How tall is John Schneider ?

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John Schneider's Height is 6ft 3in (191 cm)

American actor best known for playing Bo Duke on tv series The Dukes of Hazzard and as Jonathan Kent on Smallville. On Larry King he said about his height and weight: "I got -- I'm almost 6'4" and my lightest, after my heaviest, was 175 pounds". I met him at a Memorabilia event in 2007 and thought he was close to 6ft 3.

5ft 8 Rob and John
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Comment on the Height of John Schneider

Alex said on 1/Feb/16
Rampage you're too optimistic about the morning height. It's really subjective get more than 1 cm of height in the morning, for example I'm a good 192 cm in the morning for a few houres, than I fall in the 191.5 range for all the evening and night. So I get and I lost a really few mm, less than a 1 cm. I think that, I never got a 193 (6'4) barefoot in the morning, and I'm 24 years old. Maybe if I continue with stretching exercises as I'm doing these days, could get something more, but, more than 1 cm? I don't think so.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Jan/16
I'd be shocked if he measured as low as 188cm even today. He does look taller than a lot 6ft2 guys that Rob has met. Somewhere in the 189-190cm zone today, probably closer to the latter. I think in his 20's he was a solid 6ft3 guy and most likely brushed 6ft4 out of bed.
S.J.H said on 18/Dec/15
I believe he can measure 6'2.75 but nowadays look in the 6'2 range alot. At peak 6'3 i wouldn't say no.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/15
Rob, I think he might be heading towards that after a long day on his feet.

Out of bed: 6ft3⅜(191.4cm)
Before bed: 6ft2⅝(189.5cm)

Not convinced he's just a 6ft2 guy though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Nov/15
He should definitely clear 6ft2 but there's a strong probability that he may not quite be 6ft3 anymore.
[Editor Rob: he still was bigger than mick foley...the worse I'd guess would be 6ft 2.5]
S.J.H said on 29/Oct/15
He only look 6'1.5 range with rob. I know it's a bad angle. It still strikes me that he was not even a proper 6'3 after figure out he look more like 6'2.5 and at the very best he could be 189.5cm range and let alone 190cm
Tarinator said on 24/Aug/15
Looks to be 170 cm + 4 cm + 12 cm + 3 cm or 4cm = 189 cm (6'2.5") - 190 (6'2.75"). But 190 cm is a good call.
joe @@ said on 23/Aug/15
he looks a little more than brandon routh I'd say he's 190cm, 6'3 or 6'2.75
Armandy said on 21/Jul/15
190.5 cm and Tom 190.0
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Jul/15
I have a hard time believing he'd edge out Welling...
James B said on 1/Apr/15
190cm by bedtime
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Feb/15
Most sites have him listed 6ft3(192cm).

Rob what are the chances of him measuring that earlier in the day?
[Editor Rob: out of bed sure]
joe said on 1/Dec/14
190 cm
bobbyh said on 25/Nov/14
6ft 2.5inch barefoot 1.25 shoe =6 3.75 almost 6'4 there ya go.. thats why he says he is almost 6 4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/14
But, Rob 190cm is 'near' 6ft3?

With all due respect I don't understand your logic
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
Oh you're so on the money there

