How tall is Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt's Height

5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for movies such as Se7en, Fight Club, Snatch, Oceans Films, Troy, Inglorious Bastards, Interview With The Vampire and World War Z. A newspaper article on heights (washington post) quoted as saying people had seen Pitt put down 5ft 10 on an audition form for his height. Well, before he was A-list, aged 24 he wrote his own height as 5ft 11 in a teen magazine profile. At times he can appear taller, but with impeccable posture and at times, in the last few years, cuban type heels, that is a given. Even his good friend George Clooney was wise to his footwear, saying once in USA Today that "He's tall. He's like 6-1. It's irritating."

How tall is Brad Pitt
Brad with Angelina Jolie, Jonah Hill and Claudia Schiffer
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5ft 10.69in (179.6cm)
Pierre said on 22/Jan/17
Georges Clooney is listed 5"10.75' in this site.Here is a picture Georges Clooney next to Brad Pitt,Brad is closer to the camera so logically advantaged,he look shorter than Georges imo= Click Here
William St. Clair said on 22/Jan/17
She is listed as 181cm here, that's good enough for me. If you want to claim otherwise, you should submit supporting documents and concrete references on her page. Oh wait, you can't because she really is 181. She's a top model and she was Karl Lagerfeld's muse... hello? hello? anybody home???
Maybe Brad was wearing heels for some of the shots but that was his character's outfit, nothing to do with height enhancement. Also, I can guarantee you he wasn't lifting in those shoes because you clearly see him running over uneven terrain. If you're saying he could do that in heels + lifts, either you are completely deluded or you're the one trolling...
And one question for you, Redford's been in the business for decades. He knows every trick of the trade. When he saw Brad wearing heels, what makes you think he didn't decide to wear lifts in his shoes?
He's been a leading man for most of his career, you're telling me he'd suddenly decide to look like a dwarf next to Pitt? C'mon, that's just crazy.
As for the Paltrow pics, he is everything but standing straight when next to her. He is leaning even more than the tower of Pisa and the shot is taken at an angle and from a distance so they don't really inform on his height. Look at all his other pics with her and he's always taller.
Just admit it, you just can't bear thinking that he's over 6'
Hijopotamus said on 22/Jan/17
St. Clair, stop the trolling. What did Redford say? Just google pics of them and see the huge heels Brad was sporting and barely taller than 5'9" at his peak Redford.
Schiffer said she was 5'10" on german tv years ago. 5'11" in her compcard and we all know about agencies...
James Corden is same height as Gwyneth and Gwyneth is taller than Pitt. Watch the pic of Brad and Gwyneth both naked and kissing. NOW, WATCH BRADS FEET...oh he is standing on a little step. Hmmm interesting, right?
Pierre said on 22/Jan/17
@Honestslovene= Look at the video James Corden/Gwyneth Paltrow=Gwyneth isn't taller than James imo
William St. Clair said on 21/Jan/17
Setting aside all other points of contention, just look at the Schiffer pic. She is definitely 182cm and his eyeline is about 2 inches taller than her's. They're both in a relaxed posture so...
He towers over Jonah Hill and many of the Ocean 11 cast. He made Redford look really short in Spy Games. Why would Redford agree to that? There's no tricks people, he really is 6'1 and can appear 6'2 sometimes, as in next to DeGeneres.
Isn't Hiddleston 6'3 or something so it would makes sense he appears taller than Brad.
HonestSlovene said on 21/Jan/17
@Pierre Corden: 5'8", Paltrow: 5'9", Pitt: 5'10.5".
Pierre said on 21/Jan/17
If Gwyneth is 5"10' James Corden is 5"10'.Unlikely imo
Dan said on 20/Jan/17
William, where the hell did you get that Brad and Morgan were barefoot in that bathroom scene? The camera never shows their feet. Brad never towers anyone. Although he does always seem to have an inch or an inch a a half over most average celebs. There is a pic with him and Samuel Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans taken back stage at the 2013 or 2014 MTV awards and they all appear taller than Brad. There's also a very new pic of Brad with Chris Cornell and Zach Galafanakis from last week and both Chris and Brad are in boots. Chris looks about two inches taller than Brad and Chris ALWAYS has very relaxed posture. Cornell is easily 6-1 barefoot.
Justanotherguy said on 20/Jan/17
I don't think he wears lifts as often as people think he does. He likes to wear boots with extra heel but occasionally he probably wears small lifts. He's just looks maxing because his career and status largely depend on his image.
Kaneff said on 20/Jan/17

because 5'11 isn't tall and he wants to appear tall 6'+, especially someone like Pitt who I doubt was ever a full 5'11 more like 5'10.75"
hr said on 19/Jan/17
why does a 5'11 man wear lifts? i don't get it
Hijopotamus said on 18/Jan/17
William, you are too funny!!
Where does Pitt tower Redford? You are delusional.
Gwyneth is 5'10"? Really? Then Brad is s few mm under that. Easy one, thanks
John said on 18/Jan/17
Privacy issues from a fan lol. I love coming and reading this debate.
William St. Clair said on 17/Jan/17
Gwyneth doesn't look 5'9" max. She's 5'10" and I know for a fact. I can't disclose the information due to privacy issues but she is a very tall statuesque lady. Look at A Perfect Murder, there's a scene where she is barefoot and towers over a 5'9" Michael Douglas. Try countering that lol lol
To those saying Brad looks 6'1"/6'2" just because he lifts and has a thin frame, I am sorry but that's just wishful thinking. I hate to burst your bubble but he really is that height. Your logic just doesn't make any sense. Is he the only thin celeb out there. Nooooo
There's many thin framed, narrow wasted celebs who look small. Brad always towers over his co-stars. Redford, Damon, Hill and held his own over the gigantic Freeman when they were both barefoot!!! (@hijopotamus) in that bathroom scene in 7.
So there you go, 183cm for Pitt barefoot in the morning. Can easily look 186cm in events or movies. Otherwise, are you going to tell me that all his co-stars are vertically challenged little people haha ppPPLease
HonestSlovene said on 17/Jan/17
Between 5'10.5" and 5'10.75" seems spot on for this guy. 5'10.25" bare minimum and 5'11.25" absolute maximum. Never looked 5'10" or less or 5'11.5"+. In shoes I'd imagine he would measure a weak 6'0" or 182 cm.
Hijopotamus said on 16/Jan/17
Dmeyer, you are assuming, guessing, rating etc which is more difficult if you dont know what foot advantage theyr wearing. According to you Gwyneth is 181, right!
Why does she look 5'9" max?
Dmeyer said on 16/Jan/17
I have let aniston wearing a 3in heels she was almost 5 ft 8 she looked like wath a 5 ft 7 men in normal shoes will look , and Pitt usualy look 4-5in taller so not fort from 6'1 boots on the Guy has to be near 5'11
Heylo said on 15/Jan/17
I saw some photos of him on vacation in 2004 between Ocean's 12 premieres with Matt Damon and Clooney on a boat. Matt and Brad was if I remember correctly jumping into the ocean and Brad had his pants and socks(!!) on while doing it. I mean, I don't wanna get into rash conclusions but there is a suspicion here of a small lift in his sock even though I didn't detect anything on those particular photos. Sadly, I can't find all of those photos anywhere but I know what I saw. He had his best physique in his life there after all the weighttraining for Troy but his legs was definitely on the thinner side in relation to his big frame and it might be so that he:

1. Might feel insecure about his thin legs so he kept the pants on
2. Don't want to flash his small lifts in his socks to his buddies, therefor also kept the socks on
3. He simply likes to take a bath with clothes on.

I found only one of the photos: Click Here
Matt179 said on 15/Jan/17
Brad pitt is in the same Range as David Bekcham and Adam levine. They are all Slim and leans guys, i estimate their weight to 150-160 pounds at 5foot11. They look taller because of their build. If you want to look taller wear proper fitting clothes and Lose weight, you will look taller.
vin said on 14/Jan/17
He has the proportions of a 5'10 guy
HonestSlovene said on 14/Jan/17
@Johan I'd say a strong 178 cm still is debatable but anything under that is just trolling.
Johan said on 14/Jan/17
He has a good 4 inches on Jonah Hill ( best pic here on this page) and he isn't under 5'6" so please can the sub 5'10" crowd just stop.

Its not possible guys, even under 5'10.5" seems absurd.

