How tall is Zac Efron ?

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Zac Efron's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)

American actor best known for roles in High School Musical, Hairspray, 17 Again and The Lucky One. In Seventeen magazine (Dec 2006) he said "I'm only 5-8", although recently has tried saying 5ft 9 and in 2010 with increased fame has come ever increasing height: "I'm only 5ft 10in"

Zac with Lucky One co-star Taylor Schilling
Photo by PR Photos

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Nick Cross says on 18/Apr/14
Zac Efron is a strong 5'8"
I'm so frustrated with my height can someone help me? says on 17/Apr/14
I'm a little over 5'8" and a half, almost 5'9"! it's so hard what height do I claim? should I claim a solid 5'8" or just 5'9"?
Valo says on 17/Apr/14
I think 5ft 8in is fair. But I still would say closer to 5ft 7in. Here Zac is with Michael B Jordan who is 5ft 10.5in.
Zac is tip toeing and is about the same height. But if you look closer you can see he also wears heels. Click Here I'm not sure about Efron..he often wears heels. Sometimes he look like 5ft 10in and sometimes (but very rarely) about 5ft 7in. In my opinion he's between 5ft7 and 5ft 8.
Ian says on 17/Apr/14
Whoa good thing I came back here lol. @Realist I ain't worrying about my height bro, I'm perfectly happy with my height and where I'm from.
MD says on 15/Apr/14
With 6'0" Miles Teller at the MTV Movie Awards the other day:

Click Here

Just really adding it for reference, as he had on some dress shoes/boots that while they weren't suspicious or ridiculously heeled still seemed more heeled than your average dress shoe.
MD says on 14/Apr/14
@Realist, perhaps you misread Ian's post. I don't see anywhere where Ian was lamenting and crying about his height, at least in not in a really direct way.
Dom says on 13/Apr/14
strong 5'8"
Realist says on 11/Apr/14
Relax Ian, 5'8 does not mean you guys suck. I think Californian people are quite cool. I am of South Asian heritage and 174,broad shouldered and unconventional so i understand the sentiment. Some east european nations like Russia or Belarus are not very tall either.
Ian says on 9/Apr/14
He's the typical "Californian guy" height, like me, 5'8" - 5'10" is about average for us Californian males, our people usually don't get above 5'10" for some reason. Maybe it's because of the Aztec/Hispanic genes that dominate the southwest? don't know says on 6/Apr/14
he is about 5'7 with a very good posture,fit body and small head. doesnt look short at all. looks more like a 5'10 guy lots of time
Realist says on 4/Apr/14
Rob i think people will agree we have got to reduce him to 172 cm atleast.
Height181 says on 3/Apr/14
He does wear lifts. It is so blatant. Especially at premieres. When he is out and about he looks like a 5'6'' - 5'7'' guy most of the time, no way near looking 5'8'' or close to average height.
Sean says on 1/Apr/14
Do you think he wears a little lift or does he just over exaggerate?
[Editor Rob: he does try to hold great posture at times, with a bit of extra hair he probably thinks that counts towards the 5ft 10]
Adamz says on 29/Mar/14
not a true 173er
Realist says on 20/Mar/14
Rob has done a great thing downgrading Ruffalo. I think its time to downgrade Downey Jr., Efron, Mark Wahlberg. THe only true 173 are Joaquin Phoenix, Gary Oldman,Tom felton. Rupert Grint is already on 172 which is correct.
fsd says on 9/Mar/14
i think he's a weak 5'8 ft prob closer to 5'7.5 ft.
Realist says on 8/Mar/14
At what height does he wake up ? Whats his height at 10 pm ?
Height181 says on 25/Feb/14
Zac needs a downgrade to 5'7''. He is not a legit 5'8'' person.
Realist says on 23/Feb/14
Rob, need a downgrade, i change my words. Hunter Parrish claims 5'7 and zac is max 1/2 an inch taller.In 17 again movie and premieres they are around the same height.
Powerhouse says on 22/Feb/14
Looks to be a strong 5'8.... he's probably closer to 5'8.5 than a flat 5'8.
truth says on 11/Feb/14
I was 177cm at 18, now very close to 179cm but stopped around 19-20.
truth says on 11/Feb/14
If he was 170cm at 18 probably would be lucky to gain more since 18 is average, 23-25 is deadline. I think he is 171cm. 5ft8 is slightly optimistic and 5ft9+ is laughable. 171-172cm I could buy, 170cm minimum.
satchy says on 11/Feb/14
he is 5ft 7
Realist says on 6/Feb/14
At age 18 in HSM he wasnt more than 169-170. But this listing is correct most guys i notice gain about 2-3 cms after 18. If lucky maybe 4-6 cms. He was 173 in New Years Eve definitely.
Luci says on 5/Feb/14
@Lorne Nice plagiarism. All of you are freaks, btw.
Lorne says on 31/Jan/14
Him and Schilling really do look identical, considering footwear. Funny how fame increases height; from an honest 5'8, to a questionable 5ft9 with fame, and now a fantastical 5ft10 with increasing fame! And he's not the only one, it happens to a lot of people. I wonder if maybe PR makes them add an inch or two, or does being famous make you an automatic douche? Hmm...
chrisssss says on 31/Jan/14
Well he def wears lifts, seth rogan dwarfed him at the vmas, 5'8 for sure
truth says on 17/Jan/14
5ft7-5ft8,nope it is the other way around bandit, you do not understand.
bandet says on 7/Jan/14
Ninja and Sak, thanks for being the very few people who understand this height judging thing. vast majority don't.
songo says on 6/Jan/14
5'8-ish maybe 5'9
Kate says on 3/Jan/14
Zac is 5'9, look at the photos of him and 5'3-4 Lily Collins he sort of towers over her
Hola says on 26/Dec/13
@MD agree, I think he's in the same height range as Wahlberg, he always looks 5'8, but his posture is impeccable, and his co-stars usually aren't. 5'7.5-5'8. With franco you could argue 5'7, but franco has a lot of mannerisms that make him appear taller (lifting one foot which adjusts the hip etc)
Emily says on 24/Dec/13
In the picture his head length seems to be about the same as Taylor's. Does that mean she has a bigger head, or he has a smaller head? 9 inches?
MD says on 20/Dec/13
He honestly doesn't strike me as "really short," but I'm also not sure he's a full 5'8", either. He's close, though, I'd say within half an inch at the worst.
Gheist says on 20/Dec/13
Possibly rounds 174cm on a good day.
FANCY says on 19/Dec/13
I donīt think he deserves such a huge down grade to 5"6. I am 5"6 and I donīt seem to be as tall as him on picutres. I think he is definitely 5"7/5"8 because I know guys who are that height and its visible that they are taller than me.
sed says on 18/Dec/13
he seems really short. I think 5'6.5 or max 5'7
ninja says on 12/Dec/13
SAK says on 23/Apr/13
When you stand next to someone you cant see the height difference accurately unless you see it in a reflection.