really what the hell is that supposed to mean I 'spend a lot of time looking at heights'?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/14
Rob, could John be 190cm like Welling?
[Editor Rob: he can be in that zone near 6ft 3]
onthemoney said on 12/Nov/14
i think this guy is around the same height as tom welling so this listing is on the money. @rampage clover: for a guy who's claiming 6'4" out of bed, you sure spend a lot of time looking at heights.
diamonddave7 said on 2/Nov/14
John has,only 5.5 to 5.75 inches in the photo with Rob......He's flirting with 6'2" with the hair and the boots hes probably wearing......I am,6'0.75" and right at 6'2" in my work shoes.
Markus from Italy said on 20/Oct/14
Well, that's exactely the height range difference between me and a friend of mine who's 190. When I'm next to him, feel like dwarf. Interesting as height difference, with camera angle, can make you look taller or shorter according to the case even though there's not so much difference in height. a 190 man can easily tower over a 174 to 185 height man if camera angle is advantaging him or her.
Sam said on 24/Sep/14
To me he looks a weak 6'3" in that photo but can look pretty close to the mark otherwise.
Nils said on 20/Sep/14
I see, thought 6'2-6'2.5 before.. but i think he might be 6'3 or close as listed :)
Nils said on 19/Sep/14
Hey Rob it looks to me like ur head is abit closer to the camera
is that the case?
[Editor Rob: maybe a small fraction, but the top of my head is further away from his nose.
My head length is in the 90-92 percentile range.]
bigboy fury said on 2/Aug/14
I met him at a dukesfest event in Atlanta in i think 2008 and he looked about 6,2 but had boots with a fairly big heal so was more like 6'1 at the very most.
exe said on 28/Apr/14
to all of you who are talking about how tall you are in the morning after bed and before you go to sleep - you can stretch yourself doing arm bars. if the muscles are tense, you lose less height. try it!
John said on 9/Apr/14
Funny, on Smallville, more often than not Welling appears to have the edge.
jonas said on 25/Jan/14
John is a bit taller than Tom Welling so 191cm is spot on. Very accurate listing.
avi said on 22/Jan/14

Yeah i don't hear height discussed much amongst every day people I guess being projected on screen makes it quite noticeable
avi said on 19/Jan/14
wonder why Larry King really would ask him his height. i never understood why , if height isnt that important, then these news reporters and talk show hosts always mention it. what a messed up media we have.
[Editor Rob: height is of course of interest.

People get their height measured, they get asked their height, they observe people of different heights and notice how tall people parent wants their kid to 'grow up to be small and weak', it's always 'big and strong'.

And since there is a keen interest in celebrities, and all sorts of aspects relating to them, height is a very visual interest and people are curious about certain celebrities and how tall they are.

For actors themselves their height can define the type of work they get, as can their looks. That's why it is on their resumes and casting directors do pay attention to heights when determining roles for movies etc.

To show how 'unimportant' height as become, you only have to look in the last 2 years at the biggest company on the internet - even they wanted to get in on the height bandwagon ;)]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Dec/13
I'm around 235-240lbs now. But I was a twig in the teens and 20s.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/13
Hey, I don't shrink a full inch...ever

I'm 6ft3.25/191cm evening and exactly 6ft4/193cm on the nose upon waking. But then again I have the upper body of man well below 6ft and the legs of a 6ft6+ basketball player.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/13
192.5cm-192.6cm right out of the bed.

