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Kerry King Height
Kerry King's height is 5 ft 6.5 in (169 cm)

US Rocker from Slayer. Maybe he's got slightly worse posture here, so not entirely sure...I read one forum where somebody 'discovered' he was 5ft 10...lol.

5ft 8 Glenn beside King

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Ben says on 22/Jun/08
Man , I never figured Kerry would be that small, are you sure he's standing up straight? He looks like hes 6 ft tall or something in concert and pictures, he looks like some big biker dude that could punch your face in, so i would imagine no shorter than 5'10, but only 5'6? I'm like 5'8 or 5'9 and skinny as a toothpick, i never imaged being taller than someone that tough looking, but he's only 5'6?!
glenn says on 27/Mar/08
wow.**** i dont remember looking that small.
joe smoe says on 27/Mar/08
yea I can see that here lol.

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glenn says on 27/Mar/08
no clue on dragonforce.except that one guys does look short.everytime they are in town im busy.
joe smoe says on 25/Mar/08
how tall do you think herman li and sam totman from dragonforce are.
Herman looks like he's about the same height as Marty Friedman. and Sam is like 6'0.

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Anonymous says on 18/Mar/08
usually boots still don't give you that much height like regular boots don't, but it depends want kind of boots he wears. Maybe those like freakin big heeled boots does.
glenn says on 18/Mar/08
maybe king wears those big goth boots?
Anonymous says on 17/Mar/08
It's kinda awkward that Kerry King looks taller in alot of pictures. I found him not much shorter than Zakk Wylde and the same height as 5'6-5'7 Scott Ian. Why does Kerry King look taller, although he's not that tall. Does he wear like moster shoes or lifts.
Anonymous says on 17/Mar/08
Kerry King only look like an inch or 2 taller than Jim Marshall.

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The picture is in that blog, you just have to find it.
Anonymous says on 13/Mar/08
take a look at this picture glenn, how the hell did kerry king look only 6-6.5 inches shorter than mick thomson, well it's hard to tell because 6'2 mick thomson is not standing up straight, and the other guy is in the 5'11 range because you can see the rest of the picture him and Dave Mustaine who is 5'11-6'0 are about the same height. It's kind wierd that Kerry looks closer to 5'8 in that picture, although he's not.

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Anonymous says on 13/Mar/08
yea also I saw a video of paul gilbert who's 6'4 jamming with marty friedman, and he doesn't seem that much taller than marty. since you said marty is 5'7, usually 5'7 people would look puny next to a 6'4 person. It's kinda wierd it's either paul is shorter than 6'4 or marty is taller than 5'7. I think it's either stage advantage or monster shoes/lifts or big heels. Here watch the video yourself.

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glenn says on 11/Mar/08
i havnt seen marty in 14 years.so you never know.maybe his afro made him taller and so did his thick basketball hightops.and i mightve been 5-7 in my earlier days meeting him.so you hey,maybe he is 5-6ish.all i know is im at least in inch taller than him.but im a legit 5-8 now.so maybe its near 2 now.
Anonymous says on 10/Mar/08
o really I thought he's 5'6 or something. yea 5'7 seems more accurate for marty.
glenn says on 10/Mar/08
marty is 5-7.king is an inch shorter.
Anonymous says on 8/Mar/08
isn't marty friendman like the same height as kerry? they're both like 5'6-5'7 from what I've seen.
metalhead says on 25/Feb/08
you guys think wrong
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here's a picture w gossow king and scabbia
yuqi says on 19/Feb/08
5'5 seems correct for Angela from Arch Enemy, and Kerry King does look close to 5'7, yea 5'6.5 seems right.
glenn says on 31/Jan/08
i have a photo with angela.she is in sneakers.5-5 the smallest if im wrong.
metalhead says on 30/Jan/08
angela isn't 5'6. there's a picture were she is standing next to kerry king and scabbia @ the kerrang awards. angela is wearing 3 inch heels and she is still smaller than kerry. angela and scabbia have the same length and that's just not a full 5'3.
glenn says on 29/Jan/08
oh sharon is 5-3 or 5-4. scabbia might be lower than 5-4.i dont pay attention to womens height and boots or hees throw me off.
glenn says on 29/Jan/08
i have photos with anneke (5-4) and scabbia (5-4).and a couple lacuna members.one guy was my height.the main guy i think.another taller.i have alot of photos with scabbia actually and i have sharon adel.
anonymous says on 28/Jan/08
How tall are the members from Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Paradise Lost, Anathema and My Dying Bride? Anyone know?
glenn says on 25/Jan/08
id say angela is 5-6.
Anonymous says on 24/Jan/08
trust me ammott is around 5'11-6'0 and the other members are taller like over 6 feet like around 6'3. angela is is like 5'5-5'6, she can look taller with heels on.
glenn says on 22/Jan/08
no ammot is around the 5-11 range.travis is 6-7. 6-5 now.doug im not sure on.5-11? maybe the footwear varied.
metalhead says on 22/Jan/08
No Way. On Michael Amott's myspace is a picture with Doug Aldrich and Scott Travis they were both bigger then Amott. Michael isn't 5'11 but more between 5'8 and 5'9 tops.
Anonymous says on 21/Jan/08
I think michael amott is like 5'11 or 6 feet or something like that, the rest of the member is like 6'1-6'3 range. angela I'm assuming around the same height as alexi laiho like 5'5-5'6.
Beavis says on 14/Jan/08
Does any1 know the height of Michael Amott, guitarist of the band Arch Enemy?
Bill D says on 11/Dec/07
I saw Slayer in 1986 when they were still playing clubs, and Kerry King walked past me near the bar. My Dad's 5'5", and Kerry couldn't have been more than 5'6", possibly even 5'5"...really small. About the same as the diminutive DD Verni of Overkill, who was opening for Slayer at the gigs I attended.
AshnarLynx says on 10/Dec/07
Martin Lopez is taller than Mendez, that I'm sure of. Mendez is probably 5'7 or something and Lopez is about 5'10 actually. When it comes to Åkerfeldt, I believe he's about 6'2 because I've seen him stand next to Arjen Lucassen (6'7) and he didn't look more than 5 inches shorter.
Robby says on 28/Oct/07
i think he's about 5 foot 5 because you gotta take into consideration that he always wears boots
XtremeMetalhead says on 14/Aug/07
I saw Opeth live once...6'0-6'1 sounds right for Akerfeldt. Both Martin Lopez and Martin Mendez looked 5'6-5'7. Peter Lindgren was the tallest of the band, approx. 6'3-6'4.

