How tall is Justin Bieber ?

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Justin Bieber's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Canadian Singer known for songs like Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat. As of 2011 he was claiming to stand "5-8/5-7." and in a police report they put him down as 5ft 9. There are rumours as to whether he wears 'Bieber Boots' with lifts, but age 18 he did look like he may have grew a bit more although he still needs to use the Bieber Booster in some photoshoots.
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max says on 20/Oct/14
Did anyone see that boxing video with him and mayweather recently? He's and inch shorter! 169-170cm
ashley says on 19/Oct/14
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same height as floyd mayweather
Sam says on 19/Oct/14
does anyone know lil twist's height? ive heard hes 5'4 but if thats true then justin could be closer to 5'8 than 5'7
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not the best picture to judge height but you can see justin is definitely more than two inches taller
Brad says on 17/Oct/14
G would have him by 1/2". Both get owned by everybody.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 17/Oct/14
With Mayweather
Click Here

No chance of lifts in those shoes. He looks quite close to Floyd's height. Maybe just under. I think just under 5'7 might be right.
justin is shorter. says on 16/Oct/14
more like 5 foot 6 max.
justin is shorter. says on 16/Oct/14
more like 5 foot 6 max.
Bogie says on 16/Oct/14
Brad, you said that G was taller than him, by how much in your opinion
Celebheights 188 CM says on 15/Oct/14
Russell Wilson has also obtained a 5'11 3/8" measurement, so 5'11" is spot on.
Height181 says on 15/Oct/14
LOLL at ''HeightDemon''. I have another name for this user, but I don't think it's appropriate for this site. I think this guy might be working for Big G.
fedor says on 14/Oct/14
lol, met that have met him say he's 5-5, well at least this one person I know of and the top of his head is lined up with Russel Wilson's eye if not a bit lower, Russell Wilson was measured at 5-10 5/8 and this is in the morning, so realistically during most of the day he's 5-10 flat or 5-9 3/4....on the Letterman show he was saying how some people say he's about 5-9 lol but then he says he's 5-11
Sam says on 14/Oct/14
so Wolfgang Puck is listed as 172 on the internet and justin actually seems slightly taller than him lol
not sure what shoes theyre both wearing
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DrJJ says on 14/Oct/14
A lot of the argument here relies on his father's height being, well, reliable. Do we really know the dad's height is a legit 5' 8"?
Parker says on 14/Oct/14
AnaS says on 12/Oct/14
From what I've seen in photos, both mom and dad are quite short.

Well his Mum has quoted 4'8, but his Dad doesn't look particularly short(in the cap). If his Mum is standing at 4'10 in her footwear, I'd estimate his Dad at ~5'8, which puts his genetic potential 5'4-5'5.

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However, genetic potential is only 60-90% accurate. My mate is 5'4, his wife 5'6, their son 6'3.
HeightDemon says on 13/Oct/14
After studying researching a bit more, it seems justin may be 5ft 6.5in after all. If you watch him on SNL, he was shorter then every cast member, even the shorter ones like kenan and bobby moynihan, and since he was probably not lifting up his shoes at the time, we got to see his real height.
Kendalljennergreatestfan says on 12/Oct/14
Fully grown since late 2012.He is 5ft 7in out of bed and 5ft 6.5 at night.He can look 5ft 9in with lifts and spiked hair.Justin should assume he is a short and quit those things that just show how insecure he is about his height.
AnaS says on 12/Oct/14
From what I've seen in photos, both mom and dad are quite short. Therefore, there was not a chance for him to be tall. It could have been worst. His mom looks really small.
jamie179cm says on 12/Oct/14
@Amaze a girl cried cause he wasn't 6ft and called him ugly because he wasn't 6ft that pathetic look at tom cruise hes short and hes a very good looking guy ok Bieber isn't good looking but i wouldn't go far as ugly
truth178cm says on 11/Oct/14
Amaze good thing it was only a girl though, men are primarly interested in women. Who cares what children have to say anyway, she will grow out of it in a few years.
Rikashiku says on 11/Oct/14
@Sam says on 1/Oct/14

Isn't the Dad 5'6" himself?
Amaze says on 10/Oct/14
@awwyes I think she was around 5'1 or 2 yeah, max. pretty easy to get away with though if you lie, im 5'8 but I said 5'10 she believed

he should be greatful lmao, most people with those parent heights end up at 5'3-4. he just ended up short, not very short. my friend is 18 and has a 5'10 father and a 5'1 mother, and he's 5'4 barely! Bieber with a 5'6' dad and 4'8 mum = 5'6.5? he got lucky. he should have been like my friend, my friend should have been like him
awwyes says on 10/Oct/14
Let me guess she was one of those girls, who think that they deserve a 6 foot+ guy, even though they are 4'11-5'2 range?
@Shawn, I could not agree more, biebs was, is and will be short, although considering his parents height he should be grateful, that he is not like 5'3-5'4
Amaze says on 10/Oct/14
Lmao a girl today cried cause i told her justin wasnt 6ft then called him ugly for not being 6
Arch Stanton says on 10/Oct/14
It doesn't help that he's frequently surrounded by big masculine, burly bodyguards which make him look even tinier. They make him look even younger and punier than he would anyway. It frequently makes it difficult to see anything above 5 ft 6. Poor Biebs. I do think this is spot on though, but he can still seem smaller.
Shawn says on 9/Oct/14
"Celebheights 188 CM says on 7/Oct/14
His height at 18=5'4"
When turning 20=5'6"

I think that he has grown a bit since turning 20, and perhaps he will grow to like 5'8"-5'8.5" between 21-23? While it's rare, some individuals can grow from 21-25."

