How tall is Bruce Willis ?

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Bruce Willis's height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)
American Actor best known for roles in the Die Hard films, Armageddon, Pulp Fiction, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, The Last Boy Scout, The Fifth Element, 12 Monkeys, Looper and RED. On his official site he claimed to be 6ft 1 and also 6ft on The Dave Letterman Show.

Bruce and Halle Berry
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youssef 5'8 says on 11/Mar/15
he doesn't look like a tall guy seems average i never thought he is over 5'10
James B says on 10/Mar/15
He looked really muscular in his prime.

Any guesses on his weight at his peak rob?
[Editor Rob: he has probably varied from 170-200 range over time.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Mar/15
Actually he was looking shorter than 6ft guys (Hanks, Travolta, Washington) even in the 90' order for him to have been that, he'd need to look over that mark.
CDS says on 2/Mar/15
Will have to disagree with the comments about Willis looking taller than Brad Pitt in "12 Monkeys" and shorter than Matthew Perry on "Friends" or in the movie "Whole Nine Yards". I thought he looked spot-on even with both actors. I mean there were shots of Willis/Pitt in the mental ward in 12M where Willis was closer to the camera giving the appearance he was taller, however, later in the movie when the two are right next to each other- exactly the same height. As far as Perry, looked about exactly the same too. Maybe Willis, barefoot end of day height, is actually only 5'10.5"-??
[Editor Rob: the camera angles in Monkeys weren't really conventional horizontal styles.]
gez says on 24/Feb/15
Never been anything over 5' 11" in his life. A 5'10.4 today, a weak 5' 11" standing completely straight at his peak.
CDS says on 23/Feb/15
To me, this guy looks about 5'11", but can certainly pull off 6'1" in his movies, due to good posture, and having a well-proportioned build. While living in Cali, my cousin saw him in person, along with James Garner filming the movie "Sunset", back in 1987. He described Willis as "tall and thin". Interesting since my cousin himself is 6'2". I'm going to go with a good solid 5'11" barefoot (6' in shoes). He looked taller than John Malkovich in the movie "RED" (who claims 6'1", but most on here who've seen him in person say he's actually barely 5'11"). He looked a hair shorter than 6' John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction". And going back to his early career (probably before any major lift-wearing- IF he's a lift-wearer), he looked only about an inch taller than 5'10" Phil Hartman in the movie "Blind Date".
Hypado says on 19/Feb/15
Anyone here watch the tv series ''Moonlighting'' ???

In that great 80s tv show:

Bruce Willis height is 5ft 11.5in (182 cm)
Cybill Shepherd height: 5ft 8in (173 cm)

Definitely this.

5ft 10in for Bruce Willis it's out of the question.
annon says on 18/Feb/15
Willis did have about an inch on pitt in twelve monkeys. Pitt had some special shoes. I think willis was a strong 5'11" peak and pitt at most 5'10.
Johnny says on 18/Feb/15
Mickey rourke appears to be taller than willis in pics who is also listed 1.80???
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Feb/15
Could have been 6ft in the 80's. Looked every bit of it in Die Hard and Moonlighting.
Hypado says on 10/Feb/15
People of celebheights, i watch today, The Fifth Element, a great movie by the way.

Bruce Willis - 182/183 cm
Milla Jokovich - 173/174 cm

Dmeyer says on 9/Feb/15
Peak solid 5'11.5 now 5'10.75-11
184.3cm says on 27/Jan/15
Had an inch on Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys, Pitt in shoes, Willis had slippers. Pitt is a weak 5'11 in my opinion so Willis being a weak 6' at peak seems reasonable to me.
Joe says on 26/Jan/15
I think he was around 5'11" in his prime, possibly a bit over 5'10 but him claiming to be 6 feet is just silly. I think a little bit over 5'10" would be just right for him, Samuel L Jackson just towered over him in Unbreakable and there was a scene where the two were facing each other face to face, and Jackson had at least 5 inches on him, so I am guessing he is 5'10" and nothing more without shoes.
Steve says on 20/Jan/15
Just because he was barefoot through most of one movie, doesn't dismiss the fact he wears lifts in many features. He had huge ones in both Armageddon and The Fifth Element.
184.3cm says on 19/Jan/15
Yes Steve that is right he was..So much for being a lift wearer eh? Close to 6' at peak, guy had no problem at all running around barefoot next to tall guys.
teej says on 18/Jan/15
I could buy 6ft. On die hard he does look a strong 182cm if not 183cm. I think he's lost more than a cm of height, he's probably 180cm now so a strong 5'10 or weak 5'11. But in his prime i do believe he was 6ft
Steve says on 15/Jan/15
Willis was barefoot through much of the film.
184.3cm says on 15/Jan/15
Was he wearing lifts in Die Hard? Didnt seem that much shorter than Alan Rickman who had shoe advantage..
Steve says on 13/Jan/15
I doubt he's ever been taller than 5'10". Another notorious lft wearer.
Dmeyer says on 13/Jan/15
Anything under 5'10.5 peak or 5'10 now hasnt met bruce , both peak and now about 5'11
tristan says on 12/Jan/15
In willis's friends episodes he always seems shorter than 5 11.25 Perry at that point of time he would mid 40's so I don't think he could have lost height
jason says on 11/Jan/15
I saw him play with his band at house of blues in Anaheim I'm six foot he ain't a higher than 5'8 if that and he had high dress shoes on. I couldn't believe how short he is, he looks so tall on the move
Birdman says on 3/Jan/15
He looks 5'9" to me in relation to his surroundings and the rest of his body. I saw a site that claimed he had 20 inch biceps. I worked out 6 days a week 3 1/2 hours a day with extremely heavy weights, 30 sets of 10 reps and the largest I got my arms were 18 1/2 inches of course I didn't take steroids I benched 450lbs finished my bicep workout ended with 55# in 5# increments going to 80 # all they had. Try again Bruce.
Birdman says on 3/Jan/15
I saw a site that claimed he had 20 inch biceps. I worked out 6 days a week 3 1/2 hours a day with extremely heavy weights, 30 sets of 10 reps and the largest I got my arms were 18 1/2 inches of course I didn't take steroids I benched 450lbs finished my bicep workout ended with 55# in 5# increments going to 80 # all they had. Try again Bruce.
Adolf says on 20/Dec/14
Add The Last Boy Scout and Pulp fiction.
jamie179cm says on 6/Dec/14
@Judd i think pitt is no taller than 177cm because hes a lift wear and barely taller than Paltrow in barefeet and imo wills did look 5ft9 in red in barefeet also in movies they can make people look taller
Judd says on 6/Dec/14
5'9" is ridiculous...i watched recently 12 monkeys and he edged out Brad Pitt, who's nothing less than 5'10.5" for sure...Willis probably had a shoes disadvantage, because he wore sandals while pitt wore dress shoes...
5'11.5" for Willis as peak height seems fair to me...
nomadsan says on 2/Dec/14
Danced with him in Vancouver he is 5'9 or was maybe shorter now..
James Sinclair says on 26/Nov/14
Many posts pretend that a man in his fifties may easily have lost around one inch. This isn´t so frequent today (nutrition, gim, etc help people stand at peak height even in the mid sixties,....unless talking ´bout a person who´s been working in the construction jobs for decades,....or picking up heavy bags at port....
Judd says on 26/Nov/14
In Armageddon he looked very tall, close in height to Ben Affleck, about 2" on Will Patton and Billy Bob Thornton (both 5'9.7510") and a bit taller than William Fitchner (5'11.5-6'), however there's always a chance he wore lifts.
In my opinion he was 5'11.25-11.5" peak and today 5'10.75-11"...he lost a quite big amount for his age!
jamie179cm says on 25/Nov/14
@Alucard i agree in the film red he did look 5ft9 in barefoot he looks like he has a body frame of a 179cm guy though i agree he probably is in the 5ft9 range
184.3cm says on 22/Nov/14
Maybe 5'10.5 nowadays (179cm). But i defo think Rob is right with his peak height, Strong 5'11 guy at peak.
Joe says on 19/Nov/14
To me Willis seems like 5-10, I think like many Hollywood actors he wears lifts to make him appear taller. He is also fairly skinny, which makes him appear taller to people.
Alucard says on 16/Nov/14
Always been around 5'9 max, cm less cm more, maybe 5'8... Unbelievable how lifts, camera angles, pictures and such can fool a lot of people...
Dmeyer says on 5/Nov/14
With uraban 184-5cm he looks Max 179-80cm
Dmeyer says on 18/Oct/14
Anything under 180cm peak is a joke
nivison says on 8/Oct/14
most on here are seriously deluded...I am 1.90m I was in the same post production offices as him in London when working on The Fifth Element in 1997 (he would have been 41/42). I was shocked at how short he was...walked past him repeatedly smoking with his bleached hair before I realised who it was..he is 1.75 (5'9") absolute tops and probably closer to 1.70 barefoot. After living in LA for a few years I came to realise pretty much every guy in that town has some height "assistance"...
Len says on 6/Oct/14
5'10.5" or 5'11" peak. Might be 5'10" nowadays.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Oct/14
Well in fairness to G, watching Pulp Fiction years ago I always believed this guy as being 6ft1, Travolta 6ft2, Samuel L. Jackson 6ft3-6ft4, Uma Thurman 6ft and Quentin Tarantino 6ft3...oh and Ving Rhames at 6ft1 too.
Sam says on 1/Oct/14
Uh, Willis is not in the Bruckenheimer photos, are you confusing him with Ben Kingsley due to the full bald look?
Judd says on 22/Sep/14
Peak 5'11.25" and 5'10.5" today. He was 0.75" shorter than Tom Hanks (6'00")
Clay says on 21/Sep/14
I think New York G had Bruce Willis at 6'2'' if memory serves.
177cmGuy says on 21/Sep/14
6'0 peak. 5'11 current. He won't be a flat 5'10 until he's close to 70
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
rob i doubt that he has ever be over 5ft11 in his life
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
devil 180cm is not tall
Paleman says on 16/Sep/14
He did look 5'11,5 in the first Die Hard, and didn't seem to have lost much height 15 years later in Sin City. I was actually surprised that he looked almost as tall as 6'1 Michael Madsen. Of course, the latter seemed to slouch quite a bit like he usually does, he could've very well looked two inches taller than Willis with a straight posture.