His range is 5'10.5"-5'11", an upper average height that with good posture/big shoes can look tallish at times.
Wrs567 said on 13/Jan/17
He still looks 5'11'' to me, but barely these days
Hijopotamus said on 13/Jan/17
Pizzaman, you just don't make any sense!
How do you know his foot advantage??
Just take a pic of Brad standing straight besise another person barefoot too. Oh, that would destroy your reasoning...sorry
Dan said on 12/Jan/17
I was at the Egyptian theater for the screening of Cake, which had a q&a with Jennifer Aniston and moderated by Jason Bateman. I saw her from about 8 feet away. She's no shorter than 5-4
Pizzaman said on 11/Jan/17
Click Here

Just a pic with Aniston back in the day. If she is about 5'6.5" or 5'7" in her rather low heels, then probably 5'10"-5'11" range for Pitt (solid 4" difference). The camerage advantage is for Pitt though and notice he has 1.25" boots as well. I think a simple photo like this one makes it clear it is really unlikely he is below 5'10" or above 5'11"
jd said on 11/Jan/17
70-71 inches as a young a man in his 20's according to himself so guess just wishful thinking for Brad unless he of course has the common 2nd growth spurt in his 40s that most of us experience...
HonestSlovene said on 10/Jan/17
@William St. Clair Ummm, no? Looked similiar height next to Ford who by the way never was over a strong 183 cm in his prime so he actually looked about 181 cm in that film. He wore lifts next to Redford in Spy Games and he looks normally around MAX an inch taller than 5'9.5" Matt Damon when not lifted at red carpet events so most likely he is about 179-180 cm strong 5'10/weak 5'11 pick your choice. both 178.5 cm and 181 cm are debatable as he looked those aforementioned heights as well.
King of the hill 91 said on 10/Jan/17
180cm strong Nothing under 183 cm no chance peak some time in the day 180cm strong maybe so much over no chance 183 cm
Peter 179cm said on 10/Jan/17
The reason why Brad looks 6ft to some people is simply due to the man's slim/thin physique.It's a known fact that the thinner you are the taller you look.Plus an average 5'10-5'11 man with great physical proportions and posture and maybe abit generous footwear can easily pass for a genuine 6ft to the public eye.Don't forget that most people overestimate height as well.
Hijopotamus said on 10/Jan/17
William, you are so wrong. In Spy Games he wore massive heels and barely taller than Redford who stands 5'9ish. You are too funny, dude...
berta said on 10/Jan/17
looks 181-182 most of the time but have perfect posture and could have something in the shoes so 180 is fine
William St. Clair said on 9/Jan/17
He is definitely 6" minimum. Easily looked 6'1" in Spy Games next to Redford. Looked similar in height to Ford in Devils Own and constantly dwarfs both Damon & Hopkins.
Those claiming under 6" for Pitt, it's just wishful thinking.
Dan said on 8/Jan/17
Joe said on 7/Jan/17
182cm outta bed

180.5cm outta bed
Edimar1.82cm said on 7/Jan/17
He is a 1.79m no more no less.
Correg said on 7/Jan/17
Brad is definetally 1.80
Hijopotamus said on 7/Jan/17
Rob, this site is getting huge as Brads people keep posting nonsense stuff. Congratulations! Brad people have spotted this site!

In the 90s he was 5'10" according to himself and then he wrote 5'11" in his compcard adding the extra inch 90% of people have in their stats and now iver 59 some fanboys and his people wanna make us believe he is 183. Too funny..
So I Paltrow is 183 too! Bruce Willis 186, Harrison Ford 186, Tom Cruise 176...right?
King of the hill 91 said on 5/Jan/17
Taller then jorge clooney peak Nothing under 180cm strong some pages have him 183 cm 182cm weake my claim peak maybe flat
josh jeffords said on 5/Jan/17
Brad has looked as tall as a weak 6 ft and short as 5 10 pretty weird his weight is all over the place too.
I dont think he is that good at acting but he is an fing chameleon as far as roles.
Clooney has never looked taller that is crazy he can look 5 9 to 5 10 unless tarantino is there he looked 5 8.5.
Personally I believe both wear boots to look above average to 6 ft mark, exact same thing shia lebouf does to look average..
Even without lifts a big pair of boots can really make a short or average guy look more, I wore them a lot as a young man when less secure.
mc said on 2/Jan/17
solid 5'11' maybe even closer to 6 foot
mister_lennon said on 2/Jan/17
less than 178 for him is a joke.
Pierre said on 1/Jan/17
He look shorter than listed 5"10.75'Georges Clooney sometimes.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 1/Jan/17
Evening height somewhere in the 5'10" - 5'10.5" range. A.M. height somewhere in the 5'10.5" - 5'11" range. Fair enough!
Hijopotamus said on 30/Dec/16
HonestSlovene, I was replying to John after he said Pitt was 6'....
HonestSlovene said on 29/Dec/16
@Hijopotamus He would state that because he is most likely between those 2 heights. Duh...
Hijopotamus said on 29/Dec/16
John, why would he state 5'10" and 5'11" in the 90s as a grown man? Is Paltrow 6'? Are Harrison Ford and Bruce Willis 6,2"? Tarantino 6'4"?
John said on 29/Dec/16
I'd guess he's about 6'2 with shoes and about 6'0 barefoot.
c-mo said on 28/Dec/16
if he claimed 5'11 himself then he is most likely 5'10 or 5'10.5 or something

my guess would be 178cm in the evening . but I wouldnt rule out 180cm either . but for sure nothing below 177cm or above 181cm
vin said on 26/Dec/16
The standard norm is for pretty much all male celebrities to inflate their official height by one inch. Tell me why a guy as obviously height-conscious as Brad Pitt would proclaim his height as 5'11 if he actually was a legit strong 5'11 in reality? He has the proportions of a strong 5'10 guy. I would guess him to be 5'10.25 or 5'10.5
Dan said on 25/Dec/16
Great comment Dan. You were also spot on in regards to his ability to get very very slim, like 155, and still appear normal. Good job.
Dan said on 25/Dec/16
To the other Dan.. I think the grace and swag in his step is due to him walking on his toes. I know this is going into weird territory but yea, I think that he has a very particular walk that many have pointed out. He is a very physical actor, meaning he uses his body a lot. In an actor thing.
Dan said on 25/Dec/16
To the other Dan.. I think the grace and swag in his step is due to him walking on his toes. I know this is going into weird territory but yea, I think that he has a very particular walk that many have pointed out. He is a very physical actor, meaning he uses his body a lot. In an actor thing.
Dan said on 25/Dec/16
Heylo, I agree with everything you said. Spot on. Dmeyer I just think he looked over 6-0 in inglorious basterds. I think that's the only movie that they wanted him to look really tall.
MarcusTheSwede said on 25/Dec/16
Heylo: Thanks for youre post I couldnt agree more you Said it very well. Regards Marcus
joe### said on 25/Dec/16
My bet that clooney was higher barefoot
Hijopotamus said on 25/Dec/16
Johan, nobody says they are shorter than reality.
In Hollywood and fashion people add an inch at least.
So Im not far from the truth when Pitt himself said he was 5'10". A little under then.
Dmeyer said on 24/Dec/16
Good comment dan , but to me Brad had 2-2.2in heeled boots that give just under 2in of height And no lifts inside , And to me he never look over 6 ft , or 6'1 with excellent angle/posture advantage
Ramualdo said on 24/Dec/16
He is no higher than 177 cm
Johan said on 24/Dec/16
The average guess could really be close to the truth.

He isn't 5'10" flat thats for certain, both him and Clooney are noticeably taller than weak 5'10" Matt Damon.

He put down on an audition form that he was 5'10", he claimed at another point he was 5'11". Seems logical that he was doing some rounding of a measurement.
Dan said on 24/Dec/16
Excellent post Dan!
Heylo said on 23/Dec/16
Dan, I agree with some of your points. He has a very aesthetic build. I wouldn't say that he has short legs though, it can very well be so that it looks short with most pants on but if you compare Brad Pitt's body (from the nude photos with Paltrow) in terms of proportions, he's basically perfect in relation to the golden ratio that the ancient greeks thought to be the most beautiful.
The thing is that many pants and too long shirts makes the human legs look shorter than what they really are. Most models have longer legs than average and they look really good in all types of loose fitting clothes without having to stuck in the shirt in their pants but naked the legs can look "too long". You might not agree with me which is fine but IMO Brad Pitt has the ideal body proportions. Most people don't know how to dress though and this is why many people with good proportions look shorter than what they are when you look around IRL.
Brad Pitt's clothes in Fight Club were perfect in order to highlight his natural proportions (short t-shirt, short jacket). When the shirt stops where the leg attaches to the upper-body, you're basically emulating your naked body and that's the most attractive.

