How tall is Brad Pitt ?

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Brad Pitt's Height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Thirteen, Troy and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today that "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

How tall is Brad Pitt
Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
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5ft 9.25 said on 12/Feb/16
Gosling 6'.25
Pitt 5'10.5
We all know he uses lifts (at lest .75"). The small head makes him appear taller...
Dan said on 10/Feb/16
There are new pictures of Pitt on set of War Machine. He is on the street jogging in short shorts and running sneakers. You can see his legs really well and it's very obvious how much help he's getting from his sneakers. Not that much.
Johno said on 9/Feb/16
How can most women prefer guys who are 6'0 + when guys like Beckham, Pitt, Cruise, Depp, Clooney, Brando, Dean, Dicaprio and not to forget all your typical teen idols such as Bieber and all your typical boybands have all been largely under 6'0 and nothing more then average? All these males have had normal dimensions and proportions. A relatively smaller head and long legs are not all that appealing. Taller guys tend to have these features. Also when the head is to far up, it is hard to emphaise with the individual ---- women usually have a lower centre of gravity. Also the facial bone structure of the shorter guy has been less susceptible for excess bone growth and it is more aqualine and can be quite angelic and metrosexual.

Women believe they prefer tall guys because all their idols overlist their heights. Pitt and Dicaprio would be lucky to average 5'10 or over but their body proportions are good as they are, they are ideal for the big screen.
Dan said on 8/Feb/16
hijopotamus, your constant efforts to cling on to your fantastic claims that Brad Pitt is under 5'10" is simply baffling. At least the other Dan who suffers from height insecurity follows a logical train of thought when it comes to assessing heights. You on the other hand make no sense at allr. It is perfectly clear without the shadow of any doubt that Brad would still be taller than the regular joe even if he didn't lift, and seriously dan, it's not the lifts you insist on wearing that will help you finally get a date. It's how you carry yourself. Brad Pitt is 5-10 and yes he's often seen wearing boots, big heels and the occasional lift but think about it. If he really was under 5-10, he would never look 6-0, which he often does in movies.
and to the other dan, 5-10 is the perfect height for film. If you're having issues with girls, believe me, it's not because of your height.
Dmeyer said on 8/Feb/16
Shoes that give 2-2,25in have a dodgy look And yet they make you look just 1-1,25in taller than you are Pitt shoes arnt as big And hé can look near 6ft so 5'11 it is
Dan said on 8/Feb/16
Hijopotamus, show me one pair of tricky shoes Brad Pitt has ever worn. Show me one pair. If you can't, then don't spread missinformation.
Abode46 said on 8/Feb/16
Strong 5'10" barefoot, but has perfect posture and can look 6'0" or over.
hijopotamus said on 7/Feb/16
Dan, Pitt wears lifts or custom tricky shoes 24/7.
So, nothing to do with having to look taller in movies.
We all saw those pics getting off a private jet with friends Clooney and Damon. Pitt looked shorter than Clooney...
Wonder why haha.
Sam said on 7/Feb/16
My assumption is that some women just hear what they want to hear. Would a 5'10 guy that claims 6 foot honestly have a better chance than another guy that is 182cm and says he's under 6 foot, all things being equal? I think its dependant on how tall you look in the flesh because eye level, shoes, posture, hair and build all add to illusion of more height. I doubt any legit 5'10+ guy should have dating issues even if those "illusions" go against him. But your right about 5'10 not sounding very impressive on paper even though its a good height. Just not as ideal as say 6 foot but there's nothing wrong with that.
Myth Buster said on 4/Feb/16
He has got the body structure of a short man (5' 8'') despite being 5' 11'', same as David Beckham.
kurtz said on 3/Feb/16
5' 11'' or 180 cm. spot on

in my opinion btwn 5' 11'' and 6' 1'' (180-185 cm.) best height range for man
Dan said on 2/Feb/16
@dan, Guys Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt lift because they're movie stars and have a certain look they need to have. It has nothing to do with their height insecurity. I'm pretty sure neither of them would lift it they were regular joes. If you're s legit barefoot 5-10 and you're lifting, you got issues. Barefoot 5-10 is the perfect movie star Hollywood height. There should be no reason to lift, and I seriously can't imagine any woman not being satisfied with a 5-10 guy unless of course, the woman is 5-9,5-10 or taller. I'm basically saying that if you're a barefoot 5-10 guy dating a woman anywhere from 5-3 all the way up to 5-8 and she's telling you she prefers guys 6-0 and up, then there's probably something else going on there. When a woman and man go out and she wears heels, even a height difference of 1 inch between a man and woman is enough. Two inch difference is probably ideal, but 1 inch difference is still acceptable. If the guy is too much taller than the woman, she's basically a shrimp. And ideally, a couple shouldn't have such a drastic difference in height. That's why John Mayer and Jennifer aniston looked like ****.
Dmeyer said on 2/Feb/16
Ok mat , relax men i just said girls told me that they préfère 6'0-6'4 wich means 5'10,5-6'2 in reality , i dont have the problème anyway i am 5'11,5 And most girls guess me 6'0-6'1 or even more so whi would i lie , also 5ft 10,25 is à very décent height its not like you are 5'7-8in , in the US the height is à réal problem ,
Tunman said on 1/Feb/16
Really no average man should have height complex,just think that I'm 5'9.5 and almost never wore anything over 0.5" for years.Missing a hottie just because you're thinking about your lifts is a pity.
Okay the only case where I could agree with you is if an average man is attracted by a very tall woman,say in the 5'11-6' range.Here it's true that women may prefer taller guys like 6'0-4 range,so yeah average men chances are indeed very weak.But just think that when I was in NY I saw a guy who was probably 175 with a 188 or so girlfriend and in Montreal a 165 guy with a 186-7 girl.Quite genuine girls who never had the kind of thoughts like"he will need a ladder to kiss me".Height should never be a condition for love whether for men or women in my opinion.If one starts to quantify sexuality in terms of inches,then what about other issues which happen to be much more important actually?(personnality,behaviour,kindness,respect...)just ask Rob,after all Jenny could be near 5'11 in heels,hmmm?
Dan said on 31/Jan/16
Heylo says: "I think insecure men are more likely to be with shallow and stupid women."
Yeah true dat. I've always dated models or tanned gym bunnies. Except for high school, I've never been with a "normal" down to earth girl. Probably a reflection of my own issues. Even though my friends point out that I'm taller than average, somehow I can't seem to feel good about my height unless I wear lifts. Except when doing sports. Like on the beach, I suddenly don't care which really shows it depends on my state of mind.
I know it sounds ridiculous but I've tried not to wear lifts for 1 day and it was torture! There was this hot girl who was flirting with me but I couldn't even enjoy it. All I was thinking about was put my lifts back on. Sigh
Mat, don't forget that celebrity is a huge turn on for girls. Besides, Johnny Depp lifts all the time as well so it's pretty clear he too wished he was taller. Not saying he's insecure like me though
NBAer said on 31/Jan/16
dan said on 27/Jan/16
I don't get your height problem,and i also don't get how you think height is such a big factor when it comes to girls and dating...As long as you're atleast abit taller than your girl(in most cases anyway),you won't have a problem.Besides,when meeting people,you don't dudge them by their physical appearance,but from their character and height is sth MAYBE secondary(i'm talking about myself).Also,i can't get it how mostly everyone on this website claiming to be under 5'11 but over 5'7 feel short and subhuman,just because they're not 6ft++ with broad shoulders,6packs,good looks and loads of money...I'm barely 5'11 myself barefoot,and i never ever ever feel short or undersized wherever i go.On the worst case, i may feel average,and i rarely meet taller women with or without heels.And i'm supposedly living in a country where men are about 5'9 on average and women 5'4...By the way,Brad looks 5'11 and rarely below in most of his pics with other celebrities,and closer to 6 feet when he's lifting
hijopotamus said on 31/Jan/16
Dan, relax dude! I understand you have some kind of weird issues in the ladies department and that must suck pretty much. If you are cool enough, alfa and have some power you shouldnt have.any problems even if you are short.
The Paltrow pics are the ONLY reliable source we have which is a guy barefoot besides another person barefoot. You don't need a brain surgery to get it.
Pitt 5'10" in the 90s.
Emil 183 cm said on 30/Jan/16
those girls have no idea how tall a genuine 6'0 guy is - let alone 6'4 lol.
And why even bother chasing girls who are so narrowminded? Height shouldn't play a factor
Mat said on 30/Jan/16
Dan i totaly understand you , i use to live in us and girls anywere 5'0-5'11 all told me they wouldnt date a Guy shorter than me about 6'0 ,and most of them prefer 6'0-6'4 with normal looks than 5'9-10in with perfect looks ,they father date ed norton than tom cruise

First of all, Edward Norton is better looking than Cruise in my opinion. Secondly, who do you think women would rather date, Johnny Depp (5'9) or Norton (6') ? Johnny Depp of course. So what you are saying abut the 5'9-5'10 guys is BS. From my experience, women have absolutely no problem dating an average height man. Being average is neither a pros nor a con. It's just neutral. It doesn't matter. If a guy is on the short side, it starts becoming a con, if he is on the taller side it becomes a pros.

Any woman would rather date a 5'9 guy with perfect looks than a 6+ with average looks. Just because you don't have any luck with the ladies doesn't mean that applies to all of us. I am actually described as tallish by most girls, and my height has never been a deal breaker. I'm 5'10.25 by the way.
Heylo said on 30/Jan/16
My experience is that girls tend to sound disappointed when hearing that I'm barely 5'10 but I could have said 5'11 and get away with it cause people in general are pretty bad at estimating heights. Also, 5'10 sounds shorter in paper than what it looks like in reality. With this said, I'm not saying that girls wouldn't prefer a 6'2 version of me, I'm just saying that average isn't that bad in reality.

And I think we all have certain preferences that suddenly don't mean much if you meet the right person. I've had girls around my height (5'10) that were interested and these are very tall girls. I also had girls who thought I was pretty short. I definitely don't think you're doomed in any way if you're around average in height.
It's when the height goes to extreme differences compared to your own ideals, that's where problems arises. If a girl wants a 6'2 man but starts to like a 5'5 man, she may actually think about leaving him because of his height, because of that extreme difference from heir ideals. There are exceptions of course but honestly, to every average man out there, you don't have to look like a model to get attractive girls. It's kind of sad how everyone wants to look like a greek god, nature wouldn't make sense if everyone looked like a tall Brad Pitt. Diversity is necessary.

