How tall is David Tennant ?

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David Tennant's height is 6ft 0.75in (185 cm)

Scottish Actor best known for playing The Tenth Doctor in long-running BBC tv series Doctor Who. He has also appeared in Broadchurch/Gracepoint and films Fright Night, What We Did On Our Holiday and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He says he's 6ft 1. I had about 1/3rd inch more thicker sneaker than him at this convention in 2011.

David Tennant at Convention
5ft 8 Rob and David
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Triplescrew says on 22/Jul/15
I've always been confused as to why Height Challenge 2 dude looks so much taller than David. Splicing together the photos in photoshop, it looks like he had a good inch and a half at least on David, putting him at 5'11.75". Then given your shoe advantage that gives Tennant 6'0".

But it must be the photo because he looks a full 6'1" in everything I see him in.
Rory says on 21/Jul/15
Rob, Would you say 186.5cm straight out of bed, or slightly over it ?
[Editor Rob: he could be near 187 out of bed, I'd be surprised if not close to it.]
dee says on 5/Jun/15
i met david only few month ago we were both wearing converse and im 186 cm and we were identical height.
Gonzalo says on 25/May/15
Looks around 1`85 in that pic. He needs a shower
randomdude says on 16/May/15
looks about 6'1 to me
Joel12 says on 26/Apr/15
looks solid 6ft to me...but with rob's shoes advantage+bad posture by david i can see him as 185cm guy close to 6ft1
delvin says on 23/Apr/15
He looks 183.5 cm
Crim says on 31/Mar/15
He's definitely no shorter than 6ft. I can see how he could be placed higher though. I'm 5'10" but most people think I'm 6ft because they never see me without boots on at work or wherever lol.
JPDB says on 6/Mar/15
after seeing him on parkinson (who he looked shorter than) i was under the impression he was no more than 5'10".
dan says on 14/Feb/15
Looks taller than that in that picture in comparison to Rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jan/15
Rob between Karl Urban and Tennant, who left you with a taller impression?
[Editor Rob: Tennant I think had a taller impression.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Jan/15
185cm is fair. Unlike many who claim 6ft1 he generally looks it
Tan le says on 19/Dec/14
6 feet and a half an inch
cole says on 5/Dec/14
6'0.75 could be better. I'd bet closer to 185 than 184.
Mind adding 'Broadchurch', Rob? Very good series and David was outstanding.
Andrea says on 4/Dec/14
Rob, without considering his shoes, did he look taller than alex in person? He doesnt look over 6'0.5 to me...
[Editor Rob: my thought was he looked about 184, given a bit less footwear then nearer 185 I thought would be ok. He's a potential 184 range though, I wouldn't rule that out.]
anon says on 20/Nov/14
does he really look 6 1" here? i see a 4 inch difference max.
Judd says on 14/Nov/14
another guy who, in the picture, for sure doesn't seems a 6'1" guy...
here he looks not taller than 6'0" also with his shoes disadvantage, but picture doesn't mean always the truth, so maybe alive he's taller...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Nov/14
Rob, is 187cm out of bed possible?
[Editor Rob: yes it might be possible he is around that, but also there is a chance he could dip a little shy of the 6ft 1 mark aswell.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Oct/14
Rob, did he appear taller than Matt Smith?
[Editor Rob: yes definitely taller than Matt]
Alex 6'0 says on 27/Oct/14
6'0.5 taking into account Rob's footwear advantage
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Oct/14
In early Dr. Who I thought he could look 186-187cm range. Probably his lanky build gave that impression. Out of bed for definite.
mike says on 16/Oct/14
He'd probably be 186-187 out of bed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 14/Oct/14
Rob, could 184cm be closer?
[Editor Rob: He can look 6ft 0.5-1 range mostly.]
Sam says on 23/Sep/14
From promos for the new American mystery show he's on with Anna Gunn, he does look 6'1" range, taller than Gunn although I'm guessing she's wearing bigger shoes.
jj from nnj says on 13/Sep/14
I don't understand why people quibble about a delta of 0.5" height verses a celeb's claimed height? Especially since the posture of a person can greatly affect their actual height in a photograph. Just sayin' (not intended as a criticism). In one of my previous jobs, I was tasked to obtain dimensions of various items from photographs. Depending on the angle, lighting and resolution of the digital photos, my (very) educated estimates could vary greatly from their actual dimensions.

