How tall is Jonathan Frakes ?

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Jonathan Frakes's height is 6ft 2.25in (189 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3.25in (191 cm)
American actor best known for playing William Riker on TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. As a director he has been at the helm of films like Star Trek: First Contact and Thunderbirds. When asked his height, he once said: "Thank you! I am 6'4". I saw him at a London Film Con in 2012, he looked more 6ft 2 that day.

5ft 8 Rob and Jonathan
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Nov/14
Rob, what was he like in person?
[Editor Rob: he was quite pleasant, but never seen him that much.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Oct/14
Frakes looks a solid 6ft4 in that photo if Dorn was 6ft3
Ace says on 23/Oct/14
A picture of both Frakes and Dorn in their primes: Click Here

Despite being farther from the camera, Frakes looks a good bit taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Oct/14
Yeah, nowhere near that mark today. In The Next Generation he could look it at times though. Certainly no less than 6ft3 at that time...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Sep/14
Did Frakes suffer back injuries, Rob?
[Editor Rob: no idea, but he's visibly nowhere near 6ft 4 in person]
Danimal says on 23/Sep/14
He's already lost a full inch Rob?
Tommo says on 28/Jul/14
How tall is that guy Rob? With Gunn and Frakes.
[Editor Rob: looks in between 6ft 4 and 5 but not seen him much]
filmfan says on 27/Jul/14
He's leaning a lot. I think if he stands straight he'd be a fair bit taller. I don't think 6'4'' is too implausibile.
[Editor Rob: he's leaning a bit...I'm leaning a bit.

Billy Gunn was at this event, now he looked near 6ft 4, Frakes looked more 6ft 2...and to back it up, the same guy with both Gunn and Frakes: Here]
Realist says on 22/Jul/14
Max 6'2, i would'nt go beyond 187 actually.
diavolo says on 20/Jul/14
Patrick Stewart wore 2-inch lifts in Star Trek: TNG yet he was always dwarfed by Frakes.
Jordan says on 18/Jul/14
He's 6'2 on the DOT here. He was lucky to be 6'3 in his prime.
Sam says on 17/Jul/14
I think Selleck's a truer 6'4" guy than Frakes, Frakes might have had the same peak height as James Stewart and Gary Cooper.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jul/14
Me too yeah, I always believed he was 6 ft 4. I'd thought 6'3.5-6'4" was true, much like Tom Selleck. Generally though I think a solid 6 ft 3 peak barefoot it probably more accurate. A 6'4" in shoes sort of guy I his prime but I still believed he was near it.
Brad says on 14/Jul/14
Patrick Stewart has never been over 5' 8" in his life.
Sean says on 12/Jul/14
Wow, I thought he was 6'4. Wasnt he described as 6'6 before?
[Editor Rob: I think at one point in the distant past he had been described as high as that, but today he really is more 6ft 2ish in person, I do believe he's lost about an inch from the 1980's though.]
James B says on 11/Jul/14
Looks like an older version of robin thick
The Horse of FUNK says on 10/Jul/14
Should help narrow down Patrick Stewart's height. Stewart has always been listed at 5'10", but I just never felt it.
Alex 6'0 says on 9/Jul/14
Not sure on his peak but looks a solid 6'2 here. Would be 6 inches if he was a bit more straight
Brad says on 9/Jul/14
As listed, had him by 4 on the nose last month.
Hypado says on 9/Jul/14
SaveUsY2J says on 8/Jul/14
Rob, noticed your photo still isn't up here ... it slip your mind to upload it?
[Editor Rob: ah, yes! I will put it up right now!]
mike says on 13/Jun/14
6ft 2.5 today 6ft 3-6ft 3.5 peak
Lorne says on 9/Apr/14
Hell yeah Rob! It appears you've been updating some listings. So can't we get Dorn at 190cm now, it is the next logical step.
miko says on 29/Mar/14
Click Here

Dorn looks taller than Frakes here
[Editor Rob: I just realised my own pic isn't even here, I will sort that next month! I don't ever plan on wearing a star trek uniform myself though...]
Lorne says on 18/Dec/13
Right on, Rampage. I can't see Dorn losing a full inch in 50's.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Dec/13
"Peak height was 6ft 3.25in (191cm)"

Michael Dorn was maybe 190cm
Rey says on 20/Jul/13
Six two and 3/8 that the best.
Joe says on 7/Dec/12
Saw Mr. Frakes at Paramount back in 2000, very nice man. He looked a weak 6'3"--maybe 6'2" 3/4 . I don't think Michael Dorn is as tall as he listed too.
Josh B says on 30/Nov/12
Click Here
Click Here
Never looked as tall as he should have with Brent
Mathew says on 25/Nov/12
Just looking at pictures of him next to random fans,he comes across more 6'2" thjn 6'4".
Yaspaa says on 24/Oct/12
He was always 6'2.5-6'3. James Cromwell was significantly taller in First Contact.
Legit 6 footer says on 18/Oct/12
Holy cow, he got downgraded :P well, I saw a picture of him on twitter. Definitely lost some height here, he looks shorter than 6'2" Mike Dorn! (Probably slouching)
Click Here
Josh B says on 13/Oct/12
Always suspected he wasn't a full 6'4 when compared with Brent Spiner
Bakura says on 5/Feb/12
Rob, just curious as to why you've bumped half an inch off him?
aaron1337 says on 29/Jan/12
Watch the first 30 seconds of this clip. He says, I am 6'4"!
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