How tall is David Duchovny ?

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David Duchovny's Height is 6ft 0.25in (184 cm)

American Actor best known for playing Fox Mulder on 1990's tv series The X-Files and Hank Moody on Californication. In his own words, "Scully has won almost every one...Gillian is 5-foot 2, I'm 6-foot". In another interview, "A little bit taller than a whale's penis....In Moby Dick Melville describes in great detail how a whale is being gutted and in this context he mentions that the size of a whale's penis is 1.80 meters. I'm 1.83 meters tall."
In 2012 he also said, "I'm six feet tall, maybe a little taller"

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Comment on the Height of David Duchovny

LukeSkyWalker said on 27/Jan/16
Looks 180cm in films but I bet he's 182-183cm, no way any taller.
Chad said on 27/Jan/16
Now 6ft.025
Peak 6ft.075
Aaron zamora said on 16/Jan/16
This is a picture of David next to the members of 21 pilots. How do you think that josh dun might be based off of your height listing of David? Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jan/16
Peak: 184-185cm
Today: 183-184cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jan/16
Peak: 184-185cm
Today: 183-184cm
MaskDeMasque said on 1/Nov/15
never seen x files, i should really.... Anyway, he looks 6 foot in Aquarius
Malte said on 30/Sep/15
Since 183 cm was his own claim I'm surprised people here didn't try to downgrade him to 175 cm by now.
Havic said on 15/Sep/15
I just saw him today. Passed by him on the sidewalk in the lower East Side in NYC. I'm 5'10" and he was legitimately about 2 inches taller than me. This listing is definitely fair.
Sam said on 10/Aug/15
Yeah, rewatching the first season of X-Files right now, hard to buy anything less than 184 cm for Duchovny.
Chad said on 19/Jun/15
6'0.25 at his peak, now looks around 5'11.75 .
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/15
At least 6ft0½ peak.
Keltoi said on 8/Jun/15
The most legit 183-4cm guy on here.
Harley said on 1/May/15
6ft for him but he look to me more 180cm
Hypado said on 27/Feb/15
David Duchovny

Peak - 6ft 0.5in , 184,2 cm
Now - 6ft 0in , 183,0 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jan/15
He'd edge out Hanks and Travolta for sure
Judd said on 10/Jan/15
rea says on 29/Dec/14
Rob, I'm one of the biggest x files fans. I have seen this saw 5-6 times over the course of years. But David isn't 184 cm. He is no taller than 182 cm. There are hundred of scene between him and Mitch Pileggi, who is 184 cm tall, and David looks about 2 cm shorter in all of them. Both of them having the same footwear and good posture. Also there are a lot of scenes and episodes with Nicholas lea(185 cm) and David and you will see that Lea is with at least 3 cm taller than david in every scene. So I don't know why is David listed so high. There is no way he is taller than 182 cm.

i am a great fan too of x-files series and actually i think 6'0" is the lower height that someone could give to Duchovny, 6'0.25" it's fine too.
in a lot of scenes he looked as tall as Nicholas Lea (who personally i guess is 6'0.5" and not a full 6'1), is less than 1" shorter than Pillegi, who is listed at peak 6'1" there and had no more than 2" less than William B Davis, who at times was probably 6'2" or very close to it.

I think Duchovny is a strong 6'0" guy, precisely like Alex: 6'1-0.75" just woke up and 6'0.25-00" in the evening! 6'0.25" is fair for him, trust me!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jan/15
You don't need to add this because it's not a memorable part but he appears very briefly in Working Girl as an extra in the birthday party scene. Standing behind Alec Baldwin he easily looks 1in or more taller.

