How tall is Adam Levine ?

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Adam Levine height: 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American Singer from the band Maroon 5.

How tall is Adam Levine
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Sep/15
180-181cm is a good fit.
5ft10guy said on 10/Jul/15
This is 100% right he has thick hair so not quite 6 feet
Bishop said on 8/May/15
5'11" looks right. I would say Behati is more 5'10.5". She seems slightly taller than Adriana Lima.
MD said on 8/May/15
Nope, he's a full 5'11". He routinely looks slightly taller than average-height guys. Here he is with a 5'11"(ish) Jimmy Kimmel:

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noone said on 7/May/15
Behati is taller than him.Check the pics when is in flats.I think he is 178 cm
Skye said on 7/May/15
He is not 5'5-5'7. Behati must be 5'4.5 then. He's roughly equal to his wife's height who is about 5'11, maybe 5'10. And Behati's always looked like one of the taller models.
jordydecke said on 17/Apr/15
That's nuts. Just watching a film with him in (Begin Again) and in a few scenes he's looked majorly tall and I was thinking that he'd definitely be taller than me. But then I look here and he's the same height as me! Looks about 6'1 at times!!
120 said on 3/Apr/15
Anyways, 180 cm is spot on
120 said on 3/Apr/15
His ego says he's 6ft tall, lol.
Idina said on 29/Mar/15
There's no way he's 5'5, please. If he's 5'5 Usher must be 4'11 and Xtina 4'6.
zedrein said on 8/Mar/15
I've found that when people [especially guys] are smaller relative to their height, that typically people guess when they meet them that they are shorter. 5' 11" Levine looks more that size now that he has bulked up [see his Men's Fitness cover]
181 said on 3/Mar/15
i'm 5'11 and i've seen him in the store, i was surprising of him being so shorter than me, i think he's even 5'5, because usually even 5'7 guys don't seem so short to me, anyway girls love him
david said on 18/Jan/15
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seems like they are barefoot (Adam and Behati)
Idina said on 12/Jan/15
He's taller than Behati, at least he looks taller in 85% of their pictures, even when she's in heels, he's also much taller than Paul Rudd, 5'11 for sure, or more. I think he looks small because he's skinny and we're used to see him next ro giant Blake Shelton.
david said on 11/Jan/15
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I dont really know if behati is taller than him, she was wearing a black leather AllSaints Jules biker boots
carver said on 26/Dec/14
Behatti is 177/178cm probably a full 5'10, but he's no taller than 180cm
Mikey said on 17/Dec/14
I think half of your are forgetting his wife wears heels.
BGee said on 11/Dec/14
If he's 5'11 then his wife is 5'10 at the most.
Andy said on 2/Nov/14
seems 5'10 to me if his wifey is 5'11
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bandet said on 1/Nov/14
Jo. Why don't you just look at some pictures of him with his wife, the supermodel. He would have had to have surgical leg extensions and as well as an impossible spinal length increase. He is an easy 5ft11 and your rather subjectively incorrect view of him happens when most people meet celebrities. Don't trust what you saw with kneejerk eyes of meeting a star and do some objective research
Jo said on 20/Oct/14
He's no taller than 5'6"... I met him years ago and spoke with him and he's definitely my height (5'6") maybe shorter. He was really small.
Rhonda said on 19/Oct/14
Looks exactly 5ft11 next to Dermot on the X-factor. If Dermot is 5ft7.
mario said on 9/Oct/14
I saw him in concert! And he is casual 5'11 at best(180cm) he was in converse and he looked much shorter than he regularly does. Rob, do you think he wears lifts? He really seems like the kind that would.
Jake said on 29/Sep/14
Rob, to add to BillBlass comment Wendy Williams said is Adam Levine is 5'8 at most. How tall do you think she is? Its strange she believes Adam is only 5'7-5'8 range.
[Editor Rob: if she's 5ft 11 then in heels she'd think he was a few inches smaller...maybe she's remembering him being smaller? And then forgetting she has heels, and in her mind equates that with 5ft 8?]
Clumsy said on 21/Sep/14
As much as everyone is convinced he's 5'11", I believe he's a solid 181-182 cm guy.
BillBlass said on 17/Sep/14
Sorry if this comment is out of place. I am new to the site.

