How tall is Arnold Schwarzenegger ?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 1.5in (187 cm)
Austrian actor, bodybuilder and politician best known for starring in movies such as The Terminator, Predator, True Lies and Total Recall. He says of his stature, "I'm 6'2". I've heard rumors that I'm really much shorter in real life - like 5'6" or something like that - which is ridiculous. I can assure you this is not the case. People look up to me, and not just because I do a lot of work in the community. I mean, most people really LOOK UP to me."

Many people who have met him in his early career have said he was between 6ft 1 and 2, although a genuine 6ft 3 man like Kevin Sorbo thought differently, saying with a straight face: "Arnold Schwarzenegger's about 5-11...yeah he says he's Six Three". Jon Meade said Arnie told him in a 1980 interview he was "6ft 1.5" and bodybuilder Vince Basille gave an insight into a young Arnie's height in an email to me, in which he described how he personally measured Arnie in 1969 at 6ft 1.5. Arnold has also recently said that he was "6ft 1 and 3/4" but now has shrunk to 6ft 1, as measured by his daughter and in 2013 mentioned he was down to a worrying 6ft 1/2 inch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is tall
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Ambidextrous said on 11/Feb/16
He looks a strong 6'0" to me...he is not shorter than that....there were many people who looked taller than him in his movies....but my estimate is 6'
Paul said on 11/Feb/16
Legit 6ft4 Lou Ferrigno had no more than 3 inches on Arnold during their younger days, so anything under a 6ft1 peak height for Arnold doesn't make sense. So 6ft1-6ft1.5 peak.
Luke said on 11/Feb/16
You come across as hating him greatly Harold. I'm not sure why per say but unless someone was to live in the Philippines, although 6'1 is tall, it is not mind-blowingly or noticeably tall. Yes someone of 6'1 height will stand above a lot of people in a crowd but hardly grants the statement that everyone in Hollywood is shorter than that. How is that truly possible when almost 15% of the U.S population is above 6'. Even more notably, most celebrities are of European decent, the countries that hold the title for the tallest populations in the world so It undoubtedly is even higher than that in the celeb community. You've got conspiracy theories on the brain dude. Arnold was really tall in bodybuilding and above average in height to the rest of the public. Yes he has shrunk, we can all agree that he is shorter than 6'1 or 6'2 now. In bare feet he was tall, in shoes he was tall, in cowboy boots he was tall...
dylan said on 11/Feb/16
6 2 prime days easily bare foot you can see in pumping iron the hole boot think is a joke serouilsy that don't make **** difference really yes he's shrunk a few still can pull off 6 foot today u trolls on here are pathetic
Bruce Wheelie said on 11/Feb/16
Alex said on 31/Jan/16
The taller height that I can think for Arnold is 184 cm at best. Maybe in the years, some injuries and surgery operations, he lost something.

It's okay if he lost something as long as its not his D1ck lmao

It's okay if he lost something, as long as it's not his D1ck. Lmao
Myth Buster said on 11/Feb/16
The last observation from my side, I am still unable to understand how in real life different people on different occasions have underestimated him to be 5' 6'' or 5' 8'' guy. If he was ever 6' 1''-6' 2'' guy then he should get his name registered in Gains book of world record for being the only 6' 1''-6' 2'' person in the world whose height has been underestimated down to 5' 6''. From my memory I cannot recall a single case in my entire life where even a 5' 10'' guy would have been underestimated to 5' 6''. The maximum the people underestimate a person's height is usually between 1'-3''. I am 5' 9'' and the worst I have been underestimated in my entire life is 5' 8''. I think this is a strong evidence that there is something extremely fishy about Arnold's height calims.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Feb/16
Harold said on 7/Feb/16
But Josey, Arnold himself said he was six foot two and he was unequivocal about

Let's review: "I'm 6'2". I've heard rumors that I'm really much shorter in real life - like 5'6" or something like that - which is ridiculous. I can assure you this is not the case. People look up to me, and not just because I do a lot of work in the community. I mean, most people really LOOK UP to me."

Are you calling the man a liar?

You certainly are. You think he was 5ft10 range in his prime. Dude, that's a ridiculous figure even today
josey wales said on 10/Feb/16
Harold youre always good for a laugh. Sure he is lying about that extra inch (peak height).I bet lotsa people do the same.
Jim Hopper said on 10/Feb/16
Yes he was 6-2" the boots he wore all the time. No taller than bridges in pumping iron film so 6-2" barefoot is impossible
Harold said on 10/Feb/16
This quotation is from Taylor Swift, but if Arnie were honest, it would have come directly from his mouth:

"I'm 5'11'', so when I wear heels, it's definitely a really good view that I have. I'm like 6'2 when I wear heels, so I tend to wear cowboy boots a lot."
John said on 10/Feb/16
Nevermind the 6ft1 max estimations. One guy here, Harold, thinks that Arnie was 5ft11 peak and 5ft9 today!
Harold said on 9/Feb/16
Given Celebrity Heights has introduced the world to neologisms such as "the Bieber Booster" and "Bieber Boots," isn't it high time we award 'the Arnold' to the celebrity most deserving? Now, we know of the Oscar (which is given only to actors who can actually act, so Arnold won't win one this lifetime). And we know of the Pulitzer (which Arnold will never win since you have to actually be able to author a book without a ghost-writer). However, given 'the Arnold' will be awarded, on an annual basis, to the celebrity who most egregiously promotes his height at least three to four inches more than the truth, ladies and gentleman of the academy, may I present the first winner of 'the Arnold' to (the envelope, please, ma'am)...ARNOLD! No one deserves it more. Not Justin. Not Cara Delevingne, not Sly, not JCVD. No, the Arnold has never had a more deserving winner.
Harold said on 9/Feb/16
Never confuse the IFBB with the NFL or MLB (we won't even mention the NBA) A tall bodybuilder is five foot ten. A really short MLB or really short NFL player is five foot ten. Which is one more reason why bodybuilders are paid peanuts and MLB/NFL'ers are paid millions.... In other words, the fact that Schwarzenegger looked like a giant in Pumping Iron only indicates that a man of average height looks tall in that venue. In other words, a giant among midgets is not a giant when he leaves the midget convention...
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 9/Feb/16
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/16
May very well have been 6ft1½-2 at mid-day in the 70's. 6ft1 max is a joke.

No it´s not, He claimed this height himself, also 1,85m in Germany wich I think was his lowest height . 1,87cm early morning yeah
6´2" never ever PERIOD :)
Luke said on 9/Feb/16
Another thing I think confused people back in the day was Arnold's height in comparison with Sylvester Stallone's most notably when they got together for the planet Hollywood events. Sylvester Stallone was always either the same or slightly shorter than Arnold which gave the appearance that Arnold was also short but this was because Sly always wore lifts that made him at least 6 feet.
Myth Buster said on 9/Feb/16
The funny thing is he himself claimed about being 6' 2'' hardly 10-15 years ago which is a crazy claim on his part. How on earth any sensible person in the world would assume that a 6' 2'' guy is only 5' 6'' unless the guy is actually 5' 9'' - 5' 10'' which would mean that Arnold overestimated himself to be 6' 2'' while some senseless person underestimated him to be 5' 6'' during his time as Governor.
kurtz said on 9/Feb/16
Click Here

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184.3cm (Night) said on 9/Feb/16
He looked just as tall as Tom Arnold, Carl Weathers both legit 6'1 men. Noone has ever argued for 6'2 here but anything under 6'0.75 peak is impossible. Unless you want to believe that he was in lifts 24/7, the guy wasn't Vin Diesel.
Harold said on 9/Feb/16
If you do a little internet digging in terms of detective work, you'll find that Roger Ebert, the much-loved and respected movie critic, when told of Arnold's 'billed height' of six foot two, replied, as one who actually knew him, "No way. Five ten or five eleven." Eventually, it's not a conspiracy. It's simply reality. But then again, who goes to the movies for a strong dose of reality?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Feb/16
May very well have been 6ft1½-2 at mid-day in the 70's. 6ft1 max is a joke. He's tallest guy in Pumping Iron with the exception of Ferrigno.
Harold said on 7/Feb/16
But Josey, Arnold himself said he was six foot two and he was unequivocal about

Let's review: "I'm 6'2". I've heard rumors that I'm really much shorter in real life - like 5'6" or something like that - which is ridiculous. I can assure you this is not the case. People look up to me, and not just because I do a lot of work in the community. I mean, most people really LOOK UP to me."

Are you calling the man a liar?
Harold said on 7/Feb/16
its really embarrassing to what lengths or is it depths folks will go who idolize/worship on the guy. Again, I don't believe he ever touched six foot, but five eleven is possible. He's dipped way under that now. Very likely five nine.
Luke said on 7/Feb/16
All evidence is against it? What evidence?
Harold said on 7/Feb/16
Myth Buster, amen. You've said it all and you've said it well. Sub six foot for Arnold, then and now. There's one word to describe his 'billed height' of six foot two. That word is a lie.
Axel said on 6/Feb/16
There are many pix of him walking or standing with Stallone, and he's barely taller. No way AH-nolt was ever over six feet tall.
kurtz said on 6/Feb/16
to luke
i grow up with arnold's movie and i respect him and love his movies.
But anyway i think that he was at his peak 6'0" and not 6'2".
to be 6 0 or 6 1.5 means always tall dude
Towering said on 6/Feb/16
Peak height no more than 5' 11'' - 5' 11.5''

Current height no more than 5' 9.5'' - 5' 10''
Johno said on 5/Feb/16
With a 5'10 listed George St Pierre, he was 0.5 inches taller but St. Pierre is more a 5'9.5 Pierre so Arnold is in the 5'10-range.
josey wales said on 5/Feb/16
its really embarrassing to what lengths or is it depts folks will go to dish on the guy.... Again, i dont beleive he ever touched 6'2", but 6'1" very likely. He never dipped so sub 5'10" aswell. Very likely 5'11".
Alex said on 5/Feb/16
I'm not a hater Alex, I really think that Arnold never was 187-188 cm. He was always seen next to others bodybuilders, and we all know that they are pretty short, so is "easy" be tall next to them.
MJKoP said on 5/Feb/16
He wasn't under six foot two during his prime years. Even his listed height is undermining reality, albeit slightly. And Danimal176: Yes, he's certainly shrunk a bit, but MORE THAN THREE AND A HALF INCHES?!?!
Myth Buster said on 4/Feb/16
Peak height 5' 11'' - 5' 11.5''
Current height 5' 9'' - 5' 9.5''

I strongly believe that Arnold was only in the range 5' 11''- 5' 11.5'' at his peak in early 70s during his bodybuilding career. It shouldn't be a mystery anymore that he appears "tall" only in his bodybuilding pictures but always appears "somewhat above average" in all his Hollywood movies. He as never given a look of anything like 6'+ , he always looked short to be taken as 6'+.

