How tall is Brad Pitt ?

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Brad Pitt height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Thirteen, Troy and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. Granted he can look 182cm, but then he has impeccable posture and at times, most recently in the last few years, he also appears to wear impeccably sized footwear that give him a little boost over fellow actors. Even Clooney was wise to his footwear: (from USAToday) "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating". In slippers with Damon, Clooney in socks and here
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lelman says on 19/Sep/14
@Jay 184cm Dermot could have been wearing lifts at that event, you don't know. You can't take a single event as evidence because all it takes is one person wearing lifts to completely skew the perspective. In general Pitt looks on par with 6ft + guys, even with lifts thats gonna be hard to do for a man under 5ft 11. I'd buy slightly under 5ft 11 for him, at the very least.
Jay 184cm says on 18/Sep/14
I don't get how people can claim Pitt is 5'11 or 6'0 after Dural's pictures a little lower down. He looks the exact same height as 5'9" Dermot Mulroney in the 90's, Norton towers over Mulroney and Bowie, and then in the 00's Pitt is suddenly the same height as Norton or even slightly taller?! Seriously, work it out - he's found a whole 3 whole inches from somewhere...
Blink says on 18/Sep/14
I saw an interview with her on Jonathan Ross and he said something like "not a lot of people have to bend down to give me a kiss, how tall are you without the heel?" and claudia said 181 and then added 5'11
lelman says on 18/Sep/14
Click Here

From left to right (these are their listed heights)
David Ayer - 6ft 2.5in
Logan Lerman - 5ft 9in
Brad Pitt - 5ft 11in
John Berthnal - 5ft 11in

Right off the bat it is obvious that Logan is not 5ft 9, look at his shoes and compare him to Berthnal - looks more like a 5ft 7 guy. Berthnal and Ayer look to be dropping a bit of height, Pitt is standing straight. He looks about 6ft 1in here to me, max, if all the other heights are to be believed.

How much height do you think his boots are giving him? More than 2 inches? I don't think it would be possible for him to look this tall if he was under 5ft 10.
Tim says on 17/Sep/14
@ snatch, he is at least 2 inches taller than you, calm down.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
snatch i agree i can't see him over 177cm
Fred says on 17/Sep/14
snatch says on 16/Sep/14 claudia was 1 inch shorter then him when she was basically barefoot
while he was in heeled shoes

Snatch, how do you know how tall Claudia Schiffer is? I´m from Berlin and I saw her two times in real - she's about 1.82 cm - and not 1.80 cm as so many Click Here say!

I´m sorry, but I see Pitt more at 5 foot 11 or 6 ft.
snatch says on 16/Sep/14
if he's not 5 11 then for sure he's not 5 foot 10

claudia was 1 inch shorter then him when she was basically barefoot
while he was in heeled shoes

5 foot 9 and half max
he hits 5 foot 10 in the morning
and shrinks down

its obvious who ever says he's 5 foot 10 clearly has
a low IQ
Tim says on 14/Sep/14
@ Jed, I think they are very close, difference can be like 1 cm
Jed says on 13/Sep/14
If he is 5'10 then Fassbender is under 5'10, which he isn't. He's 5'11 flat.
pauly e says on 12/Sep/14
I'm starting to think that even if we had a picture of Pitt standing in front of a height chart scraping 5'10 barefoot, we would have someone on here arguing about the camera angle or whatever and trying to still back up him being 5'11, which he clearly is not...
Dural says on 12/Sep/14
It doesn't work that way Vegas. Pitt is closer to the camera in the original photo anyway and has footwear advantage. Norton is clearly taller, there's no doubt about it.
Vegas says on 12/Sep/14
here is that high camera angle shot of pitt and norton modified so they are both equidistant from the camera Click Here
jamie179cm says on 12/Sep/14
Heylo i guess your right everyone has different body structure but sometimes you can tell by body frame how tall someone is
Jay says on 12/Sep/14
Hmm, there seems a bit of an angle, yeah. I would give Pitt maybe 1 inch over Bowie but no more. So we're saying Pitt is just about 5'10" based on that. I would say no taller.
c says on 12/Sep/14
Durals picks are solid evidence of Pitt standing 5'10 flat
Heylo says on 11/Sep/14
Jay, you are fooled by the angle. Please think some before making a comment like that.

1. He is standing a bit behind Bowie and Brad still appear almost 1 inch taller.

2. Bowie (great musician btw!) likes to wear high heeled shoes.

Both Brad & Bowie have height increasing shoes on and still Brad who is behind Bowie looks about 1 inch taller. Conclusion: On that night if they were standing right next to each other Brad would have looked 1.5 inch taller than Bowie. Both barefoot & Brad would have been 2cm taller. (My last sentence is just a theory! )
snatch says on 11/Sep/14
dural there was this older photo of pitt and dermot

it was in black and white pitt was like 1 inch taller then him
now if you see photos with him and dermot pitt is like 2 to 3 inches

the photo that you posted with him and ptit

you can clearly see dermot has longer legs then
pitts legs look really short in comparison with dermot
in the latest photos you posted
Heylo says on 11/Sep/14
jamie, body structure & **** doesn't mean anything because everyone doesn't have the same proportions.

Based on more photos from the 90s (which obviously seems to be a better source than looking photos from the 00s) i think he is 177cm. 176.5 isn't impossible but 177-178 is my bet still.
Jay says on 11/Sep/14
Wow, that looks pretty categorical there! Pitt looks the exact same height as 5'9" Bowie whereas Norton towers over Bowie at a clear 6'0", and then suddenly Pitt is equal or taller than Norton?!
He's obviously making up 3 inches in extras.
jamie179cm says on 11/Sep/14
snatch i agree i always thought he had a body structure of 5ft9 guy because im 5ft10.5 im pretty sure i have a bigger body structure than pitt does
Dural says on 11/Sep/14
Here's Pitt with 5'9" listed David Bowie

Click Here
Click Here

David Bowie with Edward Norton and Dermot Mulroney (Norton is closer to the camera). Remember Bowie and Mulroney look the same height.

Click Here

Pitt with Dermot Mulroney in the 90s, about the same height.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pitt with Dermot Mulroney in the 2000s. Either Pitt is standing on something, or he must be in huge lifts in the third pic.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pitt with Edward Norton. The second pic is from the same event as the third pic with Mulroney in the 2000.

Click Here
Click Here
snatch says on 11/Sep/14
brains on

there was a picture that is not on the web anymore but i clearly remember
pitt being the same height or a inch taller than dormant murloney they were
just about the same height pitt just had a inch on him

fast forward 10 years now in pictures if you see him with dormant he is like
3 inches taller

i no its due to lifts but he's always packing like this

so let me do the math people on here say dormant is short in person
like he is 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 9 max

in old pictures pictures pitt was barely 1 inch taller then him
now in newer photos he's about 2.5 to 3 inches taller

5 foot 10 is not tall and even if he was 5 foot 10 he would still be
at the very average
i still say he has never been a full bloated 178 cm flat
if you have people here saying he's definitely not 5 11

then i am one of those people who say he's definitely 5 foot 10

for the love of fame he wore lifts in a pringles commercial while
the other actors were in sandals

brain use your brain he's in the 5 foot 9 range

looks can be deceiving you might think one of your friends what a
6 footer but then come of find out that they were only 5 foot 10 and half

pitt never looked like my friend who's 5 foot 10
im 5 foot 8 and he looks likes he has the same
bone structure as me maybe he has a inch or 1 inch and half on me
Common Sense!!! says on 10/Sep/14
Established fact 1. Brad Pitt wears decent lifts more often than not and is never seen in barefoot.

Established fact 2. Brad Pitt is listed as BAREFOOT 5'11.