Was wondering if you have any perspective on Wendy Williams' height. A friend told me she went to a taping of her show and noticed that she was much shorter than she expected (maybe 5'7 or 5'8 tops), but I can't find anything to support that. Also, in the picture she took, something looked a bit off. I mean, it looked like Wendy Williams, but her head looked larger in proportion to her body than what I had recalled from TV.
TJE said on 22/Aug/14
Looks closer to 5'10.5 than 5'11.
Sam said on 22/Jul/14
I enjoy many egotistical rock stars (all of them?), especially Jewish ones, if they're talented but I feel he's boringly deriative, way narcissistic even for a rock star and has an irritating voice, so I'm not a fan even though he might be nice off stage. He can seem a stronger 5'11"ish kind of guy though, giving impressions of standing similar height to Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake or Leonardo Di Caprio.
Chris said on 8/Jul/14
His ego is 6ft 4
mitty said on 9/Jun/14
He's no where near 6 ft. Chris Martin is 6 ft. 1, and he towered over Adam Levine. Adam even joked about Chris being taller than him and stood next to Chris. There was clearly like a 4 inch difference. If it was only 1 inch, you wouldn't notice it that much. I say Adam's 5 ft. 9 and wears lifts and 2-inch boots to bring him to close to 6 ft.
linke said on 2/Jun/14
5'10-11 guy who can look taller.
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/14
This looks about right. He actually seems like a decent guy in interviews and on TV but if I didn't know that just to look at him with his sleeve tattoos and expressions I'd think he's be extremely irritating and obnoxious. He does kinda look like Jimmy Carr's younger brother!
dude said on 4/May/14
When you are a true 6 foot tall male, you don't really need a heel boost to stand next to a woman in heels, even if she's as tall as 5 ft 8-9. Adam needs it though...
Sean said on 17/Apr/14
@6ft-on-a-good-day, those are definitely giving a nice boost. Good looking shoes too.
fsd said on 4/Apr/14
he's 5'9ft
6ft-on-a-good-day said on 18/Mar/14
I'd say these are some height increasing shoes. Not sure how tall he is but i'd say he wears lifts at times.
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truth said on 28/Dec/13
183cm in chunky boots yes, lol. Barefoot looks similiar to me. 178-179cm (5ft10-5ft10.5). Just looking at the maroon 5 band pics, drummer looks to be about 5ft7-8, bassist 5ft8-9, keyboardist 5ft11-6ft0 and guitarist 6ft2-6ft3 ( I was kinda bored, lol).
Bosnia said on 10/Dec/13
He was listed 183 cm here before?
(S)aint 185 said on 3/Dec/13
Rhonda- You picked one of the few pictures where he is actually shorter then Behati Prinsloo. In most he looks an inch plus taller. I don't think Behati is a full 5'10" though and I would say Adam is rounding up fractionally to 5'11".
Paul177 said on 25/Nov/13
He looks the same height as Beckham to me. Saw a photo of them two somewhere recently.
ian said on 21/Nov/13
Wendy Williams said that he's under five foot six.
Ike said on 7/Nov/13
I saw him on backstage and he was exactly my height (6') but he was wearing boots. He must be rounding 5'11.
John said on 29/Oct/13
5'11" max seems believable. We all know stars and athletes frequently embellish height by an inch or so. Let's face it, if he were actually 6' there's little doubt he'd claim 6'1". It just goes with the territory, as does lift wearing. From a psychological perspective it makes sense that 6' is the most fudged height of any because it crosses the threshold of a whole number change... which is why there are disproportionately more listed at 6' than lonely old 5'11".
truth said on 19/Oct/13
Not 5ft8 but 5ft10 and change.
brut said on 20/Sep/13
5'11"??? LOFL he is like 5-8 on his best day. He is a runt
(S)aint said on 19/Sep/13
Maybe more 179cm. He rarely ever looks below 5'10" in his music videos or the Voice. He seems luke a coil guy.
jam said on 24/Aug/13
I always find posts I met him in real life he is x and then someone else says I met him in real life and he is y. Lol....
greg said on 2/Aug/13
> He is about the same height as Behati Prinsloo 5ft10 she looks a bit taller than him.

I agree, he's about 5'10 - Behati Prinsloo looks to be the same height or slightly taller.
Rhonda said on 1/Aug/13
He is about the same height as Behati Prinsloo 5ft10 she looks a bit taller than him.
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cole said on 23/Jul/13
Both Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake looked to have about 4 cm on 176 cm Andy Samberg, if anything Levine had more on Samberg than JT did. Still JT is listed 5'11.5 and Levine 5'11.
Adrian said on 19/Jul/13
I met him in person today, He is NOT 6'0. The internet Lies!!! I am 5'9" and he was exactly my height. Trust me, I was shocked, because on tv and pics he appears much taller. He Must wear lifts durring his performances.
ADrian said on 19/Jul/13
I met him today in -person and he is exactly my height 5'9". He must wear lifts when performing. I was shooked because he does appear taller on TV and Pics.
rj said on 17/Jul/13
for ajcfl1995 u said look here in that photo he is probably wearing lifts thats why they dont show his feet in that hes probably 6 ft when he wears boots
shels said on 7/Jul/13
adam is 6'0" or 1.82m or 182 cm tall
Chris said on 1/Jul/13
Its obvious he is wearing huge lifts I would say 5"10 give or take 1 inch !
JU said on 21/Jun/13
is it really adam levine height 180? how do you know? ;)
truth178cm said on 4/Jun/13
ajcf1995 said on 4/Jun/13
you sure he's only 5'11? Click Here
DeuxEx said on 30/May/13
Come on he can never be 5'8! Checkout his Moves by Jagger performance at the VS fashion show. He was as tall or taller than most of the models even with their heels on! Unless of course he's 5'8 and they're all in the 5'4 range- unlikely.
joey said on 18/May/13
5'11? Lol when standing next to 5'8 Ryan Tedder he's about an inch taller then him. I cast my vote for 5'9. Its his thin build that creates the illusion of him being taller then he really is.
someone said on 6/May/13
Jones says on 19/Apr/13
"5'11 is not tall only an 1-1.5 above average
above average=tall

