How tall is David Schwimmer ?

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David Schwimmer's Height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

American actor best known for playing Ross on the TV sitcom Friends. In film he has appeared in Kissing a Fool, Madagascar, The Pallbearer, Breast Men and Directed Run Fatboy Run.

How tall is David Schwimmer
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Comment on the Height of David Schwimmer

cobra said on 20/Aug/15
Looks taller than Freddie Prinz Jr. on Friends.
Judd ISR said on 21/Jul/15
In my opinion he's a strong 6'0.5" or maybe 6'0.75"...i've several doubts he's a legit 6'1"!
I think he's similar in height to Bradley Cooper and Henry Cavill.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jul/15
Alda can still look 186-187cm range at times. Schwimmer could measure somewhere between 6ft0˝-1 at worst and most likely at the end of the day. 6ft flat is too low for sure and 5ft11 is crazy!
6'1" Joe said on 25/Apr/15
He doesn't really seem to have 2 solid inches on Matthew Perry, but he does have a solid inch on him at least(like 1.25 inches), he towers on Jennifer Aniston as well. He's taller than Brad Pitt. He's 6'0.25 at worst, like me. Can easily get away with 6'1".
Jacob said on 21/Apr/15
Sometimes looked 2 inches taller than Perry..
James B said on 1/Apr/15
5'11? He's a legit tall guy so no way is he that short.
Jim said on 5/Feb/15
Schwimmer is a legit 6'1. He's significantly taller than the rest of the cast of Friends. Matthew Perry is 5'11 and Schwimmer is at least a couple inches taller in photos, can look even taller in some.
Triplescrew said on 22/Jan/15
Alda is probably 6'1" at night whereas Schwimmer wakes up at 6'1" but decompresses to like 6'0.25". Also explains why is sometimes looks like same height at Matthew Perry.
Dmeyer said on 13/Jan/15
In a récent film he looked 1in smaller than Alan alda who is only 6'1 now so he can look just 6ft
Clay said on 4/Dec/14
Greg, 5'11'' is the real joke when he clearly physically and visually looks like an over 6 footer.
mike said on 24/Oct/14
Rob, add some of his films like Big Nothing and John Carter?
Greg said on 25/Sep/14
The best height comparison shot between Schwimmer and Elliott Gould, as stated by Matt a while back, has to be in the episode titled "The One Where Nana Dies Twice" when the nurse walks out of Nana's room and they all stand up. Gould looks an easy two inches taller, as he does throughout the series. Gould claimed 6'2'' for his height, and what man is going to claim shorter than they really are? The logical conclusion from Gould's claim is that he is 6'2'' tops, this puts Schwimmer at 6'0'' tops. Then we've got Tom Selleck, and the shot of him in slippers, which more than likely give nothing more than a quarter of an inch, standing next to Schwimmer barefoot. It seems that people want to inflate Selleck to a full 6'4'' in order to keep Schwimmer at 6'1''. My first response to this would be that even if you do assume Selleck is a legit 6'4'', Schwimmer still isn't looking 6'1''. But secondly, Selleck himself has claimed 6'3.5'', and again, what man is going to claim to be shorter than they really are? 6'3.5'' is tops for Selleck. Trent did a great job illustrating the height differential between Selleck and Schwimmer, but I feel that he drew the line more at the top of Schwimmer's hair rather than at the top of his head; I'm not sure if he did this to make up for Schwimmer's footwear disadvantage, but even if he did, I still feel that the line was drawn too high. Schwimmer appears to come up to right about Selleck's eyeline. A further point, look how big Selleck's head is in comparison to Schwimmer's. I think it is rational to assume that Selleck's eyeline is more like 5 inches below the top of his head as opposed to the typical four inches. Now, some people have pointed out that Schwimmer's posture isn't the greatest. Okay, that's fine, give him another inch. He's still four inches shorter than the 6'3.5'' max Selleck.

And to be honest, I'm not even sure that Gould and Selleck are the heights they claim. Everyone seems to basically hand celebs the height they claim on a regular basis, when very very few men are actually honest about their height. The usual defense by the people claiming that such-and-such celeb is the height they say they are is something along the lines of, "Well, he has to be 6'4'' because he was two inches taller than such-and-such who's 6'2''." Well, again, the 6'2'' guy claims 6'2'', who's to say the guy is actually the height he claims when very few people are?