Taking these two simple truths into account - in his boots & lifts Pitt would be standing at a regular 6'1 - 6'2, but he never looks that tall!

He clearly isn't 5'11. A strong 5'9.5 would mean that in his boots & lifts he would be hitting a regular 5'11 - 6'0 - WHICH HE DOES.

Logical conclusion, Brad Pitt is a strong 5'9.5.

Listing 5'11 for him barefoot makes a mockery of this entire site.
Dmeyer says on 10/Sep/14
Can look taller than 5'11.5 leo near berthal and hill
pauly e says on 10/Sep/14
Tim says on 9/Sep/14
Can see him in 5-10 to 5-11 range, not shorter and not taller... And I really doubt that he is in 5-9 range.
178-180 for Brad

I agree, and will take it one step further and say 178.5 - 179.5. i don't think he is 180. i know we are splitting hairs here, but that's what this site is all about...
Brains on says on 9/Sep/14
Snatch you gotta believe me, Pitt is surely taller than 5'10".
I am that height and I know that I don't look
Brains on says on 9/Sep/14
Snatch you gotta believe me, Pitt is surely taller than 5'10".
I am that height and I know that I don't look
Tim says on 9/Sep/14
Can see him in 5-10 to 5-11 range, not shorter and not taller... And I really doubt that he is in 5-9 range.
178-180 for Brad
Dog says on 8/Sep/14
Looks 5' 11" most of the time. But can certainly look taller at times.
snatch says on 7/Sep/14
im 5 foot 8 I'm not saying pitt is the same height as me

but he isn't that much taller by any means

in my opinion he is 1.5 inches taller then me at most

i know to many people who are 5 foot 10 who all have
bigger body structures and limbs then he does

he is 176.5cm max 177 in the morning
Clay says on 6/Sep/14
Solid 5'10 barefoot evening and 6'0'' if he wants to bust out some lifts for a carpet. This 5'8-5'9 stuff is wacky. Well, 5'9 isn't really wacky but it's not real either.
Dmeyer says on 5/Sep/14
I agree up tu 0.5in round up is ok no more thaugh
RobV says on 4/Sep/14
@ Heylo That is absolutely my perception. Most people are fairly hopeless at gauging the height of others, even in fact when someone is stood in front of them. Which is why it is so pointless when people say "Can I claim, 6' if I am 5'11.5"?" Just *#&$* do it, man, and stop agonising. Go ahead and even claim 6'1" and you will probably get away with it. Just do it all with confidence.
Heylo says on 3/Sep/14
I don't find the source but one swedish blogger wrote that she saw Brad Pitt back in 2009 in New York, he had a full beard and looked shorter than "she had expected".

She never said how tall she thought he was or so so my contribution might be useless but i think most girls expect movie stars to be like at least 6ft and he may not have been 6ft in shoes then?

But then we have interviewers that have said that Brad seemed "taller than they expected" at over 6ft. The problem is that people are in general very bad at estimating heights.

Michael Jackson (175-177cm)was according to an reporter "a giant" in height so we might not believe anyone who says they met a celebrity.
snatch says on 3/Sep/14
Emmanuelle says on 2/Sep/14
@Snatch, Claudia is 6'0".

no emmanuelle she is 6 foot 1 bro

lol that was the most uncalled for opinion i have ever heard

how is she 6 feet when her site has her at 5 11
while i have seen other sites where they say she
added a extra inch and is really 5 foot 10

ur telling a pretty girl like claudia at 5 foot 10 would not
be a good model? or agency would have ignored
her because she's 5 foot 10? thats tall for a women

she was pregnant in that picture and was kind of hunching

he's short get over it he has to wear bigger shoes than her
to appear her height

without his shoes she would have been taller ( which debunks the 5 11 claims)
PS he looks miserable in that photo with a women in ballerina shoes his height
while he's wearing lord knows what

smoking gun

she even has a bigger body frame then him

so anyone who says pitt his 180 cm in the morning is
clearly looking at the wrong photo
njp says on 3/Sep/14
I literally ran into him in Covent Garden in London, as in walked into him and his friend and inadvertently shoulder barged him. I apologized and noted at the time that he was the same height as me and I remember saying to my-then girlfriend that you'd think he'd be taller. He wore casual trainers and I was wearing vans slipons. I'm 178cm in the evening and this was mid morning.
Brad says on 3/Sep/14
He can really stuff those dress boots with everything including a TV.
Emmanuelle says on 2/Sep/14
@Snatch, Claudia is 6'0".
pauly e says on 2/Sep/14
Claudia Shiffer is 5'11 I think, so she's 5'11.25 in those shoes. Pitt looks about the same in his shoes. If he is not packing, than he might scrape 5'10, if he is packing then he is under. no way he is a full 5'11.....and he is standing straigher in that picture than she is!
truth178cm says on 2/Sep/14
@mightyheight roflmao
Dural says on 2/Sep/14
I said Pitt looks like someone who's 5'11" barefoot when he wears shoes with lifts, which means 6' in shoes. 1.5in insoles and he's almost 6' in shoes.

Why does it even matter what DiCaprio is listed at? Rob's opinion isn't necessarily the truth. Jonah can look 5 inches shorter than DiCaprio as well, just like Pitt can look only 4 inches taller. DiCaprio is 5'10.5" if you ask me, but unlike Pitt doesn't wear lifts.

Click Here
Click Here
Parker says on 1/Sep/14
Always looks 5 inches taller than Jonah Hill when they are both standing straight. @Dural, Jonah Hill is not in his bare feet. You do the math.
Click Here

Only looks 4 inches shorter than De-Caprio though. What's De-Caprio listed at?
Click Here

5'9 for Pitt? Tosh.
jamie179cm says on 1/Sep/14
ok guys 5ft10 is possible for pitt i slowly doubting his 175cm i think now hes more like 177cm or 178cm
mightyheighty says on 1/Sep/14
Take almost all celebrities/so called celebrities and take two inches off their height and that is their true barefoot height. I'm 6'1 (a fraction under) but my celeb height would be 6'3 and if I stood next to brad pitt people on here would compare our heights BUT it would not be accurate... UNDERSTAND?

I have stood right next to sting and bryan adams(nice guy) and both where much shorter than stated on this site.

I not obsessed with celebheights I just can't stand narcissistic hollywood liars... 5'9 pitt who LOOKS 5'11 big difference.

These women know what's up. Click Here
Dural says on 1/Sep/14
Why 3 inches inside his sneakers, when he only looks 5'11" with Jonah? The photo is tiltet in Pitts favor btw..

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pitt looks like someone who's 5'11" barefoot with lifts, sometimes close to 6' which is easily possible depending on the shoes he wears at 5'9.5".
Even Sly can look 6' with lifts.

With Bernthal for example Pitt looks more like 5'11". The position of his knees should tell you he's in lifts.

Click Here
jamie179cm says on 1/Sep/14
Heylo what about hidden insole? and could he be 182cm max in lifts?
Parker says on 1/Sep/14
@Dural. Pitt 5 inches taller than 5'6 Jonah Hill
Click Here

Presume you think he has 3 inches inside his low cut sneakers.? As I say, each to their own.
Heylo says on 1/Sep/14
Dural, what is your problem? He isn't only 5'11 in lifts, he is 6ft. Therefor he is 5'10, he would look like an idiot being 5'9 reaching 6ft in superlifts.
snatch says on 1/Sep/14
he was claudia shifters height with shoes on
while she was in ballerina shoes which don't even give 1 cm

clauda is 5 foot 10 to 5 foot 11 her model height

he is wearing heeled shoes (maybe wearing lifts or not) but
he was her height with shoes
without shoes he's shorter then her

^ please someone debunk this i bet some one is going to come
and say (the angles are not right) ( or blah blah blah)

but this picture is one of the smoking guns that he's right in the 5 foot 9 range

type in brad pitt claudia schiffer she was pregnant to so it might
have made her loose a cm
Dural says on 31/Aug/14
That's just stupid Parker, there's a difference between wearing high heels or lifts inside your shoes. You can get 3-4 inches taller with less ridiculous looking shoes than Downey's.