I think he was nearer 6ft1 peak
Magic said on 9/Jan/15
In TV he appeared taller as 190 cm or more, wow i'm surprised
rea said on 29/Dec/14
Rob, I'm one of the biggest x files fans. I have seen this saw 5-6 times over the course of years. But David isn't 184 cm. He is no taller than 182 cm. There are hundred of scene between him and Mitch Pileggi, who is 184 cm tall, and David looks about 2 cm shorter in all of them. Both of them having the same footwear and good posture. Also there are a lot of scenes and episodes with Nicholas lea(185 cm) and David and you will see that Lea is with at least 3 cm taller than david in every scene. So I don't know why is David listed so high. There is no way he is taller than 182 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Dec/14
He appeared on an episode of Twin Peaks many years ago (a year or so prior to X-Files I think) as a cross-dressing DEA agent. He was at least 3in taller than Kyle Maclachlan but was probably in heels.
Danimal said on 30/Nov/14
Was closer to 6'1" than a flat 6'0" during the 1990's. May be a flat 6'0" today though.
Dmeyer said on 30/Nov/14
Looked 185cm in person no less
Arch Stanton said on 29/Nov/14
LOL even Viper believes he's a legit 6 ft!!
Judd said on 29/Nov/14
I think this listing is actually fair and reliable! He's 6'0.25"...he looked that next guys like nicholas Lea, Mitch pileggi, william b davis...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Nov/14
"Peak height was 6ft 0¾in (185cm)"
"David Duchovny's height is 6ft 0¼in (184cm)"

Looked pretty close to 6ft1 in The X-Files. Still looks minimum 6ft in Californication.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 27/Nov/14
I think he's a legit 1.84 m guy.
Dmeyer said on 22/Nov/14
Rob in person he realy looked 185cm/6'0.75 , he had converse he looked taller than a Guy Like tom hanks who had 1.2in shoes , he looks no léss than 2cm taller than 6ft Guys whom i met , also he stood near a 6'0.75 Guy i Know and looked similar évén thaugh he had léss footwear
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/14
He looked 2in below Rick Springfield on Californication...
judd said on 10/Sep/14
[Editor Rob: he claimed 6ft and one time did say 'a little over it', which suggest 6ft 0.25 range during x-files. 6ft 1 out of bed is likely.]

