How tall is Cristiano Ronaldo ?

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Cristiano Ronaldo's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Portuguese footballer who has played for Sporting CP, Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was listed as 186.5cm on Madrid's website although in a Sky Documentary about him, a 3d Laser Scan measurement was given as 185.1cm (and in another clip showed the computer screen itself having 185.8cm).

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Original says on 31/Mar/15
186,5 out of bed to 185 night. Solid 6'1 can 6'1.25 sometimes.
mordor says on 28/Mar/15
Click Here nex to ramos.visible shoes and ground level.
Appe 6ft 0.5 says on 27/Mar/15
@rob do you think he could be measured under 185 (like 184,7) at dinner time after a training day?
joe 193cm night says on 23/Mar/15
probably measured at nightClick Here
joe joe says on 21/Mar/15
anybody using Team fotos with Ronaldo on the back row should be aware he usually tip toes
GianFranco says on 20/Mar/15
He's a tall man. Definitely looks at least 6'1.
6ftMagician says on 20/Mar/15
Ronaldo never looks taller than Jordan Henderson (who is the tallest looking 186 guy I have ever seen). Ronnie is fair to go with 185, let's leave it at that, could be 184, rather than 186.
Jamal says on 16/Mar/15
He is clearly closer to (and probably above) 186 than he is to 185. Also he should stay on his feet more!
Appe 6ft 0.5 says on 14/Mar/15
@darwin ronaldo lowest 185, kaka lowest 186
Darwin says on 13/Mar/15
@Appe Its true. KAKA is more tall than CR7
Height183 says on 13/Mar/15
Yep, at his very low probably goes down to around 6'0.5''
joe 193cm night says on 10/Mar/15
184cm to Ronaldo only the night after a tiring game
Height183 says on 9/Mar/15
In some Pictures Ronaldo looks taller than Kaka, but in other pictures Kaka looks taller than Ronaldo. I think they are both the same height at 6'1''.
186 says on 8/Mar/15
@mordor very true he is 1.86 like Kaka
Appe 6ft 0.5 says on 8/Mar/15
Kaka is a good cm taller than ronaldo. Ronaldo simply hold a perfect posture always while kaka not.
6ftMagician says on 8/Mar/15
Ronaldo can look 185cm next to Ramos and Bale:

Click Here

Ronaldo can look 184cm range with Rooney (5'9.25''):

Click Here
mordor says on 7/Mar/15
I disagree.The fact that we find pics where Ronaldo looks just a bit taller than Kaka and vice versa dictates that they are the same height.Legit 186cm guys both of them.
Willes says on 6/Mar/15
He looks 3 cm shorter then me so 186cm is fine
Willes says on 6/Mar/15
He looks 6'1
S.J.H says on 6/Mar/15
CR is 6'0.75 always visibly shorter than 6'1.25 Ricardo Kaka
Jamal says on 5/Mar/15
The second best player of this century (so far) is 186cm tall!
Rob ? says on 2/Mar/15
Rob do you still think he is 185? Because if he is theres a lot of mistakes with other players heigjt
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 185-6cm zone is what I think if you measured him with stadiometer he would be.]
Barney says on 27/Feb/15
Laser is 185.1 cm
Ronaldo +185 cm ok ?
6ftMagician says on 26/Feb/15
Please leave the childish melodrama out of here MD. We don't have time for this. Thanks
6ftMagician says on 26/Feb/15
I do not engage in name calling lol, chill, life's too short for that. One love.
MD says on 25/Feb/15
@6ftMagician, go read back through your last handful of posts and see tell me this is how you want to come off. You've done nothing but engaged in direct and catty name calling. Grow up.
mordor says on 24/Feb/15
Look man i am not trolling.Even his official fan site lists him at 186cm.Besides i am pretty sure 185.8cm laser measurement is the correct one.With 184cm Nadal 2cm difference is obvious even when Nadal wears tennis shoes whereas ronaldo has soccer shoes.
6ftMagician says on 24/Feb/15

You seem to have a comprehensive understanding with regards to your post below. End of discussion really - Ronaldo could be a low 185 or high 185, at the very least a 184 and at the most a 186. Done.
6ftMagician says on 24/Feb/15

You are clearly trolling. Those are guesses in the links, not from reputable sources.

I lost it when it said 6'2'' or 186cm - atleast get the unit of conversion correctly.

I won't engage in any more discussion with yourself.
mordor says on 24/Feb/15
Check these links that talk about CR7'S facts including measurements:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
mordor says on 23/Feb/15
Even though i dont speak english fluently i can clearly understand what you say in every post of you.I am not saying you say irrational things.Lets say we respect laser measurement.Why not.What i don't know though is what time was that measurement done and if it was after vigorous training.Those parameters could possibly make him lose about 1,5cm.Anyway it is clear that it is not severe to argue about 1 or 2 cms.Anyway check these links with some CR7'S facts including his measurements.Both of those articles are very recent.And one of them has as a separate question about his height and his other body facts.
MD says on 23/Feb/15
This guy is probably one of the most precisely measured guys on this entire website. If the listing is off, at all, it's only going to be off no more than a quarter-inch in either direction. But, arguing half-inches and whole inches? That's not even really for debate, sorry.
186 says on 22/Feb/15
He is clearly 186.5-187 out of bed and ends up the day at 185
Tor says on 22/Feb/15
good pic mordor!
well, we can see a clear inch difference between them, and also a small shoes's advantage for CR7 (1 or 2 cm)
So, 2.5 and 1 or 2cm, about 4 cm is the difference Cristiano-Dudek
Dudek is 187-188? Then Cr7 looks another time 183 or 184 (hard to say 185cm-legit 6'1, but it can be possible, in any case no way over 185 cm)
6ftMagician says on 22/Feb/15

You clearly are a reasoned and logical individual. I am glad we can agree Ronaldo is a strong 185cm. Nothing more, nothing less.


I can sense your English is not up to scratch. That perhaps explains why you fail to understand my previous posts. Go back and read my posts, it will clarify everything. To get you started, here is a little pointer: Ronaldo should be used as a measuring stick for other players - NOT the other way around, so forget comparing him to DUDEK or LUSTIG. Instead, for example, based on Ronaldo's measurement we can see that Dudek is a weak 6'2'' (187cm range). Let's uphold logic and reason over any irrationality.
joe 193cm night says on 21/Feb/15
Dudek was measured 187cm in Liverpool
Rory says on 21/Feb/15
No dudek is 6'2 not 6'1.
Appe 6' 0.5 says on 21/Feb/15
Click Here
Appe 6' 0.5 says on 21/Feb/15
@mordor how can you be sure dudek is a legit 188cm guy? We can t say that
Rory says on 21/Feb/15
The 186.5 measurement was probably taken at a morning training session, that's assuming he was barefoot too which he probably was. I think all his listed measurements make perfect sense to me. 186.5 probably late morning at training, 185.8 probably late afternoon before playing and 185.1 about his usual low after playing football in the evening.
mordor says on 20/Feb/15
You put the conversations in right bases.However you should also comment a realy good pic at least in my opinion that i have posted in a previous post of mine:Click Here
Check that.Ronaldo next to 188cm everywhere listed goalkeeper Dudek.Clear conclusions can be extracted with that pic guys.Waiting your comments.My guess would be that ronaldo is 186,5cm.That old Real Madrit's listing was accurate for him.If want, you can check another posts of mine where you can see CR7 with that Swedish guy Lustig listed at 189-190cm, in a video i had posted.Just scroll down.But first see that pic with Dudek.
Rory says on 20/Feb/15
Yeah id agree in that one isolated pic with ibra he looks not even 184 more 183 but you said yourself you think hes a strong 185 guy no more and i agree with that 100%, i rly do think hes just a plain 6'1 no more no less which tallies when you compare him to most other people e.g ramos,benzema etc. I would doubt the laser measurement included his hair, also was that taken after her excercised because if so then 185.1 is probably his low.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Feb/15
I always thought he was at least 6ft2. He definitely clears it in football boots
6ftMagician says on 19/Feb/15

Your question (''are there more pics of him looking 6'0.5, or are there more pics of him looking 6'1 ?'') proves that you fail to comprehend what I am saying. I do not care what he ''looks'' like next to other players. He was measured with a laser at 185cm - it was not specified whether that included his hair too. Thus he is at most (without hair) 6'1'' or 185cm. If however, the laser failed to remove his 1cm or so hair, then that would place Ronaldo at 184cm range.

I think Ronaldo is a strong 185 guy. Nothing more, nothing less.

He is a measuring stick to measure others, not the other way around.

Otherwise we'd be saying ''look at Ozil he is listed 6ft but Ronaldo has 2 or 3 inches on him, Ronaldo must be 188cm'' - NO. In this example, Ozil is clearly a 5'10'' guy.

Lastly, I would only accept measurements with ROnaldo compared to other verified (measured) players. The only one who springs to mind is IBRAHIMOVIC, I have provided a picture below of Ronaldo with Ibrahimovic, so why don't you tell us how tall he looks?
Rory says on 19/Feb/15
Are there more pics of Ronaldo looking 6'1 than there are 6'0.5 ? Absolutely.
joe 193cm night says on 19/Feb/15
6ftMagician it is a higher cm that Nadal Nadal also here this listing 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)Click Here
6ftMagician says on 18/Feb/15
@''joe 193cm night says on 17/Feb/15
6ftMagician Ronaldo is higher than the brownClick Here''

NO. Pay CLOSE attention to Ronaldo's left foot. It is arched up. As we have seen even recently, Ronaldo is tip-toeing there. Sorry. My evidence is strong, no one else has refuted it thus far.
Rory says on 18/Feb/15
Good pic which illustrates 6'1 for Ronaldo..look at him next to legit 6 footers Alonso and Ramos and stood beside 6'0.5 Benzema...cant see anything other than 6'1.

Click Here
Rory says on 18/Feb/15
@6ft magician..."I have a strong case Ronaldo is 6'1'' maximum."...well i think a lot of people would agree with that, but theyd also say i have a strong case hes not below 6'1 either...a question for you though....are there more pics of him looking 6'0.5, or are there more pics of him looking 6'1 ? If he was measured 185.1/185.8, i dunno where your 184 assertions are coming from.
Appe 6' 0.5 says on 18/Feb/15
@joe 193cm you posted a right photo but giving a wrong comment, ronaldo is not taller than brown, maybe a fraction under
appe 6ft 0.5" says on 18/Feb/15
@6ft magician, you are talking with me who I grew about 2cm after 18/19 yo, but I think that to grow about 3cm in twenties is such a rare case! maybe one on a thousand people
6ftMagician says on 17/Feb/15
Let's keep the conversation civil.

I have a strong case Ronaldo is 6'1'' maximum.

Some how it is impossible for you to fathom the evidence.

For the last time, he was measured at 185.1cm, thus we should use RONALDO as the measuring stick to judge others, not the other way around.

Having said that, with a 194.5cm measured Ibrahimovic, you tell me how tall Ronaldo looks:

Click Here

With all due respect, I rest my case.
joe 193cm night says on 17/Feb/15
6ftMagician Ronaldo is higher than the brownClick Here
mordor says on 17/Feb/15
ronaldo is a handful under 6ft2.thus he is 187cm.he ALWAYS TOWERS OVER 18CM GUYS FOR 3 CM.
Rory says on 17/Feb/15
6ft magician, are you going to try and tell us there's more pics of Ronaldo looking 184 than there is 6'1, because i wouldn't bother if i were you for every pic you post of him looking 184 there's oh about 100,000 where he looks 185 lol.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 17/Feb/15
While I agree that he isn't 187 CM, you could pick up 3 CM past 19. I grew a bit more than that in my early 20s.
6ftMagician says on 16/Feb/15
@Appe 6' 0.5

That does not make any logical sense. Being 184 at 19 does not mean ''he can't be 187'' final height. Some people grow well into their twenties, as they have a rare genetic predisposition that their growth plates fuse later than average.

