How tall is Bella Thorne ?

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Bella Thorne's height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

American actress best known for tv series Shake It Up!. In June 2011 on her twitter she said "i'm 5'3" and in September 2012 "i am 5'6 now!" and in 2014 she now claims: "i'm 5'7 and weigh 107 lbs"

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Jay says on 9/Mar/15
Selenator, you are using 4 or 5 year old pictures, when she was 13/14. She would tower Ariana now, and only looks a bit under Zendaya.
Yo says on 8/Mar/15
Selenator those pictures are at least 3 years old...
selenator says on 7/Mar/15
No way! She's a lot shorter than Zendaya. I've always thought that she's about 5'5, she even looks shorter than 5'5 standing next to Ariana Grande.
With Ari:
Click Here
With Zendaya:
Click Here
She's not a 5'7 person, just consider that Ariana is 5 feet tall and Zendaya is around 5'9. If I have to say how tall she actually is I would say 5'4.5.
keny says on 7/Mar/15
I still think she's about 5.6-5.7 & not taller than that.
Jay says on 1/Mar/15
Skyler is not taller, and she isn't smaller than 5'7.
Yo says on 26/Feb/15
5'8 is accurate
frizzy says on 21/Feb/15
She is 5'5 , 5'5 and a half at the most. Rumer willis is 5'6 taller then her and skyler Samuels is 5'6 and taller than her
kate180 says on 21/Feb/15
Skyler Samuels is (5'5") is taller than her...
guiona says on 18/Feb/15
I dont think that bella is that tall, i believe that she is 5'6 , compare her height with skyler samuel s height bella is not taller tnan her and skyler is 5'6.I think that all celebrities lie about their height and i do not know why thats so silly .What do u guys think??
Ivan says on 25/Jan/15
@Jay you cannot say that these photos arent that accurate since it is not a side view shot or what.
Ivan says on 25/Jan/15
5'7" is accurate
keny says on 21/Jan/15
she's someone between 169-172cm, but she's like a 175cm with her long legs)
Hector says on 21/Jan/15
In June 2011 on her twitter she said "i'm 5'3" and in September 2012 "i am 5'6 now!"
rob, you think she grew 8 cm in 1 year?
[Editor Rob: yeah I think it was possible she went through that growth.]
Yo says on 19/Jan/15
5'8 seems right... Maybe a little taller. Look at recent pictures of her and zendaya where same foot wear she looks taller than before
spider says on 14/Jan/15
to be honest it does look like she's grown a bit - up to at least 171/172. Her 6'1 in heels statement is completely off though.
ivan says on 8/Jan/15
@jay yeah so 5'7" it is for Bella. Agree wid rob :)
Hector says on 3/Jan/15
rob, you think she grew 8 cm in 1 year?
[Editor Rob: I think she gained height, but not quite up to 5ft 8.]
sia says on 1/Jan/15
bella is 5'8"
Jay says on 21/Dec/14
@Ivan, Well either Liana is taller than 5'7 or those pics with them aren't accurate enough. I don't see Bella smaller then what's listed here.
ivan says on 6/Dec/14
@jay their internet profiles' heights state that Bella's 5'8" and Liana's 5'7" so....?
Jay says on 5/Dec/14
@Ivan, maybe it's the camera angle, or Liana is taller then 5'7. There's just been too much evidence for Bella to be less than 5'7.
ivan says on 3/Dec/14
She is smaller than the 5'7" Liana Liberato Rob
spider says on 30/Nov/14
she claims that these are 5 inch heels and that she's 5'8 - hence being 6'1. I'm sorry but I can't believe that, what do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: they would have been called 5-inch heels in the shops and give in the 4 inch range. Actually maybe even 5.5 inch they'd get called.]
Ivan Xavier says on 15/Nov/14
Rob do you think any height celebs claim are all true? Some fans believe them.
[Editor Rob: a good proportion I agree with. A good proportion I believe say their height in shoes and the rest maybe adding 1-2 or in some cases more height to their claims.]
max says on 13/Nov/14
On csi her Id card had 5'7 so yea i believe that's a fair shout, she and zendeya grew ALOT wow
Pedro says on 21/Oct/14
@Rob No idea what you are referring to, but I guess you are right about Bella. Here she is next to Liana Liberato: Click Here
[Editor Rob: it is a joke about G(lenn).]