There's so much 'wtf' in this post I don't know where to begin. He's grown an inch in the past six months? He finished growing in 2012 when he was 18, and he growth since then has been negligible. He's now officially closer in age to being 21 than 20, and can count hopes of getitng any taller goodbye. Bieber is not some genetic anamoly. He was just a late bloomer who managed to squeak in a few more inches of growth at 17-18 to get to a height where he's still short, but not a complete dwarf. As many others have said, he should be very grateful to have reached the height he is considering the height of his parents.
andre says on 9/Oct/14
Ryan sheckler is listed from 5ft7(170cm) too 5ft8(173cm) and bieber is smaller then him yet he is using boots so in my opinion bieber is 5ft6.2(168cm)
insey says on 7/Oct/14
I met Ryan Sheckler and by comparison to my height I'd say he's 172cm. So that means bieber is around 168cm, he isn't taller than 170cm for sure.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 7/Oct/14
His height at 18=5'4"
When turning 20=5'6"

I think that he has grown a bit since turning 20, and perhaps he will grow to like 5'8"-5'8.5" between 21-23? While it's rare, some individuals can grow from 21-25.
truth178cm says on 7/Oct/14
lol 5ft9-10 Jagger destroys him, 5ft6 tops.
bodybuilderFan says on 7/Oct/14
Same as tom cruise and tobey maquire ( 1.72 cm
jamie179cm says on 7/Oct/14
i think jagger is about 5ft9 and bieber is about 5ft6
Sonia says on 6/Oct/14
Not even 5' 7" with Jagger.
andre says on 5/Oct/14
justin bieber is using boots with 5ft7.1(171cm) ryan sheckler and yet he is smaller so in my opinion he is 5ft6(167cm)

please rob open account for ryan sheckler skater
Vibram says on 5/Oct/14
Jagger is not 5ft10, was never over 5ft9.25 (176cm) even at his peak. He is 174cm > 175cm today. Even if Jagger has footwear advantage of 1" max, this makes Bieber 5ft6 max.
Sam says on 4/Oct/14
the picture of justin and mick jagger has ruined justins 5'9 dream lol he looks MAX 5'7 next to mick jagger

@Ashley buuut justin was wearing low top white shoes in the picture so i doubt he was in lifts!
heres a picture from the same day of his shoes
Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 4/Oct/14
At 70 Jagger may no longer be a full 5'10
andre says on 3/Oct/14
please rob open ryan sheckler pro skater page he is listen 5ft7 or 5ft8 and bieber was almost is height yet in that picture he is using boots this means he is 5ft6 and ryan 5ft7.5
ashley says on 3/Oct/14
Click Here Justin's probably wearing lifts though so probably shorter than 5'7" though actually
ashley says on 3/Oct/14
Click Here with 5'10" Mick Jagger. Lol. 5'7"?
Sean says on 3/Oct/14
TJE, are you going of the pics from the American Music Awards? In which case, they do look about 8 inches apart, but that's with her heels. Looking at them, considering the small platform, they look like they add 2-3 inches. She's 4'8, or at least close to it.
Nils says on 3/Oct/14
Maybe they counted the tip of his hair in police report ;)
ashley says on 3/Oct/14
@jamie179cm she's a former model so I found it online
Sam says on 1/Oct/14
for those who are saying justin is taller than his dad, heres a very recent picture of them together in paris
Click Here
his dad is the taller one but not by much
jamie179cm says on 1/Oct/14
ashley how do you know carinne Roitfeld is 5ft7? rob didn't even list her
TJE says on 1/Oct/14
I'm not really buying 4'8 for his mother because there's 8 inches max between Justin and her. Maybe her claim was an exaggeration.
ashley says on 1/Oct/14
Click Here Carinne's heels (3"?)
Justin BIeber looks like he's wearing lifts in his thick soled shoes too so I think they have the same shoe advantage. So Bieber is 5'7"
ashley says on 1/Oct/14
with 5'7 Carinne Roitfeld Click Here
Richkid123 says on 29/Sep/14
Amazingly, he can still look 5'5"-5'7".
truth178cm says on 25/Sep/14
yeah Chris it is good that you are coming out of the closet lol
Scs says on 25/Sep/14
His height makes sense. To figure out a kid's height, take the average of the parents height, add 3 inches for a boy, minus 3 for a girl. His height worked out that way.
Nils says on 25/Sep/14
I like this guy and his music but he gives really small impression
like 5'5-5'6 120~ lbs. But his fame give girls impression of 6'2, 200 :D
Bradi says on 24/Sep/14

I definitely agree with you.

