OR we can just downgrade him to 6'1, b/c that's how we roll.

Pj says on 22/Jul/14

I think john cena is 6ft 0.5in (123

Alex 6'0 says on 19/Jul/14

Height 181, yea 5'10 was my first estimate for him when he first stood up before he leaned in for the pic. A bit less than 5'10 like 5'9.75 possible too looking at the pic again. He prob was losing an inch of height with his posture there. I agree today 5'9 range he looks today.

® says on 18/Jul/14

Rawley is that awful hype guy? 6'3 easy.

Alex 6'0 says on 17/Jul/14

Cena use to be billed at 6'3 when he was in OVW then in WWE they billed him at 6'1. I think 6'0 is right for him or a hair over. Would make Orton the one guy who is the height he is listed. At a legit 6'4 they can just bill him at 6'5-6'6. Batista is billed 6'5 and he's shorter than Orton.

Vegas says on 17/Jul/14

if wwe brought up mojo rawley aka dean muhtadi and had him staredown with the likes of reigns, cena, kane, orton, rock, lesnar, hhh etc then alot of the debate could come full circle. he was measured 6'3 1/4 barefoot at the 2009 combine and pro-day Click Here

i haven't seen a single reported measurement for lesnar or reigns outside people on here claiming they were measured as such a height...of course without posting the evidence to back up such a claim. just going by how he looks in nxt rawley seems more than 0.75 inch taller than lesnar or reigns.

Alex 6'0 says on 17/Jul/14

Height181, what do you have Kurt Angle as? He's lost a bit of height nowadays but at his peak? I met the man in 2005 and he looked 5'10 or possibly a bit below. Pic is on the Angle page on this site.

Alex 6'0 says on 17/Jul/14

I can believe Cena at 6'0 as well. Far as his weight anywhere from 235-245lb range. His build can change a bit at times. Look at his debut in 2002 still a big guy but he's def. added size since then. When he debuted he looked more 215-220lb range.

SaveUsY2J says on 16/Jul/14

HHH is leaning in, thus negating Orton's posture, and Orton is closer to the camera. How do you manage to overlook these things?

Eliminator says on 16/Jul/14

Cena is a solid bang on 6 1". 230-240 lbs. One of the only wwe wrestlers that matches billed height to real height. His footwear always promotes taller but naturally a tall guy with very very strong genetics. Anyone claiming below this is delusional.

Alex 6'0 says on 14/Jul/14

He's not 6'3 but if he's listed at 6'3 then 6'2.5 is a good chance. I haven't seen an official measurement of him measured at 6'2.5 but if he was measured 6'2.5 on his NFL pro day then its legit.

Alex 6'0 says on 14/Jul/14

I just read Reigns was with the Vikings for a bit before getting released so he did have an NFL pro day. If he was measured 6'2.5 that's pretty accurate. NFL combine is very legit. Some may say oh its in the morning. I hear its late morning nearer noon and even no way will they be at their out of bed height. They'll be active so prob closer to their low.

John 6'4" says on 14/Jul/14

I'm 6'4". I met him once and he was only an 1 inch shorter. 2 at most. I think he'd be a strong 6'2 or weak 6'3. Maybe at the shortest about 6'1.5.

Alex 6'0 says on 11/Jul/14

This has been posted before but its a good video of Cena and Kurt Angle facing off. Footwear looks even. I met Angle back in 2005 and he did look 5'10 but looking at the picture he could be a bit less like 5'9.75. Cena looks 6'0 with him.

Click Here

DocHolliday53 says on 9/Jul/14

Roman Reigns was listed in college at 6'3, and at his NFL pro day measured 6'2.5 barefoot w/ regular posture. Those NFL measurements are about as accurate as you can get, as they are to the fraction of an inch, and you can't stand up tip-toed or pull anything to get extra. So his height should be easily established, and he's taller than Cena, Rollins, Ambrose, and appears to be slightly taller than HHH as well.

Alex 6'0 says on 9/Jul/14

Cena and Rollins look about the same. Toward end of video Rollins looks to have a slight edge but we know backstage interviews are never the best to go by. In the ring is better to judge

SaveUsY2J says on 9/Jul/14

@Height181: Might have known you'd try to blame it on the video quality (because that somehow has an effect on height) That's the only video anyone's uploaded of that segment, so take it or leave it. There's nothing wrong with the camera angle either (and you'd know all about "awful camera angles" from the photos you post on the Rock's page) . They're both standing at the same distance from the lens and holding good posture. And Rollins is in wrestling boots whilst HHH has dress shoes on.

Also, you believe Randy Orton is a legit 6'4" (one of the few instances where you're correct about someone's height, congratulations) which is irreconcilable with your belief that The Game is 6'1" as Orton does not, and never has, have 3in on him:

Click Here

Click Here

Alex 6'0 says on 9/Jul/14

Rock usually had about an inch on HHH in their faceoffs back then

Loth says on 9/Jul/14

Click Here

Look at Seth with HHH, both in similar footwear. Looks a good 6'1.