Downey doesn't hide his height insecurity, he even admits wearing lifts. Pitt would never admit wearing lifts. He doesn't look 6' with Bernthal btw., more like the same height which is most likely 5'10.5-5'11". An 176cm tall man (which I believe he is) can easily get to 179-180cm with lifts.
Dmeyer says on 31/Aug/14
Pitt is at worst 179.5cm at low at night and likely. 180cm
jamie179cm says on 31/Aug/14
this is how i see it gwyneth 173cm brad 175cm or 177cm
Chris says on 30/Aug/14
To me his 5ft 9 tall because he lost 3 inches when he cheated on Jennifer aniston but angelina jolie is so hot he gets another 1 inch from me so we cool now
Dan says on 30/Aug/14
Guys, in the fury photo call brad is wearing guidi leather boots that only give about 1" or less. Do you think he has 2" or 3" lifts inside those boots? That's impossible.
Parker says on 30/Aug/14
Dural says on 30/Aug/14
It not that difficult for someone 5'9" or 5'10" to look 5'11" or even 6' with lifts and posture.

I doubt these will give you 3 inches
Click Here

If you think Pitt is getting 3 inches from his footwear in that pic, there's nothing else I can say.
jamie179cm says on 30/Aug/14
Giulio thanks for telling me but still not sure how do that i have to how learn how to that
jamie179cm says on 30/Aug/14
heylo i heard that in the avengers that downey jr is taller than in Gwyneth in his lifts i think downey jr could be 5ft6 barefoot so i think 5ft8 is possible for Gwyneth and i think 5ft8 woman can appear tall aswell imo the picture with brad and gwyneth barefoot they are about same height when brad tilts his head but if he stands up i think he would be a inche taller or maybe a inche and a half so i think 5ft9 or 5ft9.5 is most likely brad height just my opinion though
Dural says on 30/Aug/14
Bernthal looks 5'11" max with Rob and Pitt wears lifts even on the beach, what makes you think he doesn't wear lifts at a photo session for a $80.000.000 movie? It not that difficult for someone 5'9" or 5'10" to look 5'11" or even 6' with lifts and posture.
Heylo says on 30/Aug/14
The photos that Parker are linking are just two of hundred photos of him being taller than 5'10-5'11 guys. I wouldn't be surprised if Pitt actually was close to 179cm.
Parker says on 30/Aug/14
Picture with 5'11 listed Jon Bernthal (pictured with Rob)
Click Here

Hopefully should put to bed the ludicrous 5'9 estimates for Pitt.
Parker says on 30/Aug/14
Contrary to ed's comment, I think Schiffer in this pic is standing tall, which puts Pitt at 6 foot in his footwear.
Click Here

5'10.5-5'11. Rob will never change it for at least 20 years.
Dan says on 29/Aug/14
Snatch lol how do you know he was wearing lifts in the Pringles commercial? Did you look inside his shoes? I know you'd probably like it if pitt were closer to your 5-8 height, but trust me, he's not. The guy is clearly and easily a 5-10 guy. .5" or .25" shorter then 5-10, I don't know. But he is taller then 5-8 and taller then 5-9. He has even proportions meaning he doesn't have long limbs like Dicaprio. His proportions are that of a 5-10 guy or maybe a tiny bit smaller. But trust me young man, pitt easily hits 6-0 when in boots and a short guy would never be able to do that. I think the most Pitt lifts is 2" or 2.5" max.
Normal Norman says on 29/Aug/14
More 5' 10.5" I think. Can look a lot taller at times, with decent shoes and military posture though.
The Exorcist says on 29/Aug/14
@truth: I agree.

Brad Pitt: 5'10.5"
George Clooney: 5'10"
Matt Damon: 5'9.5"
snatch says on 28/Aug/14
the pringles commercial says it all

that was about 25 years ago or more and he was in lifts

WOW 25 or more years in lifts thats older then me
cole says on 28/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: Why no picture at the top for Brad? :O
Heylo says on 28/Aug/14
jamieorr4, i have seen those photos with Gwyneth and in my opinions he looks about close to 5'10 considering that he tilts his head down which makes him look shorter(he has a quite long neck too). But yes, 177cm could be possible. Not shorter than that though. This is based on that Gwyneth is 5'9, if she isn't. Then Brad could absolutely be 5'9 but there is no real proof of Gwyneth being 5'8 either.
ed says on 28/Aug/14
Rob, have you seen these pictures of brad pitt with claudia schiffer and her husband.

claudia schiffer whom you listed as 5'11.
She's not standing straight in the photos.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

do you think its possible pitt is in the 178-179 range without his footware??
Giulio says on 28/Aug/14
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
Heylo the best proof i can give you is the picture were brad and gwyneth are in barefeet there is no way pitt is more than a inche taller than gwyneth and gwyneth might not be a legit 5ft9 woman she could be 5ft8 so to me 5ft9 for pitt is very possible and to me this proofs that he can't be over 178cm i would put the picture here if i know how

use tinyurl to make a new small link and than copy the new link in your comment, i m pretty sure he was leaning and was still taller
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
Heylo the best proof i can give you is the picture were brad and gwyneth are in barefeet there is no way pitt is more than a inche taller than gwyneth and gwyneth might not be a legit 5ft9 woman she could be 5ft8 so to me 5ft9 for pitt is very possible and to me this proofs that he can't be over 178cm i would put the picture here if i know how
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
Heylo Jude Law i think he is 5ft9 and in lifts he can be 5ft11 or 6ft one of the reason why 5ft9 for pitt is possible im pretty sure a 5ft9 guy can get to 6ft in lifts
truth says on 28/Aug/14
Brad Pitt 5ft10.25-5ft10.5
George Clooney 5ft9.75-5ft10
Matt Damon 5ft9.5-5ft9.75

all afternoon height ranges of course.
snatch says on 27/Aug/14
so you guys are saying he is 5 foot 10. 25

if he was that height barefoot all day and night he could have
easily claimed 6 foot

i think he's that tall in shoes lol

i really think he hits 5 foot 10 and something in shoes and close
to 5 11

i don't think he hits a full 5 f11 in shoes i just don't see it

in the pringles commercial he looked 5 foot 10 5 foot 11 in lifts

someone please please evaluate or make the best educated guess on how
tall he looked in that pringles commercial pause around 5 or 6 seconds

and make you best educated guess

im guessing hes 5 11.25 with those lifts on

he is not 6 feet with those shoes on maybe .75 off 6 feet
to a whole inch

just watch below
Dan says on 27/Aug/14
Snatch, just because the shoes have 2" and you add 1" doesn't actually give you 3" in total. Ask rob and others on here. It's weird but it only gives you a fraction of what you add
snatch says on 26/Aug/14
laughing at me for saying my jordans give 2 inches?

im 5 foot 8 barefoot when i wear my jordans
im 5 foot 10

i measured it a hundred times it clearly gives 2 inches
or really really close to that

if i wear 1 inch lifts with those shoes i will be 5 foot 11

i will measure it again but the shoes don't look like they give
that much in height but they do
Heylo says on 26/Aug/14
Okay so why didn't he add more to his height that he did in his claim? Brad Pitt was (according to himself) very uncomfortable when he first started out with movies and he didn't know much about the industry, he just loved movies, that's all he knew. He claimed 5'11 BEFORE he was an A-list. He obviously added 0.75-1 inch to his height, maybe even less, he was maybe just rounding up like most people do.