I used to put a small insole in my converse as well, about 1 inch ~ 2.5cm or so.

Well I didn't exactly "used to", I still do. So it's definitely doable and most people won't notice it.
Sean says on 24/Sep/14
I don't know, Rick. While I don't think Bieber's exactly above wearing lifts to the beach, lifts in that pic is a bit of a stretch...
Connor183 says on 24/Sep/14
Ok thanks Rob go GodSookie!
Rick says on 24/Sep/14
There is a 2cm lift in his shoe. Yes, I know that because I put lift in my Converse too (sadly). People think you can't put a lift into a Converse, but in fact you can.

Click Here
Sonia says on 23/Sep/14
Four foot eight mother and that guy? No way over 5' 7" ever.
Danimal says on 23/Sep/14
ashley says on 21/Sep/14
not taller than his dad... Click Here

His generation (even the guys) are ALWAYS on their iphones.
Connor183 says on 23/Sep/14
@Amaze i know right? like Rob said from the Tyler Mane page G has alreadly stolen height from me, Jenny, Ali Baba and Dmeyer! whos going to be next? also Rob himself was a victim of G too when he put a curse on Robs stadiometer and made him dip to under 5ft 8!, i bet from all the height hes stolen from us hes probably walking tall in New York at way, way over 6ft by now! Rob ive been a victim of G for too long now how am i going to stop him and get some of my height back?
[Editor Rob: to combat G-zilla, I will unleash my cat GodSookie on him and she will get back our heights!]
Height181 says on 22/Sep/14
Come on ashley, He is! Lol
ashley says on 21/Sep/14
not taller than his dad... Click Here
Amaze says on 21/Sep/14
@Sam did you not see the comment chris posted? It evidently pointed to him being homosexual/bi. Got nothing against gay people so yeah.

@Connor183 i agree defooo mate, defo a belieber in love with bieber. Working with g too height thieves man
Connor183 says on 21/Sep/14
Sam i wasnt being horrible about it i just thought he did seemed like he fancied him thats all, ive got nothing against him if he does theres nothing wrong with being gay, i do apologise if i offended him though, but believe me i wasnt being nasty to him or anything i wouldn't do that im not a bully, Chris if i did accidently offend you then i am sorry mate i wont bring sexuality up again that was foolish of me so im very sorry i said that.
Sam says on 21/Sep/14
lol @connor183 shut up, someones sexuality has nothing to do with this site, what was the point of even mentioning it? this site is about justins height and thats it, commenting on other users is just pointless and pathetic.

anyway.. justin looks 5'7 at most. 5'6.5 barefoot is probably the best guess. since he is back with selena lets hope for some barefoot pictures of the two of them together!
Connor183 says on 21/Sep/14
@Amaze maybe Chris is a belieber? that's probably why he thinks he's taller than he actually is perhaps? but yeah 5ft 9 is absolutely laughable for JB he's just barely above 5ft 6, people are fooled by his hairstyle and the advantage of his lifts, also im not being offensive or rude about Chris but he seems homosexual if he thinks JB is hot, ive nothing against gay people theres nothing wrong with them, theres bound to be some Bi, lesbian or gay users who visit the site, again ive nothing against them.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 21/Sep/14
5'7" is accurate.
Amaze says on 20/Sep/14
@Chris one of the funniest troll posts ive seen in a while. You make me laugh son xD you jokers that come on celebheights

