How tall is Tom Sizemore ?

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Tom Sizemore height: 5ft 10.25in (178 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like Saving Private Ryan, Heat, Blackhawk Down and The Relic. He said his weight in 2007, "I weigh 182 pounds. My body fat is probably down in the low teens". This photo is from a London Film Convention in 2011.

5ft 8 Rob with Tom
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J says on 17/Mar/15
Hello rob,
How did you estimate the .25?
[Editor Rob: from the movies he can look in that range, in person he looked about 5ft 10 mark]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Feb/15
Rob, weak 5ft11 peak?
John says on 1/Feb/15
It's pretty trivial, if he looked 5'10.25, then in person he could pull off 6'0
[Editor Rob: never could Tom pull off looking 6ft in person...unless he wore lifts!]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Jan/15
I thought he was 6ft!
Willie says on 6/Nov/14
Would you consider him tall?
[Editor Rob: pretty much average range, in person he certainly never came across as what you could say was tall.]
Arch Stanton says on 6/Nov/14
Had a good two inches on De Niro in Heat!!
willie says on 12/Oct/14
How did you estimate his height in person?
[Editor Rob: he looked shorter than a 5ft 11 guy when talking with him and looked about 5ft 10 up close.]
Dmeyer says on 20/Aug/14
Dosnt look 6-6'1 in Movies but 5'11 defenetly
willie says on 27/Jul/14
Hey rob, is it possible for a 5''10.25 person to look 6'0-6'1? Tom being an example?
[Editor Rob: can't really see Tom looking in that range in films, and in person he really is roughly 5ft 10 that time I seen him]
Dmeyer says on 1/Jul/14
Rob there are several pics were tom looks same height as n cage how is it possible
[Editor Rob: I don't know but in person Tom is shorter than 5ft 11 men]
Arch Stanton says on 2/Jun/14
In Ticker to be fair he actually looked nearer 5 ft 11 than 5 ft 10 next to Seagal who looked between 5 and 6 inches taller.
Sam says on 21/Mar/14
What would his iseam be? He looks like he has a long torso.
Sam says on 21/Feb/14
6 ft friend? Any pics?
[Editor Rob: sorry can't show it]
austin says on 25/Jan/14
Hey Rob, I think Apu means if Tom was the tallest person in the room.
[Editor Rob: there was a few people who met him before me and several were taller, my 6ft friend got a photo after me and he looked around 5ft 10 with him aswell.

they've changed the photo system since 2012 in these showmasters events - you you can spend a lot longer in the 'photo room' - the photos get printed within 20-30 seconds of being taken so I have managed to see actors with more people whose heights I have a good idea of.]
apu says on 21/Jan/14
I mean was he tallest there? Sorry for bad english.
apu says on 21/Jan/14
Were you the only person there?
[Editor Rob: not sure what you mean? There are of course other people getting pics with him aswell...]
austin says on 31/Dec/13
Did he give an impression of 6'0 in natural born killers?
austin says on 24/Dec/13
Night height for him?
[Editor Rob: probably 5ft 10 on the nose]
dmeyer says on 19/Dec/13
Rob even if the boot front Is slim wish Can take off 3mm tom's heel are big enaugh to give 1.2in the heel must be 1.4in but gives more 1.1-1.2in
[Editor Rob: I don't think it's more than 1.25 inch style, when I saw them I thought about that.]
so on says on 19/Dec/13
What were ur footwear rob?
[Editor Rob: I had an inch sneaker, he had that weekend These boots...maybe a little more than me, but they certainly weren't big cowboy boots, just normal sized boot 1-1.25 range]
@ya says on 2/Dec/13
Yeah he looks about in that range. But rob, not to go off subject, I just need a little help. If you self measure yourself on a tape measure, and if the back hits 5'9.7 and top hits 5'10.3, which is more accurate.
[Editor Rob: your floor/wall might not be perfectly straight, so try it on another house or wall and if you still get a bit of difference, just go with the average of 5ft 10.]
tom says on 29/Nov/13
rob, what is the difference between 5'10.2 and 5'10.25?
[Editor Rob: a few sheets of real difference]
Bacon and Eggs says on 16/Nov/13
What footwear was he wearing?
[Editor Rob: a cowboy style heel, but not one of the 1.6 styles, more a fraction over 1 inch.]
Arch Stanton says on 15/Oct/13
He's a good actor yeah, but there's something about him that unsettles me. I don't like the look of him or Ed Burns but they're very good in Saving Private Ryan.He looks around 5 ft 11 in Saving the big R.
Len says on 10/Sep/13
He was a huge jerk in Celebrity Rehab or whatever. Hard to say if it was mostly a put-on for the cameras, or if the guy has some really serious issues. Maybe both.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Sep/13
I'm shocked he was only ever 5ft10-11 range.
He always looked more imposing than that.
dmeyer says on 5/Aug/13
in person he looked 5 ft 10 flat right rob do you think maybe he was 0.25 in taller at peak
[Editor Rob: could be a guy who lost height by his late 40's, a fraction is possible]
Louis says on 20/Jul/13
Peak Height was 180cm now 178cm
Dmeyer says on 28/Mar/13
I met him on a tv show , i was an extra by a pool so was barefeet , he had a solid 1.1-1.2 in shoes was similar in height with me barefoot , i remember he was as tall as Rob low That day who had a solid 1.7 in shoe , then i wore my shoes 1.3 in style , and was a good in taller than him so 5'10.25-10.5 is a possible for peak not 5'11 , Rob has him Right was very noticably taller than 5'8.5-9in Joe pantoliano on the set , Rob low was about 5'11.5 biker
Boots on so no more than 5'10
LG69 says on 26/Mar/13
2" or slightly more than Rob. Very likely he stands 5'10.25".
Arch Stanton says on 17/Mar/13
What was he like in person Rob? I always get a contemptible impression of him.
[Editor Rob: he had an interesting talk that day, the guy's certainly had his troubles, but is a good actor.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Dec/12
At peak could look 181-182cm
truth says on 20/Oct/12
lol rob kinda like me when I forget my belt.
dmeyer says on 10/Oct/12
rob did he look a fraction over 5 ft 10 in person , or did he look similar ti cristophe lambert
[Editor Rob: he looked a bit taller than lambert but he had more footwear than lambert did. I'm not sure he's really lost height so a decent 5ft 10 range peak is likely I believe.

oh, he came into that photo area with his zipper/pants half falling down, a bizarre sight!]
dmeyer says on 10/Oct/12
rob when i met him 8 years ago he looked about 179cm , you saw him at 5 ft 10 whi did you upgreat him 5 ft 10.25 , i remeber he was 5 ft 11.5-11.75 in 1.2 in dress shoes since i was barefeet and we were very close , the when i putt shoes on he was a shorter my shoes were big in the 1.3-1.4 style so was near 6 ft 0.75 with them on he looked aboout 5 ft 11.5 shoes on but he did look a bit taller than a flat 5 ft 10 , he also was as tall as 5 ft 10 rob low who had 1.7 in biker style , 5 ft 10.5 10 years ago make sens right about 5 ft 10 today
jtm says on 8/Aug/12
there are some sources claiming he was born in 1964. either way i think he was always 5'10 flat.

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