How tall is Alan Ladd ?

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Alan Ladd's height is 5ft 6in (168 cm)

US Actor. The actress Carol Matthews commented in 'Ladies of Western' that "I'm 5'7 and he was shorter. He stood on a box and I wore tennis shoes"

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Vaughn says on 5/Feb/14
A friend was acquainted with his granddaughter in high school. According to her he was 5'2".
spiderman says on 1/Feb/14
5'5" the most
John says on 9/Jan/14
5ft 4
Blackmamba says on 7/Jan/14
Having just watched The Black Night and with my Tailors eye I would guess at between 5ft 3in and 5ft 4in. He has very short legs, no more than 26'' inside leg.
Parker says on 13/Oct/13
A weak 5'6 IMO now. I argued for a long time for a 5'7 listing fot Alan, but recent film clips have altered my opinion. Virginia Mayo has always quoted her own height as 5'5.5. There's a dancing scene in the Iron Mistress where she appears to have ballet shoes where he has at least 2 inch footwear advantage, and he only looks 2 inches taller.

I'd post it but You tube censors have removed all of the Ladd films posted.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Sep/13
Does look shortish in Shane, surprised he was quite this short. He had the face of a tall man. His hair in Shane reminds me of my own. I came here thinking he was 5'7"-5'8"
Laddie says on 27/Aug/13
Tom Cruise and Ladd could be fraternal twins in a way. 5 foot 6 inches is about correct.
marcus says on 21/May/13
Alan Ladd's arms and legs were not in proportion to his head and torso. Made him look like a midget in some scenes.
Parker says on 20/May/13
twizzle says on 7/May/13
I had it on good authority that he was 5'1

Well I'd sack them
twizzle says on 7/May/13
I had it on good authority that he was 5'1
TEL says on 3/May/13
Who cares. Just watch Shane. It says it all.
Marcus says on 11/Mar/13
Ladd was listed at various heights throughout his acting career. If you watch closely in his films and compare him with other actors, his height appears to be in the 5'5.5" - 5'6" range.
Parker says on 2/Nov/12
Probably the widest height range estimations I've ever seen for an actor.His height on his air force discharge papers was listed at 5'9. Throughout the years his height has been quoted by friends,family and the media as ranging from 5'4-5'9. There is a number of internet listings that still list him at 5'4.

He stood on a box with a number of his leading lady's, as quoted above. Sophia Loren filmed all her scenes from lower ground on 'Boy on a Dolphin' - Ladd hated it.

Virginia Mayo quotes her own height as 5'5.5 and said Alan was about an inch taller. Carol Matthews says she is 5'7 and he was shorter. 5'5.5-5'6.5 pretty much nails it.

Rob's listing is fair.
Parker says on 27/Oct/12
Jim says on 22/Oct/12
According to George Stevens Jr. in his analysis of Shane (see Shave DVD) he credits Alan Ladd with being 5' 7" tall.

I used to think he was that height, and I saw a quote from his son in law in a recent biography that said the same. However if you look at the clip I posted 12th November last year he stands barefoot next to Elisha Cook (Who was in footwear) and looked marginally shorter - Cook's Army listing put him at 5'5.

I now believe Alan was 5'5.5/5'6. Of course we'll never know. What is not in doubt is he was a great actor.
Jim says on 22/Oct/12
According to George Stevens Jr. in his analysis of Shane (see Shave DVD) he credits Alan Ladd with being 5' 7" tall. Maybe he was just being kind but I have heard similar comments in the past. Even 5' 7" is not tall when compared to actors like Van Hefflin and other male actors Ladd worked with.
Parker says on 3/Oct/12
Very good article on Alan
Click Here

The studios went to such great lengths to disguise his height - ramps, ditches for his leading ladies, boxes, pieces of wood etc. that when the press got hold of it he was pitched at 5'2 or 5'3. A lot of sites still give him 5'4 max. As his son says in the article below, the reality was different - 5'6.

Click Here
Patrick says on 6/Feb/12
5'4 is just ridiculous. Even with good tricky angles and ditches ets. he never could have appeared as he did in many movies surrounded with tall actors as in Shane. Just impossible. I already find hard to believe he was so short but have to go along common opinion.
elvis says on 27/Jan/12

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