How tall is Bryan Cranston ?

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Bryan Cranston height: 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

American actor best known for roles in tv series like Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad.
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Sam says on 30/Mar/15
In his MITM days he looked easily 179cm without question, but in BB for the most part I thought he looked more solid 5ft10 range, so a small fraction loss in his 50s sounds about right. Badger at a guess is around 6ft3.
Dmeyer says on 13/Mar/15
Can pull off 5'11 with affleck
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Jan/15
Gilligan looks at least 2in taller than Cranston so 184-185cm could be about right. The dude that plays Badger might be 6ft3 range?
Andrea says on 10/Jan/15
Yeah, Vince might be a little taller than 6', he could be somewhere between 6'0.5 and 6'1 rather than 6' flat! And Badger, i don't think he's a big 6'4 guy but more 6'2.5-6'3...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Jan/15
Rob, any chance of adding Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan?

He's listed 6ft but looks taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Jan/15
Actually the guy who plays Badger is 6ft4. But he only has a recurring part
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 7/Jan/15
accurate listing IMO
Tania says on 17/Dec/14
@cole: I've always thought he was over 6' because he slouched a fair bit in the show and looked taller than Bryan on red carpets. It could have been lifts working their magic, but I always assumed he was that tall.....I didn't give much thought to Flynn, because I was too busy watching his dad cook meth :P
cole says on 15/Dec/14
@Editor Rob: As far as the quality of the work goes I'm not so sure you'd want to watch that film, as it recieved somewhat horrible reviews. But if only to see how Cranston stacked up with Coleman I guess it's worth a watch - if they even have any scenes together, that is. I think a weak 180 isn't impossible for his peak, so I'd want to get some kind of evidence entertaining that possibility. I might just watch it after all. Like, if Leonardo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt ever made a crap movie, co-starring a guy I've met a couple times in Kristofer Hivju, I'd absolutely watch it only to see if they were taller than myself or not compared to Hivju. I guess you've had to make those kinds of sacrifices in the name of celebheights a few times over the years...

@Tania: But is RJ really 6'1-2 though? Personally I highly doubt that. In event-pics he looks about the same as Cranston quite often, maybe an inch or so taller at best. Between 5'11 and 5'11.5 is my guess for him. Don't know Rob's thoughts on RJ, but I doubt he'd see 6'0 or more.
[Editor Rob: I think he measures 6ft 1 in boots]
Tania says on 8/Dec/14
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Dec/14
Breaking Bad had a pretty short cast. All under 6ft.

Not entirely true. RJ Mitte (Walter Jr) is about 6'1-2" IMO - over 6ft for sure. Anna Gunn and Betsy Brandt are 5'10" and 5'9" respectively, which are pretty tall heights for ladies, even if they are under 6ft.
Besides, Heisenberg would still be the one who knocks, even if he was like 5'0"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Dec/14
Breaking Bad had a pretty short cast. All under 6ft.
cole says on 3/Dec/14
@Editor Rob: I think 179 cm still is a fair shout, but yeah, maybe he's touching more of a solid 178 cm these days. His posture isn't great though, and you'll never see him wearing big heels or lifts.
cole says on 1/Dec/14
@Editor Rob: Do you think he could have been like 5'10.75 at his very peak? I've not seen any of his 80's and 90's stuff, but the guy is 58 now - he still looks 5'10.5 today so I'd say there's a slight chance he'd have been nearer 180 cm in his youth, unless he's been one of those people lucky enough to not having lost much worth mentioning. I know he was in A Sci-Fi film with 6'2.5 Jack Coleman in 97, haven't got any clips or pics of them together though - would be interesting to see...
[Editor Rob: today he can look not much over 5ft 10, I think 179 is an ok peak for him, never seen the film with Jack Coleman yet]
ray says on 4/Nov/14
Awesome actor, does look 5ft10.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Oct/14
If he hadn't done Breaking Bad, he'd be at those conventions for off his Malcolm in The Middle fame
cole says on 27/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: Tinyurl has screw up my links for quite a while now, what are some other, better sites, other than tinypic?
[Editor Rob: try using and for any pictures]
cole says on 4/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: Have you noticed how in most public appearances with fellow celebs, Bryan's usually the one in more modest footwear like converse or flat heeled boots. You never really see him in much bigger heels than this: Click Here

That's why people can get a sub 5'10 impression I think. He could look upwards of 8 cm taller than Aaron Paul, like he did on BB (even more than 8 cm at times), if he bothered to stand tall and cancel out any footwear advantage Aaron might have. In most events he looks about 7 cm taller, but he's rarely standing properly, and I'm of the impression that Aaron's one to pop on the bigger heels, maybe even a wee lift. Aaron can look about equal to Giancarlo, so he could also be a 171 cm guy.

