How tall is L L Cool J ?

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L L Cool J height: 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)

American rapper and Actor best known for roles in films like SWAT, Any Given Sunday, Deep Blue Sea and on tv as Sam in NCIS: Los Angeles. He has claimed to be 6ft 3.
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Dmeyer says on 21/Feb/15
I met the Guy the smallest he could be is 186cm
grizz says on 15/Feb/15
az, more like 6ft1 -but it doesn't give us the full picture because they're so far from each other. He really is 6ft1.5. Maybe 6ft1.25, but nothing below that mark!
az says on 12/Feb/15
beside 6'2" Andrea Bocelli I think LL is 6 foot even. Not 6'2" at all. But HOTT

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Kane says on 9/Feb/15
Here's LL with 5'9" Paltrow at Grammy 2015. She's in at least 3" heels.

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matt says on 2/Dec/14
He was the same height as Jonathan Ross. So around the 6'1 mark.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 26/Nov/14
A solid 6ft1. Looks shorter because he's so goddamned jacked!
Baskao says on 18/Nov/14
5-10. Camera magic. Slight build.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 12/Oct/14
Not under 6ft 1.25in. He edges out the tall Eric Christian Olsen.
Joe says on 17/Aug/14
He looks 6'1 max with 5'9 listed Chris O'Donnell :

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sb says on 7/Aug/14
You can't see footwear, and LL Cool J is wearing a hat, but he's definitely holding his own here against legit 6ft7(!) MMA Heavyweight Travis Browne

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sb says on 7/Aug/14
You can't see footwear, and LL Cool J is wearing a hat, but he's definitely holding his own here against legit 6ft7(!) MMA Heavyweight Travis Browne
Joe says on 1/Jul/14
I think he's a 6'1 guy, here he is with puffy:

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Joe says on 13/Jun/14
He seems to be 6'2 to 6'3 due to his meaty heels, he is no more than 6'1.
Ilyathe2nd says on 8/Jun/14
This article/interview says 6'1'', and it's hard to see why he would downgrade himself: Click Here
moe says on 11/May/14
I saw him filming in LA Union Station a few years ago, with Chris O'Donnell. First of all, Chris is SHORT! He's 5'7 or so, and when I saw him he was really skinny. LL was greeting passerbys, and looked fairly tall until I saw he had GIGANTIC heels on his shoes. These were thick, crush your toes if I accidentally step on them, three inch heels. If I had a camera phone with me, I would have taken a picture. Of all the celebrities I've seen, I never saw someone so blatantly wear hight enducing heels. With the heels he was maybe 6'1. He's probably 5'11 or so without them.
Graham says on 19/Apr/14
I'm exactly 189cm and I was walking past the dude and had a quick chat because I recognised him, he was maybe 2/3 cm taller than me with nike AirMax on, I had flat shoes on, so I peg him at probably 189/190 barefoot.
Dmeyer says on 7/Apr/14
I talked to him and had photo with him , he was Max 5cm taller than me we had about same shoes , in the pic h looked just 1cm taller than me but his posture isnt great , over 6 ft 1.5 is unlikely
KROC says on 7/Apr/14
LL Cool J 6'1-6'2? This has got to be a joke. He's 5'11.5 people. From what I hear, they do everything in the book to make him appear taller in these movies and tv shows. Apparently its working.
Raymond says on 6/Apr/14
Saw him the other day, I'm 6"1.5 and he's a big dude. Must be 6"2.5/6"3, wearing flat shoes aswell. As for his weight, I'm think 210-225 pounds, big dude.
James B says on 25/Mar/14
Looks 6'2
slick says on 30/Jan/14
I met him at Extra tv show I'm 6 foot looken up at him he towered over everybody there he is defn between 6' 3" & 6' 5" but what made him look more bigger was he was swole like a bodybuilder
toddos says on 23/Jan/14
An Ebony article from 2003 says 5'11"
During his recent visit to Atlanta, the physical infatuation that women--young and old, Black and White, mamas and daughters--have for him was on full display as sightings of the 5-foot-11 Queens, N.Y., native prompted women to fall all over themselves in an effort to get his attention. "LL, I love you," one lady screamed out from a passing car. "LL, you're so fine," another yelled. "Can I have a hug?" another lady said as she stopped her car in the middle of the street. "Look at those big, juicy lips. Lord, help me."
toddos says on 23/Jan/14
He is 5'11" according to an Ebony magazine article from 2003 he was 34 at the time Click Here
During his recent visit to Atlanta, the physical infatuation that women--young and old, Black and White, mamas and daughters--have for him was on full display as sightings of the 5-foot-11 Queens, N.Y., native prompted women to fall all over themselves in an effort to get his attention. "LL, I love you," one lady screamed out from a passing car. "LL, you're so fine," another yelled. "Can I have a hug?" another lady said as she stopped her car in the middle of the street. "Look at those big, juicy lips. Lord, help me."