Ronaldo does not appear to be one of those lucky individuals. Measured with a Laser at 185.1cm (with or without hair unspecified) puts him at MAX 6ft1. More likely in the 6'0.75'' range. A solid 184 guy as listed when he arrived at Manchester.

Here is EVIDENCE to support my claim:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

The first two pictures are comparing Ronaldo to Wes Brown (never listed over 185).

The last picture he is getting towered by 188cm Nemanja Vidic.

All pictured taken in 2008 season, Ronaldo would have been 23 years old. Done growing.
Appe 6' 0.5 says on 12/Feb/15
@rory perfect description. He can t be 187 if he was 184 at 19 years old
Rory says on 11/Feb/15
theres always going to pics where ronaldo can look 6'0.5 or 6'1.5, but the reality is 90% of the time he looks bang inbetween those measurements as a textbook 6'1 me its pretty clear hes 6'1, and anything outside of 6'0.75-6'1.25 range guesses are unrealistic.
Appe 6' 0.5 says on 11/Feb/15
@mordor in your photo dudek has a good cm on ronaldo and ronaldo has thicker shoes: so this photo is proof of no more than 186
mordor says on 10/Feb/15
Click Here
the pic i said last comment with 188cm dudek.
186.5 says on 9/Feb/15
At least upgrade him to 186.
mordor says on 9/Feb/15
Check that pic.Same ground level same(not talking about millimeters)shoe advantage.With Dudek at 188cm.
joe 192cm says on 9/Feb/15
Click Here
6ftMagician says on 9/Feb/15
Please see evidence I posted (in my other post below ''mordor'') before jumping to conclusions.

Let's not forget this is a guy who was MEASURED at 185.1cm with a laser. This is the MOST he could be (because if it included hair then it would be even less). So let's rule out 187 and 183.

Morning: 186.Xcm (MAX)
Night: 184.Xcm (Regular LOW)

From now we can use Ronaldo as a barometer to measure others; Arbeloa is 182 MAX, Ramos looks 6ft with Ronaldo, Casillas looks 5'11'' with Ronaldo. WE SHOULD NOT BE using others to measure him. Think logically please.

With all due respect, that should end the discussion. He is 6ft 1 for most of day, and just creeping under that mark at night.
Appe 6' 0.5 says on 9/Feb/15
Both 183 cm and 187 are redicolous, you can talk about 187 as a morning height but not real height
186 says on 8/Feb/15
Well Gareth Bale is listed 186 on that same site
That shows the credibility it has.
HULK says on 8/Feb/15
Ronaldo looks 2inches on F1 Drive Jenson Button(6FT on this site)
mordor says on 8/Feb/15
Oh yeah the same difference with arbeloa and navas the goalkeeper both of them being legit 184cm guys.seems 6'2 is quite possible for him.So 187cm was always my guess and i think i am right as hell.
6ftMagician says on 8/Feb/15
Arbeloa is 5'11 and was always listed this prior to recently.

Click Here

This would put Ronaldo at his true height of 184cm.
CR7 says on 7/Feb/15
Judging that pic with Arbeloa, not less than 186.5 cm
Tor says on 7/Feb/15
mordor, we can't judge on a clip, video is way less accurate than full figure pic to determinate height: proportions charge everytime and there isn't a complete view
186.5 says on 7/Feb/15
With 184 cm Arbeloa
mordor says on 4/Feb/15
I have posted that video again:
Check that video between 6.18-6.26 min CR7 next to sweden's Mikael Lustig that he is listed at 189cm.
Thomas says on 3/Feb/15
I'm 6'1" and he's built and looks like a legit 6'1" guy. 6 ft 1 is right on the mark for him
Tor says on 2/Feb/15
@6ft yes but personally, all considered, i put him more at 183-185cm, 6'0.5-6'1 ft benchmark
(in other words, if i'd bet on him to be a bit under or a bit over 185 cm, i try with the first chance)
6ftMagician says on 1/Feb/15
@Tor as has been said many times before, we should use Ronaldo to measure other players, not the other way around :)

Morning: 185.Xcm
Evening: 184cm

It appears we are going round and round in circles! Here is a guy who measured 185 (with or without hair unspecified). By this we can infer that at best he is 185/186, and at worst, in the 183/184 range (if it turns out laser included hair).
mordor says on 1/Feb/15
I have posted that video again:
Check that video between 6.18-6.26 min CR7 next to sweden's Mikael Lustig that he is listed at 189cm.
mordor says on 1/Feb/15
Hi guys.It's been a while since i last commented on ronaldo's height.I really think that i am justified to support the opinion that ronaldo is at 6'2 range or almost 6'2.Seeing that pic with Bolt it makes that clear.Constantly seeking to find excuses that he is shorter that what we see such as ground level or whether his shoes give him a generous height advantage are just not serious.Anyway take a look at that pic next to 184cm listed Keylor Navas(this pic does not show ground level-however i am pretty sure they are on the same ground level-and obviously not their shoes.But again lets assume they have the same shoe advantage.It is clear cr7 is 187cm range(so close to 6'2).And the pic:Click Here
Tor says on 30/Jan/15 last photo, very good pic, Khedira and Pepe are tip-toeing;
although, concentrate on Diego Lopez, that is around 195 cm: against Benzema looks 13-15 cm taller!
So Benzema around 181-182? Probably, but sure, no way over 6'0
And Benzema is always a bit under CR7, a couple of cm, an inch max
6ftMagician says on 26/Jan/15

Re-look at that picture, he does honestly look 2 solid inches shorter than Khaderia (who Madrid claim is 6ft 2). Admittedly I am a Ronaldo fan, but even I can leave my bias and see the solid 4-5cm difference (not counting Ronaldo's hair).

I agree with you though, he looks 184/185, he is probably close to 186 during the morning.
Appe4 says on 26/Jan/15
@6ftMagician I personally disagree with you when you say he could be also a 183-184 cm guy. I think the lowest possible we could speak about is 184,7/185 before bed. Anyway I think he would measure between 185 and 186 during 80% of the day. To me a honest 185 footballer and maybe even 186... 187 is a joke
6ftMagician says on 24/Jan/15
Let's lay this to rest once and for all:

Click Here

-- In this picture Ronaldo looks a hair over 6ft flat (an honest judgment - I am a Ronaldo fan).
-- He was measured 185cm by a laser - with or without hair *unspecified*.

Ronaldo is at worst 6ft, at best 6ft 1.

Ronaldo is a reliable measuring stick to guess others heights. Not the other way around. So Ozil is clearly (despite slouching), no 6ft guy.
james says on 24/Jan/15
@186 i honestly have no idea why everywhere has benzema 187cm, he's not over 184cm, i think benzema is a fraction over 183 but he's certainly not 187cm, ronaldo is always 3/4 taller so that would make ronaldo 6'3 LOL. Either way yea i think he's 186cm
186 says on 24/Jan/15
He has to be at least 186 cm. Taller than Benzema who is listed 187 cm EVERYWHERE
6ftMagician says on 23/Jan/15
This isn't the place to discuss other players heights. There is a page for that for a reason - so do Rob a favor and do it there.
Appe4 says on 23/Jan/15
@james I agree with you when you say he s not under 185, anyway I think the range is 185-186 (no less no more)... If someone thinks he s 187 is only because he has a perfect posture and seems to stand as tall as possible every time he is photographed
james says on 22/Jan/15
@Ally Reus always struck me as a 181cm guy, but the more i see him the more i think he's just 180cm, either way, he's 180-181 but no taller or shorter. I say 180cm
james says on 22/Jan/15
@Appe, ok dude, im sure schweinstiger is not over 5'11, all the 6ft guys in bayern are always taller and if Alaba is 5'11,then so is he because they are the same height. Sergio ramos is a solid 6fter, like to me he's a benchmark 183cm, and you are right, ronaldo is a full inch above him, so maybe ronaldo could very well be 186cm, but he's not below 185cm, i think he never drobs below that, the lazer picked him up at 185.1cm, so for a fact he's not below 6'1. I think he's 186cm
Original says on 20/Jan/15
1,86 is correct.
6ftMagician says on 19/Jan/15
@Appe4 regarding that pic with Bolt, Ronaldo is in flat soccer cleats don't forget, and Ronaldo is leaning himself. I see a solid 7, possibly 8cm difference there.

Thqat pic with Schweinsteiger is poor. As we all know Ronald's best asset in terms of height is his long neck, in that pic his neck is hunched down. He already has Shweinsteiger beat by an inch if standing straight he could beat him by a solid 5-6cm.

It's a tough one Ronaldo, he can look anywhere from 183-187cm.
Appe4 says on 19/Jan/15 Total body image with bastian schweinsteiger, he his listed 183cm everywhere but I think he is a bit under this mark
Appe4 says on 19/Jan/15
If bolt stood straight as Ronaldo there would be 8-9 cm difference
Jack says on 19/Jan/15
Well I'm no expert but Bolt is not standing straight -- if he was standing straight as Ronaldo then it would be not more than 3 inches difference.
6ftMagician says on 18/Jan/15
Click Here

Great full body pic that shows Ronaldo with 6'5'' track legend Usain Bolt. Ronaldo's soccer cleats give no added height (they dig into ground - 0cm). Bolt is wearing standard Puma 'Basket' sneakers (1cm).

How tall does Ronaldo look here Rob?
Appe4 says on 17/Jan/15
@ally reus no more than 181
Ally says on 16/Jan/15
What do you guys think about Marco Reus' height? He is listed from 180 to 183 cm everywhere
6ftMagician says on 15/Jan/15
@carver and @Appe4, both analysis are spot on. Robben is bang on 178cm. Di Maria at 179-180. Ronaldo 185 bang on. Neuer 192-193 range.
Appe4 says on 15/Jan/15
Guys let s say that with 183 sergio ramos ronaldo doesn t look a full 186 but more a 185 flat
carver says on 14/Jan/15
Ok,i saw someone asking about arjen robben's height, and i have to say, he really doesn't look 5'11, Di maria is 5'11 and the internet now has him 5'10(which makes no sense) and he was an inch taller than robben, also guatdiola is 5'11 and is also taller, and when ronaldo stood by him, ronaldo was a full 3 inches taller, now i don't think ronaldo is 6'2, i think he's a full 6'1 or maybe a little over, which makes robben 5'10.
6ftMagician says on 14/Jan/15
@Tor It's true, Neuer looks roughly 3 inches taller (even considering posture etc.)

