How tall is Christina Aguilera ?

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Christina Aguilera's Height is 5ft 1.5in (156 cm)

American Singer. She said once, "As for my height, I haven't measured myself lately, but I think I'm 5'3". She also said in 2015 "I like to think that I am 5ft 8, but really I am only 5ft 2."

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Comment on the Height of Christina Aguilera

Joe Fox said on 29/Feb/16
Despite her height, I think Christina Aguilera is very stunning.
Chris said on 19/Aug/15
5'4 Britney Spears virtually towers over her and every short celeb looks inches taller. I'm pretty sure now she's either 5' or even below
Mouse22 said on 26/Jul/15
I'm surprised she is that small, if 4'11" or 5'1", what's the big difference if down in that range anyway - probably her powerful voice used to make me imagine her as a physically impressive presence, how deceptive that can be!
lollipop1995 said on 4/Apr/15
just saw John from SClub7 doing some presenting a lot on a music channel and he mentioned Christina's height. He said that the band had met her and he said "she's even smaller than Rachel,which is saying something."
lizzy said on 25/Feb/15
she does not look any shorter than 5'2 to me.
Brad said on 30/Dec/14
Photo-op with her posse this week reveals 5 foot 4 tops shrimpy guys. Carefully selects dancers and people to make her look taller. 5' tops.
gums said on 4/Nov/14
Chrisitina is 4'11 put that down because that appears to be the truth no wonder shes lied so much… shes very insecure about her height and as a short petite woman my height tends to bother me from time to.time as well..
Marideth said on 19/Oct/14
She's can't be 5'2. She's got to be 5'1 MAX. I saw her picture with 5'4 Britney Spears and Britney towered over her. So can you please downgrade her to 5'0.5?
gums said on 12/Oct/14
I doubt shes even 5 foot anything more 4'11
laura said on 10/Sep/14
She is shorter than Nicole Richie who is 5"1. I honestly don't think Christina is over 5"0.
Alex 6'0 said on 11/Jul/14
She now claims 5'3? Yea right. She use to always claim 5'2 and that seemed a bit too much. 5'1 seems right. Not sure with as low as 5'0 though. Looks taller than just 5'0
K said on 28/Apr/14
I wouldn't be surprised if she's just 5'. She's definitely tiny. I think she wears a US size 5 shoe. I'm no lesbian but I think she's one of the most beautiful celebrities today. She's absolutely adorable! I didn't know about her supposed breast and butt augmentation. She should have simply embraced her petite figure for the sake of her back. :)
lisa said on 8/Mar/14
I saw the picture of Christina with Christina Milian and the cast of "the voice" and going by their shoes, their hair, and their distances from the camera they looked like they could be about the same size
nikos said on 6/Mar/14
5ft tall for me!!
Oh yes said on 31/Jan/14
Yes she's 5'6" with 5" heels she's small and Pitbull not much taller
Heightgirl said on 18/Dec/13
Christina performed with 5f1 Lady Gaga and looked about 2 inches shorter to me when they performed on The Voice together. She looks around 5f nothing to me? Click Here
why the lie said on 7/Dec/13