Do you guys really think he would claim 5'11 today? I have seen in interviews after that in the information box at the right that he is 6ft. He obviously got the tip when he became big in Hollywood that he must add 2 inches to his height. If someone asked him today on a show or big interview of some kind, he would claim 6ft, that's for sure.

That's my theory that i think is way more logical than your claims on him being 5'9 without proper evidence.
Heylo says on 26/Aug/14
Snatch, i don't agree with you. Of course you can be seen as short at 5'10, you can be seen as short as 6ft too, all depends on what people you hang around with but we talk IN GENERAL in a specific country. 5'10 isn't considered short anywhere really besides in some countries in Scandinavia and Holland, even in those countries 5'10 is an okay looking height.

I know, i live in Sweden where the average height is between 5'11 & 6ft and i am as 5'10 not even considered short. It's on the PAPER though that 5'10 could be seen as short here in Sweden but people would never guess my height at 5'10 because people can't estimate heights for ****, they always overestimate.

Brad have a good height at 5'10, but in Hollywood where it's superficial as hell it is an advantage to be over 2 inches from Average height and he's obviously not. When i was in New York man, i was often even feeling tall at supermarkets, i never feel tall in Sweden.

You should know that a height on paper isn't the same as in reality, most people lie about their heights, add one or two inches. Brad is at his smallest 177 but even that height is debatable, i think it's more logical that he is about 178.5 or something but that's my thought about it and i could be wrong because people tend to look taller than they are. But if people really are gonna put Brad at 5'9, we can downgrade every celebrity with two inches so it makes more sense.

You guys saying he is 176 or a full 5'9 when he is clearly at least one inch taller than Statham, Stallone & Wesley Snipes.
184.9 on a bad day says on 26/Aug/14
The picture on description with Matt and Clooney shows 5 ft 9 is impossible for Brad. 5ft10.5 minimum.
nah says on 26/Aug/14
lmao@ the guy who said that jordan's add 2 inches xD
jamieorr4 says on 26/Aug/14
blink how ridiculous 5ft9 the guy wears lifts and celebrity lie about their heights
MarcusTheSwede says on 26/Aug/14
snatch: Agree. He wears lifts huge lifts and always has. When he was together with Gwyneth Paltrow..that showed clearly as day.
Brad Pitt is not taller then 176 at best without his shoes AND Lifts. And thats generous in mind the soles here wears are atleast 4-5cm high.
snatch says on 25/Aug/14
the funny thing is he has been in lifts for like 25 years

in the pringles commercial he is wearing the same exact shoes
that he was wearing in the movie across the tracks

also in the pringles commercial the other 2 actors were
barefoot while pitt was in lifts

you can look for ur self on youtube the other actors
for that commercial were barefoot while pitt was
wearing lifts

you can tell by looking at his feet in that commercial that he was packing
atleast 1.5 lifts with a 1 inch heel

same shoes he wore for across the tracks and he was only 1 inch taller
than Rick S while rick was in normal 1 inch shoes

its all there you guys

^ pause at 5 or 6 seconds look at his feet position look at his socks
trying to hide his ancles look how unnatural his knees look
and notice how he is the only one wearing shoes
Dan says on 25/Aug/14
This argument is hopeless. The guy can easily hit 6-0 when in boots without looking freaky but you guys claim he's only 5-9. And who said that they go from 5-8 to 5-10 in Jordan's, check yourself. That's very difficult to add a full 2" in height with sneakers on. I mean a full 2" that makes a 5-8 guy look 100% 5-10 without looking weird that's very unlikely. So what if pitt doesn't have long proportions. Some people with model type bodies have even proportions. They hit 5-10 or 5-11 without having long limbs. And you guys asking why he would only claim 5-11?? Maybe he didn't want to lie a lot. Maybe he wanted to lie a little. Maybe he couldn't live with himself if he added two inches. Regardless. Someone 5-9.5 or 5-9.75 flat barefoot isn't really short and has no need to lie about being two inches taller
blink says on 25/Aug/14
People here saying brad is 5'9 is just ridiculous in my opinion. 5'10 is the lowest I'd go for him, still think he's a solid 5'11
jamieorr4 says on 25/Aug/14
heylo well for 1 if he was 5ft10 why just claim 5ft11 why not more? 2 his body frame doesn't really look like a 5ft10 guys body imo as im 179cm myself 3 he wears lifts 4 why wear lifts if your 5ft10 its a average height? 5 he didn't look much than Gwyneth in barefeet picture i think he is between 175cm 177cm
jamieorr4 says on 25/Aug/14
i agree with snatch a other reason i believe pitt is 5ft9 is because if he was a legit 5ft11 guy i think he would claim 6ft1 and if he was 5ft10 he would claim 6ft and i think a 5ft9 guy would claim 5ft11 but still i think he pitt could be 177cm
pauly e says on 25/Aug/14
there was a picture someone posted here years ago of Pitt wrestling in training for fight club and it really looked like he was packing lifts while wrestling. i've tried digging it up with no such luck....
snatch says on 25/Aug/14
how is he way taller then 5 foot 8 when people here are
debating if he's even 5 foot 10

not much of a difference really
5 foot 8 comes off as kind of short
while 5 foot 10 is barely over average

his mom is really short
and his dad is not a 6 footer his dad is short to

and he is short even if he was 5 foot 10
to some people 5 foot 10 is short

if he's not 180 cm in the morning then i really doubt
hes 178 in the morning

i think he's 177 in the morning and slips down to 176.5 at night

im 174 or more in the morning and slip down to 173 at night

i would be really surprised if he was a full 6 cm taller then me

his leg proportions look almost the exact same as mine
and his torso look about the same exact as mine

i can't see him 180 cm in the morning sorry

more like 177 cm in the morning

the only thing i know is he is taller then me
but by 1.5 inch most i doubt he is 2 inches taller then me

a full 2 inches at that
Will says on 24/Aug/14
I am pretty sure that Pitt is 5'10". He is never seen short nor called average height at all. Though some folks posting out here claim he is 5'9".
Heylo says on 24/Aug/14
Dan, i had those type of shoes this summer and i thought about this too. You could have almost an 1 inch lift in there but more won't work. Brad is a typical 5'10 guy. Look at Justin Theroux, there you have a legit 5'9 guy.
Heylo says on 24/Aug/14
I don't get why it's so hard to understand. People here have made it clear many times. He is getting 4-5cm taller with shoes + small lifts inside. He is looking 182-183cm with boots and lifts. He is about 5'10 (we can never know exactly how tall he is but around 5'10 is very very logical).

It's absurd how people can think he is 5'9 or even close to 5'8.
snatch says on 24/Aug/14
i dont get how he is way taller than 5 f8 when people
here are arguing over if he is even 5 f10 ?
hes 5 11 in shoes so he had to be in the 5 f9 range