Absolutely. We can never really judge accurately someone elses' height just by looking at them because our eyes are placed a few inches below the top of our heads. It's best if you can stand together in front of a mirror or have your pictures taken together.
Hola says on 12/Dec/13
Honestly doubt he'd claim 3 inches taller than his barefoot height. 5'8 ballpark is probably right for him.

Does wear lifts though.
no says on 12/Dec/13
im 100 % positive that he's wearing lifts in that pic
Sean says on 30/Nov/13
5'8" seems about right. With 5'11" Seth Rogen and 5'10.5" Danny McBride:

Click Here
Hypado says on 20/Nov/13
LOL says on 10/Nov/13
If you look at pictures where he walks barefoot, you will see that he cant be taller than 5'7. He looks too short to be 5'9-5'10. says on 31/Oct/13
he is barely taller than dave franco, which is good proof that he could be shorter.i would go with 5'7..
Silent d says on 21/Oct/13
Solid 5 foot 8.
truth says on 20/Oct/13
Yeah just as I though he is 5ft7 at best. Where is Bandet? Hey buddy, you lost an argument ;)
little sue says on 18/Oct/13
Hei is a gorgeous looking boy!! Personally I'd prefer a 5ft 8 man over a 6ft 2 man anyday!. I would say the only women put off by his height would be women over 5ft 8 but if they was confronted with his looks, style and money they would'nt let that put them off!!
conyeezy says on 17/Oct/13
he has a well proportioned body and can pull of shoe lifts .He is 5'8, with shoes on. I'm 5'8 with shoes on as well, and I measure myself honestly to be 5'6, but to he public I would say 5'7. Plus, he always has hair and that adds an inch. To be a true 5'8 guy, u usually list yourself as 5'9, so I think it's safe to say he's 5'7 with his hair. it's hard to believe because I don't think anyone(besides some girls)are really honest about their height but if he was bald headed and barefoot, he would measure to 5'6, maybe 5'6.5. You look at zac efron and hear, he's 5'6, you would be disappointed, just because of the number of 5'6. Bottom line, he's below average vertically, that doesn't mean he's a below average person, and so what if he is, he's good looking, all the girls like him, and he can't control his height.
thebad7 says on 14/Oct/13
Just saw him in last year's THE LUCKY ONE. I posted this awhile back, and it was reaffirmed watching this film: he's a strong 5'7" and no more. His co-star, the gorgeous Taylor Schilling (phenomenal actress; check her out in Netflix's ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK) has almost an inch on him even when he has a footwear advantage, and she's in flats for the bulk of the film. Per Rob's posted photo, the evidence is clear: when Taylor's in 3" spikes, she's about 5'11. In Italian dress shoes, Zac is 5'9" at best, with a 1" - 1.5" squared heel. I don't know why he's insecure about his height--he's a good looking, talented actor, and now with his HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL days behind him, he's doing quality work in meaningful projects.