190.8cm-190.9cm the second before collapsing on the bed
Mathew said on 14/Oct/13
Looks about 189 - 190 cm above.
LG69 said on 7/Oct/13
Looks 6'3" here.
Mathew said on 22/Sep/13
A bit under 6'3".
Lorne said on 14/Sep/13
Yeah Rampage, a guy like him could even lose 3cm morning to night, it's not impossible he'd scrape 193cm immediately after a full nights rest. IMO, he measured a little over 6'3 early day, hence the claim. I do think he'd measure just a hair under 6'3 afternoon(like welling) so 190cm range evening, 192.5-193cm out of bed, 6ft3-6ft3.5 is what he'd measure within the first few hours of day.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/13
Rob, is it possible he measured close to 6ft4 out of bed?
[Editor Rob: quite likely]
cult22 said on 12/Sep/13
exactly 1.91 m
6.3196 feet
Brad2 said on 8/Sep/13
Am I correct in assuming that these actors don't know that they are having their height assessed? His posture isn't the best and I would give him 6"3', but jeez you guys are demanding 6"2'? Harsh! He is a big guy. Over 6"2' for sure.
RobV said on 29/Aug/13
Interesting though, yet again, a very tall person in the public eye just pushing the claim upwards. Many would think that it is understandable an actor of 5'11" claiming 6 foot, or a shorter actor claiming more, and that no-one above a certain level would claim more, or want to - but that is wrong and it proves yet again (look at Lundgren and the Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa) that even very tall guys like to claim taller and bigger than they are. It kind of goes against the often-stated idea that 'anything over 6'2" is too tall' !
Yaspaa said on 26/Aug/13
@Lo sgozzatore - That puts John under 6'2... nah.
Balrog said on 22/Aug/13
I think this guy at 6'2.5-6'2.75" and Welling at 6'3" is better.
Mathew said on 31/Jul/13
Hmm I think he's not a full 6'3", but pretty close.
Lo sgozzatore said on 24/Jul/13
Lorne, i repeat! There was a scene where Welling was barefoot and Schneider in big shoes. He wasnt taller than Welling! And you maybe forget that also Schneider does wear pretty thick shoes so he's not disadvantaged!
Lorne said on 23/Jul/13
Wow didn't realize he's only 47 in this pic. Makes me think a 190cm listing has to be closer. But I'm not convinced he was shorter than Welling. In early episodes he edges him out a lot, though other times welling has clear advantage. I think he should be dropped to 190cm. Him and Tom both identical in height, only footwear made the difference.
avi said on 22/Jul/13
no even with no hair he is 6,2 and change. you have to train your eyes to ignore any hair that is fluffed up. hair doesnt count much maybe 1/8 inch unless like this guy who has it spiked a bit up in the front then maybe it counts for 1/4 inch or touch more...
Average weight said on 23/Jun/13
Looks a strong 6'1 here. I think it's his build and hair making him look taller.
Lo sgozzatore said on 5/Jun/13
Rob, i'm rewatching Smallville and Schneider 9/10 times looks shorter than Tom Welling. I remember a scene where Schneider had shoes and Welling was barefoot and Schneider didnt look taller than him. Even if it's been 4 months i've not commented, i still remember you dont think Welling is over 190. Ok, but Schneider is shorter, he himself said it, maybe a 6'2.5 listing would be closer?
penguinboy25 said on 10/May/13
Looks slightly shorter than Brandon Routh. Range is 189 - 190.
TimDuke said on 15/Mar/13
He's was a strong 6'3" when I met him in 1999.I'm easy 6'4" and I was just a tad taller than him then.
Lo sgozzatore said on 3/Feb/13
This guy himself said Tom is taller than him. Whats the need of saying that if Schneider is taller? After all those years working together, he probably knows that better than us...
Alex said on 29/Jan/13
Rob, do you think this guy is taller than Tom Welling?
[Editor Rob: they are probably very similar]
Nils said on 22/Jan/13
Should be downgraded abit.. he can look slightly shorter
then Tom at times.
Josh said on 18/Jan/13
solid 6'2
PepsiCola said on 16/Jan/13
Strong 6'3 for sure,i think he is taller then Tom welling
Trent said on 5/Dec/12
Nah, 186 is out of it. I give him 6'2.5
CBM said on 23/Nov/12
Looks 186-187. His hair is makin him look taller.
Lo Sgozzatore said on 3/Nov/12
He IS shorter than Tom Welling! He looks that and he himself said that Tom is a bit taller than him! I doubt he'd be taller than Brandon Routh! 6'2.5 is about right
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 20/Oct/12
He's not shorter then Tom Welling. He's either the same or most likely a little bit taller. 6'3 sounds right for him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/12
" John Schneider height: 6 ft 2.75 in (190cm)"
UK182.5cm said on 5/Oct/12
He looks nothing over 6'2" in this
Tom said on 26/Sep/12
I agree with patrick! JS is closer to 6'4"
Tom said on 25/Sep/12
I think six foot three and a quarter is very close.
avi said on 12/Sep/12
i thought my hair gave me a 1/4 inch!! this guys hair is so pushed up! must give him a over .5 inch. Mine must only give a 1/8 inch or .2 tops. wow. he is 6'2.5 btw
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 6/Sep/12