5'11 seems plausible for today, 5'10,5 (179cm) may be nearing a fraction too low. 5'11,5 for peak is entirely possible.
devil says on 31/Aug/14
in die hard 1 bruce looks like a midget against those terrorrists. bruce is tall man 180 is correct but he isn't like james bond type. a 5'9 guy like mel gibson that is also tall but not like brucie.
jamie179cm says on 30/Aug/14
i think bruce looks the same height as me or maybe 178cm but why do people who have met him say hes 5ft8 or 5ft9?
winston says on 19/Aug/14
watched him on david letterman, hard to tell.
Dmeyer says on 11/Aug/14
When he stands tall he can look 180-181cm so no léss than 180cm
186 cm says on 4/Aug/14
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Jul/14
I def agree Willis 5'11 today. His peak looked 5'11.5-6'0 range
Dmeyer says on 22/Jun/14
Rob relooking at willis early pics he can realy look about 6ft with Guys Like travolta and Tarantino and others , 181.5-2cm peak 181cm 5 yrs back 180cm today
[Editor Rob: half inch loss with all his roles isn't too bad at his age.]
Dmeyer says on 14/Jun/14
I think solid 181cm peak 180cm now heading to 179cm
Sean73 says on 12/Jun/14
Who do you think was taller at 25yrs old-Willis or Peter Weller?They both have claimed 6 foot plus in their prime.
[Editor Rob: I think Weller has suffered more height loss, it's strange to think he was 6ft when at times he looks nearer 5ft 10.5 today]
James B says on 11/Jun/14
Most of the time in his early movies looked like a typical 180-181cm 5'11 guy. I guess though his stocky mesomorphic build could make him look shorter. He must have weighed like 180 pounds in his prime.
RisingForce says on 6/Jun/14
Yeah, 6'1" seemed like more of a listing than a direct claim, since I doubt Bruce manages his website. 6 feet seems like what he'd claim since he never seemed height conscious and he could look it, or very close in the 90's in movies and at some events.
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jun/14
lol if Bruce Willis is 411 then tom cruise much be 46 or 47 lol i would say 510 or 510.5
Dmeyer says on 5/Jun/14
Maybe John Smith meant 6'2 wish mâkes Bruce 5'11
the shredder says on 5/Jun/14
His 6 ft 0 claim was out of his own mouth , 6'1 is a joke , but so is 5'10
five seven guy says on 4/Jun/14
Just watched the fifth element. He looked bigger than Chris tucker who is claimed as 6'0.5" on here. I feel like Chris tucker has to be 5'11" ish. Willis might be peak 6'0"
Concerned 181 cm says on 31/May/14
Another case where I wonder why he didn't just claim 6'0. Timberlake and Vin Diesel (if Rob's estimates are accurate) are other examples of this. If you're so close to 6 feet, close enough that you could probably fool everybody for that last half inch with just good posture and MAYBE slightly bigger shoes, why would you instead completely out yourself as a liar by claiming 6'1-6'2?
jordydecke says on 26/May/14
@John Smith - that's interesting, so Bruce Willis is only 4'11? His marketing team must be amazing to make him look taller. I wonder if he has a special invisible platform that he stands on for photographs etc...
john smith says on 25/May/14
I met Bruce Willis in NYC about ten years ago, I'm 5 foot 2 inches and was about 3 inches taller than him,he's a real nice guy!
john smith says on 25/May/14
I met Bruce Willis in NYC about ten years ago, I'm 5 foot 2 inches and was about 3 inches taller than him,he's a real nice guy!
the shredder says on 20/May/14
at least 5 '11 peak and like 190 lb
RisingForce says on 15/May/14
I agree, he looked more than just 5'11" flat in the 80's and 90's. I don't remember there being a big difference between Bruce and Damon Wayans who is listed at 6'1.5" here in one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies, The Last Boy Scout, not more than 2", iirc. Denzel Washington is listed at 6'0.25" peak here, and he was only a little taller than Bruce in The Siege, iirc and very similar to Bruce in a series of pics from an event, maybe just a fraction taller max, plus, Bruce was wearing boots in Die Hard 2, but I remember him having a pretty clear height advantage over 5'9"-5'9.5" Dennis Franz. Bruce does look like he's lost a little height, not sure when that started, perhaps sometime around 2005-2007, but I think he has to still be 5'11" minimum today, I can't buy 5'10" range.
dmeyer says on 15/May/14
i agree Willis is steel 180cm when in same footwear he dosnt look more than 4-5cm shorter then 185cm jay Courtney ,
Alex 6'0 says on 14/May/14
I wouldn't give him anything below 5'10.5-5'10.75 today
Alex 6'0 says on 14/May/14
5'11.5 peak. He looked about 6'0 in his younger days. Today no more than 5'11
Lmeister says on 25/Apr/14
Bruce does look 5ft11-6ft0 in most of his moviese except next to Tom Hanks in The Bonfire of the Vanities. In that movie he looks 5ft9.5-5ft10.5. I really doubt Tom Hanks wearing lifts. Did Bruce start wearing lifts in the 90s or could it be that he never was a full 5ft11?
James B says on 1/Apr/14
Most of the time struck me as looking 5'11 in his films. In the jackal though I thought that was one of the few movies where he did look 182cm.
Kendall says on 1/Apr/14
If he's 5'11 Ashton Kutcher is 6'5
jamieorr4 says on 25/Mar/14
i always thought he look 5ft10.5 like me but i herad people who have met him say hes 5ft8
Rinaldi says on 23/Mar/14
I assume that his height is no more than 6 feet.
rockfellas says on 24/Feb/14
here with stallone, willis struggles with 5'9", please!!!: Click Here

