How tall is Charlie Hunnam ?

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Charlie Hunnam height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)

British Actor best known for roles in movies such as Pacific Rim, Nicholas Nickelby, Green Street and Children of Men. On tv he can be seen playing Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy.
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Nov/14
Somewhere between those, I reckon.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Nov/14
Rob, what was he originally listed at?
[Editor Rob: he's been 6ft up to 6ft 1 I think]
The Master says on 6/Nov/14
From reading the comments below and looking at the pics, I reckon he is 181/182 cm tall.
TJE says on 2/Nov/14
Rob, if anything under 6'0 for Charlie is out of the question, why not list him like 6'0.25?
[Editor Rob: I had him that, but then thought he was quite height aware and stood tall a lot, so maybe was just a decent six footer who could pull off more height at times.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Oct/14
Rob, you could add Green Street to that list.

185cm is hardly a joke. I'm sure out of bed/early morning he'd be around that mark. In Season 1 of SOA he could look 6ft1 range.
andrew height says on 13/Oct/14
some pages list him at 185, thats a big joke. he looked like a week 5'11 (180) in green street next to elijah wood.
Dan says on 12/Sep/14
How tall do you think Mark Boone Junior is Rob?
colt says on 25/Aug/14
I stunt doubled for Hunnam in Pacific Rim. He is around 5'10 or 5'11maybe 175-190. The guys in great shape. Your welcome. I am five ten 210'
Sam says on 23/Jul/14
Can you post this picture with Bruce Campbell (6.1)!!!
Click Here
D.p 92 says on 10/Jul/14
Ryan hurst is a solid 6'4" Guy and next to Charlie the difference is no more than 3 inches , Charlie often wear nike air shoes wich lift him about one inch but not to forget Ryan Hurst often wear lifts .
Giuseppe says on 4/Jul/14
I think it's useless to argue. Have you seen the photo that was posted in the FA which is with charlie chris Gorham (6 Feet)? Someone is not telling the truth in my opinion.
Giuseppe says on 2/Jul/14
I think Ryan Hurst is 191 cm and that Charlie is lower than what he says. For this reason, you think that Ryan is lower. In reality it is Charlie to be lower.
philipp says on 16/Jun/14
What do you think about Ryan's hurst height they have him at 6'4 but next to charlie hunnam he looks 6'2-6'3...
philipp says on 16/Jun/14
What do you think about Ryan's Hurst height they say he is 6'4 but i think he is 6'2 6'3 next to charlie hannam sometimes....
Giuseppe says on 16/Apr/14
Try to take a look at episode 10 of series 5 of Sons of Anarchy 17 ': 40''.
Charlie Hunnam is opposite to Jeff Kober (179 cm) and have the same height.
cole says on 31/Mar/14
@Jake: 1.84m-1.85m: Agreed. He can look between 182 and 183 cm more so than 183 and 184 imo.
cole says on 19/Dec/13
I'd perhaps go with 5ft 11.75in. That's the height he looks with 6ft 2.75in Idris Elba imo - with a slightly better posture and a slight footwear-advantage. 6ft-6ft 0.25in is more his morning height I recon, perhaps a smidge over after waking.
Giuseppe says on 11/Dec/13
Quacuno should post a photo of a still image of the episode of sons of anarchy 3x8 where you see Charlie Hannam alongside James Cosmo (185 cm). After seeing this, tell me how it can be 183 Hannam
Yves says on 29/Nov/13
More than 6'0, watched Pacific Rim and I can see he has tall frame, Idris Elba is almost 6'3.
MarcusTheSwede says on 7/Nov/13
This Listing is CORRECT. Have seen every Movie since he started and he is NOT 184cm he is at best 183cm. Everyone who says he is taller has not studies the Movies or seen him irl. I have seen him in London and be sure he is not 184cm at best as said 183 or 182.5 without shoes. This listing is correct and its generous. In Movies they use camera to make actors look bigger and its clearly so in Sons Of Anarchy series also. Thought this guy was much taller but he isnt. 183cm at best. At best. Great actor but dont get fooled by the camera. Thanks for great site.
bob says on 4/Nov/13
@Akon I agree that he has long legs. Is this the scene you're talking about? I can't find a pic where the feet aren't cut off other than this gif. Warning: Charlie Hunnam is naked in these ;-)
Click Here
Click Here
Akon says on 27/Oct/13
@Emily and @Cranberries : There was a full back nudity scene of Hunnam showering in Sons of Anarchy season 1, check it out, you'll see he has long legs.
I don't know how to post pictures here. There are pics at Gettyimages of Hunnam and Anne hathaway in heels together, he towers her. And there's this picture at Zimbio of Jamie Dornan and Keira Knightley in heels stand the same height. With both girls listed 5'7 and both guys in sneakers, Hunnam appears easily 2 inches taller than Dornan who's listed 5'11 here. So I think Hunnam could be a actual 6'1. Hope somebody could help me with the pictures:)
Emily says on 13/Oct/13
In what universe does he have "very long legs"?
Cranberries says on 2/Oct/13
He rolls his shoulders forward, sort of a machismo posture, which gives him the appearance of bad posture but he isn't losing more than 1/2 inch. His head is small, but I'd say his overall frame is small. Looks like a WEAK 6'0".

