How tall is Armie Hammer ?

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Armie Hammer's height is 6ft 4.5in (194 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in The Social Network, J. Edgar and Mirror Mirror. He said in GQ Magazine, "I've lost out on jobs because I'm six foot five"
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pablo77bar says on 17/May/15
@joe 193cm night says on 8/May/15
pablo77bar,is it is shorter than Joe Manganiello

Well,the only pic of them together show both at near the same height. Armie edges because is next to the camera so IMO them both are 6ft 4.75
joe 193cm night says on 8/May/15
pablo77bar,is it is shorter than Joe Manganiello
pablo77bar says on 20/Apr/15
Maybe it's time to an upgrade to a weak 6ft 5
S.J.H says on 18/Apr/15
Only by camera advantage he could look taller than 6ft5 calvin harris. 6ft4.5 is dead on
120 says on 1/Apr/15
194 cm seems to be spot on
Jim says on 22/Mar/15
Click Here Armie hammer standing next to a 6ft 5 - 6ft6 calvin Harris.
ned says on 26/Feb/15
Click Here

says he had 8 hours of sleep that night...if he he's in shoes, he's got to be 6-3 1/2 to 6-4 the photo he looks 6-4.5 to 6-5
fred says on 26/Feb/15
Click Here

6-4 in this mugshot which was at night time

I would say he's 6-4.5 if it was afternoon height
joe 192cm says on 12/Jan/15
Rob,you think Josh Pence similar to justin hartley 189cm-190cm
Dez says on 17/Dec/14
6'4.5 Armie fighting 6'2 measured Shawne Merriman. Look how long Armie looks and Merriman looks very compact compared to him.

Click Here
joe says on 22/Nov/14
I think the Manganiello few cm greater than he
Lebensdorf says on 20/Nov/14
I don't see him as 6'5. Probably 6'4.25 at the most. DeCaprio is no more than 5'11. Hammer looks 6'4 next to him.
Andrea says on 7/Oct/14
You think Armie is a couple of inches taller? Keep in mind he tilts his head up a lot in photos so he can appear taller than he is...
[Editor Rob: I think he is close to 2 inches taller from looking at them together.]
Andrea says on 3/Oct/14
Rob, what's your guess on Josh Pence?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe 189 range]
cole says on 2/Sep/14
@hlorridi: It's worth mentioning DiCaprio is standing several feet closer to the camera...
Andrea says on 25/Jul/14
He's a 6'4 guy who wants to be taller...
Sam says on 24/Jul/14
Eastwood is standing way behind DiCaprio and Hammer is why they don't look close as they do elsewhere...Hammer's the umptenth 6'5" claiming actor is really a fraction under it.
hlorridi says on 24/Jul/14
Here's a good picture of Eastwood, DiCaprio and Hammer, where 6'4"-6'4"1/2 seems right; the only odd part is that DiCaprio looks more like an inch taller than Eastwood, whereas here they're listed the other way around here: Click Here
KROC says on 4/Jul/14
I agree with Mr. R. He didn't look anywhere near 6'5 in Lone Ranger.
Mr. R says on 29/Apr/14
I actually saw Armie at the movies last week in Hwood. He walked past me too fast to get a pic. But I tried to size him up, and Rob, he is definitely closer to 6-4 than to 6-5. I would even say 6-4.25
Chris says on 18/Apr/14
Such a alpha male wow!
Arch Stanton says on 21/Mar/14
He looks a proper 6'5" in The Social Network.
Realist says on 1/Mar/14
It may sound strange but i think he wore lifts in The Social Network premiers, he looks almost an head taller than Jesse Eisenberg, but Depp comes to his lips. Brad Garret who is 6'8 does not look a head taller than 5'10 Hugh Grant.
Realist says on 1/Mar/14
Whatever it is. He looks abnormally massive.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Feb/14
Rob you're the expert on hair and imagining skull mark, how tall do you reckon he looks in that mugshot, keeping in mind he's stood a fair bit away from the wall? As I say though I think he'd have been at his lowest when the photo was taken, wasn't it after a night out partying after a long day?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he hits 6ft 5 in that shot, more like between 6ft 4 and 5, but if he wasn't standing at measurable height he could always be 1-2cm taller]
Arch Stanton says on 6/Feb/14
Here's the mugshot Click Here The markers are 2 inches not 1, the thicker line slightly above is hair is 6 ft 6. In looking at it again he looks 6'4.5 in the mugshot if you imagine where his skull mark is in shoes but I believe it was taken in the early hours of the morning when he'd been on his feet for hours and he would likely have been at his lowest. He was wearing sneakers I think although I can't find the full body shots. So you could argue I suppose that barefoot at his lowest he could be 6'3.5", but I think you'd find if you measured him barefoot earlier in the day he'd be about what he's measured at in the mug shot in shoes.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Feb/14
@Ras. In his police mugshot he was measured at about 6'5.5" in shoes. 6'3" is silly. He's clearly easily 6'4", just not quite a full 6'5". This is accurate for barefoot.
Ras says on 6/Feb/14
IMO he is anything between 6'3 and 6'4, I'd leave him at 6'4 anyway. I laso think he should have played the new superman because he seems to be tall enough (unlike Cavill).
avi says on 23/Jan/14
Claim 6'1.5 always low ball a bit so no one questions you its just a number.