Never been over 5'10.5" at his peak. For sure.
truthseeker says on 15/Feb/14
In movies Willis never comes across as a big guy, particularly in street scenes. 5'11 is still quite big and he never appears this height to me, I would say he is no more than 5'9... 6'1 ego much?

Comparing actors heights with each other is pointless because they all exaggerate.
Rob Van says on 12/Feb/14
I heard Arnold Schwarzeinger is 5 ft 11. Why is people saying he is 6 ft 1...
dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
Rob , 3 friend of mine who met him all said barely 5'11 peak like 5'10.5
dmeyer says on 30/Jan/14
Sorry mike You Never met Bruce , anything under 5'10-11 is a joke
Mike knows says on 26/Jan/14
Bruce is no where near 5'11.5 inches. I met him at Teterboro airport standing shoulder to shoulder I had to look down at him while he was yelling at someone for revealing who he was. My best guess is he is 5'6" to 5'7". I'm 5'11" tall so if I had to look down at his face and eyes he must have left he elevator shoes home lol
D-Rellik says on 26/Jan/14
He's 5 foot 9 looked spot on that with Tom Hanks and now hes suddenly gained a few inches hes definitely a lift wearer.
averagegiant says on 18/Jan/14
5'11.2? your eyes are special. I could easily picture running into a lot of celeberties to find my self shocked (or not) at how they are not at their presented heights. Someone in Hollywood is lying and it's likely that it's nearly everyone. Mel Gibson is 6 feet, take it as concrete evidence because I said so.
DMEYER says on 2/Jan/14
he can pull off 181cm today only when he forces posture and others dont 5 ft 11 is right 180cm and a lidl taller peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Dec/13
182.25cm peak, 181cm now.
Jay says on 29/Dec/13
He's never been 6 foot or 5ft 11, i'm 6ft and he's 3 inches shorter
bomb says on 23/Dec/13
I think Bruce Willis may be more like 5'9.5 or 5'10
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 13/Dec/13
Rob, is a fraction under 6ft, like 5ft11.75/182cm possible for his peak?
the shredder says on 11/Dec/13
Sly looks 5'11 there ha ha
Vibram says on 9/Dec/13
Looks about 2 inches shorter than the then 6ft1 (185cm) Arnold S'wznegger (and I'm being generous to Arnold as he could of been 6ft0.75 (184cm) at his peak). This was taken in 1992 or so, so both men would of been at peak height. Click Here

- 5ft11.2 (181cm) for Willis peak
- 5ft10.4 (178.5cm) today.
DMEYER says on 9/Dec/13
can pull off 181cm today with perfect posture 5 ft 11 is near 180.5cm anyway , he might be more 5 ft 11 than 5 ft 10.75
truth says on 6/Dec/13
180cm, posssibly solid 181cm peak, now a very strong 179cm.
Ted says on 30/Nov/13
LOL @the "he's 5'8" now" comment. 'And then you woke up'.

He looks 5'11" in most anything nowadays, maybe 5'10.5". He should stop trying to claim 6' or 6'1" elsewhere, he clearly isn't.
wobbs says on 26/Nov/13
I met bruce while he was shooting in budapest, he is no more than 5'8" nowdays
hes a nice guy though and took the time to talk
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Nov/13
He might still make 5ft11.25in/181cm. Personally, I think he's a fraction taller than someone like Uma Thurman and then slightly shorter than guys like Schwarzenegger and Travolta.

