Height Loss

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Whilst celebrities have access to everything money can buy, unfortunately, like us mere mortals, they can succumb to the rigours of aging, including height loss.

Studies have been done in the past on typical loss of height but results I've seen vary. A recent study revealed the following: "To determine the magnitude of height loss that accompanies aging, longitudinal studies are required. The authors studied 2,084 men and women aged 17-94 years enrolled from 1958 to 1993 in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, Baltimore, Maryland. On average, men's height was measured nine times during 15 years and women's height five times during 9 years. The rate of decrease in height was greater for women than for men. For both sexes, height loss began at about age 30 years and accelerated with increasing age. Cumulative height loss from age 30 to 70 years averaged about 3 cm (1.18 inches) for men and 5 cm (1.97 inch) for women; by age 80 years, it increased to 5 cm for men (1.97 inch) and 8 cm (3.15 inches) for women"

Another study which covered a 20-year period of nearly 8000 men showed men lost on average 0.66 inches (1.67cm), with samples in the initial age range being 40-59 and final height 20 years later taken when they are 60-79.

Sometimes the results of shrinking can be drastic, other times celebrities barely shrink at all. The reasons for loss of height can range from bad posture (hunching), osteoperosis resulting in fractures, surgeries like knee and hip replacements, curvature of the spine. Some noticeable cases of stars shrinking are Ann Miller (5ft 7 to 5ft 3), Clint Eastwood (6ft 4 to 6ft 1), Hulk Hogan (6ft 6 to 6ft 4), James Garner (6ft 2.5 to under 6ft), Charlton Heston (6ft 3 to under 6ft). I will usually give a peak/current height for celebrities who are still in the public eye. If they've retired from acting and are out of the spotlight, I will just leave at their peak height.
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AaA says on 16/Mar/15
Hi Rob, i'm 15 and 5'10''. My parents tell me not to worry but i'm never comfortable with my height.I think I have OCD because i always think about height.
[Editor Rob: I think most people suffer from varying degrees of worry and more intense periods of anxiety during life. It will manifest itself in different forms, for some it will be their height, but all for others it could be their hair, nose, legs etc...it can be hard to control them, sometimes for people it is trying to live with them. I always say if you fill your days with more activities, fun things or educational stuff then there is less time to worry about those things. You are already 2 inches taller than me and you stand at right on the average...you may even still gain another 2 inches! Maybe with time you will learn to cope better - think, you are taller than well over a billion other men on earth!]
MG says on 11/Mar/15
Hi Rob, I'm a 6ft tall woman and I would like to shrink by 1 or 2 inches. Is it possible ?
[Editor Rob: I would try to work on your confidence - many men, let alone women would love to be 6ft. To lose height, well posture is one way, wearing thin footwear is another, but I don't recommend altering posture because over time it might damage your spine and make old age more uncomfortable.]
Helpplease:( says on 8/Mar/15
Rob I am 5'7 and when I wear very tight t-shirt I feel so small (well I get fat for the few months and it makes my t-shirt x-small). and I stand to a 5'3 person I think that I am just the same height or I am only a little bit shorter.. help rob please.. is it NORMAL?
[Editor Rob: you are maybe just quite thin for your age, maybe with some more years your body will fill out a little.]
:) says on 23/Feb/15
Rob, I am around 5'5 and my dad is now around 5'1. But I saw a photo of jim next to a 6'2 guy and he looked 5 inches shorter making him 5'9 back in 2005. He is now 53.. Why has he lose so much height in just 10 years?
[Editor Rob: maybe he's not lost that much, but the other guy wasn't standing as tall as he could have.]
James Edward Crowley says on 10/Feb/15
Rob do you think you will still be 5ft 8in until your 88 that means your will be a late bloomer in terms of height loss is it possible not too lose until your late 80s early 90s like 87 88 89 90 and 91 i bet you will be happy if you can stay a strong 5ft 8in for 50 years maybe even 53 years and not drop a fraction or a inch.
[Editor Rob: I think it would be impossible to reach that age without height loss. The natural ageing process means your discs will degrade and not hold as much water content as they did when younger...but there may be some lifestyle changes or simple exercises that if you keep doing them then you can reduce the height loss. I will certainly be keeping up a simple routine - assuming I'm still around over the age of 70. It will be interesting for me to see when I start to lose height though...]
Rusty 190cm says on 1/Feb/15
Rob, my question was how tall do you think I will be at 55? Is 6'2.5" most likely?