But yeah i hear justins dad is 5'6.
Brad says on 20/Sep/14
Hey Chris, how bout them 49ers?
waterbottle says on 20/Sep/14
Justin Bieber is not 5'9". I don't know what your guys are smoking. Scooter is 5'9". How can he be 5'9" if he is shorter than a 5'9" guy, while standing on a 2 inch thick platform? Bieber forgot to wear his footwear, so he had to stand on a platform to look compareable to Scooter. And Justin Bieber did not grow. He has looked the same height since he was 16/17. Also, Bieber changed his hair style, to poofing it up.This makes him look taller. This gives him easily an inch or so. And, it has be proven that Bieber has consistently worn 2+ inch lifts. If you looked at his shoes, they look like lifts. His shoes are all extremely wide and they look way too big for his height (people buy bigger sized shoes for fitting height increasing insoles). If you believe barefoot Bieber with his hair flattened down or shaved is 5'9", then your a joke.
jamie179cm says on 20/Sep/14
Chris sorry but anything over 5ft7 is a joke
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm says on 20/Sep/14
Lmfao Chris, nice one, mate
Chris says on 19/Sep/14
I dont care how tall JB is (but he is beetween 5'9 and 5'11), hes just the coolest bro who ever bro'd. and look at his abs what a hottie
Height181 says on 18/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: Bieber is clearly taller than his dad Jamie. That isn't very difficult to spot.
jamie179cm says on 18/Sep/14
@Tim doesn't his dad have footwear advantage though and @height181 your right his dad is probably 5ft6 Do you think its possible bieber and his dad are the same height? bieber has his hat on
Tim says on 17/Sep/14
He is not taller than his dad, cmon.. His dad is at least 5-7 and on every picture he is slightly taller than Bieber
Sean says on 17/Sep/14
Just to reiterate, the 4'8" thing isn't just an educated guess, it's her own claim. I believe it to, even with big heels she's still way smaller than Justin in slippers.
Height181 says on 17/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: If you didn't know, a 5'5'' man looks shorter than that. Justins dad is atleast 5'6''. Justin is taller at 5'7'', but not anymore taller than 5'7''.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
@Dontlie i can't see him over 170cm @height181 that picture tells me that bieber could be under 5ft7 i think 168cm and 169cm is closer to the truth his dad could be in the 5ft5 range
ashley says on 16/Sep/14
lol he's not taller than his dad at all. google any picture of them
Duhon says on 16/Sep/14
I can't believe his mother is legitimately 4'8" either. That is well below the range of normal height for an adult woman, to the point that I would assume she would have had to have suffered from some sort of stunted growth. I think Gary Coleman was 4'8". Peter Dinklage is 4'5" himself.
Connor183 says on 16/Sep/14
@Skeptical in Seattle calling short people "midgets" or referring to them as the Oopa loompas is already offending them, seriously you should be careful what you say because many people who are short can get upset and take offence!

@Amaze i dont really like the name "midget", you be careful what you say too, like i said they can feel offended and who knows how many short people may come to visit the site?! im not having a go or anything im just saying, i dont want anyone to think you are a bully because your'e not and your'e a nice guy you just need to be more careful what you say thats all .
Danny says on 16/Sep/14
I do not believe that he is actually 5'9. I would guess about 5'7 or even shorter without shoes on.
Height181 says on 16/Sep/14
Justin is clearly taller than his Dad. Click Here Click Here Click Here If you zoom in the first picture I posted, you can clearly see his Dad has extremely thick running shoes compared to Justins Vans/converse type shoes. His dad is about 5'6''
Dontlie says on 16/Sep/14
172,5 cm
Height181 says on 16/Sep/14
I seen a recent picture not too long ago, Justin is like 1 inch taller than his dad now.
Working9Till5 says on 15/Sep/14
what Makes people think his Dad is 5'6 out of Interest ? he always looks Slightly taller than Justin which would make The Product of his Semen 5'5 Kinda Range if True.
ashley says on 15/Sep/14
no, the dad is definitely about 2" taller than Justin. His mom said she was 4'8" on twitter (I follow her). the link to the tweet is on this board somewhere way below haha
Sean says on 15/Sep/14
@Skeptical In Seattle, the 4'8" listing is from her own claim via twitter, I believe (but anyone correct me if I'm wrong, please).
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@height181 i thought 5'6 but then that guy said 5'9, im not too sure on his dad. justin became taller than his dad with a very short mum(midget) etc
his dad has a stocky muscley build
Height181 says on 15/Sep/14
Justins Dad is somewhere around 5'6''. Not 5'9'' Lol
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Amaze says on 15/Sep/14
@ashley yeah probably 5'9. No wonder jbs 5'6.5 then. His dad is worse than him
I wonder how tall his half brother jaxon bieber will be. Any idea on how tall jeremys(justins dad) ex wife is(jaxons mum)
Brad says on 15/Sep/14
"My dad is like 5' 10"". That's just sick.
Skeptical in Seattle says on 15/Sep/14
There is NO WAY his mom is 4'8. That is all I really have to add to this conversation. Because, like, she would be a midget. Wait, is that term for it?

I don't want to offend any midgets. I've seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Sean says on 14/Sep/14
I'm surprised he hasn't put on a little more muscle weight. He's been working out for about 2-3 years, so I'm sure it's a choice. I guess I can't talk though, he looks better than I do, lol.
ashley says on 14/Sep/14
@amaze - his mom is 4'8" and his dad appears to be 5'9" (Justin claimed his dad is "like 5'10" in the past)
Amaze says on 14/Sep/14
@Height181 true. he has a 4 8 mom and a 5 6 dad. he's lucky he turned out 5'6.5 tbh, i'd expect someone like that to be 5'2-4 range

yeah defo he finished ages ago growin in height
Height181 says on 14/Sep/14
@Amaze: He's always been a small guy hasn't he? He can turn that around if he likes. As far as height, I think he's done growing. Just my opinion.
Height181 says on 14/Sep/14
Height181 says on 14/Sep/14
@Amaze Nah i think he is more of a 5'7 guy but he does have a smaller frame

