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Rick Wakemen Height
Rick Wakemen's height is 6 ft 2.5 in (189 cm)

UK Musician. In Time Magazine 1973, "190lbs and 6ft 2.5in"

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angie says on 2/Sep/08
why does everyone one think that people have shrunk about 3 inches by the time they're 60? most people don't lose that much of their height.
by the way - rick's 6ft 4. still.
Mark D. says on 24/Jun/08
Maybe once, not recently. I'm a little over 6'4" and towered over Chris. Since
Trevor has better posture, I would say both are around 6'0" tall...these days.
walt says on 19/May/08
squire is 6' 4" Rabin 6'3"
Mark D. says on 4/May/08
Google "yes union tour picture", you see B&W pic showing Squire looks tallest
but I know he had boots on and stood straight, which he rarely does now. Thus
Wakeman is tallest. Rabin's not even close 6'1" at best. I met them at a show
and Squire's slouch makes him 6'0" now. The "Leave It" video shows them, side
by side, again Chris taller than Rabin. I don't know where people get 6'7"...
TheMoike says on 21/Sep/07
Met Steve Howe after an Asia concert, he was maybe 5'5" and 110 or 115 lbs. Always knew he was slight, but not that slight.
The II Wizard says on 17/Sep/07
wow, I easily saw in the Union Tour picture that Rabin was the tallest and I easily thought he was 6'7" at least! Anonymous, that's shocking to me about Chris Squire's height because I always seen him taller than Rick Wakeman not counting boots he wears most of the time! Yesfan, I agree with all your heights except for Trevor Horn. Trevor looks 5'6" tops next to 5'8" Steve Howe and 5'9" Geoff Downes!
Anonymous says on 17/Aug/07
I've met Rick Wakeman; I'm five eleven, he towered over me, at least six four. Chris Squire is also six four, Trevor Rabin is slightly shorter at around six three. Jon Anderson is five four.
glenn says on 8/Mar/07
got anderson again 2 weeks ago.your list sounds pretty good.
Yesfan says on 8/Mar/07
Glenn, I think I pretty much got the heights of all of Yes's band members, Jon Anderson(shortest guy)is 5'5", Steve Howe is 5'8, Chris Squire is 6'5", Rick Wakeman is 6'4", Allen White is 5'6", Bill Bradford is 5'8", Peter Banks is 5'11", Tony Kaye is 6', Trevor Rabin(tallest guy)is 6'7", Trevor Horn is 5'8", Geoff Downes is 5'9", Billy Sherwood is 5'11", Igor Kheroshev is 5'10.5" and Patrick Moraz is 6'
manda says on 21/Nov/06
he is quite tall. and my dad doesn't have any siblings, no niece that i am aware of.
manda says on 21/Nov/06
im his daughter. here to clear up that he is quite tall. about 6'4" i would say. and weighs much more than 190. haha.
Spive says on 17/Nov/06
Rick Wakeman, 6ft 2.5 in - who submitted that? more like 5ft 7in! Friend of his niece, Laura - he is not that tall, haha!
Billy Peeler says on 6/Nov/06
Chris Squire is only 6'4"? I would have thought him a lot taller.
Glenn says on 3/Nov/06
In his youth,your correct,Howe mightve been 5-9ish or a hair under 5-10.I just saw him 3 months ago with ASIA.in the street,not live.foul man now that doesnt pose.thank god I have one with him from 1991.
D. Ray Morton says on 3/Nov/06
Cool, I was wondering about Howe! Forgot to put him on the guitarist list. Had no clue how tall he was.

I thought White was around 5'8", too. Bruford I can't quite remember - been years since I've seen him in person - but I think he was 5'8"-5'9".
Glenn says on 3/Nov/06
Howe is 5-8.Squire is 6-3.Rabin is 6-4.
Yesfan says on 1/Nov/06
holy $#*^! At first I thought he was only 6' but he's taller than I thought he was, wow! I guess that would make the taller guys from Yes Chris Squire 6'4.5" and Travor Rabin 6'6". I still guess that Jon Anderson is 5'5", Alan White is 5'8", Stewe Howe is 5'10", Billy Sherwood is 5'11", Tony Kaye is 6', where would that put their other drummer, keyboardists, guitarist that I haven't mention, or those guys from the Buggles they played with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes? Yes is like a herd of Geraiffs! Isn't he a body building rugby playeralso? That could make him look even taller as well!
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