It is clear to me now that the reason he appears "tall" during his bodybuilding career is because all his competitors were really short in the range of 5' 5''- 5' 6'' which creates an illusion in the minds of some unintelligent people that he was "tall" when in reality he was never taller than 5' 11''- 5' 11.5'' , anyone who thinks that his competitors were anything above 5' 5''- 5' 6'' are just plain ignorant. And the reason why he never looks "tall" in his movies is because most of his co-actors were also in the range of 5' 10'' - 6' 0'' which made him blend flawlessly and not standout. If he was anything like 6' 1''+ then he would have stood out among his peers in hollywood which he never did in the past and never does in the present.

What I don't understand is why many of his fans on this page continue to defend the fake billed 6' 1''+ peak height of Arnold when all the evidence is against it?
jervrs said on 4/Feb/16
Cuttingthecrap do you have an opinion on Clint Eastwoods height loss
Luke said on 3/Feb/16
When I read these comments I really feel you guys truly hate the man. It was not secretive that he was a hustler and womanizer. He was economically smart and was a millionaire far before his first successful movie. He was actually cheating on another woman while seeing Maria at the beginning of their relationship most likely with Maria's knowledge. He's had countless affairs with other people including Brigitte Nielson. There was not a single part of me that was surprised that he had another child with another woman. Now to the average bear he would not be viewed this way but to anyone that knows a little about him this is old news. All of his crazy 6 hour workouts, weight gainer shakes, Weider workout equipment were just sponsorships and contracts to help promote bodybuilding. It doesn't take a genius to see through its ridiculousness. Anybody with brains in their heads realizes that Arnold didn't actually take the sugar and carb loaded weight gainers he advertised. C'mon lets be serious. Everyone points fingers at the man because of a few faux-pas in his character rather than identify the success he's had. He truly is one of the biggest success stories of the 20th century and people get stuck hating on him because he lied to unaware people that wanted to get big at the gym. You cannot really call him a sellout since if it wasn't for his advertising and supporting Joe Weider, god knows where health and fitness would be in our lives currently. The choices he made were in the best interest of the industry. The guy was above 6' and there's nothing other than questionable comments made by nobodies that say differently.
Dmeyer said on 3/Feb/16
Arnie looks easy as tall if not taller than Tom Arnold in true who'm i met And was nothing less that 185-185,5cm 6'1 in person arnie was not 1mm shorter than 185cm peak And by movies aleast 184,5cm , arnie looks easy 5-6cm taller than Robert Patrick who was aleast 180,5cm so again à good 6'1 also à good 5-6cm on Clooney who was nothing less than 179 if not more , also arnie looked barely 2in under seagal who had 1,5cm more shoes so looked à 6'4,5 Guy because of boots arnie had to be 185-6cm to pull that off , also arnie did look aleast 185-6cm in barefeet shots in bb days , i do agree hé can look under 6'1,25-1,5in peak 186-186,5cm but not less than 185cm , now hé looks not less than 5'11 And oftenly looks 182cm And can look 183-183,5cm when hé has boots , still looks taller than flat 5'11 guys today , And looked no less than 6'1 in early stuff
Kurtz said on 3/Feb/16
peak: 6' 0'' - 183 cm.

now: 5' 9.5'' - 177 cm.
Alex said on 3/Feb/16
I am the "original" Alex, not the hater :D
Arnold was clearly near 6'2 in his prime, not a full 6'2 (beyond 188 cm.) but very close. Lets say 187 cm.
It is clear because we have many pics and videos of him barefoot with people who were 6 footer and were shorter and people who were 6'2 and were around his height.
184.3cm (Night) said on 3/Feb/16
One thing is for certain, Arnold attracts some of the most butthurt people i have ever seen on the internet.

He is the King thats why whenever an up and coming action star or bodybuilder is questioned they always drop his name. The guy has achieved alot, the end.
Danimal176 said on 2/Feb/16
Jim Hopper said on 29/Jan/16
Peak 6-0.5. Now 5-11 max.

Peak - 6'1.5"-6'1.75" (measured at both)
Today - 5'10"
kurtz said on 2/Feb/16
176 cm. today
182 cm. peak his prime
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Feb/16
Looked 187cm in Predator and True Lies
CuttingtheCrap said on 1/Feb/16
Luke - The reason why people don´t like Arnold anymore is that as time has passed this cult leader megalomaniac has been exposed for what he is: A MASSIVE fraud and hustler. He even calls himself "hustler" in "Total Recall - My unbelievable life". That´s HIS words not mine!

All the NONSENSE surrounding his bodybuilding mythology has been EXPOSED with the advent of internet boards. Lifters all over the globe today KNOW that lifting 5-6 hours a day as the mighty "King" Arnold supposedly did is HOGWASH. Arnold LIED. The BB industry LIED in order that he could get your hard earned money. Joe Weider is the biggest crook of them all. Arnold says in his book that he ADMIRED Weider for being a quote "hustler". Again HIS words not mine!
What a stand up guy! What a moral example for all to follow!

My point is: Arnold "the king" is really Arnold the CULT-LEADER-HUSTLER-ABUSER OF WOMEN (insert more) and his scheme was only successful back when information wasn´t so widely spread as it is today with the internet. People feel deceived and taken advantage of. With good reason.

All hail the "king". (Laughing hysterically).

6-0 peak. 5-10 today. No mystery.
richie said on 31/Jan/16
Arnie's peak height 5'11" ??? Complete and utter nonsense, the guy was close to 6'2" during his prime and probably stands a little over 6' today. He was around the same height as Johnny Knoxville in The Last Stand who himself is 6'1" so this under 6' theory just doesn't read true....
Luke said on 31/Jan/16
There is waaayyyy more information that suggests he was above 6ft at peak height rather than that he was closer to average height. Pictures, documented height, comparisons to others of well known heights etc. What is there to suggest that he was shorter? A bunch of claims after his Hollywood fame by less successful actors. They probably lied as it would give them more exposure for claiming that the biggest guy in Hollywood was actually smaller and shorter than even them. all the claims that he was 5'11, 5'10, I've even heard of a 5'9 peak height is just a bunch of tabloid nonsense. Now his current height is a completely different story. His proportions are actually slightly different now than they were when he was younger (even when he is barefoot for all of you LIFTS! and COWBOY BOOTS! people) . His torso looks even shorter in comparison to his legs which would be the result of a compressed spine. If there is a noticeably visual difference in his stature, that would mean that he has lost a considerable amount of height and would justify why he looks so much smaller than his documented peak. All of this seems to make sense to me I don't know why so many people always want to throw him under the bus.
Alex said on 31/Jan/16
The taller height that I can think for Arnold is 184 cm at best. Maybe in the years, some injuries and surgery operations, he lost something.
Alex said on 30/Jan/16
Bridges was around 187-188 cm. SO that was Arnold's height too back in the seventies. Stop bull**** saying he was max 6 feet. He was in the 186-188 range in his thirties. No more, no less.
miko said on 29/Jan/16
The more I see of him in his early years, 6'1 max for his peak and probably 5'11 range today.
Ismaeel said on 29/Jan/16
His peak height was 5' 11'' while the current height looks like 5' 9'' inches. Look at the picture above he looks like 5' 9'' guy with overbuilt torso. 5' 11'' was probably considered 6' 2'' in 60s. Hollywood has just successfully projected him a big 6' 2'' guy when he was 5' 11'' something all those years..
ervis said on 29/Jan/16
rob here is arnold next to reg park who despite being listed at 185 cm never looked it and arnold looks roughly the same.Click Here dont you think a 185 cm peak would suit him better
Editor Rob: I still feel in the 60's and 70's arnie did measure a bit over 6ft 1, how much is the question...
grizz said on 29/Jan/16
Are you sure, Alex?
I mean, that's a high estimate of yours.
In Twins he was still at his peak height and he barely edged out Danny DeVito.
Jim Hopper said on 29/Jan/16
Peak 6-0.5. Now 5-11 max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jan/16
Re@l heights said on 24/Jan/16
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peak:6 ft
My height is around 6 ft. I met with him, he is around my ears though.

This is getting ridiculous
Fran77 said on 27/Jan/16
you´re right Alex. I could buy 6 feet in his twenties totally stretched out of bed in the morning, absolut max 1.83 and going under the rest of the day. 1.81, 1.82 was TALL in sixties and seventies.
dmeyer said on 27/Jan/16
Arnie look Closer in height with 5'11.5-6ft 50 cent than 5'11-11.25 gylenhaal
Alex said on 26/Jan/16
Arnold never was over 182 cm or so in all his life, neither in his youth. For years was said that he was 187-188 cm, but that's BS.
Michael Duffy said on 24/Jan/16
I was in LA in 2002 and went horseback riding near the famous HOLLYWOOD sign. Our guide was telling us Arnold was recently at her stable filming a movie. She said, I didn't know he was so short when she met him. She was tall at 5'10", she told us she looked down on him. Her guess was he was 5'8".
Cuthbert said on 24/Jan/16

I like some of your comments, you sound like a getbigger? (Mike O'Tren, Manlet etc..)

I have a frame very similar to Arnold's. I'm a genuine 6'2" with a long neck,arms and legs. People frequently mistake my height and its not until they get up close that they realise how tall I actually am. Part of the problem I think is that I lift weights, weigh 249lbs and when clothed look to have the proportions of a shorter person. My shoulders hang lower than most people of a similar height to me which doesn't help although am happy to say mine are usually wider! I believe Arnold was a genuine 6'1.5" in his youth. Age, injuries (hip replacement?) and of course the gear have all contributed to his shrinkage over the years to what I believe is just nudging 6'. As a fan, I do get frustrated when I see him not standing up straight or almost slouching when pictured with other celebs but he has absolutely nothing left to prove!
Re@l heights said on 24/Jan/16
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Peak:6 ft
My height is around 6 ft. I met with him, he is around my ears though.
Junior31 said on 23/Jan/16
josey wales said on 23/Jan/16
Junior31 i wouldnt use that pic to try proof much. His hair even makes arnies look flat and who knows footwear angles etc. Id call it half n inch diffs makin robs listing still very valid.

I'm sorry guys I find it very hard to believe he is more then 5'11 today. This pic couples with the GSP pic do it for me. I think he was 6'1 peak but today struggles with 5'11 and that's generous
josey wales said on 23/Jan/16
Junior31 i wouldnt use that pic to try proof much. His hair even makes arnies look flat and who knows footwear angles etc. Id call it half n inch diffs makin robs listing still very valid.
184.3cm (Night) said on 23/Jan/16
@Adam So your a 6 foot guy then and your friend is 5'10. That makes Arnie a 5'11 man just as he is listed. Your shoe height is irrelevant, i reach 6'2.5" in big boots that doesnt make me a big 6'2 guy.