yeah i agree...he looks a strong 6'...he could be the same size of Alex?
judd said on 10/Sep/14
rob, he was 6' at night and close to 6'1 early in the morning, in the first seres of X-F?
[Editor Rob: he claimed 6ft and one time did say 'a little over it', which suggest 6ft 0.25 range during x-files. 6ft 1 out of bed is likely.]
Kostas said on 25/Aug/14
Wasn't a photo of Big G and Duchovny in here? Big G told you that he looked 1.84 in person.
Lenad is sexy said on 10/Jan/14
one of the few 6'0 claiming guys in Hollywood and genuinely looks it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/13
Rob, could he have lost a fraction at 53?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't expect much, but a few mm isn't outwith the realms of probability for people in 50's.]
Hypado said on 17/Nov/13
glynny 182 said on 27/Oct/13
plus i think if he was i his best posture for 1nce he,d be 6.ft an a half inch he stands relaxed alot. .i think him an gareth bale are the same height if measured strict an told to be stand like soildiers 6ft .1/2inch or 184
glynny 182 said on 27/Oct/13
defo just over 6ft or is even 184 6.0.5 even that a posibity rob? always looked a bit over 6ft this guy in the x files rob u agree??
RoadRunner said on 9/Sep/13
Saw him at the US Open Final today and walked by him back and forth like an idiot. Surprisingly taller than I expected. Looked taller than 6'0. He's 6'1 easy.
cole said on 22/Aug/13
Wouldn't go over the 183 cm he claimed himself. He is a legit, honest 6 footer.
Jax said on 21/Aug/13
quite possibly the only male celebrity who doesnt lie when it comes to height...statham, pitt, stallone, diesel and so on, just round up an inch or two and put on their custom made lift shoes to sell their lie....duchovny on the other hand always looked a legit 6ft the utmost lowest he is 182cm, but in his younger days definitely a full 6ft
Viper said on 7/Aug/13
Hes the only legit 6'0 in hollywood, lol
vic 183-185 said on 23/Mar/13
Duchovny looks indeed 2 in taller than 5'10 Michael C. Hall and 1 in shorter than 6'1 Jason Clarke (both listed on this site) in that pic:
Click Here
Silent d said on 10/Feb/13
I watched kalifornia again and he definitely is 6 foot.
Joey said on 16/Jan/13
no arguments here, he does look 6ft range as he claims....but i dont think he is 184cm as listed on this site....and nowadays 182cm is possible since he is getting old after all....anyways...182cm-183cm is spot on
Hew said on 9/Jan/13
Unlike DiCaprio, Timberlake and others, he's the kind of guy that strikes you as a legit 6-footer by first sight. He's definitely 6ft or a bit taller. Wouldn't rule out 6'1.
Rak said on 17/Dec/12
If sean william scott is listed 5 ft 11.25 then duchovny has to minimum 6ft 0.75 in because he has easily 1.5 inches (if not slighty more) of adventage on sean, both wearing similar footwear.
Rak said on 17/Dec/12
Maybe he claims he is 6'0 but he doesnt care about his height or appearing taller than he is. He could easily be 6'0 1/2 , but he doesnt care about it. Not every american is obsessed about height.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 12/Dec/12
Textbook example of a legit 6'.
Sam said on 3/Dec/12
In Twin Peaks, he looked quite tall in high heels. There's a shoot though where his character is out of drag and it looks like there that Kyle MacLachlan has a fractional height edge over him.
les said on 1/Dec/12
according to celebheights, there is a 5cm difference between David and Callum Keith Rennie, although in californication they look exactly the same height almost all of the time. and there are scenes when you know they have no footwear or it's equal. Rob, what do you think of that? I can upload a screenshot if needed.
Dmeyer said on 30/Nov/12
In person was a Lidl taller taller than me i was 6'0.5 in shoes on , hé had converse so somewere 6'0.75-1in converse on if hé is 183.5cm they looked Brand new so they gave near 1.6-1.7 cm so 183.5+1.7= 185.2cm i was in 2.7cm shoes so was 184-184.1cm so hé was Max 1cm taller in person maybe his haïr fooled me
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
6 foot.
vic 183-185 said on 13/Oct/12
same here
Click Here
vic 183-185 said on 13/Oct/12
with 6'0 Ty Burrell, pretty similar in height
Click Here
The Exorcist said on 12/Oct/12
Legit 6'0".
Silent d said on 8/Oct/12
All the claims under 6 foot are laughable. He is a legit 6 footer. I don't know who else doesn't lie about their height. I can only think of heidi klum, jackie chan and a few others.
barney said on 16/Sep/12
legit 6 feet...184 cm is what he is...Click Here
Vic said on 11/Sep/12
Considering he says he's 1.83m, it would be fair to assume 183cm is his low and that at best he hits 185 cm out of bed. Hence the impression that he is a little over 6ft. what do you guys think?
Keltoi said on 6/Sep/12
David Duchovny under 5'11" seriously mate?

The guy has always looked tall and he more than held his own beside Mitch Pileggi, and Nicholas Lea in the X-Files. He looked similar in height to Robert Patrick when he joined the series, if not a little bit taller, so he can't be anything below 5'11.5", and for me, looks what he claims; I.e. a flat 6" guy.

I wouldn't read too much into how people look next to door frames either, especially on a tv show with camera angles and everything, and they can vary so much that it's impossible to tell what size they are anyway. For instance, the door frames in my house are nearly 6'9", and at 5'8" I look like a bloody midget next to them at times; whereas my sister who stays just round the corner has door frames that's are only 6'6"/6'5".

Maybe the door frame he stood next to was a bigger than average one like mine?

