How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo ?

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Cristiano Ronaldo's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Portuguese Footballer. He was listed as 186.5cm on Madrid's website although in a Sky Documentary about him, a 3d Laser Scan measurement was given as 185.1cm (and in another clip showed the computer screen itself having 185.8cm)
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Josh says on 23/Jul/14
I agree with Rob that Ronaldo is 170 pounds. He is very lean and slim, just ripped., even his legs are decent but not huge, just insanely toned and defined. They are not big enough that I can see them substantially adding to his weight.

He's been listed anywhere from 165 to 186, you can't really go by each listing. He's currently listed at 176 pounds in a lot of places, 170 in a few others.

Probably 176 after off season training at his bulkiest, but 170 is a good guess for his weight generally throughout the season and for most of the year. He has a body like many ufc fighters who are 6'1 and 170 when cut for their weigh in.
appe4 says on 14/Jul/14
in 2005 he was listed 184cm/75kg, from 2008 he was listed 184cm/78kg and from 2012 he is listed 186cm/84kg. Looking to his body in the years you can easily understand how him has put on 8-10kg of muscles.
appe4 says on 14/Jul/14
I bet 186.5 on Van Persie and 186 on Ronaldo. Van Persie looks taller because of his large shoulders; anyway Rob, Ronaldo cannot weight "only" 77kg, his body structure and height reveal he is almost 82/83kg ( on Real Madrid site his weight is listed 84kg ).
Pizzaman says on 13/Jul/14
Arch, I very much agree on van Persie having a very similar stature as Ronaldo. But I'd say if any of the two is taller, it would be van Persie. My friend took a pic with him on the airport and he seemed more 186 than 185. Robben is probably an excact 180, not so super tall here in the Netherlands, but still solid tall compared to a 168 arbiter from Uzbekistan for instance. As for our whole team, except for Sneijder, I think nearly everyone is 180+.
spainmen says on 11/Jul/14
Rob how much do you think Cristiano Ronaldo weighs?
[Editor Rob: maybe 170ish]
mordor says on 7/Jul/14
@Arch Stanton
Check that video between 6.18-6.26 min CR7 next to sweden's Mikael Lustig that i am 100% sure he is a legit 189cm as he is listed.What's your opinion too?
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 7/Jul/14
You cannot be 100 % sure of Lustig's height, but if he is 1.89 m there is a 4 cm difference.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Jul/14
Watching the Holland game yesterday and I thought Van Persie looked very similar in height and frame to Ronaldo so I think 6'1" minimum. I'd guess 185-6. I also thought actually Arjen Robben looked pretty tall next to some of the other players and linesmen and I thought actually he looked over 6 ft too but turns out he is barely 5 ft 11! I cannot believe he's a year younger than me it's shocking, he almost looks old enough to be my dad LOL. He looks 45!
[Editor Rob: I'm sure if you viewed some of the 60's and 70's players from our eyes today you'd think many of them were pushing 50!]
mordor says on 5/Jul/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
Check that video between 6.18-6.26 min next to sweden's Mikael Lustig that i am 100% sure he is a legit 189cm as he is listed.What's your opinion?
Check that video also between 6.18-6.26 min and let me know your guess too.
mordor says on 5/Jul/14
I did not tell Alonso's height is less than 182cm or 183cm.Read again my previous post.As for torres height i would say he is 185cm whereas as i have told many times already ronaldo is 186cm maybe 187cm when he wakes up.
appe4 says on 4/Jul/14
@mordor, I agree with you as I think CR is between 185 and 186 ( a perfect 6'1). Let me only tell you that about other players' height I disagree with you on Xabi Alonso's height: he is for sure a 182 (maybe 183); he is obviously taller than Iker if you look well many images. Can I ask you what s your thought on Fernando Torres Height?
mordor says on 4/Jul/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You have fullfilled my request.However some of the palyers you mentioned have different official height listings than those you mentioned.Such as alonso you refer to him as being 180cm when he is listed 183cm and so on.I hope you have also laser evidence for those assertions.Anyway my opinion is thats cr7 is 187cm.I checked that with eduardo goalkeeper 187cm also in one of the pics you uploaded.They are identical.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 3/Jul/14
As per your request:
Click Here Compare with 1.80 m Alonso, 1.86 m Kaka, 1.80 m Casillas
Click Here Compare with 1.88 m Khedira, 1.90 m Varane, 1.82 m Benzema
Click Here Compare with Khedira, Varane, 1.86 m Pepe
Click Here Compare with 1.83 m Bale, 1.82 m Ramos
Click Here Compare with Kaka, Alonso
Click Here Compare with Khedira, Varane, Alonso (tiptoeing), Ramos
Click Here Compare with Benzema, Khedira, Alonso
Click Here Compare with Alonso, Ramos
Click Here Compare with Bale, Ramos
Click Here
Click Here Compare with 1.89 m Alves
Click Here Compare with Pepe
Click Here Compare with Alves, 1.90 m Almeida
Click Here

Nothing I post here can better a laser combined with his official listing because the height of the men he's being compared to cannot be confirmed. Therefore, I find pictorial evidence of Ronaldo pretty futile. Nonetheless, it seems to be your criterion.
mordor says on 2/Jul/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You are accepting by the way ronaldo's listing and deny murray's listing.I made that "official" by claiming his height is 187cm 6-7 hours after bed??I said that beccause that's when one's must be mesuring to be exact so no misunderstanding at that point you just got it wrong.After that why shouldn't ronaldo then not be as tall as murray if i accept your claim he is actually 187,5cm as if he stated that for himself i have not a reason to disagree then.But as i asked why not be like him?Have you seen them aside?And please if thats easy for you can you upload a pic that supports 185cm height for cr7?I have uploded quite many pics and videos even from portugal match with sweden whose players are all as tall as they are listed.For example i have seen many players from other countries listed as one height and players from sweden being 1,5-2 inches taller and listed the same.Anyway i resept laser either way but if you are so sure about that i ask you to send a link that proves your claim and as recent as possible not 5 yeras before cause this guy must be a late bloomer i strongly believe.
Burp says on 1/Jul/14
I see 4" diff between Cristiano and James Rodriguez.
My guess is that James is 176-177cm.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 1/Jul/14
If you're the one that makes it official, why has this listing or any official listing not changed then? If Ronaldo is taller than Puig, Puig must be under 6'1". I'm arguing your 187.5 cm claim which is an inch, and if it's so unnoticeable, why are you adding these centimetres? You've posted a few poor photos where Ronaldo looks taller and, on occasion, contradict your claims.

