How tall is Bruno Mars ?

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Bruno Mars's height is 5ft 4.5in (164 cm)

American Singer. Said in the NY Daily News "In my mind, I'm 6-3. But I'm 5-5. Do me a favor: Say I'm 5-6".
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James says on 10/Feb/15
MD: Springsteen is not 5'9.5". I've run into him a few times. Five eight, max. And that's charitable. Without the motorcycle/engineer male high heels. Bruno, like Springsteen, is a gigantic talent. But I'd give him five foot three. Charitably.
asd says on 10/Feb/15
Mitch 185.8cm says on 9/Feb/15
solid 5'4 guy
K says on 8/Feb/15
tooshort says on 30/Jan/15
Rob, between Radcliffe, Hutcherson, and Mars who do you expect would edge who out at a midday event?
[Editor Rob: Possibly Josh > Radcliffe > Mars]
the shredder says on 19/Jan/15
This guy is 5'4 or less.
MD says on 19/Jan/15
With 5'9.5" Bruce Springsteen:

Click Here
Dingle Dange says on 17/Jan/15
Chip says on 5/Oct/14
He stands tall though
None says on 4/Oct/14
He's the same height as a 5'4.5 Katt Williams.
Chris says on 22/Sep/14
He's short, but he's so ridiculously charming and attractive (and talented of course). With guys like him, i wish i was like 8 inches smaller. lol
Angelblack says on 17/Aug/14
Is he still a child or something
little me says on 22/Jul/14
I love bruno. In regards to his height though I think he is NOT 5 ft 4.5 NO WAY. He looks way smaller than that 5ft 2 at the most he looks as small as prince. But he is still HOT
TinaLouise says on 20/Jul/14
5'4.5" of pure sex appeal!
Tina says on 4/Jul/14
Bruno Mars and Kevin Hart are the same height and that is 5'2
tj says on 22/Jun/14
No he isn't a kid Georgios. He's a short man. Lack of height doesn't give you the mental age of a child :-)
Georgios 6'3'' (191cm) says on 19/Jun/14
5'3 Max. Is a kid
Joe says on 12/Jun/14
5'3 for the little man.
Me says on 5/May/14
Dude is no taller than 5'3"
Ron says on 19/Apr/14
5'3.5 or 5'4 maybe
MD says on 20/Mar/14
That photo, BTW, is not shopped, at all. All of the pictures from that event look like that save for the ones taken lower in the theater because it has very steep seating. It's just the angle. There are other shots from that event showing him standing next to her...and he's tiny next to her in her heels.
Brad says on 20/Mar/14
"Say I am 5-6". Hahahaha, sorry Brun' 5-four bro.
TJ says on 20/Mar/14
The image with Taylor Swift is bizarre and some kind of optical illusion. Yes, he is a short guy, but that pic shows him below her shoulders even though he is in the foreground. Makes no sense at all.

This pic of the pair together seems more realistic:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think that other shot the camera is simply higher up so it is going to make the nearer object (which is below the camera) look smaller.]
MD says on 19/Mar/14
I don't think he'd be much under 5'4", but he's definitely not a full 5'4.5". I'd argue 5'4" flat.

BTW, the angles in that shot are far, far too much to judge much of anything from it even though I agree with you, lelman. I do believe there are pictures of them at the same event standing right by each other that would be far better reference shots. Try Getty Images.
Mr. R says on 19/Mar/14
@ lelman That pic is photoshopped. He is short but not an elf.
lelman says on 18/Mar/14
Click Here

Here's Bruno looking a full foot or more shorter than Taylor Swift in heels. Taylor in 4-5 inch heels would get her to like, 6'1.5 tops. I think Bruno is under 5'4".
leonari says on 16/Mar/14
I agree. Flat 5'4" seems more accurate. Have you considered shaving that half inch off Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 4-4.5 range...4.5 could be what you'd say is the top of the range.]
Chris 182 cm says on 8/Feb/14
Maybe he's short, but guess what: He's a superior bromandude with the PIPES! Jealous haters to the left!
TJ says on 3/Feb/14
He was on the Graham Norton Show with Ricky Gervais and when the two were stood and shaking hands he looked around 5 inches shorter than Gervais. Rob, you have Ricky at 5'7.5, so having Mars at 5'4.5 seems to be really pushing it.
Ashley says on 3/Feb/14
He's got to be 5'4" on the money.
MD says on 31/Jan/14
The half-inch tacked onto this listing seems ridiculous, at least.
Short says on 29/Jan/14
He is shorter that 5 4.5.