He could always be a little shorter now though, he's in his early 50's after all, but I still think he's 6"ish or maybe just a fraction under.
Kal said on 4/Sep/12
Duchovny never really hit the six foot mark. The picture Vic posted is further proof of that. Next to Gallagher, he's only an inch taller and is leaning a little, so I put him at 5'10.5" probably 5'11.5" in his youth. Another sign of his real height, can be witnessed on the show Californiacation, in the 4th season, during the scene when he is about to leave for his trial and he's talking to Karen in the bathroom doorway. There is a shot where the camera comes back and the full doorway is in frame. Duchovny is considerably shorter than the doorframe. 5'10.5" watch that scene and think about changing it Rob.
Vic said on 1/Sep/12
Rob, I know photographs can be very deceptive but I'd be curious to have your opinion concerning this one:
Click Here
It seems both actors stand at the same distance from the camera and wear comparable footwears, postures alike and despite the slight tilt, it seems quite a good picture to get a rough idea of how tall Duchovny is, probably 3 inches taller than Peter Gallagher, so 6ft?
[Editor Rob: maybe a little difference on grass, can always add/take a cm but I think Duchovny when he did come out and say 6 foot or a little bit over is pretty much saying what he measured at.]
Maximus Meridius said on 28/Aug/12
Is 6ft 0in flat possible for him he is clearly a strong 6ft 0in guy he is nothing under that and nothing over that.
Vic said on 13/Aug/12
Good pic of Duchovny and Peter Gallagher listed 5'9" on this site
Click Here
It seems Duchovny looks 183-184 but not 185cm
what do you think Rob?
Felipe said on 8/Aug/12
On Opie and Anthony, when asked about his height he said "i'm only six feet"
[Editor Rob: a few months ago I finally saw the quote listed above where he says he's 6 feet and 'maybe a little taller', that's why he's listed a little above it - I think he usually just drops the fraction.]
CJS said on 7/Aug/12
I've met David several times - he's definitely over six feet - about 6'1" - all of it extremely HOT!
niconightmare said on 6/Aug/12
He is tiny in stature and I'd bet his hair is about 4 inches high, no kidding. 5' 10" would be possible but no taller.
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
183 cm is bang on.
Godred said on 10/Feb/12
6 ft exact
Hulk said on 7/Feb/12
There is a good point that David (aka Molder) is 6 ft. I mean, what kind of guy would downgrade his own height? If he says he's 6ft, then the most reasonable thing to suppose is that he isn't any taller. There is also a good point that he is not likely any shorter that 6 ft. That height seems pretty accurate.
Todd said on 6/Feb/12
Duchovny was on several episodes of "The Larry Sanders Show." In each one there are shots of him standing next to Garry Shandling (listed on this site at 5ft 10.5in). Duchovny looks no more than an inch taller than Shandler, so I have a hard time believing he's 6.25ft.
daggxsent said on 30/Jan/12
i know david duchovny, he is taller than he claim for himself, im 6'2, and stood many times next to him, he looks 6'1, about an inch shorter than me, maybe accurate will be 1.85 cm
leonari said on 26/Jan/12
Thats what a real 6 footer looks like on TV: Tall. Pitt never looks that tall even in his best lifts.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 25/Jan/12
The Lopez video sealed his fate.
SIlent d said on 24/Jan/12
On the cover of season 5 californication dvd he is 184cm. 6 foot.
Alex said on 6/Oct/07
With Glenn's head up to his eyebrows I would guess 5'11 and change but since his forehead is a bit bigger than normal he's 6'0 or so.
glenn said on 3/Sep/07
thats also ben stillers nose to the left.
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/07
In the picture above, Duchovny does look at least 4 inches taller than Glenn. If he were 6'1", he would be able to look over the top of Glenn's head, which apparently he can't.
dmeyer said on 29/Aug/07
david is 1.5 in taller than me i met him
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
also take a look from his latest Tv series californication, the shoes = elevators.

Click Here
Franco said on 29/Aug/07
nice pic with glenn.

to be perfectly honest i have watched Californication first 3 episodes and he didnt strike me once as a 6'0 footer at all, he looked a proper 5'11 most of the time like 181cm, i'm not totally sure when that ic with glenn was taken but sure as hell he lost some height, i'm sure!

im gonna say today David is 181cm without shoes and 184 or more WITH shoes.
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/07
this guy is a bit under 6'1 like 6'0.5 not 6'0.25 is too low also frank2 said 6'1 about him i say 184 185 cm you should upgeat him since we are good judger since we are 5'11ers he seemed 3 cm taller than me but i had 1 cm more shoes so 4 cm over me so 6'0.5 in easy i guess he say 6 ft because it is easier than 6'0.5
Patrick said on 8/Jul/07
Bleemo: Mitch Pileggi is taller than David even though that is only visible during very rare close ups, when facing so close they can count their respective wrinckles!
Apart from that, I do agree with you about all the other members of the cast.
I just precise that I thought as you about Mitch until I saw them in those rare close-close ups.
About David himsef, I think he has the "trick", the magic in his personality which makes him fascinating. So were actors like Alan Ladd for example and many others; we love them differently than we appreciate Dustin Hoffmann for instance. He definitely was perfect and irreplaceable in the "X" files and so is Gillian Anderson.
Bleemo said on 26/Jun/07
Wow you think Dave is a great actor coffin? I've always thought he was a bit wooden and his voice is monotonous. But he did suit the role in X files.