@Jon 189

Look 6'2ish in pic . You arms are like mine just average not long.
Powerhouse says on 12/Jan/14
Didn't look 6'5 or 6'4 next to 5'9 Johnny Depp.
MD says on 20/Dec/13
Armie is bent at knee, here, and he still looks nearly a head taller:

Click Here

6'2.5" my butt. lol
avery_t says on 18/Dec/13
looks five inches taller than Johnny Depp, who's about 5' 9". So, I say Armie is 6' 2.5".
Emily says on 10/Dec/13
How long would his head be? It looks around 9,75 inches?
FM says on 24/Nov/13
I don't know how accurate this is, but his mugshot has him only at 6'2". Rob, what do you think?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the marks are 2 inches, so he's about 6ft 4 I think there...don't know about footwear though.]
Viper says on 14/Oct/13
Interesting that Rob dropped his height. I do agree hes 6'4 range.
Cranberries says on 14/Oct/13
6'4.5" but he has a gigantic frame even for a 6'5" guy...
jordydecke says on 2/Oct/13
6' 4.5 bare foot no question about it. However as another poster said people don't walk around barefoot so let's say he's 6'5 most of the time in normal shoes. Also to point out to people in general who go on about heeled boots/shoes etc, they're not always worn to look taller, sometimes just because of comfort or fashion.
cole says on 26/Jul/13
6'4 flat is a better shout imo.
Emily says on 21/Jul/13
I wonder how tall his wife Elizabeth Chambers is. I guess 5'8 to 5'9 range.
Tams says on 17/Jul/13
Whatever his height, he sure is very tall, and it's probably the reason Tom Cruise backed out of The Man From UNCLE. There is no way even the best lifts available would have helped Tom with his height standing next to Armie.
Rusty says on 16/Jul/13
And in the social network, the character he played actually described himself as 6'5" 220
Rusty says on 11/Jul/13
Next to 5'9" Depp in the lone ranger, he didn't look even close to the height he claimed. Maybe 6'1" if that, but he does look a legit 6'4" in social network so maybe Depp was wearing lifts. I would say 6'4" flat for this guy.
wartank says on 7/Jul/13
6'4.5" is about right..similar to Joe Manganiello.
In the pic, he does look a little taller, due to better posture and considering a photo from waist up was taken at a distance of approx 6ft., by someone 5'9" or 5'10". Then again, he could be 6'5" if the photographer was 6'2" or more.
MJ says on 25/Jun/13
6 ft 5 and have a handsome face? Armie is FINE!
The Horse of FUNK says on 19/Apr/13
The mugshot pic is slightly tilted. I think Rob has him nailed. Not quite a full 6'5", but definitely looks a smidgen over 6'4". 6'4.5" is on the dot which the mugshot supports. His hair reaches the 6'5" mark while the top of his head looks slightly over 6'4".
jimmy says on 13/Apr/13
Penguinboy25 says on 19/Mar/13
Looks pretty close to the listing here. Appears very similar to Joe Manganiello in pics. Also has a couple inches on Idris Elba. Unless he always wears heel lifts 6'3 is a joke. Definitley over 6'4.