I'm (now) 64.5" on a good day in the MORNING, and 65.0" in high school. However at my reunion, several people commented that I must have grown taller during college because I looked much taller that they had remembered. Yes, my posture was that bad :) Another interesting data point, 2 friends said they thought I was around 67" when we got on the subject of exercising and ideal height vs. weight, etc.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 31/Aug/14
6'0.5 seems more likely
James B says on 14/Aug/14
Looks 5'11.5 with rob
Kostas says on 13/Aug/14
But this guy will be easily taller than both of them.
Click Here
Kostas says on 9/Aug/14
Do u think that Callum Blue will edge him out?
[Editor Rob: tough to tell, I think they would be quite close, I wouldn't bet on who might be a few mm taller.]
womble says on 16/Jul/14
Looks a lot shorter on Dr.Who
Connor 183cm says on 7/Jun/14
You had 1/3rd inch thicker footwear Rob? well Tennant is probably 184.5-185cm range then but i still dont think he looks the full 6ft 1 next to you though, he seems a weak 6ft 1.
Connor 183cm says on 6/Jun/14
@Alex 6'0 Well Tennant doesn't look 6ft 1 with Rob yeah but i dont think he is 6ft 0.5 either, if he is 6ft 1 then Rob should be eyelevel at his chin and Rob is under his bottom lip thats not a 5 inch difference here he looks more like 4 inches taller than Rob in the pic, in shoes though of course, so Tennant is probably 6ft in shoes and 5ft 11.75 barefeet.
[Editor Rob: remember I do have 1/3rd inch thicker footwear]
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Jun/14
May be nearer 6'0.5
James B says on 26/Apr/14
6'1 seems fair
cole says on 30/Mar/14
Does not look a sloid 6'1 in the photo with Rob. Nearer 6'0.25 - 6'0.5. Could be 6'0.75 factoring in Rob's footwear-advantage.
Betsy says on 20/Mar/14
Not so much a small head but rather a short face; most people's faces seem longer than his. And I agree about the small height difference between him and Cumberbatch, I've already noted it on his (Benedict's) page.
Chris says on 6/Mar/14
What a small head he has
truth says on 23/Feb/14
Only slightly taller (2cm) than Cumberbatch, look it up. I think 184cm max.
Tommy Ace says on 2/Feb/14
Yeah, I'm not seeing a five inch difference there.

More like 6'0.
Hypado says on 31/Jan/14
easy 6ft 1in (185 cm)
Triplescrew says on 24/Jan/14
Watching Day of the Doctor again it's clear Smith and Tennant are no more than an inch and a half apart. But we must also take into account Smith's boots compared to Tennant's converse. And Smith's horrible posture which is part of the 11th doctor's mannerisms.

I'd put Tennant around 6'0.5" at night and Smith a smidge above 5'11" at night. Or in other words the former is a weak 6'1" and the latter is a very weak 6'0".
avi says on 10/Jan/14
@MD says on 1/Nov/13
Nah, David is pretty clearly taller than Matt Smith:

Click Here

Click Here

Tennant is even losing a bit of height do to his placement in the photo, and it still looks like it may be slightly more than an inch difference.

What!!?? Lol. They are close in height in those pics plus David has the advantage In one as he's closer to camera.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 8/Jan/14
Rob, did David have a few drinks?

He looks wasted in that photo.
[Editor Rob: nah, I think it was a remarkably hot day for October...and signing all morning and smiling a few hundred times can take it's toll!]
songo says on 2/Jan/14
Lenad is sexy says on 28/Dec/13
looks more 184cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Dec/13
184cm at his lowest I can buy.
Anon183 says on 24/Nov/13
I think the heights they are listed at makes perfect sense really, when you see them together. Tennant has a small but significant height advantage, I'd put it at about 1.5 inches. Obviously they can often seem around the same height, but that's because a height difference like that really isn't very big especially when you take into account footwear.
Rhonda says on 23/Nov/13
Two inches taller than Matt Smith on 50th anniversary episode. Some angles made him look 3 inches taller.
JonDaMon says on 15/Nov/13
6'0.5 and VERY lanky.
MD says on 1/Nov/13
Nah, David is pretty clearly taller than Matt Smith:

Click Here

Click Here

Tennant is even losing a bit of height do to his placement in the photo, and it still looks like it may be slightly more than an inch difference.
[Editor Rob: when tennant and smith appear in an upcoming 'Day of the Doctor' special I think they will look quite close in height - but Matt will likely have nearly 2cm footwear advantage if they are wearing their usual outfits.]
benjo says on 30/Oct/13
he looks around 6ft and smith id say 6ft
Fergie says on 17/Oct/13
Saw Tennant at the theatre. The crowd were super-close to the stage. Tennant was barefoot in some scenes, and was still taller than the rest of the cast (around 30 of them). A very striking figure and an easy 6'1". Any claims of 5'11" are ridiculous, and 6' is trying to hard to undersell him.
miko says on 14/Oct/13
He certainly is a good look-a-like Rob. Although him at 6'1 range is a bit damaging for a 6'1 Tennant. Personally I do have Tennant at 6'0.5.
miko says on 13/Oct/13
Rob here is a photo you might be very interested in, lots of doctors!

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the matt smith lookalike I've seen a few times, he's about 6ft 1 range, he was nearly 2 inches taller than Matt when he got a photo with him at another con - he was in front of me/ fact he got a good back to back with Matt.]
David says on 5/Oct/13
Any claim Tenant is 5'11 is BS. No 5'11 guy has towered Rob like that! Considering Rob's sneaker and looking at his eyeline I'd say Tenant's a weak 6'1.
Rusty says on 19/Sep/13
I see a strong 6 footer here
Len says on 10/Sep/13
I'm not quite seeing 6'1" from the photo. I mean, Rob's leaning in with his head, which shortens him a bit, and it still doesn't look like a 5-inch height difference.

More like 6'0".
Lorne says on 31/Aug/13
Just a fraction under this mark. 6 ft0.75 would be better.
Betsy says on 26/Aug/13
I think he must have lost just a bit of height after his back surgery in late 2008. The interview in which he said he was 6'1" was taken years before that. Now he seems to be in the range of 6'0.5" - 6'0.75", and most photos where he is with other people seem to confirm that.
Lurk says on 8/Aug/13
In the photo he looks nothing more than a flat 6 ft - even considering Rob's slight footwear advantage.
avi says on 26/Jul/13
If you look close Rob is also leaning in to match it. Yes he seems 6'0.5
Brad (181.5) says on 6/Jul/13
I don't know if it's the posture, but I can't see David Tennant as anything more than 6'0.5"? I can't tell for certain, if he was 6'1" his eyes would reach the top of your head, Rob! Then again, he does seem to be leaning forward.
avi says on 2/Jul/13
you can't honestly think there is 5 full inches difference here?? its obvious he is 6'0.5 at best
[Editor Rob: I had about 1/3rd inch thicker sneakers...I don't think if he wasn't 6ft 1 he'd be very near it.]
anonymous says on 17/Jun/13
I know I am not saying claim that but you coudl easily I mean at 5'8- 8.25 you could say 5'8 sure or stck with cm, most guys who are 5'7.5- 5'8 will say 5'8 and you will look a goof 1/2 inch taller, you are very modest, strong 5'8.

Tennant is 6'1
ken says on 16/Jun/13
There is more than 10 cm between noel clarke and him, if tennant is just 185, then noel clarke is 172-3 at most and not 175 as it is written everywhere
anonymous says on 14/Jun/13
Tennant is a 6'1 guy, 185cm fits him well he looks a fair bit over Rob, rob has slight footwear advantage, I mean rob is a very solid 5'8 guy he could easily claim 5'8.5 at his height, I mean him saying 5'8 for himself is generous considering, In his position I would say 5'8.5 anyway.
[Editor Rob: I'd never claim 5ft 8.5 unless we all agreed to measure ourselves at 9am :)]
ken says on 13/Jun/13
If you see doctor who, you will see he is a a strong tall guy, eleven doctor is also tall, but i couldn't see anyone taller then him in the episodes, Im sure he is at least 6'1 but i can imagine for him 187 or 188 cm also.
[Editor Rob: he's not over 6ft 1 although being skinny he could probably fool some folk]
Johno says on 10/Jun/13
Note, tennant's eyeline does not seem as a large as rob's. It is most likely 4 inches.
LG69 says on 16/May/13
@richkid123, he's a solid 6'0...maybe a bit more. He's tall but, not "big" as you say.
johno says on 7/May/13
Actually, looking again, it appears tennant is raising his head a little and his forehead seems a bit shorter then robs.