A similar scene played out recently at Howard University in Washington, D.C., where female students, usually known for their unshakeable sophistication and composure, hid in bushes and poached in trees, waiting for their chance to pounce on the entertainer. Security guards had to step in and restore order to a chaotic scene the likes of which he says he hasn't seen since the early days of his career. "People have been so supportive. If I had the answer to my success, I would bottle it and sell it. I would be running around to record labels saying, `I got some longevity here. Who wants a hit?'" he says. "I'm just thankful. It's amazing. It's a blessing. It appears that, in terms of intensity, there is rejuvenation in my career. I'm very appreciative that people enjoy what I'm doing, that they like what I'm doing. All I can do is just give them the best that I can give them."

For the man who seems to have it all, that, perhaps, is his greatest
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Jan/14
I meant to say measured near 189cm in the morning
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Jan/14
"LL Cool J height: 6ft 1.75in (187cm)"

Might've measured near 189cm and slyly rounded that off to 6ft3. People's knowledge of the metric system is fairly poor. I heard a female colleague of mine once gossiping about how her boyfriend had just had his physical how he was measured 182cm tall and her friend asked how tall that was in feet and she replied "6ft2...yeah I know he's really tall"
Lenad is sexy says on 4/Jan/14
6'1-6'1 1/2 that's likely his range
Lenad is sexy says on 4/Jan/14
dmeyer says on 1/Jan/14
I had a thick shoe when i met him That gave 3.3cm So was 184.6cm Just about 6'0.75 in He looked no less than 1.5in taller and no more than 2in his shoes were brand new Nike air force So no less than 2.9-3cm , 184.5 me plus 4-5cm 188.5-189.5 cm about 6'2.25-6'2.75 shoes on minus 3cm 6'1-1.5in but i think ll isnt 188 or 185cm but 186-187cm not outside 6'1.5 Is perfect , This height Is either afternoon or evening wakes at 6'2-2.25
Lenad is sexy says on 31/Dec/13
looks a solid 4 inches taller than chris O'Donnell. So just over 6'1 but not quite 6'2 seems on the cards for ll cool j
Lenad is sexy says on 31/Dec/13
Mathew says on 26/Dec/13
No way he's near 6'3". I wouldn't be surprised if he was under 6'1", but I'd list him at 6'1" to be nice.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Dec/13
187-188cm is fair. In S.W.A T he was 4in taller than Colin Farrell (not quite 5ft10) and similiar to Samuel L. Jackson (6ft2 flat in 2003), maybe a centimetre shorter at worst.
G Money says on 12/Nov/13
I can tell you for sure that he's 6'3". I'm 6'0", and took a photo with him this summer. I was so surprised how tall he was when I met him, it was the first thing I said to him. Don't believe the comments on this site about him being 6'0". That's a bunch bull!
dmeyer says on 3/Nov/13
I was near 6'0.75 shoes on He looked no more than 6'2.75 shoes on He had air force than give 1.2in rob has him right 186cm Is closer than 188cm
Avery says on 2/Nov/13
I'm six foot even. LL slouches allot.
He is 6 "3"
Balrog says on 12/Oct/13
Him at 5'11" would put O'Donnell at 5'6", Farrell at 5'7" and Samuel L Jackson at 5'11" aswell.

Really, no chance.
Viper says on 11/Oct/13
Hes not even 6'0. Hes 5'11.