He's not average.
jbreeze69 says on 21/Nov/13
I met Bruce back in December 1986 (Moonlighting days) at a Colorado ski resort. The guy is 5'9... maybe 5'10 MAX with shoes. A lot of actors under 5'10 wear 2" hidden lifts / insoles in their shoes. That's the only way he would be 5'11 or 6'.
Hypado says on 12/Nov/13
181 cm
Balrog says on 7/Nov/13
I can buy 181cm at peak and a shy under 5'11" now. But he can look 179 at times too.
biko says on 29/Oct/13
bruce is maybe 179,5cm now and 180cm when he was middle aged
dmeyer says on 27/Oct/13
I have watched a vidéo of 3 years ago and willis Is realy not more than 0.5 in shorter than arnie if Bruce Is 5'11 now he was max 5'11 1\8 3 years back arnie Is about 5'11.5-11.75 willis Can look 181 cm alot even lately i think might a 180.5cm Guy as He look 180cm as often as 181cm rob do you think Bruce today is a 180cm flat Guy like barely 5'11 or nearer 180.5cm like solid 5'11
glynny 182 says on 26/Oct/13
is 5.11.75" /6ft possible for him at peak in 80s rob?
Arch Stanton says on 23/Oct/13
5'11" max today. The Rock is 4-5 inches taller and Jonathan Pryce 1.5-2 inches taller in GI joe.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 22/Oct/13
5'11.5 peak for Willis seems right. He's almost 60 years old. No way is he as tall as he was in his younger days. No more than 5'11 for him today. Maybe even just shy of 5'11
Rob G says on 22/Sep/13
He is/was 5'11"
caaq says on 10/Sep/13
I think wearing normal shoes or keds, he was about 6 feet without hair in fire with fire. He stood about 3 inches shorter than the villain who had a mug shot showing him as 6-3, which I guess was with shoes. That means bruce was 5-11 aprox without shoes. Some could try squeezing him down to 5-10.5 by dipping the angle of the scale on his head towards the wall, in their over enthusiasm to not over measure. And besides, this is the late afternoon height. Maybe in the morning he still could be 5-11.5. I guess calling him 5-11 is a safe bet. And he somehow doesn't look like he shrank one bit since die hard. Maybe he looked a bit taller then because of his bristling hair.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Sep/13
"Peak height was 5ft 11.75in (182cm)"
Looked roughly 6ft in the 80s and 90s.
Today might be closer to 5ft11.
Lorne says on 30/Aug/13
Less than 181cm peak is a joke, he was classic "weak tall" when younger, could look close to 6ft with good posture. I think the listing is perfect, he barely looks shorter than guys like Travolta, and was taller tha BP.
cole says on 21/Aug/13
The one thing about Bruce at 5'11 that throws me off is that he can look only an inch taller than 5'9 Justin Long when in equal footwear, (there's a couple of shots of Long in converse and Bruce in dress shoes, and Bruce obviously looks a good 2 inches or so taller) but more or less the same height as 5'11 Mickey Rourke in a few shots. You could argue he's maybe more 5'10/10.5 range these days, although I'm barely hanging on to the possibility that he's still close to 5'11.
JAM says on 19/Aug/13
I find it hard to believe he ever hit 6 feet. He looks 5'11 MAX. 5'10 on a normal day.
lelman says on 18/Aug/13
Always looks about 5'11" - 6' in everything. Occasionally will look 5'10"ish, but generally I'd say 5'11" minimum. Peak was definitely close to 6'.
Arch Stanton says on 13/Aug/13
Yeah, he looked 6 ft in the Die Hard films and in his younger years, 5'11" today. He comes across though as being a Grade A asshole in interviews though, massive ego and demanding $4 million for 4 days shooting!! I'd hate to interview him because you can imagine him putting on that pained face and him picking holes in everything you ask him.
Silent d says on 12/Aug/13
Wasn't there an argument between sly and willis? That is why he's not in E3. 180cm.
Brad says on 8/Aug/13
Wanted to wear big boots in E3, Sly showed him the door.
Knowitall says on 31/Jul/13
Shelby, in this photo Hanks still appears to be taller:

Click Here

Why put Hanks on a box? Why would his character tower over Willis's?
Shelb says on 30/Jul/13
Knowitall: Hanks was on an apple box to appear taller. Look at his pants, unless he was a 60/40 upper leg to lower leg ratio, he's standing on something to look taller.
Dmeyer says on 30/Jul/13
Agrée With rampage 5'11 With à chance of 5'11.25 péak à round 182cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jul/13
Willis cannot be less than 5"11"/180cm.
Personally, I think he's still 181cm.

He looked 6" in Die Hard
Knowitall says on 19/Jul/13
Somebody needs to explain this photo as well as others taken for Bonfire of the Vanities:

Click Here

If Tom Hanks is six feet tall, Willis is about five nine, maybe five nine and a half.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Jul/13
Hey, Dmeyer check out these beauties
With 185-186cm Colin Firth
Click Here
Click Here
With 188-189cm Affleck
Click Here
With 180-181cm Brooke Shield
Click Here
Dmeyer says on 16/Jul/13
In some shots Bruce CAN look 179cm near 185cm courtney but Bruce has 1-1.5 cm less shoes , when in same shoes Bruce CAN look 180-181cm Bruce is defenetly 180cm With good posture today , defenetly lost 1-1.5cm at near 60 so was 181-182cm
greg says on 16/Jul/13
Gotta say, looking at images from media events Willis in his younger days (as denoted by the presence of hair), he really did look at least 5'11", possibly more.
Dmeyer says on 14/Jul/13
Willis defenetly looked 4cm taller than 177-178cm Colin farell so was 181.5cm nô less i have met farell he wasnt under 5'9.5 willis looked 181cm easily near him aldo Bruce CAN look just 8-8.5cm on cruise so just 180 maybe 181cm so hiS péak height is defenetly as listed wether hé was 5'11.5 Night or late morning , today he looks near the 180cm mark by near 60
cole says on 30/Jun/13
He's more 178-179.
bodwaya says on 17/Jun/13
he is always towerd by 6 footers like travolta and jackosn. Nothing more 5 foot 10 barefoot
bodwaya says on 17/Jun/13
he is always towerd by 6 footers like travolta and jackosn. Nothing more 5 foot 10 barefoot
Jax says on 4/Jun/13
I'd say 180cm without shoes was his peak and nowadays like die hard 1 he was in his early 30s and always looked like a classic 5'11 man
Balrog says on 22/May/13
180 at peak and 179 now.
Elijah says on 17/May/13
Bruce Willis, I never thought I'd see the day that Rob downgraded him due to older age. I feel sort of sad inside. :(
[Editor Rob: there will come a day I may even have to downgrade myself...]
Johnny says on 11/Apr/13
The Rock isn't 6'3, he never have been. I think he have been 6'2.5 - 6'2.75, but is now 6'1.75 - 6'2. He was taller 15 - 20 years ago.
dmeyer181.2-183.8 says on 9/Apr/13
in most shots he looks 4cm and likely 5 cm shorter than 184.5-185cm courtney , in some he can look 1 in shorter , and in some he can look as mush as 6cm shorter but he has mocassin type that give 1.3-1.6cm 0.5-0.6in compare to 1-1.2 in
Dmeyer says on 7/Apr/13
Bruce looks a solid 10cm under the rock at the premiere
El Mariachi says on 4/Apr/13
5'11" is bull****. He looked only almost 3 inches shorter than The Rock who is listed at 6'3" on CelebHeights, in G.I. Joe. I would give Willis a legit 6'0".
Dmeyer says on 4/Apr/13
Rob is it pissible Bruce was never more than legit 181cm like 5'11.25/181cm dinner time , waking at 6 ft/183cm answer if you can
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible, but near 5ft 11.5 peak I think he could look in the 80's to 90's]
Dmeyer says on 3/Apr/13
Absolute shortest peak height 5'11 180cm and probably more 5'11.25-11.5 181-182cm now he CAN Look 179-81cm 5'10.5-11.25
Dmeyer says on 2/Apr/13
Willis looks easily 10cm under 190-91cm the rock on red carpet
Arch Stanton says on 2/Apr/13
Jimbo says on 25/Mar/13
I was in a bathroom at Dave and Buster's in Honolulu and he walked in and peed next to me. He is about 5'8. If he is 6ft. and I'm 5'10, then why was I at LEAST 2 inches taller?