Rei says on 9/Jul/14

@Vegas Seth still looked taller than Jim Cornette in that Video, possibly a little over 6'0. Mind you be careful with cameras.

SaveUsY2J says on 8/Jul/14


Click Here

Rollins is more than an inch shorter than HHH in this segment, and he's got the footwear advantage.

Alex 6'0 says on 8/Jul/14

He also claims 240-245lbs. He is billed at 251. He can't be far off from his claim. He's always huge but his look can chance a bit at times and be more cut up more at times. Someone I know said he seen Cena in person and he looked more 230lbs. Possible. Id say maybe more 235-240

Vegas says on 8/Jul/14

Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jul/14
Rollins looks 6'1 and some change. 6'1.5ish

here is rollins standing with ~5'11? jim cornette Click Here
the rock with a younger cornette in 96 Click Here

Alex 6'0 says on 7/Jul/14

Roman Reigns looks about 6'2 if Rollins is 6'1 then Ambrose Id agree is 6'0.5

Alex 6'0 says on 7/Jul/14

Maximum 6'1 so you're thinking maybe as low as 6'0?? Cena is a strong 6'0 range and isn't Rollins a good inch taller?

Hieght181 says on 7/Jul/14

Seth Rollins is no taller than 6'1''. A LOT of people are arguing he is actually shorter like Vegas and many more, which I can see their point. But the guy is maximum 6'1''. Rollins isn't no where near close to 6'2'' Lol, that's just too much LOL.

Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jul/14

CM Punk I have at 5'11.5

Alex 6'0 says on 6/Jul/14

Rollins looks 6'1 and some change. 6'1.5ish

Alex 6'0 says on 5/Jul/14

When he says I'm 6'1 if wear cool shoes not sure what he means really. Most sneakers are gonna be 1-1.3 inch range except converse which is under an inch. Typically in sneakers you're an inch or a bit more taller

jay says on 5/Jul/14

Click Here

rollins is 6'1, looks it next it 6'2 triple h and both are in similar footwear.

Bubba says on 5/Jul/14

John cena is flat out 6'0''. Ryback however is somewhere around 6'0.5-6'1''.

M.P. says on 5/Jul/14

He's a legit 6'0.5". He even said this on the Conan O'Brien show (the TBS one). I think he is 6'0" barefoot and 6'0.5" in sneakers. Sneakers usually only add a half inch or three-quarters of an inch. But because he's so JACKED, he often looks bigger. Not to mention, 6'1" is officially tall. 5'11" (my height) is pretty short, and 6'0" is normal adult male size. Cena's bigger than that, so 6'0.5" is rather accurate.

Vegas says on 4/Jul/14

well height181 if rollins looks 6'1 next to that chap then pray tell what does the rock look next to the same guy?

and i am quite flattered thats twice now you think i have graphic design capabilities way above my station. watch the two videos i posted and tell me rollins and rock look right around same height (you have been arguing a max 6'2 rock or in other words a 6'1 range rock for months now) next to punk with a straight face....or maybe you think i hijacked the wwe satellite feed too :D

Vegas says on 2/Jul/14

Height181 says on 27/Jun/14
Maybe the pictures you have seen were from awful angles.

you would know all about photos from awful angles going by the ones you posted on rocks page back on 23/Jun/14 :D

angles look fine to me and we can clearly see one shot was taken in an airport and the other in a hotel lobby..the other guy claims 6'3 and i met him just by chance during mania 28 weekend and he looks his claim Click Here

rollins looked very close in height to punk in nxt (before being brought up to the main roster) Click Here and rock dwarfed punk at 22 minutes 24 seconds Click Here

lorne, having met rvd and christian out of gear i am 100% sure there isn't 2 inches between them.

Alex 6'0 says on 1/Jul/14

I wouldn't rule out 6'0.5 for him since he has claimed 6'1 before but yes he claims 6'0 most of the time. I have been measured at 6'0.25 before and I don't go around saying I'm 6'0.25 LOL though more often I get measured 6'0 flat. Cena is nothing below a strong 6'0. Id give him 6'0 but likely can measure a hair over. I think 6'0.25 could be spot on. Again we're arguing over fractions lol

Lorne says on 30/Jun/14

Vegas says on 10/Jun/14
in person he is just as tall as cena and austin if not slightly taller. taller than christian whom a few here the other week were suggesting could be 6'1 (but he is a little under 6ft)

when he played football he was listed at 6'3 but obviously isn't that tall Click Here

never met the other two but harper looks around 6'4 and rowan maybe 6'6??

Christian under 6ft is bonkers. Makes RVD like 5'10, Rock 6'2 max, etc.