Everybody's wearing boots, lifts, platform heels etc, and then there's Mr. Cranston in all his glory: Click Here
He's holding a loose posture as well, and the shot isn't doing him any favours either, as he's in the center of a pic that's pincushion-distorted.

In low heeled boots with a platform-wearing Jessica Biel: Click Here
If she's 170 cm, shouldn't she edge, or at least be the same height as a 179 cm Cranston in modest footwear?
Don't know just how much those platforms would give though...
french guy says on 14/Aug/14
i always believed he was 5'10, that's what he looked in Malcolm
lelman says on 13/Aug/14
Rob, What would you guess for RJ Mitte? Sometimes he looks shorter than Cranston, other times he looks a fair bit taller. He looks like he might have had a growth spurt during Breaking Bad.

He's listed elsewhere as 6'1", which he can look sometimes. Click Here
[Editor Rob: last year he claimed to be 6ft 1 on his twitter, but it probably is optimistic by at least an inch, maybe 5ft 11.5 is possible]
Andrea says on 12/Aug/14
Bob Odenkirk gets listed at 5'11.5 a lot but clearly looks nowhere near that! I'd say he's 177 tops next to both Cranston and Paul... Maybe 5'9.5 is a good shout?
[Editor Rob: that's a big stretch, 5ft 9.5 is probably the most I'd guess him...actually would say 5ft 9, I might add him.]
cole says on 3/Aug/14
@176 cm man: I think you're confused. I never said Cranston wasn't 5'10.5. I responded to a user named 'The Mentalist' - who said Cranston looked 176 cm next to "181 cm Radnor". I posted a few screenshots from the episode 'Columns' to show that they are pretty close in height. Just to clarify. My opinion is: Cranston - 5'10.5, Radnor - 5'11. Maybe Cranston could be heading towards 5'10 flat or 5'10.25 soon, but he seems to have held up ok.

@Editor Rob: What's your estimate on Bob Odenkirk (Saul)?
176 cm man says on 17/Jun/14
cole...cranston is barely shorter than radnor and hes in shoes. 5'10.5'' at the very least
Spike says on 17/May/14
Aaron Taylor-Johnson looks a solid and consistent 1.5 inches taller than Cranston in press photos and during the Godzilla B-roll footage, as well as the actual film. Either Johnson is 6-foot (which seems unlikely based on research from this site), or Cranston needs a down grade to 5'10 or the more likely 5'9.5. This is especially evident if Aaron Paul is 5'7.75, as shown in the photo below.
Click Here
J.Lee says on 25/Apr/14
Rob, I'm 5 ft 10.5 exactly right now and it is 3:30 Pm. Is this my legit height even if I shrink a quarter inch before bed? How do you know which height to go with, since some days I'm 5 ft 10.5 even before bed? How do you determine this for celebrities when you can always be a height difference of 1/4 inch on different days? Do you round up or do you round DOWN? I know that you go by the end of the day, but which one are you technically supposed to go with? Mid day or end of day? You say that you are at your lowest height several hours after waking up, but I find that on days when you are more strenuous, you can shrink another 1/4 inch. That's where I'm confused as far as what height you are supposed to give yourself if you want to be exact and precise.
[Editor Rob: there is no universal law. Unfortunately we have a varying height. I would say if you went with 5ft 10.5 that is fine. At worst you might be a little shy of it, but that is nothing.