Maybe 6'2.75 is closer, he just doesn't look any taller than Tom Welling, they're around the same height.
patrick said on 24/Aug/12
When i see the pic of Rob beside Adam Baldwin a legit 6'4...i don't notice any height difference with the J,S. one. They are exactly the same. check out. i am old now...
Drew said on 10/Aug/12
@Hob, It could just be looser posture on his part. In any case he looks at least 6'2.5" judging by this picture.
patrick said on 5/Aug/12
Hans, you need glasses or watching again and above all, listening to J.S. himself telling that Tom was one inch taller than him, what confirmed people of the S.V. crew near Vancouver. Hans, would you be yourself of German decent? The fact is Germans are generally tall and taller than many but here, in the US, a lot of people are very tall with very different origins. BTW i am french but live in Arizona and am only 5'7. Anyway, J.S. looks a legit 6'3.
Anonymous1 said on 16/Jun/12
Sorry but he looks more 6'2 than 6'3 here.
Biff said on 14/Feb/12
The guy is over 50 --looks great , but cannot be at prime height anymore.
Hans said on 14/Feb/12
I disagree with Welling being taller. Not that this makes his height a fact, but the 10 years of Smallville, John always appeared slightly taller than Welling.
Hans said on 14/Feb/12
Yeah, both Schneider and Hasselhoff both of German decent--read in their bios. Even Brandon Routh part German, too. Not sure if there is a height connection , but genetics always part of the mix.
Nils said on 5/Feb/12
Rob , did he really look taller then Brandon routh?
In ur pics John even looks slightly shorter.
[Editor Rob: in person both look quite similar]
Da Man said on 3/Oct/07
John has looked a bit taller than Tom in a few event/party photos. There was one photo where the two were shoulder-to-shoulder, the exact same distance from the camera and John looked .25" - .5" taller than Tom. That was the most conclusive pic I've seen with the two.
Viper said on 3/Oct/07
Somebody a long time ago mentioned John at 6-1 1/2 before. And yes, John has certantly looked taller than Welling before.
Shiku said on 2/Oct/07
hes taller than welling? Impossible wtf? he looked 6'1 to 6'1.5 max next to welling on smallville
SK said on 2/Jul/07
Let me end the debate about John's height. He is not a legit 6'3, I met him at Paintbank Virginia, during the late 1990s for a farm festival. I'm a legit 6'3 in tennis shoes and had a face to face conversation with him on level ground. John was wearing cowboy boots and we were the exact same height. I made it a point to look at his boots and they appeared to have a 1 1/2 inch to 1 3/4 inch heel. I have no doubt that his true height would be about 6'1 1/4 to 6'1 1/2 in his barefeet. In a pair of tennis shoes he would be about 6'2 1/2 at the max. John has done what virtually every celebrity has done, and that is add an inch or more to their true heights. This should come as no suprise, so lets set the record straight he is not 6'3. Unless he is wearing his cowboy boots, his true height is 6'1 1/2 barefooted and around 6'2 1/2 in normal footwear such as tennis shoes. Remember, I'm a legit 6'3 in tennis shoes and we were the exact same height while he was wearing his beloved cowboy boots. I hope this sets the record straight of his billed height of 6'3 and his ridiculous comment of being almost 6'4 on Larry King. A more accurate remark would have been almost 6'3 in a pair of sneakers. Height is like the size of one's penis, guys just can't help but to exaggerate by an inch or more.
sf said on 1/Jun/07
I read the e-bay site, and he said it was actually used in one of the Dukes movies. The last bid I saw was &100,000.
Viper said on 31/May/07
Ive seen that car on sale in a car magazine for only 34,000 before. One of them from the show. As a matter of fact a guy who lives down the road from me has an EXACT replica of the general lee charger. I dont think its one of the ones from the show. I beleive he just customized it from the ground up to look like one. Either way it looks amazing. Looks exactly like it. He carries it around to car shows I beleive. Its always on a trailer it seems.
sf said on 31/May/07
Yes, he's selling one from one of the Dukes movies on E-bay.
Viper said on 30/May/07
What kind of car? You talking about the General Lee Charger?
sf said on 29/May/07
Yea - all I need is $100,000!
D. Ray Morton said on 29/May/07
Cool! The red one with the numbers on the doors?
sf said on 28/May/07
I'm going to buy his car off of E-bay...
anonymous said on 27/May/07
i think he is probably 6`2.5 however. he was the same height as tom welling on smallville.
anonymous said on 27/May/07
looks pretty darn tall in the dukes of hazaard. easily 6`2.5-6`3.25.
Patrick said on 8/May/07
OK, let's say he's not lying Viper but slightly exagerating in claiming 6'4 but not in saying "almost". He's really tall and not less than "almost 6'3" for sure.
Viper said on 1/May/07
Well, he is an actor and Im not surprised hes lying.
Kal-El said on 30/Apr/07
I believe John is telling the truth, he doesn't need to lie like other actors about his height.
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