I saw a video of Arnie cycling on the wrong side of the road in Edinburgh other day so this claim seems legit. Thanks for the eye witness account Adam.
Junior31 said on 22/Jan/16

Pic you have to see on Carl Frochs recent Twitter yesterday. He and Arnie side by side and froch owns him. You have a photo with froch and list him at 6'0 even. Based upon that and the photo with Arnold , Arnold appears to be a solid 1.5 inches shorter then him. 5'10.5 tops. Someone please post this. Or rob please post this.
Editor Rob: in that photo, I wouldn't even say it was an inch worth.
joe joe said on 22/Jan/16
@Luke. wow
josey wales said on 21/Jan/16
I must agree that while arnolds peak and current height is debatable, his topform measurements less so. I have a hard time beleiving he had far from 22" pumped in 1974. Chest no less than 55". He certainly did not carry that size into 1975. And lets forget Skinny mr 1980 mr O! In his day steroids and all, he was massive.
Adam said on 21/Jan/16
A friend of mine just met Arnold at an event in Edinburgh and posted a picture of himself with Arnold. I'm pretty sure my friend is at least 5'11" in shoes, I'm about 186cm in shoes and he is no more than a couple of inches smaller. Anyway in the picture Arnold has a good inch on my mate, could he still be 6'0"-0.5"?
Luke said on 21/Jan/16
I looked at the difference in height between Lou Ferrigno and Mike O'Tren and then a current picture of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger and I agree he is definitely around 6'2 these days but standing beside Arnold he is only around 3" taller. If you look back at pictures from the 1975 Mr. Olympia there is a more significant height difference. Now people could either argue that Lou has shrunk more than Arnold or Arnold is wearing lifts these days. I can 100% say confidently that steroids make you shrink as I said earlier because it promotes cartilage deterioration which paired with heavy lifting, would most definitely take more inches off a person's height after aging than an average person. I am sure that all weightlifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders have experienced height loss more significant than average people and their family members but this is purely speculation. An unused example is a comparison with Rich Piana, Ric Drasin, Mike O'Hearn and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now Rich Piana has claimed to be around 6'1 and based on his bigorexia syndrome I would cut an inch off that. I truly think he stands at least 6' tall because standing beside Mike O'Hearn a solid 6'2 and someone you used in your example, he is a few inches shorter. Now Ric Drasin a claimed 6' is the exact same height when standing next to Rich Piana. Ric Drasin is a lesser known bodybuilder that also trained at Gold's in Venice and was on of Arnold's most common training partner contrary to what a lot of people think of as Franco Columbo. Now keep in mind if anything he has shrunk since his height back then. There is a picture of the whole group of them in the 70s standing together in a line and Ric is a few inches shorter than Arnold. Now according to this comparison, that would put Arnold at a solid 6'2 at least. I don't think he was over 6'2 at all but that is what this comparison suggests. There are very few pictures of Arnold walking in public around other people back then but of all the ones I have seen, he is usually among the tallest in the crowd which again would put him at over 6'. Now all of this stuff about all the bodybuilders lying about their heights and people suggesting that photos were only taken when he looked bigger than everyone else could be possible but I highly doubt someone would try that hard into making a seamless false reality where everything adds up and makes sense about something as trivial as height. There would be so many examples and material that would prove the contrary but there just isn't. We will never know his true peak height but most of the information gathered leans more towards the claimed height of above 6' rather than all of this ridiculousness that he was 5'11 or under.

To your comment about his arm size... I do agree that his claimed 22" arm is a bit overboard and no doubt generous but his other measurements add up for someone of that height. The arm was the biggest selling point for all of those advertisements for Joe Weider products and programs so it makes sense that that measurement is fudged but it was definitely still over 21'. Phil Heath supposedly has the same arms size as Arnold but they look so much bigger because he is a true munchkin and has arms the length of a child's. Now I admit that every measurement was probably rounded to the nearest half inch but measurements of things like calves, thighs and waists were not a selling measurement in terms of fans and popularity. He was just big everywhere. If his measurements were smaller he would have looked pretty average at that height and like most steroid users. The guy just has completely different proportions and muscle insertions than what is common today in bodybuilding and paired with his taller height, I think this is where the confusion happens in terms of his muscle size.
Dmeyer said on 19/Jan/16
Arnie can pull off solid 5'11.5 with right posture today
jervis said on 19/Jan/16
Cutie dont belive everything you read.
Alucard said on 19/Jan/16
Except that Nubret was never 5'11 in his life, try around 5'8, absolutely not taller than Oliva who was that height, and Ferrigno was never more than 6'2 all his life, look at him next to 6'2 Mike O'Hearn... Luke how tall are you? Bodyfat? People usually do the same mistake over and over, for example they measure their arm at 19 inches and they can't believe that Arnold at his peak had 19-20 inches arms max because his looked so much bigger... But that's the illusion of low bodyfat and gifted muscle bellies, Arnold never had 22 inches arms... I somewhat agree that back in the 60s and 70s there were taller bodybuilders on average, but doesn't mean that there were lots of guys over 6', Reg Park for example was exactly the same height as Arnold, around 5'11, then after we had Ferrigno at 6'2, one of the few legit tall bodybuilders... Professional bodybuilding has always been a "sport" for short and medium guys, the few who were taller than average, like Arnold and Ferrigno for example, did stand out as giants...
jervis said on 19/Jan/16
Cutie explain how he looked as tall or taller than Kevin Kline then.In the films I saw him in in the 80s and 90s he looked in the 6ft1 or 2 range also in pics with other stars at that time.
Aaron zamora said on 18/Jan/16
Rob, I think that Arnold is still around 6'+ I found this guy on Instagram and this is him next to Ronnie Coleman who you have listed as 5'10 on here and a picture of him next to Arnold. Arnold towers over him and Arnold's shoes look small too! Click Here Click Here
Cutie said on 18/Jan/16
I found this article of Washingtonpost from 1999 where it is disclosed that Arnold's actual height is 5' 10'' and not 6' 2'' that is often claimed. Interesting it seems that my own barely 6' 0 peak height for Arnold also needs some revision.

Click Here
Cutie said on 18/Jan/16
Peak height barely 6' 0, current height barely 5' 10''. If he looked taller than other bodybuilders in 70s, the reason should be clear that all those bodybuilders were really short in person irrespective of what their height was listed in bodybuilding show-business competitions.
Tunman said on 17/Jan/16
Yeah,5'11 and 6' at peak are really jokes,but 6'1 is really arguable.Really he doesn't look taller than 6'1 Weathers.Also in Terminator 2 he doesn't look over 185.He was only 43,so has he already lost a strong 0.5"?Not sure,few mms if anything,still one could argue 186 as the best answer in my opinion,he looked too often closer to 6'1 than 2 honestly.Basile certainly measured him around 6'1.5 but when and how exactly we don't know.After all a fraction less isn't something you can rule out.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/16
5ft11 and 6ft are a joke for Arnold's peak, not a chance. Even 6ft1 flat is underselling him. His 6ft1¾ and 6ft2 claims aren't ridiculous at all. He probably did hit both of those marks earlier in the day and probably even cleared 6ft2 out of bed. He was impressively tall for a bodybuilder and his measurements were not inflated either.
me said on 15/Jan/16
for those who assure he's 5'11", just watch the first seconds of this clip:

Click Here
jervis said on 14/Jan/16
Those who say he was not 6ft1.5 peak,how do you explain the youtube clip with Kevin Kline?because he looks equal in height or maybe a bit taller than Kline.Do you put it down to lifts,or do you doubt Kline was 6ft1.5 too?At almost 70 Kline looks around 6ft1now if you compare him to Morgan Freeman.
JM said on 14/Jan/16
Let's not forget this man spent the first half of his life wearing next to no clothes and standing in front of crowds all round the world. If he really had been a short (or even average height) man, he would have become known early on as one. He didn't.
josey wales said on 12/Jan/16
Good idea. But mebe these giys wont be that strait as you think. Their loyalty to arnold far outweighs their loyalty to the industry. They may had been competitors but they were also very close. Tjeyre from the golden era before it became mainstream . Theyre not about to make any of their own look small.
Luke said on 11/Jan/16
Someone else posted the stuff about my stats. Its always nice having someone make fun of me by putting me off as a novice lifter when I bring facts into the discussion. I'm not sure why that was even passed as a post as it has nothing to do with the discussion. Sorry to disappoint whoever it was making fun of me like that. Back to the topic though, all of these proclaimed heights of Arnold are all made by actors from 1980 and onward. I would like to see one of Arnold's training partners give their perspective on his height. Frank Zane, Dave Draper, Franco Columbo etc. they're all still alive and have little to no association with the bodybuilding scene anymore so they wouldn't have a bias or change their opinion to match the industries expectations. They also almost lived with each other so you would be hard pressed to find someone else that knew him so well. I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard to get an interview with one of them as they are far less famous than any of these celebrities that called Arnold short.
josey wales said on 10/Jan/16
Luke, arms are small muscles and overtrsin easy. Stick to basic exersises. Strait bar curls and preacher bench and french press and close grip bench press. Not to many cable work. They define not build. Arms two times a week, three working sets 8-10 reps failure each set. Flex alot (at home not gym it looks goofy). It really brings out the shaoe and helps illusional size lolTrain and enjoy. Size and
weight relative. Were roughly the same height . I stopped training hard but do miss it
Luke said on 9/Jan/16
I'm a recreational weightlifter, I lift weights 3 times per week & I am 5'8.5 barefeet 175 lbs
I have 14.5 inch arms flexed at their fullest cold and around a 44 chest cold
Arnolds supposedly 6'1 240+ with 20 arms cold not pumped and a 50+ chest cold
I would really like my arms to be bigger they're stubborn
Luke said on 9/Jan/16
I'm a recreational weightlifter, I lift weights 3 times per week & I am 5'8.5 barefeet 175 lbs
I have 14.5 inch arms flexed at their fullest cold and around a 44 chest cold
Arnolds supposedly 6'1 240+ with 20 arms cold not pumped and a 50+ chest cold
I would really like my arms to be bigger they're stubborn
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/16
@Vladimir: Kline is listed here as being 6ft1½ peak and 6ft1 today. A lot of people insist he was 6ft2 though which looking at earlier stuff he was in (The Big Chill, Sophie's Choice) he could look it. Arnold bizarrely looks a bit taller in that clip!

Rob, have you checked that out?
G dragon said on 8/Jan/16
How long is Arnie's eye level?
Luke said on 8/Jan/16
Ok. Harold, I assume you also believe in the many replacements of celebrities too am I right? If someone cannot see through the obvious ridiculousness of the supplement industry and the sponsorships they have with different athletes then they are ignorant by choice. Steroid use is not secretive and this was even more apparent during the 70s when Arnold was competing as they were legal and prescribed to him by his doctor. If a friend asked Arnold what he was taking he would have gladly said. If you were to ask any professional athlete if they take steroids behind closed doors they will say yes without saying yes as its illegal and frowned upon. Anyone who knows anything about professional sports knows that they come hand in hand with performance enhancing drugs. To suggest that Arnold is trying to prove something is redundant as he is one of the most successful people in the world today. Very few have dominated several different interests the way he did. Its obvious he has an ego but anyone would if they excel at everything they try so I'm not sure as to why he would need to convince people that he is tall... Oh wait he doesn't because he already is.