[Editor Rob: you could by 1/4 or even 1/2 inch less at that age...or be lucky and not lose anything. Can depend on factors in your 40's like activity, whether you do exercise etc.]
Magic says on 30/Jan/15
I now lift 4 kg for each arm, max will lift 10kg for each arm is it too much?
[Editor Rob: that's not too bad, it's certainly nothing extreme!]
Magic says on 30/Jan/15
Rob, bodybuilding with weight reduce stature, i.e. height loss?
[Editor Rob: big weights over prolonged lengths of time (years) could definitely do some damage. Discs put under sever pressure might start to wear out or get damaged. I personally wouldn't lift big weights, but moderate weights can help strengthen your back and core without doing as much damage as lifting too much weight.]
Rusty 190cm says on 30/Jan/15
Rob I am just a smidge (1/8-1/16th inch) under the 6'3" mark after being awake 12 hours. If this is the case how tall do you think I will be at 55? 6'2.5". I'm 23 currently. Also, what would your advice be for me to minimize height loss as I get older? I walk with excellent and impeccable posture but haven't been as good at getting regular exercise since I work a desk job like you do.
[Editor Rob: I will do a quick video sometime soon talking about this and give my advice, that I will be following and have done for a few years now.]
Magic says on 26/Jan/15
Is possible to lose height with bodybuilding?I lift weight and squat, my weights are lightweight , 4kg now for each arm , but they could became more, up to 10kg.When I lift weight feel compress spine, or however a weight on it.
I am already short(around 5'5") if I lose also only 1 cm would go in deep depression, because the girls wanna the boy tall and these girls are also shallow and compare we (short men) with highheels. E.g. I like a girl of 5'3" but she wouldn't want me because with 3"-4" inches would be 5'6"-5'7", ok I with shoes would be around 5'6".Now also girls short wanna tall men 5'7" is lower limit.No everywoman think so, but it is so statistically!Women taller than me, they afraid a bit me, but no too much, but here in Italy is hard to see a woman taller than a man as couple, so...THAT PROBLEM for us short men!However, return at the question, bodybuild make to become us shorter?
KawaiiKitten154 says on 7/Jan/15
Is there a way to lose height without any surgery, and safely? Because I am 4'10, but I am not done growing because I under the age of 17-18 and under 13 years old, so I don't know about any safe way to lose around 4-5 inches without a dangerous way
[Editor Rob: lose height, do you mean gain height? At 4ft 10 I'd assume you want to increase height...all I can keep saying is that if you give your body the fuel, give it the rest, and shock it a bit with enough exercise (to help with growth hormone production) then you are doing your best to maximise whatever height you can.]
Alex says on 21/Dec/14
So what do you think it is Rob? It seems to be more of a 1-0.8cm loss as I'm near 173cm.
[Editor Rob: I really wouldn't expect such a loss within a year unless an injury happened or bad floor/wall contributed to a mismeasurement. I suppose the other thing could be the ability to stand as tall might be a cause for a cm difference...]
Alex says on 19/Dec/14
Hi Rob, love the site Is it possible to lose about 1-2cm in height from poor posture in your early twenties? I measure at my lowest (near 20 hours awake) and last year I was 174-173.8cm, this year I am about 172.7-172.3cm at my lowest. I'm definite I measured correctly and I assume I stood as straight as I could both times, but that said I always slouch when at the desk unfortunately. Is it possible to regain height or can it perhaps be disk damage? Is it even possible to notice bad posture when trying to stand straight? My diet is pretty poor too, I'm not sure if that played a part. Thanks Rob!
[Editor Rob: if you are measuring the same place/position etc and are getting a cm or even 2 different it's a head scratcher. You can develop bad posture, but it's over years...injuries to your discs can certainly cause a bit of loss, but it seems a big difference! I've spent years hunched over typing etc, my posture should be worse, but I do basic exercise to limit any shrinking, I've yet to lose a mm at age 38 and I've been 20 years computing really at desks.]
MJB says on 28/Oct/14
hey rob! last january i was 184 centimeters as measured by the doctor but now as of october i was measured at 181 centimeters by the doctor. Rob, is it possible that i could of injured my back and not know it? plus Bruce Willis is 6ft like i was. please respond with your opinion about this.
[Editor Rob: I'd say this is probably a mismeasurement or wrong reading noted by the Doctor.]
Kendalljennergreatestfan says on 21/Oct/14
Rob, would you say it is more accurate give people our morning height or night height?Thanks in advance for your answer.