Look at this photo of Brad naked (his private parts aren't showing so you can click on it without worrying): Click Here
Like Dan also said, I agree that Brad also has the perfect body for using lifts, his legs doesn't look weird in them. He gets the long leg model look in big lifts.

This is a perfect body in terms of proportions. Guy Pearce has similar proportions and looks very good with the right clothing style complimenting his natural body.

Yes, nerd warning on me I know but I thought this was fascinating and worth sharing. Remember to wear your clothes right if you want to look your most attractive.
Dan said on 23/Dec/16
In addition to Brad's athletic physique, I'd be remiss not to mention his natural grace. He could have easily been a ballet dancer had he decided not to pursue the life of thespian. Let's just say he struck gold when the time came for his soul to pick the genetic numbers. As I said, he can appear 6-0 and yes, even 6-1/6-2 (when wearing monster lifts) and that's also thanks to his amazing balance. Look at the Spy Games in slow motion and you'll see that in some of the scenes, he is running fairly quickly while sporting huge lifts. A regular gent would trip over himself and possibly twist his ankle or worse but Brad paced all over the set as if he was born with stilts on. This type of ability commands our highest respect! After all, anyone who is an actor or who has ever tried to perform in public knows the importance of body awareness and control. Brad never appears awkward the way other actors his size can when wearing similar lifts. I guess what I'm saying is that this man has been at it for close to 40 years now and by this time, he's reached the heights of perfection when it comes to mind-body-soul control and exposition. Think about it this way, most bodybuilders are small in height but can appear gigantic on stage thanks to their body awareness and control. Brad has attained a similar level of control and he enjoys the added benefits of clothing and the whole arsenal of film-making tricks. So to sum it all up, though he can appear to hit 6-2 at times, I still remain firm on my strong 5-10 estimate. An estimate which is based on personal observation of myself and of my fellow men in movement. Taller individual can appear like anorexic spaghettinis when they go on a diet. Never been the case for Brad, even when he was a mere 155 pounds in Fight Club.
Tunman said on 22/Dec/16
Wouldn't have said better man.Still Clooney looked more 179 than 180 although today truly gives the impression to be closer to 5'10 flat very often.177 for Damon is always what I thought him to be,just under 5'10
Dan said on 20/Dec/16
@guest66. Absolutely, they can be tricky and foo estimations. That's why I think for Pitt, his proportions hurt him because people see the small legs from knee to calves. He has the proportions of a compact small guy. Sure, his shoulders are pretty wide, but that's also because his chest is small and his waist is really tiny. I think his proportions can make him look about 5-9 but I can't see him smaller than 5-10. His proportions can also trick people, as he can wear lifts inside boots and still appear normal and not freakish, like he's on stilts. It's all asthetics. Here's an example... With a body like Pitt's; small waist and wide shoulders, he can wear a jacket with big shoulder pads in a movie to appear bigger. His body allows him to wear it without looking like Frankenstein. Pair that up with 3" lifts and you have him looking like he did in Inglorious Basterds. In that movie he was wearing huge lifts. Looked like 6-2 in that tuxedo scene, but you'd never guess. Only until you see him on the red carpet next to the other actors, that you see he was neither that much taller than them or not much wider than them. Watch that scene and you'll know what I mean. They made him look like a huge Clark Gable type guy. And he ain't like that. Point being, I really think he's a perfect 5-10, who can appear taller in boots and shorter when he's in shorts and not wearing big shoes. I really can't see Paltrow under 5-9
Maxus said on 20/Dec/16
@pauly e. I'd argue the same growth.
pauly e said on 19/Dec/16
I've never bought Damon at 5'10 or Clooney anything over a flat 5'10.

If I had to guess here is what I would have:

Damon - 5'9.25
Clooney - 5'10
Pitt - 5'10.5, maybe 5'10.75
King of the hill 91 said on 18/Dec/16
181 cm peak
Guest66 said on 17/Dec/16
Dan. So I get it, Brads torso is relatively long to his legs, but what it has to do with his height? If top of his head is touching 5'11" then he is 5'11", regardless of his proportions. Everyone can have different proportions being at the same height, I'm myself stand at 5'10.25" and one my fellows who stands at about 5'9.5" is having higher shoulder level than mine, even though I'm visibly taller when we stand next to each other. So proportions are tricky and can fool your estimations.
Dmeyer said on 17/Dec/16
Even thaugh its true that in one occasion that Pitt had near 1cm less shoes than Clooney hé had à hard time looking as tall Clooney And in many pics of that day hé even looked 2-3in under Clooney but the angle were realy bad , after looking at all pics of all ocassions Brad does seem to be 1cm over Clooney And about 3cm over damon
what!!!?!!! said on 16/Dec/16
Hijopotamus, thanks. Actually I think this is the reality...

Think about this :
Damon 1.76-7; Pitt 177-8; Clooney 178-9.
We don't include the lifts here folks...
Dan said on 15/Dec/16
Here's a perfect example of proportions. Garfield actually looks like a legit 5-11 slim model guy. But go and compare a shirtless Garfield with shirtless Pitt. Garfield's torso appears smaller than Pitt's. Pitt's torso from upper abs to his illiac crest or what people call The V that leads to your pubic area, is long as bagoogle. He has a long upper body. That's why he can wear boots and lifts in films and he can pull it off without looking weird. Pitt has long torso and long biceps, long thighs, but short forearms and short calves. That's why even when he's really skinny, he still looks muscular. If he had really long arms and long legs he'd look skinny as bagoogle. Don't know if you know what I mean, but bodybuilding has a lot to do with symmetry and proportions. Pitt doesn't have a model body, he has more of an athlete MMA fighter type body. It's evident when you see him in Snatch and Fight Club.
Dan said on 15/Dec/16
@guest66. Proportions do show a bit. Given proportions, you can tell Dicaprio and Norton are taller than Pitt, but also given proportions, you can tell Pitt is in the 5-10 range. I agree he's probably in Garfield's range. I don't know about being leaner, I agree Garfield is a lot skinnier than Pitt. Way less muscle than Pitt has.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 15/Dec/16
Brad Pitt with Tom Cruise:

Click Here

Andrew Garfield with Tom Cruise:

Click Here

He looks to be about 1 CM taller than Andrew Garfield.
Guest66 said on 13/Dec/16
I don't understand how you people are trying to link proportions with height. Person can be short and stocky or short and lanky, same with being tall. Garfield in my opinion looks leaner than Pitt.
Hijopotamus said on 13/Dec/16
D, you just nailed it.
Dan said on 12/Dec/16
@honestslovene. Yea I can definitely see him at 6-2. He's tall and will never be mistaken for average.
HonestSlovene said on 12/Dec/16
@Dan Chris Cornell is about 6'2".
HonestSlovene said on 12/Dec/16
@CS I agree, Pitt seems to be 5'10.5"-5'10.75" and Garfield is 5'10.25". Both are around my height so I know how a certain height looks like.
Dan said on 11/Dec/16
In 2011, Chris Cornell was photographed on the red carpet with Pitt while attending the premiere of Moneyball. It's a bad image for reference; it's a close up and you can't tell who is standing on higher ground. They appeared to be similar height, though Pitt was wearing healed tom ford shoes as Cornell was wearing flat chuck Taylor type sneakers. Now, I've seen Cornell multiple times and know that he's 100% about 6-1 and no shorter than 6-0 bare feet. Pitt may have had some inserts too, I'm just gif you referencece cause Cornell always appears over 6-0 with shoes on
CS said on 10/Dec/16
I honestly think there is something to him having the build of a guy a bit shorter than 5'11, like many on this page are saying. I don't think he's as low as 5'10 but his size does remind me of 5'10.5 Andrew Garfield, I believe someone on this page said something similar a little while back.

Would be awesome if Rob finally got to meet this guy one day. I say he's around the 180 cm mark somewhere though. The average guess has him at a 179-180 cm guy which is fair enough.
D said on 9/Dec/16
Think about this :
Damon 1.76-7; Pitt 177-8; Clooney 178-9.
We don't include the lifts here folks...
DJT said on 9/Dec/16
@Greg He's 5'8". 5'10.5" in shoes. Sad because he employs an army of internet trolls to jack up his height on the internet. Shame!
V said on 7/Dec/16
He has the build of a 5'10 guy. I'd give him 5'10.5 at most.
James said on 6/Dec/16
@hm In fact, Brad Pitt is above average, he is 5' 11".

The average young white male in the USA is 5' 10.