Rory says on 9/Oct/13
Rob do you think efron could be one of the few hollywood stars who don't wear lifts and stuff like that ?
[Editor Rob: he has a great posture, I don't know if he would wear lifts, his shoes don't seem to bulge or anything...but there might be a few out there who just put half inch lifts and it makes it very hard for anybody to spot them.]
Bradi says on 9/Oct/13

5'10''? lol
joewhite31 says on 6/Oct/13
For as long as he got a well-proportioned body, I would say this man looks fine with his stature. He can appear anywhere from 5'8"-5'10". That picture with Jonah Hill shows that Zac is not under 5'8".
Larc 74in says on 20/Sep/13
2011 - I'm only 5'11
2012 - I'm only 6'0
2013 - I'm only 6'1
Seriously, the arrogance of these famous guys is limitless.
Akizme says on 18/Sep/13
Ok, so in the movie '17 again' there is a scene where Zach Efron is dancing with Leslie Mann. Leslie Mann is listed as 5'7 and in the scene she is wearing 3-inch heels and she is the same height as Zac who is wearing what looks like Adidas sneakers. So basically, with heels on Leslie Mann is 5'10. Zac's sneakers probably add one inch to his height, so I would say he is 5'9 tops.
Emily says on 7/Sep/13
@mary That name suits you very well.
FM says on 3/Sep/13
He barely looks an inch taller than Jonah Hill (who you have listed at 5'6.25")- and the footware advantage probably went to Efron. It's possible he's 5'8", but I'd guess closer to 5'7".

Click Here
mary says on 3/Sep/13
Zac used to be quite short but the last couple of years he got taller.Now he must a litlle shorter than 5.11 which is the average height for men.He was never tall though.
lol93 says on 29/Aug/13
Click Here Zac not a 5'7 guy
AdamAK says on 22/Aug/13
Guys he's not 5'7 lol, 5'8 is spot on
Sammy says on 21/Aug/13
How big do we reckon that surfboard is? Click Here
strange says on 14/Aug/13
i the pic above his shoes look normal..

take a look

Click Here

those are lifts..

