How tall is Antonio Banderas ?

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Antonio Banderas height: 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

Spanish actor best known for starring in movies such as Mask of Zorro, Desperado, Evita, Spy Kids, Automata and Assassins. He appears to enjoy wearing larger than normal sized shoes at events.

Antonio Banderas is average
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NangaParbat said on 20/Aug/15
This guy has got very good body proportions: he has the same structure as mine and even if we both are under the 5'9'', around 5'8'' more or less, when we wear large boots or put a tiny lift inside the shoes we can appear average, even around 5'9.5'' / 5'10'' as he shows in this pic.
lol said on 19/Jul/15
Rob how tall do you think is this guy next to Banderas? Click Here
[Editor Rob: 179 range maybe]
cupponi said on 1/Jul/15
rob on some sites is said to be 5'7.5 ' ' ?
Lafonte said on 22/Jun/15
Spaniards are white caucasion Europeans which should not to be mistaken with latin americans which are comprised of very diverse racial backgrounds. The average height of adult men in Spain is 177 cm or about 5'9.5 same as here in the U.S. So I'm not sure where your coming up with this misconception that Spanish men are short
Arch Stanton said on 9/Apr/15
Looks 5'8 flat in House of Spirits too.
Dmeyer said on 24/Mar/15
I think 5'8.5 peak 174cm now 5'8.25 in 173.5cm
Eric said on 19/Mar/15
I was at the rap party for crazey in Alabama and I will tell you that he is not 5ft8 Iam 5 8 and heis shorter than me. He bummed smokes a couple of times.the official night is bs. Eric
Ana said on 19/Mar/15
@Sidorakfan "but 1,74 m a acceptable height for a Spanish/Portuguese man."
Is that not acceptable for a British or a German guy? As far as I'm concerned, the average height of most countries in Europe nowadays for men is 5'9''. I would avoid nationality as something that defines short stature. Spaniards left behind the topics of being short quite a while ago.
David said on 21/Dec/14
I met him in Santander (north spain) while shooting his third movie as a director, we almost matched in height and I'm 1,75 (5'9'') he was slightly shorter. Rob's listing is correct, 1,74 for Banderas with no mistake
Jack said on 22/Oct/14
Looks shorter than 5"8,5 Click Here
Arch Stanton said on 16/Sep/14
More chance of 5 ft 8 flat IMO.
Darren510 said on 16/Sep/14
Once upon a time in Mexico he was described as 5'9 or 5'10 tops. I have to admit he did look 5'10 next to Enrique Iglesias. However 5'9 is probably more accurate. He is probably a weak 5'9 today.
Totti said on 15/Sep/14
Lonestar says on 14/Sep/14
I met Antonio Banderas on a beach in Madrid on a vacation I was surprise to see him barefoot he was not taller than 5foot6. I'm not kidding he was this short


Funny you say that... considering that there are no beaches in Madrid.
Madrid is in the centre of Spain. The nearest beach is 300km or aprox. 180 miles away in Valencia, which is as any logical thinker would guess, on the coast of Spain. Not the centre.