Rob, I thought you were going to ban this idiot because he uses the same username as me?
Amaze says on 13/Sep/14
@height181, yeah running sneakers add 3/4 cm so he would be 5'8" in them. plus hes quite skinny and a lightweight for a 20 year old. 130lbs at most and 5'6.5" is quite small. he should be around 140-5 imo. his skinny frame certainly makes him look taller.
Height181 says on 13/Sep/14
He is probably 5'8'' or close to it in running sneakers. He can look around 5'8'' due to his slim frame. I still don't think he is taller than 5'7'' although he can look taller at times.
Amaze says on 13/Sep/14
@yeah yeah lara stone is 5'10 barefoot, in heels she must have been 6'1. he's 5'6.5-7, stood next to her barefoot in boxers topless xD. 16-17cm difference, he got towered for sure xd
yeah says on 13/Sep/14
@jamie look who's talking about being rude :D
I must give "props" to justin standing barefoot next to a woman who would have been taller, even if she had stood barefoot, and exposing your real height at the same time takes some guts. 5'7 in the morning is absolute max.
Amaze says on 13/Sep/14
@Tom exactly listen to what jamie said. He is no way near 5'8 you belieber. He is 5'7 on a good day no more.
jamie179cm says on 13/Sep/14
imo anything under 5ft6 is rubbish and anything over 5ft7 is rubbish imo thats just my opinion though why do people think hes over 5ft7? sure he has a long body but that doesn't mean he isn't short also he has short legs and i think he does wear lifts sometimes and when he doesn't i can't see him over 5ft7 saying though i think the 5ft6 range is closer to the truth
jamie179cm says on 13/Sep/14
tom can't you respect Amaze opinion i think 5ft8 is a joke but if thats what you think fine but just stop being rude to these who think hes under it
Sonia says on 12/Sep/14
He looks perturbed with models using him as a crutch.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 12/Sep/14
He could ask Mike Tyson for an uppercut then he'd touch the 5'9 mark...
Amaze says on 11/Sep/14
all you guys who said 5'9", and didn't believe us, well now check google
a more accurate height is listed :) 1.75/5'9 was always ridiculous. 1.70/5'7 is far more sensible.
Brad says on 11/Sep/14
Needed his Bieber Munsters with Lara, however; they wouldn't have helped the little guy.
Height181 says on 11/Sep/14
5'7'' is right for Justin. I wouldn't disagree with 5'6.5'' either.
Arch Stanton says on 11/Sep/14
@Height 181. Not necessarily, it depends. With 6'2.5" David Walliams Click Here she's looking close to 6'1" in heels as she looks with Bieber. She could be 5'9" and change, but she doesn't look far off the listing.
beingright says on 11/Sep/14
Next to a 5.10 Lara Stone in 4.5" heels, he looks 5.6/5.7 at most.
That would make her nearly 6'3"
And he looks like 8inches apart, which would make him 5.7 maximum.
lelman says on 10/Sep/14
Click Here
Click Here

Lara Stone is listed at 5ft 10, and she's in some hefty heels here - probably like Arch said about 3 inches. So she's about 6ft 1 here, making him probably just under 5ft 7.
Dingus says on 10/Sep/14
5"06.75" - 5"07.25"
Height181 says on 10/Sep/14
@Arch Stanton: You do know that ''listed'' people are around 2 - 3 inches shorter than their ''listed'' internet height?? Come on Arch, you've been around long enough to know this! Lol.
beingright says on 10/Sep/14
What happened? GOOGLE downgraded Bieber to 5.7
I think after his strip on television they agreed to no more than 5.7 for Justin.
After seeing his body now, there is no more reason for him to hide. He is short for a guy, but so are 19% of the male population in the world :p
I think, 5.7 is acceptable.
Reality says on 10/Sep/14
He is 172 man "omg what a stupid comment's
Arch Stanton says on 10/Sep/14
@Dude, in fairness if he was that height conscious he wouldn't stand barefoot in his boxers in front of a huge audience next to a 5'10 gal in heels...
Arch Stanton says on 10/Sep/14
Bieber barefoot next to 5'10 listed Lara Stone who is in heels which would give about three inches. Click Here She looks about 7 inches taller? 5'6" range does look accurate.
jamie179cm says on 10/Sep/14
connor183 yes he might lose his fame
ashley says on 9/Sep/14 Justin Bieber in socks with 5'10 Lara Stone (in 4-5" heels). How tall do you think he looks here? i think he looks 5'7
Dude says on 9/Sep/14
Why can't he be more confident with his height like kevin hart LOL
Amaze says on 8/Sep/14
@Height181 he has that quiff hairstyle, yep. it makes you look taller. theres a guy called thomas dekker on this page whos only 177 or 5'9.5 but some people think hes 6'0, when my brother had that hairstyle people thought he was 6'2 xD when hes only 6'0.5. that quiff hairstyle does make you look taller
Emil 182.5 cm says on 8/Sep/14
After Bloom punched him, JB strunk to 5'4 :(
Dog says on 8/Sep/14
5' 6.5" is accurate.
Dog says on 8/Sep/14
5' 6.5" is accurate.
Connor183 says on 8/Sep/14
I never thought of that Jamie yeah it probably is about the money but im not jealous of his fame either because he has none, to me he doesn't anyway because i dislike him but you get the idea, hell he will lose his fame the way he's going and nah im not really bothered about money i just like how i am already with putting my feet up and chilling out playing my ps3!
Arch Stanton says on 8/Sep/14
@Sean,yes, it is "unlikely" that Bieber's management would sue over celeb height posters calling him a druggie and criminal and all that as derogatory comments about him are all over the web, but you never know, it's better to be on the safe side and a better environment for the site not attacking celebs all of the time.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Sep/14
@Sean, some of the comments were getting into dodgy territory which Rob has now deleted. And while celeb heights isn't exactly a top newspaper, you'd be surprised at what things people will sue over if it is particularly damaging, especially for somebody like Bieber who is subject to vigorous marketing and organization. Comments which basically denounce somebody as an evil drug addict/criminal completely unrelated to height and other such things are stepping further than the odd ribbing.
Height181 says on 8/Sep/14
Bieber has never looked 5'9'' to me anyway. I was just saying I can understand why some people see 5'9'' for him. With his hair being 3 inches high alone and in some decent sneakers he might look around 5'9'' to some people. Not to me though.
MysteryMan says on 8/Sep/14
With shoes is he 174 and that is short.
Jake says on 7/Sep/14
I always thought he was 5'7 or 5'8
176,2Tunman says on 7/Sep/14
Actually the average for youngsters today is 170,6.Average for Young europeans is near 5'10 Asians at 5'6.5 really bring the average down due to the large percentage of world population there.
Bieber is not so small worldwide but rather small for western countries.
That said is it possible that he's only 5'6 flat?He didn't look much taller than lil Wayne
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
truth178cm your right 5ft6 5ft7 is short 5ft8 is below average but i think 5ft9 is a weak average though
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
Connor183 btw you are one of my favorite users too(:
Robertson says on 7/Sep/14
Hey guys Look that pic from jan. 2014
Click Here
Amaze says on 7/Sep/14
5'9 below average? it is above the global average and is average in most countries. come on. at the least it's lower average but its actually bang on average.