I think Ronaldo can fool the camera into thinking he is taller. He probably is the full 6ft 1. I don't see a 6ft 2 guy there.
Appe4 says on 14/Jan/15
@6ftmagician, i saw other photos about the FIFA event in which you can clearly see there are at least 7 cm between them
Teej says on 13/Jan/15
Ronaldo to me looks like a 187cm, so i believe 186.5. He looks like he was a late bloomer and the amount of excercises he's done, with his lifestyle and diet, may have added a couple of cm I believe. So the fact that real madrid have put him as 186.5 is believable. besides I saw the 3d laser scan and dont forget he was doing excercise and he actually wasnt standing fully erect may also indicate he's 186.5 cm. The fact that he's listed as that height as opposed to 188cm or 190cm makes it also believeble. I think 186.5 is his exact height. Lets not also forget the fact most people are measured in shoes, so the fact that he's 186.5 barefoot he'd be a very strong 6'2 if not more in shoes. im 187.6 cm barefoot im 190.4cm in shoes, my shoes add about 3.4cm to my height. anyways lets not get off topic, I believe he is 186.5 I have no doubt about it.
Tor says on 13/Jan/15
Click Here
Tor says on 13/Jan/15
too close to the camera and Cr is the first near the camera, that distorts the proportions...between Neuer and Cr7 yesterday there were at least 3" least!
6ftMagician says on 12/Jan/15
Just watched the annual Balon D'or ceremony for the best soccer player in the world. Finally a good body shot of Ronaldo...Ronaldo looked a strong 187cm next to (193cm) Manuel Neuer:

Click Here

Rob is it just me or does Ronaldo look close (2 inches difference at most) to Neuer's height?
Appe4 says on 9/Jan/15
Click Here Doesn't look the full 186 with bale and ramos
6ftMagician says on 5/Jan/15
Click Here

There is Ronaldo pictured aged 18/19 at the start of his United career. He is pictured with 188cm Ruud V.Nistelrooy/ 193cm Rio Ferdinand/ 176cm Wayne Rooney.

Ronaldo looks a flat 6ft there. Did he grow since then? Hmm...
6ftMagician says on 30/Dec/14
Upon waking Ronaldo is 186-7cm and at bed he is 184-5cm. He is clearly slightly over the full 6'1''. Yet he is probably a good centimetre or two away from touching 6'2'' in the morning.
Samir Butts says on 28/Dec/14
I think the real height is 185.5 but He stands so correctly that sometimes he looks like 187cm. Pepe is taller all the way and sometimes they both look like if they have the same height.
Tor says on 28/Dec/14
thanks Rob, so we can put Fletcher somewhere between 6'0 and 6'1?

@Appe it means that Cr can't be over 185
[Editor Rob: Fletcher can look over 6ft flat, a full 6ft 1? Possibly close to it, at least 184cm I'd have guessed.]
Appe4 says on 28/Dec/14
This make me think darren is 185 and that ronaldo is not over 6'1
bae says on 27/Dec/14
fletcher with 6'3 Sheamus Click Here
wat says on 27/Dec/14
Did he grow an inch suddenly? Fletcher was always 6 foot. End of story.
bae says on 26/Dec/14
appe4 : Bonus Click Here
bae says on 26/Dec/14
appe4:fletcher isn't 6'0..he's cleary 6'1

Click Here
6ftMagician says on 25/Dec/14
Fletcher has been described as 6ft1 in some article, though he looks about 184. That would make Ronaldo between 185 and 187. I'd go with 186 for Ronaldo. He's not quite a 6ft2 but is probably a 184 at worst at bed. More like 6'0.75 at bed and 6'1.5 upon waking.
Ossi says on 25/Dec/14
Ronaldo is 6'1= 185 cm end of story
Judd says on 24/Dec/14
I think he's closer to 6'1" than 6'0" least 6'0.75", at least! 6'1" is fair!
Gx79 says on 24/Dec/14
Rob can ronaldo look in 6'2 or close to 6'1 1/2
Gx79 says on 24/Dec/14
Rob can ronaldo look in 6'2 or close to 6'1 1/2
[Editor Rob: don't think he can look 6ft 2, but a bit over 6ft 1 yes he can appear that with other players.]
Appe4 says on 23/Dec/14
Click Here Here is another proof! Fletcher at 183 is too low anyway, legit 184
good find says on 23/Dec/14
Another good find. Ronaldo is the same height as Fletcher. 185 never convinced me. He is 185 after bed. 183 in the evening. 186 in the morning and 184 before bed tops. Ronaldo just fools everybody with his height, and usually makes himself an inch taller than he really is.
Tor says on 21/Dec/14
very good full figure photo... same height (darren's face is reclined)...and fletcher is also listed 183

umpteenth pic that makes cr7 between 183 and 185 cm, no way over
Appe4 says on 18/Dec/14
Click Here Here ronaldo with 184.2 listed Darren Fletcher ( I think his listing is correct )
Appe4 says on 17/Dec/14
Perfect 6' 1. Maybe a little under after a training day and before going to bed.
ossi says on 13/Dec/14
i think Ronaldo is out of bed 185.8 or something like taht. And to the end of the day he is 184 cm i dont think he is 186 but he is still taller than bale
Sukzoo 4 lyf says on 5/Dec/14
Ive always knew that ronaldo is taller than bale still saying that keep growing until u ar tired bye man
sam says on 4/Dec/14
Thoughts on Neven Subotic? IMO nowhere near 6ft 4 as he looks a matter of cm taller than Sven Bender in lots of photos. Giroud as well
charlie says on 3/Dec/14
It should be noted a lazer minus's the hair when it measures you, so i feel like if any of the "6'1" guys were to get measured by a lazer the be about inch shorter. And the reason ronaldo was measured with that machine was because they were trying to determine how fast, how high(he can jump), and how strong ronaldo was by puting him under certain tests, in order to determine this, they placed ronaldo in a machine tgat gave PIN POINT body statistics(weight, height, width etc) they weren't trying to flatter ronaldo with a height, his height came up 185.1cm but like rob said the screen did have 185.8cm, but it also should be noted this was around after noon when the video was shot, and height varies throughout the day, if im correct, i really think ronaldo out of bed is 187, for most of the day he's 185/186cm and at night he's 184.6cm. He remains 6'1 constatly through his day.
charlie says on 3/Dec/14
Josh1 he is not 6'0.5, a LAZER Measured him 185.1cm(6'1) it is solid proof he's not beloelw 6'1. And when he came to united at age 17 he was 179/180cm look at the pictures with a neville, he was the same height as him at age 18, he grew quite a bit before 21.
joe joe says on 3/Dec/14
Rob Im guessing in his height measurement with Real madrid, it was done as it is always done in sports clubs Bare foot, Feet together and military posture. In the sky documetary clip his feet are about 30 CM apart when they do the lazer measurement. Just saying
Josh1 says on 2/Dec/14
He was 6'0.5 when he first arrived to Manchester United and he still is 6'0.5
Appe4 says on 2/Dec/14
I think he is more 186 than 185 ( 186 lunchtime). If he looks taller is because he always has a perfect posture in photos; in my experience, I am 184 (and I have a good posture) and in many photos I took I seem to be as tall as some mate who are 186-187 or towering on 180 guys... for me is the only reason why some of you talk of 187-188 for him. Then he is so egocentric that he wants to appear 190cm next to Benzema when in reality he is "only" an inch taller. Good evening guys!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Dec/14
"Christiano Ronaldo's height is 6ft 1žin (186cm)"

Out of bed: 187-188cm, Before bed: 185-186cm
186 cm says on 30/Nov/14
Hes at least 186. Always looks taller than solid 6 footers
6ftMagician says on 30/Nov/14
@joe joe Ronaldo does look taller than Cain, but we cannot see the ground nor can we see footwear. Purely based on that clip Ronaldo is 6'1 and Cain is 5'11.5 (in MMA he is billed an inch or so higher so this is not unlikely).
MD says on 30/Nov/14
You guys really have to stop using "tower" as you use it. A one inch advantage isn't "towering"; a two inch advantage isn't "towering." I don't think you can even begin to use the term until one person can see over the top of someone else's head. Let's start using the word more appropriately.
Tom says on 29/Nov/14
I do agree that most of the time he does look taller than this listing however with 6'1'' measured Chad Ochocinco in the picture when he met the real madrid team ronaldo looks marginally taller however Cinco is not standing up straight and was wearing vans slip ons which give (according to this site) 0.55' so i doubt ronaldo had less footwear. In another image when the two with their girlfriends cinco looks marginally taller. I believe 6'1.25'' for ronaldo.
Tom says on 29/Nov/14
Cain velasquez is not even 6ft. There is a good picture of him and brock lesnar in clothes where brock looks a solid 2.5 inches on him, making cain 5'11.5. Solves the height difference which between Ronaldo and cain i see 2 inches no more, no less.
Scott 187cm says on 29/Nov/14
Cristiano is 185 .5 cm
6ftMagician says on 29/Nov/14
@rmv Because Ronaldo does tower over '6 footers', logic tells us to round them down as opposed to putting Ronaldo's height higher!

Example: jenson button is at best 181cm. Not a chance he is a six footer.

My analysis in previous comment (posted on 26/Nov) also fits in well with laser measurement.
joe joe says on 29/Nov/14
It's really wierd that in this vid Ronaldo Towers over 6'1 1m 85 listed Cain Valasquez. Either cain isnt the 6'1 he is billed at or ronaldo is taller than 1m85. Infact in the early part of his MMA career Cain was Billed at 6'2. Really confusing. Also for guys who are going to say Ron is wearing soccer shoes. I doubt he is as he is holding them in his hand as this vid is taken after training. So it's safe to say Ronaldo is wearing training sneaker. Even if Cain is wearing flat shoes it still doesnt explain the difference in height from 2 men who are both billed at 185. IMO I would say Ronaldo is closer to 186.5 and Cain closer to 183/184. Let me know what you think Rob Click Here
rmv says on 27/Nov/14
No less than 185, I think closer to 186 because he often towers over solid 6 footers
6ftMagician says on 26/Nov/14
Guys the plot thickens, I found some interesting evidence (hear me out): Click Here

Despite unable to see the tape clearly we can make out the 5ft Mark clearly in black (just above guy in hoodie's scalpel). This is 100% because the next inch above it looks like a faint ''61''. I obtained the pic from this article Click Here
and zoomed in...

The tape indicates that Ronaldo is 66 inches up to his mouth (wearing 'indoor' soccer shoes). This means that his head would be 73 inches or 185.42cm. Discount the 1.5cm the shoes give and he looks a solid 184cm or so.

It's impossible for him to be as much as 1cm over 185. The laser was correct :)
appe4 says on 25/Nov/14
hey rob! 2 questions for you. First, are you thinking about to put CR at 186cm? Second, may you create in future a page on Fernando Torres or will you let him with other footballers page?
[Editor Rob: I think 6ft 1 is fine for him, he got his measurements somewhere between 185 and 186cm]
6ftMagician says on 24/Nov/14
@Aubameyang not seeing Ronaldo at 187 there, more like 185 at a stretch.

Funnily enough he is currently listed (most up to date) at 184cm on European Championship official website. Click Here
aubameyang says on 23/Nov/14
cristiano 186-187cm
lionel messi 168-169cm

Click Here
6ftMagician says on 22/Nov/14
I solved this debate once and for all... Ronaldo has a eye level higher than an average 185cm guy. He therefore can appear anything up to 187cm (even during day after standing for hours) at times.
I conclude Ronaldo is as measured by the laser, a strong 185 at bed, and 187 in the morning. Still a tall guy nontheless.
Tor says on 21/Nov/14
@mordor people lose from 1 to 3 cm during day, average is not 1 cm! Personally i lose only 1,5 but i'm an HP -15 and a 24y.o., so i'm in the minimum range; and where Crowe is 182? He is signed 179 bang on this site!
However no one of last pics are full figure...well, all of us can share kakā at 185186 cm, isn't he?
Click Here
Click Here
everyone can judge himself, i believe...
( care to say i have nothing vs Cr7, that even consider in the list of all time 10 strongest footballers!)
ah, here Xabi Alonso with 174-175 Mourinho and 183-184 Nadal...
Click Here
6ftMagician says on 20/Nov/14
@ Appe, not doubt Kaka is in 6'1 range. A strong 186cm at bed time. A 6'2 on waking up.