Visit his page on this site, he's officially listed at 6'2" in some credible places. Why is he listed at 6'3"? I don't know. Poor research? Height in tennis shoes? These are not questions for me. Sports height are inflated, it shouldn't be a shock to you. If you honestly believe Ronaldo to be as tall as Murray, you have no credibility.

As for me acting as if I have laser properties. In what way? I think the laser is correct. You are trying to correct a laser, thus, you are the one who believes they are a laser themselves.
Appe4 says on 30/Jun/14
Murray is not over 188; I ve never seen a celebrity saying a lower heights than what he really is!! He was honest and said his real height that is 187.5cm. I can accept a 186 for CR but 187/188 are evidently exaggerate
Jamal says on 30/Jun/14
Cristiano is really taller than listed here. He should be somewhere around 187, possibly a bit higher than that.

Check out these pictures with 180cm listed James Rodriguez (one of the emerging stars in world football):

Click Here

Click Here

Or maybe James is not that close to 180? Either way, Ronaldo looks way taller than whatever James may be.
mordor says on 30/Jun/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
CR7 is definitely 187cm 6-7 hours after bed to make this generally official.He is taller than puig so thats one 6ft1 guy he is obviously taller.However man i really do not understand how you can easily argue for a couple of cms or even for one cm(!) that are both almost unnoticable.So you act as if you have laser properties yourself, not me.And i have posted many pics that prove that.
As for murray why is he listed then 191cm?Are they trying to make him bigger?What for?
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 30/Jun/14
Murray: quote, "187.5cm".
I don't see him taller than any 6'1" man.
Let's say Maicon is 1.86 m; Ronaldo is shorter in your pic.
I don't know what you're trying to prove. If you think the laser is wrong, go and investigate their procedure and come back with your evidence.
Appe4 says on 30/Jun/14
Maicon is 184 and not 186... Ronaldo is a perfect 6'1 no more
mordor says on 29/Jun/14
Click Here
ronaldo next to maicon at 186cm.have your conclusions.
mordor says on 26/Jun/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You are so wrong and naive.CR7 is obviously a 187cm man.Murray is listed as 191cm not 6ft2.CR7 is cleary taller than most 6ft1 guys that i have seen him to be with.An example is with american man dempsey at 185cm during the match at world cup.He is seemed an inch taller.
talker says on 26/Jun/14
i stood next to him,i'm 1.86m,Ronaldo is about half an inch taller than me,1.87m,definitely not 1.85.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 25/Jun/14
Nadal is two inches shorter that 6'2" Murray. You need evidence before you make random claims. You and Nick are two extremes. I don't understand how you can better a laser.
Vibram says on 24/Jun/14
How tall is Fabregas? Some sources say 5ft9, others 5ft10.75 or 5ft11. He did look 5ft9 at age 17 when with Arsenal, but he might of grown 1 inch or more? I think he looks either 177cm or 178cm / 5ft10 stood next to 5ft6 Messi.
mordor says on 23/Jun/14
he is a legit 187,5 centimetros man.
Appe4 says on 17/Jun/14
Hard to value but here is yesterday w bastian schweinsteiger (183-182)
mordor says on 16/Jun/14
rafa nadal is 185cm not 184cm
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 12/Jun/14
Every photo with him by Nadal has Nadal slouching. I bet that Ronaldo would have no more than 1 CM on Nadal if they were both standing up straight. Nadal is 184 CM by the way.
mordor says on 9/Jun/14
if you search ronaldo's pics with rafael nadal seems to put on him around 2cms considering also that nadal is wearing height boosting shoes,those he uses to wear when playing tennis and nadal is 185cm ronaldo is a legit 187cm.
Nick says on 7/Jun/14
what are you talking about? C.Ronaldo looking clearly shorter than Maldini, Click Here Ronaldo has great posture, Maldini is not even standing straight and still has few centimeters on him, C.Ronaldo is no more than 183cm
Appe4 says on 5/Jun/14
I don' t know why but I had always thought that if I met CR it would be taller next to me and I am 184-85
mordor says on 4/Jun/14
@nick carlos querioz is 6ft
also ronalo ha gained some height since when he was at manchester united
check that video with maldini who is 186cm and have some clearer conlusions he is a legit 187cm.
Tor says on 3/Jun/14
p.s. also Coentrao doesn't seem over 175176 cm
Tor says on 3/Jun/14
@chorori, i agree with all your estimates, only about Alonso i have a different opinion: i don't see him over 180181 cm
Nick says on 3/Jun/14
like Peyman mentioned below here is C.R. with 5'11" (180cm) Carlos Querioz

