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Nelly height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

American Rapper. In an msnbc interview Nelly claimed "I'm not very big. ... I'm about 5-foot-9, 175 pounds. I used to be about 5-foot-7, 150 pounds."

Nelly with Lil Wayne, Mary J Blige
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BarelyLegal said on 14/Aug/15
in this photo he looks 5'7.25
maybe for the posture he has in this one
Emil 182-183 cm said on 10/Jul/15
IMDB had him listed 6'1 not so many years ago. Same with Tom Felton lol
Ci Ci said on 13/May/15
his mugshot reminds me of ja rules mugshot having him listed at 5"10, i was looking threw google images of "nelly and joe jonas" whos 5"7 and in some pics nellys half to 1 whole inch taller, except for one nellys wearing converse he stands slightly shorter, joe jonas foot wear dont change much so id say nellys probably just slightly above 5"6 and a half, now that i think about it i think ja and nelly are around the same height along with usher but idk my personal opinion.
Adamz said on 21/Apr/15
Rob, wasnt he listed at 174cm here previously?
[Editor Rob: he held it for a number of years.]
boxin said on 15/Apr/15
Yup Rob, his new mugshot shows him around 5'7. A light 5'8 maybe
[Editor Rob: is he standing as tall though, I doubt he's at measured height.]
MD said on 13/Apr/15
Yeah, this would really help if we could see footwear. He could be in tennis shoes or boots. Provided the evidence I gave, I'd say the latter, but who knows?
Brad said on 12/Apr/15
5' 7" on his mug with footwear.
Dom said on 12/Apr/15
He doesnt look taller than 5'8.5" in the mugshot. His head doesnt quite reach 5'9".

This guy is 5'7" range.
Bishop said on 12/Apr/15
A mugshot of him just came:

Click Here

Looks 5'9", but I don't know what shoes he's wearing.
5'11Stud said on 12/Apr/15
Just got arrested, probably wearing shoes.
Mug Shot: Click Here

He's a big Jordan's wearer so factor in ~2 inches, netting us at 5ft 6.6inches flat.
Nelly Shoes habits: Click Here
yah mun said on 12/Apr/15
Click Here

probably in shoes too.
I think he needs to be downgraded to 5'7.5ish.
Dr eazy said on 16/Feb/15
Nelly looks like 5'9 at the most
tyler durden said on 1/Oct/14
i met nelly back 2003 in the jay leno show in burbank. back when he was wearing that bandade as a fashion statement. im 5'8 and when i stood next to him he was like about 2 inches shorter than me. nelly is average 5'6 and of course 175lbs, he works out and not a kid, thats man weight.
Yazz said on 23/Apr/14
Even so he is sexy as hell, I honestly find (some) short guys attractive like Reggie Bush, and Luda.

Uhh Reggie Bush is close to 5'11.
MD said on 6/Feb/14
With Ludacris:

Click Here
haysmom said on 4/Feb/14
Saw him up close 2 nights ago n he def aint tall.gotta be 5'7-5'8 cuz im tall being 5'9 n hes shorter then me
MD said on 4/Dec/13

Can you take another look at this? Here he is with 5'10" Akon, and it looks like Akon may even be at an angle disadvantage in this photo:

Click Here

Not only is this more than a 1.5" difference, but it's more than a 2" difference. The others are right; Nelly is much closer to 5'7" than he is to 5'9".
Viper said on 14/Oct/13
Was Nelly really than much bigger than somebody like Floyd Mayweather?
CornellMaverick said on 29/Aug/13
Big fan of Nelly. Nelly is somewhere around 5'6-5'7. Most likely 175 pounds since he works out. We are about the same. Muscle weighs more than fat. So if it looks like he is lighter It's Just What the average person would assume. A person 5'7 weighing 160 with majority of fat would appear heavier than Nelly.
Emil said on 23/Aug/13
Wasnt he listed 6'1 here once? I might remember very wrong.
[Editor Rob: not here]
Curious said on 4/Jul/13
ludacris is never taller than nelly just as neither of them are over 5'7. I was always baffled by some rappers like nelly who one minute look short then appear taller at awards show. did anyone see the BET awards Nelly looked taller than Jaime fox and ive seen them in pictures before and nelly looks noticeably shorter. Or how Kendrick lamar magically drops in T.Is interview just to make him look taller. I love all of them and honestly could care less about there height but some of the things ppl say on here as far as guessing celebrity heights is just way off. Anybody who wants to be in show business is an egotistical maniac so feeljng inferior in anyway causes them mental syndrome. We should take ludas advice and have one more drink (figuratively).
superman said on 20/Jun/13
hey rob do you think he is taller than ludacris or 5'7.75?
[Editor Rob: they can look pretty similar to each other]
superman said on 20/Jun/13
after seeing pictures wth ludacris he looks to be 1 nch shorter so i think he is really 5'7, because ludacris is a true 5'8 guy. maybe a downgrade to 5'7.5 or 5'7 flat.thanks
superman said on 17/Jun/13
he looked to be .05 to 1' shorter thab T.I. and the samre height as kelly rowland, he cant be over 5'8 he must ne in the stron 5'7 range. thanks, the guy is ripped though maybe that makes him look taller, heard he is real nice. thanks
Joel said on 4/Apr/13
In the video "Dilemma" with Kelly Rowland she is wearing sandals and they look about the same height. Kelly Rowland is 5'7.
lascious said on 20/Mar/13
I've been to nelly's school e.i in missouri and he came in on occaisions. I think honestly the guys like 5.6 1/2 and im a girl 5.7 1/2 and he never looks taller than me. maybe the same height sometimes but never taller. Even so he is sexy as hell, I honestly find (some) short guys attractive like Reggie Bush, and Luda. I would rather be with a man i feel right with than look right with per say. He's definetely not 6 ft and if he is he must've had height surgery since i last seen him.
Paul said on 9/Mar/13
He is 5'7 or 5'8, check him standing next to 5'10 adam sandler in "the longest yard"
Greg said on 24/Jan/13
lol, why is he listed at 6 foot?
Silent d said on 22/Jan/13
No way he is 175pounds. That is over 80kg. He never looked that big. He looked probably about 75kg. He always looked 5 foot 8.

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