but u cant tell me those shoes look like lifts

Click Here
strange says on 14/Aug/13
how do u tell the guy wears lifts?
i mean, he probably does..but i saw some pics of him in normal shoes..and his lifts dont give him the stallone effect, so to speak..not uber-long lower legs etc
i think his lifts are not that obvious
Sizzler says on 16/Jul/13
his lifts are so obvious, mor ethan in brad pitts case.It just doesnt look right.
Morning height 5'7 1/2.And if its not that id rather think he is 5'7 than 5'8.Looks average with 3 inch heels on,he is below avg clearly.And pretty frail ..
Bradi says on 10/Jul/13
Definitely, he used to wear converse and low top shoes between 2007-2010, now he goes out in boots.
Height181 says on 7/Jul/13
He is about 5'7''. This guy is the ultimate lift wearer! He always boosts up his height at movie premieres or red carpet events by wearing lifts. It is so noticable. When he goes back to wearing chucks or something he always looks around 5'7''.
superman says on 20/Jun/13
thanks rob and im not saying 5'7 but 5'7.75 inches ive met him i just dont see him over 5'8 or at 5'8, im just syaing he isnt a full 5'8 so you dont think he could be a tad under 5'8? i do understand why you put him at 5'8 good shout and good estimate.
superman says on 19/Jun/13
hey rob do you think zac could be ubder 5'8 theres alot of people on the site who say 5'7 max, but do you think he could be donwgrade to tom cruise height 5.7.5 or 5'7.75. thanks.
[Editor Rob: I can't see him looking shorter than about 5ft 8, 5ft 7 I would struggle to argue that.]
Petrolhead says on 18/Jun/13
Zac wears well fitted clothes appearing taller than many assume, but i met him at the Lorax premiere and he was a cool guy very nice and respectful.
superman says on 17/Jun/13
I apologize for my spelling errors.
Tony says on 17/Jun/13
I used to work on the set of High School Musical, I'm 5'8 and he had 2 inches on me. Definitely a lift wearer IMO he is 5'7.5. He's got more lifts than a building!
satchy says on 17/Jun/13
maybe lauten parrish was wearing heals or smth, however they weren't standing straight next to each other, were they. zac max is 5ft 7 max
superman says on 15/Jun/13
I have kust seen there pictures together on youtube and hubter parish has good inch on him and yes tyler parish is listed at 5'7 or 170cm. i would zac would be atleast close to 5'8 but maybe he is closer to 5'7? thanks
Ian says on 13/Jun/13
Okay, I've got proof of his height here. Totally legit too, in the movie 17 again--he's fairly short compared to Hunter Parrish, Parrish claims he's 170cm yet he towers over Efron, who claims to be taller.
superman says on 9/Jun/13
It is really hard to question you because you have extensive experience on the subject, but everyone who has met him including myself say he is under 5'8, i believe in regular shoes he is 5'8 like vans. so that would make him in tom cruise area. It would be intresting for you to get a oicture with him, and to see what footwear he had on. thanks
superman says on 1/Jun/13
i said sorry my computer had problems
mrT says on 31/May/13
What on earth are you doing?!?!?
superman says on 30/May/13
the picture with zac on the beach barefoot with vannesa hudgens he only looks 5'6 or 5'6.5 so i said before and i was being generous that he is 171cm but i think he is closer to 170cm. he wears 2 to 3 inch healed shoes with 1 to 2 inch lifts which makes him seem anywhere from 170cm to 178cm but alot of celebs do this. the best i can estimate a solid 5'7 or to be fare 5'7.5 like tom cruise. its hard to tell these peoples actuall height since in acting and in sports everyone adds 2 to 4 inches to there height. i will even say in a good pair of shoes solid 5'8 guy athis best! best pictures on page to judge are the joe jonas and zac pic and the beach pic. also in the laker photo with ryan rottman who is 5'8 looks 1.5 to 2 inches taller than zac and nina norbrev is 5 foot 5 and zac looks 1 inch taller than her they all have similiar foot wear good pic to judge height. im just putting this out there cause ive met him numerous times and want to put the truth out there but like lisa sai who cares if you 5'6 5'7 5'8 or 5'9 it all about how you carry yourself, and if your kind, confident and take care of yourself who cares. from my point of view he has no problem being his height.
superman says on 30/May/13
the picture with zac on the beach barefoot with vannesa hudgens he only looks 5'6 or 5'6.5 so i said before and i was being generous that he is 171cm but i think he is closer to 170cm. he wears 2 to 3 inch healed shoes with 1 to 2 inch lifts which makes him seem anywhere from 170cm to 178cm but alot of celebs do this. the best i can estimate a solid 5'7 or to be fare 5'7.5 like tom cruise. its hard to tell these peoples actuall height since in acting and in sports everyone adds 2 to 4 inches to there height. i will even say in a good pair of shoes solid 5'8 guy, best pictures on page to judge are the joe jonas and azc pic and the bach pic.
superman says on 30/May/13
the picture with zac on the beach barefoot with vannesa hudgens he only looks 5'6 or 5'6.5 so i said before and i was being generous that he is 171cm but i think he is closer to 170cm. he wears 2 to 3 inch healed shoes with 1 to 2 inch lifts which male him seem anywhere from 170cm to 178cm but alot of celebs do this.
superman says on 30/May/13
the picture with zac on the beach barefoot with vannesa hudgens he only looks 5'6 or 5'6.5
superman says on 29/May/13
lol93 when you say he is not 5'7 for sure do you mean he is under 5 foot 7 or over it?
lol93 says on 27/May/13
He is not 5'7 for sure just watch the 2013 mtv awards and you will understand
stoodnext2 says on 25/May/13
Him with Taylor, He has to be at least 5'6 but def no more than a high 5'8. Watch Taylor equal with Ellen
Click Here

She walks out with Zac Efron at 5:25. Here she is CLEARLY shorter than Zac Efron. I think he may have had a footwear advantage, but this shows me she's not 5'11. Heck her and Ellen are the same height on here
superman says on 17/May/13
I live in santa maria CA 10 minutes from where zac was born my father works with his father in san luis Obispo diablo canyon PG and E power plant. I have met zac in person he is 5 foot 7. his v-shaped body and being thin make him look taller, to be fair he is 171m tall, no taller. he is the nicesdt guy in the world though andtons of women love him so who cares what his height is.
Jacob says on 16/May/13
Saw him on the set of the film "Townies" the other day with Dave Franco, who's 5'7-ish, Zac's easily 5'9 stood next to him, and I'm 5'11. Also, he doesn't exactly have a sticks posture, his ever so slightly hunchback when his relaxed, but when he's standing up and tall, maybe 5'9 And a half?
Bradi says on 15/May/13
170cm tops theres so much evidence 5'8'' or above is bluff
Chameleon says on 13/May/13
No way he is over 170cm come on..
SAK says on 6/May/13
He always says 'only' when saying a I am x height, y height.