He doesnt look almost 6-4. Funny, Tom Welling says he is almost 6-3 as well.
Editor Rob said on 30/Apr/07
2002 Larry King:
"I did get too skinny. The other side of being overweight, once you've lost the weight. I got -- I'm almost 6'4" and my lightest, after my heaviest, was 175 pounds, and"
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/07
I watch alot of Dukes of Hazzard reruns and looking at John then he seems to be about 6 foot 4.5 but on the show he wears big cowboy boots so he is most likely around 6 foot 2-3 and Jude Stringfellow John was 12 in 1972 he was born in 1960 and lied about his age to get on the Dukes he even admits it on interviews on the DVD seasons.
Viper said on 26/Apr/07
Well, the man is listed at 6-3 everywhere, and he flat out does not look like a 6-4 man. So yes, Id say he was lying. Jason, I remember you telling me about that.
Kal-El said on 26/Apr/07
i agreed with you Viper on that, almost every celebs lie about their height(people in general puts an inch, sometimes 2 inches and sometimes 3 inches!) but some celebrities who are in fact tall doesn't need to lie about it. I guess most short and average celebrities(and normal people)lie about their height.But like i said before i think John doesn't need to lie about his height.
Viper said on 26/Apr/07
Well, celebs lie about their height all the time.
Jason said on 26/Apr/07
Viper, one of my former best friends is friends with Schneider and used to go to his house and hang out with him. I lost contact with her in 2003 though ... really kicking myself that that happened lol! Her husband is 6'5'' so we could have really nailed this one otherwise...
Kal-El said on 26/Apr/07
In my personal case i am 6ft2 and i don't need to lie about my height. For example, if i was a famous actor like John is, i wouldn't raise my height on an interview like you suppose that John Schneider did . Don't you think that Viper?
Viper said on 25/Apr/07
No way is Schneider 6-4. Hes listed at 6-3, so hes not over that even. I personally peg him at 6-2 1/4.
Kal-El said on 24/Apr/07
On one interview he said he was 6'4, why a tall person like him would lie about his height? He doesn't need to.
patrick said on 13/Apr/07
Very nice words Jude! I love to read such human testimonies.
Even i did not have my own opinion, i would be inclined to trust someone like you more than "others". I happen to agree with you and not only about his 6'3 height but regarding his heart; This guy is how Tom Welling described him, a real "father", he "is" J.Kent and that is some compliment! Write again if you can Jude!
Jude Stringfellow said on 17/Mar/07
I met John in St. Mountain, GA in 1972. He was 6'3" then at 19, and I doubt he's grown or shrunk. Saw the man again several times in 1981-1983...hotter, yet very very hot - and still 6'3". Gorgeous smile, big heart, gotta love the man for his walk with Jesus! Hi John! (1/2 a velvet heart)
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/07
does anyone have a photo of the kind of boots john schneider wears in the duke of hazzard?
patrick said on 23/Feb/07
Yes, Tom WELLING is 6'3 (or more?) but Tom Wopat, i think is 6'; not less unless he always wears lifts!
patrick said on 11/Dec/06
Yes...if Tom Wopat is 5'11 and everybody knows he is not!
I think Tom is 6' and so, Jhon is what he look like: 6'3;
Always the same method considering in shrinking everybody who could prove an actor is taller than you estimate him; That is not really honest and in philosophy, it is called "reductionism".
Viper said on 11/Dec/06
Looks around 6-2 there with Wopat.
bo said on 21/Nov/06
John Schneider is 6'4". I found that out from John himself.
mc said on 10/Nov/06
Well today John Schneider was in town for a charity event, he did an autograph line (he stood the whole time) and showed his movie (Collier & Co) with the proceeds going to charity. I was in line a long time watching him. At first I thought he was not very tall (about 6'1") he was in ordinary sneakers. But, it turns out he was just slouching a lot. When someone tall would have their picture taken with him, he would stand up strait and he was 6'3" easy. When someone shorter was with him he would slouch and lean in to not look so tall. He was standing up strait, but normal with the tall people not standing on one leg, or trying to be closer to the camera, etc. He did not have to worry about his height, or try to fake it. Instead you could tell it was the opposite, he was slouching not trying to stand out most of the time like someone conscious of their towering over people.
patrick said on 18/Oct/06
In the midst of the street? Anyway, the point is "why": that would be interesting to know the reason why the director did this and why, everytime it is about Tom's height, "something" seems making things out of focus;
The proof: "this" very site ! Besides Sly's and Tom Cruise's ones, no other sounds cause as much as controversy; That's a "sociological phenomenon" !
Even in an episode of the second season, Chloe tells Clark "from your 6 foot...WHATEVER" ; Why not saying the real height if not to keep it in the haze of "mystery" and make people talk !!!