172-173 for Banderas. Current listing is not unfair.
fuzzblaster said on 18/Aug/14
He's no more than 5'8"
littlesue said on 6/Aug/14
fsd, 4 inch heels don't give 4 inches of height, they give about 3 inches so that would make him around 5ft 8
fsd said on 5/Aug/14
cant see him over a flat 5'7 or under 5'6.5 ft he's wearin 3 inch boots salma 5'1.5 ft has 4 inch heels on =5'5.5 ft 5 inch diffrence makes him 5'9.5 ft deduct the diffrence u have 5'6.5 -5'7 ft guy Click Here
RisingForce said on 4/Aug/14
Good picture, Arch. That photo shows what the video I posted shows. Sly as tall as Gibbson, and clearly taller than Antonio. Personally, I had always thought Antonio to be 5'8.5"-5'9" and with footwear that made him look taller. Now, I believe Antonio could be 5'8" flat, but Sly 5'9"(his shoes look normal there) and Gibson 5-9ish.
tuite said on 4/Aug/14
well, last pics in london with staham, snipes and sly, banderas look taller than, staham and sly ha ha ha i saw it in facebook
Arch Stanton said on 4/Aug/14
In Ex 3 he looks 3 inches shorter than Stallone. Click Here Clearly looks noticeably shorter than Stallone. I honestly can't see them at the same height, proportionally Stallone looks bigger, regardless of footwear.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Aug/14
Stallone must have been in monster lifts in Expendables 3 as he looked a good 3 inches taller in the film!!
5ft 8in (173cm) said on 3/Apr/14
I saw him last year in málaga (Spain), and he was about 1cm taller than me, and Im a 5ft 8in (173cm) 18 years old. I think he could be 5ft 9in at the morning and near 5ft 8in at night, typical 174cm 5ft 8.5in man. He is not tall al all here in Spain, but his height is average for a 50/55 year old male in the south of Spain. Now the average of young people (18/20) is 5ft 10in (178cm) in the north and center of Spain and 5ft 9/9.5in (175/176cm)in the south and mediterranean coast.
176,2Tunman said on 9/Mar/14
Absolutely true Realist.A research made between 2006 and 2008 revealed the following results.
Average male height worldwide:168,1 World average height for Young males (20-30 years old):170,6.Young Europeans:177,6 (175,3 for all ages).Young Africans:169,9.Young Asians:168,8.Young Latin Americans:171,4.Young Americans:177,6.Young Spanish are listed at 175,0.However they have Indonesia at 163,0 so a 5'6 won't look a giant,just tallish (around 70 percentile).
I think Banderas would be a strong inch shorter than Sly so more likely a flat 5'8.
tony said on 28/Feb/14
172. Just a bit below average.
Realist said on 14/Feb/14
Kartal, you are forgetting Asia, that means the actual average of a mans height cannot be more than 171 plus, people in southern europe are slightly "below average" as we guys say, but in places like Indonesia a 5'6 man is considered a giant in front of 5'3 men, look at Ken Jeong he must be average from where he comes. The average in Europe is probably 5'9.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/14
Tom Hanks looks easily 4 inches taller in Philadelphia.
173cm said on 7/Jan/14
I think Antonio is about 175cm at the morning and 174cm at night.
Gheist said on 20/Dec/13
I could buy a 176-177cm for him, unless he uses lifts + insoles.
Gregorovich said on 25/Oct/13
I saw him several years ago near Times Square in NYC. Was a bit shorter than me, and I am 5'10." The listed height looks about right.
183CM said on 26/Jul/13
Average in Spain is 177cm today
Rey said on 21/Jul/13
I believe Banderas is between 5'7"-5'8" and not a bit over.
Rey said on 21/Jul/13
Most men from southern Spain are not that tall. The North is a different story, but most Spanish men are thin and slender.
mande2013 said on 30/Jun/13
A Spaniard who's measured as being 172-173 cms might just round up to 175 cms the way an American who's 5'8.25 will round up to 5'9.
mande2013 said on 30/Jun/13
Fair enough. Let's call it an even 5'9 as the average height for a male spaniard, because if the average height is self-reported rather than measured we can assume the true average is perhaps a few centimeters below what's been given since many tend to round their height up.
Mann said on 22/Jun/13
Average of 172cm for spaniards was true in 1970.
An extensive survey in 2000 (Enkid study) gave 176cm as national average, 177cm for those in the university age.

By the time Banderas got famous in Spain in the eighties (he was in his thirties) the average was already 174cm.
As a kid I (I'm thirty now) i remember his looks as macho and somewhat tallish, he definately got the attention of females and I was decided to be like him when I grew up :)
mande2013 said on 18/Jun/13

174 cm is actually above average height for a Spanish man! Average male height in Spain is 171-172 cm.
kartal said on 13/Jun/13
leonari says on 16/Nov/12
Those boots are pathetic ! He wears them constantly and looks 5'11 when he has them on. Robs listing is spot on. He is below average. In Assassins you see that he is not average.