173cm throught the day. 172cm in evening.
April says on 6/May/13
I have met him in real life! He is soo attractive, but very short indeed. He is no more than 5'6-5'7, same height as my friend. I also thought he was taller, so I was kinda disappointed..but he is still very handsome!
Hmm says on 5/May/13
5'9 to 5'9 1/2 he is taller then taylor schilling in the lucky one that kinda reminded me with people that are 5'8 and I've been between 5'9 and 5'10 since my sophomore year and I know I'm not 5'8
ano says on 29/Apr/13
This guy is an obvious 5'7; with nearly an always getting a 2 inch footwear boost.

Just face it, a lot of celb height are wrong: making our comparisions harder. However, I very much doubt that this guy is over 5'7.5 at best.
lelman says on 27/Apr/13
Click Here
Click Here

If Matthew Mcconaughey is a legit 5'11" then i'd say Efron looks about 5'9" easy
extra says on 26/Apr/13
I was an extra in his latest movie "at any price" I was standing behind him at the funeral scene I am 5'11" and I was on a downward slope. You judge. 5'8" at best.Hell of a nice guy though...
SAK says on 23/Apr/13
suzjac40 says: I am 5"11 and stood right next to him-he is 5"6 or 5"7 TOPS and I think maybe had some kind of lifts in his shoes.
So you are saying he is 5f7 with shoes and lifts in it. So your really saying hes 5f5 barefoot.

When you stand next to someone you cant see the height difference accurately unless you see it in a reflection.

He is 5f8.
suzjac40 says on 18/Apr/13
I am 5"11 and stood right next to him-he is 5"6 or 5"7 TOPS and I think maybe had some kind of lifts in his shoes. All these stars are SHORT-look at T Cruise
Jake says on 14/Apr/13
Saw him in real life. I'd say 5'8"-5'9.
satchy says on 14/Apr/13
jzt says on 12/Apr/13
5'9" to 5'10" range, I'd guess 177cm.

I'm sorry but you are crazy
jzt says on 12/Apr/13
5'9" to 5'10" range, I'd guess 177cm.
satchy says on 10/Apr/13
they almost look the same height on the picture posted by Brad, even their body types are quite similar to one another
Bradi says on 9/Apr/13
heather your picture is flawed. Look at the left leg of both Dave and Zac.

Dave has his leg bent, Zac does not.

The picture I posted is better, but as you say we can't know for sure since walking pics are pretty bad for gauging height.
Stacy says on 9/Apr/13
After seeing him with Dave Franco who is listed as (167cm) I'm pretty sure Zac cant be taller than 170cm. And Zac is indeed standing on the higher ground.
satchy says on 8/Apr/13
sure he is because he is standing on the higher ground
heather says on 8/Apr/13
It's hard to compare their heights based on just one picture. Zac looks noticeably taller than Dave in this picture: Click Here

You can't pick just one picture where they look similar in height to claim they are the same height. The height difference changes depending on pictures especially when the subjects are photographed while they are moving.
Bradi says on 7/Apr/13
Another picture: Click Here
Balrog says on 7/Apr/13
Juicey says on 5/Apr/13
Lifts are a thing of the celeb world the magic they have for these so called stars
satchy says on 2/Apr/13
james franco is 5ft 10 so zac looks a lil bit taller
Bradi says on 1/Apr/13
Zac got the higher ground in that picture next to Dave Franco.
heather says on 1/Apr/13
Dave Franco's shoes add about an inch to him I think. 5'8 seems right for Zac. He was the same height with 5'8 Taylor Schilling during the sex scene in The Lucky One. They were both standing barefoot on the floor.
polo r.l says on 31/Mar/13
dave franco 168cm efron 170-172cm nooo mooree !!Click Here
marla singer says on 21/Mar/13
He looked slightly shorter than Joe Jonas who is listed at 173 too. I personally think that Joe J is 174, and Zac Efron 172 because the height difference between the two is visible
little sue says on 21/Mar/13
He is a perfect looking specimen. I doubt any woman would let his shortish stature put them off!!
lol93 says on 14/Mar/13
1234 says on 7/Mar/13
@Reallity: Anyone who can't see he is max 5'7... especially with this pic, is really dumb.

Judging by a picture of zac with no one or something to compare?