And yeah he has aged very well.
TeeTee says on 9/Oct/13
I don't care if he is 6' or 6'3". He's gorgeous. Besides a couple of inches only matters one way!!!!!
Mathew says on 10/Sep/13
I seem to remember him looking about 3" taller than G when the picture was on here back in the day. LL was probably slouching, but still. I really doubt the 6'1.5".
Dmeyer says on 8/Sep/13
I also met him there and he was noticably taller than me in 3.3cm shoes he was near 189cm shoes on ( 3cm air force ) the Guy is aleast 6'1 1/8 -6'1.25
Chameleon says on 8/Sep/13
@NickyV: +1 for you cheers mate, he even himself claimed no more than 6' and I guess thats only with shoes on..
NIckyV says on 6/Sep/13
Ok people listen up. I really like this site. It provides a fairly accurate starting point for most celebrities heights. However, in the case of LL it's far from accurate. LL is a great rapper and a decent actor but he is NOT and will NEVER be 6'3", or even 6'1.5", period!!! I am 6'2" and have stood next to him at the Four Seasons Hotel in BH. We both were wearing old school Nikes and he is 5' 11" at best. Over the years he's incorrectly stated 6'3" and 215lbs in different men's magazines but if you need proof of his physical makeup look to Terrell Owens. TO is what 6'3" and 215lbs to 220lbs looks like with single digit body fat. LL's physique ain't even close. Don't get it twisted, I'm no hater but this guy has been pretending for too many years and needs to man up to being under six feet. A recent google photo of LL with Magic and Kobe at Dodger Stadium shows him being owned by Kobe. A true 6'3" man would never be owned by Kobe regardless of his posture. Who knows the reason behind the fakery. Maybe it's the whole image thing or perhaps he just suffers from insecurity like the rest of us. Either way the truth sets you free. 5'11' and 1901bs max. Carry on.
BoredDwayne says on 28/Aug/13
James is 6'3. Funny comments on this site.
kalil says on 17/Aug/13
The giveaway with L.L. is that he is always appearing shirtless. Simply look at his upper torso. Even with long legs, that is not the torso of a 6'3" or even 6'1.5 individual. Just like his song ("Radio") says, he's a 6 footer. He's on the strong side at 6'.05"
kalil says on 17/Aug/13
L.L. is rarely ever seen without timberlands and a small lift/insole. His true height is 6'.05".
6 ft 3in says on 13/Aug/13
He is constantly taller than will smith who is listed at 6ft 1.15in on this site

Two different Pictures one from early to 1990-196 and on from 2013

Click Here

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Jul/13
188cm out of bed, Rob?
[Editor Rob: probably]
Lenad is sexy says on 20/Apr/13
he looks 6'1 range when he stands properly next to people. But I can admit he comes across as a little shorter because he slouches and has stocky build
Dmeyer says on 17/Apr/13
I was 184.5cm shoes on he seemed 188.5-189.5cm shoes on 3cm type so 185.5-186.5 barefeet 6'1-1.5
joe joe says on 16/Apr/13
@cemeleon he was around 17 when he performed that song and probably still growing. so if he claimed 6ft then. chances are he's around 6'1 - 6'2 now easy
Bozo says on 25/Feb/13
I've never thought of James to be any taller than 5ft 11" or maybe 6ft. Although in the more recent episodes of NCIS:LA he's looking to be standing straighter. This affecting how tall he looks. In all honesty in the most recent episode (24/2/13) I would have no question of a doubt at the 6ft 3" claims. He towers over Chris O'Donnell who I believe is around 5ft 8" and he looks a couple of inches taller than Eric Christian Olsen who I believe is around 6ft 1". Put it like this if you add his height and his muscles - He's a pretty big bloke! I certainly wouldn't like to upset him!
blakegriff says on 8/Feb/13
LL is definitely 6'3 I met him a few times at parties and I'm 6'2 and he was a little taller than me so 6'3 would be about right.
Mathew says on 12/Jan/13
One of the more obvious guys in need of a shorter listing. He never really looks over 6'1", and he can often look under that.
Mathew says on 5/Dec/12
6'1" max.
Dmeyer says on 16/Nov/12
In person looked under 6'2 but over 6'1
Pryde says on 4/Nov/12
@Chameleon- that song came out in '85 and he was only like 17 there, also in the photo posted with 50 cent i got a pair of those Jordans he wearing and they only add about a quarter inch in height... not much support in those
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Oct/12
Absolutely Jake...but I think he's a 6ft1.5 guy who maybe would like to be taller. Hence the 6ft3 claims and the reason why Dmeyer saw him at 190cm in Nike shox

Of course there's nothing wrong with that. I'm 6ft3 on the dot and I wouldn't mind being taller than my 72 year old dad whose 6ft4. As would my brother whose 6ft3.5. But we still appreciate our height s because we know we easily surpass that mark in dress shoes.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in says on 22/Sep/12
I dont know,the proportions just arent there,his body doesnt correspod to this height somehow.He does have big muscles but his frame isn't wide or long as you'd expect from a near 6'2 guy.I'm kinda puzzled.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Sep/12
Rob, could this guy be 186cm?
BigT says on 30/Jul/12
Hes 181 cm at most.
Chameleon says on 30/Jul/12
Click Here

at 1:57 he even describes himself at 6 feet, which would be in shoes because he is 5'11.
Chameleon says on 13/Feb/12
He's 5'11 not 6 feet
avi says on 12/Feb/12
no way more than 6ft
i asked ll cool j says on 27/Jan/12
LL cool j told me hes between 6'1 & 6'1.5 so that makes him just 186cm not 187
Chameleon says on 27/Jan/12

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