People stop lying to yourself there is no way she can be 5'6 Pink is 5'4 in Lady Marmalade live performance and promo pictures they are both wearing heels and Pink still towers over her by 5 feet so how the heck can you believe Christina is 5'6?.Christina Aguilera is 5'0 ,many pictures confirm this.There are pictures on the internet everywhere where you can easily compare her height.Christina is very tiny before her boob and booty implants.Kim Kardashian is very tiny and so is Nicole Ritchie and yet these two still look taller than Christina by alot.Britney spears is 5'4 so how can Chrisitna be 5'3 if Britney spears has pictures of awards shows standing next to Christina and towering over her by about 5 inches?.Christina Aguilera has not measured herself because she would hate to tell people she is really 5'0 like that's a bad thing and it's not.Tom Cruise also does this he does not want anyone to know how short he really is.
o.k said on 30/Nov/13
There is some lie going around about her height because she want's to believe she is taller than she is. If you look up on the web pictures of her and Nicole ritchie in most of the pictures of them side by side Nicole Ritchie IS 4 OR 5 inches taller than Christina Aguilera and Nicole claims she is 5'1 so how can Chrisitna Aguilera say she is 5'3.If it's true that Nicole Ritchie is inded 5'1 then Christina Aguilera is 4'7 or 4'8.These pictures of both of them show them wearing same sized heels and also some pictures without any heels but Nicole Ritchie is way taller.
rick said on 20/Oct/13
A very well proportioned 5'1.
Rolan said on 30/Jul/13
Lol, 5'6?? She is probably between 5'0 and 5'0.5.
Johnnyfive said on 5/Dec/12
5'6? Really Rebecca Gomez and Allison? So that means Carson Daly must be like 6'7 and since I met him then I must be 6'6.5? Gee i didn't realize i was such a giant LMAO
Rebecca gomez said on 4/Dec/12
every website i see says shes around 5'0-5'2. she's not any of those heights! i met her before and im 16 years old and only 5'1 and when i met her, she was about 5'6 5'7 and wasnt wearing heels
allison said on 4/Dec/12
she's not 5'2. im 16 and only 5'1 and i stood next to her and she look about 5'6
Shaun said on 29/Sep/12
She aint 5'0 but 5'1" is possible.
Heightgirl said on 20/Sep/12
Not sure why the pic won't work? Anyways, here is little Christina with 5f2 Christina Milan again... Click Here
Heightgirl said on 18/Sep/12
Johnnyfive, I think you're right. IMO she's not 5f3 or even 5f1. I found a picture of her in platforms with the cast of The Voice. Notice 5f2 Christina Milan is in the shot and taller. Milan is not wearing monster shoes with platforms either. Click Here
Johnnyfive said on 2/Sep/12
Well, this 5'1.5 must come because of the height difference between her and 5.4.25 listed Britney. I also see three inches between the two, but since I believe Britney is really 5'3.5, that puts Christina at 5'0.5. so a once inch downgrade should be applied.
willih said on 28/Aug/12
If you have been to madame tussauds in london you will see that she is very small. She reach my shoulders, and i am 175 cm so she is about 155 cm.
willih said on 28/Aug/12
If you have been to madame tussauds in london you will see that she is very small. She reach my shoulders, and i am 175 cm so she is about 155 cm.
katelynn said on 29/Sep/07
hi guys i know christina and she is 5'2'' and when she does photo shoots they dont use boxes the shoot the camera angle straight up which makes every body looka lot taller!!
Anna said on 31/Aug/07
Oh c'mon guys. She's short but not that short. She looks about 2 inches shorter than 5'4" Britney, look at this link
Click Here
They're both standing straight, and chances are they're wearing the same sized heals. I think Christina is 5'2" about
lil john said on 23/Aug/07
I think christina's between 5'1" and 5'2"