If so,Anyone who can't see he is max 6'0... especially with this pic, is really dumb.
Click Here
Keltoi says on 8/Mar/13
@1234: Well, I'm a 5'8" guy and also have a similar build to Efron, so I feel somewhat qualified to judge. He looks a legit 5'8" from what I've seen and his proportions are very similar to mine as well. That pic is terrible for judging height by the way, he's on his own and there's nothing notable to compare near him, so I fail to understand why 5'7" is just popping out at you from that alone.

He could be a fraction under or over either way, but he definitely looks around the 5'8" mark for me.
1234 says on 7/Mar/13
@Reallity: Anyone who can't see he is max 5'7... especially with this pic, is really dumb.

Click Here
Reality says on 3/Mar/13
Everytime you give a height estimate which is over your opinion you say that people wear lifts.
satchy says on 26/Feb/13
5ft 9 is nonsense
1234 says on 25/Feb/13
@Reality. He wear lifts for special occasians to not look short
Reality says on 24/Feb/13
Just look him up with Ellen Degenres. She is listed at 5'7" so he is definitly over 5'8" more a 5'9" guy
yayuh says on 17/Feb/13
imogen poots has a 2 inch heel
zac efron - 1 inch

Click Here
JOKERahah says on 17/Feb/13
He says that he's 5ft 10? Taths a complete joke! No way!5'7, and that if not 5'6!
1234 says on 11/Feb/13
I wouldn't call this tall:

Click Here
lol93 says on 9/Feb/13
neither 5'7 neither 5'10 ,5'8 its the best for him
1234 says on 9/Feb/13
Ever heard of lying, JDE? He is a celebrity.. ofcourse he has to fake his height like almost any celebrity does
JDE says on 4/Feb/13
In an interview he recently had talking about visiting the marines he said something like 'i was surprised they were all my height, like 5'9 and 5'10' when people say 5'9 OR 5'10 they're usually 5'9..he's most probably 5'8.75 - 5'9.25 needs an upgrade imo
Bradi says on 3/Feb/13
If he was 5'8'' he wouldn't look as short as he does...

There is more evidence supporting 5'7'' than 5'8''
Elijah says on 3/Feb/13
What is it with these people and saying "I'm only xx" height that they obviously aren't? Referring to a height that obviously isn't just "only" with "only" doesn't make their claim even one bit more believable. It's just really stupid.
JDE says on 2/Feb/13
I don't think the people that are saying 5'7 realise what a 5'7 man looks like! Zac has to be minimum 5'8-5'8.5
Matheuscore says on 1/Feb/13
5'7 max.
Balrog says on 29/Jan/13
the shredder scroll down and look at him next to 5'6'' January Jones on heels.
joewhite31 says on 26/Jan/13
With a good posture this guy can look near 5'10" in shoes.
dsaffdsdfdf says on 24/Jan/13
5 8 max
Balrog says on 23/Jan/13
This time I agree with Chamaleon. 5'7'' for Efron.
legit 5\'7.75 fella says on 21/Jan/13
looking at his cameo on Enotourage I'd say 5'7.75 - 5'8, same height as me. 5'10 claims are ridiculous
satchy says on 20/Jan/13
king of maxes 5ft 7 max
JDE says on 19/Jan/13
I agree with lol93 i think he's 5"9 minimum
lol93 says on 19/Jan/13
1.70/5'7 As much as you want him to be 5'7 he will never be and lying to yourself that he is that height its not healthy
Nils says on 16/Jan/13
5'10 claim is insane for him!
He looks short even with the heels he wear in movies.
I wouldnt be surprised if he measured under 5'8, definitely not.
1.70/5\'7 says on 16/Jan/13
@lol93. Dont try to defend this. I know this height very well. It's very obvious he is no more than 170/5'7 Same height as my boyfriend.
lol93 says on 13/Jan/13
Please stop posting pictures when people are alone and no one neat to compare because I can show picture when he could look 5'11 standing alone!!!
1.70/5\'7 says on 11/Jan/13
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1.70/5\'7 says on 11/Jan/13
No more than 1.70/5'7. Def not more!