my guess a strong 5 f9.75 which is a very possible
heghit for him

im 5f8 when i wear my jordans im 5f10 i measured it
a 100 times my jordan dont look like they give
2 inches in height but it does
so saying pitts shoes are barly 2 inch heels
is skeptical when normal jordans give 2 inches but
only look like thet give 1 in
shell says on 23/Aug/14
proof that brad pitt wears huge lifts. I saw a you tube video called brad pitt hilarious moments. About 3/4 of the way through it, he is being interviewed by jonah hill and he had his legs crossed and he keeps flexing his foot up and down. It looks really freaky as if his leg is broken because his ankle is so much higher up than it should be in normal shoes. Check it out , I dare anyone to say that he isn't wearing mega lifts inside massive shoes.
Dan says on 23/Aug/14
oceans 12 cannes. I stood right next cheadle as an extra on set of house of lies. I'm telling you he is no shorter then 5-7.5 to 5-8 in dress shoes. Maybe 5-8.5 in the shoes. I was about 1" taller then him in my dress shoes.
Dan says on 23/Aug/14
Click Here Look at the shoes he's wearing here. They are called Merrell spirit moc. They give no more then an 1.25" lift with the soles. I've owned them and you can't fit anything inside bigger then 1" because the shoes will slip off. Pitt has small feet so I think he can always fit a bit bigger lifts inside his boots because of that.
Dan says on 23/Aug/14
Snatch. Pitt has never worn a boot with two inch heels. Maybe these and I believe these to be a custom pair he had made just raise his height
Click Here Those are the biggest boots he's ever worn and he's had those since 2001 and even wore them in killing them softly. And as far has him wearing 2" heels with " who knows how big " lifts inside, that's absurd. The guy has never looked like he's walking on stilts like Downey jr. Only in films has he ever gone has far as increasing his height by 3". He is way taller then 5-8.
shell says on 23/Aug/14
Everyone has to stop using pictures of celebrities wearing shoes to determine height. Many of them wear creative footwear, especially brad pitt. Someone mentioned he looked tall in Meet Joe Black but if you wach the movie you can clearly see his huge lifts in the pool scene with claire forlani. When he bend over to touch the water you can see the lift and see that his ankle bends at an awkward angle and his ankle is way to high. There is a reason that there are no barefoot pictures of brad pitt except the one of him and paltrow, because he is desperate to pretend he is taller than he is. He even wears boots on the beach, I would love for someone to get a picture of him in flip flops or barefoot.
snatch says on 22/Aug/14
same height as casper van dien

and in fight club those boots could have fit an easy 1.5 lifts with
at least a 2 inch heel

so all together in fight club he was standing on 3.5 inches (lifts and heel included)

the picture with eric bana and orlando he is wearing massive lifts
look how long his legs look just out of proportion

same height as casper van diem and norman reedus
not tall but not short
taller then 5 foot 8 though but not by a whole lot
184.9 on a bad day says on 22/Aug/14
come on people, he look 6 foot in boots with Edward Norton. He has to be atleast 179.
snatch says on 21/Aug/14
I'm going with the fact that he did not claim 6 foot and claimed 5 11
why 5 11? if he was 5 foot 10 Pitt would have been known as a 6 footer

my honest opinion not to downgrade the man but he is 177 in the morning
and shrinks down to 176.5 at night

he is still 3 cms taller then me which is why he can pull off 5 11

cmon hes at least 3.5 cm off 180 at least anyone who says he's a strong 178 or even 179
is not looking at the same person

ok let me put it like this 1.5 heel with 1 inch lifts is 6. 35 cm now plus that by 176.5
183 cms and thats being generous because he sometimes wears 2 inch heels with
who knows how big of lifts

i think he hits 177 cm in the morning and shrinks down to 176.5

he is still 3.5cm taller then me which is why he doesn't come off as short
like tom cruise

I've seen the photos of his legs his ankle to calve ratio is the same
exact as mine and from his knees to his hips looks a little just a little
long than mine

but his torso is normal not long not short and he has a long neck
which takes a lot of height when standing next to taller people
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
tk imo that barefoot picture with Gwyneth Paltrow prove that hes no taller than 178cm but that depends on if Gwyneth Paltrow is a legit 5ft9 i think she could be 5ft8 i think pitt is probably 177cm like i said lots of times before im a legit 179cm i don't really see brad being the same height as me
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
tk imo that barefoot picture with Gwyneth Paltrow prove that hes no taller than 178cm but that depends on if Gwyneth Paltrow is a legit 5ft9 i think she could be 5ft8 i think pitt is probably 177cm like i said lots of times before im a legit 179cm i don't really see brad being the same height as me
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
tk imo that barefoot picture with Gwyneth Paltrow prove that hes no taller than 178cm but that depends on if Gwyneth Paltrow is a legit 5ft9 i think she could be 5ft8 i think pitt is probably 177cm like i said lots of times before im a legit 179cm i don't really see brad being the same height as me
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
truth imo he his a upper body look of 5ft10 guy and how is 5ft9 i bad guess? not saying he doesn't look 5ft10 or 5ft11 but that his foot wear height barefoot he could be 175cm at lowest but i agree with Heylo i think 177cm is the most realistic barefoot height for pitt ok 178cm max for pitt but i doubt hes more than that im a legit 179cm guy im sure i have abit of a bigger body frame
tk says on 21/Aug/14
5-8 or even 5-9 is just absurd for Brad Pitt. Even the famous barefoot pictures with Gwyneth Paltrow prove that he's definitely taller than that, probably just shy of 5-11. I think 5-10.5 is fair for him. He has great posture, he could look close to 6 feet even with fairly normal shoes but he seems to enjoy wearing bigger than normal heels and small lifts to make him look even taller, sometimes close to 6-1, and that obviously "irritates" some people here...
truth says on 20/Aug/14
@Heylo I agree, his upper body looks that of a 6ft0 guy, but his legs resemble a 5ft8 guy. He is somewhere inbetween, a bit closer to 6ft0 still at 179-180cm. both 5ft10 and 5ft11 are still not bad guesses though and pretty good, but either 5ft9 or less or 5ft11.5 + is bad.
Dan says on 20/Aug/14
Snatch. Brad pitt hasn't been " skinny " for a long time. He has managed to stay about 170 to 175 since doing Troy. He got thin again for world war z and then bulked up again while shooting fury. Also, the shoes he wears in fight club do add about 1.5 to 2" in height. They are hodgman Lakestream fishing shoes. The character wore them because it was suppose to be like a wore thrift shop cheap clothing. Heylo is right. Although pitt can't be considered wide, he does have an X shape body. I say absolutely no shorter then 5-10 because of his strong core and slim waist which keeps a person standing tall with good posture
pauly e says on 20/Aug/14
agree RobV.
Heylo says on 20/Aug/14
Brad doesn't have a small built/upper body. It's the opposite. Brad does have pretty wide shoulders and a long back. He actually looks around 5'11 in his upper body, his legs though look kind of short for his height sometimes. Not extremely short or anything that makes him look weird but legs that would suit a 5'8-5'9 guy. I still think the theory of him being 177-178 is the most realistic one.
snatch says on 19/Aug/14
im skinny so i can pull off looking 2 inches taller than i really am

so at 5 foot 8 i can pull off at least 5 foot 10 with good footwear

im not saying pitt is 5 foot 8 he is at least a inch or a inch and half taller then me

thats why he can pull 6 feet

if he's 5 foot 9 and half and wears 1.5 inch heal with 1 inch lifts
he stands at 6 feet
and hes skinny so with big foot wear and slim body he can pull off 6 foot 1

he can never claim 6 foot hence is why i am suspicious about him even being
5 foot 10
i would have guess the biggest movie star in the world would have claimed 6 feet
if he was 5 foot 10

but him claiming only 5 11 makes me think that he is indeed 5 foot 9 range

its just obvious look at the shoes he wears to look 5 11 the lengths he goes to

have you seen the shoes he wears in fight club? they are the most hideous disgusting shoes
i have ever seen with a huge heel just disgusting looking shoes i have never in my life
seen shoes like that and for a A list star to wear them?
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
In passing, Pauly e & snatch, on actors and guys generally claiming 6'1" when they are 5'11". I am 6'2" & before I started wearing lifts to make me a tad taller (I started at 19), I noticed the weirdest thing - that loads of guys who seemed a bit shorter than me were claiming they were "just over 6-1". It was so weird I began to think I must genuinely be 6'4" or more or that I must have wrongly measured my height.

