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Roy Rogers Height
Roy Rogers's height is 5 ft 10.5 in (179 cm)

King of the Cowboys. In 40's and 50's he could have been near 5ft 11. With Glenn in his latter years maybe lost a little height.

5ft 8 Glenn and Cowboy Roy

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Brad says on 5/Sep/08
Looking at this Glenn quote, I think he might get bloated once in awhile. He's living in a dream world, I've seen lots of autograph fiends in the western field have photos with him. He was a gigantic star.
glenn says on 14/Jun/07
to anonymous-im the only one that has a photo with him in the autograph and paparrazi world.duh.im sure fans have elvis and jim morrison.so what?.youll never see them.
Liesl says on 13/Jun/07
Roy Rogers was my relative. I had a chance to meet him in CA when I was younger. He is in heaven now. He was a great man.
Ancient Aztec guy says on 21/May/07
He was a good singer. He almost looks like an old country singer form Nova Scotia by the name of Wilf Carter, about the same height too.
Anonymous says on 11/May/07
Glenn's hardly the only one with a picture with Roy. In his retirement years he spent a lot of time at his museum greeting fans and taking photos. Appearances did diminish towards the end of his life as his health failed but I understand that he truly appreciated the support of those who were fans and made himself quite accessible as a result. Alas, I never had the pleasure of meeting him so I have no picture, but have heard many stories of those who did.

Roy is one of the very few Hollywood actors that virtually nobody has anything bad to say about.

I believe the 5'10" appears accurate. It's hard to tell with cowboy boots sometimes, but his physical build suggests one who is slightly above average height. What I find incredible was his abilty to stay thin and in great shape his entire life. He must have great metabolism.
Glenn says on 9/Dec/06
As for all that I know,Im the only one that has a photo with him.Wolfman Jack (6-3?) is another one I have,nobody has.
Brad says on 9/Dec/06
I kept getting off the 15 in Victorville California for years at his museum hoping catch him. It took 10 years but I caught him. He looked great for his age. He died soon after. They recently flattened the museum. I think it is an office park now. I hit a blizzard there once. The palm trees had 4" of snow on them and it was roaring. Ole Roy looked at my pictures and went "Wow!!!" I gave him the photos til he told me you could make some $ betting people it snowed here and gave them back. He was right!
Paul says on 26/Jan/06
Roy was one of the all time great good guys; both on and off screen. In one of the biography publications of the 40s or 50s (I don't have a copy in front of me) it was noted he was 5'10.5". That seems right for young Roy based on pictures I've seen of him as one of the original Sons of the Pioneers. He was also noticably taller than Gene Autry, who was about 5'8" in his prime.

Long live the King of the Cowboys!

[Editor Rob: I can buy the 179cm for this guy...]
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