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lol93 says on 8/Jan/13
He looks 5'8 I think he is around that height
Claire says on 7/Jan/13
Joe Jonas is not 173. Joe Jonas is ~1.67-168. Zac is only 5'7
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Enough said.
sammy says on 6/Jan/13
In this photo with joe jonas more tall than joe.If joe is 173 cm zac is 176 177 or not? Tell your opinion Click Here
sammy says on 6/Jan/13
In this photo zac is more tall than joe jonas. If joe jonas is tall 173 cm zac is 176 177cm. Tell me your opinion please. Click Here
JDE says on 5/Jan/13
Why am i the only one that thinks he looks like a 5'9-10 guy? He looked adleast 2 inches taller than ellen
Excelsior says on 2/Jan/13
He needs to get over this 5'10" crap. Never has looked bigger than 5'7" and never will.
173 says on 2/Jan/13
He's 5'8" at best.
Chameleon says on 2/Jan/13
It is perfectly realistic he doesnt even look tall next to short people. He is 5'7.
JDE says on 30/Dec/12
@the shredder i think he must be 5'9 to not be dwarfed by taylor swift in heels
Chameleon says on 30/Dec/12
Come on, he never looks over 5'7 with people look at him with Hudgens for example, He is not 5'8, looks every bit of 5'7.
JDE says on 29/Dec/12
I just can't see zac being 5"8 ! Looks like a 5"10 guy in every picture
Claire says on 28/Dec/12
All the hollywood actors claim to be taller than their actual height. Joe jonas is only 5'6 and Zac def looks 5'7.
theman says on 27/Dec/12
5'8 is perfect! He sure looks like it.
JDE says on 27/Dec/12

Zac with self admitted 5ft 8 joe jonas. Looks like Zac has an easy 1-2 inches on him?
JDE says on 26/Dec/12
Rob everywhere else has listed him as 5ft 10, and there aren't any pictures of him looking like a 5ft 8 guy. Maybe he's 5ft9-10??
Chameleon says on 23/Dec/12
Better chance he is 5'6 than he is 5'8. Just look at all the pics. 5'7 flat for him.
joee says on 21/Dec/12
Looks 5'8-5'8.5 max to me.,
Real deal says on 19/Dec/12
5'7 after seeing the pictures. He might be 5'9-5'10 with lifts
Chameleon says on 17/Dec/12
he never looks tall next to other people, 5'7 he is.
truth says on 16/Dec/12
and personally i think rob should claim 5ft8.5 (174cm), his midday height.
truth says on 16/Dec/12
Well ok bandet sorry I didnt mean to sound rude I just expressed my opinion. Personally I dont judge people by their height I only just want people to see how perceptions can be decieving. 5ft7 is not bad still.
Jack says on 13/Dec/12
He looks 5'8'5"(174 cm) to me.
Anna says on 5/Dec/12
Met him in LA. Same height as my boyfriend. 5'7.
Katie says on 13/Nov/12
Why all this discussion about this boy? I've met him and he's no more than 5'7. He's awsome and I love him. I don't see why so much people here use height to descompensate him. I mean... short, but hot!
wooga says on 13/Nov/12
5 ft 7 spot on
Bradi says on 11/Nov/12
So going by your logic 5'8'' is not short but 5'7.75'' is short?

I didn't know that 6 millimeters was the difference between short and not short.
lol93 says on 11/Nov/12
5'8 is not short its just the end of average I consider anything under 5ft 7.75 short. look at this guy at 5'8 he looks short? really? Click Here
bandet says on 10/Nov/12
Leonari. Well put.
leonari says on 10/Nov/12
bandet: 5'8" IS the end of short but still short. Superstar OR not. It isn't tiny in any way but nonetheless short.
hehehehe says on 9/Nov/12
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small guy
bandet says on 9/Nov/12
Bradi, that makes no sense. One inch makes no difference. A 5ft6 Actor would be accused of being 5ft4 or less. Like Dustin Hoffman for instance. Why don't people realise that every Celeb out there under 5ft10 is accused of being tiny. 5ft8 looks short if you are a celeb. It looks very short. I"m not saying it is short in reality just the perception. Ask any girl when they see a 5ft8 guy, they will tell you he is short if they are looking for a mate. That's what happens with Celebs. Again, not accusing 5ft8 people of being tiny, just the perception.
Bradi says on 8/Nov/12
5'7'' is short, period.

He is constantly being called small, "little guy", petite, etc.

