How tall is Patrick Stewart ?

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Patrick Stewart's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 9in (175 cm)
British actor best known for his portrayal of Captain Jean Luc Picard on the Sci-Fi series Star Trek: The Next Generation and it's subsequent movie spin-offs. In addition, he has appeared in films such as X-Men and Conspiracy Theory. He lists himself as standing 5ft 10 on his resume, although from the few times I've seen him in person at conventions, he has appeared - at age 70 - nearer the 5ft 8 mark.

How tall is Patrick Stewart
Patrick with Marina Sirtis
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Comment on the Height of Patrick Stewart

Key said on 4/Jul/15
He's always claimed 5'10, and every website ive seen lists his height has 5'10. But I kid you not, EVERY single time I watch this guy act in movies, he ALWAYS looked 5'8. It's so weird. :/
Ananymous said on 28/Jun/15
During the TNG era, Stewart was already in his late 40s, and eventually in his early 50s during the show's 7 season duration. This being said, he probably lost a little height (no more than a centimetre) at that point in time. He consistently looked to be around the same height as Brent Spiner, who is around 5'10" himself. Patrick looks to be a very average man. 5'10" peak in his younger days, and nowadays around 5'8" 5'9", considering his advanced age. What do you think, Rob?
Lorne??? said on 10/Apr/15
Wish you could get a photo, though he's probably expensive...

Still can't believe Nimoy is gone. I hope you get a chance to get on of the Trek captains, I know it's morbid, but mortality limits those opportunities...
[Editor Rob: I did but it was one time he sat, unfortunately at another event he stood and I couldn't go, but I seen him up close. He really isn't much different than myself.]
Justanotherguy said on 23/Dec/14
I don't know what his height is today but on TNG he easily looks at least 5'9. Maybe he wore lifts.
What? said on 21/Jul/14
My favourite part of this website is laughing at a load of **** who make people smaller than they should be. Let's be honest... NONE of you know better than the very honest dude who owns the site. So chill.
j said on 9/Dec/13
I've stood near him in an airport and I'm 5'11" and I'd be surprised if he's even 5'8", I'd say 5'6"
Len said on 28/Aug/13
He's always looked 5'8", even 20 years ago on ST: TNG. I don't think he's lost much, if any, height.

I also see that he's doing the standard Hollywood thing of claiming to be 2 inches taller than he really is.
Kase-D said on 4/May/13
If Kingsley is 172cm Stewart has to be at least 174 or even 175..
diavolo said on 4/May/13
All Star Trek: TNG main cast members wore lifts (or tall footwear) except 6'4" Frakes and 6'3" Dorn (Worf's big head makeup made him look the same height as Riker). 5'3" Marina Sirtis walked around in 3" heels.

Usually 5'10" Brent Spiner looked ca. an inch taller than Stewart. However, there is an episode where Data is practicing Shakespeare on the holodeck, and he is wearing medieval constume with flat footwear. Picard, in his usual boots, looks about 2 inches taller than him. When Data gets back to his uniform, he's a tad taller again.
Lorne said on 1/May/13
176cm peak
Byron T. said on 28/Apr/13
Click Here
Patrick Stewart on set of the new X-Men film with a 5'10'' Bryan Singer and Ian McKellen and Shawn Ashmore who are both 5'11.'' Though I can't see his footwear, he doesn't appear to be wearing his thick-heeled cowboy boots... :)
Marco said on 15/Apr/13
I'd say peak height 176cm, (5'9.25) and nowadays 5'8.5 (174cm), clearly taller than Ben Kingsley
Gaz said on 6/Apr/13
Patrick with Ben Kingsley who is listed on here as 5'7.75'' Click Here
Byron T. said on 21/Mar/13
@ shredder: Thanks! I was very excited to meet Stewart and he was a nice celebrity (even greeted me prior to our brief photo op session).
Byron T. said on 17/Mar/13
@ shredder: Here are the boots I was wearing in my photo with him: Click Here

Stewart was wearing cowboy boots similar to the ones he's wearing in this photo: Click Here

At the lowest, Stewart is 5'8'' and McAvoy is still 5'7.''
Brad said on 4/Mar/13
5' 8". 5' 10" is laughable, sorry Patrick and stop charging $80.
Byron T. said on 19/Jan/13
@ DarkestKnight: No lifts, just thick heeled boots. I'd peg him in the 5'8''-5'9'' range barefoot.
DarkestKnight said on 17/Jan/13
@Byron: Did it seem like Patrick Stewart was wearing lifts when you had met him? I never thought his 5'10'' claims true. Otherwise, Rob's listing is spot on!
Byron T. said on 12/Jan/13
Here's my photo with Stewart @ Ohio Comic Con 2012:

Click Here

We're both wearing boots in the photo, but he's wearing thicker ones. Also, he's closer to the camera than I am. So he has very minimal height advantage to a weak 5'9'' guy like myself.
TWINGO said on 21/Dec/12
I am a fan of Star Trek and watched many times the movie generations and am sure that stewart and shatner have the same height, average 173 to 175 cm. Congratulations for the accuracy.
LukeT said on 22/Oct/12
Just had my photo taken with Sir Patrick over the weekend at a London-based Star Trek convention. I'd say 5'8" is reasonable. He actually stood at about 5'9", but was wearing cowboy boots with big heels.
Byron T. said on 29/Sep/12
He's 5'9'' tops. I met him recently at a comic book convention and he was barely a 1/2 inch taller me due to wearing thicker heeled boots (I'm only a weak 5'9''). Also, he's a few inches taller than a 5'7'' James McAvoy in their pics together.

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