The 2" inflation thing is so common around that height that it makes all claims in the area a bit suspect.
pauly e says on 19/Aug/14
snatch says on 18/Aug/14
im 5 foot 8 if i was a actor i would 100% claim 5 10

if someone was in the 5 foot 9 range they would claim
5 11

a 5 foot 8 person can't claim 5 11 but certainly can claim
5 foot 10

catch my drift?

most non actors do that as well. most guys I see who are 5'11-ish almost always claim 6'1.
jamieorr4 says on 18/Aug/14
Parker thats just my opinion though
snatch says on 18/Aug/14
im 5 foot 8 if i was a actor i would 100% claim 5 10

if someone was in the 5 foot 9 range they would claim
5 11

a 5 foot 8 person can't claim 5 11 but certainly can claim
5 foot 10

catch my drift?

clooney is taller a blind man can see that
clooney has a bigger head and a bigger skeleton structures

pitt is small he's not a big guy

hes 5 foot 9 and half at very best
wears his shoes are always 1.5 heal with 1 inch lifts
that puts him at 6 foot

and when he puts on bigger lifts he hits close to 6 foot 1
which explains why he looks eric banns height
Parker says on 17/Aug/14
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
so i still think 5ft9 flat for pitt is possible

Zero chance of him being 5'9, 90% chance 5'10, 95% chance 5'10.5-5'11.5, zero chance of 6'.
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
Parker that still doesn't proof anything to me i still think hes 182cm or 183cm max in lifts and i saw a other picture with pitt next to Eric and Eric was a lot taller, so i still think 5ft9 flat for pitt is possible i think pitt is some were between 175cm and 177cm in barefeet and maybe 178cm is possible i guess but im 179cm and i image im a little bit taller than pitt, you can tell that Eric Bana is a legit 6ft2 by his body frame probably the same height as ashton Kutcher
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/14
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/14
As you can see shoes from that night normal 1.4inchers 3.5cm barely 1cm over Clooney shoes yet look easy talker
Click Here
truth says on 17/Aug/14
Clooney is 1 cm shorter but he is not 180cm, more likely 177-179cm and Pitt 178-180cm.
Parker says on 17/Aug/14
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
lelman its not just his lifts its his body frame and is there really any proof of him looking 6ft1?

Eric Bana is 6'3 in footwear. What does Pitt look to you here?
Click Here
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
lelman its not just his lifts its his body frame and is there really any proof of him looking 6ft1? and don't forget celebrity lie about there height
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/14
As you can see shoes from that night normal 1.4inchers 3.5cm barely 1cm over Clooney shoes yet look easy talker
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/14
Click Here look taller than arguably 5'10.25-10.75 Clooney who was at peak good angle
Dmeyer says on 17/Aug/14
when pitt apear smaller than Clooney is when Clooney is closer to caméra when the angle is good he is no shorter and likely 0.5-1cm under
c says on 17/Aug/14
He generally looks 6ish inches taller than Aniston. Which puts him at about 5 10.75 max imo and probably closer to like 5'10.25 or .5
Justanotherguy says on 16/Aug/14
The problem with that pic is he is wearing loafers. It could be a lift, but it also could just be his heel slipping out of the shoe slightly. If you've worn high quality loafers before, loafers made of real leather and with a leather sole, you'd be surprised how much they can weigh. I'm just saying... I think he wears lifts but I just don't see him putting them in loafers or anything like them.
Richi says on 16/Aug/14
Rob, you´ve listed B. Pitt at 5ft 11in (180 cm) - do you think he is rather under or over 5ft 11in?
5ft 11in is kind of a wonky evaluation.
[Editor Rob: I still believe he is very near to 5ft 11 flat]
truthseeker says on 16/Aug/14
Click Here

brad pitts shoes when seen as much shorter than george clooney
lelman says on 15/Aug/14
I don't understand how people can seriously believe he is under 5'10". Yes, he wears lifts, but he can look 6'1" at times - unless you are wearing heels, a 5'9" man is not going to be able to get 6'0"+. Brad is at least 5'10" - more likely 5'10.5"-5'11". Clooney is no less than 5'9.5" and thought he was "like 6'1".
Dan says on 14/Aug/14
Also, how can Leto be 5-8 when he is standing barefoot infront of norton in the film and in the behind the scenes footage and is only about 1.5" shorter then norton?
Dan says on 14/Aug/14
At the 1:29 mark of the video, fincher is standing directly in front of pitt about a foot and a half away. Fincher 6-0 Pitt 5-10
Dan says on 14/Aug/14
Google images of pitt and fincher and you'll see that pitt always lifts about two inches in public when wearing boots and about 1.5" when wearing his vans sneakers he always wears. He doesn't wear monsters but he always tries to gain at least two inches when around other mail celebs. He is a solid 5-10 guy. And yes, I do believe he is leto's height, the thing is is that brad has a very muscular body with muscular legs and looks way more manlier then the very slim rock star type Leto. Look at the behind the scenes fight club video and you'll see Leto is only about an inch shorter then norton. Same as pitt
Dan says on 14/Aug/14
Heylo what are you talking about. When the vid first cuts to the basement, norton fincher and pitt are all standing together about three feet away from each other. Pitt is wearing the cut off sweater and the fight club track pants. It's the first shot in the basement. I really don't think pitt is wearing lifts here and he looks about 5-9.5 to 5-10 considering norton is a solid 5-11
Giulio says on 14/Aug/14
Click Here

lololol even if paltrow is 174 and pitt is wearing lifts he still must be 178+, handsome **** i have to say, what has the nerfing brigade got to counter this ????
Jay says on 12/Aug/14
Have to agree with those that claim Pitt is no more than 177cm. The pics from his early career and then barefoot pics in films like Twelve Monkeys next to 6 foot Willis seem to support this. As Snatch says, if he was a solid 180cm, he'd claim 6 foot or 6'1", no doubt about it. Even at Premieres, with clearly substantial lifts compared to other photos, he is only hitting about 182cm max. I think he's no more than 177cm. The fact he claims 180cm means he could actually be no more than 175-6cm and claiming an extra 4-5cm.
jamieorr4 says on 12/Aug/14
im a legit 179cm guy and i guess 5ft10 is possible for pitt but 5ft9 wouldn't shock me
L says on 11/Aug/14
He's no more than 5'10.5
pauly e says on 11/Aug/14
i remember the scene in fight club where brad and jared leto are face to face. I remember thinking that pitt looked close in height to leto, maybe an inch difference. i can't see him at <5'10, but certainly not >5'11. i would have to agree with Truth and say 179 cm or 5'10.5" as his height.
snatch says on 11/Aug/14

if he was 180 min then hollywood would say he's is 183cm

i can't follow your argumentation 180 cm is absolute nonsense
max 178cm

if he was even close to 180 he would be labeled as a 6 footer
why would you say the worlds biggest movie star is only 5 11?

hes 5 9 to 5 10 max

not a dot over 5 10
Heylo says on 10/Aug/14
Dural, i saw now that Jared actually are closer to or is a full 5'9. I could buy the argument that Brad & Jared would look pretty similar barefoot next to each other but where Brad is 2-3 cm taller.
Heylo says on 10/Aug/14
Dan, how can you come to such sure conclusions when Pitt is standing meter(s) behind the actual shooting where Fincher, Leto & Norton stands?

Pitt is also not visible for a long time in the video so it's hard to judge but i don't think Leto is the same height as Brad. Since Leto is about 5'8. But your theory about Fincher & Brad Pitt is exactly my theory too. That Fincher is visibly 1-2 inches taller than Pitt but Pitt comes to Fincher's height with lift insoles on premieres & such.

I think the heights of many celebrities are wrong listed, even on here. It's weird that a 5'10 Brad looks 3 inches taller than 5'8-5'9 Anthony Hopkins for example.. Or that he very often looks more than just one inch taller than people that are supposed to be around 5'10-5'11.