What is average in your opinion?.. I dont get how 174cm is considered below average when it is only 1cm short of 175 which is universially considired to be the average height..
peaceman said on 20/Mar/13
Looks 5´7
leonari said on 16/Nov/12
Those boots are pathetic ! He wears them constantly and looks 5'11 when he has them on. Robs listing is spot on. He is below average. In Assassins you see that he is not average.
Johnnyfive said on 16/Nov/12
RisingForce your pics of Banderas with Timberlake and Diaz just proved to me that both of them are wearing lifts to look 6 feet tall next to 5'9 Diaz with heels. I say 5'9 because my girlfriend met her in sandals and she said she was AT LEAST 5'9. If anything my girl usually underestimates people's heights rather than overestimate so I believe her 5'9 claim for Diaz. Many other ppl who have met her claim 5'9 for her as well. Anyway Banderas is as listed and a frequent lift wearer and Timberlake is 5'10 MAX. Its obvious they both don't want Diaz to look taller than them on the red carpet! They are both wearing their best lifts.
RisingForce said on 6/Oct/12
I don't think Banderas looks particular short, I definitely don't see 5'7" range and 5'8" flat is possible, but a bit too low, imo. I think he's either 5'8 1/2" or 5'9". In his heels, he comes close to Justin Timberlake's height. Click Here Click Here

I think he can look fairly tall at times, though his shoes have a lot to do with that. I don't think he just wears heels either, I think he'll wear elevators and lifts. Here you can see a battle of the elevators with Sly. Click Here

But I'm not the only one who thinks Banderas appears taller, here's a quote from a Daytona Beach News-Journal on 10/28/05.

"In person, Banderas, who seems even taller than his reported 5 feet 9 inches,"

It seems that Banderas is listed at 5'9", which rules out anything taller, unless that article is once again confusing an I M D B listing with an actors' official listing, which is really why that site should just list actors at their official listings.

But here's a 5'10" listing and a claim that he wears lifts from a 4/16/01 San Antonio Express-News article.

"Banderas stands around 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Antonio stands around 5 feet, 10 inches tall and couldn't get over how his leading lady towered above him when they met. Now he is wearing lifts in his shoes.
Shaun said on 18/Sep/12
Click Here

That's the nearest match I can think of to how his mother looked but not quite as polished. You might remember her as the "Cigar girl" in the red leather jacket from World is not Enough who blew up the balloon. I think she's listed at 5'10 and half too.
Shaun said on 17/Sep/12
I wouldn't bet on Banderas being over 5 ft 8 anyway...
Shaun said on 17/Sep/12
An old friend of mine had a 5 ft 11 mother who was really hot, everybody in my school fancied her, she looked Spanish or Italian, long dark hair, olive skin and always used to wear tight faded denim jeans and barefeet with paint nail varnish nails and a nice tight white or black t shirt. I remember drinking around his house and flirting with her at 17 or 18!! You can imagine right? But it twigged to me that she actually in some bizarre way looks a bit facially like Banderas in the 90s! She could be his sister or something. The "smouldering" looks I guess you could all it LOL.
Shaun said on 16/Sep/12
Hey Rob this is an interesting photo. All I can say is Cruise must have bought a pair of shoes from Downey or Sly's zapatero in this pic!!

Click Here
Shaun said on 16/Sep/12
maximus says on 19/Aug/12
He is at leat 5'8.5.... probably accurate. Not very tall but not the obvious short like Hoffman, Cruise, Pacino, Radcliff,etc.

I'd place a bet that Banderas wouldn't be more than an inch taller than Tom Cruise if formally measured barefoot. In fact I reckon they'd be about the same height. Cruise doesn't belong to the 5'5"-5'6" dead short category maximus and is amusing that you think Cruise looks much shorter! Banderas is in my opinion somewhere around 5 ft 8, could be a smidge under like Cruise.
maximus said on 19/Aug/12
He is at leat 5'8.5.... probably accurate. Not very tall but not the obvious short like Hoffman, Cruise, Pacino, Radcliff,etc.
grizzy said on 11/Aug/12
I agree that new genarations may be taller in spain but i don't think its indicated by a nation's athletic team because a most atheletes are heights that make them more competitve in their sport. An example being Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson at 4'9" or Yao Ming at 7'6". The countries national average would be a better denominator
Sergemeister said on 5/Jun/12
I was an extra in "Once upon a time in Mexico" I saw him repeatedly I'm 1.76, my sister is 1.70 and he was shorter than her 1.67 mts max.
Attila_194. said on 24/Jan/12
171 max for Antonio,looks 8/10 cm shorter than 180 of Pitt in 'Interview with the vampire'.
theodore said on 22/Jan/12
He has crazy heels on in Haywire... they are visibly high, especially compared to the shoes Micheal Douglas is wearing. If he is comfortable enough to wear high heels on the outside, you have to wonder what is going on inside his shoes.

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