Because that is exactly what is happening; it's never clear; For me it is but it is my opinion based upon my own perception and some photos more than statements;
i take the John's one about his 6' friend as much more valid than fancy ones i read here! Do you know that in many other sites devoted to Smallville or not, Tom is most often evaluated as being 6'3 and 6'4?
Frankly, i hope to be able to get to SV set next year since a 7th season is probable to end it in order to judge by myself! If i am possibly able to get close to them!
Viper652 said on 17/Oct/06
I personally dont think it was a box. If anything it was probably a sidewalk.
patrick said on 9/Oct/06
OK, i know it is not usual to call on Editor Bob as referee butthere, frankly, Mr. Viper's obvious bad faith NEEDS someone being judge and unbiased, capable to read each one's arguments.
I repeat: when it's about Jared, he is NOT, he CANNOT be upon a platform (even though that is so easy to see that his pals are also on it!) BUT, when it's about Tom: he is on a slope or on a box or JS is barefoot or what else?
Mr Bob, "you be the judge" not about J Schneider's and thus, Tom's height but about the credibility of Chibifibi's and "I" (and John about Tom's article)arguments.
In advance, thanks.
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/06
Well, its still inconclusive evidence since you cant see their feet. And to be perfectly honest it truly does look that way to me.
patrick said on 6/Oct/06
Of course, Tom HAS to be on a slope while Jared CANNOT BE!
That is really too funny! What slope ? And above all, WHY a slope ?
Disheartening, discouraging and finally hopeless !
Viper652 said on 5/Oct/06
Actually it looks like Welling is standing on a slope, but you really cant tell since you cant see their feet.
patrick said on 5/Oct/06
To Chibifibi: THANKS A LOT ! At last, someone who piked up the picture i am talking about FOR MONTHS!!!
So, what do Mrs Viper and Anonymous will object this time:
1/ Tom is upon a box
2/John is kneeling
3/ John actually is 5'11
4/ Annette O'Toole is actually a dwarf munchkin
5/ that happens to be a "trick" and Tom is not "really" there
6/ we are all blind and do not see that Annette is effectively much taller BUT disavantaged with angle shot
7/ it happens to be a very good drawing made by order from me to an artist JUST to allow me to be right
So, that photo gets matched to what is sooo easily visible and confessed by John many times.
I confess being looking forward to read the "irrefutable" arguments that won't fail to present;
That photo is taken in front of them: no special angles, no special position, no anamorphosis due to wide angle objective. A plain, very common right snapshot.
Bravo again Chibifibi !
Viper652 said on 27/Sep/06
Schneider never looked 6-3 on the Dukes of Hazard. 188-189 Max.
patrick said on 27/Sep/06
i am in any way obsessed with anything (no feel offended) but i am VERY interested in a fact i already wrote about here: how strange it is to notice how THIS guy creates such a polemic !
i ran through many other actors listed in here and i never got its macth;
i am sure Tom would be very amazed with all these questions about his height !
the point is even in other sites it seems that that question comes back too very often; some saying Tom is "giantlike", others saying he is almost normal;
Only Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise seem to be also likewise "in question";
I feel personaly that interesting; that reveals how "we" interpret what we watch; "i" see differently than "you" and others see; here is something to be noticed; I magine how crucial it is if we were witnesses in a "case" !
frankly, i and all people around me, see him as i describe below; i do not say i am right but just tha's the way i see him; maybe he is an ET able to create images in each of our minds (joke);
it is true that some people look taller than they really are; for Ted Dawnson is one of them; i saw him at Paramount studios; he was close to me and seemed very big and tall; that come from his long long head (presumably);
It's amusing how many people are mistaken about Sean Connery's height; he ALWAYS is stated at much more than he is; yet, he's always a bit slouching; that comes from something "in him"; some guys are "tall within themselves";
question of "soul" i presume; Here is what i am interested in; Rock Hudson looked like a giant more than (young) Clint Eastwood whom is not a man to be neglicted; Clint is a great soul for me; so, what all of that, all these subjective impressions are depending on ? I DO NOT KNOW !
The fact is John and Tom went well together; they had a touch of magic as if they really were father and son; That's, besides, what says John Schneider (who claimed being a bit smaller than Tom in an interview ! ouch !!)
sf said on 27/Sep/06
My "Superstars" '83 book has him at 6'4", for whatever that's worth. And it also says, "When John isn't working on his TV series or singing on various TV specials, he keeps himself busy writing music, playing tennis, and reading horror stories." Good to know...
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/06
Oops, I meant to say Welling is shorter. LOL.