no way is Justin 5'9, he looks short and 5'9 guys do not look short. he's 5'7+ max but 5'6.5 is mot likely/probable
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
Connor183 i think people are talking about the fame and money when saying we are jealous but still we are not, why is this the only site were people say your jealous? you don't hear that in sites like brad pitt who has got more than bieber
jamie179cm says on 7/Sep/14
Connor183 thanks your a nice guy too it would be cool to see each other in person i live in north of england though
truth178cm says on 7/Sep/14
5ft9 being a different range than 5ft7 is a statistical and observable FACT, it has nothing to do how I see things. Bieber has never looked over 5ft6.5-5ft7, only in lifts he can pull off looking close to 5ft9.
truth178cm says on 7/Sep/14
I agree that 5ft9 is not below average globally, it is just average height for young men around the world. But for Bieber, a young man in the western world, 177-178cm is average height.
Height181 says on 7/Sep/14
@truth178cm: Maybe to your eyes it is a whole ''RANGE'' apart. Maybe to other people it's only a small 2 inches? you ever thought of that??

5'9'' also isn't below average. It is average height in most countries around the world.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 7/Sep/14
5'9? Hahahahaha
ashley says on 6/Sep/14
Justin Bieber in flats + Selena in 3" (?) heels = same height. so Justin looks 5'7-5'7.5
Jo Stranger says on 6/Sep/14
He is still growing I guess.
Connor183 says on 6/Sep/14
@jamie179cm i really like you mate you are a nice guy, id love to meet you in person you're very pleasant to talk to and yeah i agree with you and Tunman it's really annoying that those guys keep saying we are jealous just because we are being realistic about biebers height, seriously the jealous thing is just BS, it doesn't make sense whatsoever why the hell would we be jealous of his height? being short isnt that good no offence to the short guys btw but 5ft 6 is an ok height but just not particularly good, anyway after the things Bieber did i highly doubt we can be jealous of him after what he's done.
truth178cm says on 6/Sep/14
2 inches is a range apart. So Bieber at 5ft6-7 is a short guy, 5ft8-9 is not short but it is below average and it looks entirely different.
jamie179cm says on 6/Sep/14
Dovahkiin you are either trolling or just gullible over 5ft7 is a joke stop calling people jealous who are just being realistic
jamie179cm says on 6/Sep/14
176,2Tunman i agree im sick and tired of these people who are saying we are jealous like rob said there is no evidence even being 5ft8 never mind 5ft9 the people who think hes 5ft9 are fooled by his lifts
Height181 says on 6/Sep/14
Well 5'7'' isn't too much shorter than 5'9''. Biebers spiked up hair adds around 3 inches alone. So maybe in his sneakers and with his hair he looks 5'9'' to some people?? I don't know..
jamie179cm says on 6/Sep/14
Working9Till5 your right 5ft9 is a joke
Amaze says on 6/Sep/14
@Dovahkiin are you serious! he is not 5'9.even a girl I know who fancies him calls him short and lovely etc. he is 5'7 at most. also he is a guy that wears height lifts and boosters, i'm 5'8 but if I worethem i'dbe 5'10 but am I 5'10? no. i'm 5'8. justins 5'6.5-7. he could be 5'7. justins not 5'6 flat, but around 5'6.5
truth178cm says on 6/Sep/14
@Dovahkiin Can you at least try to prove he is anything over 5ft6 range without starting with the retarded teenage "OMGZ u guise are jelaous!1" argument?
176,2Tunman says on 5/Sep/14
Rob,please once and for all tell that Bieber IS NOT 5'9.I'm just tired of those guys saying we are jealous to argue he's 5'9.Clearly they lost any sense of objectivity.One day Bieber will claim 2+2=5 and those saying no 4 will be called jealous.
[Editor Rob: my opinion is that he's not that height as there is enough evidence against it.]
jamie179cm says on 5/Sep/14
connor183cm i was talk to you btw you are a cool guy
Working9Till5 says on 5/Sep/14
5 ft 9 at least ? how can you explain him being 3 - 4 inches shorter than his 5 ft 10 Manager ? and that would also mean he would be like 5 ft 11 in hightop footwear has bieber ever looked anything near 6 ft ? NO