C.Ronaldo is not a hair over 183cm considering these pics, ball back at Rob

Check all of them you guys claiming he is 185/6cm especially the last one sums it up so this should end it for C.Ronaldo solid 183cm he is no more.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
mordor says on 27/May/14
@ tor i disagree they are obviously on the same floor level
let me know ur opinion though and chech that vid i said on my latest post
mordor says on 27/May/14
Click Here at 3:18-3.30 min
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 27/May/14
How do you know this is a late evening height?
mordor says on 27/May/14
helpful video guys check that portugal vs sweden ronaldo stands next to bruno alves who is 189cm during a foul that strikes ibra.he seems a dash shorter around 187cm.let me know your guess guys.
mordor says on 27/May/14
@ xrz i agree with you
Check that video with ronaldo and solid 186cm maldini and let me know your guess.seems interesting comparison.
Tor says on 27/May/14
mordor, another pic without sense, we can't see neither floor nor shoes
chorori says on 26/May/14
kaka 185
pepe 185
ronaldo 184.x (over 184, under 185)
higuain 183
ramos 182
alonso 182
arbeloa 181
casillas 180
coentrao 178.x (over 178, under 179)
ozil 178
Rhonda says on 26/May/14
Nick says on 24/May/14
looks same height as Beckham ------------ In what world? He is clearly over an inch taller than Beckham. He looks every bit 6ft1.
xrz says on 26/May/14
why downgrade, Rob?
186 cm is a legit height for Ronaldo, why are you taking into account his late evening height?
There are 2 ways to determine your height- an aritmetic mean of your morning height and evening height or second, more accurate one, your height 7 hours after you woke up.
You picked the worst possible scenario and an inaccurate one.
Peyman says on 26/May/14
@ Nick,
the current coach of Iran national team ,Carlos Queiroz, looks max 5ft 11in next to people I've met in person. & that would make Ronaldo just around what you say.
a solid 6 footer
mordor says on 25/May/14
Click Here check that video at 0.12 ronlado with 186cm maldini.
mordor says on 25/May/14
@nick you are wrong he is obvioulsy taller than beckam for 3-4cm he is 187cm morning 186cm afternnon-night Click Here
Tor says on 25/May/14
i agree with Nick: anything over 183184 cm for CR7's afternoon height seems too much, i don't see him as a strong 6'1
Nick says on 25/May/14
again C.Ronaldo looking too low to anything over 184/5cm Click Here
Nick says on 25/May/14
I still strongly doubt anything over 6' or 183cm for C. Ronaldo my guess is between 183cm and 185cm but nothing more, here is with 192cm listed Pique Click Here
Dejavu says on 25/May/14
He could be 186cm
Nick says on 24/May/14
looks same height as Beckham Click Here
mordor says on 21/May/14
@Appe4 agreed i just wanted to state that cr7 and any man generally if he is young and yet a man who is playing sports cant loose more than 1,5cm-2cm max during the day.i personnaly loose just 1 cm and i play sports such as basketball.
Anyway cr7 187cm morning height and i would say both afternoon and evening height 186cm for i beleive he just shrinks 1cm.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 21/May/14
I think that the range to argue is 186-187 CM. 188 is too high (even out of bed) and 185 is too low.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 21/May/14
Ronaldo: 187 CM in the morning
Appe4 says on 20/May/14
@mordor there is a big difference if I write always about evening height and you about morning height... Maybe we agree each other opinion but we don't understand each because we don' t know about WHAT height we are discussing. Rob listed him 185 because he thinks that's his evening height, and I agree with Rob. To' me CR never reach 188, max 187 just out of bed.
mordor says on 20/May/14
@Appe4 ok evening heights so ronaldo 188cm morning height 186 evening height so actual height 187cm.
and why should we say evening heights os celepbrities and people its kind of strange their actual height is what matters.anyway morning height evening height no diffrence at most 1,5 cm so nothing at all.
Appe4 says on 19/May/14
I write here some of my estimates for some famous footballer (evening heights): Ronaldo 185,5 (6'1). Bale 183,5/184. Torres 184. Beckham 180,5/181. Kaka 186. kaka' is the Only one of them I saw live and I 'm pretty sure on his listing!
Appe4 says on 19/May/14
I think ronaldo could be 187 Only out of bed, but we have to talk about his evening height. Measures Rob takes about these celebrities are evening heights. That's the reason why I think 186 is the best shot for him. With puig ronaldo seems 188 because puig is slouching but he has easily 4cm on cristiano
mordor says on 19/May/14
@176,2Tunman i believe you are wrong cr7 is 187cm flat without shoes he is definitely slightly taller than 6ft1 guys
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 19/May/14
Ronaldo: 186 CM/6'1.25"
Torres: 6'0.5"/184 CM
mordor says on 18/May/14
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM so you agree ronaldo is 187cm guy.
@Appe4 he is about 2 cm taller than torres
176,2Tunman says on 16/May/14
Good pic Appe4 he definitely looks at least 185 still Benzema had an ancient listing at 182 has he gained 1cm since his early years.The 185,1 is really the lowest he could be and maybe is he slightly over that depending how low the laser did hit the top of his head but we are speaking of 2 or 3 mm so not that big deal.Legit 6'1 and could push a 187 looking due to his thin yet muscular build.
Appe4 says on 16/May/14
I want only to ask you how much difference is there between ronaldo and torres ( if there is for you). In my opinion it's probable ronaldo is 186 in the afternoon and gets down to 185 in the evening... let me know your opinion! :-)
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 15/May/14
Maybe he's 6'3" as he looks close to it by Puig, although the footwear is invisible.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 15/May/14
By 6'3" listed MLB player Yasiel Puig:

Click Here

Ronaldo looks the same, but he's the only one whose standing up straight.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 15/May/14
It would be intriguing to see how he'd compare with Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray. Djokovic is a 187 CM guy in my opinion who can look 6'2" on occasion, but then will look 6'1" flat. I bet that they'd be identical.
mordor says on 14/May/14
a legit 187cm.
mordor says on 14/May/14
sorry 1cm
mordor says on 14/May/14
i have seen him next to referre webb and if i am not wrong i have found webb is 188cm an he looked about 2cm shorter than him.
Height181 says on 13/May/14
Legit 6'1''. He always has looked tall.
Appe4 says on 13/May/14
To me this remains the best photo to value ronaldo' s height in comparison to his team mates ( they are all in football shoes): casillas 181, sergio ramos higuain and benzema 183, with ronaldo 185 (186 maximum)Click Here
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 13/May/14
By NBA player Michael Beasley whose listed as 6'10" meaning that he's in the 6'8" range, and he's slouching heavily in the photo:

Click Here

Break down the hair and he's only 6'2", and then make the postures even and then 6'2" is completely out of the question. Also by Shaq:

Click Here

He looks 11 inches shorterr there, and Shaq is not 7'1" as he was measured without shoes at 7'0 (aside from the 7'1" listings):

Click Here

He's not 6'2".
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 13/May/14
I meant that Ronaldo had posture advantage in that last photo.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 13/May/14
Photos by Rafael Nadal:

Click Here
Click Here

Then if you consider hair on both, Ronaldo is edged out by Nadal:

Click Here

He also looks even when you break down the hair if you also consider that Nadal's head isn't likely to be up straight:

Click Here

He also looks even here with Nadal having posture advantage (the footwear is visible as well):