He wouldn't if he was a legit 5'8'' at night, especially with his build and proportions.
bandet says on 8/Nov/12
Truth... I don't want to get into a slanging match. I know what 5ft8 looks like. You clearly don't. Matt Damon is 5ft10 LEGIT. I doubt, like others on this site, like most people, you will ever see height properly. So be it. I have worked on set. I see these people. I see meeting them and then saying they were way taller than them, when they clearly were not. I know that people 'height-down' Celebs unless they are over 6ft. Why not trust in Rob more often than not, atleast he has experience that has given him a rational eye to judge height. Let's just say you and me disagree, and all the best to you.
Sarah says on 8/Nov/12
You're right Lisa. That's the truth.
Lisa says on 8/Nov/12
What's wrong with being 5'7 like Zac? He is succesful, has good looks and plenty of girls who would kill for him. All this height thing is bull****. It's about you feel about your height. Nobody ever thought he was short, because he doesn't feel like he is short at all. 5'7 is a normal height. Anyone who bash him for being 5'7 is just very insecure about himself.
Alice says on 8/Nov/12
thruth is right about wath he/she said in that comment. Sometimes is dificult to avaluate height of celebrities, specialy if we compare them with other people, but there are other that we can not reject. Zac efron is as most 5'7 I belive.
Josh says on 7/Nov/12
"truth" is right I am 22 and a legit 5'8.5 and have never been called short before
truth says on 6/Nov/12
bandet if you think that 5ft8 and 5ft9 LEGIT (once again LEGIT)guy gets called short all the time then you dont know how a legit 5ft8 guy looks. Most 5ft6ers claim 5ft8, hence the "5ft8 shortness". 5ft10 is average, average range is 5ft8 - 6ft. Zac is truly 5ft7 at the very most, Im thinking about 5ft6.5 even. 5ft8 is a height when you stop getting short comments, unless you are around 6ft3 and over mongoloids (which are only few %) who have nothing but height going on for them (most of them anyway). For example, Matt Damon is 5ft8 (not the 5ft9 or 5ft10 the fanboys are billing him at) and he looks shortish to average, not short. I can get you as many examples and possibilities, but people usually exagerate their height by 1 to 2 inches so its no use; even this height page has SOME heights exagerated, but it still the 1# site of closely analyzing height IMO. Still, humans are very stupid when it comes to guess someones height.
rod says on 3/Nov/12
jed, you were with he so close?
jed says on 2/Nov/12
worked with Zac Efron on High School Musical 3, when I was working as an extra. I wouldn't put him taller than 5'8". I'm 5'10.5 and talking to Zac up close, I was sure he was only 5'8" at the tallest.
Tony says on 1/Nov/12
so he said he was 5'8 when he was 19 I highly doubt he grew 2 inches after that. I think he was probably exaggerating when he said 5'8 at 19 and was maybe 5'7 and change, but now at age 25 he is probably 5'8 for most of the day.
No way says on 22/Oct/12
5ft 10 is an incredible, stupid and unbeliveble joke! 5'9 is a complete joke. 5'8 is just a joke. 5'7 seems to be OK. 5'6 is not true at all. Not very tall, not very short I guess.
bandet says on 21/Oct/12
truth - - you don't know what you're talking about. 5ft9 and 5ft 8 men get called short all the time, especially if they are celebs. Start judging height with intelligence rather than nijurk instinct like most everyone else on this site. Zac is an easy 5ft8. No doubt a tad more as he was still growing from high school musical days.
Diana says on 21/Oct/12
He is soooo small. I though he was at least 5.10 but in my opinion nothing more than 5.7for him.he isnt taller that ellen in her show cammon!!
truth says on 20/Oct/12
5ft7 I am a solid 5ft10 and probably would tower over him. 5ft8 is laughable, 5ft8 or 5tt9 men dont look even short, maybe below average.
Louis says on 10/Oct/12
with 164 Ashley Greene, there is no way this guy is anything over 171
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Bradi says on 10/Oct/12
lol @ 5'9
Loti says on 9/Oct/12
OKAYY!!! 5'6 should not even be on here. Come on. Let's get real. 5'8 or even 5'9 is okay. Nothing more.
Cyprus says on 29/Sep/12
I agree with its me. Vanessa is 5"2 , and hes isN'T that much taller than her.
Corish says on 29/Sep/12
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5'6-5'7 max
yu jin says on 29/Sep/12
i met him yesterday here in the Philippines, Albay.
he's on vacation. 5'8" seems right. I'm 5 foot 9 and I'm a bit taller than him. maybe an inch.
Gaston A. says on 26/Sep/12
I agree with Louis. 5'7 for sure!
Louis says on 24/Sep/12
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not best angle, but now i can't see him over 5'7
Chiara says on 21/Sep/12
He would be extremely short here in Germany.
Jane says on 18/Sep/12
@Brandon : Look at his shoes in the movie...
Brandon says on 18/Sep/12
You guys are wrong. He's at least 5'8". If you watch Charlie St. Cloud, the graduation scene shows him standing next to Dave Franco, and I've personally met Dave in real life. He clearly stands at least two inches taller. Also, the movie stars Amanda Crews, who is 5'9", and he stands taller by about an inch.
Bradi says on 13/Sep/12
174 in his dreams only.

Enough evidence to support 5ī7īī minus, let alone 174cm
its me says on 12/Sep/12
Vanessa measure 5'2
So Zac efron 5'6 5'7 MAX
I like him, my girlfriend is the same size, same difference
So lean body illusion of grandeur
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