I've been watching a lot of that show recently and mitch Pileggi and him are almost dead on the same height, sometimes one looks taller then the other depending on posture, but I think they are the same height. Such a tall cast on the male side of things, there's only really frohike that's small.

Dave Duchovny 6'
Mitch Pileggi 6'
William B Davis 6'2.5"
Brian Thompson 6'2" (I think he's taller)
Steve Williams 6'2" (billed height, looks close to it)
Nicholas Lea 6'1"
Robert Patrick 5'11.5"
John neville 6'1.5"
Dean Haglund 5'11.5"

..and the other lone guman actor Bruce harwood is tall too and the guy who played deep throat though I cannot find their billed heights anywhere. Tallest male cast ever in a mainstream show?
Coffin_Fodder said on 27/May/07
I had no idea how big a whale's penis actually is! Thanks for clearing that up. lol As for David, he's indeed a legit 6 footer. :) Great actor.
dmeyer said on 21/May/07
hey rob is 184 strong possible because he looked it 6'1.25 in converse when i met him like 184 barefeet
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Yesterday I saw a rerun of The X-Files in which Duchovny appeared slightly taller than Andy Robinson (probably best known as the killer in the first Dirty Harry movie). Robinson, I believe is a six-footer. So, maybe Duchovny is closer to 6'1".
Eclipse said on 19/May/07
Someone met him and said that he was 6-4, but in looking at this picture, no way. I wonder how someone can mistake a 6-0 guy for a 6-4 guy......On that note, a guy I went to high school with that was about 5-8 asked me if I was 6-5, and I am only 6-2 at the very most.... I just don't get how someone can be THAT off.
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
I think Duchovny is a flat 6-0. If he was 6-0 1/2 they would have rounded up his official height to 6-1.
dmeyer said on 19/Apr/07
he looked 6'0.25 but had converse i think he is aleast 6'0.5 in
dmeyer said on 1/Apr/07
on martin landau page frank2 say that duchovny is close to 6'1 i agree he looked aleast 6'0.5 in person
AA said on 28/Mar/07
Duchovny is 6'0.5". He's really tall as we all can see. Maybe he's 6'1" straight out of bed... so 184 cm seems to be right!
Coffin_Fodder said on 22/Feb/07
He has 9-10 inches over 184cm sounds right.
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/07
the height you are at 6 pm is the right one since you usualy dont shrink more
dmeyer said on 2/Feb/07
in person he looked under 6'1 and over 6 ft so i can buy anything fron 6'0.25 to 6'0.5
dmeyer said on 30/Jan/07
it is hard to judge someone height quick but he is easy 6 ft 0.25 in possibly 6'0.5
dmeyer said on 30/Jan/07
i met him today i walked by him 3 times the floor wasnt the best but he was easy 6'0.25 and more likely 6'0.5 like 184 strong since he looked a lidl taller than me and he was wearing converse si i had 1 cm advantage and he was steel taller so at the very least 6 ft 0.25 in and i am talking evening height since i am 5'11 at night this guy is easy 185 morning since i am 6'0.25 in my sneakers and he was easy 6'1 in converse i guess this guy is 6'0.5 in or 6'0.25 and just say 6 ft
hb45 said on 16/Jan/07
Some say he's 183cm, others say he's 184cm. So, to put an end to the debate and make anybody satisfied, let's say he's 184cm on a good day, and 183cm when he didn't sleep enough!
carl said on 1/Jan/07
how can you tell the difference between one person who is 183 and one person who is 184? its like the same to me. maybe the one with 183 looks taller than the other one who is 184.
dmeyer said on 1/Jan/07
i agree with rob i do know some guys who claim 6 ft but they look close to 184 cm so 6'0.25 glenn does look a legit 173 cm in this pics
Frank2 said on 12/Jun/06
Height Detective, that photo is bogus. It's a composite. Mitch Pileggi is 6'. In it he looks at least two inches taller than Duchovny.
MHouillon said on 11/Jun/06
184cm fits him perfect, ROb !
trueheight said on 6/Apr/06
which would make Mr. Pitt 5'10. ever see Kalifornia? its a forgotten classic
dmeyer said on 31/Jan/06
in that pics he looks 6'
John said on 30/Jan/06
Hey Glenn is Ben Stiller there too, i think thats his nose in the pic
westlondon said on 26/Jan/06
yep pic just confirms what we knew already, DD is bang on , or just over, 6 foot tall
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Jan/06
A pic of Glenn, Duchovny and if you look hard you'll see Christine Taylor and ben Stiller's nose.
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
I could have my doubts. Seeing him beside Chris Carter he does not quite look 6 feet tall.
kenny said on 24/Nov/05
i watch a trailer game show while 6"3(1.9m)stephen king stand next to david looks 8cm taller then david while both standing abit hunch.. hes 182cm tall at most..
kenneth said on 24/Nov/05
he looks more to 181.. 182 tall in connie n carla.. even with abit hunch n a inches shoe on.. not 6ft..but almost there about