Keep in mind that you only have to be taller than the girl and as long as you make the best of what you have and are a genteman, you should make it. A girl who disses someone for being some inches smaller than her ideal, then she may be nothing to have. At least I feel like mature and intelligent women are more attractive. I think insecure men are more likely to be with shallow and stupid women.
dan said on 27/Jan/16
dmeyer is spot on. The shorter the guy, the more he has to "work" and make up for it. It's a permanent curse and that's a fact. And if there's one thing females hate more than a short dude, it's a short smiling dude with a high pitched voice. In that case, we're not even talking about mere preference, for 99% of ladies, this combo is a deal breaker with no hope of rescue. You could take the ideal man with perfect features and personality and shrink him to say 5'5", women would still pick an average or even ugly looking 6'2" dude. We live in a No Country for Short Men world and short dudes are the equivalent of fat, really ugly chicks with bad breath and chlamydia. Some may say it's not fair or politically correct but it's the plain truth and that's just the way the cookie crumbles. And even in cases where some girls actually dig short guys physically or aren't planning on having kids, they'd still give preferences to taller guys because of the status appeal and what society paints as the image of a cool boyfriend or husband. A short boyfriend is not exactly show off material, and often, it's seen as an embarrassment so if a dude is short, he better be minted. Why do you figure so many short dudes are nerds? That's because money is the great equalizer. Evolution 101

Sorry to burst your bubble hijopota but you're wrong about Pitt being my height. He's 5'11" minimum and he wasn't just barely taller than Redford. I dunno why you keep bringing up the Paltrow pics. He's not short. Get over it dude
Editor Rob: many women are quite happy to overlook shortness in stature for tallness in bank balance.
Johno said on 26/Jan/16
An average height guy. Him, Clooney and Damon are all within 1-inch of another although, Clooney and Damon wear lifts alot less then Pitt does; both seem to be more comfortable with their average heights.

Brad Pitt (Average height man)
hijopotamus said on 26/Jan/16
Dan, Pitt was wearing massive heels in Spy Games and barely taller than Redford. Dude, you are weird!
dmeyer said on 26/Jan/16
Dan i totaly understand you , i use to live in us and girls anywere 5'0-5'11 all told me they wouldnt date a Guy shorter than me about 6'0 ,and most of them prefer 6'0-6'4 with normal looks than 5'9-10in with perfect looks ,they father date ed norton than tom cruise
Dan said on 26/Jan/16
Well I ended up dating them anyways but when the conversation turned to height, they confirmed they'd have preferred a taller version of me. I don't know how tall you are but I've never met a 5'10 dude who wouldn't rather be 6'2" or vice versa, a 6'2" dude who'd wanna be shorter. I'm 5'10 barefoot and I often feel short when I'm not lifting.I guess it's because I've gotten too used to them. Wish there was a minimal shoes rehab program. Detox could wreck my self-esteem but coming out of it, I wouldn't be dependant on lifts anymore. In my post, I said I've had a height complex for years so you telling me there's something wrong with me or my girlfriends is kinda redundant, don't you think? Of course there's something wrong! I'm an insecure dude with a height complex and they're tall lanky beauties with eating issues.
Anyways truthfully, most girls I know would rather date tall guys. Not just the models. In fact, in my experience, it's the smaller girls who crave really tall boyfriends. Weird, I know, but that's what I've observed.

Pitt towered over Robert Redford in Spy Games. In that movie, he actually looked like he a 6'2" dude. Peace out
Dan said on 24/Jan/16
Brad Pitt doesn't always look 6-1. No way. He has looked anywhere from 5-11 to 6-1 depending on the role. In moneyball and basterds he looked really tall. And 5-10 flat barefoot is definitely not short. If a girl tells you you'd be a hottie if you were 2 inches taller than sorry bud, but there's either something wrong with you or those girls. I've never ever met a girl who requires a man above 5-10 unless they're 5-9 or 5-10 themselves.
Alex said on 23/Jan/16
If Pitt use some lift, he could be less than 180 cm.
Smith said on 21/Jan/16
Brad is 183 cm tall. And in those pictures that he looks shorter than others it's because they are wearing lifts and he is not. You think he is the only one who wears lifts?
Dmeyer said on 19/Jan/16
Relooking at pics dicaprio could look easily as tall if not 1/4 in taller , its à shame there is à récent pic of leo And Pitt but they are not side by side
Dmeyer said on 18/Jan/16
pitt looks taller than dicaprio near 5'10 innaritu and dicaprio looks taller than brad near tarantino , and thats counting footwear , wich means they are similar heights
Dmeyer said on 16/Jan/16
gosling isnt less than 183-4cm pitt has to be 179-80cm tu pull off this tall near him in shoes that dont look like big elevators
a said on 14/Jan/16
Pitt is 180 max. Gosling is 184 max. I doubt Gosling wears lifts but Pitt def does. In some films he can look over 183cm and yet in others he can look much shorter next to a taller actor
Dan said on 14/Jan/16
I am 5'10" on the dot and ladies often say that if I were 2 inches taller, I'd be a hottie. I've had a height complex for years. Once, a girl model told me she 'd never date a short guy. It's like anything under 5'11" is subhuman. That's why even dudes like Collin FarrelI are forced to wear lifts. I take care of myself and am well built but without the height, it just seems like wasted efforts. That's why most short dudes I know look angry and always ready to pick a fight. Being short is a life sentence so no wonder so many walk around being pissed off at life. Tall dudes on the other hand can get any girl they want just by saying hi.It's a natural thing. Females want the tall gene for their offspring or just for social status. Dating a short dude puts you in the loser category unless he's filthy rich or a celeb. Never seen a Pitt movie where he doesn't look tall. He's got wide shoulder and a slim waist and which I suspect help accentuate his tallness on screen but it's not like they surround him with midgets! He always looks 6'1" or more. I really don't get the logic of those saying he's just 5'10".
Tom Cruise on the other hand always looks short irrespective of camera angles, short co-stars or lifts. 5'11 is the bare minimum for Pitt.
pauly e said on 14/Jan/16
Dmeyer said on 13/Jan/16
They look close enaugh to wath Gosling has if anithing Gosling heels are a few mm thicker but but could have a 0,5-6in lifts anyway hé manages to look just 0,75-1in smaller while in max 1-1,5cm more shoes hé has to be max 3-4cm under Gosling who isnt under 6'0,25

so 6'0.25 is 183.5 if Pitt is 3-4 cm under him, then that is 179.5-180.5 or just a bit over 5'10.5 - just a bit over 5'11. I think that is reasonable.
Dmeyer said on 14/Jan/16
Cobsidering how Pitt looks near Gosling even cobsidering very slightly more shoes as they dont look that suspicions he has to be max 3-4cm shorter no more And Gosling is in the 183-4cm no less so Pitt 180cm anyone 179 or less couldnt pull that off
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 14/Jan/16
jtm said on 13/Jan/16
hasn't there been enough evidence gosling isn't even 6'0? still sticking with under 5'10 for pitt.


Gosling isn't over 6'0". But as for Pitt, I really don't think he's less than 5'10". I think 5'10.25" - 5'10.5" is likely what he'd measure. I see a strong 5'10"-er who likes thick heels and at times puts lifts in them.
Adam said on 14/Jan/16
Yeah, good spot, definite elevators from Pitt there. Even with those and Goslings somewhat slouching posture Pitt still looks a little shorter...still think 5'11 about right for him, though it does prove Gosling is no less than 6.25.
hijopotamus said on 14/Jan/16
Guys, Brad is wearing elevators!
How como Tom Cruise be as tall as Cameron Diaz in high heels? We all have seen it. Well, we all know how...
Why some people deny the true facts? Why Brad cannot be just average height?
jasperwazup said on 13/Jan/16
Brad's 5'9.75'' at shortest time of day.Ryan is an actual 5'11.5'' tall but looks 6 foot most of the time.
mickey said on 13/Jan/16
i guess we can safely say that he hasn't lost any height through the years. Strong 5'11, maybe at morning with perfect posture he can scratch 6ft.
Dmeyer said on 13/Jan/16
They look close enaugh to wath Gosling has if anithing Gosling heels are a few mm thicker but but could have a 0,5-6in lifts anyway hé manages to look just 0,75-1in smaller while in max 1-1,5cm more shoes hé has to be max 3-4cm under Gosling who isnt under 6'0,25
jtm said on 13/Jan/16
hasn't there been enough evidence gosling isn't even 6'0? still sticking with under 5'10 for pitt.
Tom said on 12/Jan/16
If you zoom in on his shoes they look very questionable. Look at how the tongue/lace area are almost flat on Gosling's shoes yet on Brad's it looks up to a 45 degree angle. Very much how elevator shoes such as Don's look. Because of the extra heel height it is like wearing a small pair of heels like those that females wear and it is clear how that changes the angle of the foot. Much like when you stand on your tip toes.

Click Here
Josh said on 12/Jan/16
doc you need an eye doc for not seeing Pitt same height as Paltrow. telling other commentors "stupid" does not make Pitt any taller than Platrow. You need to learn some manners that in such websites people only argue about their own opinions not insulting others like 14 year old kids.
HeightObsession said on 12/Jan/16
Can be either 5'11 to 5'11.5. He is virtually the same height as my boyfriend who I have constantly measured as 5'11.5. I had my boyfriend stand next to the Madame Tussauds London Eye Brad Pitt wax model. Even though my boyfriend was did not have the best posture next to him, it looked like they were almost the same height. However, I suspect that Brad Pitt's heels were .25 inch taller than my boyfriend's. It could be possible Pitt was wearing lifts in his shoes, but I would confidently say 5'11.25 looks accurate.
6ft-on-a-good-day said on 12/Jan/16
closer look at the shoes. Click Here surpisingly the heel looks about a cm more than regular dress shoes for both. But i think this puts to bed the below 5"10 claims unless they're both shorter than claimed. I'd say the listing was there or there abouts.
Keith said on 12/Jan/16
Am I the only one who watched the video all the way through and noticed that any time Brad straightened up, he was at least as tall as Ryan? 0:20, 0:25, 0:30, 0:53 etc. Look at 0:57 to see Brad looking taller. Then 1:10 Brad goes full height and he just looks visibly bigger.
Dejavu said on 12/Jan/16
In that video brad Pitt looked an inch shorter than Gosling
TJE said on 11/Jan/16

Brad has a camera advantage later in the video, but in the beginning he doesn't. Also in the beginning, Ryan looks barely an inch taller than Brad when their posture is equal. Brad's shoes is questionable though; they look close to 2 inches thick.
Josh said on 11/Jan/16
Maybe Gosling had threatened Brad that if he wears his massive lifts he will do the same and dwarf Brad by billions of inches lol
Doc said on 11/Jan/16
Such a good looking man as Brad Pitt can't have a perfectly good height.., no no. Some people just want to downgrade him because they can. Jealous ****s.
And if you think Brad looks the same height as Paltrow barefoot then you're stupid, I've been looking at those photos now and any person with a slight hint of intelligence should be able to see that Brad is taller.
Jed said on 11/Jan/16
This video at the golden globes is interesting. He's standing next to Gosling and looks an inch or so shorter, but then he straightens up a couple of times and looks pretty much the same height. You'd think that if he was that height conscious he wouldn't slouch next to a taller dude for the bulk of the time he was standing next to him. He could have lifts in his shoes, but the shoes themselves look pretty standard.