Click Here
King of the hill 91 said on 6/Dec/16
His height that is a shock to people is 181 cm some people say there height and hate to people just whant to down grade him peak 181 cm maybe lost some Hollywood claim of 183 cm on some pages a celebrity who tells the truth on his height that is a shock 181 cm peak maybe lost some old age 181 .5 cm maybe a weake 182cm lost height old age
King of the hill 91 said on 6/Dec/16
He is taller then roak they said on his page brad is 181 cm some people say there height and hate to people just whant to down grade him peak 181 cm maybe lost some Hollywood claimed 183 cm on some pages but he instead said 181 cm instead 183 cm because he gives the truth peak 181 cm maybe 181 5 cm 182cm a weake one hieast lowest 180cm strong hates his height but honest every one has big lifts in Hollywood i mean a celebrity who tells the truth on his height that is a shock
John said on 6/Dec/16
bl I'm gonna say BS on the 6ft claim. More like 5'10.
Greg said on 5/Dec/16
@DJT what do you mean it's sad? 5'11 is only a .5 inch round up from 5'10.5 most guys I know around that height in the noon would probs go with 5'11. and I think he's a bit more then 5'10.5 in the mornings.
hijopotamus said on 5/Dec/16
bl, looool
bl said on 5/Dec/16
hes 6ft
V said on 4/Dec/16
Based on his build and proportions he strikes me as a strong 5'10 guy with a tendency to wear massive lifts. If he truly was 5'11 he would be claiming 6ft because he seems to be kind of insecure about his height.
CS said on 2/Dec/16
Rob, I know some people just want to downgrade Brad Pitt for silly reasons but do you think Brad's proportions give off a shorter look? Just curious if you think his proportions might affect the way some people think about his height.
DJT said on 2/Dec/16
Lightweight Brad Pitt thinks he's 5'11" but this site proves he's just 5'10.5". Everyone knows it. Sad.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Nov/16
@sam: No offence but that is a pretty bizarre unintelligible statement. Like I'm built more like a 6ft3â…ž guy rather than a 6ft4 guy....
D said on 27/Nov/16
1.79 max. If he is 1.80. Then with shoes and 2 inches lifts he must be 1.85. Is he?????
MJKoP said on 27/Nov/16
sam said on 26/Nov/16
he has the proportions of a 5 foot 10 and a half guy. does not look like a 5'11 guy. usuall 5'1 guys who are lean like brad pitt look on the verge of tall. pitt looks average height

Are you seriously meaning tell to me that you can tell the difference of a mere half an inch from body proportions alone? GTFO
sam said on 26/Nov/16
he has the proportions of a 5 foot 10 and a half guy. does not look like a 5'11 guy. usuall 5'1 guys who are lean like brad pitt look on the verge of tall. pitt looks average height
MJKoP said on 25/Nov/16
hm said on 25/Nov/16
if he is 5'11 and maybe he is indeed, why does he wear 2 inch lifts? he's already average height

This has been addressed time and time again. 6'1" is undoubtedly a more desirable height than 5'11". Which is why Pitt looks the former in his lifts.
Arthur said on 25/Nov/16
My last opinion for Brad for my 4 years of research about height and photos. 5FT9.7 -5FT9.9 range. But waking up after 12 hourse of sleep in a holiday he can measure 5ft10.2 ish. Thats my guess for him. I respect everyones opinion.
hm said on 25/Nov/16
if he is 5'11 and maybe he is indeed, why does he wear 2 inch lifts? he's already average height
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 24/Nov/16
With Snoop Dogg:

Click Here

Click Here

The angle isn't the best, but Snoop Dogg doesn't tower over him.
Pierre said on 24/Nov/16
Imo Brad isn't slouching next to Claudia,his head is looking upward compared to her,the hands in the pocket don't make him lose height, Claudia's posture from head to foot make her lose lot's of height,and she seem have very flat shoes compared to Brad.
The pictures of the comment(07/nov/2016)=Brad next to Georges Clooney seem instructive for the difference between shoes imo
hijopotamus said on 24/Nov/16
Great comment Dan
Dan said on 24/Nov/16
There are now two Dans in here and I'm the one who's been here since the beginning and I'll continue to say he's 5-10. The least he can ever be is a tiny bit under 5-10, but closer to 5-10. He could be 5-11, but I don't see it. No way is he 5-8 or anything close to that. Never.
Dmeyer said on 23/Nov/16
Great comment dan
Original__(( said on 23/Nov/16
5'9.75"/5'10 peak, 5'9.25" now.
sd said on 22/Nov/16
he was like 2-3 inches taller than matt damon who's listed at about 5-9 1/2...if pitt is 5-11 damon is 5-9 maybe even 5-8 1/2,
I think pitt is 5-10 1/2 and matt damon is 5-8 1/2 especially considering he was barely taller than franka potenta in bourne identity
he looked 1/2 an inch to an inch tops than her and she's only 5-7 or 5-8
mickey said on 21/Nov/16
5ft11 is good for this fellow
hijopotamus said on 21/Nov/16
Dan, looooool
Dan said on 20/Nov/16
don't know why the Paltrow comparison is still used, but we've had a panel of experts clearly proving that Brad is at least 2 inches taller than her. I will not cry wolf and alarm the whole village but I have a news flash that just might send the downgraders into uncontrolled panic attacks. Brad Pitt is minimum the listed height and most likely, an inch taller!
Just look at how he towers over Claudia. He does it effortlessly, with his hands in his pocket. You can see he's even slouching a bit.
hijopotamus said on 20/Nov/16
wow it seems Willies is under 5'11", go check him out! And from people that really met him.
Brad 5'9 for me, Rob.
sam99 said on 19/Nov/16
brad pitt 183 cm
hijopotamus said on 17/Nov/16
Pierre, spot on. Willis is 5'11" and Paltrow 5'8" ish, a tall girl, true hahaha dan, end of the story?
Pierre said on 17/Nov/16
Bruce Willis 6"1'?People who write they were standing next to him(in this site at Bruce's page)give him clearly under 5"11'.
Gwyneth Paltrow is looking the same height as James Corden who is "listed" 5"8'
dan said on 17/Nov/16
if you google Claudia schiffer and Gwyneth paltrow, and you search through the images, you'll find them standing together at the same height, except Paltrow has like 3-4" heels and Schiffer is wearing a short heeled ankle boot that is angled, meaning she's probably getting max 2" from them.
dan said on 17/Nov/16
don't know why there are two dans in here, but im the one who's been here for a long time
Dan said on 16/Nov/16
@hijo, now you're not even making sense anymore.
"and no way he is 5'11" even if he stands same height as Bruce Willis. BTW, Willies barefoot was taller than Pitt wearing sneakers. Amazing..."
Considering Willis easily reaches 6'1" barefoot, it confirms the stated height for Pitt. The persistence some people show at refuting the irrefutable never ceases to baffle me. Yes I said it, I am baffled like a Belgian waffle.
dan said on 16/Nov/16
hijopatamus, when has Pitt ever looked shorter than a 5-8ish girl barefoot? If youre talking about Paltrow, she is a tall woman. end of story.. I tried to put it to you as easy as I could.. No elevator shoes, custom or not, can give you 3" or more without looking like elevator shoes. Its not my opinion, its a fact. Ive been working as an extra in Hollywood for major tv shoes, and Ive seen famous actors wearing elevator shoes and theyre so obvious its almost comical Theyre chunky, theyre bulky and don't look at all like regular shoes. Unless Brad Pitt has extremely weird freak feet, theres no way those shoes can be elevator shoes.. Like I said, the most he can get with heel and inserts is max 2".
hijopotamus said on 16/Nov/16
Dan, custom elevator shoes cost dear, my friend. Thats why. Because you cannot spot them unless you touch them. How come Pitt look shorter than a 5'8 ish girl both barefoot? why in the world you keep guessing Pitts height when wearing shoes?? this goes beyond me!
Keep it simple guys.
Pierre said on 16/Nov/16
Imo the particularity of good elevator shoes is that it's very ardly or impossible to guess the real advantage in this shoes.The proof=Brad can be easily taller than Georges Clooney and people think Brad is taller than him and in some pictures Brad is looking shorter than Georges(pictures comment 7/nov/2016)
dan said on 15/Nov/16
right now go to just jared and look at brad pitt promoting Allied in China... He's sitting on a couch with his legs crossed and his shoes are 100 percent visible.. Tell me how its possible for him to be getting more than 2" from those regular looking dress shoes.. and Im being generous to the conspiracy theorists who think Pitt always walks around in 3-4" shoes.. Rob, I would ask you to check it out to if you have the time.
Editor Rob: dan, they are normal looking shoes. You could potentially fit 1 inch of lift in them, but any more and you'd fall out.
Animus said on 15/Nov/16
Rob, how tall do you think he looks next to Gosling? Do you think Pitt wears 1.5" shoes?
Editor Rob: Animus, sometimes Pitt has worn cuban style heels. With Gosling I think he could look a comfortable 5ft 11 range.
shiva 181 cms said on 15/Nov/16
Rob, how long would his head be
Editor Rob: not a huge head, shiva, he has more width than length, over 9, at most 9.5.
S.J.H said on 15/Nov/16
I feel that the lifts Pitt wore boost up 5-6cm and lower lifts he wore at 1.5" and he can look 6'1 max with it and 6'0 with small lifts. He really look proportionally 179cm not more
Shenm said on 13/Nov/16
Booker said on 12/Nov/16
178-179 cm
hijopotamus said on 12/Nov/16
Peter 179, Its been already discussed Pitt is shorter. Watch their legs and neck position. In any case if Pitt was taller he wouldnt be those 4 cm you say. Seriously, where do you see those 4 cm? Id say Pitt would be 2 cm shorter as he is standing on a higher step. Watch their feet.
Peter 179cm said on 12/Nov/16
@ hijopotamus He looked taller than Paltrow,not shorter.And even if Paltrow is only 173-174cm,that would still make Brad over 175.He's probably not 180 or 181,but anything less than 178 seems unlikely,especially if you compare him with Bernthal who Rob has met and estimated him at 180cm or even Christoph Waltz who looks every bit of 170cm.
hijopotamus said on 11/Nov/16
Theres a guy in the Daniel Craig forum that says hes been wearing lifts for ages 24/7. He says he is 5'7" and reaches a tad bit over 5'10" and nobody noticed. So many cases and too many that just add a couple of inches. Remember when people were discussing 5'10" for Sly Stallone. If Pitt was 181 he wouldnt be shorter than 5'9"ish Paltrow. Simple as that.
People have an ilusion about celebrities and they think Arnold is 6'2" because "he is the Terminator!!" and no way he is 5'11" even if he stands same height as Bruce Willis. BTW, Willies barefoot was taller than Pitt wearing sneakers. Amazing...
S.J.H said on 11/Nov/16
@Johnson said on 8/Nov/16
He is 181 cm tall