[Editor Rob: I think if you go with an average of when people get measured, that is fine...so I'd rule out the morning height since only a smaller percentage of people ever actually measure out of bed.]
sharmila says on 20/Oct/14
iwas 153 cms at the age of 23 when i was selected to government job it is proved in my medicals. But after nearly 23 years again for promotion purpose they referred me to same hospital which i was earlier referred to my surprise,now i was measured only 150 cms which is 2 cms short to be selected for my promotion in govt. service please let me know chance of happening like this? since i going to take this issue legally.
Kendalljennergreatestfan says on 18/Oct/14
Rob,can people get more than an inch shorter during the day? And it is true that if you are the taller you get shorter than someone smaller?Thanks in advance.
[Editor Rob: some really tall people will shrink 1.5 or maybe even up to 2, but this is people with really long spines. Generally if you are under 6ft you won't shrink 1.5 inches, although a good chunk of people might still lose a full inch or so. I think it will work roughly in proportion, the taller you are the more chance you lose more.]
cd says on 28/Sep/14
Hey Rob sorry for all the questions lately but I have another one lol. I decided to measure everyone in my family again including my dad who I had measured last year at about 173cm in the evening. This time I made absolutely sure it was a fair measurement, it's hard mostly because my dad isn't someone who likes the idea of being measured because it "serves no useful purpose". Or maybe he just doesn't like the idea of having lost height or not being a 5ft 9er which is what he used to claim to be ;) Anyway, this time he had been up for about 3 hours, using the aerosol can method I made sure he was standing tall but not heaving his spine up, and that his head was neither tilted up or down. The tape measure said exactly 68 inches. So if he is 5ft 8 after being up for 3 hours what could he shrink to by evening? Also how much may he have lost by age 55?
[Editor Rob: at 55 really you could shrink from 0 up to an inch, but on average I really wouldn't expect more than between 1/4 and 1/2 range. Today he might drop to 5ft 7.75. For women, shrinkage can definitely happen by mid 40's, I am seeing this with Jenny who has shipped a 1/4 inch by that age! Although I have given her basic techniques to help her spine, getting her to do them is another matter if she wants to slow down loss.]
Magic says on 14/Sep/14
Hi Rob, my father say that was 5'6 when he did the military service,but today he(is 54 years old) and he is as tall as me or maybe a bit more,he should be 5'4 1/2(164)- 5'5(165-166),rather in many photos ara taller than him. Is it possible that in military service had wrong to measure him?2-4 cm seem to me too many. PS:noone doctor has never measured me,maybe to 13 years old and if I remember well said 166 cm(thing strange maybe he measured me with shoes) or 164 cm I don't remember well well.I'm measured barefoot,compressing the hair and signed a point on the wall,I should be 5'5(166 bed out,165 in the morning)almost 5'5 (164,5 12 am 13 pm),5'4 1/2 ( i belive 163,5-164 evening).
[Editor Rob: 1 inch loss at 54 is more than you would expect. Although it isn't impossible, maybe your Father got measured in shoes, or really was more 5ft 5-5.5 than 5ft 6.]
Lucia says on 26/Aug/14
Hi Rob, I am 31 and after probably 10 years of not measuring myself I have found out that I am 3-4 cm shorter!! Is it possible?? I am really horrified! I have always been short 157 cm so to find out that I actually measure 153,5cm is really shocking. I think I am also slouching. Could I gain some centimeters by straightening ? Or is it too late? Thanx
[Editor Rob: that sounds surprising. Maybe there is a difference in the way you were measured before and now. It's too much to actually lose at 31, I suspect it is either a wonky wall/floor giving a bad measurement or maybe you just can't stand as tall! In that case, some simply back stretches (things like reaching for the stars) might help.]
Dan 176cm says on 23/Aug/14
Is it possible to naturally lose height before 30, Rob? Can it be accelerated due to poor habits? I remember being measured at 177 cm afternoon height when I was 19 (22 now) and I can only achieve 177 early morning now. There's a lot of tension in my neck though, and I feel like maybe hunching over the computer has led to some decreased height?
[Editor Rob: I don't know. I've spent 2 decades doing computer work although I have done regular breaks and not spent 10 hours a day sitting hunched over. I would be surprised under 30 to notice any height loss, but it is possible that poorer posture might mean for a measurement not being able to stand quite as military as you could aged 18-20?]
Adam says on 16/Aug/14
Rob, is it possible for me to stay at my current height 172 cm till age 80?
[Editor Rob: very hard to do so - unfortunately our discs will suffer aging and so thin to some extent, but if you maintain good health, eat well so your body has all the nutrients as you age and keep supple you might be able to 'beat' the average and not shrink as much. Posture as you age can be a bad habit that leads to spinal/disc problems over a long period.]