Click Here

I don't think he could be under 5'11. 5'10 and below claims are a little silly.
whoa said on 10/Jan/16
Pitt is either 5'11 or 5'10. No taller, no shorter.

But honestly if he was 5'11 why would he desire to wear 2 or 3 inch lifts? Is he that insecure
Sam said on 10/Jan/16
I bet Pitt measures around the same height as Big Josh would, upper 5'10 range, maybe 179cm but no more.
Filippo said on 10/Jan/16
hijopotamus said on 27/Dec/15
Dan, if his height varies between 2 it means he is definetly the lowest, hello!

By far the most clever thing I read around here in a while!
Matt179 said on 9/Jan/16
Hes probaly 179cm out of bed, Hes defenetly Height concious, he wear Lift and big heel dress shoes.

I got a dress shoes generic brand(Not elevator) That got 1.25 heel, they look perfectly normal. I can stuff a 1 Inch lift inside the shoes and walk completly normal. Im 178cm midday, With these shoes it take me to 183cm(6 feet).

At 6 feet i dont tower Anyone i meet everywhere i go, But also i dont get tower by anyone. Feels good.
Josh said on 9/Jan/16
Brad Pitt is even shorter than Matt Damon. Search Matt Damon and Gwyneth Platrow and you will see that she's taller a little bit than Matt with heels and Matt has no height boost. As we have seen before Brad is the same height as Paltrow barefeet.
mickey said on 9/Jan/16
5'11 seems correct. though he can appear to be 6ft with his good posture.
Aaron Zamora said on 8/Jan/16
He looked huge in the movie The big Short he looked much bigger than Finn Whitrock who you have listed here as 5'9. Brad really does give the impression of a 6'1 or taller man as Clooney states. His height is actually irritating!
John said on 8/Jan/16
I'm going to say he is about 5'10. He is as tall as Michelle Forbes and shorter than David Duchovny. I don't think he was allowed to wear lifts in Kalifornia.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 7/Jan/16
Or if I offer him a few billion dollars, and some classes to grow taller lol.
hijopotamus said on 7/Jan/16
Mat, because he is not 5'11"! It's so obvious he is shorter than Willis and Geena Davis in flats while Pitt in COWBOYS! If Geena is 6' and Brad 5'11" Brad should have looked same height or even taller as cowboys are 5 cm heel....2 inches!

Anyone has seen Brad barefoot? Not even in the beach! Only in that pic with Paltrow where they look same height.
Mat said on 5/Jan/16
Rob, why wouldn't Brad let anyone measure him? He is supposed to be honest about his height since he is listed everywhere as 5'11. It's not like he claims a bigger height or the public believes he is taller. Since you estimate him a legit 5'11, he shouldn't have any objections. Unless... he is not that tall ;)
Editor Rob: to retain an air of mystery.
Josh said on 5/Jan/16
Mat the second picture of yours shows Brad having a smaller bone structure than Norton! It's obvious.
Collin said on 5/Jan/16
unless he was 5'3+ LOL
176.2 said on 4/Jan/16
@Kim Jansson
Next time please measure the most important part of his body haha
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Jan/16
There's no way that Brad Pitt would EVER let somebody measure him (unless he was 6'0"+).
Editor Rob: the only way you'll get to measure Brad Pitt is if you agree to do it blindfolded.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 2/Jan/16
Could this be the guy? Click Here
Aaron zamora said on 2/Jan/16
Rob, do you personally believe that Brad Pitt wears lifts or not?
Editor Rob: I think he's obviously at times worn a bigger heel like a 1.5 range shoe. Other times I think he may well have used a 1/2 inch lift, the kind that fits in a dress shoe and really is harder to spot.
brendan said on 2/Jan/16
Rob did you check The Big Short premiere photos?
Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling was there.
I think they seemed same height or may be Gosling was just 1 cm taller.
What do you think Rob?
Editor Rob: Ryan could look no more than 6ft with Pitt, whose footwear really didn't look anything that suspicious!
Collin said on 1/Jan/16
You measured each other last year? Hahahaha! Are you sure he was Brad Pitt himself? lol. I think someone was trying to seduce you! lmfao
and if you think people have nothing good to do with their lives for posting here then you have found this website all of a sudden and out of nowhere I suppose? Who ever you are you made us laugh!
Josh said on 31/Dec/15
@Kim Jansson
I can't stop laughing. You're the funniest of all!
What did you think before posting exactly? Even if you were an A List superstar, Brad wouldn't let you wipe his back for him LOL
Derian said on 30/Dec/15
Honestly if he is short how is he standing taller than Claudia Schiffer. Even if he is using lifts he has to be tall enough to stand 6'0 or taller. That depends on Schiffer's real height though.
Kim Jansson said on 30/Dec/15
This is soo weird to read,havnt you people got better things to do? None of you knows **** and are just guessing and dissing each other. Im a danish actor,who are a friend of Brad. Im 180 cm and Brad is 177. We measured each other last year.
Mat said on 30/Dec/15
Rob, is it safe to say there's an inch between Pitt and Norton here? Click Here

Also look at that: Click Here

It's safe to say that Pitt had at least a 0.5 inch advantage on Norton shoe-wise in the film, and always came 0.5 shorter than Norton (who was slouching). Is 5'10.5 possible?
Editor Rob: stationery photos can be easier to judge than when people are in motion, but at times Pitt could look less than Norton, other times closer in height. Generally though, Pitt has the better posture out of the two.
Dmeyer said on 30/Dec/15
Just to let know , at telma and louise première Pitt has à shoes in the 1in type low cut and Witt almost no room for lifts also hé wasnt à list so no reason for , and hé looks close enaugh d'avis height like 1in smaller max and not more than 3,5-4in smaller than mac Donald whom i met met and was near 6ft3 10 years back
Heylo said on 29/Dec/15
Hijopotamus, He never looked under 5'10. Only in very strange angled photos where an NBA star would look like a midget (best example of this is the Ocean's 12 movie, in which he looks 5'8 or 5'7 next to George Clooney, the problem is that he is standing several meters from him, but for people who only glance at the photo, it looks like Brad is 5'8 and standing besides his pal George)
I've seen a lot of photos from the 90s. Go on Getty Images and search his name. Then go through the gallery from the 80s through the 90s. He did never look under 5'10, never. The Paltrow photo isn't as good evidence of his "5'9" height as you might think. Analyze the photo more and you will get an 5'10+ estimate of Brad's height.

Simple conclusion, he can't be under 5'10. If so, by a very small amount, almost unnoticeable.
Josh said on 28/Dec/15
In the picture that he is naked it is obvious that he has the legs of a 5'7-5'8 perosn. If you wanna claim 5'9 or 5'10 then his torso has to be unnaturally long! LOL
MarcusTheSwede said on 28/Dec/15
Hijopotamus: AGREE finally somebody seeing thru all crap. Brad hasnt magicly grown since movie with Geena Davis yeez and also liten to LEN below, Thanks hijopotamus
MarcusTheSwede said on 28/Dec/15
Hijopotamus: AGREE finally somebody seeing thru all crap. Brad hasnt magicly grown since movie with Geena Davis yeez Thanks hijopotamus
Dan said on 28/Dec/15
Geena Davis is 6 feet tall. Of course she's gonna look taller than him. And Bruce Willis had to be taller than him in 12 monkeys. It's the characters they were playing. I think Bruce Willis is easily 5-11, but could also be a little over 5-10. Brad Pitt is 5-10 and wears boots, big heeled shoes and sometimes lifts. That's why Pitt can near 6-0.
hijopotamus said on 27/Dec/15
Dan, if his height varies between 2 it means he is definetly the lowest, hello!
Shorter than Bruce Willies and shorter than Geena Davis even Pitt wearing cowboy boots! Pic with Paltrow, slightly taller than Redford. Too much evidence! PITT was never 5'11" in the 90s so theres no way he grew up in the 00s.
Dont you guys feel weird claiming 5'11"??
Dan said on 27/Dec/15
I'm anywhere from 5'10.5 to 5'11 and people assume I'm 6'0 to 6'1. I guess I would say Pitt is in the 5'10-11 range. I wouldn't pin a specific height on him since it always seems to change through his various roles.
hijopotamus said on 25/Dec/15
Under 5'10" for sure and 6' with his tricks.
Merry Xmas.
Blink said on 25/Dec/15
This is my take on it: Brad is 5'11 late night, which means throughout the day he ranges from 5'11.5-5'11. With shoes with an inch-an inch an a half (which isn't unreasonable at all), he would be at 6'0-6'1, which makes a lot of sense to me.
TJE said on 24/Dec/15
Emil, you're being WAY TOO GENEROUS!

Brad's MAYBE a weak 5' the morning.....on a perfect his platforms....and on his tiptoes.
Emil 183 cm said on 24/Dec/15
Haha, Rob, true that. But for real, Pitt being anything under than 5'10 is hysterical
Josh said on 24/Dec/15
Strong 5'10"? Who ONLY enjoys lifts? LOL!
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 23/Dec/15
177-178 cm guy said on 23/Dec/15
I've said it before and i'll say it again: Strong 5'10" guy who enjoys lifts.