no, not enough above average to be considered tall
Cranker said on 22/Apr/13
He is 5'8" at best.... I just seen him at a club over the weekend.
Jones said on 19/Apr/13
"5'11 is not tall only an 1-1.5 above average
above average=tall
annie said on 14/Apr/13
Hes 6'1
Voicer said on 3/Apr/13
Blake wears boots adding 1 inch. Adam proclaims that he is 6'
mk said on 8/Mar/13
1,80 1,81
Anonymous said on 14/Feb/13
Yeah I think 179 cm is a good listing for him but you're right in the pics next to Mayer and Blake we can't see footwear.
Balrog said on 13/Feb/13
Rob since you add Blake Shelton at 6'4'' and you got John Mayer at 6'3'' maybe Levine should be dowgraded? He doesn't look 5'11'' with those two.
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 11 is the most he is, although a guy like blake wears cowboy boots at times so has footwear advantages.]
SAK said on 8/Jan/13
Another one with Levine(5f11) and Blake(6f5).
SAK said on 8/Jan/13
Here is standing next to Blake(6f5). Not quite sure, how many inches shorter Levine is.

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Vouile said on 29/Nov/12
I would say he is about 5'10.5, 5'11 maximum.
In the Voice when he stood beside Blake (6'5), he looked to be about 6 inches shorter than him.
Trey said on 25/Nov/12
Wouldn't go as far as 5'11.25, but he's surely in the upper 5'10-range, like 5'10.5 - 5'10.75, close enough to claim 5'11, eventhough in hollywood that would be a 6/6'1-claim.
Bexxx said on 30/Oct/12
I will say I find the ad on the left very ironic because it is called Elevator Shoes for Men. "Stand 2 to 4 inches taller comfort and invisibly." hahahaha love it.
pledso said on 22/Oct/12
Doesn't seem right.

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His girlfriend is billed at about 5'9.5 - 5'10". The ground looks flat. They seem to have the same footwear. He is standing nearly completely straight while she isn't. He doesn't look more than an inch taller than she is, if even half an inch. I don't see how this guy can be possibly over 5'10.5".
ice said on 15/Oct/12
wth ? Looked like at least 6'2 in his one more night video
Erin Renee said on 14/Oct/12
Adam is 5ft 11 so pretty much all of you are right on it :)
robbieraeful said on 23/Aug/12
I'm approximately 5' 10 3/4". A lot of my male friends had grown at least an inch during the summer and I haven't grown a lot in the past few weeks. My goal is to be at least 5' 11 3/4" or 6' 0 1/2" because I want to be taller than almost everyone in the 5 ft section.
satchy said on 31/Jul/12
I guess he is about 5ft 10 max
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Dean 5ft 9.25 said on 7/Jun/12
I saw him next to Holly Willoby and shes 5'7 and in heels(3 inch maybe?) and he was taller by about 3-4cm in his standard shoes(2cm).
Hes probably about 182cm in his shoes next to 178cm Willoby in her heels. So IMO 179-180cm is a very good shout but doubt hes above 180.34(5'11).
SAK said on 12/Feb/12
I believe Levine is a weak 5ft11; i.e he is 5ft11 @ some part of the day and dips below 5ft11 @ night.

@ 5ft11, in US/UK/Euro its not tall, more upper average. 6ft1 is start of tall for these places.
Lillo Thomas said on 10/Feb/12
5-11 is not tall only an 1 -1.5 inch above average . At least in USA .
Natasha said on 10/Feb/12
but 5'11 isnt that tall for a guy...
mike said on 8/Feb/12
Nothing but jealous short guys on here. This dude is a strong 5'11'', almost, if not 6'0'' in the morning.
Clara said on 6/Feb/12
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hahaha, he must be wearing shoes here :)

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