@ Mordor, I just don't get why Ronaldo looks so tall, especially compared to Jenson Button - he has at least 2 solid inches on Button. I am not saying he is definitely taller than 6'1 but we shouldn't rule it out.

Everyone I read all previous comments and I am surprised to learn Ronaldo was measured 185cm by laser.

My conclusion: Only thing I can think of is Ronaldo is really 'just' 6'1 OR it is possible for the laser to be misinterpreted/wrong.
Max says on 19/Nov/14
@appe ok im positive ramos is a solid 183cm. Bale i think 184.5, lewandowski 184cm. Torres, well dude he could very well be 185cm, he's definitely in the 6'1 range though. As for kaka im soo sure he and ronaldo are the exact same height, and because of that on different days one might appear taller than the other. But kaka is one of the few people who look exactly ronaldo's height.
@6ftmagician ikr? He stands way taller than most 6fters, the one with jenson betton real stunned me considering they wore the exact same footwear to race in that car. Ronaldo's height is by far the most debatable height i've ever seen because he really makes all other 6'1 listings look wrong
mordor says on 18/Nov/14
check that
Click Here (somewhere says he is 6'3 with shoes on)that means that his shoes have always a standard heel advantage(5cm in that case)??
mordor says on 18/Nov/14
need to mention he is listed at all w i k i e s 185cm except the greek one where he is listed as 187cm.
mordor says on 18/Nov/14
Well it seems more and more people come close to my conclusions.Dont even think about it dudes.This guy is 186,5cm most of the day.And i dont beleive he shrinks more than one 1cm.Those who say he shrinks 2-3cm during the day must be better informed.Maybe old people shrink that much.Not such young people with such strong build.
Appe4 says on 17/Nov/14
Kakā is a bit taller than ronaldo anyway. No doubt on this
6ftMagician says on 17/Nov/14
I'll just leave these here... Ronaldo with Jenson Button (182cm), Ryan Howard (193cm) and Kaka (186cm):

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Is he really just 185cm? He looks awfully tall at times!
Appe4 says on 17/Nov/14
@max cristiano 186, fernando torres 184,5 gareth bale 184 lewandowski 184 sergio ramos and xabi alonso 182,5/183. I don t know how you can see 3.5 cm difference between fernando torres and xabi alonso when there are so many photos proving not more than 2cm difference (max). Anyway I agree with you about CR and lewandowski. I write my estimation for midday height
Max says on 15/Nov/14
@Appe oh and as for torres, well the best shot is when ronaldo, kaka, and torres stood together at the fifa world player of the year 2008(all of them listed 186cm) torres and kaka looked the same height(wearing sneakers) while ronaldo was a little taller but he wore dress shoes(2cm heel) i really think they are the same height, people say what makes the nickname 'el niņo' so ironic is how tall torres is. I think he and ronaldo are the same. As for alonso before real madrid listed him 182.4cm, i'd say that's spot on for him torres looks 3/4 cm taller(3.6cm) so this is my guess
Cr7 : 186cm
Torres : 186cm
Alonso : 182.4cm
Max says on 15/Nov/14
@Appe good question, well he is currently listed 184cm kn bayern's official site, but recently i realised these official sites aren't as reliable as we think, i realise most just list what the internet has, however i do think he is 184cm, he's taller than the average 6fter(183cm) but he isn't quite 6'1. He has a very lean physique so he can look very tall at times. One other thing, when ronaldo stood next to him, he looked a solid inch taller, so to me this is more evidence that ronaldo is strong 186cm(and doesn't drop below 6'1 mark) what do you think?
Mamat says on 14/Nov/14
Cristiano Is About 186cm for sure...

With UFC Fighter 6'1 Cain Velasquez Click Here

And With 6'5 Fabricio Wedum Click Here
mordor says on 13/Nov/14
russel crow at 181-182cm not 5'10
Josh says on 13/Nov/14
The debate fascinates me. Even with laser measured pics lol...

The only thing worth debating at this point is whether he is 185.1 or 185.8
Appe4 says on 12/Nov/14
@max ...and, what is your thought about lewandowski? He is listed 183,184 or 185...
Appe4 says on 12/Nov/14
@max so do you think fernando torres is a full 186cm? Search "fernando torres & xabi Alonso" for example and you Will tell me. Don t know why but I think cristiano is slightly taller and I am pretty sure on 186 listing in him.
max says on 11/Nov/14
I think benzy is a solid 183( 184cm is possible like rob said, but i think 183cm looks more like him) but i agree he is no way 187cm, where did that listing even come from? And now everywhere has him listed that, i don't understand, and now people are saying ronaldo only looked taller because he tip toes when ronaldo was always 2/3 cm taller
max says on 11/Nov/14
@tor. No way man, then he'd be a 183/184cm guy, i really think don't think he drops below 185cm, out of bed he's 187/188, most of the day 185/186cm(hence the lazer got him 185.1/185.8), and a weak 185cm at night.
Tor says on 9/Nov/14
however my two cents: cr7's out of bed height 185-186 cm, most of the day 184 and 183-184 night height
Appe4 says on 8/Nov/14
@jamal 180
Jamal says on 8/Nov/14
This is a bit off topic, but how tall would you guys say that the current chess world champion Magnus Carlsen is? Here are photos of him with Ronaldo, Bale, and Zidane respectively:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
mordor says on 7/Nov/14
Kareem Benzema is 182cm.Anything above that for him is a lie.CR7 sometimes towers over him without tiptoeing tricks.
Max says on 6/Nov/14
@mordor, yup! They look both like strong 6'1ers. But my god, now this thing circling that benzema is taller than ronaldo and that's why ronaldo tiptoes in team photos....-.- why does everyone seem to think benzema is 187cm? Even gareth bale was slightly taller, but why do people think benzema is that tall?
Appe4 says on 6/Nov/14
@max I agree with you on everything but FT height, I don t think he is 186, look at photos with him and xabi alonso or sergio ramos (both 183): he has not 3cm in them as cristiano ronaldo! I think fernando torres is a genuine 184/185 guy as gareth bale but not over 185 as ronaldo. If ronaldo and torres would meet I bet there will be 2cm between them (not more). Anyway, From my point of you falcao is under the 179 listing, he seems more in the 177-178 range
mordor says on 5/Nov/14
I agree with the fact that he stands the same height as Thomas Muller who is listed at 186cm eveywhere.
mordor says on 4/Nov/14
Tor it is quite difficult for CR7 to loose 2cm.I had read once that the average shrinkage is about 1,5cm.Some people may shrink only 1cm.Of course it depends on factors such as vigorous exercise,etc.But the thing is that i also read that fat people tend to shrink more than avereage and quicker throughout the day at an average 1,8cm.Considering those Cristiano stands 187,2cm out of bed.Till late afternoon he stands at 186,5cm.And maybe at night he falls just under 186cm so maybe at match time he is 185,8cm or even 185,9cm.
max says on 4/Nov/14
@Appe4 to answer your question, it varies, ronaldo looks a full inch taller benzema(183/184) about the same height as torres(solid 186cm) 3cm taller than ramos(solid183cm) and bale...well honestly there is ahrdly anything between them 1-2cm(this is more proof that bale is not 183cm but more 184/185cm). And then for the WC, ronaldo made clint dempsey(listed at 185cm) look 5'10, and looked eye to eye with matt hummels. The only players who really look similar to ronaldo's height are: diego costa, fernando torres, thomas muller. Those 3 players have looked exactly his height. On a side note, how tall do think radamel falcao is?
Tor says on 4/Nov/14
however we can't consider out of bed height, that persists only 2-3 hours: the rest of the day we are 1-2cm shorter (the most lose happens the first 4-5 hours since wake up)
Appe4 says on 3/Nov/14
@celebheights 188: rob says frequently the average shrink is between 1.5 and 2cm ( considering this I assume 1.8 as perfect average). So less than 186 when is dinner time; my personal estimation is that he pull off 185 after a long training day. I ask you a question: how much are these players shorter than CR? Fernando torres, Sergio Ramos, gareth bale (if for you they are shorter of course)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Nov/14
If 185.8cm is a nighttime measure, he's a very strong 6ft1
max says on 1/Nov/14
Well yea it is very possible he grew after 18, that is common, however, look at him next to di maria!(who is now listed 178cm) they are the same height! I think they are both 180cm, how tall do you think falcao is?
mordor says on 1/Nov/14
Ok that's an opinion.We have about the same estimation.Only one correction.My estimations make him shrink 1.4cm not 1.2cm.(187.2CM MORNING-185.8CM NIGHT HEIGHT).Just for the record.
RealMF_CR7 says on 31/Oct/14
Yep.. 185 in soccer games. 184 in bad day and 186 out of bed.
Appe4 says on 31/Oct/14
@mordor. Quite agree with you but I think he shrink not only 1.2 cm in the day. So I think his morning height is right (about 187) but his height before bed could be only few mms above 185 (and not about 186 as you say). My estimation for his midday height is around 186 anyway :-)
Appe4 says on 31/Oct/14
@max I m pretty convinced he is 182. There are two reasons: the first is that I think 180 is his listing when he arrived in the United first team ( the listing when he was 17-18; as you know he is a 1995 born ); the second is that he appears always no more than 3/4 cm shorter than a legit 186 robin van Persie!
Max says on 31/Oct/14
@josh, actually when he was 17 and just arrived he was shorter than that! He was 179/180cm! You can ho check this up it's incredible, he was the same height as gary neville. He grew quite a bit from 18
mordor says on 30/Oct/14
I dont think so CR7's shoes have 1cm advantage to those of Dudek'.They have about the same footwear advantage.Maybe there is difference in millimeters(unnoticeable).And why should not Dudek be 188cm?He looks like a tall guy.Anyway their diffrence is max 1,5cm.So i really tend to believe that Madrid's listing about 3 years ago at 186,5cm is really accurate.However he is nowadays listed at Madrid's site at 185cm.Also he is listed 185cm in fifa world cup 2014 site.Need to mention again that all those sites that refer to his body measurements and other info for him analytically including his official one list him as 186cm guy.If you want my opinion after all those pics that we all have uploaded as well as recent charlez's interesting comment i am very sure he is:
Morning height:187.2cm
Midday-Afternoon height:186,5cm
Night height:185,8cm(almost 186cm)
So his height is (7 hours after sleep,best time to be measured) obviously 186,5cm.It's perfect for him cause he is just under 6-2 but also above 6-1 range.
Max says on 30/Oct/14
@Appe while were on this topic how tall do think adnan januzaj is? I see the internet now has him 182 o.O i think he's 180cm maximum, what do think?
Josh says on 30/Oct/14
When he first arrived to Manchester United he was 6'0.5 (184cm) before he got famous.
Appe4 says on 29/Oct/14
@mordor with dudek looks 186. 1cm difference + 1 cm his shoes has on dudek ones. ( but we don t know if dudek is really 188). @charlez did you saw him on a flat ground? You are 182 and did you feel "small" next to him that time?
Tor says on 28/Oct/14
@indo the difference Bambang-Obama is about the same as Ronaldo-Obama ( we can argue about 11 or 12 cm instead 13, but not more) and Obama isn't 187 or 188, he is something between 183 and 185

pics with pepe we can't see floor and alignment's photo

and in your pic Cr-Drogba there are only 2-3 cm difference, not 4-5 as mine's , i agree, but this can put Cr at 185 max, surely not over ( and i doubt Drogba is a full 6'2, he is a bit shorter than Ivanovic and quite the same as Terry)
Jamal says on 28/Oct/14
@Appe4 You probably meant "an inch ON me" instead of "an inch IN me". Then again, you never know...
Appe4 says on 28/Oct/14
Always more convinced he s a 185-186 cm guy who in many situations looks 187-188 due to his perfect posture (anyway not a 186+ guy for sure)
mordor says on 28/Oct/14
Click Here
With Jerzy Dudek listed at 188cm.
charlez says on 28/Oct/14
@appe dude, i get to see him back in 2012 when he came to LA with real madrid, im 182cm(im VERY posotive of this) and when he passed right front me and he was a good 2 inches taller me and he was wearing flip flops!. The guy is a STRONG 186cm from what i saw, maybe even a weak 187cm
john indo says on 27/Oct/14
ronaldo with indonesia's former president (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) Who listed 177cm Click Here