Dan said on 23/Dec/15
5-7 lmao.
Idk said on 23/Dec/15
I think listing is accurate. A 5'10 guy would have a much harder time pulling off 6 footer look which Pitt has
177-178 cm guy said on 23/Dec/15
I've said it before and i'll say it again: Strong 5'10" guy who enjoys lifts.
Emil 183 cm said on 22/Dec/15
Brad Pitt is actually 5'7. He's just wearing lifts and has photoshopped every picture of himself
Editor Rob: in the future there may be some form of virtualization technology that projects a realistic holographic 'overlay', so the wearer can program their desired height.

you won't need photoshop, you'll have guys like Justin Bieber looking 6ft 8 in public in 50 years time!
Len said on 21/Dec/15
Pitt isn't over 5'10".

Plenty of pics with him not looking more than about 4" taller than ex Jennifer Aniston (who's about 5' 4.5", and in heels would have 1.5" of footwear over Pitt in dress shoes).
Dmeyer said on 21/Dec/15
There are plenty of pics were Pitt looks 5cm taller than paltow while Pitt has shoes with no lifts
Simon said on 20/Dec/15
Rob, is 5'11 peak and 5'10.3/4 now possible?
Editor Rob: Pitt is a pretty fit guy. Was he a smoker for a while? If so that would increase the risks of disc degeneration.

I think he's held his height well though, I doubt he's lost anything noticeable.
Dan said on 20/Dec/15
5'5 you don't know what you're taking about. No one is saying Brad is a bad person, but everyone in Hollywood lies about their height. It's part of the job to appear taller and better looking. It's a fact.
Josh said on 20/Dec/15
Now even retards know that Brad isn't 5'11 you stupid 5'5 person. You are a troll too for posting here.
yes he could be 5'8 if Paltrow was 5'7. Depends on her REAL height. And yes Robert Downey Jr looks around 6 feet with Jude Law even though he is short. Thanks to Hollywood for faking their stature.
5'5 said on 20/Dec/15
He's 5'11 and does NOT wear lifts or inserts, you jealous midget men with your jealous inferiority complexes. You lot trying to downgrade Brad Pitt's height to make yourselves feel better are hilarious as well as pitiful! Instead of debating, try being a philanthropic humanitarian like Pitt instead of online trolls that you are.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
People definitely make too much of the Paltrow pic. Remember, it's ONE pic. As Rob has shown many times, height differences can easily look bigger or smaller than they are in pics. Where did people get the idea that a pic will reflect the exact measured difference between two people? Plus, Pitt is still taller in the pic going by eye level, hairline and how much of his head his cut off by the frame. No, he doesn't look 2 inches taller, but it's not a perfect straight on angle anyway and probably taken from a distance. Looking 5'10" max in one pic doesn't mean he is.
dmeyer said on 20/Dec/15
All the pics were clooney is taller than brad have bad agles or clooney is Closer to camera
S.J.H said on 18/Dec/15
I know pitt could be 5'10 or 5'10.5 in reality as i have just seen the barefeet picture with a 5'9 gwyneth paltrow. Unless paltrow was 5'9.25 there pitt could comfortably hit 5'11. Added that clooney was not over 5'10 and maybe dipping few mm below 178cm and Damon 5'9.25
sebs said on 17/Dec/15
5'11 for the last time
MJKoP said on 17/Dec/15
5'11", plain and simple.
Dan said on 17/Dec/15
If Brad Pitt was 5-8 ( my height ), how do you explain him standing at 5-11 in flat Vans sneakers. Not tricky shoes like you guys say. Actual Vans sneakers. Sneakers that I own. Cole haan boots that I also own. Guidi boots. A 5-8 guy CANNOT pull of 5-11 to 6-0 in regular shoes or boots. You cannot fit two inch lift in a pair of normal fitting boots. It's impossible. The boot won't close. I've tried it before with an inch lift. Your feet start hurting like crazy. I've made countless posts on here tell you guys the specific brand and model of the shoes and boots he's worn for about ten years now. The only time Brad Pitt wears true elevator shoes is during major premiers when he's standing next tall celebs.
Dan said on 17/Dec/15
Lmao!!! 5-8!!! Now he's short. So now Pitt is as tall as Johnny Depp and Downey Jr. Hilarious bro.
nathaniel said on 16/Dec/15
5'10''.75 or 5'11''
hijopotamus said on 16/Dec/15
Dmeyer, we all saw pics of Clooney taller than Brad...
dmeyer said on 16/Dec/15
Clloney is not less than 179 peak at least and damon not less than 177 so its hard to see brad under 179.5-180 , in the sleepers pic up you can tell his foot is not lifted and that he get max 0,5-0,75 out of those and look 182cm with them on
Josh said on 15/Dec/15
Mat, you are no one to say anything EXACT and CERTAIN about his height. saying " no, he's nowhere near 5'9." is stupid. You haven't seen him to be this certain. I have a friend who saw him while filming moneyball and he said that Brad is around 5'9 or 5'8. Yes he is short. And yes you are fooled.
Mat said on 15/Dec/15
lil steve said on 13/Dec/15
Brad Pitt is exactly 5 feet 9 inches tall which is not bad at all. met him in Los An a while back. he's a cool dude. we were at the exact same eye level so I am almost more than certain. pretty average height. average sized man. I am a super big fan of his acting ability too. brad is an astonishing actor. very outstanding. his movies are obviously awesome. everybody loves this man and his high caliber performances. whatta great guy.

It's really funny how these downgraders are trying to mask their hate for actors saying a bunch of nice things along with their 2 inch donwngrade to make it sound believable. No, Pitt is nowhere near 5'9. If want to argue a lower height, argue 5'10 for him. Anything below 5'10 is nonsense. Pitt is somewhere in the 5'10-5'11 range for sure. A legit 5'10.5 at night sounds really probable to me, at that height you can appear tall with the right pair of shoes and posture to almost everyone.
Jim said on 14/Dec/15
Why does he look taller then eddie redmayne? Either eddie is 5'9 or Brad 6'1
Collin said on 14/Dec/15
Paltrow is not standing straight in that photo.
hijopotamus said on 14/Dec/15
Heylo, Rob had Brad at 6' not so long ago...
ok, lets asume Brad is taller than Paltrow, ok, but 2 inches??? are you crazy? half an inch at the very most! 5'9" Paltrow, under 5'10" Brad....under 5'10"...
Editor Rob: 10 years is a long time, he's been holding 5ft 11 for a long time now, he doesn't want to lose it...
TJE said on 13/Dec/15
You'll find more lift wearers on the General Height page than in Hollywood...Just sayin...
lil steve said on 13/Dec/15
I am an average sized guy too. "lil steve" just sounds better than plain ol "steve"
lil steve said on 13/Dec/15
Brad Pitt is exactly 5 feet 9 inches tall which is not bad at all. met him in Los An a while back. he's a cool dude. we were at the exact same eye level so I am almost more than certain. pretty average height. average sized man. I am a super big fan of his acting ability too. brad is an astonishing actor. very outstanding. his movies are obviously awesome. everybody loves this man and his high caliber performances. whatta great guy.
Heylo said on 12/Dec/15
Josh, I never saw Brad as tall. What I've said in the past on this site is that he could be anywhere around 178-181cm. I also said that he looks tall with some shoes. A journalist who met him said he looked tall as well. I'm sure he can LOOK tall in height boosting shoes. Tall = 6ft+

hijo, what do you mean "show us"? He is tilting his god damn head in the Paltrow photo. Look at his forehead and how he would look at least 1 inch taller than her if he stood up straight. The angle of the photo is not super perfect either. Of course we can't know for 100% though. I THINK he LOOKS like a natural 5'11 but counting in lifts, I think he COULD be 5'10 barefoot. But I DON'T think he's as low as 5'9.
You can think whatever you want. Rob has him listed at 5'11, 2 inches from his real height you say? No, Brad can't be fooling us all, looking 5'11 consistently through his life being 5'9...
Josh said on 10/Dec/15
Heylo, You think you're good at counting? you're not that good at it my friend. I saw your comments from very long ago that you argued with people and insisted on Brad's height being tall. Ok dude, just don't hurt yourself. I know the truth yes but I don't care if you'll accept it or not. Everything about Hollywood actors is fake. Brad's height is fake as well. He is short. End of story.
hijopotamus said on 10/Dec/15
Heylo, show us how he is 2,54 cm taller than 5'9 Paltrow.
What is obvious is that he is not 5'11"
so bad listing, Rob!
Heylo said on 9/Dec/15
Josh, yeah yeah yeah, keep talking like you know the truth. "no way on earth that he is taller than 5'9" lol. He can't be 5'9, it's impossible. Weak 5'10 maybe but as low as 5'9.. no.
Everyone who can count in angles and head tilting on photos know that Brad looks taller than Gwyneth by at least an inch. He's 5'10+.
RisingForce said on 9/Dec/15
I agree, bam, or at least I think he has to be between 5'10.5" and 5'11". Usually looks more 5'11.5"-6' due to boots and posture. Heylo, nobody has posted a direct 6 ft claim from Brad. He seemed to still be listed 5'11" at the time of Interview with the Vampire, but seemed to start getting 6 ft listings mid to late 90's. But for claims from Brad himself, the only one anyone has posted here is the 5'11" claim from 1987.
Josh said on 8/Dec/15
and Paltrow was listed 172 before all these 175 claims. These people trying to prove that Brad is 5'10 are either Brad Pitt himself commenting with different names or they are highly paid to close their eyes on the facts LOL
Josh said on 8/Dec/15
what does it have to do with other people wearing shoes. What I said is easily understandable. No 5'10 guy is in need of huge lifts! There is no way on earth that he is taller than 5'9. those lifts give him at least 12 cm height boost.
Josh said on 8/Dec/15
what does it have to do with other people wearing shoes. What I said is easily understandable. No 5'10 guy is in need of huge lifts! There is no way on earth that he is taller than 5'9. those lifts give him at least 12 cm height boost.
Dan said on 8/Dec/15
Brad was about 1-2 inches shorter than Geena Davis at the Thelma and Louise premiere. He was in flat rockabilly wing tip shoes. No way Geena Davis is under 6-0, when she's looked taller than Bruce Willis and about the same height as Tom Hanks and Sam Jackson. I think that Thelma and Louise is a big part of why people can think Pitt is in the 5-9 range. And guy 5-10 is gonna look small next to Davis.
dmeyer said on 8/Dec/15
Brad looks same height as Chris pine if You compare him to cumberbatch
bam said on 7/Dec/15
the guy is 5'11. Perfect height to look both tall or average. why debate this?
dmeyer said on 7/Dec/15
Click Here , 6'0.25 in This pic
hijopotamus said on 7/Dec/15
Josh, you are so right!! a guy that stands 5'11" as this site states, should be 6 feet with regular dress shoes. I'm 182 and I reach 188 with army boots plus an extra insole (not even a lift).
Why we never see Pitt barefoot? why he was the only one wearing boots in Troy??? hhmmm....a bit strange, huh? Brad is 5'10" max and after a good morning stretch. 5'9"ish in the evening. Too much evidence. Paltrow pic should should shut up everyone that disagrees with me.
Jason said on 7/Dec/15
@Josh You don't look 181 cm when you're 178 because you wear shoes, unless people are standing in socks. No way, he's not below 5' 9". He is 5' 10" at his lowest in my opinion, as stated in the audition form. Pretty average guy.
Joe said on 6/Dec/15