I agree but def a morning height in his 20s or 30s of age and holding well at 5'10.5 now
Animus said on 10/Nov/16
Rob, how did he manage to look so tall next to Gosling? Perhaps he wore 1.5" shoes?
Johnson said on 8/Nov/16
He is 181 cm tall
Jay 184cm said on 8/Nov/16
@ Jackson Yeah, it does look like that, buddy.
S.J.H said on 8/Nov/16
@miko said on 7/Nov/16

In boots he pass 6'0 and in lifts he pass 6'1 like george clooney been fooled
Jackson said on 8/Nov/16
Those pictures with Clooney looking 2 inches taller than Pitt then Pitt looking 2 inch taller than Clooney tell me Pitt is just wearing massive lifts and is really 5'9
hijopotamus said on 8/Nov/16
Bobby, this is a serious discussion...or supposedly serious.
Bobby said on 7/Nov/16
5'11 looks about right to me, he is definitely a tall man at a solid 5'11. Now, I know before I have listed my heights variously, but I have done very careful measurements recently, making sure I was measuring my morning height, and I stand at exactly 6ft tall, but am 6'1 with standard 1 inch shoes on, well they are 1.3 inch shoes, but I am basically 6'1 with my shoes on regardless, but dip down to 6'0.5 in the evenings at 184.3 cm with shoes on of course, otherwise without them on, I am 5'11.5. So yeah, I would expect him to be this tall in person. It's possible he may even be slightly taller in the mornings, but at his age I am not sure. It's feasible that his peak height as a young man was 6ft, maybe even 6'1.
hijopotamus said on 7/Nov/16
Jay 184cm, yeah thats the idea some fanboys dont want to see. Always take the ones he looks shorter and maybe he is even shorter than that.
But these fanboys take the ones where he looks the tallest. Isnt that absurd??
Funny thread that was.
Jay 184cm said on 7/Nov/16
This forum page has some very interesting pics of Pitt. There are some odd photos of him with Clooney where they are both of varying heights. Strangest of all are the ones with 6'1" Tarantino - Pitt looks weirdly taller in a couple of them and then totally dwarfed by Tarantino in a couple of others. In the ones where Tarantino dwarfs him, he looks 5'9" - comes up to Tarantino's eye-level...

Click Here
King of the hill 91 said on 7/Nov/16
I stand with my claim 5.11
miko said on 7/Nov/16
Don't think I've commented on Pitt before but I've always pegged him at 179 range. Not quite a flat 5'11.

In his boots he can pass for 6 foot.
Giorgi said on 6/Nov/16
I don't believe all the chattering about Brad Pitt being any shorter than this. The guy has obviusly good height. I don't see him any shorter than this anywhere.
Giorgi said on 6/Nov/16
I don't believe all the chattering about Brad Pitt being any shorter than this. The guy has obviusly good height. I don't see him any shorter than this anywhere.
S.J.H said on 6/Nov/16
@HonestSlovene said on 6/Nov/16

Pitt in lifts def taller than Bernthal by 0.75 range but if measure i think Bernthal could be a few mm taller not surprise at all while his 13years younger than pitt
HonestSlovene said on 6/Nov/16
@S.J.H It's IMDB and yeah 5'11 for him is closer to reality, Pitt is just a few fractions (o.5 at most) shorter.
HonestSlovene said on 5/Nov/16
I think Bernthal might edge out Pitt at 180 cm or 5'11" (maybe 5'10.75") and Pitt at 179 cm or 5'10.5". Both look at least like very solid 5'10-ers, neither give sub 5'10 impressions with normal shoes. He is not a weak 5'10 a.k.a Matt Damon range!
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Jon Bernthal old listing was listed 5'10 on some site and change into 5'11 most recently. I would say Bernthal 5'10.5 same height as Pitt
Arthur said on 3/Nov/16
Editor Rob: personally there is literally a miniscule chance of Bernthal being 177-178...the chance is so small you'd need the hubble telescope to spot it.

How about 178-179 then?
Editor Rob: still a smaller chance...a chance of 10.75 is greater though, as I mentioned I have seen him at 2 events and the second time I thought there was a chance of 10.75-11, although up close the first times I seen him I thought a typical 5ft 11 man!
Greg said on 3/Nov/16
@Peter 179cm Oh okay that's cool! Yeah that's true, not many people are height aware so it could explain why the majority of false claims seem to be believable to certain individuals. And true a weight machine :P except weight can be changed height can not unless you want to go through expensive surgery.
Pierre said on 3/Nov/16
Imo around 5"9' in the picture next to Jennifer Aniston slouching on him at the beach
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
He has proberly lost some height from age with ryan at oscars he looked close to five eleven peake he could be five elevrn
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
He has proberly lost some height from age with ryan at oscars he looked close to five eleven peake he could be five elevrn
Greg said on 2/Nov/16
@Vibram okay and you do realize pictures are deceiving right? Robs actually met him in person and took a photo with him.. Pegging him around 179/180cm. I would trust someone who's a height expert and actually met the celeb in person whilst taking a photo with them. You're arguement is invalid.
Editor Rob: personally there is literally a miniscule chance of Bernthal being 177-178...the chance is so small you'd need the hubble telescope to spot it.
Peter 179cm said on 2/Nov/16
@ Greg I'm from Greece.
Yeah alot of people dudge their height by what others claim,even if it's a lie and just go with it no matter what.Same goes with weight as well,although it's harder to say if someone is honest or not,you'd need a weight-machine for that XD.
S.J.H said on 2/Nov/16
Lift wearer A listed celebrities current real height:

Stallone 5'7.75
Depp 5'8
Cruise 5'6.75
Pitt 5'10.5 (suspected lower but status on-hold)
Levi said on 2/Nov/16
i agree with you about shia being closer to 174 than 175 but a flat 5'10 is just too short for pitt.
IMO he's 5'10.5
Vibram said on 1/Nov/16
Greg, scroll down on the post I made on Oct 18th. Click the image. We see Pitt only about 3cm taller than 174cm certified LeBoeuf and around the same as Bernthal. He is clearly a 177-178cm guy MAX. 180cm barefoot is his pipedream - just get over it.
Greg said on 31/Oct/16
@Vibram Yes he is listed at 5'10 but Rob has him up here at 5'11 because he felt that he was around that range when he met him/took a photo with him. And his peak? I don't think Pitt lost height at 52. I wouldn't guess them as low as 177/178. I'd safely say they'd be more 5.'10.5-5'10'75 at there ultimate low. With a 5'10.75-5'11. Morning height imo
Vibram said on 31/Oct/16
Greg said on 19/Oct/16
@vibram well apparently Bernthal is more 180 cm then 178 cm I don't think Pitt is much less then 5'10.5 though (179cm)