DMEYER says on 1/Jul/14
rob 1cm loss by 50 2cm by 60 3cm by 70 is pretty average 5cm by 80
[Editor Rob: I would be happy with this: 0.5cm by 50, 1cm by 60, 2cm by 70 :) If that happened I'd still be 171cm at 70 which would be ok. If I live that long and still doing this site it would be interesting, but I hope to still do it by age 50 so I can still be 5ft 8 for many meetings with celebrities.]
J.Lee says on 6/Jun/14
Rob, what I found helps posture and height maintenance is not just back exercises, but abdominal exercises. I find that any core exercise will play a role in maintaining your posture.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 7/May/14
How often could bending down decrease height? I try to follow it up by standing up tall right after, but I notice that it's hard on my back right after slouching and that my measurements decrease in the short term. Whenever I go a certain amount of days without slouching an insane amount, I notice my height slowly going up until I slouch again.
[Editor Rob: never really experienced that...only time is sometimes with a pulled back muscle my posture has been effected and maybe I felt smaller than before, probably because I wasn't holding myself properly to compensate for the pain.]
Maio says on 3/Apr/14
rob, a person who lives near me is 80 years old. He has a scolyosis problem and has a very bad posture. With his normal posture he looks close between 5ft7 and 5ft8 but if he stays straight he could be around 5ft9...perhaps 176 cm. I claimed that in during his youth he was 182 cm. I doubt it a bit because i saw pics where he was with a couple of people who i met and i think he was around 5ft11. Possible someone with scolyosis lose 6/7 cm or it's more probable he claimed a morning height? Considering i don't think he ever measured himself...
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 certainly could be possible, how much the scoliosis effected his height over the years is harder to pinpoint]
aceofbase says on 30/Mar/14
any guides that show how to avoid height loss?
[Editor Rob: I don't know about guides but my own thoughts are... don't do heavy lifting. try to do 5 minutes every other day even of basic stretching, practicing also to hold a better posture if you find yourself slouching. As you age, lack of strong muscles can then contribute to poorer stance/posture and bad habits, which can lead to disc problems. keep ensuring you are getting a good diet with enough minerals like calcium/magnesium etc.]
Bud says on 6/Mar/14
Rob,do you know what made Arnold Schwartzenneger,Clint Eastwood,Lou Ferringo and David Prowse to loose so much height?For there age they lost a lot,Prowse even lost height in his early 40s,how is that possible?
[Editor Rob: sometimes excess amount of lifting over time can lead to disc damage, maybe in those guys cases they were more prone to it?]
cd says on 3/Feb/14
Rob what is typical height loss for men by mid-50s?
[Editor Rob: typical is a fraction, a small 1/4-1/2in. Less than a 1/4 you done well, more than half inch not so well.]
Vibram says on 13/Dec/13
I have actually gained height since 23 (the last year I lived with my parents). At 23 (year 2001) I measured myself at 12 noon for months and it read 175.7cm. The marks are still on my old bedroom wall in my parents house, lol. Now I measure 177cm at noon and I'm 35. I think I have been 177cm since I was 26 years old. I didn't mismeasure as I re-measured myself at my mums again recently and I was over 1cm taller than the pencil mark at 23.
cd says on 10/Dec/13
Rob in the morning I measured at about 5'4.5, then in the evening after a day of physical work I was down to 161.5 cm (5'3.6), so in total I lose nearly an inch. Is this a lot to lose for someone so short? I think I remember reading you say that young people tend to lose more or something like that (although I may have understood wrong). I'm 17 but am structured more like a 14 year old because I'm late going through puberty. I'm curious, will I shrink less between morning and evening when I'm older (and fully grown)?
[Editor Rob: it's a fair amount, and more typical if you had a longer spine. Your normal loss looks like about 0.75 and the total on a bad day nearly an inch]
hanu says on 22/Nov/13
my age is 16 and my height is 6''3' how to decrease it
kendalljennergreatestfan says on 20/Nov/13
I`m a 5ft 7.75in guy when I wake up and just before bed time I`m 5ft7in.It is normal to shrink o.75 in or it is to much shrinking?Considering 5ft7.375in is my true height.It`s tall short or average for being from the capital of Mexico(D.F.)?