So there's got to be a starting point where you have to base a particular celeb's height based on his general impression. I would start by saying that I think Selleck is 6'3''. Most people just don't understand how tall a legit 6'3'' really is, I feel that it is very common for celebheighters to overestimate everyone they see on the street by an inch because 5'10'' usually gets labeled as average when statistics say that is 5'9'', and then everything gets thrown off by an inch from there. 6'3'' usually gets labeled as "weak very tall" when in fact, I believe it is solid very tall, and Selleck certainly gives this impression. People point to when he was younger and looked huge next to everyone else as evidence that he has to be 6'4''. But we need to bear in mind that average height back in the '70s was closer to 5'8'', so you could easily give off a 'huge' impression at 6'3''.

If Selleck is 6'3'', then Gould is 6'1'', and Schwimmer measures in at 5'11''. These 6'1'' estimates are a joke, the absolute most Schwimmer could be is a flat 6'0'', and that would be generous. David Schwimmer is 5'11''.
Dmeyer said on 20/Aug/14
If Perry is 181cm then he looked 183cm alot in friends
Amaze said on 16/Aug/14
I agree he is 185cm. 6'1 guy. looks 2 in taller than perry to me. tallest male actor on friends.
Borris said on 18/Apr/14
I would say he is 6ft to 6 1/2. He's only just taller than Matt Perry. No one is considering the footwear situations in these discussions or the camera angles. Elliot Gould is a clear 6 '2' and there is a clear inch and a half to two inches between him and Schwimmer!
John said on 14/Apr/14
184 or 185. He's a pretty tall guy.
James B said on 16/Mar/14
He can look a hair over 6'1 but yet not as tall as 6'2
nikos said on 7/Dec/13
my sister is 1.80 and stood next to him every day waiting for the bus when he was in chicago on a play he was taking part in.....guess what guys he is NOT over 1.75.I was suprised too!!!!
Jeffery said on 30/Nov/13
6'1.5 (187) in the morning.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Sep/13
@shamrock: that's a surprise. I heard he can be pretty moody.
I agree with 6ft1
shamrock said on 25/Aug/13
Flight attendant alert : spot on. about 6'1. Tall and very nice.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Jul/13
He looked 186cm next to Willis.

I think 6ft1 is a good shout for Schwimmer.
Clay said on 23/Jul/13
Always looked about 6'1'' in Friends.
Jamz said on 21/Jul/13
Always looked 6ft (at most) in Friends
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jun/13

Elliot Gould was 6"2.5"(189cm) peak, IMO. He claimed both 6"2" and 6"3" and generally looked either of those figures. He looked 1-1.5in taller than Schwimmer on Friends, but he was in his 50s so it's likely he was still at his peak. He didn't tower over him by any means.

Selleck was 6"4"(193cm) so it's a no brainer that Schwimmer was considerably shorter than him. 3in is a noticeable amount, I'll have you know. There's no point debating his height.

I haven't seen the episode with John Allen Nelson. But I do remember him from Baywatch. He's listed at 6"1"(185cm) weirdly enough. But according to you, he was another guy that looked a lot taller than Schwimmer. He wasn't a lot shorter than Hasselhoff, so I think he could very well be around 6"2" or so.

Worst case scenario, Schwimmer is 6"0.75"(185cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jun/13

Interesting, the guys you mentioned below.

- Gould was near 6"3 peak but only claimed 6"2. Rob therefore changed his peak. On Friends he looked maybe 1-1.5in taller than Schwimmer. I'd guess it was more of a case that Gould was 189cm at that point.

- Selleck was 6"4. So, Schwimmer being considerably shorter than him is not a huge shock. That goes for any 6"1 range guy.

- I havent seen the episode with John Allen Nelson. I know he's listed at 6"1(185cm) and I remember him from Baywatch. He was maybe 2in shorter than Hasselhoff. So he could be 6"2-6"3?
Matt said on 22/May/13
I'm currently watching 'The One Where Nana Dies Twice'. There's a scene in a hospital where Elliott Gould and Schwimmer stand up, side-by side, from a seated position. Gould clearly has a couple of inches on Schwimmer, and this was a more youthful, lean Gould than the later seasons.