Alucard, almost all current bodybuilders at the peak level of bodybuilding are actually very short and hardly any are above 5'11. This is because they look bigger on stage and therefore their measurements might look larger but they are not. Earlier in bodybuilding a common height was around 6 feet. This is because it was more about an aesthetic physique and being like a male model rather than who can look bigger. Arnold came on the scene and had both the height and the mass that was unknown at the time. He dwarfed everyone and had ridiculous measurements. This was way before meeting Joe Weider I might add. A 50" chest is not hugely uncommon for heavyweight gym goers and even more so gym goers above 6'. For tall people to look big they need to be huge in weight and measurements. Now for a 260 lbs offseason 6'2 bodybuilder on steroids with the best back and chest of his era next to Sergio Olivia a 57" pumped chest is not ridiculous. Heck mine is only 12 inches smaller. 28.5" thighs? Again not unimaginable considering his legs are extremely long.

Arnold looks shorter in movies as his shoulders are not square shaped and slope downwards and he had poor posture. I'm sure the poor posture was due to muscular imbalances throughout the years as an actor. A question everyone can ponder over... Why would someone who lies about their height allow themselves to have poor posture? Every manlet stands very erect as they try to make themselves look taller.
richie said on 8/Jan/16
@Alucard...I suggest you watch "Pumping Iron" where Schwarzeneggers height of 6'1.5" is revealed. The final pose down between himself, Ferrigno(6'4") and Nubret(5'11"). He had a good 2 inches on Nubret and was a good 2 inches shorter than Ferrigno, his peak height was definitely somewhere between 6'1 and 2" without question. Rob's estimation was very accurate.
berta said on 8/Jan/16
steroids leads to Boone loss. Arnold is a greaqt example of that. The bon los acures when they stop taking them. The same goes for Dolph Lundgren. and i can promise you guys when the rock stop taking them, he will loose a great amount of height to fast.
Curious guy said on 7/Jan/16
Many people are giving too much credibility to "Bodybuilding competition" billed heights in case of Arnold but do they know that bodybuilding is no different than showbiz after all it is a form of showing off your body. Impressionable young minds have been kept in dark about blatant abuse of anabolic Steroids by bodybuilders over the decades, they just find it so hard now to accept that their larger than life heroes are all carrying artificially enhanced muscles. Finally , I will say that Arnold was never more than 6' 0'' tall if at all and these days he might be 5' 10'' or 11'' without shoes.
Vladimir said on 6/Jan/16
How tall is Kevin Kline? In this video they are roughly the same hight:
Click Here
Sammy Derrick said on 6/Jan/16
On a lighter note in the Movie Terminator Genisys his character is seen in a mugshot to be 6'6!!!!(Hollywood Magic)
Click Here
I found this clip and thought it would be HILARIOUS
Click Here
Alucard said on 5/Jan/16
Being the biggest guy in Hollyweird means nothing, most actors are truly midgets, and no, there were a lot of taller actors than Arnold in his prime, easily...
Measurements are all over the place in bodybuiding, being height or else... Many claims of 20 inches calves, 24 inches arms, 60 inches chest, and so on... People have really no idea how big a 24 inches arm is at 4-5% bodyfat, it would look ridiculous on an under 6' frame, 230-240lbs... The biggest arms you'll ever see at the top were/are not over 22 inches, and all guys close to 6' or taller, legit arms, not enhanced ones... Arnold was sold like a bigger than life superhero, since he was handsome, charming and moderately tall for a bodybuilder with an epic physique, but all his measurements were laughable, 22 inches arms, 20 inches calves, 58 inches chest, 6'1-6'2, lol... He has always been in the 5'11 range, more or less, and clearly shorter today, 5'10-5'9 range...
Harold said on 5/Jan/16
Luke, I thank you for your humor. Right now, I am rolling on the floor laughing. If you think the IFBB as run by Joe Weider is a testament to veracity, and you believe the listed, billed heights of these 'competitors' in their male beauty pageant program, you also believe the IFBB stand that they looked that way because of their reliance on Joe Weider's protein powders and magic amino acid pills. Certainly not anabolic steroids. No, certainly not. Because that was the IFBB official stand for fifty years. Let's face it: you've been lied to. But so what. It's not a crime to lie about your height, is it? If so, Arnie would have been in prison decades ago and would be today. And Arnie has nothing to prove? Ah, again with the humor. You're killing me! I'd say a guy who by his own admission has over fifty (50) pairs of cowboys boots, who wears a skull belt buckle, who has plastic surgery and dyes his hair, and who needs to tell every person he meets how big his bank account is, well, you're so right, he has nothing to prove. ROFL!!!!!
richie said on 4/Jan/16
Harold@..Schwarzenegger was definitely 6'1" minimum during the 70's, check his photos with Jeff Bridges and Clint Eastwood, he was marginally shorter than those guys who were 6'2"/3" respectively,strong 6'1" without a doubt....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Jan/16
He was taller than Jeff Bridges in Stay Hungry, IMO. That scene where he's lifting the weights he was barefoot while Bridges was in sneakers.
They looked roughly the same maybe Bridges a fraction taller because of the advantage.
Luke said on 2/Jan/16
(previously guest) Harold I am sorry but to say bodybuilding proportions are exaggerated is just completely false and to compare it to wrestling is even more false. Measurements are very important and were strictly used in the early days to judge competition. Height has never been a contributing factor to judge a person's physique in bodybuilding. Shorter bodybuilders are usually more successful as they can pack on the same amount of size as a taller competitor but look 2 times as big due to their smaller stature and bones. There is no reason to lie about a young boy's height from Austria. He was at least 6'1. Not only do we have hard evidence in print of his height as a late teen, we have countless other well known bodybuilders with well known heights to compare him to unless of course every single person ever to grace the bodybuilding stage has had an exaggerated height as well. Unfortunately I do not know how to provide links so I cannot gather some good photos to prove this but everyone has probably already seen all of them anyways. I have no doubt Arnold has liked wearing big boots because it fits the tough guy persona and makes him look even bigger than he already does similar to what John Wayne used to do. He dwarfed everyone except Lou Ferrigno on stage and he dwarfed everyone in almost every movie he's played in. He has nothing to prove and was the biggest guy in Hollywood for the longest time. Its common for most people to round up to the nearest inch in height so to give someone a hard time for rounding a half or quarter of an inch is a little outrageous. Like it or not this age old argument has been debunked time and time again.
Harold said on 2/Jan/16
Well, Richie, you are taking a staged, rehearsed 'documentary' as the truth. The same 'documentary' that doesn't mention the words, anabolic steroids, once. Why? Because the producers and director wanted to sell bodybuilding. If the audience knew about the drug use or, for that matter, the true height of many of the bodybuilders (or just how they made their money off-screen and off-stage), that would not reflect well on the product, which was bodybuilding as promoted by the star, which was Schwarzenegger. Did they make him out to be larger/taller than he actually was? Yes. But to claim this fiction of a movie as fact is a mistake. Never confuse retail, the business of making money, with reality.
richie said on 1/Jan/16
Arnie's peak height was 6'1.5", certainly during the 70's and this is revealed in Pumping Iron. He had a strong inch on best buddy Ken Waller who was just 6', so anything less than 6'1" just doesn't read true....
184.3cm (Night) said on 31/Dec/15
I can actually believe a peak height of 6'0.75" but nothing lower. There was for a time a 185cm measurement floating around but i can no longer find it on the net. My reasoning for this is his staredown with Carl Weathers. They looked very similar in height but Arnie was wearing combat boots and Carl had dress shoes. So he could have been slightly shorter.

I would just leave him at 6'1 flat as a compromise as his 186cm claim later on in movies was maybe him rounding the 185 range.

6ft 2 is nonsense though. Nowadays i think he looks 5'11 flat alot and there are even some pictures of him looking as low as 5'10.5".
josey wales said on 30/Dec/15
Harold i actually enjoyed your last post :-)
Nir said on 30/Dec/15
Hi Rob I am 20 years old I turned 20 on December so literally just turned 20 and my question is if at my age can I increase my height I am currently 5'9 well 174cm 1 cm less than 5'9 anyways my mom is 5'1 and my dad is 6'2 187cm my mom is 153cm is it possible for me to grow at least to 5'11 or 6'0 is it possible to grow taller at the age of 20 by 6-9cm if it IS possible do I have to do something maybe eat the right foods or drink more or exercises help me please and thank you before hand ! :D
Dmeyer said on 30/Dec/15
Slimball near 181cm if rob list him 5'11,5 181,6cm it means hé isnt full 182cm if arnie was 5'11,6-7in hé would have listed him 6'0 or 11,75 at worst
Harold said on 28/Dec/15
Upon further review, I did a little internet detective work and used various search engines and found the average height of an NFL linebacker in 2013 is six foot two. Naturally, that's an average, so some are shorter and some are taller but the average is six two. The jury is still out on Arnie's ability to run, intercept a pass, tackle, or propensity towards teamwork. Ability to inject and take steroids, not an issue. Dating team cheerleaders possibly a problem.
Harold said on 28/Dec/15
If anyone actually believes 'most NFL linebackers are 6-0-6'1", they haven't watched the NFL since about 1962. Hate to break the news to you, but the game has evolved and the players have grown. It's a statistically measurable fact that the majority of linebackers in the NFL are in the six foot three to six foot four and up range. There are some linebackers shorter than that. But there are a lot more taller than that. Once again, Arnie comes up short. .
Slimeball said on 28/Dec/15
""""""""""""""Dmeyer said on 21/Dec/15
186cm peak 185.5cm by movies time 184cm by late 90-2000 And 183cm 2005 2010 182cm now close to 181 but can look 182"""""""""

You are right, this is the truth expect he is 182 cm now.
Close the thread now! :-D
Emil 183 cm said on 28/Dec/15
Id say 6'1 flat was Arnold's low and probably 6'2 out of bed.
Harold said on 28/Dec/15
Aaron, in terms of estimating peak height, it comes down to Sven's peak. If six five, Arnold is over six. If Six three point five, Arnold, peak, is just under six feet. As always, a mystery.
fordham said on 28/Dec/15
Given most NFL linebackers are six foot three or four

laughably false. most nfl linebackers are 6'0-6'1, so Arnold makes it easily height wise.
Harold said on 27/Dec/15
Another reason why, Axel, is that Schwarzenegger himself brayed he was six foot two on every television talk show for decades: " "I'm 6'2". I've heard rumors that I'm really much shorter in real life - like 5'6" or something like that - which is ridiculous. I can assure you this is not the case. People look up to me, and not just because I do a lot of work in the community. I mean, most people really LOOK UP to me." That would add to the confusion.
Aaron said on 26/Dec/15
Here is very young Arnold with very young Sven Ole Thorsen. a 4 inch difference looks about right. No shoes, entire bodies visible. Their body building poses are very similar. Peak height sounds right.

