How tall is Karen Gillan ?

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Karen Gillan's height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

Scottish Actress best known for her role as companion Amy Pond in the BBC TV series Doctor Who. In film she played Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. In Fabulous magazine she said "I'm 5ft 11in and I spent two years working as a model. I don't have any major issues with my body" although on The Conan O'Brien show she said she's 5ft 10. These Photos are from the 2011 London Film Con, she had about an inch more footwear than us..

Karen Gillan is tall
5ft 8 Rob, 5ft 8 Jenny with Karen
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shawn says on 19/Mar/15
177cm looks more like it
irshgrl500 says on 7/Mar/15
lala says on 1/Dec/14 said that 5'9" for Northern European women, is not uncommon. Well, I'm in agreement with A6'1Guy. If lala is implying that 5'9" is the average height for Northern European women, then that's not accurate. Also data is reported in generational portions. Thus, surveys that were dated from 2006-2010, are not outdated, even in 2015 because 12 years is considered a full generation.
The average height for women ages 20-85 in Norway, is 5'5.5"; in Sweden the average height for women ages 20-74 is, 5'5"; in Denmark the average height for women ages 20-49 is, 5'6.5" (this would likely be lower if women over 49 were included). Lastly, in the Netherlands, the average height for women over age 20 is, 5'6". While the average height for Northern European women is 1.5"-2" greater than those of the average height of US women (54.5), it is no where near 5'9".
Thomas says on 8/Feb/15
What would a legit 6'1" man look like standing next to her, Rob?
[Editor Rob: her eyes would be at their mouth very likely and appear maybe 2cm over the man's eyebrows.]
A6'1Guy says on 7/Feb/15
@lala "I'm certain than in northern Europe 5'9 isn't that uncommon for women"
Just because it isn't uncommon does not mean it's the average, also, where are you getting this statistic from?
BGee says on 17/Dec/14
i think 5'10 is spot on, she was just a bit under Arthur and Matt while on DW and she only passes them up while in heels.
Crash says on 3/Dec/14
@SamL94, I really doubt she's that heavy. I'm almost certain that she'd be below 130lb.

@lala, in Germany, Netherlands or Scandinavia you could be right. But with an average of about 5'5" for young women (about right for Europe as a whole, as well as America), it is somewhere around 5% 5'9" or taller.

And this is certainly the case in the UK, where this actress is from. Don't apply the northern European "standard" to everywhere else.
lala says on 1/Dec/14
@Angelaa which country are you talking about? I'm certain than in northern Europe 5'9 isn't that uncommon for women...Those statistics are likely outdated or even inaccurate. Also, the height between what someone considers average and tall would be "borderline".
Angelaa says on 6/Oct/14
@miko.....There is no Borderline. 5ft10 is tall for a woman. Only 5% of women are 5ft9 or taller.
miko says on 2/Oct/14
I think she is borderline tall for a woman.

When you start getting into the 5'10/5'11 range you push the solid 6'0 guys for height and can hold your own against most men. In big heels she'd be 6'2 range.

I'm 6'0 and work with a 5'11 girl and I'll always make that extra effort when she walks past to stand that little bit taller!
SamL94 says on 22/Sep/14
@moonlight- How accurate would you say that is? Because on other websites I have read that she is 140lbs.
moonlight says on 19/Sep/14
@SamL94 On the weight page rob said 125 range.
SamL94 says on 14/Sep/14
How much does she weigh?
TJE says on 12/Sep/14
@ M.P.
Eye-to-eyebrow is at least 1.5 cm, so 180.9-1.5= 179.4. Take away her shoes, 179.4-2.5=176.9. So that makes her about 5'9.5-9.75.
Bishop says on 25/Aug/14
Looks more 177 cm considering her footwear advantage.
Crash says on 23/Aug/14
I agree Sam, very few women can pull it off, and she isn't one of them. She's much better with the longer hair.
Sam says on 19/Aug/14
Obviously she's attractive but cue-ball bald is not a good look for any girl IMO. I know that she was wearing a wig at a few conventions before she pulled it off at Comic Con. Respect her commitment to the role and glad her hair is growing back!
M.P. says on 16/Aug/14
Okay, just to clear up the confusion... she is 5'10" BAREFOOT. In thick-sole shoes, she is 5'11". I am 5'10.5" barefoot and come up to 5'11.25" in normal sneakers. She is almost eye-to-eye with me when we met during the Guardians of the Galaxy promotion and I was just a tiny-bit taller than her, eye-to-eyebrow with her. (And at the time, I wasn't even aware of her as I'm not a Doctor Who fan.)
Crash says on 2/Jul/14
Nice looking girl, I enjoyed her on Dr Who. Another one to put in the "attractive redheads" list.

