How tall is David Bowie ?

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David Bowie's height is 5ft 9in (175 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 10in (178 cm)
British singer and actor, best known for hits like Heroes, Fame, Let's Dance, Starman, Under Pressure and Ashes to Ashes. In film he has appeared in Labyrinth, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Prestige, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Linguini Incident and Basquiat. In a 1967 letter he wrote "I guess I'm 5'10""

David with Iman
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ZiggyPopdust says on 5/Aug/15
Looking at pictures of Bowie w/ Lou Reed in the 70s I'm convinced he is no more than an inch taller than Lou. If you ask me, he's probably a 5'9.5 out of bed 5'9" at the end of the day type and has been his whole adult life. Lou was probably 5'8.5" out of bed 5'8" at the end of the day type like Rob
Tr27 says on 11/Jul/15
Clearly, his mugshot shows that Bowie was 5'9 during his peak years, and that doesn't account for his footwear!
B-ran says on 21/May/15
I was pretty shocked to learn he was only 5'9 - 5'10 range. In old videos I always thought he appeared to be tall and lanky. I always assumed 6'1 or over.
Ben S says on 8/Apr/15
David Bowie signed an autograph for me in February 1996, and I'm 5'8 and he was around the same height as me. I would say he was no shorter than 5'8 and no taller than 5'9.