Um... Maybe he was giving you a shake and vac in the toilet and you misjudged his height leaning over to do it? He could look an easy 6 ft a lot, see the picture on the Cruise page.
Dmeyer says on 29/Mar/13
Rob all my friend who met Bruce claim he is 5'10.5 range some say 5'11 , they all met him at peak , to me he does Look 5'11+ peak , also all my friends who met Clooney say he is legit 180cm , i have a pics of Clooney looking 3 in above 5'7 friend who has 0.5 in more shoes
[Editor Rob: maybe with bruce, he has I think a longer head and that can always fool people a bit.]
Dmeyer says on 27/Mar/13
Anything under 180cm peak and 179cm now is a joke , a friend of mine did pegg him 5'10-10.5 , 181-182 peak 180 now
Jimbo says on 25/Mar/13
I was in a bathroom at Dave and Buster's in Honolulu and he walked in and peed next to me. He is about 5'8. If he is 6ft. and I'm 5'10, then why was I at LEAST 2 inches taller?
Dmeyer says on 22/Mar/13
I think bruce is 180.5cm wish explain 180-181 cm Look , Rob since you list him 5'11-180cm do you think 180cm flat is liklyer than 180.5cm , if you thaught Bruce was 180.5cm you would have list him 181cm
Dmeyer says on 22/Mar/13
He claims 6 ft , and looks over 5'11 peak so either got measured 5'11.75-6 ft not long after bed , or just rounded from 5'11.5 to 6 ft , considering he defenetly was nô less than 6'0.25 out of bed and 0.5 in over 5'11 at night it is fair to claim 6 ft , hé might not know That he lost a bit of height as he is 1 in away from 6' now
Dmeyer says on 21/Mar/13
CAN Look 5'11.25-11.5 lately but hé mostly looks 5'11
berta says on 20/Mar/13
180 is to short. the lowest i can se him is 181. but probably in 182 cm range still. doesnt look like a guy that have shrunk 2 cm maybe a couple of mm max.
Anonymous says on 18/Mar/13
Looked same as arnie in EX 2,even a tiny bit over him,,footwear though is not seen.
dwayne says on 18/Mar/13
6 feet at least... you can check him next to Jai Courtney in newest Die Hard movie and you´ll see that he´s got to be still at least 6ft.
Dmeyer says on 17/Mar/13
Bruce CAN Look just 3cm shorter than 185cm courtnay in some CAN Look 5cm shorter with poorer posture or when Bruce has a mocassin That give Max 0,7 in , bruce CAN Still Look 181-181.5cm hé also looks a solid 5cm over 176cm Levitt Rob are you sûre hé is 180cm flat
Dmeyer says on 17/Mar/13
If Willis was 181cm now 0.5cm under 5'11.5 Rob would have never put him 5'11 if Rob list him 5'11 it méans Bruce is Max 5'11 possibly 5'10.75
jimbo says on 12/Mar/13
LOL at below comment..
Oskar Skrinjar Lepi says on 11/Mar/13
174cm, not more. I saw him few years ago in Atlanta and he is a small guy.
Silent d says on 7/Mar/13
180cm seems right. About the same height as malkovich.
Zack Hull says on 5/Mar/13
I don't believe Bruce Willis was taller than John Cusack. In general, John Cusack is over 6 feet tall and looks taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Mar/13
Still at least 5ft11(180cm), possibly 181cm.

"Peak height was 5ft 11.75in (182cm)"
Zach says on 26/Feb/13
I remember at first in 2007 on the internet, I thought Bruce Willis was only 5'11.75" tall.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 25/Feb/13
5'10.5", 179cm. I think this listing is 1cm too high.
Zach says on 25/Feb/13
By the way, Chief, Bruce Willis is cool no matter how tall he is.
Zach says on 25/Feb/13
Hey, Chief. What's up? When I read below that Bruce Willis is around your height about 5'8"? Does that mean he's taller or shorter than you?
James says on 24/Feb/13

Out of bed 6ft.05 (184cm)
Morning 6ft (183cm)
Lunchtime 5ft11.75 (182cm)
Afternoon 5ft11.5 (182cm)
Evening 5ft11.25 (181cm)
James says on 24/Feb/13

Out of bed 6ft.05 (184cm)
Morning 6ft (183cm)
Lunchtime 5ft11.75 (182cm)
Afternoon 5ft11.5 (182cm)
Evening 5ft11.25 (181cm)
Dmeyer says on 23/Feb/13
Bruce at peak did Look a bit taller than Pitt and clooney both 5'10.5-11 and wasnt dworfed by 6'2 guys like s Jackson or Affleck , 5'11.25-11.5 is fair for peak height , today looks 5'10.75-11
Chameleon says on 23/Feb/13
He's never been over 180cm in his life.
James says on 21/Feb/13
5'10.5 today 5'11.25 peak is not impossible either.

He may have just scraped 182cm on a good in his 20s.
Anonymous says on 20/Feb/13
5'11 seems correct, since jai courtney in the new die hard movie is 6'1" and they stand next to each other half the movie you notice they are fairly close in height,
James says on 18/Feb/13
Rob u mentioned once that Bruce was at least 2 inches shorter than Johnathan Ross and that was in 2006....
MaskDeMasque says on 15/Feb/13
I think Bruce was 5'11 at peak, maybe 5'11.25. Always looks slightly above average in his films.
Gene says on 14/Feb/13
check 12 monkeys- willis n pitt same footwear- same scenes inches apart in the psyche ward- bruce at 5'11 towers pitt- owns him easily by 2 inches- no way- and i mean no way is pitt the same height as willis- uh uh
Silent d says on 13/Feb/13
Dmeyer says on 10/Feb/13
181.5cm peak now 180cm make sens at Late 50s 1.5cm
burby says on 9/Feb/13
Never over 5'11". The 6'1" claim was a huge height lie.
marc says on 9/Feb/13
Rob when did you change Bruce Willis's height from 5ft11.5 to 5ft11?
[Editor Rob: just last week...I think he looks no more than 5ft 11]
Dmeyer says on 8/Feb/13
0.5 in at 58 he didnt do bad
James says on 6/Feb/13
Rob if he's a weak 5'11 today then could 182cm possibly be a smidge too high for his peak?
[Editor Rob: i think losing half inch isn't improbable]
James says on 5/Feb/13
Why has he already lost 2cm of height at 57?
xaoxio says on 5/Feb/13
Rob, dont ignore my photo. take a look at all photos with bruce willis and jai courtney and ud see that jai is easily taller then bruce for at least 2 inches. your thoughts?
[Editor Rob: he can look a weak 5ft 11 at times today yeah]
James says on 4/Feb/13
I was just saying he is kinda towered by Ashton kutcher in pics. A 3 inch difference is hardly big or towering.