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono With Barrack Obama Click Here
john indo says on 27/Oct/14
@Tor :You wrong about ronaldo man..
you can see clearly..
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Ronaldo is same height as Pepe
Appe4 says on 27/Oct/14
I am a legit 184 and I would be so curious to know if he would have a whole inch in me
my estimation says on 26/Oct/14
Christiano is 185-186 cm in the morning, 184 cm before bed. The lowest I can see him is 183 cm. Maybe after a very bad day he is.
mordor says on 25/Oct/14
Click Here
check that video guys at 3.03-3.12 minute CR7 next to to 188cm listed elmander and 189cm alves.I also need to mention that CR7 is listed 186cm in most of the sites that state analytically his body measurements.
lisandro says on 24/Oct/14
I want to be great footballer my feature haw do think cr7 althought Iwant to help me to play football i live in north somali please call me 2520634346424
Tor says on 24/Oct/14
Click Here here Bruno Alves (#2) and Cr7 are the only two that doesn't elongating themselves....there are, at least, 2 full inches between them

Click Here and here with 6'1.5-6'2 Drogba...all things considered ( Drogba is nearer to the camera, but his posture is more relaxed than Cr7's) there is more or less 4-5 cm difference

Well, how Cr can be 186, 187 or 188 cm?!? How he can be!! Come on, it's completely out of the world
Heylo says on 24/Oct/14
The difference between Ronaldo & 188cm Elmander is pretty big, i got surprised here. Ronaldo looks roughly 183-184cm. But you never know, a 3d Laser scan doesn't lie.. But he can definitely be above 185 in the morning when he wakes up. He may be 185 on a good day, on a bad day 184 (yes, you can be 1cm shorter one day because of exercising the back for example..)
Appe4 says on 23/Oct/14
@mordor this is the REAL difference between cristiano and 189 Bruno alves (here CR is not tiptoeing) Click Here 186 is the best for him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Oct/14
186cm looked closer, IMO
Dural says on 23/Oct/14

Thanks, here's another one.

Click Here
mordor says on 23/Oct/14
Why are u asking me man?Whats the point of ur question?
Jamal says on 22/Oct/14

How tall are you?
Tor says on 22/Oct/14
@mordor but seems you would try to do that thing!! CR isn't over 185, can't be taller than Terry or Wes Brown or Pepe or others standing around 6'1, maybe a bit shorter!
mordor says on 22/Oct/14
Well ramos with rich hair next to to bald pepe may trick you a bit.
Anyway Click Here check that video guys at 3.03-3.12 minute CR7 next to to 188cm listed elmander and 189cm alves.
Appe4 says on 22/Oct/14
@mordor pepe never looks a 188 guy, here with 183 sergio ramos (same ground and footwear). Click Here He is a legit 186 as ronaldo, but not more.
Pinky says on 21/Oct/14
Dural, those were great photos
mordor says on 21/Oct/14
I try to state his real height and not trying to overrate his height.And i do not take into consideration if he has a good or not good height at 185cm so this would stop me to estimate him as a bit taller from that.Thats another discussion topic if he has a good or not good height and has nothing to do to his height estimation.Lets not blend things together.
Tor says on 20/Oct/14
No guys, Cr7 isn't the same as pepe, he is a bit shorter;
however, all full figure's field pics put him about 183184 cm, max 185, so why try to overrate his height? 66'1 is a very good height! In the 8090 percentile's range: tall, clearly over average height, but not very very tall or a giant
mordor says on 20/Oct/14
Most sites list Pepe at 187cm.Think that real's official page and even w i k i list him at 188cm.So if you consider these facts ronaldo is a legit 186,5cm guy.
again saying his morning height around 187-187,5cm
Dural says on 20/Oct/14
He must be standing on his toes behind the wall

Click Here

just like here

Click Here
Gx79 says on 19/Oct/14
He looks 6 foot2 he towers over 5 foot 10 girldfriend
187 cm says on 17/Oct/14
He is the same as pepe
kaplaaa says on 17/Oct/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg mad cos Ronaldo > you in everything including height
Appe4 says on 17/Oct/14
Pepe is listed also 186 on Many sites, I think it is right for him. He seems taller because he is very thin (72kg)
mordor says on 16/Oct/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You seem to be inordinate as far as cr7's height is concerned.But the truth is he is almost the same height as his teammate pepe(187cm) if not exactly the same.
Appe4 says on 15/Oct/14
@1.85m, 83 kg, cristiano at 180 is so ridicolous that I m feeling ridicolous too answering to you. The minimum chance I can hear is 184 (but with Good images). Anyway, imo, he never deeps under 185
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 13/Oct/14
I feel like a broken record but, again, we don't know where the 185.8 cm value has come from, thus we have to discount it. Also, since we're all making assumptions, let me make a few of my own: the measurement was taken on his day off training, he had a full night's rest, it was first thing in the morning, he had no exertion yet, the laser measured to the top of his hair. I've often seen Ronaldo looking 5'11".
RealMF_CR7 says on 11/Oct/14
I am 6'1 legit... my friend Bale is 6'0.5 and Ramos is 6'.... sorry for my english.

Madrid, 2014.
Max says on 11/Oct/14
@mordor........dude, that's some serious statistics! But i agree non the less!
mordor says on 11/Oct/14
You never know...
lol says on 11/Oct/14

Christiano Ronaldo, is that you?
mordor says on 10/Oct/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
Don't forget an important parameter.Of course the lazer measurement is the most respected method we have to estimate his height but as you already know the laser measurement showed two different heights of him(185,1 and 185,8cm)at another instants.So we could assume that at another instant could have shown him even a legit 186cm guy.No one can exclude that option.Also dont't forget the measurement was applied after some vigorous sprints he made to compeete with a sprinter guy.So he sure lost maybe(not sure about the time he was measured, an also important parameter) about 1,5cm from his let's say morning or peak height.So if we take 185,1cm option plus 1,5cm approximately(during the day he can't loose more than 1,8cm, it's quite rare, and that's checked from authoritative sources) means peak height 186,6cm.On the other hand if we take 185,8cm plus 1,5cm goes to 187,3cm "peak height".Even if you add 1cm on both options so waht he lost was due to exercise and time of day parameter you get on first option 186,1cm and 186,8cm respectively.So those people who say-and among them me-that CR7:he is 187cm in morning,
7 hours after waking up(best time to get measured) height is 186,1cm, one millimeter up-down,
Night(match time) height is 185,5cm, are NOT paranoiac.Besides he stands tall and as i have already mentioned the terrm for him, an ALMOST 6'2 range guy and that WITHOUT tiptoeing tricks he often does indeed.
max says on 10/Oct/14
@cebheighta 188CM
i fully agree with your comment, that actually seems very accurate for ronaldo.
Tor says on 9/Oct/14
ibra is a bit over materazzipique vieira and that type of players, and a couple of inches shorter than goalkeeper isaksson: probably a 193194 cm rounded at 195, but nono way over
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 9/Oct/14
LOL Max, and mordor the human laser, measuring to the nearest mm with only his eyes.
mordor says on 9/Oct/14
CR7 is a tall guy dudes he is almost in 6''2 range that's obvious.
mario says on 8/Oct/14
@tor dude ibra is a beefy 6'5, he's at least 195cm. he made was even taller than david de gea! I reckcon he's 9cm taller than ronaldo.
mario says on 8/Oct/14
Ok guys, seriously, the lazer measured him, it doesn't get more accurate than that, so he's either 185.1cm or 185.8cm(like the computer screen said) i'd go with 185.8cm, he really looks like a 186 guy so 185.8 to me seems spot on(and the lazer does not include hair). But he is not over 186.5cm and he us NOT below,185.1cm 185.1cm. 187 is probably his height out of bed but that's about it
Max says on 8/Oct/14
Ok ENOUGH! Ronaldo tiptoed ONCE! that was it, every time, when standing on flat feet he dwarfes people who are listed 6feet and even 6'1
charlez says on 8/Oct/14
@me to appe
Ronaldo was measured with a LAZER and his height was 185.1cm. There is no way he is 184cm
mordor says on 7/Oct/14
CR7 is 187cm in morning.
7 hours after waking up(best time to get measured) height is 186,1cm, one millimeter up-down.
Night(match time) height is 185,5cm.
What's your opinion about that conclusion?
me to Appe4 says on 6/Oct/14 says on 7/Oct/14
Bale is 183. If we are generous, then 184.

Ronaldo is 184. If we are generous, then 185. All these claims of 187 is just absolute BS. He looks taller in photos because he tiptoes and does other stuff.