Once you are up 5-6 hours on your feet you are going to be either at low or close enough to it that any further shrinkage isn't noticeable.]
jeff says on 20/Apr/14
mp skyler wears different sized heels a lot so that isn't a good estimate.
J.Lee says on 14/Apr/14
Rob, if a man is 5 ft 10.25 at 6pm at night on a bad day, 5 ft 11 in the morning, bu usually 5 ft 10.5 around noon, can he say 5 ft 10.5 as his height if he's 5 ft 10.5 half of the time at 6 pm or just slightly under at 6pm, but 5 ft 10.25 at night on a bad day?
[Editor Rob: I think it's ok to go with half inch mark with those times, a 1/4 inch round up is reasonable, a 3/4 inch roundup though...that's a bit much]
Sam says on 7/Apr/14
When Anna Gunn wears heels she's definitely a little taller looking than Cranston (i.e. the party scene in S1 where he's dressed like a sea captain) but they are pretty close in other scenes.
M.P. says on 19/Mar/14
He's way shorter than that! On Breaking Bad, he was barely the same height as the 5'10" actress that plays Skylar. I'd say 5'9 and 3/4" is his true and honest height.
Sam says on 17/Mar/14
He consistently looks a little taller than George Clooney. Both are a little shorter than 6'0" Tate Donovan. I think if Cranston's 5'10.5", that makes Clooney around 5'10" on the nose.
Click Here
Mr. R says on 12/Mar/14
Now this is one of those rare cases where the actor looked a little taller than his listed height. I saw Bryan at an art gallery. He was closer to 5-11. Just below.
chrisssss says on 9/Mar/14
He looks alot shorter on bb cuz of the baggy clothes and slumped posture, i was stunned how tall he lookedat the golden globe awards, solid 5'10
Goose says on 7/Mar/14
I thought shorter than 5'10 but they just a picture with him and JD (5'8) on Howard Stern and yep he's 5'10 alright.
Nick says on 30/Jan/14
They say 5'11 in breaking bad. That's probably his peak height, since he doesn't really look it in the show.
k says on 25/Jan/14
5'10.5 seems right. His peak possibly strong 5ft11 weak 6ft mark
cingetorix says on 16/Jan/14
Breaking bad cast
Walt - 5'10 barefoot
Skylar - 5'9 barefoot
Hank - 5'6 barefoot
Mari - 5'7 barefoot
Gus - 5'5 barefoot
Mike - 5'8 barefoot
Jesse - 5'7 barefoot
Phlin - 6'0
Lydia - 5'3 barefoot
Todd - 5, 9/10
Dave/ Other main Nazi - 5, 7/8 respectively
lelman says on 3/Jan/14
Looks like a solid 5'10", maybe weak 5'11" guy. Re-watching Drive, he doesn't look much shorter than Gosling, even though he's got crap posture and the director was probably trying to make Gos appear taller.
Sam says on 23/Dec/13
This listing is fine. Breaking Bad had quite a short male cast, Cranston is the tallest guy on the show I can think of and it shows in pictures, it can make him seem taller than average range, which he actually is.
Sam says on 27/Nov/13
On Breaking Bad, he often looks easily 3 (if not a bit more) inches taller than Aaron Paul.
jim says on 8/Oct/13
Oddly, he looks taller in BrBa (perhaps an inch or so) than he was in Malcolm in the Middle.
cole says on 4/Oct/13
The Mentalist says on 11/May/13
Next to 181 josh randor he looks 176

Remember that the angles on HIMYIM are rarely optimal. In a lot of the scenes in the episode "Columns", Bryan was either barefoot or wearing converse. Josh Radnor was wearing regular dress shoes in all of those scenes, and yet, from what I could tell in the reasonably decent shots - they are in fact similar in height. They both have poor posture, Radnor's can probably seem abit poorer at times. 180 cm for Radnor and 179 cm for Cranston is a fair shout.