Click Here
Axel said on 26/Dec/15
It s my thought docu movie pumping iron can have generated a bit of confusion about Arnold the italian version of the movie has been translated "6 ft" about him! 182 of the reasons why it s my opinion..
Axel said on 26/Dec/15
It s my thought docu movie pumping iron can have generated a bit of confusion about Arnold the italian version of the movie has been translated "6 ft" about him! 182 of the reasons why it s my opinion..
John said on 26/Dec/15
Arnold is closer to 5'10.5 than 5'11.5, Because he was over 2 inches shorter than 6'0.75 Dean Ambrose in the WWE 2k16 ad.
josey wales said on 24/Dec/15
Yeah, i can understand where yer commin from. To a degree. I grew up a huge arnold fan. But i grew up a long time ago and while i still have an admiration fir the man im not blind and and would peg him at between 5'10.5 and 5'11" today. Personally i do not think a peak 6'1" height is unreasonable. While i cannot dictate to you what to say or not, personally i do not think going out of ones way to mention any person in a deragarory manner is nessersarry. Afterall his personal life etc is none of anyones really puts a damper on the fun nature of this sight. Like you said, he is just a man snd by no means supermsn.. just my opinion ..
Guest from Germany said on 23/Dec/15
The pic with his stunt double ist pretty interesting because of the clearly visible differences in body proportions. Similar differences can be seen campared to Reg Park (1971 or 1972). Compare heigth, leg length and the gap between nipples and bellybutton it's obvious that Arnold's proportions are kind of special: Long legs and arms, short torso with low (and huge) pecs and rib cage and, in combination with his typical hanging shoulder look (watch pumping iron: relaxed pose vs. lat pose), a big distance between top of the head and lowest part of the pecs (visibly long neck).

I think Rob's listing is very accurate and the shrinking ist more in the neck than in the torso. Especially if you compare the beginning of Terminator 2 (bar scene) with his recent reacting of the scene in 2015 for wrestling promotion. The behind the scene footage of Terminator Genisys clearly shows his excellent shape for a 67 year old man with many years in politics, action movies and professional bodybuilding, though the height loss is obvious.
Harold said on 22/Dec/15
Well, Josey, if in fact, there is a 'personal agenda' at stake, why would Arnold haters be any less accurate in his height assessment than Arnold worshippers? Both, one could argue, are clouded in their judgment thus rendering the accuracy of their height estimations moot.. I'd say there are many Arnold worshippers on this page, and as Fanboys, their tendency to worship means they add four inches or so to their incredibly shrinking man, just because they need to make him larger than he ever was or to prove he's not a liar, given the man's 'optimistic' estimation of his own height. I think, eventually, we'll have proof positive, at least of what the man measures up to today. But the six foot two claim, like his 20 inch calves claim, are, to this reader, a joke..
josey wales said on 22/Dec/15
Thr ammount of hogwash none height related comments posted on especially this sight is really absurd . One has to wonder if there is personal agendas at stake. Some claim 6'2" which is rubbish, some under 5'10" which is bigger rubbish and others delve into the mans character and personal life which is rather pathetic at best.
Harold said on 22/Dec/15
Guest, you do understand that taking a professional bodybuilding program at face value is as absurd as taking a professional wrestling program at face value. They are both in the entertainment and the exaggeration business. They are, in fact, in show business, not truth business. In other words, if you want to figure out Arnold's height, you don't ask his promoters, who are also busy lying about his steroid usage. And your information/height estimate about Reg Park or Dave Draper is taken from where, the same bodybuilding promoters or the same bodybuilders, who also, coincidentally, made their living lying about their steroid use. It is clear that Arnold has shrunk. But the question remains, was he ever over six foot tall peak? In cowboy boots and lifts, yes. Without them? Tough to tell. As to your belief that it's 'reasonable' for Arnold to call himself six foot two, well, perhaps you believe it's 'reasonable' for Arnold to call himself 'a family man,' considering just how many families he had...
FIVE NINE said on 21/Dec/15
Back in the 80's my cousin got to stand right next to him. He said he didn't look much taller than him. My cousin is 5'11".
Dmeyer said on 21/Dec/15
186cm peak 185.5cm by movies time 184cm by late 90-2000 And 183cm 2005 2010 182cm now close to 181 but can look 182
Smarty said on 20/Dec/15
Many guys here are still speculating Arnold was at least 6' 1.5'' in his peak which doesn't make sense as Arnold doesn't look 6' 1'' at any stage in his career, be it in bodybuilding or hollywood. If someone has 6' 1' or more height then the height speaks for itself , they don't need to reiterate their tall height all the time. Arnold was not more than solid six feet at any time in his career. All these stories that he has lost 2 to 3 inches of height due to bodybuilding just seem nonsense, it is just a cover up story in case of arnold. I have two friends one is 5' 9'' but always claims he is 5' 10'' and another one is 5' 10'' but always claims he is 6'.
Jug said on 20/Dec/15
I just watched The Running Man for the first time. I have come to the conclusion that Arnold could not have been more than 6'1. He was easily three inches shorter than Yaphet Kotto. There were quite a few actors in that film noticeably taller than him actually, even extras. He was also a bit shorter than Jesse Ventura, who I think was probably 6'2.5 at the most. Definitely not more than 6'1 for Arnold, sorry. A 6'1 guy can be made to look up to 6'3, especially when he has a big build and the right proportions, which accounts for the confusion.
Alex said on 20/Dec/15
I completely agree with you guest. There is a orgy of evidence that Arnold was a strong 6'1, probably not reaching a full 6'2 but he was undeniably in the 186-187 range, more probably 187 in the morning.
Vladimir said on 20/Dec/15
Click Here :) :)
guest said on 20/Dec/15
Out of all the celebrities Arnold is one of the few that we have countless pictures and pieces of information on based on his height. Not just questionable above the waist photos of him standing beside other celebrities but bodybuilding competition photos of him standing dead on in front of the camera with good posture beside other bodybuilders doing the exact same thing. You cannot get more specific than that. There are his measurements including his height, in print from one of his bodybuilding competitions when he was still in his teens that labelled him as 6'1" although I cannot find it at the moment. This was way before his acting career so there would be no reason to lie and is not a measurement fudged for a bodybuilding competition as its irrelevant for the sport so it would be no doubt accurate. On top of this there are countless pictures of him standing beside well known bodybuilders such as Reg Park who was a strong 6'1" at the time and Dave Draper who was 6'. In this picture Arnold is in his 20s and would have reached his peak height. He stands the exact same height as Reg Park so there is no arguing he was not at least 6'1" at his peak height. Most people start shrinking in their 40s and due to the steroid use (which makes your bones weaker and cartilage deteriorate faster), heavy weightlifting and accidents he would no doubt have shrunk from this height maybe more so than the average person but I still doubt he is under the 6' mark. Regardless I truly believe he was on the taller side of 6'1" therefore making it quite reasonable for him to round up a 1/4 of an inch and call himself 6'2".
Alex said on 19/Dec/15
With Peter Kent, his historic stunt double, who is 191-193 cm.
Arnoldi is clearly around 186-187, in many pictures he looks the same height, in some he is shorter and in a few he is clearly shorter...this makes a 5 cm. height difference the most probable scenario.

Click Here
Halb said on 19/Dec/15
A mate of mine met him the other day. He's an entertainer. I asked him his estimation of AhNold's height, he gave 5'10, and he wears big heels.
Harold said on 18/Dec/15
bbob, no, those who claim Arnold wore (and wears) inserts do not claim he also wore fake bare feet. But what is open to speculation is a false comparison. A false comparison is saying we know Joe Weider is five foot ten and Schwarzenegger is clearly a few inches taller, thus he's at least six foot one. The problem here is your basis of truth and accuracy. Joe Weider, a liar in every aspect of his entire life, was never in his lifetime five foot ten. Only in his own mind.
bbob said on 18/Dec/15
There are plenty of pictures online that show Arnold barefoot while standing next to men with well known heights. For example, it is obvious that he is at least two inches taller than a shod Joe
Weider (5'10). There is no doubt that Arnold was at least 6'1 around 1980. Are those that claim Arnold wears inserts to enhance his height going to claim that he wore fake bare feet.
guest said on 17/Dec/15
Click Here The man on the right is Robert Cheeke, who is 182cm/ 6ft.
EJFord said on 16/Dec/15
You have to remember that he was a bodybuilder in the early 80's with a combination of insain weightlifting, steroids and almost fourty years later. Bone and cartilage gets compressed. People do shrink with age
nick said on 14/Dec/15
6'1 peak height midday, 6'1.5 in the morning 6'2.5 in the morning wearing boots. Classic 6'2 claim no big deal but 6'1 legit nonetheless.

Current height is a solid 5'11 midday, with his shoes on standing with great posture, the man can still swipe 6 foot at nearly 70 years of age, awesome.

