How tall is Dane DeHaan ?

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Dane DeHaan's height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actor best known for appearing in films such as Chronicle, Lawless and Kill Your Darlings. A yahoo article described him as having a "5ft 6 frame" although in a NextMovie interview Dane himself claimed: "I'm 5'10". Let it be known"

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heightism says on 26/Feb/15
Dane Dehaan with Robert Pattinson while shooting for their film.Click Here
heightism says on 26/Feb/15
@MD Roberts footwear looks suspicious in the pics with dane
MD says on 16/Feb/15
With a 6'0.25" Robert Pattison:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

It's unfortunate that they aren't standing straight in the first two shots, and the third shot there is an angle, but you can gather some kind comparison. I still don't see him over 5'8".
dark angel says on 15/Feb/15
he always looks barely shorter than jamie foxx, like 1/4 inch shorter. The pics. with daniel radcliffe prove that e ain't under 5'8, so this height seems right
bunny says on 9/Dec/14
i think 5.7
evil says on 5/Dec/14
I changed my mind i think he is 175-176 cm, I'm sure about it.
marcus says on 8/Oct/14
173cm MAX
evil says on 18/Sep/14
i know that people keep saying the he is not over 5'8, but i watchet the amazing spider man and next to garfield and foxx he looks like a 5'9 person, and that picture next to daniel radcliffe, he seemed to be at least 4 inces taller, so i think he is not under 5'8.5
Fredd says on 29/Aug/14
He doesn't look 174, more like 172cm
Chris says on 12/Aug/14
You don't like Josh Hutcherson because he looks shorter than he is? Wow, you're a horrible person.
Kate says on 11/Aug/14
He is definitely 170 cm or taller, I'm watching Spiderman and I already knew he was supposedly 170 but couldn't believe it, he looks taller, he is really skinny and he has a small back but he doesn't look short, maybe his voice helps too because I never doubted his height just by pictures but this is the first time I see him moving/talking.

I'm just saying what's sure is that there's no way he is under 170. I know a lot of people disagree with me but I always say that if a guy is short the skinnier he is the better, I don't really like Josh Hutcherson because he looks shorter than he is.
cole says on 6/Aug/14
@Loafer: There's other pictures where the difference looks pretty spot on 4 cm. Unfortunately none that I could find were full body.
Loafer says on 22/Jun/14
I think he's a solid 5'8 173 cm look at this picture next to Michael C. Hall

Click Here
Realist says on 23/May/14
Rob. How much do you think is his co-star Emory Cohen from place beyond the pines ?
[Editor Rob: he looks shorter, like more 5ft 7 range than 8]
Realist says on 13/May/14
This guy is definitely about 173-74 cm a strong 5'8 but Jamie Fox looks about the same height as Andrew Garfield.So Dane: 173 cm Garfield: 176 cm Jamie Fox: 175 cm.
@MD Your photo is not favoring Dane. Andrew's shoes are clearly big and Jamie Foxes are even bigger. Emma Stone has about 3 inch heels and Dane has about 1-1.5 inch shoes.
Chris says on 11/May/14
His eye-chin is lower than his eye-head isn't it? And his head looks a little over 9 inches at most in length?
[Editor Rob: it is possibly a tiny bit longer, I thought on looking he had an eyelevel that split his head in two exactly, only when he tilts his eyes down a little then it looks like a smaller eye-chin.]
tony says on 10/May/14
Compare Dane with Hardy (strong 5'9) and Labeouf (weak 5'9). At most photos DeHaan is obviously shorter. So, to my mind the green goblin is 172-173 range.

Look at his photo: Click Here
Leo says on 6/May/14
I saw a picture of him and Daniel Radcliffe together, and he makes Daniel look like he's 5'2". I'd definitely say he's between 5'8" and 5'9".
Damon says on 30/Apr/14
He was on Fallon tonight and looked about 3 good inches shorter. So between 5'7 and 5'8 is where I would put him
MD says on 10/Apr/14
Recently with Andrew Garfield:

Click Here

Click Here

I continue to believe he's not a thing over a flat 5'8".
nserbayev says on 8/Apr/14
There's a lot of pictures with him and Daniel Radcliffe. Either Daniel is 5'3 or Dane is really 5'10.

I'm 165cm and my father is 174cm, I know from personal experience that 9cm doesn't make a large difference which you see between Dane and Daniel.
chrisssss says on 20/Mar/14
Nooooo, i really think he's 172cm MAX
Chris says on 14/Mar/14
He has the frame of a shortish guy, so this should be correct.
Drew says on 28/Feb/14
@truth, I measure 5'8.5" at night and weigh 130pounds, you'd be surprised how many people think I am 5'10". I think being skinny just adds an illusion of appearing taller.
truth says on 27/Feb/14
Dane is definitely the tallest looking "short" guy I've ever seen, when standing alone that is. Dammit! what happened to Dermott?
He looks like he spent some time on Jupiter and gravity took its toll. haha
MD says on 5/Jan/14
But, it's not posture because Dane looks taller than him in multiple pictures during multiple events.
MD says on 3/Jan/14
You can't bring his height up to 5'8.5" and keep Dermot Mulroney's height at 5'8.5":

Click Here

You're going to have to find a better mix between these three as far as listed heights. Dane is tallest, Dermot in the middle, and David (take away the footwear advantage) the shortest. But, Dermot and Dane are not the same height.
tiktak says on 2/Jan/14
always looked 171 - 173 cm range to me

a strong 5-7 or weak 5-8 as he was listed beofre
Editor says on 21/Nov/13
Dane claims to be standing tall at 5ft 10.
cole says on 15/Oct/13
Probably not the best angle, but I thought his proportions seemed rather good as well: Click Here
cole says on 15/Oct/13
Actually seeing him a bit more recently he could look 174 cm range next to Michael C. Hall and Daniel Radcliffe when stood straight. He tends to tilt his head and drop posture, so that's why he can seem shorter.

Also watching Lawless for the second time, it looked like he actually edged LaBeouf one or two times. I think 174 cm might actually be bang on, or at least a fraction over 5'8. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: 174 range not impossible]
Chris says on 4/Oct/13
Standing next to Michael C. Hall he looks 5'9 range
Balrog says on 25/Sep/13
He looks at least 5'7'' range with Radcliffe, 5'8'' it's possible.
cole says on 14/Sep/13
@Editor Rob: As I posted that pic with Radcliffe, I was watching Lawless, and he could seem similar to Shia LaBeouf, so 5'8 range is probably fine.
cole says on 13/Sep/13
Doesn't look a full 5'8 with Radcliffe, maybe 5'7.5 or is better Rob?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: I think his posture is a bit looser there, 5ft 8 range I feel is fair for him.]
Byron T. says on 23/Dec/12
He's more or less the same height as Shia LaBeouf, so 5'8'' would be a maximum for Dane DeHaan.
bigcheese says on 12/Dec/12
i don't buy 5-8 either b/c standing next to shia labeouf (who is 5-8)dane still looks smaller by 1-2 inches

he is about 171/172 cm i think
Jack says on 11/Dec/12
5'7'5"(171 cm) for him...
173 says on 8/Dec/12
Rob, it's so strange. I mean, when you search his height on google, lots of 5'6" and 5'7" listings come up, and he's 26 years old so I doubt he grew in years. So why is he getting underlisted so much? That's a rarity because usually it's the other way around... Is he another Tom Cruise?

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