Difficult to say for Dimmu, who wear platform boots a lot.

Also hard to tell for Behemoth. Nergal will look towering at some shows and pictures, but there was a fan snapshot of him with 2 average height females, and he barely looked taller than them. I would say he's around 5'9-5'10.
glenn says on 14/Aug/07
i have me and every member of lamb of god in the pic with me.heights all over the place.ill post it one day.
ER. says on 13/Aug/07
The lead singer/guitarist in Opeth looks 6-0 - 6-1 to me.
Anonymous says on 13/Aug/07
hey Glenn .....you need to find out the height of lamb of god members.. plz
glenn says on 13/Aug/07
i never met dimmu except nick barker.he was 6ft at least.i saw them play.the singer from nile is 5-6.behemoth i love but never met or saw.opeth i have group photo with.one guy might be my height.the rest are 5-11 to 6-1,possibly even 6-2.youll see the pic one day.
Anonymous says on 12/Aug/07
Hey Glenn, how tall are the members from Dimmu Borgir? Nile? Opeth? Behemoth?

All the Scandinavian/Central Europe musicans seem to tower over everyone it seems. I remember seeing Amon Amarth and the shortest musician was the bassist (probably 5'9, 5'10, which people say is average) and all the other members had to be 6'3-6'5.
glenn says on 26/Jul/07
thanks username.i saw all 9 of them in costume run right past me in a an office building! they wouldnt stop.all they did was sign a few while running.couldve had the group photo with had they wernt in a hurry to do a rolling stone magazine shoot.they were dicks actually.i think it was mick that actually put his fist up to a autograph dealers face and growled "**** off".nice guys.
username says on 26/Jul/07
glenn - mick is 6'2 and jim is 6'6, and corey is 5'7, which is weird because i've been a huge fan of slipknot for years, seem them live a few times and corey in person and never even gave his height a thought
glenn says on 18/Jul/07
arnt there 2 guys in slipknot like 6-3? i thought it was corey.you could be right john doe.though i think shorter.how did you catch me out there slayerfan? i know the drummer from system is 5-8.he is the only one i met.
Slayerfan says on 7/Mar/07
Hey Glenn, you were the vocalist of Soilent Green? WOW man! That's great. Saw a clip on youtube with Soilent Green from 1989. Cool!
SystemError says on 19/Feb/07
How about finding System of a Downs' member's heights? King is a good guitarist, as well as Hannemann #10 in guitar world =D
Slayerfan says on 12/Feb/07
LMAO!!! Filth is 5.4??? Damn, he looked 5.6. Glenn, you're the man!! Can you find out the height of Corey Taylor and The Clown from Slipknot? Thanks man!
Glenn says on 11/Feb/07
Corgan is 6-2.maybe,maybe 6-3.what Genitorturer guys? David Vincent? he is 6-1.Trey Azogoth is 5-10ish.Marty Friedman is 5-6ish.Dani Filth is 5-4.
Slayerfan says on 10/Feb/07
Ahamz...Yeah, Megadeth are better than Metallica, and IMO the only nu-metal band worth listening to is Disturbed (Draiman's voice is awesome).
@TKA: Are you sure? The lyrics are pretty satanic if you ask me. I'd say that all members are agnostic. Despite what they say..no christian would agree to such mockery of his religion. But who cares, Slayer kick ass. And metal is the ultimate musical genre, I mean they can't go any further, this is the peak of musical prowess. ;)