she has proportionally short legs
George H. said on 23/Jul/07
Brad: my wife wants to know where you heard the Madonna/Beatty rumor and if it's more than a rumor or not. According to her, Madonna was taller than Natalie Wood who also did a movie with him, but they didn't use a box with Wood so she only came up to his shoulder or something. Do you work in showbiz?
Brad said on 5/Jul/07
Where did Christina get all those short people for her video!? How'd you like to be 5' 6" and dance better than anybody and be told by Madonna, Paula, Christina, Hilary, etc. "We can't use you, you are not 5' 3" or less.
Brad said on 3/Jul/07
She's gonna have problems if she ever goes into films. I've been told that it was quite a closed set with Madonna & Warren Beatty when it came to the "Dick Tracy" scenes with them together. The height difference was so obviously unfixable the box came out. Christina has to cast way short. I read that she does have to get boxes for magazine shots with other people. When yer around 10" shorter than Justin, you have to do it.
Luci said on 22/Jun/07
In her video Candyman, she does a good job of looking tall. It has to be camera tricks and angles because look at the picture for instance. Granted she has on high heels and the angle is in her favor, I'm 5'1 and even with heels I don't think I've come up this high to a guy. Unless she had them cast shorter guys.

Click Here
Alex said on 25/May/07
Obviously she's pretty short but question is how short. Maybe that car is a bit taller than we think because she doens't look 5'0 or under on TV but with the car she looks 5'0 at most.
Anonymous said on 25/May/07
But even with those massive heels she had on, she still couldn't get to the roof of the car. Fact is, she's short.
Viper said on 24/May/07
She doesnt even look 5-0 with the car. The car is still taller than her and shes wearing massive heels.
Alex said on 24/May/07
She only does look around 5'0 with the car though, but in other pictures of her alone and on TV she looks more 5'1, but no more. And the picture of her with the car may not even get her downgraded, what do you think Rob?
mikeR said on 24/May/07
wow I guess a lot of people don't read - THE CAR IS A PHANTOM! it's as big as a truck. i crunched the numbers (about 5 posts down), make up your own mind.
The roof is 5'3", the rims are 21". end of story.
I've found the pic that might end this . << Click Here >> A Phantom Rolls vs. A VW Golf. Go see your high school friends' car & get back to me. I feel like a detective. Click Here
Alex said on 22/May/07
I use to have a HUGE crush on Christina though for a few years when I was 15-17.
Alex said on 22/May/07
I think 5'1 actually not 5'2 but looking at the car she looks even shorter though. She was a few inches shorter than 5'4 Britney Spears though. I thought she was 5'2.5 for years though.
Her weight oh yea less than 100lbs. 90-95lbs sounds right. She never looked more than 100-105lbs to me because at a point she gained a bit of weight. She eats anything she wants though, just has that every fast metabolism.
ice said on 21/May/07
Alex: Look at that car pic. Now, look at the heels she's wearing. I cannot give her 5'1-5'2. I'm just shy of 5'3, and I know an extra inch or two doesn't do all that. It may be harder for a guy to judge someone that little, but for me, it's quite easy. She is 5'0, possibly with change. Actually, my guess is 153 cm, or 5'0.25" Nothing more. I can also bet she weighs about 90-95 pounds. Looking at that pic, it's kind of scary. I have a friend that is almost identical in size and build.
Kris said on 17/May/07
Look at her get into the car.
Click Here
Alex said on 11/May/07
She has stated 5'2.5 many times in the past I remember. She can look that tall sometimes then sometimes shorter. She's above 5'0 though. 5'2 at most but 5'1 at the least.
mikeR said on 9/May/07
guys, another (guys) viewpoint - a picture of her getting into a phantom rolls shows her (at most) 1 inch from its listed roof height of 5'3", and her heels can be reasonably figured against the 21" wheels as approx 4". So 5'3", minus 4", minus maximum 1", = no way do I think she's anything over 5ft nothing.
(I see now other people mentioning a car pic, if it's the Phant you need to know how big that car is. It's much closer to a small truck or minivan in height guys.)
Brad said on 16/Apr/07
Anybody know who would win the height battle: Paula Abdul or C.A.?
X said on 12/Apr/07
She appears a smidgen taller (heel heights seem similar) than Eva Longoria in the pics on these pages:

Click Here

Click Here
Random Person said on 10/Apr/07
Click Here

Here she is looking an inch shorter then 5'2 Lisa Marie Presley but the footwear isn't visible.

Click Here

Looking a good 2 inches (if not more) shorter then 5'2.5 Carmen Electra, but once again footwear isn't visible but I can say that they both usally wear those MEGA heels.