[Editor Rob: it's pretty typical to shrink about that amount. In Mexico you'd be in the average range for sure.]
cd says on 9/Nov/13
Rob, I remember posting here ages ago about how I measured my dad at 171.5, which surprised me because a couple years ago he was measured under a stat at 173. However, recently I measured him again and it turns out he's 5'8 after all because this time he was nearly 173! The first measurement was very late at night but the second measurement wasn't even in the morning - it was about 5pm ish. I'd like to know, what could have caused such a big difference? One thing to note would be that the first time I used a shorter can of aerosol and possibly did not get the topmost point of his head but the second time I used a longer can. 1.5cm does seem extreme, but do you think this and maybe him not standing to his tallest (he doesn't really like being measured) could have caused this much error?
[Editor Rob: it could be he just didn't stand as tall the first time, maybe had sore back]
77Stan says on 5/Nov/13
@George, I conclude it's because you're more skinny. You lost a lot of fat beneath your skin, which also makes up your height. In other words, your skin and subcutaneous tissue became thinner. So you lost height.

@Sarah, it's weird to say that tall guys are better mannered, have better personalities. But tall guys are probably more confident.
Priya says on 3/Nov/13
Please tell how to reduce 3 to 4 inch from my height
George says on 30/Oct/13
Selly says on 17/Oct/13
To Sarah who says tall guys are more attractive, well mannered, and at ease, my boyfriend is 5'7" (I am 4'10")and he is the nicest, most caring guy I have ever met, and he is also more attractive and even more fit than most all tall guys I see. There is no way to say that tall men or short men are more attractive and such, it completely depends on the person.

huh.....if you are only 4'10" i guess almost every guy on this earth is taller than you. even a 5'2" would be tall for you i guess
George says on 20/Oct/13
I'm 22 years old and i have lost 2 inches in height since 16,5. When i was 16,5 i was measuered as 177 cm (that's 5'9.5"-5'10") and now 2 months ago i was only 172 cm (5'7.5"-5'8"). According to another measurement from last year i was 173 cm. I don't think it's a wrong measurement,because 2 inches are too much. btw, i was obese back then when i was 177 cm (i was circa 250 lbs) at 16,5. And it was at this time when i started a diet,and after a year i dropped to 180 lbs. Now i am 145 lbs. I don't knoww if diet affects your height...do you know sth about this?
Selly says on 17/Oct/13
To Sarah who says tall guys are more attractive, well mannered, and at ease, my boyfriend is 5'7" (I am 4'10")and he is the nicest, most caring guy I have ever met, and he is also more attractive and even more fit than most all tall guys I see. There is no way to say that tall men or short men are more attractive and such, it completely depends on the person.
Drew says on 27/Sep/13
Rob, recently I've been feeling slight pains on my upper and lower back and noticed my night height(unsure about morning height) has dropped about 0.5CM, is this normal?
Also, I'm 185ish night height and I'm very interested in this chick who's 173CM(unsure if it's night height but still, at some point she measures at 173) and she likes to wear big heels, do you think she will ever be taller than me? Generally I walk in Chuck Taylors.
[Editor Rob: she might be able to look nearly into your eyes with big platform heels, but how often would she walk around in them? Not very much I'd bet!

maybe some aches/pains means you don't stretch out as much for a measurement? I'm sure some people have been tired or feeling a bit ill and done a measurement and just didn't manage to stand as tall as they could...5mm isn't a great deal really, easy enough]
charlie says on 25/Sep/13
Hi Rob my father always tell me that he was 180 cm at 13.When We measure him this year he was 178,5 cm in mid day. He is 47 year old. Could he shrunk ? or it was rounded back then + some curiosity doctor predicted him at 13 that he will be 2m tall but he ended up same range as my grandfather and opposite its me I was 164 cm at 13 . Today at 17 Im 174cm and continuing slow growing so genes are crazy in some ways :D
[Editor Rob: not impossible to lose a cm near to 50, maybe he got his 180cm height rounded up when young or had better posture?]
Bruining says on 18/Sep/13
My peak height is 5'10.2", which is right when I get out of bed. At my lowest, I am 5'9.35", and this is usually after a long day of standing up or exercising.

The thing I noticed is that I shrink rather quickly; after just 20 minutes of standing around after I get out of bed, I'm already down to 5'9.8", so i'm not in the 5'10" range for very long. By the late afternoon, i'm 5'9.5". I'm wondering if it's normal to shrink this quickly. I also weigh quite a bit for my height (215 lbs), so I'm wondering if my weight has anything to do with the rate at which I shrink.
Wendy says on 28/Aug/13
I was 5"7' when I was 17 and now at 31 I am only 5"6'. Is there a medical reason why I lost an in I only 14 years?