Bernthal is listed 5ft10 on many, many sites. Why would he be 5ft11? IMDB have him 5ft11 but they used to have him 5ft10. I'd say Pitt and Bernthal are very equal = around 177cm > 178cm. Their weak/low 5ft10 guys but maybe 5ft10.25 > 5ft10.5 out of bed is possible for Pitt during his peak.
Dmeyer said on 31/Oct/16
Solid 179cm is the height that with lifts or heels and posture you Can give tall impression
Greg said on 30/Oct/16
@Peter 179cm oh okay I feel you, by the way where are you from? Yeah most people's perceptions of height are usually off because they think they are taller themselves which would mean In their eyes you are much taller as well.
Tiago said on 30/Oct/16
He is a typical 5,11 FT guy... He is equal Ryan Gosling
Peter 179cm said on 29/Oct/16
@ Greg Well to be honest, i was wearing 3cm trainers when i got called 185 and that person wasn't taller than 163-164 but he thought he was 170 himself. I actually told him i was about 180 but he still told me i was taller than that...
jtm said on 29/Oct/16
he isn't over 5'9.5. Lifts , camera angles, and posture make him look taller.
Arthur said on 28/Oct/16
Average Guess estimates Brad exactly 1 cm shorter than listed right now. The sample is good, 141 people. This won't really change much no matter how many vote from now on.
Greg said on 27/Oct/16
@Peter 179cm eh I guess, Idk being nearly 6ft out of bed would be nice though, wouldn't mind being a bit taller. I give you props though for claiming your low not a lot of people would do that haha. And yeah so many sub 6ft guys lie about being 6ft that everyones perception of height is distorted. and wow 185 cm? that's wild.
Heylo said on 26/Oct/16
Peter179cm: I am exactly 177cm, maybe some tiny fractions more. When I've discussed height with friends, some of them didn't believe me when I told them my height. They thought I was at least 180cm. Also, a guy I met this summer at my job was about 2 inches taller than me and he seriously thought I was the taller one. I'm not kidding! I live in Sweden btw and often feel short among guys from my generation(born in the mid 90s). But I'm not mad, I got the best that my genes could give me, there are far way shorter guys than me, I've never been called short either by anyone.

I feel you btw, it's pretty sad how some people lie about their heights. Lying about 6-7cm is serious lol. I can understand rounding up when it comes to inches and perhaps having no exact knowledge about one's height which could result in an inch difference.

Brad generally looks taller than myself in terms of proportions, but of course proportions can vary a lot from individual to individual so I can't make any conclusions based on comparing myself to him.
Peter 179cm said on 25/Oct/16
@ Greg You're lucky you don't shrink that much. I'm about 5'11.5 out of bed and usually go down to 5'10.75 as my low,although on active days i barely hit 5'10.5.People rarely comment or guess my height but when they do,they always guess somewhere in 5'11-6'0 range,i've even got a 185cm claim once...
Greg said on 24/Oct/16
@Peter 179cm A persons figure really can change someone perception on their estimated height a little bit. I get guessed at around 5'11/6 but my morning height is 5'11ish and I never dip past 5'10.5 as my very low. But people assume others are taller then they really are. But yeah some people do lie about their height. I know people who add 1-2 inches to their height and they couldn't even pull off looking close to their claims even if they tried lol.
Dan said on 23/Oct/16
You guys have to remember to keep his image he needs to as close as possible to the legit 6-0 actors out there. He's only really trying to appear an inch taller. Sometimes more when he's on the red carpet and all the women are in heels. I think an important point for these guys is to look taller than most women on the red carpet. If you wanna see real ridiculous lift wearing just look at Downey Jr and Tom Cruise when they've wanted to look taller than their leading ladies. They look like they're on stilts.
Dan said on 23/Oct/16
Vibram, it's not so much about being insecure, it's just his brand. He's the handsome/always fit/always very meticulously styles movie star. He wants to look 5-11 to 6-0 because that's the illusion. You can say his insecure when practically everyone in Hollywood has done something or is doing something to alter their appearance somehow. It goes with the territory and is part of their job in a sense.
Pierre said on 22/Oct/16
never 5"11' when Jennifer Aniston is slouching on him at the beach imo
mister_lennon said on 22/Oct/16
Pitt is 179 minimum. 180 out of bed. A strong 5'10 guy.
HonestSlovene said on 21/Oct/16
@hipojotamus She never claimed 178 cm, but 181 cm ! Jesus christ, does lying bring that much profit for you?
Peter 179cm said on 21/Oct/16
@ Heylo How tall are you,though?5'9-5'10? A friend of mine is 170,maybe even 169cm and has claimed 176 but he doesn't wear boots or thick sneakers,98% of the time he's in 0.5inch sneakers or trainers.It just buffles me because even when i told him my height,he still thought he was 176 even though he was clearly looking up at me.People's denial of the obvious just pisses me off and makes me wonder sometimes...
hijopotamus said on 21/Oct/16
SJH, according to your hypothesis Pitt would be one cm lower than 5'11, so not 5'11". In any case where did he ever reach the 6'1" mark?
Heylo said on 20/Oct/16
I think the absolute lowest he could be is 177cm but even that for me is too low to be bet on. If I were to bet money on his barefoot height, I would say somewhere between 178 and 179cm. He could fairly easy come across as a 6ft guy with boots and/or small lifts. People in general can't judge height that precisely so Brad could in theory get away with being called 6ft at around 5'11 with his then fairly skinny 90s figure.. I've been called a 5'11 guy for instance and I don't even use any boots. How many people in real life can really estimate heights? Every second person you meet seem to either forget their exact height or lie about it anyway.
Pitch_Fork said on 20/Oct/16
He's 176-177. The more I look at him the more I see that
Vibram said on 20/Oct/16
S.J.H are you on speed? 5ft11 barefoot is his pipedream. The guy is insecure about being 177cm - a 5ft9.8/weak 5ft10 guy that's why he packs in a wedgy.
Greg said on 19/Oct/16
@vibram well apparently Bernthal is more 180 cm then 178 cm I don't think Pitt is much less then 5'10.5 though (179cm)
S.J.H said on 19/Oct/16
A standard lifts usually boost up 6cm upon sighting. Pitt could be 6'1 in it that gives this impression to geroge clooney say hes like 6'1. Pitt is weak 5'11
Johno said on 18/Oct/16
Click Here

Well here is Brad with Dynamo the Magician. Dynamo is between 5'5-5'6.
hijopotamus said on 18/Oct/16
HonestSlovene, Claudia claimed 5'10" herself but if you say she is 5'11" I will have to believe you guys...not really!
HonestSlovene said on 18/Oct/16
@Alex Pitt probably wore lifts so he is 6'0-6'1 in them and he is a weak 5'11/strong 5'10 in shoes.
Vibram said on 18/Oct/16
It's a joke that many people here still cling on to the 180cm claim. Pitt is 5ft10 flat (177.5cm). Here he is with 178cm Jon Bernthal far left and 174cm Shia Labeouf (look at Shia's page on here for 174cm confirmed) next to him.

Click Here

Did Pitt forget his 1" lifts here?
Leonardo 1.73m said on 18/Oct/16
Di Caprio 5'11.25
Pitt 5'10.5

IF Di caprio had a downgrade or more(i don´t know), Pitt also should...
Alex said on 17/Oct/16
George Clooney must be about 5'8-5'9 if he thinks Brad Pitt (2-3 inches taller than him) is 6'1
HonestSlovene said on 16/Oct/16
@Johno Lol at Schifer being 5'9, she is a solid 5'11.
Dmeyer said on 16/Oct/16
Even if she rounded 1in and the fact hé has boots 0,5in over normal its still 5 ft 10,5
Dmeyer said on 16/Oct/16
Even if she rounded 1in and the fact hé has boots 0,5in over normal its still 5 ft 10,5
Peter 179cm said on 16/Oct/16
Well,he did look about 15cm taller than Oprah,but how tall is she? 165-166cm maybe?
dan said on 15/Oct/16
Allen, Mr. Troll, Rob can look as far back as he can and he'll never ever find a post where ive said Pitt was 5-8. That's absurd and only trolls like you claim that nonsense. Ive always said Pitt was 5-10. always. Now that Ive addressed the troll who claims Pitt is 5-8, I'll get back to the subject at hand. So in my search for the teen beat magazine where I thought Pitt had said he didn't like his feet, I saw that in two separate Teeny Bopper magazines, Pitt claimed 5-11. Ive never seen any magazine article where he has claimed 5-10. Its real easy to find. Just go to the simplybrad website and look up gallery and then go to magazines from 1988 and forward. In 1988 he claimed 5-11. Heylo, the boots he's wearing there are Palladium Baggy boots. DMEYER, the boots he's wearing there with Claudia Schiffer are guidi front zipper boots from 2009. They have a tiny less than an inch size heel. You can fit lifts in them though, but they cant be too big because the boot will not zip up. I've owned a variation of these a few years back except taller. His were ankle, mine were calf length. Im sure Allen wont believe that either, because they only believe what serves to put Brad at 5-8". Brad Pitt is a 5-10 guy or at the very lowest, a 5-9.5" guy. that's the absolute lowest. with small lift inserts and a 1"-1.5" boot, he hits 6-0 on the red carpet. In vans with a 1-1.5 inch lift he hits 5-11" easy and reaches the height he claims easy without anyone doubting him. Oprah and Diane Sawyer have both called him tall, but he's been wearing boots during candid interviews. 5-9.5 TO 5-10 guy in boots is tall.
wtcpp5 said on 12/Oct/16
Click Here