Tennant 5'11.75 - 6'0
Mark says on 30/Mar/13
I would say a strong 6ft/weak 6'1.
Dmeyer says on 17/Mar/13
Top of your head slightly over his eyebrow so 8cm taller than Rob Max plus nearly 1cm footwear =9cm wish makes him 182.2cm 5'11.75 , looks 6'0 in the pic , but i believe Rob
[Editor Rob: he was with Joe Flanigan at one point near the green room and I think flanigan 181-2 range and Tennant 185 range when they were beside each other...]
Josh B says on 6/Mar/13
Rob, there's a shortage of 6'0.75 heights, reckon that would be fairer for David :)
Johno says on 2/Mar/13
About 6'0.25
richkid123 says on 25/Feb/13
doesn't appear that big of a guy
Mathew says on 3/Feb/13
He looks no more than 184 cm here, of course accounting for footware that turns into no more than 185 cm. Weak 6'1".
James says on 2/Feb/13
He defo looks more 6ft with rob
Trent says on 23/Jan/13
I say 6'0.75 considering the sneaker advantage.
Josh says on 18/Jan/13
6'0 the most
Bakura says on 16/Jan/13
@Aragorn- Even though he clearly looks 6'1 in the photo?
[Editor Rob: aragorn can have a fair point...

Almost 6ft 0.5 guy

6ft 1.3 guy

6ft 1.5 guy
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 16/Jan/13
6'0 or weak 6'0.5. Never 6'1!!!
1.85 m, 83 kg says on 6/Jan/13

He looked fractionally taller, I don't know what you saw.
LJ says on 6/Jan/13
Looked fractionally smaller than Jonathan Ross on his show last night. If Ross really is 187, then 185 sounds right for Tennant.
Trent says on 26/Dec/12
Somehow I missed the part about Rob's sneaker advantage. In that case I agree with you Larc.
miko says on 24/Dec/12
184 seems closer, maybe more 185 earlier in the day.
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 21/Dec/12
He has less sneakers, and he's bending a bit, he can be 6'0.75 or even 6'1.
thorterr says on 20/Dec/12
6ft 1 hands er heads down
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 19/Dec/12
Looks more like 6'0
Trenton says on 14/Dec/12
6'0.5 could be more on the money.
The Exorcist says on 8/Dec/12
I do think he looks 6'1" on screen but he's not looking it in photo above.
dmeyer says on 4/Dec/12
looks 182cm
Arch Stanton says on 29/Nov/12
Good photo, shows he is exactly as listed.
miko says on 29/Nov/12
Great photo Rob, how much posture is he losing here?
[Editor Rob: I don't think much ]
Editor Rob says on 29/Nov/12
I think he's close to his claim, I saw him at this event beside Joe Flanigan and he was a good 3-4cm taller...
UK183cm says on 28/Nov/12
I seem him as more 184cm than 185, and I'm quite confident he is not 186. He is probably something like 186 out of bed, and 184 at night, with 185 at around midday. Just my opinion though
Nick NB says on 30/Sep/12
After having watched 'Doctor Who', 'Hamlet' and 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', I hesitate not in agreeing with the facts which suggest that he is a strong 6'1" (1.86 m).

It is worth noting that as well as being very self-conscious, he has a huge stage presence and this, with his vast array of facial expressions and accents, makes him the versatile actor that he is. How effortlessly he slips into Estuary English from his Natural Scottish is just a sample of his various talents.

He is of course a fantastic actor!
mike321 says on 26/Sep/12
i always thought he was taller like 6'3. i would have guessed him at 190cm. i am only 188cm and think i look shorter than what he does.
UK182.5cm says on 8/Aug/12
I have seen pictures where Matt Smith is the same height as benedict cumberbatch, and there are good pictures showing Benedict cumberbatch is the same height as david tennant. My current opinion is that Cumberbatch and Tennant are both 184cm and Smith is 183cm.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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