Click Here

There's no way that Ronaldo has him by an inch. They're likely the same height.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 13/May/14
Rafael Nadal rarely has good posture and is heavily slouching by Cristiano Ronaldo in most photos. He's 184-185 CM and is really no more than a hair shorter than Roger Federer and is about the same as Ronaldo.
Nick says on 12/May/14
but if C.Ronaldo is 185cm, (which I will never believe:) can anyone explain this picture? Click Here 188cm Drogba leaning on Ronaldo's shoulder and still has clearly two inches 5cm on him
mordor says on 12/May/14
he seems to put an inch on 185cm nadal.he is 187,5cm peak height thats sure.
Elias says on 11/May/14
Cristiano ronaldo is the tallest 6'1 I ever seen
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 11/May/14
It's actually ironic that athletes are more likely to be taller however. I had a friend who was 5'3" at 20, but then grew to 6'1.5" by 22 while he was running.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 11/May/14
Growth can happen to anybody at any given time. If Basketball was to make people grow taller for example, then you'd get a bunch of people between 18-23 playing Basketball who would hit 7 feet tall (which is extremely rare). Height is all in the genes.
mordor says on 11/May/14
Click Here a recent pic with some team mates he is slouchindg a bit but even with perfect posture cant be over 187cm compared to arbeloa 184cm or even khedira 189cm who maintain a better posture what do you say people??
Nick says on 11/May/14
C.R. doesn't look a wee bit over 183cm next to 189cm listed Johnny Evans Click Here
yaris says on 10/May/14
Click Here go to 11 minutes. He's measured at 185.1cm on this laser scanner, but he's not even standing fully erect, also he's been doing excercise, and hard work previosly, and strain on the body causes it to shrink. So I think he's probably 187cm in morning, 186 during day 185 maybe during night or after excercise or training. I think his real madrid measurement is accurate. what do you think Rob? I think his height needs increasing?
[Editor Rob: in the clip there is a shot of the actual computer and it showed 185.8, but he looks in a good stance to me...since it's a beam measure we don't know just how accurate because of hair]
yaris says on 10/May/14
I think hes over 185cm aswell i think hes 186-187cm, he could have possibly grew? late bloomer? intense exercise? which triggers growth. do you still think hes 185cm rob?
Bran says on 10/May/14
I have a feeling than Ronnie could be taller than 6ft1 flat, possily in the range of 6ft1-2, contrastingly on my dad taking a picture with him at 19 ish; he looks 5ft11 in that picture ( no funny angles or anything) and my dad says hes abit taller than me ( 5ft10)but he cant be under 6ft1 now surely
Appe4 says on 10/May/14
Here' s with fernando torres (184-185cm)Click Here
Appe4 says on 10/May/14
@seahawksfan If you say eh is as tall as you I understand he is no more than 188. So 187-188 seems fair for morata :)
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 9/May/14
He's a similar height to Tennis payer in my opinion whose like 6'1.25/186 CM. I think that it would be more obvious if he was 6'2".
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 9/May/14
I think that we can agree that 184-185 CM is a bit low for him, but I also think that 188 CM+ is ridiculous for him as well. He's probably 187 CM right when he gets up out of bed.
mordor says on 9/May/14
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM.this photi you have posted has not ronaldo but morata with ozil and wrong pic i assume.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 9/May/14
Alvaro Morata is more 188-189 CM in my opinion (I've met him and he was my height) and Ronaldo has a hat on in that photo which gives him an obvious advantage. Here's a better photo of the two:

Click Here

Morata: 189 CM/6'2.5"
Ronaldo: 186 CM/6'1.25"
Appe4 says on 8/May/14
Alvaro morata is 187cm, not 190cm as listed on RM site
mordor says on 7/May/14
with 190cm alvaro morata Click Here
mordor says on 7/May/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg terry is 187cm not 186cm i agree with you that Ronaldo on the field and off the field have to be judged differently and any palyer not only ronaldo.did you see that pic on a previous post with joao sousa tennis player listed as 6ft1(185cm).he looks again 188cm.i believe even with height boosting shoes against the tennis player he cant be under 187cm.
Appe4 says on 7/May/14
Rob I think it' s time for an upgrade: 186 seems more correct for him
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 6/May/14
He looks to have some sort of platform on there, against Vidic's ultra thin-soled shoes, but Ronaldo still looks shorter. Ronaldo on the field and off the field have to be judged differently. In your second photo Ronaldo is looking 6'2" with perfect posture next to a slightly slouching 1.86 m Terry. However, I refer you to my first point.
mordor says on 6/May/14
he is 187,5cm he always looks taller than 6ft1 guys in all pics.its not a coincidence of lets say a better posture or footwear.maybe in some pics but in all pics i have seen him with 185cm guys looks an inch taller.
mordor says on 5/May/14
Click Here what can you say here with a pic a year before with 189cm vidic and here an old photo with 187cm john terry Click Here
James B says on 5/May/14
With beckham here does not look 6'1
Click Here

Just to look at Ronaldo 6'1 does seem very very accurate but I guess his lean frame make him seem taller.
mordor says on 5/May/14
fresh pic here
with joao sousa on the right tennis player listed as 6ft1(185cm).
[Editor Rob: I'd always question some of those tennis heights. Here is Ronaldo with Nfl Guy, who was 6ft 1 on the nose.

there are other photos on google images Here...he looks to have vans on but don't know what ronaldo has on. There is also a photo of him with Pepe.]
mordor says on 4/May/14
@nick i dont know if you saw the video i mentioned in the previous post.IF not i recommend you to... also Click Here check that pic with raul albiol at 190cm.i think you can also get conclusion as well as from the video of the match bayern real at the moments i told on the previous post.
i wait more people to have some conclusions and share them after my posts which are helpful.
mordor says on 4/May/14
@nick i dont know if you saw the video i mentioned in the previous post.IF not i recommend you to... also Click Here check that pic with raul albiol at 190cm.i think you can also get conclusion as well as from the video of the match bayern real at the moments i told on the previous post.
i wait more people to have some conclusions and share them after my posts which are helpful.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 4/May/14
So I guess that Ronaldo's claim is almost as believable as theirs.
Nick says on 4/May/14
again C.Ronaldo looking way too small to be over 183cm next to Raphael Varane 191cm and Samir Kedhira 188cm Click Here
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 4/May/14
Celebrities with ridiculous 6'2 claims:

Hugh Jackman (he's 6'1.5" out of bed in my opinion)
Will Smith-6'1.5"
Jim Carrey (he said 'about 6'2")-6'1.25"
Ryan Lochte (I ran into him and I can confirm that he's 6'1.25")
Paul Walker-6'1.25
John Travolta-6'0.75
Arnold Schwarzenegger-6'1.5"
mordor says on 4/May/14
@nick you must be kidding that cr7 is 6'.he is at least 186cm and at most 188cm.
Click Here check that video from recent match bayern munich real madrit and open the video on the first half and specifically between 41.40minute and 42.10minute approximately where when pepe is on the ground there is a croud around him and you can see ronaldo with 187cm mandzukic, ronaldo with 192cm boateng clearly and finally ronaldo with 186cm thomas muller not that clear just in the end of this stage.You can get some rough conclusions there and i wait you to share them with me.
Ronaldo says on 4/May/14
He's solid 6'1 now... maybe a taller out of bed...

for me:
186,5cm out of bed
185,1cm night

yes.... 6'1 is correct for him.
Nick says on 2/May/14
C.Ronaldo can't be over 183cm or 6' maybe he has grown few hairs though and he is now 183.6789 ;) Click Here
Filippo says on 30/Apr/14
Is there anyone who seriously think an egocentric as hell individual as Ronaldo could even tolerate to be listed a single cm under his real height?! You must be joking..
Real Madrid listed him at 186, and 186 is the absolute best.
Of course, I do believe it's a 100% honest measure. He looks exactly that height. Maybe some others exaggerate..
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 30/Apr/14
Ramos is 1.82 m for me, and I wouldn't say that's the "best" pic. What's going on behind the boards? What kind of footwear does Ronaldo wear when he's not playing football?