Brad Pitt actually looks the same height as Tarantino in his custom shoes: Click Here

I think this just confirms that Brad Pitt uses enormous lifts at times. Tarantino seems pretty secure about his height. He's a director, not an actor, and he seems to be truly 6'1'' with a broad frame as well. Gosling also strikes me as a pretty tall actor who is confident about his height. Brad Pitt is the one who feels insecure about his height because his stature doesn't match his ego. His listing at 5'11'' throws everything else off because it simply isn't true.
Dmeyer said on 6/Dec/15
The shortest i have seen Brad looks is with Tarantino and Paltrow but with can also look 5'11+
Dan said on 6/Dec/15
Guys, Brad Pitt is 5-10 and wears lifts to get up to 6-0 for premieres or anywhere that he'll be photographed with actors who are over 5-10. No mystery. He has very small feet ( he mentioned it in his 20's ) which allow him to wear inserts and elevator shoes and still appear to have regular feet. He has thick calves and thick ankles so when he wears shorts his legs don't look abnormally long with lifts.
dmeyer said on 6/Dec/15
Click Here , those add just over 0.25in 7mm i tried them with many shoes , if brad wear those in a 3.5cm shoes he get a lidl over 4cm boots thats a lot over a typical 0.9in shoe
Josh said on 5/Dec/15
to all these genius people claiming that Brad is 178! every 178 cm guy on this planet EASILY looks 181 cm with NORMAL shoes on! So he CLEARLY is short! and CLEARLY shorter than 5'9!
Dejavu said on 5/Dec/15
Something doesn't add up here. Brad Pitt could look up to 3 inches shorter than 6'1 Tarantino yet he could look similar to Ryan Gosling. Either Ryan Gosling is not as listed or Brad Pitt occasionally wears lifts.

Click Here
Click Here
Heylo said on 4/Dec/15
Well no surprise here about the lifts and the special designed shoes at certain premieres (not taking away anything from ABCs great explanation). But this doesn't change the fact that he just can't be 5'9 and then get taller than 6ft in those shoes.
IF there's anything wrong with this 5'11 listing, then it's not by much. As we said earlier, anywhere around 5'10 to 5'11 is possible.

I have to make this clear though: Brad's 5'11 listing is from his 80s days, his "official" height that he claimed in interviews since he became famous is 6ft. This has to be added into the description Rob. For some reason, the 5'11 listing has stuck and been his official height on the internet(which is good of course) but he always claims 6ft. So the 5'11 claim probably came from a more honest Brad back when he wasn't famous.
Dmeyer said on 4/Dec/15
@ Jeff , one of the best comment on hère , i have expérience with lifts Even à 1in lifts plus 1,4in heel might give barely 1.9-2in as the feet is not on the 2,4in total heel and especialy with the thin front dress shoes have Pitt is likely getting 1,4-1,7in
Dmeyer said on 3/Dec/15
Even if its not easy to walk with 1in lifts inside 1in low cut shoes is possible
dmeyer said on 3/Dec/15
In by the sea premiere in many look 1in taller than jole but in some 2in or almost pitt has barely 0.8-1in and jolie could have 0.5-0.75 in bigger than usual as we dont see her feet
Sam said on 3/Dec/15
From what I can see from the outside of their footwear Pitt has more heel on his shoes than Ryan Gosling does.
Collin said on 3/Dec/15
Yeah, you can tell by the way he stands that those lifts are massive. If you compare the size of his feet to Gosling's. You can obviously notice how petite Pitt is.
dmeyer said on 3/Dec/15
Click Here , 1in heel 1in lifts they give 1,65in a solid 4.1cm pitt should get aleast same boost as his heels are bigger but lifts a bit smaller 0.5-0.75in he could get 1.75in 4.4cm
Jeff said on 3/Dec/15
+1. I agree with what you say. I'm not part of the "elevator-shoe conspirationists" but there's no denial that Pitt's wearing lifts in those shoes at the premiere.
However, I don't think they add as much as 6cm. Heels + lifts add 4-4,5cm max to his barefoot height. That means 184,5cm but considering the other people at the event are obviously also wearing shoes that makes him 182,5. Considering his excellent posture, he looks an easy 6ft
Abc said on 2/Dec/15
In this pic of the "By the sea" premiere you can see the difference to his taylor made elevator shoes. In this case, it is a normal dress shoe with a small insole (foot only slightly pressed against the laces) and the "bridge" of the sole has a complete different angle compared to the shoes he was wearing at the premiere of "The big short".

Click Here

By the way, at this event he was only about 1 inch taller than Jolie, while at other events he has about 2 inches on her when she is in heels and he is in elevators.
It is like I said, 4 cm with a regular dress shoe with insole no problem, height boost of his elevator shoes are easy 6 cm.
Abc said on 2/Dec/15
I think some guys here really underestimate the boost the shoes give him which he is wearing at such premieres.
ALL of them are taylor made elevators, unlike i.e. Robert Downey Jr. who buys regular branded shoes (i.e. Gucci sneakers) and simply puts insoles in them.

There is a quite simple reason why Pitt´s shoes never look that bulky. Just take a look at the steep angle of the shoes "bridge" of their soles. If you take a regular dress shoe with a normal "bridge" and put insoles in them, the shoe will look the bulkier the bigger the insoles are you put in them as they are not designed to fit an insole. It is comparable to tiptoeing. Pitt is more or less tiptoeing in these shoes, and they are designed like a tiptoeing foot.
I don´t know on which devices people watch this site, but on smartphones and tablets you can perfectly zoom in and even see the outlines of his feet on some shots. Just to make it clear I adapted the two pics that I posted some days ago to show what i mean:

Click Here

Click Here

The best way to get a feeling for the height boosting effect is if you compare the angle of Pitt`s foot with the angle of the woman`s foot in highheels in the background. You can easily call his shoes "men heels", even though he wears them mainly at premieres and not every time.

There is absolutely no problem to gain an overall height boost of 4 cm with a regular 1 - 1.25 inch dress shoe and an insole. You only see that the foot is slightly pushed against the laces, but as long as the higher position of the ankle is hidden it is hard to tell. The harder the foot is pushed against the front of the shoe, the bigger is its lifting effect, all despite of the outside heel´s size, since the lift can be hidden inside
Dmeyer said on 2/Dec/15
Pitt shoes looks smaller than thé 2,3in dons rob has so they should give max 1.6-7in
Josh said on 1/Dec/15
Abc is right
it is obvious I mean the way his shoes are designed ! They are up in the air. His feet ain't reaching the ground obviously! very well said, he is walking on his shoes! I have never met a 5'11 or 5'10 guy wearing these kind of shoes to look taller! He is obviously around 5'8!
Josh said on 1/Dec/15
Abc is right
it is obvious I mean the way his shoes are designed ! They are up in the air. His feet ain't reaching the ground obviously! very well said, he is walking on his shoes! I have never met a 5'11 or 5'10 guy wearing these kind of shoes to look taller! He is obviously around 5'8!
Dmeyer said on 1/Dec/15
Click Here , not a good pic for pitt as he looks 1in taller than 5'9 steve while pitt has more shoes so 5'9.5 in that pic and lets say the fact that pitt is farer from camera and that makes him apear 2cm smaller so thats 5'10.25 minus the footwear week 5'10 and the other side can look barely 0.5in ryan if so
Dmeyer said on 1/Dec/15
Many shoes of Brad that looked suspicious after relooking well they looked normal
dmeyer said on 1/Dec/15
Abc you are right the other Guy has about 2.5cm shoe and Pitt dont got Much more but the foot pose is defenetly not normal but he wouldnt as Much as 5-6cm more 4cm since even a full in lifts wish Is unlikeky with the room he has would give only 0.6in extra as the foot Will be very curved and Will make a 6cm shoes become 4-4.5cm
dmeyer said on 1/Dec/15
@ abc your pic of his shoed do show the heel is more on the 1,2-1.3in than 0.8-1in and There isnt Much room for lifts so defenetly could be a small elevator the dons dress type That are 5cm total heel and lifts include That Will give near 1.5-1.6in 4cm because of pivoting since the shoe has a very thin front unlike sneakers or boots , or simply build in a way he could wear a 0.5in lifts plus 1.25in heel that should give him 1.5in near 4cm wish is enaugh to get an advantage over a typical 0.9in dress shoes 2.3cm style it could turn a 5'11 men into a 5'11.75 or 6ft because of impecable posture
camel said on 1/Dec/15
After the first pictures of Brad and Ryan I thought that Brad is min 5-11 but after seeing the pictures of their shoes and especially comparing them and seeing that Brad has just like I have dress shoes that give you 2-3 inches over barefoot height. Now I'm more and more comfirmed that Brad is more in the 5-10 region.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Nov/15
It's impossible to tell how tall one is while sitting down (dead serious). I'm 187-188 CM, and most people are roughly the same as me while sitting down (if not taller), but then I tower over or dwarf the same people on average. A friend of mine who is 5'7" is barely taller than me while sitting down.
Joe said on 30/Nov/15

His proportions look quite unnatural there. Long legs, short torso, short arms. Compare him to Gosling who looks much more naturally tall. It seems odd that one of the obvious lift wearers on this site is listed at his official height, instead of lower. You don't wear lifts if you aren't going to lie about your height.
hijopotamus said on 30/Nov/15
guys, its way easier!! look at Brad with no shoes on besides a 5'9" girl also barefoot. Oh wait...
Heylo said on 30/Nov/15
Joe, I agree about that he probably gets more from his shoes than Gosling gets, about an inch more. There's no denying in that Brad mostly have slightly bigger heels and potentially a small lift in his shoes but those shoes were still nothing extreme and it looked quite normal considering most people don't analyse shoes like we do.

