How tall is Ariana Grande ?

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Ariana Grande's Height is 5ft 0.5in (154 cm)

American actress from tv show Victorious and singer known for songs like Problem. In 2009 on twitter she first said of her height, "Is 5'' 3'!!! I grew! Yay!", although later that year said "I'm 5'2! I love being #funsized :]". Ariana changed her tune in 2011, saying both "i am 5 feet tall." and "5 feet or a little more , i'm miniature. haha".

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Comment on the Height of Ariana Grande

yo said on 24/Dec/15
@181cm LW, it's only .5...
181cm Lift Wearer said on 15/Dec/15
One of the rare times where celebheights lists a person's height as taller than that person listed on Google or IMDB.
qqq said on 9/Nov/15
I wouldnt consider anything below 160cm VERY short. It's not tall by means, but very short goes below the 155cm mark. Around 158cm can still be average height, nothing that would catch attention. I also don't think Ariana looks short at all. She just has the build to be short. Ever watched Sam&Cat or what that shows name was? Who would have guessed both the protagonists were short? I certainly did not.
Melisentia said on 6/Nov/15
Anything below 16ocm is very short. Children in highschool are taller than her. She has to wear heels to give her height. She is beautiful, though. She is young. I stopped growing when I was 32. Everybody tells me that I'm tall, now. My bones didn't fuse until I was in my thirties.
Cat Lover said on 31/Oct/15
Ariana Grande looks 5'0" and some people say she looks 5'2", but it's just because of her large heels. I mean, her legs and torso look super short, you can tell she is 5'0'
sar said on 25/Sep/15
looks quite tall for 5 feet on scream queens i would say 5'2
Jay said on 14/Sep/15
@Dom, that's cause she wears her big heels all the time.
Dom said on 15/Aug/15
She looks a good 5'2" nowadays
MariahChse said on 21/Jul/15
are you sure she's 5'0 feet tall?cause a lot of people say she's taller.One more question;what was her weight in 2009-2010-2011?(before she lost the weight).Someone please answer me if they've read something about it cause i'm really curious and can't find it anywhere!thanks!
Armandy said on 16/Jul/15
5'0.5 is 153.6cm or 153cm
ArianaHeight said on 13/Jul/15
Ok... So Ariana is only like 5'0 and all you Ariananators should know this but yes she is very short and you can tell because of her legs.. Lol
Kongeron said on 7/Jul/15
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arianator said on 2/Jul/15
here Nick Jonas say to intruduce her "she might be 5ft tall but..."
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shanaya said on 1/Jul/15
height don't matter at all....she is beautiful and talented <3
Yo said on 11/Jun/15
A casting company listed her at 5'1 1/2.
Lolly said on 31/May/15
I cant believe Grande is that tall
Jeanne04 said on 19/May/15
she is Beautiful 😃😊.
Jack said on 12/May/15
@dhungie agree with you, anyway, her body is proportional.leggy girl)
@ Skye My parents are both tall,dad is 192cm & mom 186cm, I am 17yo guy,and I'm still 8 cm off from my mom( my younger sisters 14yo is only 5,3.
dhungie said on 22/Apr/15
Well...she's short ... so what? It's certainly not sth that she made herself,is it??and if she feels insecure about her height and lies to some extent about it, none of us have rights to make fun of her..... .i'm certainly not an arianator but this is the truth and that's where
everyone of us need to consider
Jim said on 20/Apr/15
Barely 5 foot, cute as hell!
TJE said on 12/Apr/15
She's always been 5'0.5.
Chris said on 10/Apr/15
She's NOW 5.0? What happened? Was she in an accident?
Juliana said on 9/Apr/15
Ariana Grande Is Now 5.0 !
TJE said on 9/Apr/15
I took a better look. I think Frankie's somewhere around 5'6.
MD said on 9/Apr/15
@TJE & Skye,

I'm genuinely shocked, because I saw him on Big Brother (and only on Big Brother; I haven't seen him with his sister), and he looked as tall as most of the other guys save for the few who were genuinely tall, and I figured all of them to be at least 5'9". I'd have guessed him as nothing less than 5'10" just judging on the show. That would make folks like Cody, Caleb, Haydenm and Zach on that show probably not even 5'10", themselves. That's wild.
Skye said on 8/Apr/15
5'1 outta bed. Despite being short the girl packs some singing talent. :). Anyways, @MD, google says he's about 5'8. I'd say this is close, maybe peg down to 5'7 given how he's still taller then Ariana even with heels on but not by that much.

@Kam. It's below average. But who knows.She's only 11. She may grow a few inches. Are the parents or is it natural for the family to be that short? Well, sometimes this isn't always the case. I have a guy friend whose 6'0 even though both his parents were short.

Anyways, since people are mentioning their height, I might as well jump ship. I'm just about 5'8 (well 5'7 and 3/4 but I round cause it's closer heh) and 16 years of age. I kinda wish I was 5'10 like my friend. Maybe even 5'9. That'd be the perfect But alas, I'm only about Rihanna's height.
TJE said on 8/Apr/15

5'4.5 or 164 range. Certainly not the 5'8 he currently has.
MD said on 7/Apr/15
Hey, how tall is her brother Frankie?
Ramy said on 6/Apr/15
She is only 5'0" (152cm) My sister is 13 Years old and she is 5'1.5" (157cm).
Niaca.- said on 3/Apr/15
Some 11 year old claiming this girl is 5'3". Cute.
Brittain03 said on 3/Apr/15
I'm 158 I guess about 5 ft 2 in ?? And I'm a 15 y.o girl ._." Don't you think it's short ?? Some of my friends said that being short and tiny ( petite ) is lucky, you'll look always and younger plus looking for a boyfriend is way easier with body like this -.-" But I felt not confident with this height of mine, my chest is not that big I mean they're not fully grown .. You sisters have some opinion ?? ._.
arianajonesannabella said on 1/Apr/15
I think Ariana is 5 ft1
120 said on 28/Mar/15
@Kam No, i think it's about right for an 11 year old.
Kam said on 22/Mar/15
Ariana Grande is 5.3 as of 2015. She is my FAVE singer. By the way, is 4 ft 8 too short for an 11 year old?
krisha Grande said on 22/Mar/15
she is smallish but so perfect,I'm so proud of who she was and what she has become.she is amazing
👅👅👅 said on 17/Mar/15
I'm 5'6 and I'm 12 so I'd say she's small lol she's perfect though!!
Elizabeth said on 8/Mar/15
Ya she is miniature cause I'm just 5 ft and I'm 8 is well American people are small
Nabiilah said on 8/Feb/15
and know, Ariana is 5'0.5 and not 5'0.25
satsuki said on 28/Jan/15
yeah tbh she is 5ft 1it even metioned in insta compare to me i bloody 4ft 9 im toooo short and shes perfect
Silent_D said on 29/Dec/14
She is really fun sized. She looks petite. 154cm.
Jay said on 23/Dec/14
I see no pics with Cheryl and Ariana together to say that Cheryl is shorter.....
hastag7 said on 16/Dec/14
Is that true? Cheryl cole is 5ft 3 and she is definitely smaller than ariana grande

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