Yes, I think that she's closer to 5'10" than 5'11".
mike says on 29/Jun/14
Karen Gilian's Height is 5ft 10.25 (178 cm)

she'd probabley be 5ft 11 flat in the morning. 5ft 10.25 at night and just doesn't bother adding the quarter in her
Guy says on 12/Jun/14
Looks like 177-78
Tony .V says on 29/Apr/14
yeaaaaaaaaaa Jenny got the Supernatural Shirt!!!!!!
John says on 26/Apr/14
@Jk just letting you know a lot of people say they're heights they're not. She does look tall next to 5'11" Matt Smith but she's shorter.
Peyman says on 21/Apr/14
she looks a solid 179 on the pics
considering the heels, then 5ft 9.5in is what she really is
& lol at 5ft 11in
Giulio says on 7/Apr/14
Jk says on 2/Mar/14
She is 5' 11". It's not me saying it. That is what SHE says. I don't understand a lot of the comments here. If she looks tall it's like so many try to explain it away by saying it's only because she is wearing heels. I have to wonder if the issue is really just that guys who like her don't want their fantasy girl to be taller than they are?


She has 1 inch more footwear, does she look 4 inches taller ? 5'10 is right
K says on 4/Mar/14
She looks 5'11 to me. I love the color of her hair!
Jk says on 2/Mar/14
She is 5' 11". It's not me saying it. That is what SHE says. I don't understand a lot of the comments here. If she looks tall it's like so many try to explain it away by saying it's only because she is wearing heels. I have to wonder if the issue is really just that guys who like her don't want their fantasy girl to be taller than they are?
J.Lee says on 24/Feb/14
Rob is she wearing heels here?
[Editor Rob: boots near 2 inches]
NICOLE<3:DD says on 14/Jan/14
Wow she looks stunning:D
cloud says on 1/Jan/14
Hey Rob on a website they say that she is 140 lbs do you think that is possible ?
[Editor Rob: seems under that]
Adrian says on 1/Jan/14
looks 176cm
Dalai Lama says on 10/Aug/13
177 and perfect :)
Arch Stanton says on 5/Aug/13
Yeah Rob I think he could be rounding down. The thing is if you hide Karen in that pic he looks like he could be 6'1"-6'2" but when you see Karen here next to you who we know the height of exactly and then she her in clumpy boots in comparison next to him he looks about as much 6 ft 3 as Ryan McPartlin does. He makes her look quite small and she's a 5 ft 10 lady in clumpy boots who'll look nothing but tall compared to the vast majority of blokes.
Arsenalforever says on 22/Jul/13
The utterly beautiful Karen is, indeed, 5ft10. Another one dead on, Rob. This is clearly seen with the recent Comic-Con shots. And, yes, to agree with Arch below, I give Lee Pace 6-4 (at least). He clearly has a couple of inches on the other taller guys.
Arch Stanton says on 21/Jul/13
Click Here

Gone for the skinhead look.. Rob, do you think that Lee Pace guy looks more than 6'3" here? He looks nearer 6'5" to me if she's 5'10".
[Editor Rob: he can definitely look 6ft 4 range, although maybe she's a little further and it adds to his height.

he is a guy who might be like say paul bettany and is close to 6ft 4 but just rounds down to 6ft 3...maybe I'll give him 6ft 3 and 3/4.]
teej says on 10/Jul/13
She looks 5ft11 to me dont forget shes slouching more than rob, im 6'1 and slouch a lot and thats how i look in pictures next to my 5ft10 dad.
[Editor Rob: for her to be 5ft 11 she should have looked nearly 6ft as she had more footwear, but she never looked that tall.]
a ginger. says on 5/Jul/13
Some of you say she looks shorter but she's pretty tall compared to Matt if you see her stand next to him. And he's 5' 11". She did modeling before (and maybe currently) Doctor Who so I'd imagine she's about 5'10". Either way she''s beautiful! Ginger pride!
Average weight says on 21/Jun/13
Looks around 5'9.
LeBron6 says on 1/Apr/13
5'9.5". dought she'd measure out to a full 5'10'
Pi. says on 11/Mar/13
From the pics. and your comment, I think she's about 5ft 9, 5ft 9 no more. :)
Balrog says on 9/Feb/13
She looks gorgeous. And tall.
afka9 says on 5/Feb/13
typical 177-178 cm woman
Elijah says on 28/Jan/13
@Blinky: I'd say somewhere around 120lb? It can be hard to tell though as I am only 130 at 6' myself (male btw) but don't look particularly skinny.

I always heard 5'11" for her and my sister always got pissed because she knew that she just wasn't that tall. lol
Blinky says on 21/Jan/13
How much does she weigh though?
Doink says on 29/Dec/12
Click Here

Said she was 5-foot-10 on Conan O'Brian about 3 months ago.
[Editor Rob: glad she came out with the truth!]
someone says on 17/Dec/12
wow this is weird, she looks 5'5-5'7 on doctor who!
Arch Stanton says on 15/Dec/12
She looks so much like Isla Fisher, just 10 inches taller!
Steven says on 13/Dec/12
perhaps matt smith should be 6'0.5
Tall Joey says on 19/Nov/12
Im seeing a 5'10'' here.
tom says on 14/Oct/12
5-10 looks right imo.
reecey says on 16/Sep/12
she looks 6ft comparing to matt smith
[Editor Rob: she's easily an inch smaller than matt in person, Matt when he stands at his tallest really does look around 182cm]
theblacklab says on 11/Jun/12
I always thought she was average height on Doctor Who, but I see know that she's not! Beautiful girl however, whether she be 5'4"-5'5" (like I thought she was) or 5'10"-5'11".
henry says on 11/Feb/12
realy very interesting I thought she is only 5'5 :)

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