I'm 5'5 and I come up to my 6 foot dad's ear. I dated a 6'4 guy and my head still wasn't below his shoulder. She said she is 6'2 in heels ans he is well below Taylor's shoulders. Not even his hat passes them and he is standing closer to the camera.
Shobha says on 28/Jan/14
Taylor Swift is 5'9.5 (Click Here)

Bruno is 5'4.5", as they are saying here too.

Even if we assume that Taylor is wearing 4-6inches of heels in this picture with Bruno wearing loafers, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

Emily says on 3/Jan/14
In case you haven't noticed, i'm just making fun of certain posts/comments on this site. You just can't help but troll (join in the stupidity) after reading some of the reekingly-stupid stuff on here.
Sam says on 1/Jan/14
Emily, what about for those say 6ft guys that lack it? Should they be downgraded to 5'6 while Bruno is 5'11/6ft all the while they still tower over him? LOL how ridiculous is that.
MD says on 30/Dec/13
Emily, this is a site for a heights. Honestly, you are getting annoying. If you want a fantasy site, then you go create one yourself.
Emily says on 29/Dec/13
His talent and charisma makes him at least 6 inches taller. So this listing should be changed to around 5ft 11 or 6 ft.
Wazel says on 28/Dec/13
People may be short but their personality TOWERS over their stature...To the point that height doesn't seem like a factor.
johoro says on 6/Dec/13
I personally have known the world's shortest star, Angus Young, for years and have seen both he and Bruno on stage. Bruno may be short, but he's perfect
Sarah says on 28/Nov/13
He's about 5'4"
Silent d says on 6/Nov/13
162cm. He is tiny but really talented.
Caz says on 10/Oct/13
He carnt be that tall on his vidio she's much bigger than that
Viper says on 19/Sep/13
Hes the shortest looking 5'4.5 dude Ive ever seen. Looks closer to 5'2.