Click Here
Cranston's footwear: Click Here
Radnor's footwear: Click Here

Radnor in dress shoes, Cranston barefoot/in socks (1): Click Here
Radnor in dress shoes, Cranston barefoot/in socks (2): Click Here
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Oct/13
Jim Beaver had some scenes with Bryan and he looked slightly shorter, i think. So this listing is right, he's gotta be somewhere in the 5'10-5'10.5 range.
Brad says on 30/Sep/13
Looked to be on par with or slightly shorter than 5'11" Jerry Seinfeild in the 90s.
bran says on 28/Sep/13
I guess Dean is 170cm, so Bryan is definitely around 178, by the way, greatest actor ever.
Adamz says on 24/Sep/13
good listing and i've seen all episode of BB.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Sep/13
Looks around 178-179cm range in Breaking Bad.
Lorne says on 12/Sep/13
He's beginning to lose height, at 57, a few years and no more than 5'10 flat. And until recently, Clooney would have measured no less than 179cm standing tall.
Lo sgozzatore says on 11/Sep/13
Yeah, cole, you're probably right...
cole says on 4/Sep/13
Someone mentioned he could look 0.5" taller than Clooney, that's because Clooney is 5'10.
Jason says on 2/Sep/13
Looks 5'11". What was his peak height?
Lo sgozzatore says on 27/Aug/13
Anna Gunn is more like 5'9 range, maybe a bit over. Even when she wears quite big heels (like 3 inches), Cranston looks at worst slightly shorter than her. Yeah, he can give a 5'11 impression in Breaking Bad but i think that 178-179 is spot on! In any case, TREAD LIGHTLY!
Dejavu says on 26/Aug/13
Ben affleck looks 4 inches taller
sanders says on 25/Aug/13
anna gunn is 5'10" He is slightly taller.
Louis says on 21/Aug/13
Rob, he looks little bit taller or same height as clooney, maybe 0.5in upgrade?
JAM says on 19/Aug/13
Some of you guys go crazy over shoes and don't realize alot of people have bad posture. I saw Cranston in ABQ filming for breaking bad I would say he is indeed around 5'11.
MaskDeMasque says on 12/Aug/13
Cranston- 5'10-'10.25
Paul- 5'7.5-7.75
jjoohhnny says on 3/Aug/13
Camera angles make a big difference. The director makes sure no actor looks towered over. A lot of the camera angles are from below looking up giving the illusion of being taller.
HellBoundPower says on 31/Jul/13

Cranston looks almost 2 inches taller then George Lopez here. They're both dropping a bit of height, George maybe slightly more than Bryan.
Lorne says on 27/Jul/13
Lol I didn't even know he was downgraded! I just said 179 is a better listing than weak 178. Remember he is 57 now, so he will have lost some height. 179cm peak is more than fair, not less than 178.5. Today looking more and more a weak 5'10. And I don't know what your talking about, there is MORE than 3 inches between then, it's why nobody can believe 172cm for Aaron Paul. But Paul wears 0.7in flat shoes a lot", Cranston always has 1 inch dress shoes. All things considered, 5ft7.5 A Paul and 5ft10.5 peak Cranston seems right. If Cranston was flat 5'10, Paul was never more than 5'7 flat!
Iceman says on 25/Jul/13
Aaron Paul is somewhere around 5'7.5" and Cranston at most looks like he's 2.5 inches taller. I think 5'10" is a much better listing for him. Either way Lo Spaghettio and Lorne, you guys need to calm down. Going crazy over someone else's listed height is a definite over reaction.
Benny says on 25/Jul/13
The reason why he looks so tall because the others actors are below average. For example. Gus Fring is 5'8, Mike is 5'7, Jesse is almost 5'8, hank is 5'7, his mexican fellow is 5'6 or 5'7. So cranston looks tall compared to them
Lee says on 5/Jul/13
He looks 5'10" at most
Lorne says on 3/Jul/13
I could see 5ft10.25in peak for him, or a solid 178cm, but not 5'10 flat, Aaron Paul would have too be 1.7m, as I said. And you must excuse Lo Sg. He is very... Passionate. But Rob is right, he does the best he can, and this site is f#%^in awesome, so his best is pretty good! And 179cm was the original listing. Rob then downgraded him. So he is simply switching it back. 179cm is a better listing than 5'10 flat, but I could see 5ft10.25, again.
Iceman says on 27/Jun/13
Looking at all the photos of him, Cranston looks like a solid 5'10"(Peak). If this was the original listed height I think it should be changed back. Hope it wasn't changed because of that guy's badgering. I'm also not sure why anybody would get upset over a listing they disagree with.
Lorne says on 24/Jun/13
Cranston was not an inch or two shorter... And hat's off to lo sgattore, or whatever. He was right about this listing, he was def 179cm peak. Even if he's just a solid 5'10 today, he is like 56 or so, a little height loss is expected. I never knew Cranston was downgraded to 5'10, or I woulda went crazy! You would need to put Aaron Paul at 1.7m! However, hats off too Rob, for running this site, and being remarkably accurate! (and sorry Lo SF, Welling is, and has always been, 190cm. But your right about Paul. Even 172 is generous...
J.Lee says on 8/Jun/13
Rob betsy is 5 ft 8.75 but anna is listed at 5 ft 10. Is that accurate?
[Editor Rob: she might be a little taller but 5ft 10 maybe too much]
J.Lee says on 28/May/13
how tall is anna gunn, rob?
[Editor Rob: a little taller than betsy possibly]
The Mentalist says on 11/May/13
Next to 181 josh randor he looks 176
Conti says on 1/Mar/13
I would say 5'10 in lifts and 5'9 solid for Bryan Cranston.
rob89 says on 25/Feb/13
I think 5'10" range (178-179 cm) is about right, certainly looked around that to me in Breaking Bad. I remember there was a scene (2nd season i think) where Skyler described Walter as 5'11" to a police officer (this was after he disappeared and Skyler called the police to help find him). He's probably not that tall these days, at the very least it's likely a roundup from 5'10.5". But i guess it's possible he's shrunk a little and was just about 5'11" when young.