In this video Oprah says Brad is six feet when she met him.
Wipeout said on 12/Oct/16
5'11.25 peak height easily.
Now maybe 5'10.75 and up.
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Oct/16
Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was rooting around in my local Blockbusters video store looking for a film to watch for the evening. I bumped into a nice young fellow and we started talking about Brad Pitt! We both raved about how funny he was in Fight Club and even the film Kalifornia, in which he plays a socially inept serial killer but is hilarious at the same time. Now it was from the latter film that I found out his height to be 5ft11. Both the young man and myself had expected him to scrape in at the 6ft mark. The actor has incredible silver screen presence, but we agreed that his popularity - for us two anyway- was the comedy he brings to his roles! So what's in an inch...?
Johan said on 12/Oct/16
Peter 179cm said on 11/Oct/16
@ Johan and hijopotamus: Pitt is clearly taller than Claudia in the pic above on flat ground(although she had bad posture and very flat footwear).If you argue under 5'10 for Brad,then the same can be said for Claudia Schiffer right?

All things considered, his footwear advantage and better posture it would be close. I still believe that barefoot she would be noticeably taller.

My estimate for Pitt is 179-180 cm. - 5'10.5"-5'10.75". Has been for years I have never argued a sub 5'10" Pitt. Thats nonsense.
hijopotamus said on 11/Oct/16
Rob, what about those pics of Schiffer in heels beside 5'9" Luke Perry? Luke appears taller in some pics.
Editor Rob: I thought Claudia wasn't standing great in some of them
Rent said on 11/Oct/16
Hijopotamus, yes I totally agree, Slater looks tiny, I'm not sure that he's just 5'7 but 5'8 is the more I can give him, it was just to be at the same listing to this site. Anyway, he's somewhere about that, and BP really doesn't look much taller than him in True romance, solid inch or weak couple, I was very surprised. Maybe it was the camera's angle who gives this seems, but I don't think that 'cause they was close to be face to face. Perhaps Slater wore lifts.
Peter 179cm said on 11/Oct/16
@ Johan and hijopotamus: Pitt is clearly taller than Claudia in the pic above on flat ground(although she had bad posture and very flat footwear).If you argue under 5'10 for Brad,then the same can be said for Claudia Schiffer right?
Johno said on 11/Oct/16
Schiffer borders around Crawford and Campbell's height; possibly an edge and they are both not over 5'9, Crawford being around 5'8.5 and Campbell being a few inches shorter than Tyson; ~ 5'8.5.

Schiffer would be around 5'9.5, maybe 5'9 although she is listed at 5'10.
Allen said on 11/Oct/16
Dan your lies about magazine stories will not help him become taller. I remember once you said on this page that you are 5'10 then the other time you claimed 5'8! I bet Rob can find older posts and everyone here will know what kind of a liar you are. You are the biggest troll on this site and the most biased, making up stories to prove your imaginations.
Dmeyer said on 11/Oct/16
Even if Pitt has better posture And footwear And angle et times than 181cm Claudia they have to be very close in height both near enaugh 180
hijopotamus said on 10/Oct/16
Heylo, true, I made a mistake. I realised aftet posting. You said 5'10 Damon, ok.
I never said Pitt wore cubans but he did wear cuban heels anyway.
The fact is that discussing about lifts and shoes in pics is not a serious way of knowing the facts so lets just stick to barefoot pics besides someone else barefoot too.
Ok, 5'9 max Gwyneth looks taller that Pitt about that one?
BTW Slater is 5'7ish.
And Schiffer said she was 5'10"
Dmeyer said on 10/Oct/16
Claudia claims 181cm and Pitt has no lifts or max 0,25in the foot pose is complitly normal
Johan said on 10/Oct/16
Claudia Schiffer claimed 181 cm. Pitt is just shorter by few cm.
Johno said on 10/Oct/16
Christian Slater is a bit below 5'8.
Pierre said on 10/Oct/16
By the comments at his page in this site, people who were standing next to Christian Slater give him around 5"5 or 5"6'
hijopotamus said on 10/Oct/16
Rent, Slater is tiny, 5'7" max.
HonestSlovene said on 9/Oct/16
178-180.5 cm range is debatable for him IMHO.
hijopotamus said on 9/Oct/16
Once again, Claudia Schiffer said she was 5'10" herself.
And Pitt has lifts inside his shoes.
Heylo said on 9/Oct/16
**Sorry, I was wrong about the sneakers thing**, he was wearing what looks like some kind of hike boot:

Click Here
Click Here

Looked taller than 5'10.50 listed Orlando Bloom. But of course, they could be very similar barefoot.

Why would Brad wear lifts before he was famous in a b movie about two sprinters for example? In Across The Tracks with Rick Schroder (177cm) Brad looked taller by 1 or 2cm, sometimes they looked very similar if not the same height.
Look at the trailer and try to compare their heights: Click Here

What do you think?
I think he looks 5'10. In 1989 Brad wasn't famous at all, he was a struggling young actor wanting to pay his bills.
Heylo said on 9/Oct/16
Hijo, Haha I didn't say that Matt was 5'11, you manipulating m/f. What I did say though was that Brad was within an inch from Matt in one event. But to my estimate he looked a tiny bit taller. So If Matt damon for example is 177-178, then Brad could likely be 178 (if matt is 177) or about 179(if matt is 178). I don't think they are the same height but could be 1-2cm from each other which could look very similar depending on shoe wear.

And Brad doesn't wear cuban heels everywhere he go so your argument is too weak. He looks taller than Orlando Bloom in sneakers. You can't question that ;)
Rent said on 9/Oct/16
In True Romance, where Brad is with Christian Slater, -who is listed here at 5'8-, he looks maybe two inches taller than him. Maybe... Definitely 5'10 tops for Brad.
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/16
5'11" looks tall
CS said on 8/Oct/16
Would love for Rob to meet this guy so he can prove he's not under 179 cm. This 5'9" and under stuff is completely absurd.
Dmeyer said on 8/Oct/16
Its hard to imagine Pitt smaller than Claudia , rob at peak do you think Claudia will measure near 1cm taller than Pitt , as you list him 181cm And Pitt 180cm
Dmeyer said on 8/Oct/16
Click Here , in this pic you can see Pitt shoes are under 1in so pretty flat And the foot pose i very normal so has not much more than Claudia she is not less than 180-1cm as rob list her 181cm , Pitt looks anywere 1-5cm on her anyway Pitt is defenetly net 183cm shoes on , 180cm for Pitt is more than fair
Dan said on 8/Oct/16
Lol Allen you're such a troll. You're the one who makes me laugh. If I tell you that's what I read then that's what I read. How the hell should I know why he's foot conscious? You're tone is so obnoxious that it oozes off the page lol. I didn't say he said it in a video interview. It was one of those teeny bopper magazine bio things.
hijopotamus said on 8/Oct/16
Dan, you can mask 2 inches all your life if you are a celeb. Same as wearing a wig or being in the closet etc.
2 inches taller could be a cuban heel and a lift inside. Simple as that. Its only 1 inch cheat. And one inch will not make you look or walk ridiculous at all.
5'9" for Brad and 5'11" when he is out of his house.
Allen said on 7/Oct/16
why would he say that in an interview? Lol some of you guys make me laugh
It is obvious that for more than 20 years he has had his feet lifted up in his shoes and boots and that is the most observant feature about him. What you have just said about his claim in an "interview" made me laugh so loud. Matt has shared pictures of him being barefoot. I know for a fact that Brad Pitt is straight so there is no chance for him being feet-conscious. LOL
Sheldon Stephens said on 7/Oct/16
To me he seems like 6' or 6'1"
Dan said on 7/Oct/16
@heylo. Totally agree with what you said about him not being able to mask 3" for 20 years without looking ridiculous or it showing in his walk. If you guys look at pictures of Brad's feet, you'll see they're very small and curved. In a magazine interview they asked him what is a part about him he'd be willing to change or Didn't like and he said his feet. I think he's self consious of his feet and that's why he doesn't like being barefoot.
hijopotamus said on 7/Oct/16
Heylo, Mat Damon is not 5'11" dude. He is more like 5'9"ish.
...and Brad has been seen SAME height as Damon in some pics.
Guys, when you see someone look 6' and the next day he looks and stands 5'10 its because he is not 6' obviously. You cannot grow when you are in your 40s, hello! We should always check where he stands the shortest and not the tallest.
BTW have you ever heard of the grow 4 inch shoes? We are talking about AAA+++ celebs that image is all for them...unless you are Jack Nicholson or Paccino.
hbode said on 6/Oct/16
5'11" is right.
hbode said on 6/Oct/16
5'11" is right.
Viking190 said on 6/Oct/16
Even in the pictures above it is obvious that Brad's wearing weird shoes as always. His footwear has always been obviously big and irregular. If you watch his movies in early 90's you will see how short he is. He is very likely to be under 5'9. Hollywood has been using Pitt as its beautiful image of a man and that is why they insist on his height to at least look taller than what it is. a real 5'10 guy would never wear these shoes and if he does he'll be 6'3 in these shoes. Just bother to do the math.
matt said on 6/Oct/16
180cm people
Gregor said on 5/Oct/16
William Hague is 5'11"?