Could the photo with Bloom from this year (the great photo wich was posted by Dural) show the truth. That he actually are using lifts more often than we think, that he might even always (even in sneakers & other flat shoes) have 1-2.2 inch lift insoles.. Cause to be honest, his feet doesn't look very natural when he is walking around in sneakers.

I still believe Brad is around 5'10 but i also believe that Brad since his breakthrough in the early 90s have been using lifts constantly (except for rear off shoot photos or nude photos who shows how tall he really is).

Shouldn't we concentrate on photos from the 80s if we want his real height with shoes without lifts on photos?
Richi says on 9/Aug/14
Can´t follow your argumentation. 1.75.5 m for Pitt is absolute nonsense.
Min. 1.80 m. That´s it!
truth says on 9/Aug/14
179cm is bang on.
snatch says on 9/Aug/14
180 is to tall for him barefoot

iam 173 and he looks a inch taller then me
i wouldn't be surprised if he is 175.5 on the dot

175.5 is his real height
180 is his hollywood height

if BRAD PITT was 5 11 then hollywood would have listed him
as 6 foot 1

why would you label the worlds biggest movie star 5 foot 11? not even 6 feet
just 5 11

because thats the most he can pull off

just think about it they say he's only 5 11 why?
why not 6 feet. Oh thats because he's badly 5 foot 10
i wouldn't be surprised if he's 5 9 and half

175.5 max
Dan says on 8/Aug/14 In this video you clearly see pitt and Leto are about the same height. I'm pretty positive pitt isn't wearing lifts in it cause you can see that he's about two inches shorter then david fincher and during Benjamin button promos pitt wearing lifts was fincher's height. Norton is a good inch taller then Leto and maybe two because of Norton's bad posture. Pitt is no shorter no taller then 5-10. That seems to be his height and given the guy seems to be a pretty honest guy with a good public track record I just think he added 1 inch to his height. That is why he is never that much taller then Damon or clooney. I think clooney and pitt are the same height. Except pitt likes wearing boots and has great posture. But yes. Pitt is famous for adding height with his boots and lifts inside his sneakers
jamieorr4 says on 8/Aug/14
Dmeyer 5ft10 is possible for pitt but not for bloom look at his body frame its too small to be 5ft10 im a legit 5ft10.5 btw
Dmeyer says on 8/Aug/14
Bloom looks 2cm shorter than pitt while pitt has 1cm more shoes i Know this type they give barely 1in some under the Heel starts 1cm under with it looks so 179 bloom and 180cm pitt or 178 and 179
Amaze says on 7/Aug/14
No way is beckham 6 ft. He's close to it tho outta bed. Hes 5'11. Rob is never wrong. Hes always been at 180cm at mutd

Pitt and becks are the same height. 180 or flat 5'11 boys. 1" off 6 ft.
Dural says on 7/Aug/14
Good pic of Bloom and Pitt imo.

Click Here

Beckham was listed 179cm and later 180cm at ManUnited and he claims 5'11". There's no reason to believe he's 6ft.
jamieorr4 says on 6/Aug/14
Richi i don't its just my opinion
Richi says on 5/Aug/14
jamieorr4 says on 5/Aug/14
Richi Beckham is not 6ft and rob didn't listed him at that height

Where is your proof, that he´s not 6ft? And in my opinion the size specification from Rob is incorrect - there is also not a real evidence shown for me.
Parker says on 5/Aug/14
Richi says on 4/Aug/14
D. Beckham is 6 feet tall. And he claimed to be 6 feet during his time at ManU!

Claims 5'11 in his latest autobiography.
Parker says on 5/Aug/14
Filippo says on 5/Aug/14
5'10.5 orlando bloom?? Parker, you must be joking!!

I was just going off what he is listed here, so its Rob that is joking not me.
Filippo says on 5/Aug/14
5'10.5 orlando bloom?? Parker, you must be joking!!
jamieorr4 says on 5/Aug/14
Richi Beckham is not 6ft and rob didn't listed him at that height
Richi says on 4/Aug/14
D. Beckham is 6 feet tall. And he claimed to be 6 feet during his time at ManU!
Dmeyer says on 4/Aug/14
A true 5'11 dosnt wear lifts thats whi brad dosnt , also i am 5'11.5 and i did wear cowboy boots or 0.5in lifts on rare ocassions
Dmeyer says on 4/Aug/14
Brad at Times wears converse or vans type and is probably 5'11.5 with Them on looking 5'10.5ish if he meet sly While sly has 2inchers and top posture they could look similar
pauly e says on 4/Aug/14
cobra says on 3/Aug/14
You know, I'm one of those people who finds it silly when people rely on a few dozen pics with paltrow over the thousands of him to "prove how short he is"...but this link provided by truthseeker below has done more than anything to convince me he might really be as short as some are claiming, just read through the topic:

Click Here

that picture of his white shoes is hilarious! you can totally see the lifts!
jamieorr4 says on 3/Aug/14
Stalker true 511 isn't tall but still no need for lifts but i don't think his a legit 511 guy anyway
Realist says on 3/Aug/14
Pizzamans estimations are good except for Affleck who is obviously 6'3.5.
Stalker says on 3/Aug/14
To me, he looks 180-181 cm. Apparently wears lifts oftentimes. I just dont get why would an almost legit six footer need to wear lifts? Probably thats because ive never been in the spotlight. That just what fame does to you, i guess.
Parker says on 3/Aug/14
David Beckham claims 5'11, I think he's a strong 5'11, but has never claimed 6', but I understand what you are saying. IMO, like you, I struggle how Pitt can pull off looking a 6 footer next to Bloom and William Hague if he was less than 5'10.5. The nonsense on the Cruise,Stallone and Pitt pages wrt to lifts is just that - nonsense. I don't doubt his footwear in enhanced, but 3 or 4 inch lifts? Rubbish.
cobra says on 3/Aug/14
You know, I'm one of those people who finds it silly when people rely on a few dozen pics with paltrow over the thousands of him to "prove how short he is"...but this link provided by truthseeker below has done more than anything to convince me he might really be as short as some are claiming, just read through the topic:

Click Here
RisingForce says on 3/Aug/14
Parker, I suspect Bloom is more 5'10" flat, and for all we know Pitt could have a small lift. I have no problem believing 5'11" either, as I've said 5'10.5" is my minimum, but I think it's a good possibility because he could look more solid 5'10" range early in his career and did only claim 5'11", which makes me skeptical itself, even though that's hardly proof since honest 5'11" guys do exist, but I at least wonder whether a legit 5'11" wouldn't try for that 6' mark, which most 5-11ish guys I've known do, especially since on that same questionairre, Pitt shaved two years off his age.
Dmeyer says on 2/Aug/14
179 bloom 187 pitt 195 bana in that pic
Parker says on 2/Aug/14
Here's a better angle of 5'10.5 Bloom and 5'10.5 Pitt
Click Here

And another, although 5'10.5 Pitt is slouching while 5'10.5 Bloom has his arm over Bana
Click Here

As I said.........Hmmmm
cobra says on 2/Aug/14
"RisingForce says on 1/Aug/14
Agreed, Jed. I can settle on 5'10.5"

So Rising, here's 5'10.5 Orlando Bloom with 5'10.5 Brad Pitt

Click Here


Horrible pic considering the angle, and we can't see the slant of the floor or footwear either.
Parker says on 2/Aug/14
RisingForce says on 1/Aug/14
Agreed, Jed. I can settle on 5'10.5"