He looked to have quite a few inches on Aaron Paul, who i at first thought was closer to 5'6" than 5'8". I now realize though, that Aaron probably gives an impression of being shorter than he is due to his slight, small build, relaxed (sometimes bad) posture and flat shoes. If he isn't quite 5'8" he's probably not far from it.

Bryan also seemed to edge out Anna Gunn who gets listed at 5'10" everywhere, though he might have had a shoe advantage in the scenes they stood next to each other. But then again, Anna has hair advantage for most of the show (except the first season), so i do think Bryan is slightly taller, by somewhere between 0.5-1 inch. I'm thinking Anna is probably a little under 5'10", more like 177 cm.
Always ga says on 6/Feb/13
Heisenberg clearyly looks 5'11
Hew says on 11/Jan/13
Wouldn't say poor, more relaxed, but I get what you're saying. Still don't think he's much over 5'10 these days.
Balrog says on 10/Jan/13
Cranston has poor posture at times which makes him look 5'10'' or less but when he's standing good he can look 5'11''. I think the listing is perfect.
Trey says on 8/Jan/13
Wow, Lo sgozzatore, are you writing a novel? Jeez, calm down will you. Why did Cranson just get upgraded? Was it based on what Lo sgozzatore was badgering you about? He doesn't seem 5'10.5 at all, if anything he looks 5'10 flat.
Lo sgozzatore says on 5/Jan/13
Yeah, but if a guy looks one time an height and thousand times another one, its better to put him at the second one. I saw all the episodes of BB, and Paul looks more than just 5 cms shorter than Cranston. You said you didnt see it, why dont you trust me? Or downgrade Paul or upgrade Cranston, who's listed everywhere at 5'10.5. If you dont see enough stuff about certain celebs, why adding them? Thats not my opinion, if you're lazy, i can put screenshots so that you can judge yourself! He does look shorter or same than Esposito, in every single shot. Let me guess: bas posture?
[Editor Rob: maybe the original 179 is ok for him]
Lo sgozzatore says on 5/Jan/13
Not everything is a guess, i think you should be as precise as possible. I doubt anybody thinks Cruise could be a 6'3 guy, so it's not a guess, it's a fact! When somebody starts to look certain height most of the times, you should put that height but it seems you just ignore sometimes! For example, Hamilton, everybody said he's not 5'8, but you gotta protect Cruise (maybe because he's more "important" than the others?). Cranston looks all the 5'10.5 on Breaking Bad, how can you have him at just 178 if he has 6+ cms on Aaron Paul? Another one, you wanna keep Welling at only 190. Ok, that's fine, but you cant keep Jessica Alba at 169, she gets towered in heels by him.
[Editor Rob: yeah as I've said before many people have a range where you can guess them, and there are extremes to all ranges, every cm away from it becomes more and more unbelievable to people.]
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Jan/13
Then downgrade Paul, who looks slighly shorter than Giancarlo Esposito! Why do you add people that you dont know? See Bova, Gassman that you barely know but get added on this site! Except the people you meet and the very famous ones, you shouldnt add guys just to have more people on this site! I remember Tracy Spiridakos, that you add at 5'6 just because her agency said that but you never saw her in anything (your words). Or Hamilton at 5'8 just to match Cruise's listing or Bar Refaeli who looks nowhere near 5'9 but you must have her at that mark to match Cameron Diaz's listing! Just saying... I dont want to attack your site because its the best in this field and this is a fact! Just givin an advice ;)
[Editor Rob: I run the site the best I can, and until a person is measured, or the info about the measurement became known to us, everything is a guess and in many cases differing opinions.