[Editor Rob: maybe mismeasurement, or early in the day measurement then measured later in the day at 31...or poorer posture nowadays?

you could always have shrunk a bit with disc damage]
SL says on 19/Aug/13
Rob, I don't think that the process of aging by itself shortens a person. It is something that a person is doing over a long period of time. Apart of severe skeletal injuries and diseases, maybe years of excessive physical work or overweight can cause a slight decrease of several milimeters of height. It should be noted that old people much easier and faster are dropping to their minimal diurnal height. There's also the false impression of being shorter that elderly people create, becasuse of their bad postures and humping. When standing straight, none of my old relatives seem to have lost any height.
Nobreath says on 4/Aug/13
Vera - Leg amputation will do the trick.
thetruth says on 18/Jul/13
Rob why standing on one leg makes you a bit taller when measuring your shelf?
[Editor Rob: yes it adjusts your hip a little so makes you a fraction taller]
Rohit says on 8/Jul/13
My height 6.1 but I am not happy I am only like 5.10 plz help me.
Vera says on 11/Jun/13
I'm 12 and I'm 5'3" . I think that's not the normal height of a 12 year old. Is there a way to lose height?
6ft 1 guy says on 9/Jun/13
rob, is measuring with a stadiometer and a tape measure different in accuracy? this guy I know claims he's 6ft 2 and he's actually shorter than me an I'm 6ft 1 from being measured with a tape measure a bunch of times
[Editor Rob: there can be a small error in any measurement, but something like an inch would mean something seriously wrong with a stadiometer - if it was mounted to the wall, then there's always a chance the person attached it wrongly, but if it was free standing then it should be accurate enough compared to a tape measure and wall measurement.]
Sharpshooter says on 24/May/13
Rob - Given the article states that shrinking starts as early as 30. Have you noticed any shrinking yourself? Are you still the very same height you were in you're early/mid 20's?
[Editor Rob: I haven't lost anything at nearly 37. I'm now really measuring a couple times a year or whenever I have another pair of sneaker/shoes to check out so I will track it as I age. I'm hoping I follow my Dad who really didn't lose height till 60's, he was still near 5ft 10 by age 60.
cd says on 11/May/13
Rob, my dad is 53 years old, I recently measured him at midnight at 171.5 cm. He hated the idea of being measured (I literally had to make him take his shoes off!), and during the day he always has his shoes on around the house so I don't get the chance to measure him. What would you guess his 'true' height to be, considering he was measured so late at night and he is in his fifties so he's most likely lost about half an inch already.
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he's close to 5ft 8, maybe in his 30's he rarely dipped below the 5ft 8 mark.

I've measured my Dad no more than handful of times in 20 years, he lost a good inch of height from age 60 when he was still near his peak of 5ft 10 to age 72 were he was down to barely 5ft 9 and didn't like to know he had shrunk. Now 76 he's still about 175cm, although can walk about like a 173 guy at times.]
J.Lee says on 20/Apr/13
Rob, I am taller in the mornings on the days when I do lower back stabilizer exercises the night before, than compared to the days I don't do them. They help my posture. Can that help reduce shrinkage with older age?
[Editor Rob: I don't know, but keeping doing some basic stretching/exercise as you get older will help your muscles and posture as you age.]
Sarah says on 15/Apr/13
To all the tall girls who want to lose height, I'm 32, 5'10" and I say use your height and grab a tall man! Not only are they physically more attractive, on the whole they are better mannered, have better personalities and are just more relaxed and at ease with themselves.
Allie says on 6/Apr/13
Hi! Im 19 years old and really tall for a girl. It's something i've been depressed about almost my entire life. Is there any type of height shortening you can do? Like exercise or hormone treatment? Is it possible to loose at least 1 inch of your height at a young age? Would be very thankful for your answer.
[Editor Rob: there's nothing wrong with being tall or short, we are all given a height and if someone has an issue with it, it's their problem, not ours.
The only real way, short of adopting a poor posture (which long term won't help your back), is extreme surgery, which isn't something I'd recommend.

maybe read a few blogs on tall women as they might have some advice from their perspectives.]
ChrisGo says on 14/Mar/13
Yes. Teen girls are shrinking and a reason must be found. My daughter age 14 was a height of 5'7". Now age 15 and height of 5'6 1/4". This truly happened, I wittnessed it myself!
truth178cm says on 9/Mar/13
Gabriel says on 20/Jun/11
I'm 15 and I am 5'11. However, the strange thing is that I shrunk from 6 ft at 14.
you dont shrink at 15, thats funny. You were just pretty badly measured. at around 60 you would start to shrink and maybe around 80 years lose an inch.
nathi says on 18/Feb/13
me i dont believe that at the age of 30 years a human shrink
How can you notice?