THis is pretty much prove that Christina can't be more then 5'1.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
she has to be bout 5'1 she was shorter than jojo when jojo was she was only 14 or 15 years old, and i think christina had bigger heels on.
Brad said on 14/Mar/07
She wears massive heels and can't catch her dinky husband. 5' 1.5" is about right.
X said on 7/Mar/07
When her popularity was still relatively new, I had heard 5 ft. 2.5 and that appears accuarate.
Ben said on 5/Feb/07
she is tiny, i remember seeing her coming out of a film premiere a few years back and i couldnt believe how short she was, i bet she's no taller than 5 foot
alexi said on 1/Jan/07
i think christina aguileira is quite short , i bet she aint more than 5 feet 2 inches (1.56 cm)
Rebecca said on 29/Dec/06
btween britney n christina,Britney is about 5'4", 5'5" and Christina Aguilera's 5'2",5'3" according to my own calculations of height comparison
Deutsche said on 20/Dec/06
Guys, look at her here, with her husband:
Click Here

She´s very short next to him withou heels!! And he´s short for a man...
Anonymous said on 7/Dec/06
Christina looks a full 2" shorter than Salma Hayek in the pictures shown here. To me they prove she is in the 5' - 5'0.5 range no more. When she first came out I could of swore every where people said she was just over 5'. I think Britney is no more than 5'4.
Brad said on 6/Dec/06
"Nor is she 5' 0". She's around 5'" Sounds like a lawyer I used once, but, I caught the wording that was the same. Seriosly, er seriously, her husband is about 5' 5". Yeah, he is short & ugly, but, I think Christina saw the millions behind him.
dudem said on 6/Dec/06
chrstina aguilera is not 5'2 to 3. nor is she 5'0. shes around 5'. her husband is around 5'6 im sure. you guys talk about height as though its the end of the world to be small. who really cares? height isn't important. i hate that phrase "tall and beautiful." what, so if your small your ugly? that crap, man, seriosly i agree with Becky Shuman. this is becoming pathetic.
Alex said on 4/Dec/06
Maybe Jeter was in big boots or something because Carson always gave me the impression of a guy over 6'0 at 6'1.
Viper652 said on 4/Dec/06
Yeah, I agree that Carson is 6-0, and maybe a tad under it.
Brad said on 3/Dec/06
6' even. If Carson said he was 6' 2" somebody show him with Jeter who is 6' 2.5". Jeter has him beat by a few inches.
Alex said on 3/Dec/06
Carson said himself he was 6'2 and he can look it. I'd say he's 6'1 at least. You thought he was shorter or taller than that?
Brad said on 2/Dec/06
Carson Daly 6' 1"?
Alex said on 1/Dec/06
Ice, thats what she wrote and back then I actually did believe it until I saw her getting towered over a lot by Carson Daly who is 6'1 at least himself. Yea its pretty crazy because she's really 5'4-5'4.5.
erika said on 20/Nov/06
how can you have nicole richie @ 5'1" (which i think is accurate) & give christina a half inch taller than her?! take a look..Click Here
ice said on 17/Nov/06
5'8.5" for Britney? rofl lmao! You don't even part way believe that do you? Britney is MAX what she's listed on this site.
Alex said on 17/Nov/06
Britney looks at least 5'4 to me. 5'4.5 she is listed on this site I believe. I'd say Britney is 5'4.5 and Christina 5'1.5.