@Akon: I noticed in Pacific Rim that neither his arms nor legs are particularly long, he just has very small waist and wears bulky shoes and very fitted clothing.
Akon says on 29/Sep/13
Could be taller because of his body proportion. Small head and very long legs make his upper body look small. And the way he walks, he doesn't have a up-straight posture like Stephen Amell. In SOA he wears sneakers while others wear boots, there is not that much of height difference between him and Ron Perlman. So I think he is not below 6'.
Len says on 12/Sep/13
Hunnam claims 6'1" elsewhere, which means he's probably 5'11". Which is about what he looks like.

That seems to be the rule in Hollywood... claim to be 2 inches taller than you really are.
Oz says on 20/Aug/13
Ron Perlman looks taller in Sons of Anarchy... I think he is 5'11"....
MarcusTheSwede says on 15/Aug/13
He should be downgraded. Look at Pacific Rim with Diego Klattenhoff who plays his Twin brother. Diego is listed 180cm and its a genorous listing. And Hunnam in the Movie clearly is not 3cm taller.
I Think he needs a downgrade.
Thanks for great site.
cole says on 29/Jul/13
Have seen him more on Sons Of Anarchy and some of his other work of late, and generally he looks about 6ft.

The reason I thought he looked closer to 5'11 before, was because I saw him with some 5'8 and lower listed people in a couple of pics, and didn't think he looked anywhere near 4-5 inches taller.

But then again he can have a very loose posture at times, so that probably makes him drop a couple of centimeters. 6' is definitely a more fair listing than 6'0.5 :)
Phantom says on 26/Jul/13
I see he was downgraded from 184cm

And I agree, he never looked any taller than Perlman on SOA.
cole says on 24/Jul/13
cole says on 23/Jul/13
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He could be 6ft, but nothing over that. I stand by 181-182 cm range for Charlie, with the option for a doubtful 183 cm. On his right in some of these pics stands a legit 184 cm man named Robert Kazinsky, who looks 1-2 cm taller than Hunnam. Idris Elba is 188-190 cm range, and Charlie looks about 7 cm or more shorter than him. Rob, he should be downgraded to 6ft at least.
[Editor Rob: I had a good look at all those guys together just now and I think he can be very similar to robert, so around 6ft on the nose could be on the money, there are other photos of him with Burn Gorman who is taller than I wouldn't try to argue he was sub 6ft.]