[Editor Rob: this guy is one of the few honest/genuine 183cm guy's]
CelebHeights Editor said on 31/Aug/05
From GQ, "As Duchovny hails a cab, a tall blonde woman coming into the hotel eyes him and says, "I thought you'd be taller." He looks at her. "I can be."
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/05
I recently stood next to David Duchovny, and he's at least 6 ft,maybe even taller considering he was wearing flat shoes.
CelebHeights Editor said on 22/Aug/05
From gossip newsgroup, "When i was out in LA i met David Duchovny and i was surprised by his height too. He was taller then i thought. I'm five eight and he was at least five inches taller then i am. Also a very handsome man."
Mr. R said on 19/Aug/05
When X-Files hit big, he was listed at 6-1. Only when the phenomenon died down, was he listed at 6 foot.
Viper652 said on 19/Aug/05
David looks taller in person because the other celebs who are listed at 6 feet are nowhere close to it. He is one of the very few, rare true 6 footers listed in hollywood today.
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From Gawker, "I saw David Duchovny last night walking west on Greenwich Avenue off 7th Ave. South. Much better looking in person and quite tall!"
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From a punk newsgroup: "David Duchovny is taller in person than I thought he would be." and from same thread, "I thought the same about Bono"
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Aug/05
From a Duchovny newsgroup: "DD is *much* taller in person than I expected him to be. And his face is a bit more angular"
Fenster said on 17/Jul/05
Yes, Duchovny's height is 6 ft 0 (1,83). In the movie Kalifornia (1993) he's aparently 2 or 3cm taller than Brad Pitt (1,81).
Josh said on 25/Jun/05
I think his a full 6ft (183cm) with no shoes , and with shoes 6'1 (185cm)
MHouillon said on 10/Jun/05
I would say 6'1" 185cm is correct. He was slightly taller than 6'0" J.T. Walsh (R.I.P.). And much taller than 5'11" Sean William Scott in Evolution. Yes, 6'1" is correct. He would never be shorter than "184cm" Robbie Williams

[Editor Rob: I don't know, but he's consistantly stated his height over the years as 6ft/183. He may though, like Travolta be 'a little over', I don't rule that out. Maybe he's one of the few honest ones, maybe like Josh '6ft 1' Lucas ;)]
Anonymous said on 8/May/05
Is there any possibility people like David Duchovny and Dolph Lundren might be one of those rare male actors who would actually round down their heights? In X-Files and Evolution David looks a good 6'1". One person here says he met Dolph in real life and Dolph told him he was 6'4". Both David and Dolph had been listed taller, and interesting they would say they're shorter than some of the bigger heights their listed as.

[Editor Rob: Duchovny has stated in umpteen magazine interviews he's 183cm, even commenting once he was the size of a whale's pen*s, give or take...I would say he's probably 183, at a push 184. I know that back in the 90's his height was usually reported 6ft 1, so who knows ;) I know that the UK Pop Star Darius gets fed up with being asked 'how tall are you' and changes his answer depending on the mood. Maybe a bit like Jude 'I'm 5ft 9' Law...he sometimes feels that tall!]

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