Now this site has Gould at 6'1, or a peak 6'2. If that's the case, then the eyeball test on this episode would put Schwimmer at six feet, which actually seems about right. No shame in that -- six feet is an underestimated height, and will look tall to most people. The reality is that Schwimmer never came close to measuring up against guys who were legitimately 6'2+, whether Gould, Selleck, John Allen Nelson, etc.
Balrog said on 22/May/13
I think Perry at 5'11.5'' and Schwimmer at 6'0.75'' is perfect. He was eye to eye with Freddie Prinze Jr and about 2in taller than Willis.
Ash Navarre said on 15/May/13
Balrog says on 4/Feb/13
He could be just 6'0.5'' but a flat 6 feet don't think so.

Agree. With 5'11 Brad Pitt. I see 1 1/2 inches difference max.
lelman said on 30/Apr/13
Not a smidge below 6 foot, I saw him at a red carpet event (from a distance, of course) and he was definitely taller than me - I'm 5'11". 6'1" seems fair.
jamestux said on 28/Apr/13
I was a few seats away from him watching Kevin Spacey in Richard III a couple of years back - I had to stand to let him pass and it threw me that h was no taller than me (the girl I was with didn't believe it was him at first as he was my height or shorter) - I think I'm 5'11.
me said on 3/Mar/13
He has the face of a 7 footer. Longest pupil to top lip distance I've ever seen.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
About 3in under Selleck who was probably still 6ft4 in the 90s. 185-186cm fits Schwimmer. At his tallest he can maybe look 2in taller than Matthew Perry
Balrog said on 4/Feb/13
He could be just 6'0.5'' but a flat 6 feet don't think so.
Dom said on 2/Feb/13
@ Trent, Schwimmer isn't even standing erect in that photo. You can see he's hunched slightly, his shoulders are dropped. He's too big for 6' even. He has a good 3-4cm on Matt Perry who is 5'11.5 and Selleck was probably still 6'4 even in 1997.
Trent said on 16/Jan/13
Schwimmer with Tom Selleck, who claimed 6'3.5 back in '87.

Here, look at this: Click Here
It's very briefly onscreen, but you can see there Selleck is actually in slippers--probably only taking 1/4" or so from them, but every bit counts. Later the scene cuts away though and this time you can see Selleck is barefoot now for some reason, but it seems when they were standing face-to-face like that Selleck did take a bit of footwear advantage.

Click Here

I'd say, accounting for the footwear advantage Selleck takes, Schwimmer could be 6'0.25.
Balrog said on 10/Jan/13
Schwimmer has more than 2in over Pitt. This guy ain't under 6'0'' and likely closer 6'1''.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Dec/12
6ft1.5(187cm) out of bed
6ft1.25(186cm) morning
6ft1.25(186cm) lunchtime
6ft1(185cm) afternoon
6ft1(185cm) evening
6ft0.75(185cm) night
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/12
Actually, I saw that episode with Willis.
If Willis is/was 5ft11.5 (which is probable), Schwimmer looked 186-187cm
Ace said on 8/Dec/12
James he looked every bit of 6'1 (if not taller) assuming Bruce Willis was 5'11.5.
James said on 14/Nov/12
Didn't ltook as tall as 6'1 face too face with Bruce willis
Shaun said on 24/Oct/12
Well, I believed the 6 ft 2 listing for him watching Friends, he could look it with hair and clumpy shoes. The Tom Selleck barefoot comparison is the best "evidence" that he's somewhere between 6' and 6'1". Looked 184cm tops next to Gabrielle Reece in heels.
Shaun said on 24/Oct/12
caspar says on 3/Nov/11
he is 6.2ft and did you now I think he one an award for the most attractive man
they were not wrong I tried his hairstyle a few times myself but very tricky.

He's pretty goofy looking though isn't he.
James said on 15/Oct/12
Weak 6'1 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/12
Can really look anywhere from 6ft to 6ft2. He's definitely got more than 1in on Perry who looks at least 5ft11.5/182cm.
Nicole said on 17/Aug/12
He's about 1.4-2 inches taller than Dylan Moran, who is said to be 5'11"
short man syndrome said on 4/Aug/12
he has long legs which make him appear taller than he actually is (see Matt Smith) and needs a downgrade.

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