All kidding aside though, I seriously think both are the same height. Even if your analysis is right I wouldn't put them both over 6'3", because Welling's model card listed him at 6'2" (how can he be much taller then that?!? lol). And seriously even if they manipulate the effects Welling still cannot be much taller (no more than an inch, just look at proportions). I would give Welling 6'3", Schneider maybe a bit less after all he is getting a bit old now. If you're right on the DVD comment then that explains the recent changes in height.

I don't think we can ever know for sure. But I'm positive Welling is no more then 6'3" and I personally think he's 6'2". Maybe a tad under 6'3" for Schneider. So Schneider 6'2" and Welling 6'2.5" tops.
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/06
patrick you are obsessed with Welling and Schneider to do all that crazy stuff. And I still don't believe you.

I still think Schneider is shorter and there is nothing you can do about it.
patrick said on 21/Sep/06
NO, no and no again! Re-read what i wrote: in few scenes he appears shorter; besides, it's explained on a DVD bonus: "the" father should have to be "taller"; they then changed their mind;
I am re-watching all the seasons and, knowing very well the plots, i can take the time toexamine accurately the picture, frozen it all the time;
I bet my month salary on not only you just cannot see tom smaller but in most cases clearly taller than his "father"!
Everybody at home sees it because...that doesn't need nothing but not being blind!
It has been said so long and so many times that J S was taller that became a truth; I never bought it andI AM NOT ALONE (by far) NOTICING THAT!
A tip: when watching a photo or a still shot (dvd), look at the lines of perspective AND the SIZE of their respective heads, the height of their respective shoulders; sometimes a guy looks taller (or shorter) BUT the examination of the proprtions reveal that it's a play of perspective effects;
Believe me: i am a drawer and practicing that allowed me not to make a lot of mistakes!
But, nevertheles, check the DVD bonus where they talk about how they manage to transform the set to get the effects they wanted;
Check out the google picture o ftom and John and Annette where they pose and where all is revealed! soooo esay to do!
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
What do you mean never? John appears taller well into season 4 and even in season 5.
patrick said on 18/Sep/06
NEVER! Tom just a couple times appears smaller and precisely in the firts episodes of the first season ! Clark is then at the hospital;i am quite sure he was shot barefoot; apart from that, as John said on sept 13rd and Anonymous on august 7th, Tomm is clearly taller than the great John Schneider; it is so obvious and just needs to be checked out, to read the DVDs and "pause" now and then; moreover, John always does what Brandon Routh says having done in SUPERMAN returns: he pull and cranes his head up and backwards, what he didn't do in the other shows he was in before;
Nevertheless, John Schneider is clearly a legit 6'3, not less; seeign him in these other shows shows always him much taller and often bigger than anyone else.
Anonymous said on 17/Sep/06
In season 1 thru 4, John appeared taller.