Oh I see! Yup, 6ft on the nose is proably right. It also supports Idris Elba being a legit 190 cm man!
cole says on 23/Jul/13
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He could be 6ft, but nothing over that. I stand by 181-182 cm range for Charlie, with the option for a doubtful 183 cm. On his right in some of these pics stands a legit 184 cm man named Robert Kazinsky, who looks 1-2 cm taller than Hunnam. Idris Elba is 188-190 cm range, and Charlie looks about 7 cm or more shorter than him. Rob, he should be downgraded to 6ft at least.
[Editor Rob: I had a good look at all those guys together just now and I think he can be very similar to robert, so around 6ft on the nose could be on the money, there are other photos of him with Burn Gorman who is taller than I wouldn't try to argue he was sub 6ft.]
HellBoundPower says on 22/Jul/13
Recent pic on twitter. If Katey Sagal is 5'9" then Charlie is at least 6'1"

Not sure how to link it.
cole says on 22/Jul/13
@Hunn: Agreed, at best he's 181-182 cm range.
Hunn says on 16/Jul/13
struggles to look 6ft , maybe morning height 183cm , looks 181-2 around elba and others
cole says on 12/Jul/13
Watching the movie The Ledge, again he looks close to 5'11.25 Patrick Wilson's height, sometimes taller, sometimes even, and sometimes he looks shorter. 180-182 cm is probably his range. Can't quite see Charlie much over that. Rob is it time for a downgrade?
cole says on 10/Jul/13
Rob you need to take a look at these pics of Charlie next to Idris Elba (189-190 cm), Charlie Day(not quite 168, closer to 165-166) and Robert Krazinsky (listed 184). At least he isn't the same height as Krazinsky, and I doubt he'd be taller than 184 cm.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With these guys I think he can look in the range I last estimated: 180-182 cm.
cole says on 10/Jul/13
@Lo sgozzatore: I noticed that as well. Bowler is about 6ft, and next to Elijah on the other hand is Jimmy Fallon, whom I think is more 5'11 flat than 5'11.5. Charlie Hunnam looks more or less what Fallon looks like with Elijah, Bowler for sure looks taller.
Lo sgozzatore says on 9/Jul/13
Yeah, Rob, he looks 5'11 with Cosmo and even Elijah Wood. Just look at Wood with Grant Bowler, there's more difference for sure
cole says on 27/Jun/13
Charlie Hunnam with James Cosmo: Click Here
Editor Rob with James Cosmo: Click Here

I just thought it would be fun to compare the two. If the pic with Cosmo and Hunnam is correct, he's a good 5'11 and no more. But he can look taller on occation, so I'm keeping my mind open for 180-182 cm range, but I doubt he'd measure much over that.
cole says on 26/Jun/13
Click Here

Charlie confuses me, sometimes he barely looks 5'11 (costars wearing lifts? unlikely?) Other times he can look up to 6'1. I don't quite know what to make of his height...
cole says on 10/Jun/13
James Cosmo (listed 6'1 here, and looks it) made Charlie look 5'11. In this pic he's with another 6'1 individual, the guy to next to him on the right (the bald guy), and he certainly doesn't look 6'0.5: Click Here
Hosch says on 18/Feb/13
Dude this guy is clearly 6'1. People saying he doesn't have much on Elijah Wood, look at pictures of them on the red carpet he towers the hell over the little man. Got to say this guy is a true 6'1 when standing up right and not hung over.
Enough of this crap says on 15/Feb/13
Liv Tyler is 5' 10" and he's obviously taller than her. I don't think he's shorter than 6 feet. Anyway, it wouldn't matter what his height is. He's still so ****ing hot.
Hew says on 10/Jan/13
Looks way shorter than just 9 cm of Ryan Hurst (193 cm), more like 13-14 cms. I agree he can pull off 183-184 at times but at least with Elijah Wood the most he looks is 5'11, wouldn't you agree Rob? Unless Elijah is closer to 5'7, which would be absurd and not realistic at all imo. Tommy Flanagan is around 184-185 cm and he always looks 4-5 cm taller than Charlie.
Hew says on 30/Dec/12
Looking at him with Elijah it's clear he's nowhere near this mark. 5'11 would be the most I could believe.
Jex says on 30/Dec/12
14-15 cms on Elija right there..Rob is it time for a downgrade?
[Editor Rob: sometimes he looks barely 6ft, other times I think he can pull off near 184]
mId says on 29/Dec/12
Click Here
Jex says on 26/Dec/12
just checked him next to james cosmo in sons of anarchy...6-1 listed here cosmo has 3 inches on hunnam!!!5-10..btw its in the 8th episode of the 3rd season..rob check the episode and downgrade him
AAAA says on 7/Dec/12
Rob Perlman 6' with gosling 6'1 Click Here and Click Here

