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Robson Greene Height
Robson Greene's height is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

UK Actor from Wire in the Blood. He's said he's this height on a few occasions, one time though he spoke of trying auditions in america and being a short guy...maybe rounding up to 5ft 9?

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James says on 27/Nov/09
Rob he does look 5'10 here
Click Here
chuchichastli says on 5/Apr/09
Was working in a bookshop in 1997 and he came in one day to sign copies of his biography. No way is he 5'9! I'm 6ft and he must have been of the order of 6in shorter than me, I remember being surprised how short he was.

I'd guess he was 5'6, or 5'7 as an absolute maximum!
derek brassell says on 8/Nov/08
100% ROBSON IS NOT 5,9" ive done many of his tv shows, stood beside him, talked to him ect, I am 5, 8 1/2, he is a good inch shoeter than me, 5,7"
Lmeister says on 22/Dec/07
He looks 5ft7 - 5ft8 range in every show I've seen him. Of course the other actors might be tallish.
Robbie H says on 22/Dec/07
he looks shorter than 5ft 9 in the programs hes been in, looks around 5ft 7
editor rob says on 28/Jul/07
i spoke to him briefly in luton airport this morning and he did seen a little taller. all these comments about him being shorter are nonsense. this was flat ground inside the terminal
margaret butler says on 8/Mar/07
I have spoken to robson greene (in an elevator at the Plaza, NYC) - he has a great sense of humour, and when I told him that I'd bought his C.D., he replied "Oh, you were the one who bought it, were you?" !!!!
margaret butler says on 8/Mar/07
I have stood next to robson greene in an elevator at the Plaza Hotel, New York, (I am 5'8") and he was a few inches shorter than me! (Yes, I was wearing heels, but even so.....)--regardless of that, he's still a HUNK!!
Dee says on 27/Jun/06
I've just met Robson Greene - he's just moved to my local village - and would estimate his height at 5' 7" - 5' 8" absolute max, no way is he 5' 9"! But definitely taller than 5' 5" - I'm 5' 7" and I didn't tower over him. And I'll go along with the general concensus, he's a nice guy.
jeff says on 29/May/06
having met Robson Greene several times in Newcastle - I can be fairly definitive on this - he is 5'5" - 5'6" tall. nice guy as well.
alison says on 18/May/06
having today just met the utterly gorgeous robson greene, I would dispute 5ft 9 as his height, but who cares how tall he is the man is an icon (and a really nice guy too)
CelebHeights Editor says on 8/Oct/05
His old 'singing' partner Jerome Flynn is 183cm and 83kg according to his agency resume.
CelebHeights Editor says on 22/Aug/05
From showbiz newsgroup: "I saw him at a NorthEast-based studio a few years ago. Three surprising things - 1) his eyes are *very* blue - as in laser blue.
2) he's quite short. About 5"5."
CelebHeights Editor says on 22/Aug/05
From UK media newsgroup: "Either all his co-stars are short, or he's standing on a box, because I've met him in real life and he's tiny"
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