BTW, can you find out the heights of Mustaine and some other rockers? Thanks!
TKA says on 8/Feb/07
No, Kerry King is Atheist, NOT Satanist, and none of the band members are Nazis. In fact, if you read Angel of Death, it's a condemnation (If a rather tasteless one) of the Nazi atrocities.
Glenn says on 8/Feb/07
I agree Metallica suck.but Megadeth have their moments.and had bad albums too.I own 10,000 cds and 10,000 lps of all kinds of music.I couldnt tell you what I listen to.Anal Cunt is ok.not great.Cannibles last cd was good.but been boring for 10 years before that.Vader and Dismember are far superior to Slayer as with many Black Metal bands.Slayer actually started out Black Metal.I started to listen to them in 1984 and stopped in 1994.Metallica ended in 1988.Megadeth in 1990.Slayer technically ended in 1988,as for as good as Season was,the rehasing was starting.they had 4 incredible albums of highly original albums.I think the backgrounds of Slayer Im right on except I think your right on Hanneman.Anaal is great! Im not big on Bodom but love the 90s input especially of Overkill,Testament,and Exodus.I love all forms of Metal.except Nu Metal.
Slayerfan says on 8/Feb/07
Metallica and Megadeth are lousy in comparison to Slayer [>:)]. Other bands that I'm a fan of include Exodus (rip Baloff), TestAmenT, Death Angel, Overkill, Motorhead and the likes. Nowadays I'm more into deathrash stuff and melodic death like In Flames, Children of Bodom and Scar Symmetry. So Glenn, what are you listening to that's waaay heavier than Slayer? I'd say Cannibal Corpse, Anal Cunt - absolutely brilliant band, LOL, Anaal Nathrakh, Pungent Stench and lots of brutal death and grind bands.
About Slayer, I knew Araya to be latino, King to be british, Hanneman - deutsch, and Lombardo - italian. Dunno really if all is correct but that's what I know. I'm open to suggestions. Never expected them to be so small (especially King, he he).

Thrash 'Till Death!
Glenn says on 5/Feb/07
Tom Araya is obviously Latino and is Chilean.Lambardo is Cuban.Hanneman is Irish.King? German? Jew? there are Jews interested in Nazi memorabilia and books.Slayer also hasnt put out a masterpiece since South of Heaven.give it a rest.theyre overated.nothing against you Bleemo.Slayer fans think Slayer are the heaviest band around.they are Bon Jovi compared to what I listen to to.Bon Jovi are great by the way.not the last cd.
Slayerfan says on 4/Feb/07
Slayer are not Nazis. They do however have a great deal of visual inspiration drawn from the Nazis - the Logo and most of the other stuff. Tom Araya is Latino (maybe not that dark skinned, but still) and he's a catholic too. The "bad-brain" in the band is Mr. Kerry Motherfuckin' King who is allegedly a satanist.
I like Slayer (more than a lot) and I like the whole Nazi looking thing they do - the writing and swasitka like drawings(but I'm not a Nazi! Hell, I'm part gipsy). They speak about stuff other don't because of the new wave of political idiocy, oh I ment correctness. >:]

Have a nice day, and Thrash 'Till Death!!!
Slayer uber alles!!
Marc says on 2/Dec/06
Trueheight: the stage has good effects for your height since people need to look up at you. My band played a show and when I came out to talk to people in the crowd they said that they though everyone (except me as I'm a drummer) was "huge" until they talked to them (one is guitarist is 6'2", the other 6'0", and my bassist is 5'11" and so am I, so we havea a pretty tall crew).
Glenn says on 20/Mar/06
Met everyone in movies,music and metal except dime.met PANTERA in 1990,sans dime.dime was 5-8.phil 5-11 3/4,vinny 5-9,and rex 5-9.went to go meet dime and got into major beef with his security.a week later to my astonishment,that same asshole security guy picked on a schizophrenic fan,and all involved are killed.creepy.
Priest says on 19/Mar/06
what is dimebag darrell's height?
trueheight says on 18/Mar/06
he is indeed 5'7 though wearing normal tennis, never met Lombardo though; he always looked shorter than Hanneman?
trueheight says on 18/Mar/06
wow araya and hanneman always looked huge, especially Araya. Always thought King was 5'9 based on his bulkiness
Glenn says on 4/Mar/06
king is 5-6.araya is 5-9,5-10.hanneman is 5-8.lambardo is 5-9.case closed.NO WAY IS KING 5-8.
Danimal says on 25/Jan/06
Kerry isn't standing straight. If he straightened out, he would be Glenn's height.
trueheight says on 24/Jan/06
Rob, I've had the pleasure to meet KK twice and while i don't have any photos, I can verify that Kerry King is not a smidge over 5'7. Araya though seemed to be a few inches over 6ft, though he had some pretty flashy footwear. from a distance, Hanneman is the same as Araya.
D. Ray Morton says on 23/Jan/06
Wow, that's the Celebheights.com Shocker O' The Month.

I always thought Kerry King to be a huge mutha.

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