I think maybe

Bruce Willis 180-181cm
Ashton Kutcher 189-190cm

So close too 4 inches between the 2 men.
xaoxio says on 4/Feb/13
Click Here
sorry Rob but Willis is struggling with 5'11" nowadays, let alone anything taller. what you think?
Chameleon says on 4/Feb/13
Indeed Bruce doesnt look any taller than 5'10 range....
Balrog says on 4/Feb/13
85 kg for a 5'11'' is far to be thin. Willis never looked more than 5'11''. 179-180 cm.
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Feb/13
James, Willis did look much shorter than Gabriel Aubry, listed at 6'2. The same Aubry looked at least 3-4 cms shorter than Tom Welling, who's supposed to be shy of 6'3 :)
Dmeyer says on 3/Feb/13
Dont Forget the Guy is almost 60 85 kg for 180+ cm is pretty thin since he has muscle too of 85 kg at 5'11 for a none muscular Guy in 20s is not thin
Jamesy says on 2/Feb/13
Well if Ashton kutcher is 6'2.5 then Bruce really does not look 182cm more like 5'10 range
Dom says on 2/Feb/13
Lol @ 85kgs being thin for a 5'11er, thats absurd. He and Matt Perry need to be switched. Willis is more 181-180 and Perry 182.
Xdan says on 25/Jan/13
Early in the '80s (I'm an old man, I know) I read in some magazines he was only 179 cm.
Dmeyer says on 20/Jan/13
He CAN look pretty thin at Times 85kg Max
Silent d says on 18/Jan/13
I can't wait for a nice day to die. It looks so action packed and awesome. Bruce looks quite ripped for an old man who is nearly 60. He has to be at least 85-90 kilos. 180cm.
Conor says on 17/Jan/13
I honestly thought Bruce Willis was over 6.0/6.1.. Yet in Moonrise Kingdom he looks shorter than 5.11 Ed Norton, while in Tigerland he towered over 5.10 Colin Farrell. Baffling!
Joey says on 14/Jan/13
in die hard 1 aged 33 he never looked over 180cm in barefeet...nowadays 179cm'ish
mike 181cm says on 13/Jan/13
Yea legit 6footers and guys 6"1 always edge him out a bit. Id say he was in the low 181s in his prime from what I've observed in movies. Today? No clue.
dmeyer says on 11/Jan/13
in some pics willis can look a hair taller than malkovich but in red 1 he has a hard time looking as tall asd john
Dmeyer says on 10/Jan/13
His peak is somewere 5' 11.25-11.75 , not less than 181cm or over 182cm today he could be near strong 180cm , IF i met him 10 years we would have Been similar , now at 181.3-181.5 for me he could be 0.25-0.5 in shorter than me
Trey says on 7/Jan/13
Think I've said it before but might aswell say it again. He's a bootwearer. Never over 5'11. 5'10.5 most likely today. 5'10 loose posture.
Dmeyer says on 7/Jan/13
Considering how he looks near 182.5-183cm Norton he cant be over 181cm
(s)ain\'t says on 5/Jan/13
This guy has been victimized a little I think. I feel that Bruce measured himself back in the 80s and saw he was a little off 6' so he just went fir the 6' as opposed to 5'11". He is an action hero for gods sake, He needs to be tall!
burby says on 2/Jan/13
He's never been over 5'11" in his life.
Dmeyer says on 29/Dec/12
Strong 5'11 today like 180.5cm night possible i aint sure hé is as short as 179-179.5cm
Trey says on 26/Dec/12
Don't care how tall he WAS, he's 5'10.5 - 5'10.75 these days.
Dmeyer says on 26/Dec/12
Willis CAN still look weak 5'11.5 like 181cm
Dmeyer says on 25/Dec/12
Peak 5'11.5 181.5cm now 180.5-181cm looking 5'10.5-10.75 bad posture
Dmeyer says on 20/Dec/12
Rob Bruce today looks 0.75 in under 6 ft Norton who could be 5'11.75, 0.5-0.75 in under arnie who is 5'11.75 today , CAN look 0.5 in taller than 5'11 malkovish who could look 5'10.5 due to posture , about 3.25-3.5 in under 6'2.5 Kutcher all évidence shoes a solid 5'11 to 180.5cm to 5'11.25 like 181cm peak at 5'11.5 181.5 , hé lost 0.5-1cm by nearly 60 it isnt bad , but i doubt hé is near 182cm today like 5'11.5 probably wakes 5'11.75 and go to bed 5'11-11.25 since at that age we shrink less during the day Back in thé day 6'0.25 in morning
Silent D says on 14/Dec/12
Juju says on 12/Dec/12
5"11.5 peak. And maybe a bit undet now
Steve says on 7/Dec/12
Bruce Willis is no way 182 cm. He is 179 cm in my opinion.
Joey says on 2/Dec/12
5'11 (180cm)in the 90s - early 2000s sounds about right
Dmeyer says on 2/Dec/12
Anything under 5'10.75 peak is impossible and nothing under 5'10.5 today , more likely 5'11.5 peak 5'11 now
Dmeyer says on 2/Dec/12
Lowest estimate is a Guy who met Bruce several Times and told me Bruce is 5'10-10.25 , but 5'7-8 is a joke
Chief says on 29/Nov/12
I stood right next to him at a party on the roof of D & B he's around my height about 5'8". I don't know where people get the idea he's six feet. My friend was five four and he was surprised at how short and thin he was. We figured maybe 5'7" and a 145 lbs at most.
Dmeyer says on 26/Nov/12
Defenetly somwere 5'11.25-11.75 peak now 5'11
5\'11, 17 says on 25/Nov/12
I would say 5'11 judging by the movie 'unbreakable'. He's taller than a good majority of men on the movie, but doesn't quite stand out like a 6 footer would, if there's even a noticeable between those two heights. It's a good height for a man, he should be proud.
Mathew says on 24/Nov/12
I don't think he's looks more than 5'11". He can look 5'10.75" a lot.
Dmeyer says on 24/Nov/12
Today 180.5cm
kevin says on 23/Nov/12
i agree looks often like 181-180cm with 185-186cm murray. maybe 182cm peak 181cm today and murray 185cm today 186cm in his youth.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Nov/12
Actually 180cm isn't impossible today. Looked 2.5in shorter than Bill Murray in some pics
The Exorcist says on 10/Nov/12
Looks 5'11.
Dmeyer says on 30/Oct/12
I think Bruce is 5'11-11.25 today same as Harrison ford not taller
James says on 29/Oct/12
Ford today would have 1.5 in bruce
berta says on 29/Oct/12
if bruce willis stood back to back with harrison ford i think bruce would be 1 cm taler. Bruce willis peak 183 and now maybe 182,5. Harrison ford peak 184,7 (close to 185 but a little under) and now a weak 182, maybe 181
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
Someone exaggerated on john malkovich. I was looking at another page and it said he was 6 foot 1. Sorry for my mistake. Bruce looked close to 6 foot in cop out next to sean william scott and tracy morgan. 180cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Oct/12
He lookef 3in shorter than Kutcher, maybe 3.5in at most.
But I think it could be a case of Kutcher being 6ft2.75(190cm) and Willis being 5ft11.25(181cm), worst case scenario.

