How tall is Ariana Grande ?

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Ariana Grande's height is 5ft 0.5in (154 cm)

American actress from tv show Victorious and singer known for songs like Problem. In 2009 on twitter she first said of her height, "Is 5'' 3'!!! I grew! Yay!", although later that year said "I'm 5'2! I love being #funsized :]". Ariana changed her tune in 2011, saying both "i am 5 feet tall." and "5 feet or a little more , i'm miniature. haha".

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Nabiilah says on 8/Feb/15
and know, Ariana is 5'0.5 and not 5'0.25
satsuki says on 28/Jan/15
yeah tbh she is 5ft 1it even metioned in insta compare to me i bloody 4ft 9 im toooo short and shes perfect
Silent_D says on 29/Dec/14
She is really fun sized. She looks petite. 154cm.
Jay says on 23/Dec/14
I see no pics with Cheryl and Ariana together to say that Cheryl is shorter.....
hastag7 says on 16/Dec/14
Is that true? Cheryl cole is 5ft 3 and she is definitely smaller than ariana grande
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

lucy says on 9/Dec/14

You've increased her height by a centimetre I see, Rob. haha

I think she's currently quite honest about her height, I reckon 152-155 is a fairly accurate range. Perhaps closer to 155 in the morning and then closer to 153 in the evening.

[Editor Rob: I think 154 was probably a reasonable guess.]

Height182 says on 4/Dec/14

I thought she was like 5'3'' or something. Surprised.

Tania says on 28/Nov/14

@Arianaforlife - She's 21. It's virtually impossible for anyone to grow a whole 3 inches after they've turned 18, late-in-life growth spurts don't give that much of a boost. If she was 5'0" at 16, she can't be more than 5'1" max at 18 or 21.

Kendalljennergreatestfan says on 12/Nov/14

Seems taller now maybe 5ft 1 - 1.5, or maybe just she's wearing taller heels these days anyway she is pretty cute and a great singer.

tinyelephant2010 says on 21/Oct/14

i thought she said she was 5'2 :]

arianaforlife says on 16/Oct/14

she is not 5'0 anymore on her twitter account she said that she is 5'3

Towelieman1999 says on 9/Oct/14

Cute Girl , she locks like she's 12:D

lollipop105 says on 6/Oct/14

lollipop95, because girls lie about their weight, their height, and more...

blahhh says on 25/Sep/14

she is not 5'0 anymore she said it her self that she is 5'3

Sam says on 25/Sep/14

Did not recognize her from the picture above, which I guess must be pre-nose job. There's nothing wrong w/ the way she looked before. She does look about 5 foot nothing, about 9-10 inches shorter than Iggy Azalea.

lollipop95 says on 21/Sep/14

Ariana and Greyson Chance Click Here

lollipop95 says on 21/Sep/14

Weird, she says in her tweet from 2009 she states her height as 5'3 Why would she say she's shorter 2 years later? Ariana said she was 5'0 in 2011

kent paul says on 20/Sep/14

i believe that you are 5'0 because google answer is always right.......

ariana grande your so butifull

hello says on 10/Sep/14

Google is pretty accurate and so is this site, so at the most she's 5'1 1/2, at the least 5'0. I'm 5'0 also and she seems just a tad taller than me. Yay to the little people ;)

divincodino92 says on 29/Aug/14

Could be 5 feet 1, Rob?

Dom says on 27/Aug/14

Looks around 5'2" on the Ellen show recently

Lexi says on 15/Aug/14

Ariana is about 5'2 thts why she is always wearing heals. The only time she would not wear heals is on her past show "Sam and Cat"

Claudia says on 10/Aug/14

Ariana Grande is 5'1 to 5'2 , I would know since I'm an arianator/loves. When I was at her concert last year she was about 5'1 considering I'm 4'11 so I don't think she's shorter or even 5'4. Ariana is a petite superstar.

Lulu says on 9/Aug/14

so three years ago @Rob don't you think she would of grown by now

[Editor Rob: at 18 there are very few girls who grow, I don't believe she is one of them.]