Elijah says on 11/Feb/13
Rob, did you edit your reply to dmeyer? I'm pretty sure it used to say "I would be delighted to only lose 1cm", not 2cm. 1cm would be great sure but 2cm doesn't seem all that great to me.
[Editor Rob: I probably meant to type 1cm, that would be a great loss by 72-73, over 3cm would be a bad loss, 2cm would be ok, pretty typical]
little sue says on 3/Feb/13
My Nan and her 2 sisters were all around 5ft 2 and all lived to 93. By the time they had died they had all lost about 6 inches.
Nick says on 14/Jan/13
Hey Rob, as a short man i am terrified by the idea to shrink, what can i do to avoid possible height shrinkage? Thnx for answering
[Editor Rob: keep eating well, making sure you have enough vitamins/minerals in your diet. Try to at least do some gentle stretching/exercise to help your muscles as you age.]
dmeyer says on 5/Jan/12
so average height loss by 60 is 1.7cm some drop 1cm others 3 cm

[Editor Rob: you are doing well with just a cm, you are unlucky if you lose 3cm by that age.

I would be delighted to only lose 2cm by early 70's!]
Sue says on 4/Jan/12
Iam 65 and have already lost 2-1/2" from 5' 9-1/2" to 5' 7" with no diagnosis of osteoporosis. I wonder how short I will be by age 85! It seems to me that tall people more lose height than short people for some reason.
Sabrina says on 4/Oct/11
I dont know how tall i am but i know im taller than my boyfriend. I hate being taller than the guys i date and i try everything to be shorter. It makes me feel like a giant, so im looking for something to help me shrink just a little bit...
Gabriel says on 20/Jun/11
I'm 15 and I am 5'11. However, the strange thing is that I shrunk from 6 ft at 14.
XistenZ says on 18/Jun/11
I'm 6'3", hope I grow some more, and hopefully I won't lose any height with age.
sudesh says on 25/May/11
my height 6'4" inches and weight 50 kg so i want loss my height i keep height like 5'9" and grow own weight
Candyman says on 23/Mar/11
Hulk Hogan has appeared to be no more than 6'3.25" lately as he is slightly shorter than Dan Marino, Dwyane Wade and Snoop Dogg in many photos.
Steve Waclo says on 20/Feb/11
Had to find some 411 for a passport anc came across military records from the Navy in 1961, when I stood at a tall, skinny 6', 1". Last physical (age 67)came in at 5' 8" (!). Confirmed from wedding photos of me towering over the spouse. Dad died at 82 in '05 and his Army records from 1943 showed 6"1". I was looking down at him in his later years.
k mart says on 26/Dec/10
I am a solid 6' 3" (1.92 m) and am 21 years of age... if i keep fit i probably wont lose much height if any with age.. my parents are well over 50 years old and have not lost any height.. im confident i will continue to stand tall with age
Alex says on 20/Dec/10
Actually, I found something rather odd. I'm 13 here, so it's not like I'm some 50 year old flipping about my height. But..... my height corresponds with my weight. After I'm sick and I lose say, 10 pounds, I don't get skinnier. What do I do? I shrink. When I gain weight, do I get fat? No, I get taller. I can be anywhere from 5' to 5'5... Right now I'm about 5'4. Only two weeks ago, I was 5'2. and in the summer at one point I was 5' on the nose. Any thoughts?
EdgarHernandez says on 25/Nov/10
Quick question, i dont know quite honest what my dad height in his prime was, because one medical card of him in the 70s (when he was 17) at 5ft 9, but he towers over my mom who was 5ft 2 in the 80s, pretty much like a full head, today i taller than him by 2 inches(only because i had longer legs, when sit, we are the same size) i am 5ft 11, i suspect that he was 5ft 10 or maybe 5ft 10.5, but he lost quickly height because he always had, horrible posture
Em. says on 1/Jul/10
So here's my dilemma. I was measured by a doctor in April - 5' 8'' and a half. Sounded good. Went home, measured, got the same result. Then, about three weeks ago, measured again. 5'6''. FREAKED OUT. Went to a doctor, they said it was probably just a fluke. Measured today. 5' 4'' and a half. My mom is taller than me again. WHAT IS GOING ON?!
aarod says on 26/Jun/10
my father was slightly over 6'4" in his prime, today, at 62, he is a shade over 6'3"
Charlotte says on 25/May/10
I am currently 15 and 5'4 and I hate it. I wish I was 5'2 so I could blend in height wise, thats about the tallest it gets where I live but I have considerably tall parents. My doctor says my current height is a current height is as tall as I will get, but I still wish I were shorter. Is there a healthy way to 'shrink'?