For example, in posted photo with ibra, ibra, who is 194, towered over him like by 4 inches.
Appe4 says on 6/Oct/14
1cm taller than gareth bale, there is no more difference between them, 184,5 for bale, 185,5 for cristiano
Fred says on 2/Oct/14
185.8cm (maybe) . Cristiano Ronaldo is 1.85
Usually standing on your toes in photos
Fred says on 2/Oct/14
185.8cm (maybe) . Cristiano Ronaldo is 1.85
blink says on 2/Oct/14
Probably closer to 186 than 185
Andrea says on 2/Oct/14
Ahahah, this "Celebheights 188" is the best, seriously...
"In the first he looks 179, in the second 181, and then 189-190... So let's do the average and he's gotta be 185." I hope he's just trolling or he has serious problems.
mordor says on 1/Oct/14
@Celebheights 188 CM
Not serious conlusions.
mordor says on 29/Sep/14
Check those pics he is clearly not tiptoeing then to get your conclusions.
Tip Toe says on 28/Sep/14
Dude, he always tiptoes in team photos. I found another photo of portugal team from this year, and he stands as tall as in the one you posted like he is 6'2. But from the 2014 photo he gains around 2 inches by doing a tiptoe trick.
lol says on 28/Sep/14
You do realise, that he usually tiptoes in team photos and does other tricks to look taller in photos? He is 6 foot. Case closed.
mordor says on 28/Sep/14
Check my previous post.It seems you ignored it.
Tor says on 27/Sep/14
in that pic there are at least 10 cm beetwen them...and ibra isn't over 193-194, he is 5-7 cm under 198-199 goalkeeper isaksson
Ally says on 27/Sep/14
Really @mordor? There are more than 10 cm difference in that photo. And Ibrahimovic is actually 194cm, he was listed this height at FC Barcelona...but Ronaldo has grown a little since then, he is now 185-185.5 cm (afternoon). 187 might be in the morning
mordor says on 27/Sep/14
tor ibrahimovic is 195cm so there is an 7-8cm difference.
the same at their night heights in your photo which are 1-2 cm less from 187 peak os cr and 195 peak pf what have u proven?nothing.
mordor says on 26/Sep/14
Tor says on 25/Sep/14
mordor how do you explain this? Click Here
Cr seems more or less 4 inches shorter than 6'4 Ibrahimovic
187 cm says on 21/Sep/14
Listed as 187 cm in a portuguese page. Click Here
Tor says on 21/Sep/14
terry is 185 cm, lampard 182-183
mordor says on 21/Sep/14
In the previous video i uploaded go at 55.28 min to 58.50 min aproximately (1st video-1st half).I mentioned wrong minutes tolook in the previous post because i meant the time at the first half.Click Here
mordor says on 21/Sep/14
check that video from a match a year ago i think berween bayern munich & real madrit and open the video on the first half and specifically between 41.40minute and 42.10minute approximately where when pepe is on the ground there is a croud around him and you can see ronaldo with 187cm mandzukic, ronaldo with 192cm boateng clearly and finally ronaldo with 186cm thomas muller not that clear just in the end of this stage.You can get some rough conclusions there and i wait you to share them with me: Click Here
mordor says on 21/Sep/14
only rui patricio is tiptoeing i have seen this photo again fully revealed.
hugo almeida is no less than 191cm so ronaldo is 187cm midday maybe even 188cm morning height.
Appe4 says on 21/Sep/14
Del Bosque could be now a weak 6 foot (182.5cm)
david says on 21/Sep/14
rob..i think 186cm is better for ronaldo...
Jay 184cm says on 21/Sep/14
@187 cm Are their listings accurate or exaggerated? And he could be on his tip-toes a bit here, knowing that they are tall guys. You can't see his feet. I've seen a few players do this on the back row of team line-up photos.
187 cm says on 20/Sep/14
Click Here Next to 191 cm Hugo Almeida and 190 cm Rui Patricio
Jay 184cm says on 20/Sep/14
@mordor Did you even read my post? I mention morning height in my first sentence... I didn't say Terry wouldn't have concerns about claiming his morning height - I'm certain he'd be fine about doing that. My whole point was that you were holding up Terry's apparent 187cm daytime height as proof that Ronaldo is also at least 187cm (daytime) because they look the same height in the photo. My point is that Terry can't be 187cm because he only looks a little taller than Lampard who is definitely no taller than 183cm - hence Terry and Ronaldo are, I imagine, both 185cm. And are you holding up a 4cm difference with Del Bosque as evidence that Ronaldo is 188cm? Del Bosque is 63 years old so it's quite believable he has lost 2-3cm and is now 181cm which would make Ronaldo 185cm. Hasn't Ronaldo been measured with a laser as between 185 and 186? (Rob's listing says so.) I'll give him that, I don't believe any higher.
Appe4 says on 20/Sep/14
So Those of you who say he is 187 think that he is 188-189 just out of bed which I think is really too much. He could be 187 in the morning but if measured at midday or in the afternoon He' d be a 186cm guy, no more. 186cm fits him perfectly
Appe4 says on 20/Sep/14
So Those of you who say he is 187 think that he is 188-189 just out of bed which I think is really too much. He could be 187 in the morning but if measured at midday or in the afternoon He' d be a 186cm guy, no more. 186cm fits him perfectly
187 cm says on 19/Sep/14
He was listed as 186.5 before on Real Madrid's site before
mordor says on 19/Sep/14
@Jay 184cm
You talk as if you are sure terry is not 187cm and as if morning height is non-existent.Anyway what about Del Bosque?And i dont believe that terry would have such concerns about 'claiming' his morning height of 187cm while he is 185cm on midday.Maybe CR7 would have such concerns but not terry.Even if he is 185cm(he is tall anyway) he would not mind claiming 187m.
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
@mordor CR7 looks the exact same height as Terry in your photo evidence but have you considered that Terry is only 185cm himself and perhaps claims his morning height of 187cm? Also note that Lampard looks a solid 183cm next to Terry and CR7 in the photo, which is fairly believable - Lampard is certainly no taller than 183cm which means Terry and CR7 are NOT 187cm.
Also, CR7 is a massive egotist! If he was any taller than 185cm when measured, he'd make damn sure it was posted online by Real Madrid as 188cm or something.
mordor says on 19/Sep/14
Nice comparison with Del Bosque.He is taller than this old man at least 4cm.
187 cm says on 19/Sep/14
Click Here Next to 184 cm Del Bosque.
187 cm says on 18/Sep/14
He is clearly taller than 185 cm listed people.
mordor says on 16/Sep/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
See?Not the only with a deluded opinion.This man is 6''1(3/4) (187CM).
teej says on 15/Sep/14
Ronaldo's 185.8cm but thats barefoot and measured after exercise. So yes i would believe 186.5cm on Madrid's website he could even be a strong 187cm when he wakes up. In shoes no question he would be a reasonable 6'2. He still looks taller than footballers who are listed over 186cm e.g terry. I believe many footballers are measured in different circumstances e.g morning or after exercise. So you cant be accurate.
Milanista says on 12/Sep/14
Ronaldo is sharp 186. Kaka is 187. Benzema is 183. Pogba was 188 when he was in Man United. He's now 191 in Juventus. Remember guys, he's young and still grows. About RVP? That's twaddle. He's probably 187-188. Balotelli is 188. Yaya Toure is 191. It's not shoulder to shoulder, it's head to head you measure the height!!
mordor says on 10/Sep/14
he is that tall(187cm) check my evidence which i also see you to deliberately ignore.Click Here
check that and then tell me next to john terry at 187cm.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 10/Sep/14
Stop repeatedly posting your random, deluded opinion and come with some evidence. Thus far we have a laser, an official listing and pictorial evidence (some of which I have presented if you scroll down and seem to be ignoring) that suggest 1.85 m.
mordor says on 7/Sep/14
cr7 legit 187cm.
Calvin says on 5/Sep/14

After seeing your comment I looked back on my own comment and saw that I was off, so yeah you're probably right. Sorry. Giroud doesn't look 192cm at all though.
alex says on 5/Sep/14
pogba 186cm are joking...he's tall guy n young
mordor says on 5/Sep/14
Of course taller than 188cm.Some people here have lost their sense of space apparently.Anyway his height is conroversial.Even between valid sports sites you see divergences.Anyway i trust one that lists him at 192cm.
Bakel says on 4/Sep/14
Haha Calvin, Pogba is way over 188cm, you don't know what you're talking about. Here he is with 192cm listed Giroud and 191cm listed Varane:
Click Here
Click Here
Nick Young says on 4/Sep/14
Pogba 191cm
Courtois 199cm
Diego Costa 186cm
Balotelli 189cm
Varane 192cm
Hummels 192cm
Ronaldo 186cm
Sturridge 183cm
David Luiz 188-189cm
Luis Suarez 180 cm
mordor says on 4/Sep/14
and why has balo been listed as 189cm?they lie about his height?are they so inaccurate at measuring his height?dont think so...
mordor says on 4/Sep/14
so how do you explain that players are generally listed a bit taller and CR7 is listed a bit shorter than he is?
Appe4 says on 4/Sep/14
balo is no more than 188. 100%
mordor says on 4/Sep/14
balo is 189cm
Andrea says on 3/Sep/14
If i'm not wrong, i saw some pics of Pogba and Balotelli sometime ago and they did look similar. Rob insists Balo is no more than 6'1, so it's hard to believe Pogba is much taller...
Calvin says on 3/Sep/14
Appe, he could still have grown a bit of course seeing as he's under 21 years old, but to me he doesn't look over 188. His long legs could also lead to him seeming taller than he really is.
Appe4 says on 3/Sep/14
I am 185 and I live in Turin, italy. I met Paul Pogba last April; I can assure you that he is almost 190, probably 191-192
Calvin says on 3/Sep/14
Nguyen some of your heights are off. Pogba is no more than 188. RVP is 186.5, Ronaldo is 185. Ferdinand is shorter than 193 aswell. Don't know about Lustig.
mordor says on 2/Sep/14
torres is 185-186cm .
Appe4 says on 2/Sep/14
@mordor I know. But there s no discussion on torres so I ask you here; anyway I accept Only Rob's advice, not yours.
mordor says on 2/Sep/14
This is about cr7 not sturridge or torres.
Appe4 says on 1/Sep/14
I would like to have your exactly opinion about fernando torres; I ask you if is more in the 185-186 range or in the 183-184 one. I remember that some of you considered Him the same height as ronaldo and others up to 3cm shorter... Also Rob, what s your opinion? :)
Ally says on 31/Aug/14
Same with Daniel Sturridge, but he is listed taller. Before moving to Liverpool he was 6'2. Now he is 6ft, but I think he is really 5'10 (179cm maximum)
Click Here

Here he looks only 8-9 cm taller than 170 cm Raheem Sterling and about 6-7 cm shorter than Jordan Henderson(he is 6'1)
mordor says on 30/Aug/14
@nguyen van kuyen
Interesting approximations.But why are these players listed shorter?The opposite would be more rational.
nguyen van kuyen says on 30/Aug/14
paul pogba : listed 186cm / real height 191cm
van persie : listed 183cm / real height 187cm
lustig: listed 189cm / real height 192cm
Rio Ferdinand : listed 189cm / real height 193cm
Cristiano Ronaldo : listed 185cm / real height 186cm
mordor says on 30/Aug/14
Yeah i guess so(186cm seems legid height for him).I say his peak is around 187,2cm early in the morning though.
Fredd says on 29/Aug/14
Mordor, there was a time, like last 6months, the real madrid site had his height 186.5 cm. I think that's a fair shout. But to me he's a solid 186cm
mordor says on 29/Aug/14
I didnt wanna fight you over.I just didnt really accept what u were sayimg about cr7 comparison with lustig.Ok maybe its not the best angle but you can see some conclusions there.Which are right.Lustig at 189cm towers over him at least 3cm.
Jamal says on 28/Aug/14

Dude, it seems that we have the same opinion on this topic. Why on earth would you fight me over this? Anyway, this is my final reply to you.
mordor says on 28/Aug/14
I have to mention that his official site lists him at 186cm.
mordor says on 28/Aug/14
Guys CR7 is a legit 187CM approximaetly.
Morning height:187,5CM
Evening height:186CM
Most accurate average estimation of mine is 186,8CM(most of the day being that height).
Dural says on 28/Aug/14

I doubt Jese is 178cm as listed, maybe 175cm.
Modric I believe is 171-172cm. Benzema was listed 181cm before the 184cm listing btw. Never trust any official heights.
Click Here
johnmarco says on 27/Aug/14
@dural well kroos is just 24, so i a couple years ago they had him 180cm at bayern, which was probably his height when he was 16-18, i really think kroos is what he's listed, now james, yea i can believe 178cm but they are sometimes he looks a solid 178cm and other times he looks 180cm, im just gunna say he's 179cm . Also how tall do you guys think jese rodriguez is?
mordor says on 27/Aug/14
No.Haha their difference is clear they walk shoulder to shoulder.You must be blind not to see that.
Jamal says on 26/Aug/14

Yeah, I think it's hard to make comparisons from an eagle's eye perspective, so I am not going to do that.
mordor says on 26/Aug/14
I dont think so its from bad angle.You can clearly see whats his height there.I think 187 is his max height whereas night height is 185,5.You didnt compare him to lustig though.Wait u to do so.
Jamal says on 25/Aug/14

Yeah, I saw that match on TV at the time, and he did not seem far off from the tall Swedes.

The video you posted is shot from a bad angle for judging heights.

I think that at any point during the day, Ronaldo's height is between 185,5 and 187,5. This is the best estimate I can come up with. To add to that, I think that he would measure below 186 only after having played a match at night. Clearly arguing millimeters is pointless here.

He is listed at 186,5 on the Real Madrid website. He has also been measured below that. However you can not be measured as taller than you actually are, while you can always measure shorter than your real height (ex. depending on posture, depending on time of day and physical activity before then, etc...). So one should expect that he is around that mark. Real Madrid post heights even with .2 millimeters, which means that they do not usually round up.