Always thought he was a just wee guy, turns out he's got 4 inches on me!
Heylo said on 5/Oct/16
Hijo, There's no photo of them standing absolutely straight, I believe that with excellent posture and a better angle, Brad would look a little taller yes. But I mean, if you think he looks the same as Gwyneth, then I respect that. But then Brad wouldn't be more than 5'8-5'9. So you mean that Brad could mask a 3 inch difference for over 20 years in all various types of shoes? Most people on this site could be about 1-1.5 inches minus what they really are but over that and it becomes very hard to look a certain height consistently without it being obvious that there's something weird about the walking style and/or shoes. I look at Rob who put some elevator shoes on besides his girlfriend (?) and it's very obvious that he has special shoes on, at least for us who enjoy analysing others' heights.

We have seen Brad with special shoes on rare occasions or on big budget movies like Inglourious Basterds, once was the Oceans 13 premiere where he looked much taller than 5'10 Matt Damon but back in the early 00s when they stood next to each other, they looked only within an inch from each other, obviously, the early 00s example is more close to the real Brad Pitt in shoes with a possible small 0.5inch lift.
Dan said on 5/Oct/16
@heylo. Perfectly said.
hijopotamus said on 4/Oct/16
Heylo, I never said Pitt was in the 5'6ish Tom Cruise category.
Ok, so you really see Gwyneth 2'54 cm taller than Pitt in those pics?
Rent said on 3/Oct/16
In Ocean's eleven, he doesn't look at all near four inches on Don Cheadle, solid couple but no more. Maybe Cheadle is a lift wearer.
Dan said on 3/Oct/16
@ justanotherguy. Those are vans alomar in grey wool from 2011 season. I own them they're very flat. Of course, you can fit 1-5" lift inside, but anything bigger and you'll have issues walking or standing for too long.
Dan said on 3/Oct/16
@ justanotherguy. Those are vans alomar in grey wool from 2011 season. I own them they're very flat. Of course, you can fit 1-5" lift inside, but anything bigger and you'll have issues walking or standing for too long.
Heylo said on 3/Oct/16
Hijo, Brad doesn't have stilts on his feet when he's standing next to 5'11 people, therefor he can't possibly be under 5'9.
You act like Brad is within Tom Cruise's height range. Tom was forced to have on lifts to look closer to Brad in Interview With A Vampire. Now if Tom is forced to use lifts to look closer in height, then we can pretty much assume that Brad is at least two inches taller than Tom.

If 1000 people looked at that Brad and Gwyneth photo objectively, a majority would say that he looks taller. You also seem to think that you can stuff in 4 inches lifts in sneakers. If Paltrow is about 5'8, Brad is at least 5'9.5.

And yes, I know that 1 inch is roughly 2.5 cm and not 1cm. You interpreted my last comment weirdly.
Viking190 said on 2/Oct/16
Yeah Rob, But in some of those pictures they are face to face, kissing, and shoulder to shoulder, so whatever the angle is, one could be sure about the difference because their bodies are pretty close to each other and the angle affects both figures equally.
Agreco4l said on 2/Oct/16
Can look 6 foot or over sometimes, probably around weak 5'11."
Agreco4l said on 2/Oct/16
Can look 6 foot or over sometimes, probably around weak 5'11."
Pierre said on 2/Oct/16
@Justanotherguy=But we doesn't know the real height of listed celebrities around Brad,we doesn't know the inside of Brad's shoes.Martin sheen is listed 5"6':at his page some people who say they have really seen him give him 5"6' and some people who say they have really seen him give him 5"3'.
hijopotamus said on 2/Oct/16
@Justanotherguy, keep it simple. Why complicating things ASSUMING heels, lifts, angles etc??
Why close to Jen he looked shorter than a 5'10" guy?? Do you think Gwyneth is 5'10.5"?
Please revert.
Justanotherguy said on 2/Oct/16
Don't know if those are vans or not but they definitely look like they would give less heel. Doesn't explain how he doesn't manage to look more than 1 CM taller than Kevin Bacon and hes closer to the camera. If you don't think that matters why don't you take a look at 5'6 Martin Sheen standing to the left and see what a difference it can make.

@hijopotamus The picture we are talking about is has been discussed before. Click Here for the picture with footwear. How is my 5'10.5 claim ridiculous when the average guess after nearly 50 votes is 5'10.5? Its a half of an inch from Rob's 5'11 and there is plenty of evidence to suggest hes within this range. I never claimed he was wearing lifts in the picture (I don't believe he is). I believe he sometimes wears lifts because he can easily appear to be 6 feet tall next to other actors in this range, yet he also sometimes appears to be in the 5'10 range like in picture that I linked. I guessed that if he does wear lifts than they can't add much because hes at least 5'10, and if he were shorter his lifts would be more obvious. 3 inch lifts are pretty obvious just look at Robert Downy Jr If you don't believe me. All in all I wouldn't be surprised if he was really 5'11, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was 5'10 either. Either way Rob is pretty close to the truth. Just my opinion.
Viking190 said on 2/Oct/16
Rob, based on naked photos of brad pitt and gwyneth paltrow, if brad pitt is 5'11 then why don't you upgrade paltrow's height to 5'10.5 5'11?
Editor Rob: the shots are taken on a long lens higher up, I'm not sure they reveal the exact difference between them.
Allen said on 2/Oct/16

I remember exactly when Brad was listed 6'0, Gwyneth was listed 5'8. I don't know about Rob's website but I'm pretty sure about google's listing. And now after Corden Paltrow picture it is obvious that she is no more than 5'7.
Dmeyer said on 2/Oct/16
Justanotherguy do not forget Pitt has Vans 0,6in compare to 1in shoes for bacon and Clooney has boots over 1in , Pitt looks 179cm in the pic but has 1cm less shoes so 180cm in that pic
Dejavu said on 1/Oct/16
He can only anywhere from 5'10.5 to 6'1.
CS said on 1/Oct/16
Interesting poll results. I think the truth is somewhere 5'10.5 - 5'11. I don't know for sure where though.
hijopotamus said on 1/Oct/16
@Justanotherguy, you base it on a not very reliable pic at all. You cannot be serious...
You dont know what shoes they wear and the size of the lifts is something to be guessed.
So you basically think that Gwyneth is 5'10.5"?
HonestSlovene said on 1/Oct/16
@Justanotherguy 100% agree.
Justanotherguy said on 30/Sep/16
5'10.5 is my guess here judging largely by the picture standing next to 5'10 Kevin Bacon.

Click Here

I believe Brad Pitt wears lifts because sometimes he can look like hes 6" but I have yet to see any definite proof of his lift wearing. He does wear a lot of boots though. If he is wearing lifts they must be modest (under 2 inches) which brings me back to the 5'10-5'11 range. I think if he was in 5'9 range his footwear would be more obvious like Robert Downy. Cool new feature Rob!

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