There's nothing you can do about fanboys. They'll see what they want to see.
MD says on 30/Apr/14
You guys can really get off this 188cm kick, because it's not possible.
Appe4 says on 29/Apr/14
@mordor maicon is 184 not 186
Appe4 says on 29/Apr/14
ok, to people who says CR is 188, here for me is the best photo to value his height... next to sergio ramos (183 no less no more) , same footwear, and flat ground... In occasion of team photo of 2013/2014 season. You can clearly see the difference between them is one inch. CR height is between 185 and 186 (midday)Click Here
Dane says on 29/Apr/14
Maybe he was 1.80 at 18... but in pics with Ferguson he looks a lot taller.
Dane says on 29/Apr/14
Alex Ferguson?
mordor says on 29/Apr/14
At balon d'or ceremony he seems a couple of cms taller than 186cm maicon and seems the same height as marco van basten so 188cm seems pretty acuurate.Also at recent match of real madrit against bayern at berbabeou stadioum i saw ronaldo next to sweistenger who is 183cm and he seemed to pu him around 4 to 5cms.
@Penton i agree with u and just to correct Samuel Jckson height at that pic u posted is 189cm not 188cm.Ronaldo has a bad posture and seems almost his height.So yes 188cm.
MD says on 29/Apr/14
Yasiel Puig is - like most athletes - pretty grossly overlisted. I've seen multiple evidence that he's barely 6'0". It's crazy he gets listed so high, but a lot of other MLB stars I've seen listed two and three inches taller than what they actually are.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 28/Apr/14
Yeah, the passport isn't evidence, you're not measured for it.

Pepe is not on his toes in that photo, and if you believe Alves to be 1.89 m, compare Ronaldo him then. It seems people will say anything when they can't explain themselves.

I think Ronaldo was about 1.80 m at age 18.
Penton says on 28/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan I think Ronaldo knows his own height :)

For the first time we have seen somewhere official Ronaldo listed at 6ft 2. This adds credibility to the claim he is 188cm.

Ronaldo with Yasiel Puig (185cm) and Samuel Jackson (188cm):

Click Here

Rob doesn't Ronaldo look as tall as Jackson and taller than Puig?
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 28/Apr/14
They also never measure people for a passport or an ID.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 28/Apr/14
On my old ID, I put 6'2" while I put 6'1" on my old passport. He could've just chose a random height to put down.
Penton says on 28/Apr/14
@ Nick so now we established Pepe was tip-toeing in that picture, and you mentioned Pepe is ''186/188'', then isn't it fair to assume Ronaldo is also ''186/188''?
Penton says on 28/Apr/14
@Nick Pepe is on his TOES in that pick. Doesn't the fact that he looks taller than 1.89m Bruno Alves give it away?
Penton says on 28/Apr/14
@Mordor I agree. Certainly I think his 184cm listings are from Euro 2004 when he was 18. He has clearly grown since then.

I found the passport:

Click Here

Strong evidence here Rob - he dwarfs Modric (171 lowest - 174 heighest).
He is listed 1.88m in his passport and generally looks as tall around others.
mordor says on 27/Apr/14
i saw a pic on facebook (one of the pages page of cr7 fans) that shows ronaldo's passport in sapnish language where i saw that at Altura sector which means height in spanish says 1.88m so maybe that's his height might be possible as when seeing him next to to 186cm diego costa of atletico seemed to put on him a couple of 188cm is quite likely height for cr7.
Penton says on 27/Apr/14
hey guys, here is a pic of Ronaldo with Modric. Both with near enough perfect posture. How tall would you say Ronaldo is here?

Click Here

Considering Modric is 171cm (see below):

Click Here

Also dug this up which confuses me even more seeing as Ronaldo looks 188 in the previous pic:

Click Here
Nick says on 26/Apr/14
I agree in a show they can write whatever numbers they want, also laser measuring is notoriously inaccurate, check this pic with C.R. next to 186/8cm listed Pepe Click Here Pepe has two inches (5cm) on R. my guess
chrisssss says on 26/Apr/14
@1.85m just like you, and everyone else on this page i have my opinion, but you brought it up that in the right way, if i said a name you would just say height with no explaination on how you got there, and im not making things personal with you, and im not ranting and raving either, all in all im not trying to badger you or w.e, i see your side of your point, it just seems like you completely ignore mines
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 25/Apr/14
Kaka and Ronaldo are "about" the same height. What was so difficult to understand about that statement? Alonso and Ramos at 1.82 m is simply my opinion (they look this height next to Ronaldo and others), everything I say is my opinion. A website listing is not definitive, as we regularly see. As for all these other things I apparently said, they're a complete fabrication by you, and I don't understand it. Again, I think Bale is 1.83 m, you are trying to upgrade; I think Ronaldo is 1.85 m, you are trying to upgrade. I seem to be repeating myself a lot, but I do not want any changes to these pages, you want changes. Instead of arguing with me have a look at the pictures presented by Nick and try to explain them. Alternatively, completely ignore everyone else and just say what you want to say, as you so enjoy doing.
chrisssss says on 24/Apr/14
@1.85 m i can't explain myself? Do you even follow football o.O like honestly, and kaka is 186cm, so if you say they are the same height, then cr7 is 186cm. You see, you wanna talk about lies, when you tend to make up heights for this one and that one. Nowhere has alonso listed 182cm, so as ramos, so higuin,, so zidane, so as casimero etc. You tend to assume, so idk if the football world made thar much wrrors in listing height, or you are just making up stuff. Cuz to you a 6'5 man is 6'1 or a 6ft guy is actually 5'10 or some other crap. There is isn't one athlete you haven't downgraded. But this is just a page, and what you say does not change their height
Nick says on 24/Apr/14
C.Ronaldo looks more like Nani's height in this pic Click Here next to 189/90cm Ferdinand? who mentioned towering?
mordor says on 24/Apr/14
Click Here check that video you can have some conclusions there.First a confirmation that ronaldo is at least 185cm.Also a confirmation that he is max 187,3cm for those who are generous.
@1.85m,83 kg ok you are right about footwear but i repeat even with different footwear i beleive he is a dash taller from kaka so 186,5cm is just his height.
Also when referring to a man's height we mean his max height,thus his morning height.Even so at night he can't fall under 185cm.
Penton says on 24/Apr/14
Ronaldo edges Kaka in videos, often in pictures he either looks shorter, the same height or slightly taller. Ronaldo is a minimum 185cm at night. In person he would dwarf a 6fter and look closer to 6ft2... because that's what he is.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 24/Apr/14
Rob said there was a screen displaying 185.8 cm (which we already know from the description). You subsequently said that Rob confirms his height to be 185.8 cm. Nothing had changed and you were stating it as if Rob had updated the listing. He may very well be 1.86 m, I'm no going to argue about a cm, however, I'm not going to base my opinion on your lie. I've seen the programme in question and a monitor is flashed in front of the viewer where 185.8 cm appears in one of the screen's cells. You don't know where that value has come from. The value presented is 185.1 cm, so 185.8 cm is most probably erroneous or part of a mean (that means he would've been measured under 185.1 cm as well). You can't take an almost arbitrary value that was not meant for the audience and base height estimations on it. I honestly believe Rob only mentioned it for the traffic on this page not to die. The only really definitive proof we have is this laser measurement and you're trying to make out like the whole show was bogus. Moreover, I am not trying to downgrade, you are trying to upgrade, you seem to be confused by that. Also, don't attack people personally when you can't explain yourself.