As to your 1.5 cm for an average person, I do not know how true is that. I can measure at 181 in the morning and at 178 at night after having played an hour of football, so that is definitely not 1.5cm

Either way, you seem to think that Ronaldo is taller than 185cm (which I do think as well), so I do not quite get the point of the lengthy discussion here.
mordor says on 24/Aug/14
In the previous post that i uploades a video i am not saying that lustig is 100% that height of 189cm but if you assume that he is as i did then you can have some conclusions for CR7 next to him.
mordor says on 22/Aug/14
Ok height is a changing variable throughout the day but it changes no more than 1.5cm for an average person(so not a big deal man come on).Which means CR7 with the perfect posture and the ultra-strenghtened abs he has he may shrink at about 1cm.So yes you can pinpoint his height at least with centimeters which is what counts anyway.Millimeters in height are practically innoticable anyway.I have uploaded a video some time ago which i will upload again where you can have a nice comparison as Sweden's diffender Mikael Lustig at 189cm roughly talks to him as they walk exactly next to each other(shoulder to shoulder)and even starring at hime face to face.So you can check it as well as other guys checking that topic an tell me your assumption.So take that video and look between 6.17-6.26 min:
So do have your conclusions and share them with me.(this match at the vid above was conducted on november 2013 so it is recent).
Tor says on 22/Aug/14
Click Here
Dural says on 22/Aug/14
Kroos was listed 180cm a few years ago at Bayern. I could believe 178cm for Rodriguez (which was his listed height at the WC btw.), but 180cm is out of the question. Just look at him with David Luiz for instance:

Click Here
Max says on 21/Aug/14
Solid 186cm
johnmarco says on 21/Aug/14
@dural, dude did you see how tall he stood next to the rest of squad in the atletico game? He looked benzema's height when he stood next to him. Better yet he looked only an inch shorter than muller and was taller than both ozil and reus. I think kroos's listing is spot on 182cm. As for james i can't really say, but i thibk it's kind of odd that people say robben looks a solid 5'11 when to me james looks more of a 5'11 than robben. Am i the only one who sees this?
johnmarco says on 21/Aug/14
@teej, i can believe 184cm for benzema, he was listed that before those 187cm listings came up, but standing next to ronaldo he looks 183cm, and even better, next to gareth bale(who im convinced isn't 183cm, more 184cm and change) he looks a little shorter. I think benzems is a solid 6'(183cm)he and ramos are the same height anyway, but he's def not 187cm
Jamal says on 20/Aug/14

As has been documented, it is difficult to pinpoint Cristiano's real height. In general, when he stands by 6ft guys he seems to edge them out more than by what 2 centimeters would appear. Also when standing next to 6ft2 guys, he appears to be very close to them in height, if not equal.

I do not have a clear assumption, as height is a changing variable even throughout the day, so it is hard to give a person a fixed number of centimeters, and expect them to always be exactly that tall. For Ronaldo, I think that most of the time he is between 6ft1 and 6ft2, but he should be closer to 6ft2.

In any case, I think he probably has what could be considered as the ideal height for a football player, even though this notion is very vague and rightly is rarely discussed.
teej says on 19/Aug/14
Rob, how tall would you say Karim Benzema is? He's listed as 187cm which is my height, but i dont quite buy it, i seem to think he looks fairly tall due to his physique but looks no more than 184cm. Ive seen numerous pics with him and ronaldo, and ronaldo always seems to be an inch to an inch and a half taller, comfartably taller than benzema.
[Editor Rob: he seems pretty close, but certainly not a 187 guy, 184 maybe]
mordor says on 19/Aug/14
whats the meaning of arguing about james's height this topic is for cr7.
mordor says on 19/Aug/14
When you say slightly?Can you be more specific and give your own assumption?
Dural says on 19/Aug/14
177cm for James. Kroos is most likely 180cm.
johnmarco says on 19/Aug/14
@sss 5'9? Now that's just rediculous man, lowest for james is 178cm, other than that next to kroos he looks the 180cm, it's possible 179cm as well
johnmarco says on 19/Aug/14
@rob, i'd go with the second, i think it's more him wanting to stand out in the picture
sss says on 18/Aug/14
James might be even 5'9 range.
Jamal says on 18/Aug/14
For the gazillionth time, this guy is (slightly, but noticeably) taller than what he is listed here.

By the way, I am baffled by some of you guys arguing fiercely over one or two centimeters about a guy who will most likely never be a part of your life, or have a significant impact on it whatsoever.

*Click Here*
johnmarco says on 17/Aug/14
@185m you are the only one inventing your own facts here, you downgrade every other person qe compare ronaldo to, where has lamlard at 181? Where has ramos at 182? Etc you are the only making up other heights
johnmarco says on 17/Aug/14
So because he was tiptoeing...makes him insecure about his height? I don't think anyone should look into that, on flat feet he stands tallers 6fters and some 6'1 guys.
[Editor Rob: Maybe he does want to look taller.

It might also be if there are some photographers down quite low he's wanting to make sure all his head is in the photo from the lower photographers?
mordor says on 17/Aug/14
in fact morning height is 187CM.the other day he is 186CM
Simbat says on 17/Aug/14
Perfect example for 6'1.
mordor says on 16/Aug/14
he is almost 6''2.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 16/Aug/14
There's nothing nothing you can do about it. You can present all the evidence you want in the world but fans will see what they want to see and invent their own facts.

Tell me about it. That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Pedro says on 14/Aug/14
Seems like he is a little self conscious about his height lol: Click Here
mordor says on 14/Aug/14
Apparently he is a late bloomer.And?I talk about facts.CR7 max height 186,5-187cm.
Evening height that all of us guys watch him playing at matches is 185,2-185,5 approximately(i am not going to argue with millimeteres).
Tor says on 13/Aug/14
Come on mordor!! Humans can't grow in height after 2021 yo, and only late bloomers stop around that age, average end of height's growth for men is 17-18!
mordor says on 12/Aug/14
old pic seems 184,5cm
real current height :186,5cm.
Tor says on 11/Aug/14
Click Here
Ally says on 11/Aug/14
@johnmarco Ronaldo was measured as 185.1 cm in Tested to the limit. 186.5 might be his morning height. There is a new picture of Gareth Bale, Marcelo and James, James there looks 178 cm too. He is 180 cm in the morning I think. Ozil is listed 183 cm in transfermarkt, website that usually has players' right profiles, I too think that Ozil is just 180 cm
johnmarco says on 9/Aug/14
@ally actually i think ozil is listed 181cm(though i think he's 180cm flat) james looked a good 5'11 in the wc, so if i had to guess i'd say he's a weak 5'11, ronaldo's height is the real question here, this isn't the first time he made 5'11 guys look 5'9 so im always confused, ronaldo was listed 186.5cm on real madrid's website and i used to believe it! I think ronaldo is a strong 186cm with a great built and perfect posture, he really stands tall!
mordor says on 8/Aug/14
what time was cr7 measured?and how much does that affect his height?i think the average man shrinks 1,5cm during the day.
Ally says on 8/Aug/14
What do you guys think about James Rodriguez and Mesut Ozil? James is like 6-7 cm shorter than CR7 but is listed as 180. Ozil is listed as 183 cm:))) thats just ridiculous! He looks at least 1 inch shorter than 182 cm Podolski and like 5-6 cm shorter than guys like Klose and Muller. He's maximum 180. James must be 178
Ally says on 4/Aug/14
Mertesacker looks 10 cm taller than Khedira, around 20 cm taller than Podolski. I thinks he is 200-202 cm tall
Josh says on 30/Jul/14
Yes Arch, his physique/height is really fantastic. Great for attracting women (ofc with his money/looks/fame it is just the cherry on top)

And yeah it is actually rare to see a top athlete in that kind of shape. Football players sometimes because they are big all around, but even there pretty rare to see such rippedness and obvious isolation work (Laron Landry would be an example)

But most soccer/tennis players whatever are lean and in good shape but lack that obviously contrived underwear model Ronaldo has. Definitely a guy who cares about what he looks like shirtless with the obvious work on every muscle group and abs and the tanning and all.

To bring it back to height, looks a hair taller than Nadal in the Nike commercial. Clearly a flat 6'1.
mordor says on 24/Jul/14
mertesacker you mentiones looks always way taller than everyone.even 193 cm neuer seems to be about 8cm shorter than him.i would personally put mertesacker at 199,5cm range.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jul/14
I mean, I might be wrong and he's motivated only be his sport, but anybody who has the self-motivation to do 3,000 situps a day Click Here would far surpass the requirements of being a footballer!!!
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jul/14
@Josh, yeah he's ripped as hell, does look that 6'1" 170 pound sort of fighting weight a lot of the UFC fighters are. He looks in even better shape than some of them. Click Here For Arnie to say you've got a fantastic physique is hands down the biggest compliment anybody could give you!! All I know is how much dedication is takes to have 6% bodyfat or whatever he has and it really comes down to body obsession and a narcissistic personality, which I don't think is a good thing, even if he needs to be fit for his career.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Jul/14
Van Persie definitely generally looks taller than a flat 6 ft I've seen listed for him anyway, although that Mertesacker pic he really looks struggling with 6 ft, unless Mert is nearer 6 ft 7 as Rob has suggested.
Josh says on 23/Jul/14
I agree with Rob that Ronaldo is 170 pounds. He is very lean and slim, just ripped., even his legs are decent but not huge, just insanely toned and defined. They are not big enough that I can see them substantially adding to his weight.

He's been listed anywhere from 165 to 186, you can't really go by each listing. He's currently listed at 176 pounds in a lot of places, 170 in a few others.