In shoes Willis would Be at 6ft
Dmeyer says on 28/Oct/12
5'11.75-6'0.5 in shoes depending thin trainer or boot
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 25/Oct/12
He was 5'11.5 or 6'0 in his youthhood. But nowadays he's more a solid 5'11. In shoes however, he look 6' feet or a little more.
dmeyer says on 25/Oct/12
still 180-180.5cm was near 182cm like 181.5cm
Chameleon says on 25/Oct/12
5'10 max look at him with Kutcher.
James says on 24/Oct/12
Around 179cm still, min 178cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Oct/12
Around 182cm still, min 181cm
Dmeyer says on 17/Oct/12
I am 230 in the pic With stiller i am 240 and when up as High as 300 i would like to be 200
Dmeyer says on 17/Oct/12
Some site have him 202-210 i think hé was never more than 195-200 and many Times in the 180-190
Dmeyer says on 17/Oct/12
Hé looks taller than 5'10 girlfriend hé looks barely shorter than 5'11.75 Norton a smidge taller than malkovich noticably taller than 5'9.5 Levitt 2-2.5 in over 5'9 long barely shorter than arnie , the Guy is at worst 5'10.75-11
James says on 17/Oct/12
At worst 178cm today
Dmeyer says on 15/Oct/12
I agree today hé is at worst 180cm
Jack says on 15/Oct/12
still looks 182 cm to me.
James says on 13/Oct/12
John was never 6'1
RisingForce says on 13/Oct/12
Under 5'11" is a joke for Bruce at any time of the day. Look at him with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in premiere pics, he has a good 2 inches on him. Shaun's post is yet another example. It's not a full body shot with Malcovich and we can't see the ground, but Bruce does look comfortably taller.
Silent d says on 12/Oct/12
180cm. I heard john malkovich is 6 foot 1 on another page.
James says on 12/Oct/12
the shredder says on 12/Oct/12
He is 6'2 listen to G

not even in elevator shoes
James says on 11/Oct/12
yeah shaun but john is wearing converse isn't he? I bet as well in some of those pics willis has pavement advantage. plus in one of those pics when they are walking down the road john has poor posture compared too bruce.

in my opinon bruce could be 179cm these days. i bet as well if you met john malkovich in person he would look no taller than 5'11 beause of the way he carries himself.
Shaun says on 11/Oct/12
Click Here

I mean with John Malkovich, Willis is clearly taller.
Shaun says on 11/Oct/12
James says on 10/Oct/12
He's under 5'11 these days

He can look 5 ft 10 a lot but he was taller than John Cusack in recent pics.
James says on 10/Oct/12
He's under 5'11 these days
Dmeyer says on 7/Oct/12
181.5 peak 180.5 now legit 5'11 today peak a Lidl more , if i meet him do you think i will be a hair taller
Dmeyer says on 7/Oct/12
Hé CAN look 3-3.5 under Kutcher wish means 5'11-11.5 hé never looks 4 in shorter
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Oct/12
He'd hit 6ft out of bed, surely
Chameleon says on 4/Oct/12
Solid 180? Sure dude, just look at him with Kutcher -_-'
Ajax says on 2/Oct/12
I would say he's a solid 5'11" today though this when he's younger.
Candyman says on 29/Sep/12
This looks right
Dmeyer says on 29/Sep/12
Defenetly 181-2cm peak and pulled off 183-4cm on occasion today hé look 180-1cm 1cm loss by mid to Late 50s is normal
Frankie Eyes says on 26/Sep/12
In Die Hard 2 He Towered Over Everyone, Including Dennis Franz Who Is 5'9", So HE Must Have Either Worn Lifts, Or His Peak Height Was 6'1" , Or The Camera Just Did Some Tricks.
Silent d says on 26/Sep/12
182cm is too much. 180cm is about right. Still pretty cool.
Dmeyer says on 24/Sep/12
At peak hé looks barely shorter than denzel 6 ft hé looks 1.5-2 in over than 5'9.5-10 damon 3.5 in over Cruise 1.5 in over farell 2 in under arnie a hair shorter than travolta not dwarfed by 6'2 Jackson similar to Perry all évidence indicate 5'11.25-11.5 peak today CAN look 5'10.75-11.25 His peak height is near 5'11 and now near 5'11 the Guy is not 5'10 or 6 ft
RisingForce says on 22/Sep/12
I really wouldn't even call 5'10" possible. I guess anything within reason is possible for a man I haven't met, but I really see nothing to suggest he's under 5'11", much less 5'10" flat. Look at him next to Matt Damon in Oceans 12, he was a good 2 inches taller. Damon himself may be 5'10", though I think he's a bit below, maybe 5'9.5". As far as height loss for Bruce? An inch would be on the high end for his age. Average would be closer to a half inch. An inch is average for a 65 year old. It is possible for a man Bruce's age to lose that much, but I 'm not sure he's lost anything worth discussing.
Alex 6\'0-6\'0.75 says on 20/Sep/12
Hes 57 years old now so an inch loss is very possible. His peak 180-181cm but today he could be as low as 178cm
Dmeyer says on 18/Sep/12
At his âge 1cm loss is normal 5'11 solid Like 180.5cm i dont think hé is à full 181 nowadays
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Sep/12
I personally think he's still around this height. No need to change it.
Dmeyer says on 15/Sep/12
181cm peak for Willis possible ? Waking at 6'0-0.25
[Editor Rob: today it might be]
Dmeyer says on 13/Sep/12
Hé defenetly didnt Lose more than 1-1.2cm and hé looks legit 180cm so 181-181.5 peak 5'11.5 peak 5'11 now
RisingForce says on 9/Sep/12
I see a surprising amount of estimates of 5'10" here. It's just not realistic to me, he's looking a lot closer to Arnold's height than he did a few years ago, they look very close in height lately. Anything under 5'11" isn't worth discussing, imo. He can look 5'11" flat, but also around the 6 feet he apparently claimed so Rob's listing seems to make the most sense. He doesn't seem to care much about his height having appeared in public both bare foot and in sandals while also not forcing his posture. He doesn't look like he's lost much, if anything either.
Dejavu says on 8/Sep/12
5'11 on the dot today with Edward Norton. He appears to be an inch shorter.
Dmeyer says on 6/Sep/12
To me hé dosnt look under 180cm today by Late 50s defenetly droped a faction 0.25-0.5 in , hé holds himself well near strong 182 Guy like arnie and norton , and usualy looks 2-2.5 in over 5'9 guys like Justin long and tracy morgan to me this Guy dont drop under 180 at night
Todd W says on 3/Sep/12
In the movie "Blind Date" there is a scene where he is walking out of a police station shoulder to shoulder with Phil Hartman (5ft 10in, according to this site). It is a full body shot and they are about the same height. Willis maybe had a half inch on Hartman in similair footwear. So, unless Hartman was wearing ridiculously high lifts, I would venture to say Willis is no more than 5ft 10.5in.
Alex says on 31/Aug/12
180-182cm peak for Willis though. Today I can see him at 178cm
Dmeyer says on 30/Aug/12
Is 6'0-0.25 out of bed and 5'11.25 dinner peak possible for him , today hé does look a legit 180cm guy
Ka says on 24/Aug/12
Ok Andrea then other actors and actresses, including Arnie, got their height slash by 3 inches. I think the fluctuation of height in pic and video is due to SLOUCHING. Most people don't stand tall most of the time, except guys like Stallone
Chameleon says on 24/Aug/12
Like I said Willis is 5'10 maximum.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 23/Aug/12
Next to Gabriel Aubry, he does look about 4 inches shorter. Gabriel Aubry looks max 185-186 next to Welling, that's supposed to be 190, so Willis would be 175-176?
Ace says on 19/Aug/12
I have no idea what footwear Bruce was wearing in Expendables 2, but I must say, he and Arnold looked pretty eye-to-eye. Although i am not entirely convinced that barefoot, if they stood together, that this would be the case.
Alex says on 19/Aug/12
I can see 5'10 for Willis today but he looked more 5'11 at his peak. at least 5'10.5
RisingForce says on 19/Aug/12
Rob or shredder, do you have a link to the Letterman claim of 6 foot?