So Rising, here's 5'10.5 Orlando Bloom with 5'10.5 Brad Pitt

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MarcusTheSwede says on 1/Aug/14
RisingForce: Robert Downey Jr Shoes that was funny ...well 5"10.5 at most without insanely High heels. If somebodty could find the picture of the 6cm heels minimum he had on Spy Game it would be nice. Those heels Where the highest ive ever seen him wear they Where like Buffalo shoe High looking for the picture as I speak.
whitesnuf says on 1/Aug/14
Recently heard from an interviewer that Pitt is around 5'11 and 6' tall. People can think what they think, he added. Whatever it means.
RisingForce says on 1/Aug/14
Agreed, Jed. I can settle on 5'10.5", it's what he looked in the barefoot picture with Gwyneth Paltrow and about what he could look in early to mid 90's movies like Across The Tracks, but no shorter. Can pass for 6 feet with his shoes and posture, and he's not wearing Robert Downey Jr. shoes either.
Sean73 says on 31/Jul/14
Yep-solid 5'11".Just watch Meet Joe Black.He's 3 inches taller than Hopkins.
Filippo says on 31/Jul/14
Glad to hear Parker switched his "nothing under 5'11" for a more reasonable "nothing under 5'10".
That's an inch more than Paltrow. More or less the height a lot of people here think he is.
Amen, Parker.
Jed says on 31/Jul/14
He's minimum 5'10.5.
Parker says on 30/Jul/14
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jul/14
Parker do we know jonah hill is a legit 56 guy

Judge for yourself next to 5'6 Ben Stiller

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Parker says on 30/Jul/14
@Marcus the Swede

Internally built up? They look perfectly natural.
Zero chance of Pitt being under 5'10 IMO
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jul/14
MarcusTheSwede yes your right they may look like normal shoes he could have hidden insole and he use his pants to hidden them more
RisingForce says on 30/Jul/14
Pitt is absolutely more on the tall side than short side. Just compare him to most men he stands next to. He looks a lot taller than short guys, is rarely towered over and consistently looks taller than average guys like Matt Damon or high average like George Clooney. I suspect he's "only" 5'10.5"-5'10.75" because of how he looked up until the mid 90's and his 5'11" claim, but even now when I see how tall he looks next to Jonah Hill in sneakers, I start thinking more a solid 5'11".
MarcusTheSwede says on 29/Jul/14
Parker: When do you people learn. WHAT HE LOOKS doesnt f matter. You showed a picture with Jonah Hill Parker. If you where a professional..or atleast had fact right..look at those shoes he wears. They have internal height sole inside and are build up inside. How do I know that? Well if you look carefully at the shoe it has a high pressure out thats because the foot goes against the shoe strings and against the top of the shoe inside. The foot are not standing on the original footbed on the shoe thats why the shoe gets pushed out wich you and everyone clearly can see on that picture. Inside the shoe is build up plus probably height insole 1-2cm so thats a massive internar build up height shoe he wears. Anyone that been looking into those shoes knows how a foot look in a shoe like that and that picture you sent look exactely and is a shoe that is build up several centimeters from inside plus the sole itself thats why they are bulking up out that clearly shows in picture. Brad is at best. At best 177-178 and thats very very generous.Thanks.
Dmeyer says on 29/Jul/14
Rob have you seen truthseeker pics of pitt sneakers with a weird footpose Like there is something in his shoes wath do you think ? Anyway those shoes évén with a lifts Will give 1.25in
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jul/14
Dmeyer lol please pitt is not on tall side
Dmeyer says on 29/Jul/14
I Know Many Guys 5'10 and it is a height were you never look at best solid average pitt can look on the tall side évén when un normal shoes
jamieorr4 says on 28/Jul/14
truthseeker thanksi really think 510 possible now
truthseeker says on 27/Jul/14
pitt doesnt wear lifts in sneakers.... scroll to middle of page
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(S)aint 6'1 says on 27/Jul/14
Just watched Snatch again after two years. BP looks 5'10" minimum in it.
(S)aint 6'1 says on 27/Jul/14
Just watched Snatch again after two years. BP looks 5'10" minimum in it.
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jul/14
Parker do we know jonah hill is a legit 56 guy? but yes that picture proofs that 510 is possible
Parker says on 26/Jul/14
Pitt and 5'6 Jonah Hill

Low cut sneakers,no lifts, no heels - looks 5 inches taller
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Anything under 5'10 for Pitt is nonsense. He looks like a 5'11 guy.
MarcusTheSwede says on 25/Jul/14
Heylo: Exactely what I said 177-178. Never ever said five eight so you are wrong there.
Also. The picture with Clooney and Matt Damon when Brad wears shoes and Matt and George wears socks. You can twist and turn that blame on angles and so on but they ARE standing side by side and nothing but that. So its just to forget about the angles also IF he would be 180 he would tower Matt and he clearly not in any picture on Google or anywhere for that matter.
Brad is 177-178 without his HUGE heels in every single picture and also next to Jennifer in Any single picture he clearly shows he is not 180cm.
Brad is 177-178 just look at his heels on every single picture. For gods sake.
He always wears baggy jeans that cover the shoes also and thats for that reason.
And thats not even beginning that is exluded he does not have an height insole wich he clearly has. But the heels really tells their own story about his height. 177-178cm withous shoes is maxiumum absolute maximum due to every single picture a majority that clearly shows that Brad is not taller then 177-178cm without some help of his lifts.
So AGREE with Filippo and also Somebody and Giulio. 177-178 is Brad.s height and what everybody atleast the majority have told for years here at celebheights. This needs a downgrade once and for all Rob.
James B says on 25/Jul/14
He looked 5'10 range in the Mexican
Giulio says on 25/Jul/14
Vibram says on 21/Jul/14
Giulio, Paltrow although claimed as 5ft9 was never more than 5ft8.5. That means Pitt was 5ft9.75 to 5ft10 in that barefoot photo.

any real proof of her being 5'8 1/2 ?
Somebody says on 23/Jul/14
The picture with aniston in flip flops and pitt in sneakers also show that pitt wears lifts again. Look at the Position of his ankle, the side of his foot again pushes against the shoe, 4 cm height gain over barefoot
Filippo says on 23/Jul/14
Must agree with Heylo, this time.
176 sounds too low for Pitt. Just like 180 is a joke.
178 is spot on. But I guess we'll never see a downgrade for Hollywood golden son...
Heylo says on 23/Jul/14
MarcusTheSwede, you are wrong about the 176 estimation, you know why? You use photos that these girls are using on that female forum where they are doing everything to make Brad Pitt look like a midget. Angles can create crazy illusions, Brad even looks 5'7 on some photos because of the angle, and in some he looks 6'1.

He could be 177cm at lowest but not any lower than that, he doesn't use enormous Robert Downey lifts to reach over 6ft. Therefor, he is very likely around 5'10.

You could make idiots here believe Brad is 5'8 through showing that photo from Ocean's 12 shooting where Brad looks very short "next to" George Clooney when he really just are standing several meters BEHIND Clooney but some people are not analyzing anything, they just look at the photo and then say what the eyes first see.
Adam says on 23/Jul/14
jamieorr4 says on 22/Jul/14
Parker im a legit 510.5 and i just think i have a bigger body frame than his
Magnet99 says on 22/Jul/14
Paltrow is listed as 1.77 m and Diaz as 1.79 m. Get the point??
MarcusTheSwede says on 22/Jul/14
And also. In the pictures below that I linked to. Brad is wearing Shoes and Jen flip flops. This is proof Brad is not taller then 176-177 without shoes.
And well Jennifers height is listed here on Celebheights and bare in mind she got flip flops and Brad Shoes and he clearly regardless of how he stand is not taller then 176-177 without those shoes next to her. Clear shot of both full body pictures next to eachother. Showing both of them wearing footwear..and in Brads case shoes and not sandals or flip flops 176-177cm height.
This listing needs a downgrade a long long long asked downgrade.
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MarcusTheSwede says on 22/Jul/14
Here is more proof Brad isnt tall at all. Not at all.
The picture really says it all.
He is not more then 176-177 at best without shoes.
Just look. He has a great build but well..the picture tells it.
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