Lulu says on 9/Aug/14 The girl said it herself in 2009 so I think by now in 2014 she might be 5'4 or 5'5

[Editor Rob: the quote at the top of the page (little bit over 5ft) is from 2011 (so like 18)]

Moni says on 9/Aug/14

remember this page was uploaded idk 2009 she would of grown by now so........

Rhonda (Snowy) says on 5/Aug/14

B no way is she any near 5ft4. She is child like in height. I am 5ft2 and I never look as small as her, I am certain she is no more than 5ft. Could be 4ft10-11 as low as that.

B says on 4/Aug/14

I don't believe she's '5 I think she's maybe 5'4

Earl says on 2/Aug/14

@moni no, i dont think shes grew anymore. This is her final height

moni says on 1/Aug/14

She is not 5 foot anymore maybe 5'4 or 5'5 :-) n I'm a arianator :-)

Liv says on 20/Jul/14

It's obvious she is very short

Me says on 30/Jun/14

It's true in some photos she does look quite small I absolutely love her and BTW I'M ACTUALLY TALLER THAN HER SO SHOCKED

Glen says on 28/Jun/14

Iggy Azalea is more than a foot taller than her. Absolutely towers over her!

Maximus says on 26/Jun/14

she is definitely 5' maybe 4'8"...very small person

Aya says on 26/Jun/14

She said herself she's grown to 5'3 last september or something on her twitter account. So nope, she's not 5". Not anymore at least. 5'3 or 5'4 at best, at least when she stood next to Greyson Chance which was 5'4 himself, at the time.

K says on 1/Jun/14

She's adorably tiny! Could it be that she's only 4'11? A LOT of girls fudge their height, after all.

Ariana says on 30/May/14

She is 1m54

meow says on 28/May/14

she's 5'3 I guess??

Earl says on 20/Apr/14

@ri thats basically the same height of me and my sister lol

... says on 8/Apr/14

I am not a hater but I really doubt this because ive seen her in photos standing next to people like greyson chance (5'3) and she was the same height but also was bending knees and tilting her head. I just think this an imape with being cute. I like her music and I love mirandasings but she is starting to get fake.

chloe says on 8/Apr/14

@jenier You're below 5'4, which is the average for a woman, so you are indeed short. :) small just like Ariana *.*

ri says on 7/Apr/14

its wierd how she is only 5"0 and her brother is 5"8 usally males are 5 inches taller only

jenifer says on 6/Apr/14

Umm im 5'2 nd i think im really short. Is it so. But i really love ariana she us just awesome. Sooo cute

lil Mikey says on 5/Apr/14

I would love to meet her I really just wanna ask her some questions and stuff like that.. She's sooo beautiful.. And sexy..

eleanor says on 4/Apr/14

I think she's round about 5'5

Cliff says on 26/Mar/14

Pretty ironic that this very petite beauty would have a last name like "Grande"

Earl says on 17/Mar/14

She's a cutie alright

Charlotte says on 15/Mar/14

She's 5'0. She's so perfect. Petite & fit body, pretty face, gorgeous style.

Lela says on 15/Mar/14

Hello guys

ariana says on 20/Jan/14

she looks shorter i dont think she is over 5"1 (155cm)

jules says on 15/Jan/14

I'm sure that like 1 or 2 years ago she was as listed, but now I have the feeling that she's taller. I don't know if girls can still grow in height at the age of 20 but lately she seems taller to me. Rob what do you think?

[Editor Rob: some could still gain at 19 but a very small percentage]

fan99 says on 31/Dec/13

I think she is taller than that.

Kierra says on 11/Dec/13

I'm a little bit taller then her, 5"1. I don't really mind my height, people always say I'm cute and adorable. So there are pro's and con's to being this height, like not reaching the cabinet. Anywho, Ariana Grande is perfect and I love her so much. and guys, it's not called being short, it's called being fun sized ;)

KittyYeli says on 8/Dec/13

I love ariana grande ! She always looked tiny & im amazed knowing shes taller than me by an inch! Wow! :) im about to turn 15 and doctors say i wont really grow much . But i love how ariana is not afraid to tell her height . Unlike other artist who lie to make them look much bigger . Short peopl have more fun (;

Katie says on 4/Dec/13

I think that it's ok that she's "5. It's a nice height to be.