If Rollins is really 6'1, RVD does look at least 5'11 with him, 181-182 would be believable, but in general, I don't think RVD looks over 5'11.

Alex 6'0 says on 28/Jun/14

Rob, think its pretty possible Cena has been measured at like 6'0.25 and just claims 6'0? 6'0.25 for him may be spot on but can look 6'0.5. Some guys can be 6'0.5 and be pretty modest and just say 6'0
[Editor Rob: possibly, or didn't stand as tall as he could and was about 6ft on the machine. I think if he was over 6ft 0.5 he'd be claiming the 6ft 1. It's rare to find a modest wrestler these days.]

Vegas says on 26/Jun/14

seen rollins out of gear in a number of photos with a 6'3 guy who posts on another forum with me and he doesn't look 6'1

chuck says on 25/Jun/14

john cena_6"0,dean ambrose 6"0.5,seth rollins 6"0.5,roman reigns 6"3 because he is taller than 6"2 triple.randy orton 6"4,brock is 6"1.5,batista 6"2.5,kane 6"7,show is 6"11,cesaro 6"3,del rio 6"2,both usos 5"11 and mr.mcmahon is 5"11.5

James B says on 23/Jun/14

Jenny ain't 5'7. She is in big heels in that photo and still only looks 3-4 inches shorter than Cena

Alex 6'0 says on 22/Jun/14

Cena isn't below a solid 6'0. He has claimed 6'0 often enough more than he has claimed 6'1. He looked 6'0 with 6'6 Ali Baba. He could measure a hair over like 6'0 1/4 and just says 6'0. Most don't use fractions.

Alex 6'0 says on 22/Jun/14

Look how tall Cena looks with 4'8 Snooki and 5'7 Jenny LOL.

Click Here

James B says on 20/Jun/14

No way is swagger taller than Barrett

Zyngo says on 19/Jun/14

John Cena 6'0.5
Batista 6'2.75
Dolph Ziggler 5'11.5
Big E 5'10.75
Seth Rollins 6'1.5
Dean Ambrose 6'0.75
Roman Reigns 6'3
Triple H 6'2.5
Fandango 6'1
Cesaro 6'4
Jack Swagger 6'6
Wade Barrett 6'5
Booker T 6'1
JBL 6'5.5
Paul Heyman 5'10
Brock Lesnar 6'2

yelaa says on 11/Jun/14

dean still looked a bit taller than cena, boots probably lift him an edge, could be a 6'0.5 flat and, taking into account his boots are like an inch and a third thick, maybe hits the 6'1.5 mark.

James B says on 11/Jun/14

If Rowan is 6'6 then Kane looks 6'5-6'6.

Vegas says on 10/Jun/14

in person he is just as tall as cena and austin if not slightly taller. taller than christian whom a few here the other week were suggesting could be 6'1 (but he is a little under 6ft)

when he played football he was listed at 6'3 but obviously isn't that tall Click Here

never met the other two but harper looks around 6'4 and rowan maybe 6'6??

gnops says on 10/Jun/14

the difference between Cena and Ambrose doesn't look that much, if there's any at all... + Ambrose wears big boots and Cena looked like he was wearing pretty flat shoes on Raw

Click Here

James B says on 10/Jun/14

Harper looks like a very big guy could pass for 6'5 with ease. He gives a taller impression than randy orton so I'd give him 6'4.5.

Rowan a full 6'8? Hmmm not sure he'd be just 1 inch shorter than Kevin Nash so I think 6'7.5-6'7.75 is a safer bet for Rowan than a proper 6'8.

James B says on 10/Jun/14

I think Cena is 6'0.5 however compared to 6'3 Johnny ace he looked 5'11.5-6ft like Ali baba thought he was.

Alex 6'0 says on 10/Jun/14

I am not sure how tall Bray looks? Is he as tall as Cena? Harper looks 6'4 and Rowan looks 6'8

leonidus111 says on 10/Jun/14

after this weeks raw and seeing these three stood side by side at the end I say
john cena 6'0.5 (6'1.5 possibly in trainers)
roman reigns 6'2 (6'3 maybe in boots)
dean ambrose 6'0.75 (6'1.75 maybe in boots and sort of edged out cena a little)

James B says on 9/Jun/14

Bray Wyatt looks 6ft

Vegas says on 9/Jun/14

bray wyatt is taller than 5'11 in person and he and ziggler are not the same height.

Clay says on 11/Dec/14
Austin looked just 6'0'' next to Mamun Alex. Conversely Batista looks a strong 6'3''.
Height182 says on 11/Dec/14
Rob, you've deleted all the comments? Lol
[Editor Rob: there was a portion of corrupt database data so about 15 pages comments were effected.]
Alex 6'0 says on 11/Dec/14
Miz looked a bit taller than Cena in some pics I remember. Stone Cold today isn't quite as tall as he once was. I believe a peak Austin was prob 6'0.5 but today no more than 6'0

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