After a long hard days on his feet, barefoot and with loose posture he can look 5'10
Larry said on 14/Dec/15
He looks under 6ft in that I love Lucy clip, i think that rules out 6ft 1 or 6ft 2
ShortMom said on 13/Dec/15
Yes, our family, who are all big Arnold fans, were a bit surprised when we became aware of his true height. We found out first when visiting the wax museum in Las Vegas where all statues are exact replicas as far as height. Me, my husband (who is 6'7 1/3" tall) and my 17 yr old son (6'5 1/2" and 310lbs) were there when my son was being recruited to play football. We saw the size of Arnold's wax replica, and were shocked. Especially my son, who had watched Conan and all his movies for years...we thought he was a big guy! Next to my guys, he looked like a grammar school kid!'s all relative, I us nearly everyone in Hollywood is short!
Dmeyer said on 13/Dec/15
Marcus great comment I totally agree 6'1,5 bodybuilding day and 80s 6'1 185-186cm 90s 95 6'0,5 in 2000-2008 6ft , 5'11,5-11,75 2009-2015 now 5'11-11,5 ,
Dmeyer said on 13/Dec/15
Hé can look à bit over 5ft 11 , on the other hand when wearing à big cuban like on t5 première hé dosnt look over wath à 6ft men wearing à 1in shoes will look so hé is in that 5'11,25-11,5 zone of course can look 5'10,5-11 with poor posture
Dmeyer said on 12/Dec/15
If you comparé Hollande Obama and Hollande arnie there is à good 4cm
Dmeyer said on 12/Dec/15
Hollande seems to be no more than 169cm near obama and Sarkozy and arnie looks max 11cm in some pics Even less so arnie can look 180cm
dmeyer said on 12/Dec/15
5ft 11.5 and could apear 6ft to people as he oftenly wear a 1.2-1.3in heels plus big hair a friend of mine met him lastweek in paris and told me he was very similar height to mine , and That he was imposing even taugh my friend is 6ft 1-1.5 he said arnie was big
guest said on 12/Dec/15
His son Joseph looks like 6'4"
Alex said on 10/Dec/15
This listing is perfect because young Arnold was clearly tall but not that kind of gigantic height typical for 190 + cm people. 186-188 was his range, a classic 187 that becomes 186 late at night. Today he has clearly lost many centimetres and his a weak 6 footer.
Harold said on 9/Dec/15
Given Sarah Douglas does not claim 5'10" but 5'9", that is really, really bad news for the fanboys of Lederhosen Boy....Turn off your Conan nightlight. Throw out your Twins pajamas. Wave goodbye to your Junior binky and baby bottle. Stash your Terminator Munsters. Put a fork in the brother. He's done. Not a man, but a manlet, all this time...
Dmeyer said on 9/Dec/15
arnold by t2 while wearing normal shoes at the premiere realy looks a lot taller than 5'11-11.5 patrick like near 3in , and patrick claims they are similar
Brad said on 9/Dec/15
I think this listing is spot on. 6'1.5" Peak. 5'11.5" current. All the video, photographic evidence and eyewitness accounts point to this conclusion. Yes, he has lost quite a bit of height. He is still not a small person by any stretch. You can tell that he once stood much taller by his disproportionately long arms, large hands, large frame and shortened torso. Nice work Rob.
Harold said on 9/Dec/15
Well, Marcus, since there is 'too much evidence of him looking tall,' please, submit some shots or direct us to them of him actually standing anywhere near 6.1.25". But I hate to break the news to you, his 'extremely heavy lifting' (he never lifted heavy by powerlifting standards) completely stopped by 1975, when he entered the fantasy land of tinsel town and the category of actor. As to his 'injuries from dong action movies,' what would that be: the diarrhea he suffered from while making Predator? He did none of his own stunts, simply because the picture would be impossible to insure if the actors couldn't continue the shoot. The only problem with your 'extreme weight lifting' theory is it's difficult to come up with one other person who has seemingly dropped so much height before they were sixty-something. The other problem is the Washington post revealed Schwarzenegger's height as five foot ten fifteen years ago. Don't believe the hype.
jasperwazup said on 8/Dec/15
Arnolds' s co-star sarah douglas claims he was virtually the same height as her.she has been measured as a legit 5'10''. This claim comes from the time in the early 80's when they did conan the destroyer. Arnold appears noticeably taller in shots with her and grace jones 5'9''but with a boot of uncertain amount. But in other shots the difference is 2'' while still wearing those boots?
Dmeyer said on 8/Dec/15
can look 6ft wearing 1.7in cowboy boots the guy is 5'11.25-11.5 today he steel clears 5ft 11
Marcus said on 7/Dec/15
Absolutely no doubt in my mind he was once at least 6'1.25" peak (or 186cm) and probably 6'1.5", there's just too much evidence of him looking tall.. However don't forget he was born in 1947, so by Terminator 2 he was already 45 years of age, and his extremely heavy lifting combined with injuries from doing action movies might have resulted in him losing height already at that period. Most pictures I see used to debate whether or not he was 6'1.5" peak are from the 90s, but maybe we should all stop and consider that the 90s were already over his peak! My hypothesis is that he dropped to 6'1" in the 90s, to 6' in the 2000s and is currently hovering above the 5'11" mark. I definitely think it's possible, given his extreme weight lifting.
Harold said on 6/Dec/15
Too bad we don't see footwear in the Jon Pall Sigmarsson and Douglas Edmunds photo. Leiderhosen Boy's affection for cowboy boots ("I never leave home without my high heels") would explain the lack of height disparity. As for the Reagan comparison, it only shows with (once again, no footwear in the photo: how convenient for the Fanboys), Arnie was shorter than the six foot-challenged Reagan. As for Larry and Leiderhosen Boy sightings at the gym, I don't believe anyone on this planet claims as low a low (sorry guys) of five foot eight and even lower for Arnie. Five foot ten, maybe. Six foot two? In his dreams and in his merchandising material. Hollywood sells you the fantasy. That doesn't mean you have to get fleeced.
Cantchooseaname said on 5/Dec/15
How big would you say his head looks, Rob?
Danimal said on 4/Dec/15
Arnold with 6'4" Jon Pall Sigmarsson and 6'3" Douglas Edmunds in 1992: Click Here

If you don't believe that Douglas Edmunds is (or WAS 6'3"), here he was next to 6'4"-6'5" Manfred Hoeberl in the late 90's: Click Here and here he is next to Mikhael Koklyaev 6'4"-6'5" in 2005: Click Here and lastly, a younger Douglas Edmunds in 1983 (2nd from left and clean shaven with a gray t-shirt) standing 2 away from at that time 6'5.5"-6'6" Geoff Capes (the guy in the middle with the black beard): Click Here

So, YES, Arnold was close to 6'2" at his peak. Everyone low-balling his peak height is wrong.
Danimal said on 4/Dec/15
Arnold and Ronald Reagan in the early 80's: Click Here
Larry said on 4/Dec/15
Arnold Schwarzenegger looks to be at least 6 foot or 6' 1". I see him regularly at the gym. Although he doesn't slouch he seems not to stand or walk very straight up and he's usually wearing very flat shoes with no heel .
He's definitely taller than my 5'8" stature And I've stood right next to him . I think people expect him to be a giant! He sometimes looks smaller only because the guys he works out with really are Giants. Ralph Moeller works out with him . Huge guy .
Let's face it . We're all getting older.
Annonymous said on 30/Nov/15
"Slimeball said on 18/Nov/15
""""Nigel said on 17/Nov/15
He doesn't look very tall next to Lucille Ball and Art Carney in "Happy Anniversary and Goodbye", 1974. Check it out on Youtube """""

Doesnt he?
He looks 15 cm taller then 169-170 cm lucile ball and his neck isn´t even straight, morone
Check out 0.32 min Click Here

He looks like a giant "

Looks a genuine 6ft 1 when he stretches at 0.32 mins. Although Lucille isn't exactly with perfect posture at any point during the scene....
Mightyman said on 30/Nov/15
He was only and inch or so shorter than Yaphet Koto in Running Man. He was at least 2-3 inches taller than Lawrence Fishburn in Redheat. So I'd have to say he was clearly 6'1-6'2 in his prime and has definitely shrunk a few inches now..
Lorne??? said on 29/Nov/15
He could still pull off 185cm well into the 90's...
Dmeyer said on 26/Nov/15
nothing under 6'0.75-6'1.25 peak 185-6cm evening height peak now 5'11.25-11.5 181-181.5cm now 10 years back 183cm 15 years back 183.5-184cm
JM said on 25/Nov/15
Sub 6 foot now, but not by a great deal. I've met the man. I'm 5'10 and he was easily taller than me. And his sheer size - his frame, the size of his head and hands etc - rule out the possibility of a short man merely wearing gigantic shoes. I'd say in his younger days he was certainly over the 6 foot mark, and now has fallen beneath it. The heights listed at the top of this page would be pretty much spot on.
Che said on 24/Nov/15
Definitely a weak 6' 2" in his younger days, definitely not that any more. He has had a few knee and back surgeries over the years.
Nigel said on 23/Nov/15
HA, yes, I thought "moron" was a bit harsh. :-) Anyway, in the tv movie with Lucile Ball, Arnold might be slouching a little because he's flexing his pecs and lats a bit, but he doesn't exactly tower over her, and she's wearing very flat heels.
Sebs said on 23/Nov/15
Peak seemed 6 ft about 5'10.5-11 now
Harold said on 21/Nov/15
Now, now, Oh Dear.
Do you see what I mean, Nigel? Once again, words and reason fail the fanboy and he resorts to clenching his tiny fists, stomping his size five feet, and hurling personal invective.
As for you, Oh Dear, I have no doubt whatsoever that a man who has spent his life shaving his legs and underarms and aspiring to grow breasts bigger than his own mother is your role model...
Your set, Sunshine.
And don't cheat on your reps.
Smarty said on 20/Nov/15
I think Arnold was never more than 6' 0.5'' , anything above was probably his spiky hair contribution to height. Now he looks barely if at all 5' 11''
Mike said on 19/Nov/15
Old height: 6'0.5
Today: 5'11

I know it's the angle, but his legs look comically tiny in the pic you've posted.
Oh dear said on 19/Nov/15
... there goes Rabid Harold again. Give it a break, pal, leave the house and get some interests. And don't forget to wipe away the foam from where you've been frothing at the mouth.
Slimeball said on 18/Nov/15
""""Nigel said on 17/Nov/15
He doesn't look very tall next to Lucille Ball and Art Carney in "Happy Anniversary and Goodbye", 1974. Check it out on Youtube """""

Doesnt he?
He looks 15 cm taller then 169-170 cm lucile ball and his neck isn´t even straight, morone
Check out 0.32 min Click Here

He looks like a giant.
Vladimir said on 18/Nov/15
Arnold with Michael Jordan 1996 Click Here
Harold said on 17/Nov/15
Nigel, you don't know what you're up against when it comes to the fanboys. You are, in fact, right, 'he doesn't look very tall next to Lucille Ball and Art Carney.' There's a reason why he doesn't look very tall. Because he was never very tall. That clip from youtube is from the 1970's, so the 'shrinkage' due to age or deadlifts or steroids or cigars (pick one or many, for god's sake!) excuse holds no water. It's obvious to anyone with eyes Leiderhosen Boy was only six foot two in his own mind (peak: six foot one and one-half is a joke as well). It's not called shrinking. It's called lying. He's lucky if he stands five foot ten. Never underestimate cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, lifts, and camera angles. Or, for that matter, using your own family members to vouch for your 'height.' How low can you go? In Arnie's case, about five ten..
Nigel said on 17/Nov/15
He doesn't look very tall next to Lucille Ball and Art Carney in "Happy Anniversary and Goodbye", 1974. Check it out on Youtube
Robert W. Duncan said on 15/Nov/15
He was over 6'5 in the Genisys mugshot

I'm sure he "paid" to have that scene put in
Morningheight 5'11.5 said on 12/Nov/15
This guy is a strange case I think he lost a lot of height during the years like 2 inches or even more
184.3cm (Night) said on 12/Nov/15
He looks a good 6'1 in all of those movies, although his spiky hair can fool you. I've never seen Arnie ever look 6'3, in Last Action Hero he could look about 6'2 next to a big 6'5 guy but he had cowboyboots on.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/15
Probably was clearing 6ft3 in Commando and Terminator w/h those boots
sabot said on 11/Nov/15
"Ryan Fiveten said on 10/Nov/15
He just looks massive in those movies."

He did. But did you check his footwear in aforementioned movies? It was also massive.
Ryan Fiveten said on 10/Nov/15
This is surprising! I always thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was a giant! Like 6'3" at least! My favorite movies of his are The Terminator, Predator, Commando, and pretty much all of his 80s classics. He just looks massive in those movies.
J.Lee said on 10/Nov/15
Rob how did he shrink 2 inches
Editor Rob: stopped visiting

a combination of several decades of intense lifting, his cigar habit (which isn't great for the density of bones or the tissues) and injuries...all these I think knocked his back in.
josey wales said on 10/Nov/15
Rampage i remember he was in them snske skin high heeled boots.. he prolly was around 6' or just over at the time..
nathaniel.t said on 9/Nov/15
i think Arnold is 6 foot 4 because in the terminator genisus he was 6 foot 4 or 5 in the movie.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/15
He could look close to James Cameron at times.
Also, I watched The Last Action Hero and he held his own beside 6ft3 Charles Dance.
Danimal said on 6/Nov/15
Dan said on 28/Oct/15
So he lost 5 cm of height? That's a lot!