its not about jealousy its about guessing how tall he looks which is clearly anything from 5 ft 6 to 5 ft 7 anyone who thinks the guy is 5 ft 9 barefoot is deluded
Dovahkiin says on 5/Sep/14
Rob what happens to older comments on this website? I hope they do not disappear.. please add pages to this website? Would be awesome!
[Editor Rob: I have database backups over time.]
Dovahkiin says on 5/Sep/14
No way this guy is 5'6 lol, 5'9 at least. Strong Bieber hate here, jealous of his money and all the hot teenage chicks drooling over him?
Connor183 says on 5/Sep/14
Yes Rob ok I understand ill stick with the height estimating.
jamie179cm says on 5/Sep/14
thanks mate your a cool guy too(:
Connor183 says on 4/Sep/14
What does libellous mean? call me thick if you want but ive never heard of the word.
[Editor Rob: if you say something on the net about someone that is defamatory (false) which can impact their business or causes other issues then it is treading dodgy ground. Of course there is a fine line with opinions that are offending and those which are defamatory, which is why we should really try to avoid it.]
lelman says on 4/Sep/14
Just looking at that booster photo again... why didn't they just get Braun to take off those platform boots? 5ft 6-7 for Bieber, 5ft 8-9 for Braun. He's not that much taller, if he took his shoes off and let Justin leave his on they'd probably be very close in height.
Height181 says on 4/Sep/14
@Danimal: Viper, is that you?
Sean says on 3/Sep/14
@Arch Stanton: With respect, comments about those things would be far from libelous. Drugs have been found in his tour bus, he has been imprisoned, and he has been prosecuted for assault. In order for a statement to be libel, it has to be false.
176,2Tunman says on 3/Sep/14
Do you think the 5'9 is his final statement or should we expect a 5'10 claim soon?Damn,he's definitely in the top height boosters,isn't he?
I wonder if the police did not put 5'9 just to please him?
I mean I don't know how one can boost himself by nearly 3"
Objectively,I can't claim 6' I just never look close to the mark even in 1" shoes.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Sep/14
I think you have to pay particular attention to the Bieber article as he's the sort of widely disliked celeb who'll attract that sort of thing, even from decent site regulars! Yeah the odd "Bieber's a douche", "silly rapper wannabe" type thing is OK, but the stuff about drugs and imprisonment isn't really appropriate, even if true.
Danimal says on 3/Sep/14
Tillman says on 2/Sep/14
Yeah Jamie you are wrong though 5'8 is more believable than 5'5