Also, I want to add a thing or two about his "hollywood height". Yes, he is for some reasons popularly listed at 5'11 on the internet but in most of his magazine interviews, tv-shows, he has claimed 6ft. On Oprah, he claimed 6ft and in various magazines, his height is listed at 6ft. Brad probably knows that he can easily look 6ft in shoes. So a strong 5'10 to a weak 5'11 is the best guess on his height IMO.

And Dan, Hollywood has always been crazy about heights, James Dean(5'7) and Marlon Brando(5'8) were both adding one or two inches to their heights in their heydays. But you may be right that it's even more crazy today, I just go by what I've read, there could some misinformation here and there.
Dan said on 30/Nov/15
I think at the big short premiere he's wearing legit elevator shoes which give him a total boost of 2" - 2.5". That's all I can give considering the shoes don't have a big heel and the shoes are not super bulky. I've seen big elevator shoes before and they don't look like this.
Dmeyer said on 30/Nov/15
the shoe look normal but the lace area looks weird so 0.5in lifts is possible
Dan said on 29/Nov/15
I've always said it. Pitt can't be shorter than 5-10. It's the perfect height. A solid 5-10 with his bone structure is perfect. He's always been too fit and muscular to be any taller. If he were 6-0 he would've probably been some kind of athlete. If you look at the pics of Pitt and Gosling sitting down at a screening of big short in New York, you'll see that by their proportions sitting down, gosling is indeed an inch or two taller than Pitt. Gosling's legs are longer. It would be reasonable to assume that Gosling is indeed 6-0 or close to because Hollywood has become a lot more height conscious on the time he's been an a-list actor. In contrast to twenty years ago when Pitt became famous, an actor could still be about 5-9 and considered tall. Now, everyone has to lift for movies. Example is Robert Downey Jr and his 5 inch heels for iron man.
Joe said on 29/Nov/15
Pitt's shoes alone are probably giving him .75 inches over Gosling, plus an additional .75 or more from his lifts. Gosling is clearly the taller and larger-framed person.

I would know because when I shop for shoes, I always get ones with the highest heels. The difference between a generously heeled shoe and more modest one can be up to an inch, especially for dress shoes. That's also why I hate being barefoot around my friends because the relative advantage I have from my shoes is eliminated. Pitt is the same way, only to a more extreme degree since he uses lifts in addition to very high-heeled shoes. Isn't it odd that there isn't a single picture of him barefoot next to someone (except Gwyneth Paltrow in which he barely looks taller)? Also, given that he uses favorable footwear, wouldn't he do it in order to have his Hollywood listing (5'11'') be greater than his actual height? If he were 5'11'' barefoot at night, then of course he'd claim 6'0'' or 6'1''.
Willes190 said on 29/Nov/15
He looks 6'1 in all photos above
Abc said on 29/Nov/15
This is a revealing shot of his shoes of this event which clearly shows that they are not ordinary dress shoes

Click Here

If you zoom closely to his left shoe you can clearly see the side of his foot pushed against it and how massively elevated its position is. He is more or less walking on his shoes, not in them
Editor Rob: some small lifts or small elevators are hard to tell. A half inch internal lift and a 1.2 heel and suddenly it can give a decent boost over another guy with a 1 inch heel...

Abc said on 29/Nov/15
Sorry dmeyer, but once again you prove that you are absolutely clueless regarding height enhancing footwear.

Click Here

The guy next to Pitt wears a regular dress shoe that gives about 2,5 - 3 cm.
Compare the position of their feet and how the front of pitt's foot is massively pushed against the laces, he is basically tiptoeing in this shoes. They give 5-6 cm minimum
Blink said on 29/Nov/15
I've said it once and I'll say it again: Brad will never measure below 5'11 flat in my honest opinion and there's a strong chance he's a bit above that mark, 5'11.25-5'11.5.
Dmeyer said on 29/Nov/15
considering pitt shoes look normal he pulls off easy 5'11.75 near gosling
Dmeyer said on 29/Nov/15
those shoes he wore near gosling dont even look more than 3cm so he barely has 0.5-1cm more shoes max and yet look very close in height with a guy who is aleast 186cm in shoes or maybe gosling is just a 182.5-183cm guy
hijopotamus said on 28/Nov/15
heylo, are you kidding??? those are very tricky shoes!!
Elias said on 28/Nov/15
Brad Pitt looks 6ft - 6'0.5 next to Ryan Gosling. It's impossible for Pitt to be under 5'11. He is definitely a very strong 5'11,or even a week 6ft.My guess for him is 182 cm.
Allie said on 27/Nov/15
5'10-5'11. I wouldn't guess anything over or below that range imo..
Allie said on 27/Nov/15
5'10-5'11. I wouldn't guess anything over or below that range imo..
Joe said on 27/Nov/15

Brad Pitt looks like he's wearing some serious lifts next to Gosling, who would clearly be the taller person if they were both barefoot.

Also, the way he's bending in the last picture looks a lot more like a woman wearing high heels than a man wearing normal dress shoes.
Dmeyer said on 27/Nov/15
Click Here , even if brad stand slightly better and has 1cm more shoes that gives him 2-2.5cm since ryan stands ok so ryan is aleast 6'1.25-1.5in shoes on its hard to see pitt under 5'11
Heylo said on 27/Nov/15
Ted, yes, he looks to have some cm on Gosling on some of the photos but I actually think Gosling was a bit taller if you look at more photos... Not much though. Looked like a 181cm vs 183cm situation.
Ted said on 27/Nov/15
Guys, I really think he is doing some kind of magic. I mean, look, just check out the photos of his latest appearance for the movie By the Sea. He looks the same height as Jolie, maybe a cm taller. Although most of the time we see him having 2 inches over her. How is that?

I was curious to see him standing next to 6ft Gosling and Bale in The Big Short. And was surprised to him having 1 or 2 cm over Gosling. And he was not wearing boots or anything.

I mean this guy is clearly over 5'11. That's for sure.
Heylo said on 27/Nov/15
Dan, haha maybe that's just the way he likes to stand, who knows? I know that people sometimes comments on my very straight posture and I have always had that very straight posture... It's not something I've thought of just too look taller or anything, I've done it since I was a kid. Brad could obviously be height conscious but also have that posture "naturally". I know myself that I feel very weird changing my posture so it looks more "relaxed", It's just not me. I could imagine the same for a lot of other people so why not for Brad.

I saw those pictures with Gosling. Brad certainly looks his listed height, depending on angle, even taller than 5'11, more like 5'11.5.
But Gosling often had a more relaxed neck and shoulder posture which made him very close to Brad's height in some photos. When they both looked completely straight, you could see that one inch difference pretty clearly.
Here's photos:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Keep in mind that Ryan may look taller than usual because of his facial structure difference in compared to Brad. Brad has a very wide face, Ryan, quite rectangle like which makes him look slimmer overall.

Here's photos of their shoes:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Doesn't look like anything special to me, he could not get a massive amount of height from those but I'm certainly no expert. I could imagine at most two inches from those shoes (including potential small lifts will say).
We will probably see Brad next to Christian Bale in the upcoming weeks as well?
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 26/Nov/15
Dan said on 23/Nov/15
So Brad just showed up to the premiere of the big short and was photographed next to Gosling. He looks about the same height but also looks about an inch shorter in a few pics. The guy obviously really knows how to look 5-11


Barefooted Gosling is 6'0" even, Pitt is - at the very most - 5'10.5". His footwear and posture can give that strong 5'11" impression at times though, for sure.
Dan said on 23/Nov/15
Brad Pitt's posture will always be impeccable because if know anything about him, you'll know the guy has an extremely strong core. His lower back and abdominal muscles are made of iron.
Dan said on 23/Nov/15
So Brad just showed up to the premiere of the big short and was photographed next to Gosling. He looks about the same height but also looks about an inch shorter in a few pics. The guy obviously really knows how to look 5-11
Joe said on 23/Nov/15
I find it very hard to believe there are only 2 inches between a barefoot Brad Pitt and a barefoot Barack Obama.
Dan said on 19/Nov/15
Heylo, that's what i believe. 5-10' or only a tiny unnoticeable amount under.
Heylo said on 19/Nov/15
Hijopotamus, You can't say that "I bet he have lifts inside" when we don't know. In those regular sneakers he may pull off a very small lift but it's really pointless to discuss that since we don't know. Better are the photos where we know that he have lifts.
I don't think you have to be delusional believing Brad to be 5'11, he could really be some mm off the 5'11 mark and closer to 5'10 but how does that make a 5'11 guess "delusional"? It's not the easiest thing to do, getting someone's height by the dot just by looking at photos. I believe like many says here, that he can be anywhere between 5'10 and 5'11, he doesn't look 5'9 like you might believe. Majority of photos with decent angles (very important to note since some weird camera angle can distort everything and give crazy illusions) counting in paltrow photos = 5'10-5'11.