Click Here

That's a tough one cause Armie is closer to the camera and even Stallone would be jealous of his posture.Having Joe and Armie at the same distance from the camera and Armie with a more normal posture i think Joe woulb be a bit taller.
Joe: 6'4.5"
Armie: 6'4"

What do u think Rob?
[Editor Rob: armie's usually a guy who stands well and actually I think he'd like to be taller like 6ft 6!]
Penguinboy25 says on 19/Mar/13
Looks pretty close to the listing here. Appears very similar to Joe Manganiello in pics. Also has a couple inches on Idris Elba. Unless he always wears heel lifts 6'3 is a joke. Definitley over 6'4.
R says on 1/Feb/13
if he is 6'5 then im 8 feet cause im 6'3 and i met him and he is my height you all are nutts. Actors and Models all lie about their height anywhere from lying about 1 to 3 inches depending and you forget about the shoes he could have lifts in flat heel shoes to support his claim and feel taller and feeling taller feels good but thats about it.
Balrog says on 6/Jan/13
He looks 6'4'' flat next to 6'3'' Josh Pence and also next to DiCaprio.
Johnnyfive says on 13/Nov/12
Doesn't he himself say in The Social Network Im 6'4 220 lbs and there's two of me!?If he was more than 6'4 wouldnt he just say he's 6'5? I think the dude is 6'4 flat.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Nov/12
He's got a pretty irritating face though hasn't he, that smile which says "I'm a handsome **** and I know it". He looks like your stereotypical all American Ralph Lauren preppy model. He's 6'4.5", see the mug shot, 6'5.5" in shoes.
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 2/Nov/12
Flat 6'4.
Blogbaby says on 28/Oct/12
Look at him in Mirror Mirror, you can see he's got long long legs.. I'd believe he's six-five..
balrog says on 14/Oct/12
Looking him next to legit 6'3'' Josh Pence, seems 6'4'' flat, but 194 cms isn't impossible...
tom says on 3/Oct/12
defo over 6.4",imo 6.5" looking at him with clint whos 6-1" ish nowadays.
Shaun says on 22/Aug/12
Surprised he got arrested for cannabis, he seems such a cleancut all American guy!
Shaun says on 21/Aug/12
Jenna says on 26/Jan/12
Here's a recent mugshot. 6'4 but maybe he was slouching?Click Here

Nono people, Look at the markers. There is 5ft and then 6 ft. The markers are two inches not one inch. So he is almost 6'6" in shoes, 6'5.5".
Shaun says on 21/Aug/12
James says on 11/Nov/11
sorry don't belive the full 6'5 for this guy.

In that Clint Eastwood photo Clint's legs are still longer than Armie's. He definitely has the legs of a 6'6" guy and torso of a 5'10" guy nowadays!.
Shaun says on 21/Aug/12
Mikey says on 26/Jan/12
This would suggest 6'4" with shoes/boots on...
Click Here

He's 6'5.5" in shoes in that mugshot so 6'4.5" barefoot would be a good guess which I why I think Rob downgraded a bit. I'd like to see him next to Ryan McPartlin, I would have thought they'd be the same height.
Mr. R says on 7/Jun/12
I think he is pretty close to 6-5.
John Connor says on 6/Jun/12
very strong 6 ft 4 to me.. 5 ft 10 Andrew Garfield looks like a shrimp next to him. hes a giant. to me he is that what Jeff Goldblum was in the 80s and 90s and also nowadays!
just "three" Heads taller than everyone.
Henrik says on 11/Feb/12
His proportions are pretty much identical to a peak Clint Eastwood (look at the extremely long legs). That would make them about the same height, I guess.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 5/Feb/12
You did the right thing, Rob! 6'4.5 is the max he could be because, as you said, hes a guy who always stands straight, proud of his height, sometimes with tilted head up! I wouldnt surprise if he measured just 6'4 or a bit over that! In that migshot he actually looks max 6'4 (with shoes on?) but mugshots like those arent much reliable...
Rick Smith says on 29/Jan/12
If you consider he's wearing shoes in the picture IMO he is 6ft 3.5 barefoot.
Chris says on 27/Jan/12
This guy is the proof that even very tall guys lie about their height. He can pull of 6'5 sometimes beacuse he has impeccable posture, but he's no way near to that mark. He's 6'4. The mugshot is not very reliable, the line does not appear to be straight.
Jenna says on 26/Jan/12
Here's a recent mugshot. 6'4 but maybe he was slouching?Click Here

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