Perlman 6' Hunnman 6'.05 Hurst 6'4 Full ( Click Here )
and Close (Click Here)

Hunnam and Bana 6'2 Click Here Click Here
Not the best with perspective bias, but I think bana has him by about an inch.
What do you guys think?
addnos says on 9/Nov/12
In Sons Of Anarchy, Piney's rap sheet says he's 5'10". Piney is a LEAST 2" taller than Hunnam's character
HellBoundPower says on 1/Nov/12
@Bria, if Ashley Tisdale is 5'3", then Charlie is definitely over 5'10". If his posture were better and he was standing straight up instead of looking down while walking, her head would be under his chin. I would say he's a little over 6', as listed.
Bria says on 28/Sep/12
Hunnam with Ashley Tisdale. Click Here My bet is 5'10''
kulo says on 3/Sep/12
Compare this Click Here and Click Here Weird
Kal says on 2/Sep/12
I'm telling you, you people have to start paying attention to an actors height in relation to doorways, it's the best way to get an accurate judgement. Hunnam is only 5'9" maybe 5'9.5" Another thing that makes people look taller, is how skinny they are. Hunnam is not that muscular,he has an average athletic type build and he's no more than 160lbs. Also, look at him in relation to Henry Rollins on the second season of SOA,he's only an inch taller than rollins, who is 5'8" in regular shoes and probably close to 5'8.5" in boots. I met Rollins back in 2010 after one of his spken word events, he was only a half inch shorter than I, so definately a solid 5'8", which would also confirm Hunnams height to be 5'9" or 5'9.5"
Meinhard says on 23/Jul/12
Struggle to see him six-one, I really do. He seems to be on par with Ron Perlman quite often. A good picture is the recent Comic-Con 2012 picture of the cast. Click Here
Eli says on 7/Feb/12
weak 6ft or 6ft..6-1 is a bit of a strech
jacks says on 6/Feb/12
sorry rob to bother you again but i also found this inderesting picture Click Here with katey and katey doesn't seem to wear heels and charlie is like an inch taller,i dont care to undermine his height,if his actually 6'1 i am happy for him ,but like being one of my idols and favorite actors i would like to find his exact height :)
[Editor Rob: his exact height might lie anwyhere in the 6ft to 6ft 1 range.]
jacks says on 6/Feb/12
rob yeah it is possible for elijah to be 5'6 but still charlie isn't over 5'11 and here is a pic Click Here with liv where charlie obviously has bigger footwear too and liv is leaning over the wall and the difference is about 1 inch or maybe 2
jacks says on 5/Feb/12
rob as you have seen my previous post and you now their footwear in the event now please see the following Click Here Click Here and please tell me how is it possible that charlie is 6'1,please give me your opinion on this :)
[Editor Rob: yeah he doesn't quite look it in those photos although it's always possible elijah is between 5ft5-6.]
jacks says on 2/Feb/12
rod look at this picture please Click Here elijah is wearing flat shoes and charlie is wearing a kind of .05 inches bigger than elijah and their difference is not that of an 5'5 and an 6'1 man,i am about 5'11 and have a friend who is about 5'5 and the difference between us is bigger than that of elijah with charlie

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