LOL at him saying hes 5'5 or 5'6. 5'5 and 5'6 guys would own him bad standing next to him.
Silent d says on 17/Sep/13
Next to taylor swift at the vmas, she had heels on and he looked more than 20cm shorter. I saw a photo with him and mark wahlberg. There was about ten cm between them. I think 163cm is about right. He is really talented but a little short.
J says on 16/Sep/13
No way is this listing correct. He's really short
5\'5.5 says on 12/Sep/13
I'm 5'5.5 and I regularly look 5'3-5'5 due to slouching and general bad posture, I'd say Mars is a solid 5'5 from his proportions.
Ian says on 11/Sep/13
Bruno Mars is by far the most talented artist of recent years. He is very short, though. I'd say a little bit less than 5ft 4.
Brenda says on 11/Sep/13
His height has nothing to do with how talented he is ! Let's go over the list , singer ,song writer, choreographer , guyitarist ,pianist, drummer, etc. Oh , and did I forget to mention .... He's freakin gorgeous !! I'm 5'10" and I would have no problem with his height . From what I've seen in certain photoshave ,BRUNO is packin !
Brenda says on 11/Sep/13
His height has nothing to do with how talented he is ! Let's go over the list , singer ,song writer, choreographer , guyitarist ,pianist, drummer, etc. Oh , and did I forget to mention .... He's freakin gorgeous !! I'm 5'10" and I would have no problem with his height . From what I've seen in certain photoshave ,BRUNO is packin !
janie says on 11/Sep/13
He's very small, i'd guess his height to be around 5'3-5'4 max.
Brad says on 9/Sep/13
5-4 is all he is.
Skar says on 7/Sep/13
This guy is well under the 160cm way 5.4 maybe 5.2
leela says on 29/Aug/13
Taylor swift is actually 5'11". So if she's wearing fairly standard 4" heels...she would tower over most people..especially a slightly below average height guy
Lo sgozzatore says on 28/Aug/13
Rob, why he looks that short in that pic? Taylor Swift is not over 5'9, i doubt she's max 6'2 in that photo (considering a very big heel) and he looks like a child! Ok, the pic favours her but there's still a huge difference
[Editor Rob: he's at a camera disadvantage...those cameras are higher up, if she moved forward to stand beside him there'd be less difference.]
Ally says on 26/Aug/13
I think he may need a downgrade: Click Here
Bruno\'s Wife says on 8/Jul/13
Bruno Mars is perfectly fin being 5'5 i love him so much and will still love him at any height. Im going to his concert in 3 days and i don't care that he's 5'5 because im 5'2 so he's still taller than me.
sasa says on 5/Jul/13
I think it's cute he is 5-5. i wouldn't mind going out with some who is 5-5 cos i myself is 5-5
leonari says on 12/May/13
Rob was so right to downgrade him. He is what is generally seen as a tiny man and he looks it. But he never wears shoes to give him a little lift. I think he is contempt with his height. Cool and talented guy. No doubt.
Kevin says on 11/Apr/13
Whoa, Rob. What made you downgrade him .5in?
[Editor Rob: it fits closer I think the more we see of him.]
suparna says on 26/Mar/13
peoples are just very foolish & senseless...
Bruno's height is much enough....& wat is more betr dat is he stands on some position in the wrld bt dis silly persons even I myself are in nowhere of dis wrld...
And ur perfect as u are...
Madhurjya says on 18/Mar/13
It's not your physical height that matters! He is a great singer...! And I like the song "lighters"!
Well, if the discussion is about his shortness, then indeed he is!
I'm not much tall either, I'm five feet eight inches and I'm hoping for 6"3'!
Me says on 6/Mar/13
He looks really short.
TonyD says on 28/Feb/13
He's 5 ft 2. I'm 5 ft 7, I met him and we were both wearing Converse flats, I towered over him a good 4 inches at least. Definitely 5 ft 2, needs a downgrade!
Ben says on 12/Feb/13
Ha! I feel tall now, I'm just over 5'7" and it's nice when a guy is 5'5" to make me feel tall every once in a while!
uncle pual says on 11/Feb/13
He plays a little guitar to look bigger
Golden Hamsterr says on 10/Feb/13
amazing he look tall lol
leonari says on 17/Dec/12
He looks really short. A tad below 5'5" in my humble opinion. Like 164
173 says on 16/Dec/12
He looks 5'4"
Silent D says on 13/Dec/12
I would say 164cm. Awesome singer!
SAK says on 11/Dec/12
I use to think he was 5f5. But after appearances on UK X factor and Graham Norton show, he looks shorter then I thought. He is 5f4, looks pint-sized.
Melissa says on 11/Dec/12
He's a little under 5'4".
fullmetalnipple says on 5/Dec/12
Guy looks shorter than 5'5 imo.
Abtin says on 30/Nov/12
I'm Iranian and my height is 168 cm
So , that's hopeful for me !!!!!
Because I think the avrage of my school is 180 cm !!!!!!!!!!
What about yours ?!
truth says on 29/Nov/12
Im not trying to hate him, but he looks to me 5ft4 at most, probably 5ft3.5 midday. Still a pretty good artist, kinda cheesy, but ok (listenable).
Parker says on 25/Nov/12
Great entertainer but no way 5'5 - looked at least 4-5 inches shorter than Dermot O'Leary on UK X factor tonight.
Peach says on 21/Oct/12
My 15-year-old son is 5'5" and wants to be an actor so I'm trying to find performers who are his size (and he admires) to boost his confidence. Bruno Mars is a powerhouse entertainer!!
Angie says on 13/Feb/12
@Random Person hahahaha that is so true :)
Ikhilrick says on 13/Feb/12
The entertainment news said "The pint-sized pop star looked dapper on the Grammy stage in a glowing, gold blazer that practically matched his skin tone". What the hell are they talking about. I'm 5'5" and I'm not pint sized. I'm normal height. Everybody else is just taller than I am.
MD says on 30/Jan/12
There are few other pages that attract such fervent fangirls and fanboys. If you don't care about his height, don't bother posting on a site named "" okay? Thanks.
John says on 30/Jan/12
@Kri and Jonas. You are extremely tall for your age
Lindsay says on 29/Jan/12
Bruno Mars is actually much taller standing on his wallet currently! Got to give it to this HUGELY SUCCESSFUL singer! And a very confident person. This makes him HUGELY ATTRACTIVE!
Raileigh says on 24/Jan/12
I'mm 15 and i'm 5 ft 5 :p i can imagine seeing him and my cousin Kale together and they look sooooo much alike and he's the same height.
Jaylene says on 24/Jan/12
He is such an awesome, talented artist! He is and WILL BE THE BIGGEST THING...height, doesnt matter, if i ever had a chance lol id love to cuddle with him "Im aware itll never happen, but we can dream right?" lol on a serious not, he is trully amazing , i have been following his career and he has NEVER DISSAPOINTED....and i have i feeling he never will. You are blessed Peter <3

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