He's lost 3". Rob has him 1" too high.
184.3cm (Night) said on 6/Nov/15
Ferrigno was never 6'5 i think most would agree with that. Saying Ralph Moeller never saw 6'6 is a bit more sketchy however. I saw him claim a few years back 197cm Which is only 1cm from 6'6 and he is 59 years old now and was also a bodybuilder. He could have lost a small fraction.
Lorry said on 4/Nov/15
Walked by him and Maria, he's lucky if he's 5'11".
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 1/Nov/15
Alucard said on 17/Oct/15
O'Hearn is not over 6'2, confirmed by people who met him, Ferrigno is there, never been 6'5... Do you know for a fact that Moeller is almost 6'6? He's not, that's Undertaker range, Moeller is shorter than 6'5 max Wladimir Klitschko, try again Doug...


Okay. I agree that Ferrigno has never been 6'5" but no way I'd say Wladimir Klitschko is "6'5 max". The dude is at very minimum the full 6'5". And probably a strong 6'5"-er at that, 196 - 197 cm range.
Dan said on 1/Nov/15
Rob, it's pretty rare for a man to lose 2 inches isn't it? Especially that at 68 years old he's not that old. Is it the heavy lifting that has done that to him? I love going to the gym but I'm really starting to get scared to lose height as I get older. If I avoid squat and deadlift I should be fine?
[Editor Rob: yes, the heavy repetitive lifting has taken it's toll on his body. Plus other factors that might effect bone density such as smoking, boozing.]
Grant said on 30/Oct/15
Just saw your heightnalled video, that was funny! And I thought this guy was 6'3?
[Editor Rob: Arnie sits there on his throne and replays that scene over and over.

It's a rare moment you will see Arnie genuinely listed 6ft 3 peak and 6ft 2.75 current height ;)

if anybody questions his height, he simply shows them the 3 second clip and offers them a cigar and a smile...]
Matt said on 30/Oct/15
Emilia Clarke 1.57 mts and Arnold with Elevator Shoes

Click Here

In present time Arnold has the same stature of Sly

Click Here

Rob you know that Arnold also uses elevator shoes?

[Editor Rob: if he does, I don't personally see any problem...people are free to wear whatever they want, of course internal lifts make it harder for us to guess their heights :)

It would be a helluva lot easier if everybody went about barefooted!

When you think about it, women elevate themselves by about 60-70% greater amounts compared to men on average...]
Dan said on 28/Oct/15
So he lost 5 cm of height? That's a lot!
Grant said on 27/Oct/15
Do people like Arnold and Justin usually intentionally lie due to insecurities? Or are they just delusional and think they're taller than they are.
josey wales said on 22/Oct/15
Alucard... personally i likens arnold to have had the greatest most pleasing bodybuilding physique of all time. His best years no doubt 73&74. He cerainly had the potential to have been even larger than he was did he not feel he reached the perfect balance at the time. Now, he did straight on bicepd poses but would by his own words twist to smallen his waist especially next to oliva. I wouldnt attest arnolds hands n feet to GH but his are par of the course for a six footer with a biggish frame. He cerainly didnt/doesnt have thin wrists or s light frame. Pics i saw of his dad also show a bigger than average guy, although i always thought he takes after his mother.. i think his substance abuse, although unquestionable, is to an extend over exagerated.
Alucard said on 22/Oct/15
Arnold did have a good/great structure for bodybuilding, use your eyes only, just not the absolute best like an Oliva or Dillett... The waist was not the smallest but not very wide either, yes he had droopy shoulders and not the tiniest joints, but wide clavicles, coupled with amazing low lats giving him a phenomenal V taper... The "twisting poses" matter is mostly a myth, plenty of front poses from him where is waist looks just right overall... Massive and elegant, absolutely... Big hands and feets are mostly a result of lots of GH and drugs...
ManKo said on 21/Oct/15
Rob, how tall do you think Christina Schwarzenegger is? (She is Arnold´s daughter)

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: could look near 5ft 10]
josey wales said on 20/Oct/15
Arnold didnt have the greatest structure for bodybuilding nor a "thin" skeleton. He akways mentioned how he had to compensate in certain poses for realitive wide waist and his natural dropped shoulders. He also diesnt have thin wrists. Quite large hands and feet if you care to look. He did respond well to training and had great muscle bellies which is what sets him apart from so many others. On stage he was massive yet somehow elegant. He menrioned visualising hisself like a big cat, by havin a show mans body as opposed to beung muscle bound. He was quite a big feller in his day with
heavy thick muscle. I really, really doubt his muscle
mass was to match for his frame.... a lot of people got some misconceptions regarding his actual size. Even today his got a heavier than normal frame. Nott talkin muscle , just his natural build.
julian said on 20/Oct/15
! really doubt he was taller than 186 cm tops in his prime. I'm a fan since childhood and i've looked at many pictures of him
Alucard said on 19/Oct/15
WAF, in bodybuilding the thinner the skeletal structure is, the better... Small joints, wide shoulders, tight waist/hips, full long muscle bellies, response to drugs and training, genetic traits for bodybuilding, not being strong or built like a brick or a fridge like an NFL player (not that they are always like that)... Arnold had great genes in terms of muscle bellies, structure and response to drugs, not everyone can be like him, or better... He took not just steroids, but boatloads of them of what was available back then, plus cadaver GH and few other things...
WAF said on 17/Oct/15
Based on his height loss and the size of his wrists, *I think* Arnold is a guy that did not have the frame, thickness, skeletal strength, etc. to carry all the muscle mass that he built and to withstand his grueling workout regime. He is not a naturally thick, big guy like an NFL player. With that being said, he is not an average guy either; I'm obviously talking in relative terms. I think he must have had a large proportion of fast-twich muscle fibers to able to build that much muscle mass - lots of guys do steroids and never achieve Arnold's physique.

Being as lean as he was in competition and in general is probably not healthy either.
Alucard said on 17/Oct/15
O'Hearn is not over 6'2, confirmed by people who met him, Ferrigno is there, never been 6'5... Do you know for a fact that Moeller is almost 6'6? He's not, that's Undertaker range, Moeller is shorter than 6'5 max Wladimir Klitschko, try again Doug...
DougQuiadHauser said on 15/Oct/15

Mike O'hearn is 6ft3 and they look the same height. There is another Mike training vid with Ralf moeller (6ft5.5) and there does not look more than a couple of inches between them, indicating a 6ft3 minimum for Mike. Try again.
Davej said on 15/Oct/15
6'0.5 out of bed today.
TruthSeeker said on 14/Oct/15
George St Pierre from the UFC is a legit 5'10" guy and so Arnold must be 5'10" and or 5'11" today tops. It is possible that he was 6'0"-6'1" during the 70s and 80s when he was younger. Guy is 67 so he definitely lost a good 1-2 inches in height due to aging.

Click Here
josey wales said on 14/Oct/15
To rob: respect sir , thankyou.
Alucard said on 13/Oct/15
Claims of over 6' for Arnold are also easily debunked by Ferrigno... Watch a Youtube interview done by 6'2 max bodybuilder Mike O'Hearn with supposedly 6'5 Ferrigno, O'Hearn is taller... Well, what does that make Arnold? Exactly...
dmeyer said on 13/Oct/15
Peak 185-187cm is arguable now 180-182cm is arguable
josey wales said on 11/Oct/15
i will stick to my 6'1"" peak current 5'11" outta bed estimate.
[Editor Rob: harold's comment has been removed, he always tries to walk over the 'metric' line...
Dmeyer said on 10/Oct/15
To me arnie looks a solid 5'11 now when in 0.5in more shoes he can look 6ft and the Guy is near 70 and compressed so defenetly was aleast 3-3.5cm taller smallest peak Will be 6'0.75/185cm
DougQuiadHauser said on 9/Oct/15

That is hilarious, no offence but you are a moron that has it in for Arnold, probably some scrawny bugger that once upon a time tried the gym and failed.
There is not a chance in hell that Arnold was 5ft10 peak, or even 5ft10 at near 70 for that matter.
The way you talk you'd think he wears shoes like RDJ or Vin Diesel.......give it up.
? said on 9/Oct/15
"Not far from half a foot", Harold? As stated above, Arnold in 2013 listed his then height at 6.05. Even if he was now 5'10" as lots of people who've never met him like to insist that he is, that is hardly a discrepancy of 6 inches. People do lose height over the years, and Arnold was not always sub 6 foot, even if he is now.
josey wales said on 6/Oct/15
So that would make robs 5'11.5" estimate pretty near accurate..
Grant said on 5/Oct/15
Did he get another downgrade recently?
[Editor Rob: quite a few months ago he was put on 11.5]
sabot said on 4/Oct/15
"Dmeyer said on 3/Oct/15
Today he is 6'0.5 with a 3cm shoe "

+1. That's probably closer to the truth.
Dmeyer said on 3/Oct/15
Today he is 6'0.5 with a 3cm shoe
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Oct/15
6ft0½ out of bed today isn't impossible.
Dan said on 30/Sep/15
I've seen him in the streets of Zurich in 2013. I am 191 cm and he looked a lot shorter than me. I would say MAX 183 for him.
james said on 27/Sep/15
Yeah I can believe 5'11.5 he has shrunk with his old age .I remember seeing him with 6'1 Pres Obama and Arnie was clearly shorter than the President
HeightMan said on 26/Sep/15
After watching through his movies and looking at many photos I'd say 186 - 187cm in the 80s is entirely realistic. The only movie before Terminator 2 in which he looked shorter was Total Recall, there he appeared oddly proportioned in some scenes.

These day I'd say standing straight he's 182, but through his bad posture he goes down to 179-80.
Nathaniel said on 25/Sep/15
You realize Arnold wears height shoes quite abit not always
186.7cm said on 25/Sep/15
Do you think he's claiming his morning height rob as 6'0.5
[Editor Rob: or a shoe height!]
andre said on 24/Sep/15
arnold is 5ft11 barefoot
stalone is 5ft7.5 barefoot
tom cruise 5ft6.5 barefoot
dmeyer said on 23/Sep/15
Lately arnie seems in that 5'11-11.5 and looks a solid 3in on sly so 5'8.25 is possible it seems like sly in the last 2yrs lost a cm
Harold said on 23/Sep/15
@DQH: "Arnold mostly claimed 6ft1 and rounded it up to 6ft2 for Hollywood like."


Arnold has pushed the six foot two lie for decades.

Let me refresh your memory:

"I'm 6'2". I've heard rumors that I'm really much shorter in real life - like 5'6" or something like that - which is ridiculous. I can assure you this is not the case. People look up to me, and not just because I do a lot of work in the community. I mean, most people really LOOK UP to me."