As far as the 6'1" claim on his site years ago, it actually looked more like a listing than a direct claim from what I remember.
Chameleon says on 16/Aug/12
Dmeyer says on 16/Aug/12
It possible hé measured 6'1 in 1.3 in shoes by noon
Dmeyer says on 14/Aug/12
Whi dont you give him peak height 5'11.5 now 5'11
Dmeyer says on 13/Aug/12
Peak 5'11.5 seems Right , today could be legit 5'11 , Rob is 180 cm or 181cm more likely today
[Editor Rob: yeah a 5ft 11 today on the nose might be right]
bodwaya says on 9/Aug/12
in this picture his 5 foot 10 wife is in 2 inches heels and is 6 foot in them. In this picture she is taller then bruce by an inch. There fore case closed bruce is 5 foot 11 in shoes.
bodwaya says on 7/Aug/12
in armageddna he was 3 inches shorter then 6 foot 2 affleck
Alex says on 6/Aug/12
I always thought he had looked 5'11ish in the Die Hard movies but who knows
Chameleon says on 5/Aug/12
Click Here Many years ago, even with his wig adventage, 5'10

Click Here these days, still 5'10 maximum seriously.
Chameleon says on 4/Aug/12
Yeah he does look 5'10 with Kutcher aswell lol he could be 5'10..
bodwaya says on 4/Aug/12
he was 3 inches shortenr 6 foot 1 alan rickmand and same 3 inches shorter then l jackson in unbreakable hes got to be 5 foot 10 barefoot
Alex says on 2/Aug/12
Ok I actually was watching The Siege with him and Bruce Willis from back in 1998. Denzel did look to have a like an inch on Willis. If Denzel was 6'0 that puts Willis no more than 5'11 at his peak.
Dmeyer says on 30/Jul/12
Willis weight 210-215 in website , i think hé was never more than 195-200 and now about 185 pounds wath do you think Rob , they have Clooney at 211 , i think 170-180 is Mush closer
[Editor Rob: in Syriana Clooney had more bulk, but normally he looks a trim guy, I think nearer 160 range.]
Dmeyer says on 29/Jul/12
Today hé is not under 180-180.5cm at peak 180.5 181 and 182cm are arguable ,at peak 5 ft11-11.75 is possible , today 5ft 11-11.25
Chameleon says on 29/Jul/12
He has never ever been over 180cm if not less. Even years ago during that 70s show, 6'2 MAX Kutcher towerd him. And look at the pic nice guy posted.
Dmeyer says on 29/Jul/12
Looking at the pics Willis 5'11-11.25 Norton 5'11.75-6 ft and Murray legit 6 ft 1 how come hé dosnt shrink
Dmeyer says on 28/Jul/12
Bruce CAN look very close in height With 182-183cm Norton Bruce is still nô less than 181cm maybe hé lost nô more than 0.5-1cm
Ace says on 26/Jul/12
Edward Norton looked a solid inch taller than him throughout Moonrise Kingdom:
Click Here
It should be noted that in this shot, Bill Murray looks the similar in height to Willis. In the prior scene, Bill Murray had flung his shoes at Norton, explaining why he looks comparatively short.
Dmeyer says on 23/Jul/12
In top cops hé look 2-2.5 in over 5 ft 9 Morgan and close in height With s.w Scott so about 5'11
Dmeyer says on 8/Feb/12
A weak 5'11.5 means hé could be 5'11.25 lowest and strong 5'11 is that he never diPs under 180.3cm , today strong 180 is liklyer than 181cm
Dmeyer says on 7/Feb/12
Rob its very likely Bruce was no more than peak 6 ft morning 5'11.25 night or do you think 5'11.5 is his very low
[Editor Rob: today he is maybe a weak 5ft 11.5 guy, or a strong 5ft 11, he's got to be somewhere in the range.]
Silent d says on 6/Feb/12
Thanks for the tip rob! Sit up straight and sleep straight too keep in good shape. 180cm.
dmeyer says on 31/Jan/12
a guy who drink alchool and lifts weight all the time could drop more height willis realy looks 5 ft 11.5 while he looks raughly 5 ft 11 now
carnegie says on 30/Jan/12
i doubt about what people say that hes 5ft10 in lucky number slevin or in recently films he does look tall but not huge ibelieve hes around 5ft11 5ft10.75
nice guy says on 30/Jan/12
Click Here

178/179cm morning height
James says on 29/Jan/12
he's fit and in good shape which is why he only lost a fraction from his peak of 5'11 (180cm) not 5'11.5.
Dmeyer says on 28/Jan/12
So by 50 people could drop anywere 0 to 1.3cm depending on Many conditions nutrition posture activity a Guy like sly who through enormous physical activity injuries runing jumping weight lifting hasnt lost much by mid 60s unilike Willis who shiped a good 1cm
[Editor Rob: as we age our discs do lose water content. Disc degeneration could be more prone in some families than in others. Injuries to our discs can lead to some loss earlier aswell.

this site is not really the place to go into long medical research etc, but my own things to do/avoid:

avoid smoking altogether. Throw those nasty things in the bin.

avoid excessive or heavy lifting that puts lots of pressure on spine which increases the risk to potential damage to the discs.

eat well balanced diet and do some moderate exercise, including light stretches that help muscles overall to help your posture as you age.
Dmeyer says on 27/Jan/12
So by mid 50s a fit Guy CAN drop 0.5 in
[Editor Rob: I put a quote up not long ago from a boxer claiming at 40 to have lost height.

it depends on the wear/tear to joints.]
dmeyer says on 26/Jan/12
rob do you agree willis is the type of guy who shipped 1cm by early 50s and not 1-2mm of wear and tear and could drop 2cm by 60 , he is a pretty fit guy , he shouldnt have lost that mush or maybe was never taller than 181cm and now is 180cm , the guy does look about 182cm and about 180cm now , is it possible bruce shiped as much as 1.5cm 0.6 in , i could see him 5 ft 11.5 peak now 5 ft 10 7/8 180cm flat
[Editor Rob: a fit guy can still lose height by mid 50's like that if they have more wear & tear on their bodies through physical activity]
Silent d says on 24/Jan/12

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