5'5" is far more believable than 5'8" imo.
Connor183 says on 3/Sep/14
Exactly Jamie 5ft 6 is only a half an inch shorter than 5ft 6.5, saying he is just 5ft 6 is no big deal im sure you think he is the height that he is listed at, its just quicker saying hes 5ft 6 thats all do you know what i mean?
Connor183 says on 3/Sep/14
jamie you are 100% right on your point there, yes even though some people dont agree with others opinions they should still be polite and respect each others opinions i agree with you on all of that, mate just ignore them you are way better than that, it just really annoys me when people like that come to the site and start being rude to other people n trying to pick fights! its just unecessary, you are one of the good users on here jamie and also your'e one of my favorite users on the site too, you are a cool guy.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Sep/14
Rob, I really like Connor and Amaze but I really am surprised you permit such comments entirely about Bieber's behaviour on here!! The odd "Bieber's a douche" 5 ft 5 max type thing is fine but talking about assault, imprisonment and drug addiction I think is potentially libellous..
[Editor Rob: a few comments I have deleted as if shown would have gone a bit over the edge...I know Justin generates a lot of anger. Visitors should try as much as possible to stick to the heights. The odd transgression is ok now and again.]
truth178cm says on 3/Sep/14
5ft5 is equally beleivable as 5ft7, both wrong IMO. He is somewhere around 5ft6.
jamie179cm says on 3/Sep/14
why can't you people respect my opinion? and its reasonable for 3 main reasons 1 hes not even listed at 5ft7 2 there is no proof of him being 5ft7 3 5ft6 is only half down from the listing
jamie179cm says on 3/Sep/14
connor183 lol no Wouldn't even want to be under 5ft9
jamie179cm says on 3/Sep/14
i think the people who Don't respect my opinion are fans of him i admit that im not a fan but that doesn't mean im jealous but 5ft7 not even listed put me off 5ft7 i think hes around 5ft6 to 5ft6.5 but still like i said people who he think is that fine respect there opinions even though they can't respect my
jamie179cm says on 3/Sep/14
people who think hes 5ft7 think about this then he is not even list as 5ft7 what does that tell you? i still respect your opinion but still i like for you to think about that
jamie179cm says on 3/Sep/14
connor183 thanks some people just can't respect people opinions i see that you respecting my. for these who Don't like my opinion Don't even reply to me Don't say oh you just jealous just Don't reply to me and im not jealous thats my opinion. beside not like these any proof of him being 5ft7 but atleast i respect people who think is i admit that i think anyover that is laughable but still i try to respect it. you Don't i have agree with me but you can still respect my opinion if can't just Don't reply
jamie179cm says on 3/Sep/14
me Im not a kid im 25 and why can't you respect my opinion?
Connor183 says on 3/Sep/14
i doubt he would want to go down to 5.5 inches shorter! I meant 4 inches shorter
Tillman says on 2/Sep/14
Yeah Jamie you are wrong though 5'8 is more believable than 5'5
Amaze says on 2/Sep/14
@kcho lol that's the funniest thing ive heard in a while. 16cm overkill

I wish that google listing got changed, lists him at 5'9. needs to list him at 1.69-70.
Sonia says on 2/Sep/14
I bet he's 5 feet 9 in the Ontario reading.
Me says on 2/Sep/14
Yeah whatever Jamie he's a 5'7 guy maybe even 5'7.25 think whatever you want kid.
Connor183 says on 2/Sep/14
@bb were not a couple, im straight btw, were just mates i was just sticking up for jamie because he was getting picked on thats all!

@kcho lol 185cm is laughable for Bieber he's only 5ft 6.5
Brad says on 2/Sep/14
Throw up some barefoot Jelena photos. His latest arrest will be the 5' 9" garbage again.
jamie179cm says on 2/Sep/14
kcho you got to be joking lol
bb says on 2/Sep/14
jamie&connor what a cute couple. Justin is 5'6-5'7 range.
Connor183 says on 2/Sep/14
Guys seriously leave Jamie alone! he doesn't think JB is 5ft 5, even if he did think JB is only 5ft 5 how the hell is that being jealous? its just an opinion afterall its not like he's saying"*sigh* i wish i was 5ft 5" and for your information jamie says he's 5ft 10.5 and i believe him, i doubt he would want to go down to 5.5 inches shorter! and also i doubt anyone would be jealous of Bieber after his actions!, maybe Jamie doesn't like Bieber? and i dont blame him if he does who would wanna be in Biebers shoes after all the wrongs hes done?, and its not impossible that Bieber is only 5ft 6 or that he could be 5ft 6 at his low in the evening maybe thats what Jamie meant? but come on guys give jamie a break!
kcho says on 2/Sep/14
Justin's height is 185 cm. He's so tall
jamie179cm says on 2/Sep/14
look if i was jealous i would be saying 5ft4 or 5ft5 not 5ft6 omg people stop play the jealous card
jamie179cm says on 2/Sep/14
connor183 ok
jamie179cm says on 2/Sep/14
height181 thanks Don't get me wrong i think he could 5ft6.5 not sure about 5ft7 though
jamie179cm says on 2/Sep/14
n what ever i know im not thats all that matter
soby says on 2/Sep/14
in the police report says he is 5 ' 9 (1.75) . I think he is 1.70 1.71 barefoot. What do you think rob?
User14 says on 2/Sep/14
He looks like a typical 5'7 guy
bishop says on 1/Sep/14
You can easily tell that he's grown by now. I don't think he is 5'5 anymore since he's taller than both Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. He is 5'6.5'' - 5'7'' range but surely nothinh over that.
n says on 1/Sep/14
@jamie yeah ok buddy you are jealous he is 5'7 flat hes not a 5'5-5'6 guy
Height181 says on 1/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: If you think he is under 5'7'' then that's fine. You'll find it that the majority of people on here don't agree with you. You can have your opinion just like everyone can. For all I care, you can think he is 5'2''.
Connor183 says on 1/Sep/14
No problem jamie, im glad you feel i helped, just ignore guys like that there not worth it.
jamie179cm says on 1/Sep/14
jimbo you may have be joking but still no need for these names connor183 thanks for sticking up for me

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