Perhaps if Kevin Sorbo took drugs to win bathing suit competitions or got paid to pretend to kill people on screen or impregnated his maid and his wife in the same week, keeping the former a secret from his family for ten years, you'd respect him more.
guk said on 23/Sep/15
One thing i notice about arnold is the edge of his shoulders fall very low for his height. People sometimes judge height by this. Stood next to an average 5ft10 man the shoulders would probably be at the same height so some may assume that is his height. But arnolds shoulders habe a very steep angle to the bottom of his long neck and big head, this section takes him up a bit over the shoulder impression to around 5ft11 these days one probably 6ft
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/15
Arnold would edge Dean Cain today whose 5ft11 max. His 6ft2 claim sounds pretty arrogant though "people look up to me"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Sep/15
Arnold would edge Dean Cain today whose 5ft11 max
Robert said on 23/Sep/15
Rob how does he look 182 he looks barely 5'10 sometimes
[Editor Rob: with loose posture he will look 5ft 11 to many people, even 5ft 10.5 to some...but I think he still measures over 5ft 11.]
179 cm said on 22/Sep/15
if you look up Arnold schwarznegger and Gould who I think would've been at his peak 188cm at the time arnold looks shorter except one photo where I'm not sure but arnold is young there and I'm not sure if he was wearing footwear or anything but Gould was. Do you think it's the camera angles favoring Gould
Click Here
Click Here
One where he looks similar in height
Click Here
Second period picture down also looks similar
DougQuiadHauser said on 22/Sep/15

Kevin Sorbo is a bitter idiot. When has Arnold ever claimed to be "6ft3" as Sorbo put it?
Arnold mostly claimed 6ft1 and rounded it up to 6ft2 for Hollywood like most.
Jim Hopper said on 21/Sep/15
As Danny Devito once said. "Soon as you become famous you grow a few inches". Arnie,Sly,Vin Diesel,most of WWE can attest to that quote of truth.
Vladimir said on 21/Sep/15
Most recent picture - Arnold & Sly
Click Here
[Editor Rob: hope sly picked up the falling bill!]
Harold said on 20/Sep/15
High time, I think, to alter the description above from Kevin Sorbo saying, 'with a straight face', Arnie is five eleven or so to Arnold saying, 'with a straight face' that he was ever over six foot in height. Sorbo's height is obvious to all. Arnie's? Uh, no.
Sammy Derrick said on 16/Sep/15
In Terminator:Genisys The mugshot of his character is 6'6!!!!And I was stunned.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/15
Actually in looking at it I think Gould has more than 1.5 on Arnie because he's standing with poor posture, he looks at least 2 inches taller I think if Gould stood his best. If Arnie is in shoes too bad news. He looks nowhere near 6'2" there with Gould.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/15
@Rob, check out 1 hr 35 range here with Elliot Gould Click Here 6'2 Gould looks between and inch and two inches taller. Now is Arnie barefoot and him in shoes though. I tried pausing it as he walks out but can't make it out. I'd guess barefoot likes the others. Which if that's the case 6'1.5 checks out. If not it would point more towards 6'0.5!
Mightyman said on 15/Sep/15
By the way estrogen dominance in men is caused by steroids. It avoidable thou if you use the correct doses and anti estrogen a like arimidex while on the stuff. Hip replacements and height loss are common amongst bodybuilder who use steroids but don't know how to use them correctly and end up with soft bones and bad joints later in life.
Mightyman said on 15/Sep/15
Arnold has visibly lost a lot of height. The fact he had to have a hip replacement proves he's got bone problems. Hip replacements generally only happen when your bones are thinning and get compressed meaning the ball socket joint is no longer round but more egg shaped. He suffers from estrogen dominance a common problem for older men, the hairloss later in life is a clear indicator. It can cause extreme bone loss. He probably didn't realise he had it and continued weight training when he shouldn't have. This would have compressed every weight bearing bone depending on the excercise. Compare his torso nowadays to earlier photos and his spine is really compressed by a lot. It's easy to lose up to 4 inches in height if u lose it in the spine and hips combined. He needs cabergoline to reverse the estrogen dominance and oxandrolone ( Anavar 10mg a day + silica + magnesium + glucosamine chondrotin, u have to take these together for it to work) to quickly harden the bones back up. ( he probably needs to add low dose hgh after stopping 3 months cabergoline ) it's the silica that converts to calcium in the bones. Lights weights speeds up the healing process.As for regaining height he could add another 1.5 - 2 inches by regular use of a inversion table if he's lucky while holding some dumb bells and gentley doing inverted sit ups daily. It will stretch the spine but unlikely to cause his spinal bones to go back to their original shape but he will gain space between the bones increasing height. Imagine playdoe that's been squashed between your finger tips. He was definitely 6 foot if not taller before. Lately he's shrunk rather fast. This is endocrinology 101 guys. Hope Arnold reads it too before he gets even smaller. He's still the man.
Heylo said on 14/Sep/15
Sabot, lol looks like his neck got shorter by several inches!
Jim Hopper said on 12/Sep/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/15
Dean Cain is full of it So you have been in the movie business more and around people who see arnie in real life?? Fanboy
josey wales said on 11/Sep/15
The terminator is 6'5 not arnold who i beleive is a dolid 5'11" today. Bit dilly to let the terminator be "6'5".. i rember stallones judge dredd be listed on the computer as 200cm...
josey wales said on 11/Sep/15
The terminator is 6'5 not arnold who i beleive is a dolid 5'11" today. Bit dilly to let the terminator be "6'5".. i rember stallones judge dredd be listed on the computer as 200cm...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/15
Dean Cain is full of it
Jim Hopper said on 8/Sep/15
Daniel said on 6/Sep/15
Dean Cain (5' 11" 5/6) says Arnold is shorter than him: So true. 6-0" peak height.
wingwalker said on 7/Sep/15
In the new Terminator film there's a shot of him walking next to Jai Courney (listed at 185) on even ground, and Jai seems to have about 2cm advantage over him, but it looks to me like Arnold is wearing lifts as there's something unnatural in the way he moves. Point being, I'd say there's more than 3cm between them.

Also, the police mug shots from the same film have at Jai 6'3'' and Arnold at whooping 6'5'' (actually about an inch lower since camera is located below top of their heads) but that's clearly BS, at least in Arnold's case.
Allie said on 7/Sep/15
Can anyone give me a possible guess on how tall his daughters are? I've seen seen pictures and Depending on the picture, he either is like the exact the same height or an inch taller.
LosGatos said on 7/Sep/15
I'm 5'7" and standing next to him in the gym, he was not much taller than me. He's no where near 5'10". Dude is shrinking fast if he was every 6 foot.
Daniel said on 6/Sep/15
Dean Cain (5' 11" 5/6) says Arnold is shorter than him:

Click Here
189cm (night) said on 6/Sep/15
Rob why do you think he was barely as tall as George bush jnr when he was in politics
[Editor Rob: by the time he was into Politics, he had lost some height.]
Jim Hopper said on 4/Sep/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/15
Pushing 6ft2½(189cm) out of bed in his prime. Oh my............just stop it pls! 6-1" out of bed for a few seconds if hes lucky! 6,0-5" MAX
Fran said on 4/Sep/15
Of course, Rampage. He was taller than Ferrigno. :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Sep/15
Pushing 6ft2½(189cm) out of bed in his prime.
AK said on 29/Aug/15
i think his peak height is between 6 ft 0.5 inc -6 ft 1.25 inc
Now 5 ft 11 inc-5 ft 11.75 inc
Danimal said on 28/Aug/15
Jim Hopper said on 23/Aug/15
6-1" Nielsen???? Are you on acid??? @Danimal??? If she is 6-1 flat in those shoes shes 6-4" shes not. Click Here

TAKE IT EASY!!! She was listed just as often as 6'1" as she was 6'0"!!!
HeightcrazyRed6ft said on 27/Aug/15
Jim Hopper said on 23/Aug/15
6-1" Nielsen???? Are you on acid??? @Danimal??? If she is 6-1 flat in those shoes shes 6-4" shes not. Click Here

Nielsen gave her height as 1,82m on german tv and said Stallone was 1,74-1,75m
sabot said on 26/Aug/15
Arnolds neck/posture back in the day:
Click Here

Click Here

So much for "no height loss".
Dingus said on 26/Aug/15
Peak height: 6'00.00"

Current height: 5'10.75"
Harold said on 25/Aug/15
Let this be a lesson to you, youth of America: when you want to get ahead, lie. Pretend to be something you're not and pass your fiction off as fact. And do it repeatedly and shamelessly. This way leads to the White House. Or at least the Gubernatorial Mansion. Free maid service included.
Harold said on 25/Aug/15
Given most NFL linebackers are six foot three or four (with some exceptions) and given most lineman are six three to six seven (with some exceptions), Arnie doesn't make the team at his actual height. All-steroids, yes. All-pro, no.
Tarinator said on 24/Aug/15
Why does he look more 182 cm than 184 cm?
184.3cm (Night) said on 24/Aug/15

Nielsen was measured at 182cm not 185cm by guiness.
Gianni Dioro said on 23/Aug/15
I saw Arnold speak at our university in the early 1990's when he was George H. W. Bush's Presidential Fitness Chairman. When Arnold came out, we all cheered and shouted, "Arnold, Arnold, Arnold!"
One of the guys next to me said to his friends, "He's small!" He was smaller than I expected too. I had imagined him being 6'3 or 6'4, but he wasn't. He was built more like a linebacker than lineman.

As he gave his speech, I kept wondering how tall he was. So as he was finishing up, I got up and went down to where he would have to pass when he left the stage. That way I could eye him up and make a good estimate of his height. He walked right past me and i looked him in the eye. We were both wearing tennis shoes. I am 5'9". He looked about 1½ to 2 inches taller than me, making him 5'10½ or 5'11". This was around 1991 so he was already that height then. He hasn't shrunk recently if ever at all.
dmeyer said on 23/Aug/15
To me arnie in good posture looks a solid 181cm dinner time considering all the weight lifting and the fact that he is almost 70 , 5cm loss is believeble
Harold said on 23/Aug/15
@ 184,3cm (NIght), yes, as long as Arnie wears his cowboy boots and lifts within those cowboy boots, he's only one inch shorter than his boasted billed height of six foot two, which George Bush Sr. was without cowboy boots and without lifts and without the 'facts' presented by one Vincent Basile, whoever that may be. For all the fanboys juding Arnold's height by photographs, first look at the footwear. For all those judging Arnold's height by the movies, first look at camera angles? Arnold is sub six feet. In the world of Action Heroes, that doesn't make him short. JCVD, Statham, Snipes, Willis, et al are even shorter. But being a giant among midgets doesn't make him a giant.
Jim Hopper said on 23/Aug/15
6-1" Nielsen???? Are you on acid??? @Danimal??? If she is 6-1 flat in those shoes shes 6-4" shes not. Click Here

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