@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM
You really need to confirm that woman and her heels' height before you try and improve upon a laser measurement.

Kaka and Ronaldo are about the same height, we need to see footwear/a full length shot there.
mordor says on 24/Apr/14
hi i think personally he is 186,5cm.but what about a video Click Here with kaka that i think you see ronaldo as a legit 188cm.
mordor says on 24/Apr/14
hi i think personally he is 186,5cm.but what about a video Click Here with kaka that i think you see ronaldo as a legit 188cm.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 24/Apr/14
Has about an inch on 5'9.5" Irina Shayk while she's in heels:

Click Here

6'1.5" there.
Penton says on 24/Apr/14
@Chrisssss I agree. Ronaldo is not under 185cm. He might be slightly over like 186/187 but that is probably out of bed. Strong insecurities on this website.
chrisssss says on 23/Apr/14
And again for all people saying 184 and below he is AT LEAST 185.1CM.The video from castrol "tested to the limit" has a clip were he is put under a machine that gave his body stats. The video showed him being listed 185.1cm and THEN like rob pointed out, a couple seconds after the same screen showed 185.8cm.Idk what will prove some of you wrong, cuz even when he'ds measured on camera with a laser that's not proof. Alot of the people on this page like downgrading people off of their own insecurities or SOMETHING. This is getting sooo ridiculous now it is not even funny
chrisssss says on 23/Apr/14
1.85 dont lie? My god man, SCROLL DOWN he answered the friggin question. Jeez. And the video is ON YOUTUBE and it does show 185.8 on the original screen.
Andrea says on 23/Apr/14
Yeah, MD, i once again agree with you ;)
Don't even answer him, Nick is the same guy who is trying to say Ibrahimovic is no more than 192, when he really is 194 at worst! 180 for Ronaldo is crazy, if he's not 6'1, he's pretty damn close to it...
sss says on 23/Apr/14
@nick, are you trolling man ?

Cristiano is never, but never under 184. He's the best example of a 6'1, 185cm guy.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 23/Apr/14
Perfectly said.
MD says on 23/Apr/14

You can't judge anything from that first pic, but the second pic your posted in fairly decent. I'd have to disagree on your judgement, though. Even with the leans and such, it's pretty clear to me that C. Ronaldo is taller than both Ramos and Bale in that shot. It's not by a lot, but it definitely lines up weith the listings. He's about an inch taller than the both of them.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 22/Apr/14
Don't lie.
Nick says on 22/Apr/14
one more next to 183cm Ramos and Bale C.Ronaldo looks exactly same height Click Here also Ronaldo has the best posture and is a fraction closer to the camera..
Nick says on 22/Apr/14
ok, @Penton (I strongly doubt he grew since Man. United unless he's radioactive) but in 2014, is this recent enough? C.Ronaldo Click Here stands at least two inches (5cm) shorter than 188/9cm listed Sami Kedhira Ronaldo is not a hair over 183cm at his very tops can be even shorter that's a fact.
The reason why C.Ronaldo stands often on his tiptoes is because he's smaller than the other team mates. I'm sure now someone is going to write that he has grown overnight..:)
chrisssss says on 22/Apr/14
Ok well rob confirms! Cr7 height 185.8cm, and as for gareth bale i'd say he's 184.8cm, because he is only cm shorter than cr7
Penton says on 22/Apr/14
That pretty much does seals it for me. Ronaldo must be some sort of lift wearer/ disguised heel built in - he often stands on his tip-toes in squad photos too. Seems like a narcissist. If I met him in real life I bet he would tower over a 6ft guy but on the pitch they would look very similar. Ronaldo is 185/6/7.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 22/Apr/14
T.O. looks only 2 CM taller than Tony Romo who is listed as 6'2", but I think that he's more like 186-187 CM as he frequently is edged out by other 6'2" measured quarterbacks and looks .5" inches shorter usually:

Click Here

So 189 CM is valid.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 22/Apr/14
Chad Ochocinco is one inch shorter than Terrell Owens as well, so I don't think that T.O. is a legit 6'3". Despite that, he does edge out McNabb at times (who I don't think is a legit 6'2"). The likely scenario:

Terrell Owens: 6'2.5"/189 CM (6'3" is laughable)
Donovan McNabb: 6'1.5"/187 CM
Chad Ochocinco and McNabb: 6'1.25"/186 CM
Cristiano Ronaldo: 6'1.25/186 CM.
chrissss says on 22/Apr/14
Rob just curious, in which part of the video did the computer show 185.8cm? i actually believe that's cr7's actual height
[Editor Rob: It's been a while since I watched it, but it did show the screen and definitely had the 185.8 being displayed on it]
Tor says on 21/Apr/14
Also in the photo with Ochocinco we can't see the floor, otherwise Cr should be only 181-182
Penton, yes it's probably (use of lifts), he seems very narcisist!
However, in the pics in soccer fields, he can appear between 6'0 and 6'1, so i think he is about 183-184 cm
Penton says on 21/Apr/14
Ronaldo stands up incredibly well with 6ft 3 Terrel Owens - Google it. Either he is really 6ft 2 or he sometimes wears lifts. I think perhaps he is a lift wearer. Not sure how his height fluctuates so much?
MD says on 21/Apr/14
Ochocinco (Johnson) may actually be ever-so-slightly (.25") taller, even. Yes, Cristiano is not any taller than listed.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 21/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM
That man is the same height as Ronaldo's "tall hair" there, thus Ronaldo would be shorter than him. It's really basic logic.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 20/Apr/14
He's the same height as 6'1" Chad Ochocinco here:

Click Here

Get past Ronaldo's tall hair and they're the same height.
Tor says on 20/Apr/14
Penton, what does that photo mean? We see neither floor nor the legs position
Penton says on 20/Apr/14
Ronaldo dwarfs Ronaldinho at the world player of the year gala. They are both wearing suits and Ronaldo has a goo 8cm atleast on Ronaldinho. He looks to be pushing 6ft2. Google search ''ronaldinho cristiano ronaldo'' - it's the fifth pic from top left.
Tor says on 18/Apr/14
* sorry, Will Smith not Willis
chris says on 18/Apr/14
come on man...188 is bs..ronaldo is tall but not 188.he is around 185-186.
Appe4 says on 17/Apr/14
Click Here look at this. It can put will at 186
Tor says on 17/Apr/14
Come on @Sea, the difference is just a couple of cm, yes, but look at the floor: there are at least 2 inches advantage for Becks!! If Willis is 187, Beckham is max 180cm (but if Willis is just strong 6'1, so Becks is only 178 or 179)
Penton says on 17/Apr/14
@nick he grew since those pics. He is now confortably in Vidic's height range. Go look at pics of Ronaldo in Madrid's kit meeting Vidic.
MD says on 17/Apr/14

I've found myself having this to say about a lot of your estimates, recently, but where in the world are you only seeing a two-inch difference in that photo with Usain Bolt? Even with the bad angle and head tilt, Bolt is noticeably more than 2" taller. Jeeze.
Nick says on 17/Apr/14
and if you still doubt the obvious, check out Click Here what C.Ronaldo needs to do in order to be almost as tall as Vidic listed at 188cm look at C.Ronaldo's feet.. he is standing on his tiptoes
chrisssss says on 16/Apr/14
Btw are any of you guys madrid fans? : D
chrisssss says on 16/Apr/14
@tor idk, i my growth pattern seemed like all my friends :/ but i know ronnie us 6'1, whether its 185/186/187
Nick says on 16/Apr/14
with Ferdinand C.Ronaldo doesn't look more than 180cm Click Here
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 16/Apr/14
Here's the footwear in the photo to prove that Beckham is near 6 feet:

Click Here

His tilted down, and he also has about four inches on 5'7.5-5'8" Tom Cruise. Is 6 feet possible? Could Ronaldo be pushing 187.5 CM/6'1.75"?
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 15/Apr/14
Just curious, how is 181-182 CM unbelievable for David Beckham? By Will Smith whose listed at 187/6'1.5":

Click Here

He looks no more than 1 inch shorter, so 182 CM at least. Therefore, 186-187 CM is possible for Ronaldo.
Tor says on 15/Apr/14
Chrisss, probably you were late late bloomer, anyway i don't think you've grown after 20-21! And Beckham can be possible 179180cm, yes, but no more!
Appes, yes i agree: their small head and meso-ectomorph body-type make them looking taller
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 15/Apr/14
Getting there. The picture is skewed in favour of those on the left but he does look about 1.84 m there. As ridiculous as it sounds, I think he's grown a bit since 2008. Growth hormone? Was he still growing?
chrisssss says on 15/Apr/14
And yo....beckham is not 5'10 cmon guys...minimum 5'11. Not below that
achello says on 15/Apr/14
Look what I found with Gareth Bale
Click Here
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 15/Apr/14
Looks 6'3" by Usain Bolt:

Click Here
chrisssss says on 14/Apr/14
Again everyone @tor especially, i was 5'9.5 (a little over 176cm) at 19, im 24 now and im 180.3cm(exact 5'11) so i grew 4cm, so there's that! And cr7 is measured at 185.1cm, i can't believe tjere is really a debate for this, if measuring a man's height isn't proof, then what is? Unno what, enough with the cm crap. He is 6'1!! Regardless if its 185.1/186cm/or close to 187. Point is he is that height. And please stop changing the listing of these athletes, all athletes are measured, and measured properly, they are not a bunch of biebers and tom cruises. And like i said the lazer theory can be wrong yes, but it will never measure you taller, only shorter. So enough! Cr7 is 6'1(185.1cm MININUM) :)
chrisssss says on 14/Apr/14
Again everyone @tor especially, i was 5'9.5 (a little over 176cm) at 19, im 24 now and im 180.3cm(exact 5'11) so i grew 4cm, so there's that! And cr7 is measured at 185.1cm, i can't believe tjere is really a debate for this, if measuring a man's height isn't proof, then what is? Unno what, enough with the cm bull****. He is 6'1!! Regardless if its 185.1/186cm/or close to 187. Point is he is that height. And please stop changing the listing of these athletes, all athletes are measured, and measured properly, they are not a bunch of biebers and tom cruises. And like i said the lazer theory can be wrong yes, but it will never measure you taller, only shorter. So enough! Cr7 is 6'1(185.1cm MININUM) :)
chrisssss says on 14/Apr/14
Again everyone @tor especially, i was 5'9.5 (a little over 176cm) at 19, im 24 now and im 180.3cm(exact 5'11) so i grew 4cm, so there's that! And cr7 is measured at 185.1cm, i can't believe tjere is really a debate for this, if measuring a man's height isn't proof, then what is? Unno what, enough with the cm bull****. He is 6'1!! Regardless if its 185.1/186cm/or close to 187. Point is he is that height. And please stop changing the listing of these athletes, all athletes are measured, and measured properly, they are not a bunch of biebers and tom cruises. And like i said the lazer theory can be wrong yes, but it will never measure you taller, only shorter. So enough! Cr7 is 6'1(185.1cm MININUM) :)
Tor says on 14/Apr/14
Seahaw, this page is for Cristiano!
Perez is about 5'5,
Figo is 5'10, no more than 2 inches over mourinho
From that photo seems that Becks is 178179cm (see also him with ibra, impossible he is over 180), Ronnie 181182, Zidane 183184
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 14/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan 187-188 CM.
Beckham - 5'10 1/2", Figo - 5'10 1/2", Zidane - 6'1", Ronaldo (Brazilian) - 5'11 1/2", C. Ronaldo - As above
Nick says on 14/Apr/14
still believe Ronaldo is 185cm? :) ok check this one Ferdinand listed at 189cm has at least 10 cm on him Click Here
Mario says on 14/Apr/14
Okay guys, clearly we have some disparity. I will go with my belief he is a tad 6ft2 morning 6ft 1.75 afternoon, dropping to 6ft1.5 night. I gave my reasons why I think his laser measurement was inaccurate. Disagreements are fine. Bye.
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 14/Apr/14
By 5'11" listed David Beckham (which I question), Zinedine Zidane whose listed as 6'1" (which I greatly question) and 5'11" listed Luis Figo (which is a highly questionable listing as well)