I remember in a magazine in 1999 and I swear to you Britney wrote down 5'8.5 as her own height because it was a handwritten profile by herself.
ice said on 16/Nov/06
Oh, sorry for the double post. I'm really bad with that. Anyway, Kelly Ripa is quoted as giving her height at 5'2.5" This would work with Britney being 5'3.5" maybe 162 (5'3.75") is closer to the truth. Yeah, 162 cm for Brit, 160cm (5'3") for Madonna, and 154cm (5'0.75") for Christina.
ice said on 16/Nov/06
Oh okay, that's what I initially said. I estimated Christina at 5'0.5" and Britney at 5'3.5" Some may say this is too low for Brit, but that car pic of Christina is pretty telling. That, and Glenn gave Madonna a max of 5'3" All of this together would make sense. A person that is 5'3.5" can easily come across as 5'5 in Hollywood.
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
And 3 inches is a fair amount because a guy who is 6'3.5 would be fairly taller than me. I'd say 5 inches plus is when it really starts getting to be a big difference.
Alex said on 16/Nov/06
Ice, I didn't more than than 3. I meant more like 3 inches.
Ben said on 16/Nov/06
That car pic is funny. She looks like a 10 year old
ice said on 16/Nov/06
To Alex: Certainly you don't think more than 3.5 inches of difference betwen the two, do you? Britney has some height over her, but not THAT much. Three inches may not sound like a lot, but compare a 5'3 woman, and a 5'6 woman. It's a very big difference. My example would be Carolina "pampita" Ardohain 5'6, and then the 5'3 Mila Kunis. Just take a look at their pics.
Becky Shuman said on 15/Nov/06
i can see a picture where christina is a lil bit shorter than salma hayek
look @ it u ppl
Click Here
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
Britney is more 3 inches taller than Christina. I always remember Christina saying her height was 5'2.5. Maybe thats in shoes or something because she always did look in the 5'2 range to me but by that car looks more 5'1-5'1.5.
Brad said on 15/Nov/06
If CA were 5' 2" then with 4" heels on by a car she would be taller than the car. Ridicilous? No, maybe ridiculous.
Becky Shuman said on 13/Nov/06
i dont think christina is that petite! seriously, cmon guys! why did you downgrade her height? THIS IS GETTING REALLY RIDICILOUS! I honestly think that Christina's 5'2" not 5'1 1/2"! Why did you guys made her this way???
Glenn said on 13/Nov/06
Aguilera turned me down just 24 hours ago.usually nice,but tough to get near.
ice said on 12/Nov/06
Hmmm... If she was 5'1, in those four inch heels she would be about 5'3.5-5'4. My mom is 5'4, and she is taller than her car barefooted (Her car is actually on the tall end.) But, on the other hand, you've gotta remember that Britney was only about three inches taller than Christina, so she can't be TOO short. To make sense of this all, I will give Christina 5'0.5,and give Britney 5'3.5" With these listings, both heights make sense with all things taken into accont, like Christina's shortness compared to that car and other people, and Britney coming across as a nice average height. This would also make sense why Glenn gives Madonna 5'3 max.
Alex said on 11/Nov/06
I see the picture of her and the car now. I think she's over 5'0 though. 5'1 maybe then. She was around a foot shorter than Carson Daly I remember when she was on TRL various times.
ice said on 11/Nov/06
Alex, did you look at that pic of her next to that car? How is she 5'2, and she has on 4 inch heels, and is not taller than the car. I can see, if it was an SUV or something. It a regular car!
Viper652 said on 8/Nov/06
Yeah, around 5-0 to MAYBE 5-1 I think.
Alex said on 7/Nov/06
Viper think she's as low as 5'0-5'1? She looks a little taller than that to me. I do remember her saying 5'2.5 and at least some of the time when someone says a fraction in their height it seems legit but don't let it fool you. I'd say she's 5'2. I agree with this listing.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/06
shes around 5'1. in one of her music videos, she was BARELY maybe an inch taller than lil kin who is 4'11 to a weak 5'
Viper652 said on 21/Oct/06
She might be just 5-0. No taller than 5-1.
Brad said on 20/Oct/06
Oh my gawd. That car photo is hilarious. Take off the heels and she has to be 5' zero. Her management company is not sleeping tonight. She went Britney and booked the big halls 15,000 and up. She did this before and went "sick" and crashed her tour after flat sales. I feel sorry for her if she goes box office flat and has to piggy-back on a Timberlake tour like before. Might happen.
ice said on 19/Oct/06
That car pic is hilarious. she has on heels, and is the same height, meaningshould would be shorter without them. that thing is not even a suv. lol
Liezel Sundiam said on 15/Oct/06
I think they are lying about their height. Maybe they are just just pretending to be tall. they are just afraid what might people say if they tell what their real height is.
Brad said on 11/Oct/06
5' 1.5" might be right. She can't gain height even in heels, that's tiny. Having a 5' 5" husband and not even topping him is real short.
susan said on 10/Oct/06
look at this she looks at least 1/2 inch shorter than 5.2 salma Click Here
sunbeame said on 4/Oct/06
I did read that her husband is on the short side (i'm sure i remember reading about 5'5 or something?). And Christina is shorter than him when in her heels.
As someone else said - Christina appears very petite even when in her high heels - a 5'2 girl would not appear so petite in heels. I have a couple of friends who are 5'2 and appear of very average height once they put their heels on!
beenashirax said on 3/Oct/06
well shes short but i've heard that those who r short r very intelligent...just like tat if u compare christina with britney then britney looks like a stupid girl....n i think nobody looks good or bad with height....christina is quite pretty!!!isnt she?....n i think she looks good no matter wat....n who the hell cares abt height....i wonder....