The lowest I personally could go for him is slightly under 5'10 but that is really pushing it, perhaps way too low actually.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 18/Nov/15
hijopotamus said on 18/Nov/15
Brad is wearing THICK shoes and I bet have lifts inside. Lads that think hes 5'11" you are delusional


Yeah, I think at most he's 5'10.5".
hijopotamus said on 18/Nov/15
Brad is wearing THICK shoes and I bet have lifts inside. Lads that think hes 5'11" you are delusional
sebs said on 16/Nov/15
Pitt is clearly 5'11, literally every film hes in he always appears above average, with good posture and footwear he appears taller, stop trying to bring the man down to appear shorter than he is.
Aaron zamora said on 16/Nov/15
I have a question is 5'11 his peak height or the height that you believe that he is at this age? I also wanted to ask if your estimates of heights like Brad's 5'11 height for example, if it's his maximum height or the lowest height that he might be.
Editor Rob: for guys who are fit like Pitt, I think many will reach 50 without much of a loss that you would see (a small few mm maybe) so I'd think he was 5ft 11 or near it for last 20 years.
Mat 5'10.25 said on 16/Nov/15
Click Here

At 2:20 is the MONEY SHOT. Both Jimmy AND BRAD PITT are wearing flat shoes for once! I see a clear inch between them AND Brad has camera advantage. Care to explain that admin?
Editor Rob: from the clip I can't see enough to say there would be a full inch difference there.
Dan said on 15/Nov/15
In the Fallon break dancing video Pitt is wearing vans sneakers. Hardly a tricky shoe
hijopotamus said on 15/Nov/15
177guy, ridiculous or not is irrelevant. Face the fact and have a look at those pics with Paltrow.
Aaron Zamora, Brad is shorter than Fallon and Brad IS wearing lifts or tricky shoes AS USUAL, I mean a guy who wears boots on the beach is very strange unless he hides something ➖his real height!
Aaron zamora said on 14/Nov/15
There's a video on Jimmy Fallon's YouTube account with Brad Bitt and him dance battling. If you forward towards the end of the video they are back to back. Jimmy Fallon beats him by like half an inch to an inch. You should check that out Rob. I'm not saying that Brad Pitt is short I'm just saying that he might be 5'10 1/2-3/4 at this age now or Jimmy Fallon might have a shoe advantage.
Josh said on 14/Nov/15
Brad's barefeet photo is a very good evidence to show that he ain't any taller than 5'9. Also a friend of mine knew Brad in person and he said he's 5'9 with normal shoes on!
177cmGuy said on 14/Nov/15
I say 5'10 2/3 is an arguable range but 5'9 is ridiculous. With good posture, thick footwear and thick hair a strong 5'10 guy can easily look 6'0-6'1.
plus said on 13/Nov/15
No less than 181 cm, just look at the pic with Claudia Schiffer 5.11, even if he has 2.5 cm advantage in shoes and posture, he must be like 1 cm taller easily
Mr175 said on 12/Nov/15
180 is actually a very good shout. Theres no way he's going around day to day with lifts in his trainers, certainly not more than 0.5 because it would damage his posture. I reckon he does have short legs, maybe 30 inseam but a longish torso that makes up for it. Even when bulked he didn't look stocky ever...even with lifts you can observe someone's body dimensions and judge height pretty accurately. If Brad had slightly longer limbs he'd be a 6 foot 1 man and he knows it...that's his frustration I think, because otherwise 5 11 is a very decent height
ElDuderino said on 12/Nov/15
Pitt can look 6 feet, I'd guess 5'11.5
Ryan Fiveten said on 10/Nov/15
Yeah, 5'11" seems about right for Brad.
Dan said on 10/Nov/15
I saw Pitt in person at the TCL Chinese theater in Hollywood for the AFI premiere of By the Sea. He and Angelina walked into the theater and she presented the film, he was in a tuxedo and she was in a gown with heels. I have the video and photos taken on my phone. Whatever shoes they were both wearing, Pitt was only 1-1.5" taller than her. You can see the images from that night all over the Internet.
Sam said on 9/Nov/15
Would be interested to see if Pitt stands by Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale promoting their upcoming film together. Of course, Pitt is rather more likely to sport bigger footwear than the other two guys, Bale seems especially indifferent to standing or looking tall at events.
dmeyer said on 8/Nov/15
In bettween 179-181 for pitt , he coulnt look 5'11.5-6ft if he was less than 179 since he is not wearing the rdj style , and if he was 181+ he would have looked taller with the cubans and exelant posture
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Nov/15
5ft10 is too low
Allie said on 6/Nov/15
Brad being as short as 5'9? come on people..
Paleman said on 6/Nov/15
Anything under 5'10" is a joke, and even that seems unlikely low. He looks like he's standing AT LEAST 5'10.5" to 5'10.75".

In my opinion, a solid 5'11" is a good shout. I guess 5'11.25" could be possible as well, but still unlikely... Definitely not above that. I think the man looks as 5'11" as a 5'11" guy can look.
6'1 Joe said on 4/Nov/15
He's certainly more of 5'11" than 5'10". He can be anywhere between 5'10.5" and 5'11.25".
ManKo said on 2/Nov/15
I dont think lifting will make you shorter. There are many professional strongman such as Bill Kazmaier that lifted way heavier than all of us, ans that Arnold himself and he is still around his peak height, 188cm or 6´2. Porb steroids got more to do than lifting. Steroids can promote osteoporosis, which can cause heigh loss.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 31/Oct/15
He's probably either 178 - 179 cm I'd say. An outside chance he's only 177. But he's certainly not as short as 175 imo.
V said on 30/Oct/15
Haha 5'9 is a joke... Hippo please keep your nonsensical comments to yourself.
hijopotamus said on 29/Oct/15
He looks, he looks, he looks...all comments are irrelevant unless you see him barefoot. This guy is obviously shorter than we all think. Why would you wear customs-lifts-heels ALL THE TIME??
If Gwyneth is 5'9" this guy is 5'9"
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 26/Oct/15
He looks to be about 5'11" by Jim Carrey, who was 6'1 1/4"-6'1 1/2" in person.
dmeyer said on 23/Oct/15
With carrey looking at all pics he looks a solid 4cm smaller while he has near 2cm more shoes so 5'11 again
amaterasu said on 22/Oct/15
His footwear will make any 5'10" guy look 6'0" easily. I'm personally okay with 5'11" for him, but he's wearing custom made dress shoes with huge heels, and he doesn't even need to pack lifts inside to look close to 6'1" with those heels.
dmeyer said on 22/Oct/15
Click Here , no 6 foot men they are on same floor and pitt has 0.3in more shoes
dmeyer said on 22/Oct/15
Here same floor and pitt has slight more footwear like 0.3in he looks 5'11 as clooney is 5"10.5-10.75 and clooney has less shoes , in several pic when pitt and clooney have similar shoes and posture there is max 1cm between them
dmeyer said on 22/Oct/15
To me he looks 5'11.5-11.75 alot because of his 0.5in footwaer advantage and good posture near 6ft , when in mormal shoes he can look 5'10.5-11 and with thin shoes can look 179ish , all indicates a 5'11 guy
Justanotherguy said on 20/Oct/15
Brad Pitt is also closer to the camera which makes him look taller than the rest. There is no reason to believe Kevin Bacon is wearing lifts in his shoes and he doesn't have a reputation for wearing lifts. They look like ordinary oxfords to me (really shiny). If you assume no one is has any significant footwear advantage of any kind and consider that Pitt is standing closer to the camera, than in that picture he doesn't look anything over 5'10'5, Possibly even 5'10. But that's the lowest I think is reasonable for Brad Pitt.
Dan said on 20/Oct/15
In the group cast image with bomer bacon and clooney, Brad is wearing Vans Wool Alomar shoes in the grey wool color. They're discontinued now but you can see images of them if you google image. You can it a lift inside no bigger than 1.25". And they're very flat shoes. I actually own the same shoes lol. Google image Vans Wool Alomar.
Dan said on 20/Oct/15
Yolosan. The boots that Pitt more next to him carry are the same boots he wore on trl next to Bana. I'm pretty sure they are one of the few elevator shoes Pitt wears when he's on tv and needs to stand next to way taller people. Also, some people just like boots. It's more about style than comfort. I love boots.
Jed said on 20/Oct/15

Not sure what picture you're looking at mate. He's got a good couple of cm on Clooney and is wearing far flatter shoes. Plus look at the length of his trousers to the crotch line versus everyone else's in that row. He's not wearing lifts and is more than likely giving up at least 0.5" in footwear.

The bloke is almost certainly 5'10.5-5'11.5. Can't see anything outside of that range. 5'11 flat is probably spot on.
dmeyer said on 20/Oct/15
clooney is ddefenetly not more than a solid 179cm today as he looks barely as tall as pitt in 0.7in type while george has 1.3ish
Jed said on 20/Oct/15

Bacon is wearing dress shoes and has a noticeably high crotch line compared to Pitt and Bomer suggesting that if anyone's wearing lifts it's him. Regardless, his shoes would be giving him an advantage over BP yet looks up to an inch shorter. Pitt is practically wearing plimsolls and Clooney is wearing boots yet BP is still 0.5" taller.

Or to put it another way:

BP is taller than 3 guys who are listed from 5'10-5'11.25 wearing shoes which (alongside the length of the trouser legs) aren't magically giving him anything over than an inch at an absolute max (that's if he's thrown a pair of lifts in them). Meanwhile two out of the other 3 are wearing boots / dress shoes yet are still shorter than him by over 0.5".

If Pitt is under 5'10.5 then Bomer is under 5'11, Clooney is under 5'10 and Bacon is about 5'9.5.
hijopotamus said on 19/Oct/15
Jed, no, we cant see his footwear. What we see is a 5'10" George Clooney taller than Brad, thank you.
Justanotherguy said on 19/Oct/15
How does that picture destroy the sub 5'10.5 claims? Kevin Bacon is 5'10 and looks just barely shorter and Brad Pitt is closer to the camera. Kevin Bacon also looks the same height as Matt Bomer who claims 5'11.
Dmeyer said on 18/Oct/15
It is very possible brad has no lifts at all in those he Gets 0.6-0.7in , so similar to bomer who has flat 0.5-0.6in type and a good 0.5-0.6in under Clooney who has a 1.3in type , and yet looks easily as tall as both so has to be close to 6ft with those flats on the Guy is 5'11
Jed said on 17/Oct/15
I think this picture (and the one where it's head on) pretty much destroys any sub 5'10.5 claims:

Click Here

You can see the footwear, posture etc. Matt Bomer is closer to the camera and looks 0.5-1" smaller in the face on picture (although his posture isn't quite as good), and from the wide angle BP still looks a bit taller.

There could be a small lift in his shoes, but you can see he's not got over an inch in footwear over Bomer which pretty much pegs him as at least being close to 5'11.

Pitt looks 5'11 in nearly every picture he's in. Occasionally he 'grows' to over 6' but that's just obvious lift wearing on red carpet events which seems to be a common thing for superstar actors to do at those events.
Heylo said on 17/Oct/15
Dan & dmeyer, absolutely, I just wanted to add that he HAVE looked 6'2 in shoes, even though it hasn't been very often. I think we all know that Bana is absolutely several inches taller than Brad, I'm definitely not against it.