Sarah says on 2/Dec/13

She is tiny... about 5'0"! Cute.

Alyssa says on 24/Nov/13

I met Ariana Grande back in July and WHOA she's short!! I'm 5'4 and a half. We were both wearing flats and ariana grande came up to my chin!! I'm guessing she's 4'10 or 4'11! I haven't been that short since I was 13.

kendalljennergreatestfan says on 23/Nov/13

Obviously the best singer voice in Victorious a 5ft 0.25in beautiful petite young woman.

Snowy says on 8/Nov/13

I'm 5ft2 and she looks smaller than me, she's tiny! She's presenting the EMA awards on MTV soon so we will see her next to others. My estimate is max 5ft, the height chart picture which shows her a little over 5ft will probably be in heels/shoes.

Very good chance she could be 4ft10 - 4ft11, I bet she's not much taller than jersey shores snooki.

nofearsorregrets says on 19/Oct/13

Indeed they have a very similar height but I agree with this site Ariana is 1/4 of inch shorter than Sam.

pls says on 23/Aug/13

she is 160cm tall when she is next by Jennitte Mccurdy

Ty3Nix says on 25/Jul/13

If I stood next to her I would be huge at 5'11"

Ty3Nix says on 25/Jul/13

If I stood next to her I would be huge at 5'11"

little Zachary says on 25/Jul/13

She's tiny, my guess is 4 foot 10

Zakiya says on 13/Jul/13

I met her a couple of weeks ago. Im 5'4 and we both were wearing flats and whoa she's short! Like 4'8! But seriously she's about 5'1.

kg says on 12/Jul/13

in a photo she's next to kim kardashian (5'2) and she seems 5'0- 5'0.5 at most

kg says on 27/May/13

why do you want to her to be taller if she says she's a little more than 5'0" usually they lie and say that they're taller than the reality

marla singer says on 10/Apr/13

She uploaded this picture where she's standing in front of a height chart..looks a little over 5 ft, as listed Click Here

Way says on 5/Apr/13

she's 5'1.5 now plz! upgrade Rob

lucy says on 2/Apr/13

She's said 5'1 recently!!! :O Upgrade time! :D (I'm still convinced she's least 5'2/5'3 but she's claiming 5'1 so I'll roll with that)

em says on 1/Apr/13

shes defenetly 5'3 or 5'4

Chels says on 30/Mar/13

She's not 5 feet, shes 5'3 and with heels she would be like 5'6

ermagersh says on 19/Mar/13

I thought she was 5'2! @Chainsaw Lucky!!!!!! I'm 12 and I'm only 5'.

Chainsaw says on 14/Mar/13

When did she say that? I'm surprised because I'm 12 and 5'4"!!! Weird...

Mikey T says on 5/Feb/13

I'm guess 5'1". She claims 5'3" on google and Victoria Justice Claims 5'7" on google and we know she's not 5'7".

arigrandefan says on 27/Dec/12

someone asked about her height again recently and she replied 5'1 :)

here is her ask page Click Here

it's like the fifth answer from the top at least for now, anyways I love her she's amazing!<3

arigrandefan says on 22/Dec/12

she said on her ask page that she's 5'1 :) haha she's so small and cute I love her she's awesome and so talented<3

Click Here (she tweets about her ask page so this is actually her and she's made video responses on her page to prove it lol)

I remembered reading it so I had to scroll down and find it and someone asked her 20 days ago (so Dec 2, 2012):

Do you prefer tall men or short men?

Her answer: "I prefer a boy who's taller than me but that doesn't take much :) I'm 5'1."

I<3Twix says on 8/Nov/12

@Jillian greyson is a lot younger in the picture though.

Isabella says on 10/Jun/12

Don't really know this girl or watch the show, but it's nice to see somebody gracefully admitting their shortness instead of using the dumb "2 inch rule". Also got to love the irony of her size and the meaning of her last name XD.

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