[Editor Rob: your theory is so enlightening that I think you deserve to be awarded the honorary doctorate in Intelligence (lack of)!]
Brad said on 3/Oct/06
Her husband looks like a fourth grader on a field trip when is photographed with industry people. He's really small. Britney towers over Christina by 3". She is surprisingly tiny when you see her in concert. That big voice makes you think she's a big girl. Paula Abdul is the person everybody is shocked at when they meet. She's tiny even in 4" heels.
Deutsche said on 1/Oct/06
I believe in that too Lucy.
She´s 5'2'' in heels... And she wears very high heels!! And her husband is very short and even wearing heels she stills shorter than him or at the same height, so she´s probably shorter.
Lucy said on 24/Sep/06
in an totp or some such teen pop magazine, it said she was '5'2" in heels.'
Deutsche said on 20/Sep/06
I remember of her next to Britney. Britney isn´t that tall and she was a lot shorter. And I am around 5'0 and thats how I look next to my 5'4 friends!
She´s shorter than 5'2''.
Jenny said on 25/Aug/06
she is definitely 5 foot 2, in a recent allure interview she mentions her height...
ds said on 11/Aug/06
Actually I take back what I said and i will bump her up an inch. I think she's really 5'2"-5'3". I saw those pics with Brit and they were only 2'3" apart.
erika said on 10/Aug/06
NO WAY is she 5'2", does anyone remember when her & Britney presented together at the MTV awards? Britney towered over her, also there's a pic of her and Nicole Richie showing off their engagement rings together and Nicole looks 3-4" taller than her. and in that selma hayek photo she looks much shorter than Selma, about 2-3" actually, and she's wearing 3.5" heels and most likely Selma is wearing 3.5-4" heels. I think she is about 4'10"-4'11" at best.
Click Here
Brad said on 10/Aug/06
Promoters are very worried where to book her on her concert tour. They pulled out of her Stripped tour when most venues only had advance sales of 30% sold. I think she said "my throat is shot" to get out of the $ bath.
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/06
I think it's totally cool that she's kinda short because so am i and i have looked up to her and i want to be just like her.
quitecute said on 11/Jun/06
i think she's almost 5'1. not quite, maybe like 5'0.7 or something. 5'3 is way taller than she is. She's obviously boosting her haight
Anonymous said on 31/May/06
She looks a lot shorter than Salma Hayek in that pic. But we don't see Salma's heels either.
sunbeame said on 22/Mar/06
Yes thats a good pic altho i would say christina looks a little shorter. Although Salma may have on bigger heels i guess. Maybe Christina 'rounds up' to 5'2 and is actually really more 5'1 or 5'1.5
Anonymous said on 21/Mar/06
Here's Christina with Salma Hayek (5'2"). They look about the same height.
Click Here
ice said on 11/Feb/06
Personally, I think Christina 5'1 to 5'1.5 She looks identical in height to one of my friends, size and height.
Alex said on 10/Feb/06
Christina is 5'2 I'd say.
Sarah said on 10/Feb/06
nah she's like really really short she's like 163cm tall, and Britney's like 173,4,5 or somethin' like that but then most celebs are shorter than they look aren't they?
Lolly said on 9/Jan/06
Wow yeah, Pink is only listed here as 5ft 3.5 and Christina definitly does look about 3 inches shorter! Plus the pictures Sarah mentions of her next to Britney are on getty, if you type in 'britney christina', and Christina looks seriosuly shorter. She can't be more than 5'1 judging from these.
Rilson said on 8/Jan/06
Yes i think you're right Editor Rob, she definitly seems less that 5ft 2.5. Here are some interesting pictures of her with the 5'1 Nicole Richie:
(scroll down they are there)
Therre are others of them two - if you do a google search for Roberto Cavalli Beverly Hills Store Opening.