By the way, why do you dmeyer have to use the word "destroyed"? Like Bana is superior to Brad because of his height or something.. I'm sorry, I've heard that phrase before but I just think it's hilarious.
Dan said on 17/Oct/15
You see in the pic Dmeyer posted, Bana is like 3-3.5" taller than Pitt. On Trl there was only about an inch or less difference. Meaning some places Pitt wears elevator shoes and all other times he wears small
Inserts inside. About 1"-1.25". When he wears boots he gains two inches, putting him very close
To 6-0
Yolosan said on 16/Oct/15
I have seen the real footage of Brad Pitt talking to Jim Carrey back then on MTV. Pitt was wearing some light coloured high heeled cowboy boots, I am 99,99% sure about this. Not that I was focusing on his footwear at all, I just noticed it by accident. Carrey was stiil taller. I actually wondered why so many actors wore cowboy boots, since they didn't look that comfortable. Now I know the reason.
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/15
Click Here , Pitt in some pics us destroyed by bana
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/15
In troy première pitt looks more 5'11-11.25 180-1cm than 5'10.75-11 179.5-80cm
dmeyer said on 16/Oct/15
Same floor shoes and posture Solid 3in between them at most he looks 181cm in those pics
Dan said on 15/Oct/15
Guaranteed, he was wearing elevator shoes on the mtv trl appearance. Look at the premiere of the time travelers wife and all other Troy premieres. Bana edges him out by like 3" inches on the dot. On trl they were almost same height
Dan said on 15/Oct/15
Heylo, not including during the filming of Troy, Brad Pitt has always looked at least 3" shorter than Bana. Except for the mtv trl with Pitt and Bana and his appearance at the kids choice awards where he was photographed with Jim Carrey. At those two events, he wore boots that I can't recognize, and that he never wore in his personal life. Leading me to believe that yes, those may have been in fact, elevator shoes. Look at the trl appearance and all the other troy photo calls and premieres.
Dan said on 15/Oct/15
Heylo, not including during the filming of Troy, Brad Pitt has always looked at least 3" shorter than Bana. Except for the mtv trl with Pitt and Bana and his appearance at the kids choice awards where he was photographed with Jim Carrey. At those two events, he wore boots that I can't recognize, and that he never wore in his personal life. Leading me to believe that yes, those may have been in fact, elevator shoes. Look at the trl appearance and all the other troy photo calls and premieres.
Heylo said on 13/Oct/15
Parker, Judging on his very long pants and other photos from the same event, Brad seemed to have had some big boots that day and he could very likely have put in a small insert as well. I'm certainly no expert in this though but I've seen other photos from that event with Bana and Brad looks to have unusually big boots.
He had the same boots and long jeans when he met Jim Carrey too: Click Here and Click Here And looked a tad bit taller (IMO, hard to know exactly).

And Dan, I don't agree with you at all. He has looked 6'1 a few times outside of movies, the examples with Bana and Jim Carrey.. This doesn't rule out the strong 5'10 guess though. But it's quite hard hitting over almost(!) 6'2 at 5'10 and look normal, at least that's what I think...

In Fight Club for example he had a bit thicker shoes than his co star Edward Norton who wore normal black shoes (ca 1inch of height boost). Edward slouched throughout most of the film and looked very similar or a tad bit shorter than Brad Pitt. Nowadays, when Ed and Brad meet on certain events, Brad looks the same height as in Fight Club. In other words, Brad seems to be wandering around with a small boost in his shoes 24/7 to look like a "natural" 6footer.
Alucard said on 13/Oct/15
Parker the measurements on this site are the billed ones you can find everywhere else, except here it is based on debate and they can change... The ones with Rob and celebs pictures are usually more correct, but not always... As i said Cameron Diaz is no more than 5'6, and Pitt real height has always been around 5'9, agree to disagree...
dmeyer said on 13/Oct/15
Brad and aaron taylon look bang on same height pitt is 5'11
hijopotamus said on 13/Oct/15
Alexita1992, looooooool
Idk said on 13/Oct/15
Think he's the full 180. He tries to look 6 foot so wears lifts. All of you claiming he's 5'9 or barely 5'10 are pathetic
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 13/Oct/15
I've met Eric Bana in person, and he's lucky if he's over 6'2". He seriously could even be like 6'1 3/4" as it could have been a tie between us. I think that his frame and posture are what makes him appear taller.
Dan said on 12/Oct/15
Google image Brad Pitt Coke haan g series boots and you'll see the boots he wore from 2006 to 2008. The itself gives 1 and 1/8 inches. The whole should with insoles probably give maybe 1.25. Maybe. Now, you can fit an insert in them but depends on what size you use and Pitt has always used good fitting shows. He's never ever worn long clown shoes so I'm guessing he maybe wear his exact size or a half size bigger. That would be 9-9.5 or possibly a 10 in Cole haan sizes. In the Cole haan g series boot exactly his but size 10.5, you can only wear 1" insert. Anything bigger and you can't walk and the boots feel too tight
Dan said on 12/Oct/15
Click Here

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see Brad Pitt candid as hell with Garrett Hedlund who is listed as 6-2
alexita1992 said on 12/Oct/15
Like Beckham, he is a guy who probably claims a little bit than his real height. 181-182 would be more accurate
Parker said on 12/Oct/15
Alucard said on 11/Oct/15
Sorry Parker but do you know for a fact that Cameron Diaz is a legit 5'8? She's not, try 5'6

No, I'm just going off what's listed here for Diaz and Bana. Maybe you should ask Rob to overhaul the whole site to get Pitt in at 5'9?
Dan said on 12/Oct/15
He's definitely 5-9.75 - 5-10. No taller, no shorter. When he wears his boots ( not custom boots, designer boots) he gets up to 5-11 or a bit over that. When he wears boots with inserts. He hits 6-0. Any other time he's been taller than that is in movies when he wears special shoes. He's not a tall guy but he's definitely not short at all. I think anyone above 5-9 should be considered above average. Anyone above 5-10 should be considered tall. Anyone above 6-0 is considered very tall. And anyone above 6-5 is no longer Hollywood height. That's getting into athlete height. Trust me, Pitt had special shoes made for him in Troy to not look to short next to Eric Bana. He was in a skirt with his legs very visible and he never looked extremely weird or awkward. The guy even ran around and jumped in the custom shoes. I say no one can say Pitt is under 5-10. Like I said 5-9.75 is the lowest.
Yolosan said on 11/Oct/15

That pic with Bana is just exposing Pitt again for wearing lifts. How come Bana TOWERS over Brad in other pics, yet looks the same height here? Bana has not been known for wearing any kind of lifts, so the obvious answer is: Brad changes in height so much because of his footwear.
N said on 11/Oct/15
I'd guess a one inch heel with about 3/8's insole plus an inch and a half lift for most of his preferred footwear. So that's almost 3 inches which means his foot doesn't look uncomfortably stooped upwards like Downey Jrs. So at around 5'10.5" barefoot at the most, 6'1 isn't out of the question as a reachable lift. If he lifts his forefoot too (maybe by 3/8's) it'll make his foot posture look even more natural. Thoughts rob?
Alucard said on 11/Oct/15
Sorry Parker but do you know for a fact that Cameron Diaz is a legit 5'8? She's not, try 5'6... Pitt is around 5'9, cm more cm less, always has been... And Eric Bana being close to 6'3 is another fantasy...
Pierre said on 11/Oct/15
Comparison Eric bana with Brad:Eric Bana is listed 6'2.25 but he's not 6"2.25 IMO=when he's next to Karl Urban in some pictures he's a little taller than Karl=+2cms IMO.Karl is the good proof IMO because he's in a picture next to 5"8' Rob=we can see that Rob in this picture has the more bad posture.Rob say he has about a quarter inch shoes than Karl's shoes,then....Eye of Rob is just under the mouth of Karl=so eye to eye=8 cm~ IMO.The difference is a little forehead and not a 1/2 head IMO(1/2 head is~ 11/12 cms IMO).IMO Karl is 181 cm,so Eric Bana is a 183 cms guy IMO.And a 183 cms guy in classics shoes(1 inche)= 185.5 cms IMO.Brad look -1 inche in some pictures next to Eric and in some pictures Brad next to Eric = 2 inches difference IMO.
MarcusTheSwede said on 10/Oct/15
Parker: Are you high? Brad Pitt is at best 176-178 st best without his heels or insoles. At best. He is just a nudge at best over Matt Damon. Movie industri need Brad to be 180cm height but in reality he is not. Every single person that see him irl testify that. And he is also known to wear extra special made boots and shoes in movies and Wears heavy bike boots and special heel build up shoes on events. And insoles in his shoes. Im a huge fan of Brad but I tell you all this right Know his 180cm claim is false and this listing is not correct. A friend who are over in LA couple of years promoting Swedish actors seen Brad several times and he tell me also Brad isnt taller Then his brother that is 178 and no more when he Wears his converse and that in mind Brad had dress shoes snd bike boots so no BP is not 180cm you all need to see reality for what it is not what Hollywood wants the actors to be big diffrence sometimes. Thanks
Parker said on 9/Oct/15
@Heylo. I disagree. Eric Bana is listed at 6'2.25 on this site so will stand at 6'3 in almost any type of footwear. I don't think Pitt looks 'nearly' 6'1 in his shoes next to him in this pic. I think he looks 'nearly' 6'2! What do you think?

Click Here
Heylo said on 8/Oct/15
No one said he's 6'1. IN SHOES he has looked nearly 6'1 next to other people. Obviously in lifts..
Parker said on 8/Oct/15
Alucard said on 6/Oct/15
Paltrow is not over 5'8 at best

Here's "5'8' " Paltrow with 5'8 Cameron Diaz
Click Here
Click Here
Blink said on 7/Oct/15
I'm still convinced he might be a bit over a flat 5'11, closer to 5'11.25 in my opinion.
hijopotamus said on 7/Oct/15
Alucard, ssshhh Pitt's REAL height is taboo!
Alucard said on 6/Oct/15
At least 6'1?!? Oh my, fantasyland... Paltrow is not over 5'8 at best, and that's still tall for a woman, same for Schiffer who in reality is around 5'10... Brad Pitt real height has always been around 5'9 without the notorious crazy lifts he usually uses... Claims about him being close or over 180cm are complete fantasies... 
Jim Hopper said on 5/Oct/15
With Tom in the vampire movie hes got to be around 5-11"
Matthew190 said on 4/Oct/15
Not a chance he's 6'1". I'd be surprised if he was anything more than 5'10.5".
hijopotamus said on 4/Oct/15
Gwyneth is not 5'9" according to people that met her.
Pierre said on 3/Oct/15
5"9'75 is possible if Gwyneth is a real 5"9'

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