Carrie--amazing shrinking woman! says on 4/Feb/10
I am 23 years old- had a slight curvature of my spine, I was 5 ft 7 in in 2008 after giving birth to my daughter i have rapidly lost height, I am now measuring at 5 ft 4 in 2010, i have proof at two of my doctors offices. I was checked for osteoporosis and the results came back negative. And I recently had x-rays of my spine again to see if it was getting worse but to by doctors surprise my back has actually straightened out. I am getting a little worried..If anyone has any idea of what could be going on I would love to know.
Danimal says on 30/Dec/09
It's funny how teenagers are scared to lose height. Don't worry kids, it won't be noticeable until you are around 50.
k mart says on 16/Oct/09
i am now officially 6ft 3 1/2in tall and am almost 20 years old.. i stay in good shape and am an average build not to heavy not to light. it is true that sometimes people shrink alot while other times people barely shrink at all. no one in my family has experienced any loss in height. good news for me cause i want to stand tall even when i'm older!
court says on 13/Oct/09
i am 18 years old, when i was 16 i was measured at 5'5", but when i was measured a few weeks ago i was deemed to be 5'3". the only reason i can think of is degenerative lumbar disease. its a disease in which my last lumbar disk is degenerating and flattening out.
Linke says on 9/Oct/09
another example of celebrity with height loss is wrestling superstar Superstar Billy graham.Billy was definitely 6'4 in the peak and today he's about 5'10-11.I heard that he mentioned height loss in certain interview.Also julia child lost quite a bit.
yoyo says on 21/Aug/09
not possible for everyone to shrink alot due to aging.. my grandfather at age 77, which he was 5ft6 at youth. which now i measure him at 5ft5.75(167cm)in morning. i believe he had only lost a cm.
k mart says on 3/Mar/09
i'm 6'3'' and am 19.5 years old.... i am not overweight and am in good health.... i have no plans in shrinking with age. my grandfather is 87 years old and has not shrunk at all.
aram x says on 2/Feb/09
Who in the world would want to shrink in height? It's a sign of bad health and aging, so I would not want to have any noticeable height shrinkage as I age (no more than an inch).
George says on 27/Oct/08
My Mum is 52 years old and she has lost 1.25 inches and My Dad is 62 and has lost exactly 2 inches.
sean says on 17/Sep/08
im 6ft2 nd im 18 i hate it i used to love being 5ft6 anyway i can shrink ma height i did shirnk a little bit i was 6ft4 nd i measure nd i shrank 2 inches in a year so hopefulyl i shirnk more
Christiano says on 11/Jul/08
What exacly causes height loss?
james says on 5/May/08
well at the moment im 6ft21/2half and growing is there any way i can shrink in this world because i believe i was never met to be this height but because of basketball i had a big growth spirth out of nowhere so if theres ant any way that can happen please email me because im very dicouraged about myself evertime i wake up everyday please email me at jms_capers@yahoo.com 0r juelz101baby@tmail.com thank you!
sandra says on 6/Apr/08
well at the moment im 14years old and female and currently 6ft3 and growing and is there any way i can shrink because its not very convenient to be that tall at my age if there is can anybody email me on laydeejamz@hotmail.co.uk
ferrnn says on 16/Feb/08
kk ya my dad was 6,2 when he married my mom, actually when i was about 6 he was still about 6,2. Now he's just under 6,1. but he is almost 51. He is also a dentist which gives him a huge hunch as well as his bad posture. Actually if he didnt have the posture hed be an easy 6,1.5. But w.e hes shrunk abit due to age and his job.
Damian says on 17/Jul/07
It's really scary to read about this height loss in celebrities. Of course I'm no celebrity but I'm only 25 and already I've shrunk in height by just over 6cm (2.25ins) due to osteoporosis after taking steroids since I was 17...down from 170cm (5'7") to 164cm (5'4.5") and I have to take tablets and injections. Let this be a warning about taking steroids. The thought of being a realy little old man ain't nice.
Halb says on 25/Apr/07
I thought Hogan was meant to be less than 6'4 tho? I am not sure he was ever 6'6 either.

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