Probably 176 after off season training at his bulkiest, but 170 is a good guess for his weight generally throughout the season and for most of the year. He has a body like many ufc fighters who are 6'1 and 170 when cut for their weigh in.
appe4 says on 14/Jul/14
in 2005 he was listed 184cm/75kg, from 2008 he was listed 184cm/78kg and from 2012 he is listed 186cm/84kg. Looking to his body in the years you can easily understand how him has put on 8-10kg of muscles.
appe4 says on 14/Jul/14
I bet 186.5 on Van Persie and 186 on Ronaldo. Van Persie looks taller because of his large shoulders; anyway Rob, Ronaldo cannot weight "only" 77kg, his body structure and height reveal he is almost 82/83kg ( on Real Madrid site his weight is listed 84kg ).
Pizzaman says on 13/Jul/14
Arch, I very much agree on van Persie having a very similar stature as Ronaldo. But I'd say if any of the two is taller, it would be van Persie. My friend took a pic with him on the airport and he seemed more 186 than 185. Robben is probably an excact 180, not so super tall here in the Netherlands, but still solid tall compared to a 168 arbiter from Uzbekistan for instance. As for our whole team, except for Sneijder, I think nearly everyone is 180+.
spainmen says on 11/Jul/14
Rob how much do you think Cristiano Ronaldo weighs?
[Editor Rob: maybe 170ish]
mordor says on 7/Jul/14
@Arch Stanton
Check that video between 6.18-6.26 min CR7 next to sweden's Mikael Lustig that i am 100% sure he is a legit 189cm as he is listed.What's your opinion too?
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 7/Jul/14
You cannot be 100 % sure of Lustig's height, but if he is 1.89 m there is a 4 cm difference.
Arch Stanton says on 6/Jul/14
Watching the Holland game yesterday and I thought Van Persie looked very similar in height and frame to Ronaldo so I think 6'1" minimum. I'd guess 185-6. I also thought actually Arjen Robben looked pretty tall next to some of the other players and linesmen and I thought actually he looked over 6 ft too but turns out he is barely 5 ft 11! I cannot believe he's a year younger than me it's shocking, he almost looks old enough to be my dad LOL. He looks 45!
[Editor Rob: I'm sure if you viewed some of the 60's and 70's players from our eyes today you'd think many of them were pushing 50!]
mordor says on 5/Jul/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
Check that video between 6.18-6.26 min next to sweden's Mikael Lustig that i am 100% sure he is a legit 189cm as he is listed.What's your opinion?
Check that video also between 6.18-6.26 min and let me know your guess too.
mordor says on 5/Jul/14
I did not tell Alonso's height is less than 182cm or 183cm.Read again my previous post.As for torres height i would say he is 185cm whereas as i have told many times already ronaldo is 186cm maybe 187cm when he wakes up.
appe4 says on 4/Jul/14
@mordor, I agree with you as I think CR is between 185 and 186 ( a perfect 6'1). Let me only tell you that about other players' height I disagree with you on Xabi Alonso's height: he is for sure a 182 (maybe 183); he is obviously taller than Iker if you look well many images. Can I ask you what s your thought on Fernando Torres Height?
mordor says on 4/Jul/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You have fullfilled my request.However some of the palyers you mentioned have different official height listings than those you mentioned.Such as alonso you refer to him as being 180cm when he is listed 183cm and so on.I hope you have also laser evidence for those assertions.Anyway my opinion is thats cr7 is 187cm.I checked that with eduardo goalkeeper 187cm also in one of the pics you uploaded.They are identical.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 3/Jul/14
As per your request:
Click Here Compare with 1.80 m Alonso, 1.86 m Kaka, 1.80 m Casillas
Click Here Compare with 1.88 m Khedira, 1.90 m Varane, 1.82 m Benzema
Click Here Compare with Khedira, Varane, 1.86 m Pepe
Click Here Compare with 1.83 m Bale, 1.82 m Ramos
Click Here Compare with Kaka, Alonso
Click Here Compare with Khedira, Varane, Alonso (tiptoeing), Ramos
Click Here Compare with Benzema, Khedira, Alonso
Click Here Compare with Alonso, Ramos
Click Here Compare with Bale, Ramos
Click Here
Click Here Compare with 1.89 m Alves
Click Here Compare with Pepe
Click Here Compare with Alves, 1.90 m Almeida
Click Here

Nothing I post here can better a laser combined with his official listing because the height of the men he's being compared to cannot be confirmed. Therefore, I find pictorial evidence of Ronaldo pretty futile. Nonetheless, it seems to be your criterion.
mordor says on 2/Jul/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You are accepting by the way ronaldo's listing and deny murray's listing.I made that "official" by claiming his height is 187cm 6-7 hours after bed??I said that beccause that's when one's must be mesuring to be exact so no misunderstanding at that point you just got it wrong.After that why shouldn't ronaldo then not be as tall as murray if i accept your claim he is actually 187,5cm as if he stated that for himself i have not a reason to disagree then.But as i asked why not be like him?Have you seen them aside?And please if thats easy for you can you upload a pic that supports 185cm height for cr7?I have uploded quite many pics and videos even from portugal match with sweden whose players are all as tall as they are listed.For example i have seen many players from other countries listed as one height and players from sweden being 1,5-2 inches taller and listed the same.Anyway i resept laser either way but if you are so sure about that i ask you to send a link that proves your claim and as recent as possible not 5 yeras before cause this guy must be a late bloomer i strongly believe.
Burp says on 1/Jul/14
I see 4" diff between Cristiano and James Rodriguez.
My guess is that James is 176-177cm.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 1/Jul/14
If you're the one that makes it official, why has this listing or any official listing not changed then? If Ronaldo is taller than Puig, Puig must be under 6'1". I'm arguing your 187.5 cm claim which is an inch, and if it's so unnoticeable, why are you adding these centimetres? You've posted a few poor photos where Ronaldo looks taller and, on occasion, contradict your claims.

Visit his page on this site, he's officially listed at 6'2" in some credible places. Why is he listed at 6'3"? I don't know. Poor research? Height in tennis shoes? These are not questions for me. Sports height are inflated, it shouldn't be a shock to you. If you honestly believe Ronaldo to be as tall as Murray, you have no credibility.

As for me acting as if I have laser properties. In what way? I think the laser is correct. You are trying to correct a laser, thus, you are the one who believes they are a laser themselves.
Appe4 says on 30/Jun/14
Murray is not over 188; I ve never seen a celebrity saying a lower heights than what he really is!! He was honest and said his real height that is 187.5cm. I can accept a 186 for CR but 187/188 are evidently exaggerate
Jamal says on 30/Jun/14
Cristiano is really taller than listed here. He should be somewhere around 187, possibly a bit higher than that.

Check out these pictures with 180cm listed James Rodriguez (one of the emerging stars in world football):

Click Here

Click Here

Or maybe James is not that close to 180? Either way, Ronaldo looks way taller than whatever James may be.
mordor says on 30/Jun/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
CR7 is definitely 187cm 6-7 hours after bed to make this generally official.He is taller than puig so thats one 6ft1 guy he is obviously taller.However man i really do not understand how you can easily argue for a couple of cms or even for one cm(!) that are both almost unnoticable.So you act as if you have laser properties yourself, not me.And i have posted many pics that prove that.
As for murray why is he listed then 191cm?Are they trying to make him bigger?What for?
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 30/Jun/14
Murray: quote, "187.5cm".
I don't see him taller than any 6'1" man.
Let's say Maicon is 1.86 m; Ronaldo is shorter in your pic.
I don't know what you're trying to prove. If you think the laser is wrong, go and investigate their procedure and come back with your evidence.
Appe4 says on 30/Jun/14
Maicon is 184 and not 186... Ronaldo is a perfect 6'1 no more
mordor says on 29/Jun/14
Click Here
ronaldo next to maicon at 186cm.have your conclusions.
mordor says on 26/Jun/14
@1.85 m, 83 kg
You are so wrong and naive.CR7 is obviously a 187cm man.Murray is listed as 191cm not 6ft2.CR7 is cleary taller than most 6ft1 guys that i have seen him to be with.An example is with american man dempsey at 185cm during the match at world cup.He is seemed an inch taller.
talker says on 26/Jun/14
i stood next to him,i'm 1.86m,Ronaldo is about half an inch taller than me,1.87m,definitely not 1.85.
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 25/Jun/14
Nadal is two inches shorter that 6'2" Murray. You need evidence before you make random claims. You and Nick are two extremes. I don't understand how you can better a laser.
Vibram says on 24/Jun/14
How tall is Fabregas? Some sources say 5ft9, others 5ft10.75 or 5ft11. He did look 5ft9 at age 17 when with Arsenal, but he might of grown 1 inch or more? I think he looks either 177cm or 178cm / 5ft10 stood next to 5ft6 Messi.
mordor says on 23/Jun/14
he is a legit 187,5 centimetros man.
Appe4 says on 17/Jun/14
Hard to value but here is yesterday w bastian schweinsteiger (183-182)
mordor says on 16/Jun/14
rafa nadal is 185cm not 184cm
mordor says on 9/Jun/14
if you search ronaldo's pics with rafael nadal seems to put on him around 2cms considering also that nadal is wearing height boosting shoes,those he uses to wear when playing tennis and nadal is 185cm ronaldo is a legit 187cm.
Nick says on 7/Jun/14
what are you talking about? C.Ronaldo looking clearly shorter than Maldini, Click Here Ronaldo has great posture, Maldini is not even standing straight and still has few centimeters on him, C.Ronaldo is no more than 183cm
Appe4 says on 5/Jun/14
I don' t know why but I had always thought that if I met CR it would be taller next to me and I am 184-85
mordor says on 4/Jun/14
@nick carlos querioz is 6ft
also ronalo ha gained some height since when he was at manchester united
check that video with maldini who is 186cm and have some clearer conlusions he is a legit 187cm.
Tor says on 3/Jun/14
p.s. also Coentrao doesn't seem over 175176 cm
Tor says on 3/Jun/14
@chorori, i agree with all your estimates, only about Alonso i have a different opinion: i don't see him over 180181 cm
Nick says on 3/Jun/14
like Peyman mentioned below here is C.R. with 5'11" (180cm) Carlos Querioz

C.Ronaldo is not a hair over 183cm considering these pics, ball back at Rob

Check all of them you guys claiming he is 185/6cm especially the last one sums it up so this should end it for C.Ronaldo solid 183cm he is no more.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
mordor says on 27/May/14
@ tor i disagree they are obviously on the same floor level
let me know ur opinion though and chech that vid i said on my latest post
mordor says on 27/May/14
Click Here at 3:18-3.30 min
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 27/May/14
How do you know this is a late evening height?
mordor says on 27/May/14
helpful video guys check that portugal vs sweden ronaldo stands next to bruno alves who is 189cm during a foul that strikes ibra.he seems a dash shorter around 187cm.let me know your guess guys.
mordor says on 27/May/14
@ xrz i agree with you
Check that video with ronaldo and solid 186cm maldini and let me know your guess.seems interesting comparison.
Tor says on 27/May/14
mordor, another pic without sense, we can't see neither floor nor shoes
chorori says on 26/May/14
kaka 185
pepe 185
ronaldo 184.x (over 184, under 185)
higuain 183
ramos 182
alonso 182
arbeloa 181
casillas 180
coentrao 178.x (over 178, under 179)
ozil 178
xrz says on 26/May/14
why downgrade, Rob?
186 cm is a legit height for Ronaldo, why are you taking into account his late evening height?
There are 2 ways to determine your height- an aritmetic mean of your morning height and evening height or second, more accurate one, your height 7 hours after you woke up.
You picked the worst possible scenario and an inaccurate one.
Peyman says on 26/May/14
@ Nick,
the current coach of Iran national team ,Carlos Queiroz, looks max 5ft 11in next to people I've met in person. & that would make Ronaldo just around what you say.
a solid 6 footer
mordor says on 25/May/14
Click Here check that video at 0.12 ronlado with 186cm maldini.
mordor says on 25/May/14
@nick you are wrong he is obvioulsy taller than beckam for 3-4cm he is 187cm morning 186cm afternnon-night Click Here
Tor says on 25/May/14
i agree with Nick: anything over 183184 cm for CR7's afternoon height seems too much, i don't see him as a strong 6'1
Nick says on 25/May/14
again C.Ronaldo looking too low to anything over 184/5cm Click Here
Nick says on 25/May/14
I still strongly doubt anything over 6' or 183cm for C. Ronaldo my guess is between 183cm and 185cm but nothing more, here is with 192cm listed Pique Click Here
Dejavu says on 25/May/14
He could be 186cm
Nick says on 24/May/14
looks same height as Beckham Click Here
mordor says on 21/May/14
@Appe4 agreed i just wanted to state that cr7 and any man generally if he is young and yet a man who is playing sports cant loose more than 1,5cm-2cm max during the day.i personnaly loose just 1 cm and i play sports such as basketball.
Anyway cr7 187cm morning height and i would say both afternoon and evening height 186cm for i beleive he just shrinks 1cm.
Appe4 says on 20/May/14
@mordor there is a big difference if I write always about evening height and you about morning height... Maybe we agree each other opinion but we don't understand each because we don' t know about WHAT height we are discussing. Rob listed him 185 because he thinks that's his evening height, and I agree with Rob. To' me CR never reach 188, max 187 just out of bed.
mordor says on 20/May/14
@Appe4 ok evening heights so ronaldo 188cm morning height 186 evening height so actual height 187cm.
and why should we say evening heights os celepbrities and people its kind of strange their actual height is what matters.anyway morning height evening height no diffrence at most 1,5 cm so nothing at all.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

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