What one man sees as 5 inches in a photo of lewis/jensen, another will see as 4 etc...
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Jan/13
Thank you, Rob! Only Will Smith deserves crazy listings :)
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Jan/13
Just put him 5'10.5, that also supports better the 5'8 aaron paul listing since he looks at least 6 cms shorter than Cranston
He desevers the 5'10.5 just because of his great work ;)
Lo sgozzatore says on 4/Jan/13
Rob, did you have him at 5'10.5? He's listed everywhere at that height and he actually looks close to 180 in Breaking Bad. Maybe an upgrade to 5'10.5 is fine? Great actor, great show
Can't wait till summer 2013
[Editor Rob: yes 179, I thought he was that, or in the strong 5ft 10 range]
Lo sgozzatore says on 3/Jan/13
That's pretty hard because on the show he (RJ Mitte) never stands straight as you know, even in photos he hardly stands perfectly straight! Anyway he looks similar to Cranston, i believe he could be a bit taller if standing at his tallest. Maybe 5'10.5 range?
Reter says on 3/Jan/13
So how tall does that make RJ Mitte?
Lo sgozzatore says on 1/Jan/13
Watch it! It is worth! :) If it helps, there was a scene with Jim Beaver and Cranston did look a bit shorter...
Lo sgozzatore says on 31/Dec/12
Rob, you watch BB? Whats your guess for bob odenkirk aka saul goodman? He gets listed at 181 but he looks 5'9 range, a bit shorter than Cranston, who could easily be 5'10.5 in my opinion... Maybe 5'9.25-5'9.5?
[Editor Rob: not many eps, it's on my future watch list ]
Lo sgozzatore says on 17/Dec/12
If she is 5'9.5, Cranston is at least an inch taller since she looks at least 2 inches shorter when she wears ballerina... There was a scene where she had 3inches heels and she was slightly taller than him, like 1-2 cms max...
Lo sgozzatore says on 16/Dec/12
So, Rob, you think 5'9-5'9.25 for Gunn is reasonable?
[Editor Rob: a little smaller than him, 5ft 9.5 might be possible]
Lo sgozzatore says on 16/Dec/12
And Anna Gunn? She gets listed at 5'10 but she can look 2 good inches shorter than Bryan Cranston but i also gotta say that she often wears ballerina. Maybe 5'9.25?
Lo sgozzatore says on 11/Dec/12
Rob, how tall you think dean norris is? Looks short, 5'7 range?
[Editor Rob: between 5ft 7 and 8 might be possible]
Lo sgozzatore says on 11/Dec/12
Rob, how tall you think dean norris is? Looks short, 5'7 range?
TY511.5 says on 4/Nov/12
Rob: If anything Cranston was as tall or taller than Matty McConaughey (whom I think you have listed a fair bit taller than he really is) in Lincoln Lawyer, but as you have said yourself a bunch of times, judging someones height from tv-shows and movies does not give you the best idea.

He was a good 510.5 at his peak for sure - now a days nothing over 510 (177,5 ~ 178 cm). You could arguably shave the .25".
MaskDeMasque says on 24/Oct/12
He looks 179cm in early breaking bad episodes but after watching old MITM episodes again i think 178 is correct. Breaking Bad has some crazy low camera angles. He maybe 177cm now, i think he's shrunk slightly.
Adamz says on 19/Oct/12
Mr. R, Are you sure? You always downgrade.
greg says on 18/Oct/12
At least 5'10"; in London last Night at Ben Affleck's movie premier he appeared a little shorter than Affleck and John Goodman, but not by a whole lot.
Matt says on 29/Aug/12
Always thought he was a taller guy. Heh.
Mr. R says on 6/Feb/12
Saw Bryan last night when I was walking around North Hollywood. He is a WEAK 5-10. Actually closer to 5-9.75.

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