Now in 5, Tom appears taller at times.

Unless Tom's still growing in his late 20's, something's fishy.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Well, usually John is taller tahn Welling.
john said on 13/Sep/06
I don't think so Viper652. I watched an episode of SV just last night on DVD and paused more than once and each time it was clear to both my wife and I that Tom was taller. Both times they were juxtaposed and Tom had the slight edge in height.
Viper652 said on 12/Sep/06
Schneider is taller than Welling for sure.
john said on 11/Sep/06
I've seen every episode of SV and more often than not Tom looks slightly taller than John. It does vary though as camera angles can make a difference as well as footwear.
Viper652 said on 10/Aug/06
Schneider looks 6-2 to me. He only had a couple of inches on 6-0 Tom Wopat in Dukes of Hazard.
George H said on 9/Aug/06
I've seen a few episodes and to me Schneider always looked about an inch taller.
Viper652 said on 8/Aug/06
Tom is closer to 6-1 in his barefeet.
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/06
Nah, Tom is definately taller than John. Tom is at least 6'3"
Anonymous said on 20/Jul/06
Tom is smaller, only when he wears those boots does he ever appear taller. Barefoot he's less than Schneider. They've intentionally made Schneider less than Welling in this season when compared to season's all about the footwear.
patrick said on 20/Jul/06
you're wrong about Tom being smaller than John "Kent" Schneider!
it is OBVIOUS (and DVD allow to check that out) that Tom is on the contrary, ONE inch or so taller than John; minimum i/2 inch;
Find the photos where they both appear with Annette O'Toole and many other shots, including the one where John has become a "ghost";
Please, fellows, OPEN your eyes !
However, John Schneider is definitly AT LEAST 6'3'' and maybe near 6'4''.
Mr. R said on 22/Feb/06
Tom Wopat is about 6 foot. I met him in New York a few years ago.
Karis said on 21/Feb/06
Tom Wopat is 6'1" or maybe 6'. I don't think he is 6'2"
Jonathan Kent said on 25/Nov/05
i have met him and dean cain is 6" and he is about dead on 6"3
Jason said on 6/Nov/05
I used to have a good friend from LA who is friends with Schneider (she lived nearby Schneider and his family and would visit them with her husband and kids). Unfortunately I lost contact with her in 2003 but if I ever talk to her again I will be sure to ask her opinion of his height (her husband is 6'5'' so maybe she has a good idea)...
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Oct/05
Somebody (comment accidentally deleted) mentioned they emailed his official site and got a reply he was '6ft 3'.
Kenshin said on 14/Jun/05
The difference between tom's and john's height is 1 inch so that would make tom 6'2
Smoke said on 7/Apr/05
It is the presence of John Schneider on Smallville that tells us that Tom Welling is slightly under 6'3", next to Schneider Tom really does look closer to 6'2" than 6'3" as many have discussed on Welling's height listing. I really do think Tom is a solid 6'2.5" (189 cm) though.

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