Pedro says on 20/Oct/14
Altough on instagram she comented about the "CSI" driver license and said that she is "pretty sure" about being 5'8": Click Here
[Editor Rob: pretty sure sometimes isn't enough, the last person who was pretty sure they were nearly 5ft 8 got a rude awakening in a downtown NY hotel ;)]
Pedro says on 20/Oct/14
She was listed 5'7" on "CSI": Click Here
Pedro says on 17/Oct/14
Here is Bella next to Rumer Willis: Click Here
Hermi1 says on 4/Oct/14
She's definitely 5'8 now
poweranimals says on 26/Sep/14
Yeah, she's 5'8 now.
sia says on 15/Sep/14
her height must be update to 5'8
guest says on 8/Sep/14
Click Here - here she looks very similar in height to Rihanna
Jay says on 14/Aug/14
I agree with Doink. She definitely went through another spurt since last year which is rare for girls.
Doink says on 11/Aug/14
Kinda surprising but she's definitely going through a late growth spurt... only a couple inches difference between her & Zendaya judging by the photos from the Teen Choice awards last night (and Zendaya has slightly bigger heels on).
Genevieve says on 5/Aug/14
Here she is with 5ft 6in Peyton List. Bella might be 5ft 7.5in.
Click Here
Jay says on 11/Jul/14
There should be an updated picture of her. Maybe a pic with her and Zendaya or Victoria Justice from this year.
Pedro says on 1/Jul/14
Here is also a video where Bella is standing next to her 5'8" sister Dani, where they look around the same height:
So I think that both her quotes and recent pictures suggest that she is a late bloomer.
Nate says on 30/Jun/14
She now claims 5'8" Click Here
Here she is next 5'8" Hillary Scott Click Here
They look around the same height, and both appear to be wearing heels. Certainly looks to have grown taller.
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure about 5ft 8 but she could have had an age 16 growth to get 5ft 7]
Pedro says on 30/Jun/14
I am starting to think that there could be some truth to Bella's recent 5'7"-claim. She looks pretty tall in this group-picture: Click Here
Maybe she is a late bloomer?
Katie says on 27/Jun/14
I think you should update this as 5'7 Rob, her claim is correct. This is her with her 5'8 sister Dani Thorne Click Here :) she is definitely at least over 5'6
poweranimals says on 1/Jun/14
She said a while ago that she is 5'7" now.
Jay says on 1/Jun/14
She does look like she had grown some more.
sia says on 8/May/14
she is taller than her sister dani , dani is 170cm , so her claim is correct
Lauza says on 21/Apr/14
Woah! I did notice she looked taller recently, I would say 168/169cm is probably about right- but your suggestion also would make sense Rob :)
Pedro says on 17/Feb/14
Here are a few pictures of Bella next to Victoria Justice. Not sure who has higher heels, but Bella looks slightly taller than Victoria: Click Here
Johndo says on 17/Feb/14
Rob, how tall do you think she is based on this photo? Anna Kendrick is 157cm, almost 5'2. I think they have similar footwear: Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think it is close to 4.5 inches, 4 at a minimum though.]
bluebluegirl says on 17/Feb/14
i think she has definitely grown to 5"6 rob your are spot on
marla singer says on 5/Sep/13
Next to Zendaya she looked just about 5'5", but I think she may have grown. maybe 5'5.5" is more spot on, see here: with Little Mix components, all in footwear advantage Click Here
Darla says on 15/Dec/12
On a website, she's listed as 5'4 1/2". She doesn't look like she's 5'6" when compared to Zendaya
Rebecca gomez says on 7/Dec/12
I had no idea she's 5'6. She's probably about 5'8 now. That's not fair I'm so jealous! I'm 16 and only 5'1 and also my doctor said I'm done growing so fml..but I love her tho
Hugo says on 6/Aug/12
You might wanna update this. I noticed you ignored my comment asking for a source for the 5 foot 3.5 claim. Good going.

At any rate, she's 5 foot 5 now. She posted it on Twitter at least twice, and she mentioned it in the July 2012 Ryan Seacrest radio broadcast.
bill says on 29/Jul/12
I think she will stop at 5ft6-5ft7
Takoda says on 23/Jul/12
She is only 15, therefore, she is probably still growing.

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