The V&A museum that showed the 'David Bowie Is' exhibition have his height down as 5'8 after all his costume/clothes measurements.
truth2 says on 9/Mar/15
@Yikes! Why on earth do you height trolls need so much to spew ultra BS? He was nothing under 5ft9.5-5ft10 peak, I actually though he was close to 6ft0 due to wearing high heeled footwear in the 70s ziggy footages. Jagger has at most half an inch in him, Mccartney around an inch, Lennon was the same height, Harrison slightly shorter.
Yikes! says on 24/Feb/15
My friend is a lighting designer and did a show with Bowie. He asked Bowie's advance man for his height because he needed an accurate fix to adjust the equipment: 5'5"
truth2 says on 24/Jan/15
I think Jagger was 178cm peak 177cm now, Bowie 177cm peak 176cm now. It is natural for men around 65-70 to lose 1cm after they start shrinking at 60,75-80 2cm, 85-90 3cm etc.
David says on 8/Jan/15
Happy Birthday David Bowie, 68 January 8th 2015.Rob the peak height of 5ft 10 is wrong.David Bowie always was 5ft 9 might still be at 68.Bowie has always had great perfect posture.I would say Mick Jagger also has perfect posture and in his early 70's has not lost height and still is 1.78cm 5ft 10 but is one inch taller than Bowie.
Arch Stanton says on 2/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and update with British singer and actor, best known for hits like Heroes, Fame, Let's Dance, Starman, Under Pressure and Ashes to Ashes. In film he has appeared in Labyrinth, The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Prestige, The Last Temptation of Christ, The Linguini Incident and Basquiat. I wish he'd done more acting. He was terrific in The Prestige.
Jerico says on 11/Jul/14
In Zoolander and he's taller than Ben Stiller but noticeably shorter than Owen Wilson so; probably around 5'9".
truth says on 8/Feb/14
a hair under 5ft10 peak (176-177cm), now 175cm flat.
Josie says on 11/Jan/14
I believe he was 5'10" easily when he was younger, he didn't seem particularly tall or short. But now at 67, I'd say he's probably 5'8"-5'8" 1/2.
truth says on 1/Jan/14
I think about 175-177cm range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 1/Dec/13
I used to think he was at least a 6fter. Like, Freddie Mercury and Tom Jones, Bowie always seemed larger than life onstage or in music videos. Then you see them in person and you're completely mind blown by how that's just not the case. Don't get me wrong, they were never small guys but just smaller.
Zola says on 18/Oct/13
David Bowie walked right past me once. I'm 5'7 and he was about the same height, or very slightly taller, but there wasn't much in it. I remember being surprised as I always thought he was really tall. He's slight.
Sam says on 10/Oct/13
John Lennon and David Bowie were pretty similar in height. Interesting how the angle in the various pictures can make either seem taller than the other. Also interesting how skinny Bowie looks, making Lennon look solidly built in comparison.
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However, Bowie looks 2 inches shorter than Ray Davies who claims 5'11.75".
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So, I would guess that Bowie (and Lennon) are indeed right near 5'10" or a smidge under.
truth says on 7/Oct/13
Iggy Pop is either 5ft6.5 or 5ft7 then.
truth says on 7/Oct/13
Bowie if not 5ft10 is at least 5ft9.5 so pretty decent.
Sam says on 3/Oct/13
Iggy Pop is one to talk...Bowie looks generally at least 3 inches taller than him. I still think it would have been poor casting, but Elijah Wood was a good fit to play Iggy Pop in terms of Wood and Pop having similar stature.
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lavachevolante says on 30/Sep/13
I believe DB is not that tall (5ft10). Many pic shots when he is next to other people make me think that. Also he looks like someone with a very fine squeleton,shapes, figure, face... I think he must be small and with a long proportionned body. Often on videos, he might look tall (but he has high heels) because he is filmed in a way to look tall and sometimes there is another view (from the side or behind in a crowd of spectators like in the Starman video with the blue guitare in 72) and there he looks much smaller like a 1.70 (5ft7)tall person. AND ALSO I believe he's small because in an interview of Iggy Pop, he says that he was performing without knowing DB had comme to see him and, he says: "and there was that smal, tiny man on the side in the crowd weaving to me and it was David!".
David says on 23/Aug/13
Rob please can we have a height of crowded houses neil finn?
bb says on 4/Aug/13
He's 5'8'' and that's a fact.
David says on 30/Jul/13
I have seen the picture of freddie mercury and david bowie as a photo shoot backstage at live aid 85.Bowie had on one and a half inch heels and freddie had adidads sneakers on with hatdly an inch.I think mercury was 5ft 8 and a half anyway so bowie did appear an inch taller but i definitley think bowie is 5ft 9 and now maybe 5ft 8 and a half but with smoking all those fags taking drugs and delving into alcholism it never affected his height.Bowie now though and for years is so clean no drugs and no alchol.
syd says on 18/Jul/13
David is just about five ten. That was his peak height. As you get older you lean more forward. He walks tall so he can appear taller. If he was well overwight which he will never be he would also appear even taller. Syd Barrett walked tall as well and can appear taller than Roger Waters when they were together in Pink Floyd.
Bakura says on 16/Jul/13
He was an inch taller than 5'9" Freddie Mercury, definitely no less than 5'10" peak...
David says on 12/May/13
I have seen the picture where Ray Davies appears to be alot taller than David Bowie.That can't be right i mean Bowie who's 5ft 9 and Davies is a quarter of an inch off six foot.Well,there's 2 and 3 quarters of an inch difference in reality but the picture is very odd height wise.
truth178cm says on 5/Feb/13
today around 174cm, he was 176cm thought.
Jamesy says on 24/Jan/13
Didn't look 5'10 even at his peak more like 5'9
truth says on 5/Dec/12
5ft9.25 morning height to 5ft8.25/5ft8.5 evening peak height that what he looked to me to be honest. His skinny frame can trick you in believing 5ft10 +, but he is not over average height. Now 5ft9 morning down to 5ft8 evening. In the mugshot he was probably 5ft10 IN SHOES. Im 5ft9.5 evening and reach 5ft11-6ft range easily in shoes in the morning.
Adaliz says on 12/Oct/12
He's 5'10. His mugshot and his 1970 passport prove it. it's weitd that hes average height. He sems like a much taller man. Anyway, I love him. Hes a true original and legend.
David says on 4/Oct/12
David bowie is 5ft 9 and still is FACT.
Taz Mania says on 27/Sep/12
Bowie himself said he is 5'10" and a half (almost 5"11"). I've seen him up close and that seems right to me.
little sue says on 27/Aug/12
He might have been wearing his platform shoes of the 70's though
Nicole says on 26/Aug/12
Check out David's mugshot from 1976. He's a couple of inches shy of the 6' mark.
David says on 27/Jul/12
David bowie has been 5ft 9 since he was 17. One inch shorter than Sir Mick Jagger and on the video of Dancing in the street Bowie appears two inches shorter because there was no heel on Bowie's shoe. I love Bowie's rum haircuts and unique voice he will always be my number one rock star.
jas says on 9/Jun/12
check out youtube "lets dance" where he is playing in the outback pub, appears very small to be sure.
little sue says on 2/Feb/12
I would have put him at 5ft 9 in his prime. Brad, every year for the last 20 years someone has put it out that Bowie is seriously ill and expect to hear bad news but its all been rubbish.
Brad says on 1/Feb/12
He's gonna be well under 5' 10" in '12. Was told in L.A. this past weekend to expect a major item about his health very soon. You heard it here first. There's a reason he's hid from the world...sad sad stuff.
Pete says on 30/Jan/12
I met David Bowie in Toronto and he is 5'6 or 5'7 at the very most
stevie says on 22/Jan/12
Wow,always thought he was about 6 foot.

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