Not the best angles/postures i know, but i do beleive christina looks shorter. I know you only like to downgrade slightly at a time....but it does make you wonder.
Rilson said on 8/Jan/06
Nah i would say Christina looks slightly shorter - and Carmen isn't standing dead straight either. I could be wrong though. Anyone else know if it's true about her new husband only being around 5'4?? (see link in my post below). Cos if this is true, then she's definitly a fair bit shorter than listed here. Editor Rob - what do you think? If he is 5'4 - she is shorter than him even in her heels?!

[Editor Rob: I've not looked at aguilera since the beginning of the site, but I'm thinking 5ft 2 might be closer to the truth]
Sarah said on 7/Jan/06
I remember some MTV awards that Britney and Christina were presenting. Both were wearing high heels and Britney looked huge next to her. If Britney is 5'5 (which I doubt, because she looks tiny), Christina looked a good 4 inches shorter, what would make her 5'1. Anyway, everyone knows Britney is just 5'4, so Christina must be 5'0.
Rilson said on 6/Jan/06
Ok am i missing something here!? The bloke she's recently married - according to thia article, he is only 5'4?

Or is that a mistake?
Cos of pictures of them both in flats she still looks considerably shorter than him, like maybe 3 or 4 inches?
lolly said on 28/Dec/05
hey i agree with quitecute, she's always looked more 5foot,or 5'1 to me too. Most petite celebs will boost their true height up a couple of inches, hence why she claims to be 5'2. Plus by wearing massive heels all the time she keeps her true height a secret!! Maybe you could ask your friend to send their pic to Rob and then maybe he can have another look at Christina.
Carolina said on 26/Dec/05
That;s so funny i am told i look like her alot all the time when i go out and when i found out how tall she was i was amazed! Im 5'2 also maybe that;s why the confuce us
quitecute said on 23/Dec/05
well, christina is usually listed at 5'2. That is a HUGE LIE!!!!!!!! She is about 5 feet. when i saw her at a concert while she was waiting in the hall she had bare feet cause she didn't wanna wear the killer heels yet. my friend who is exactly 5'3 got a picture with her. she was wearing flats and was atleast 3 inches taller. they were both standing up really straight she is 5 feet.period.
ds said on 11/Nov/05
No way is Britney only an inch taller than her mor like 3 or atleast 2. Britney is 5'4-5'5, so CHristina is 5'1-5'2.
Z2 said on 10/Jul/05
I saw a clipse of news about Christina on the E! Channel and they had a license of Christina at a height of 4'11". I don't think she is that short. I'd say more like 5'2".
Ama said on 6/Jul/05
Aguilera once said "people are always surprised to hear how big my voice is, as i'm only 5'2..that's my advantage- im the little girl with the big voice.never underestimate short people- sometimes big things come in small packages" from Bliss Magazine March 2004.
Cooky said on 12/Jun/05
No way she is 5'4! She doesn't look even 5'3. 5ft 2 or maybe 2.5 is correct.But who cares,she's got a fantastic voice so i don't care if she's short or tall.
Tiff said on 7/Jun/05
I think once a magazine said she was 5'4.. because I remember her being an inch shorter than Britney, who they said was 5'5.
culo_lover said on 22/May/05
yeah i met her and i'm 5'8 she was about five inches shorter than me but who cares she got a hot body. i'll get dirty anytime with her

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