Click Here

They're all in the same footwear as you can see, but Zinedine Zidane's head is slouching slightly which automatically gives Ronaldo favoritism in posture. My opinion on the listings in the morning/out of bed:

Cristiano Ronaldo: 6'1.5" (maybe 6'1.75" on a good day)/187-187.5 CM out of bed. So 186 CM is the best shout for him in my opinion.
Zinedine Zidane: 6'0.75" (there's no way that the difference is that large between him and David Beckham)/184 CM out of bed (or you can round up to 185). 184 CM if morning height doesn't count.
Luis Figo: 6'0" (is clearly taller than 5'11")/183 CM. So 182 CM is the best shout if we're not counting morning height in these listing.
David Beckham: 5'11.75"/A strong 182 CM (there's no way that he's only 5'11" as there are photos between him and Ronaldo where there's no more than a 3-4 CM difference. 181-182 CM if we're not counting morning height.

This photo can be used as a reference.
MD says on 14/Apr/14
Oh, goodness. Look at what has happened to this page.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 14/Apr/14
Mario, a magazine cover? Really?
Appe4 says on 14/Apr/14
@tor maybe you' re right. I think always more that fernando gives the impression of being taller than he really is due to his body shape... another simile example is gareth bale
Mario says on 13/Apr/14
Btw John Terry is 6ft 1 at night - 6ft 2 morning. @everyone, go Check the cover of Vanity fair for Ronaldo/Drogba comparison, Ronaldo is hunched over and looks barely shorter.
Mario says on 13/Apr/14
I'm incline to go with 6'2'' in the morning first thing. No lower than 185 at night. Pictures produce various assumptions. If Rob ever took a pic (unlikely), then I am confident he would stretch to 187-188cm. @185cm 83kg "The practice is also not uncommon in Mediterranean athletes" - please leave out any unfounded generalisations. Also, please re-read, I said up to 3cm - not 3cm as a fixed number - 1cm for training loss, 1cm for wide(r) legs and maybe up to 1cm loss since morning - for a total of up to 3cm (more likely closer to 1.5/2cm). Ronnie does not dip below 185 at night. He is taller than Nadal even when he wearing football boots (no extra height, studs sunk into grass) and Nadal wearing tennis shoes (2-3cm boost). This complies with theory Nadal is 183/184 and Ronaldo is still taller in lesser footwear, albeit marginally.
Tor says on 13/Apr/14
Appe4, about 4 inches on Neymar and a bit shorter than Fred: i confirm my 182-183 estimate, legit 6 footer. From this and other pics i really don't see possibility he can be over 183-184 cm
Appe4 says on 13/Apr/14
what do you think about this? Torres with 185cm listed fred and 173cm neymar Click Here
Tor says on 13/Apr/14
chrisss, seing Drogba with J.Terry and Ivanovic, he can't be strong 6'2
Mario, morning height is not real height: nadal after 4 or 5 hours out of bed is no way taller than 183-184cm, or Murray is over 190cm ??

Come on guys, do you really think Utd didn't update CR's height for six years? 23,24 y.o. Ronaldo was still listed 184 cm everywhere, how can be taller now?
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 13/Apr/14
First and foremost, Ferdinand is at least 1.91 m. You still don't know what a good picture is. You can see nothing from the waist down, Ronaldo could be bending his knees and you would have no idea. There are several pictures on that page where Ronaldo is looking the same height, if not, taller. Why didn't you present those?
Nick says on 13/Apr/14
ok guys, very poor pictures? check this one out Ronaldo standing next to 189cm listed Rio Ferdinand Click Here if you keep seeing Ronaldo at 185cm after this you better find a doctor asap, Rob do you believe C.Ronaldo is 185cm after this evidence?
chrisssss says on 12/Apr/14
@tor he is taller now, he was 19 when measured 184cm and diddier drogba is 188cm not 6'1, cr7 is not below the 185cm mark, and the lazer theory could be wrong, as in, it can measure you shorter, not taller. If you want a better conparision, check cr7 next to henry or pepe or ZIDANE. Idk people are still arguing this, his height is 6'1 and ALWAYS looks it
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 12/Apr/14
Again, stop speculating on a variety of factors. All we can work with is the information we have. As for his feet being slightly apart, I believe it was done to just stylize the show (Ronaldo's trademark stance). You think these people don't know how to take a simple height measurement? It still doesn't account for losing 3 cm of height. Being difficult? You are claiming he is taller than listed, the burden of proof is on you. Inferiority complex? I was arguing he's taller. Stop trying to get to know me and provide more concrete evidence. If not, leave it. I concede my growth hormone comment was unfounded, but not completely wrong to assume. He has had an extraordinary growth spurt and he does have a strange body type. The practice is also not uncommon in Mediterranean athletes. There's no point in telling me to go an look at a picture of his father if you have no comparator. UK size 9 is not tiny and medicine is not an exact science.
Mario says on 12/Apr/14
Nadal is not the same height as ronaldo. He is an inch shorter and always looks it. Nadal is very close to 186cm morning down to 183/184cm in the evening.

Google search "cristiano ronaldo rafael nadal" and look at pic third from top left. Ronaldo is taller than Rafa, even in lesser footwear.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.