How tall is Davina McCall

Davina McCall's Height

5ft 7in (170 cm)

British TV Presenter known for hosting Big Brother. In the Guardian Newspaper (29/7/11) she commented on her stats, "I'd love to have longer, slimmer, model-type legs like [Elle MacPherson]. I am 5ft 7in and generally weigh 10 stone."

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James B said on 26/Apr/16
a bit above average for a woman and a great body too :-)
div said on 5/Jan/16
Rob here is Davina with 5'6 Laura Whitmore . There heels are pretty similar and they look the same height . I think its highly unlikey that Davina is a legitimate 5'7 . She might of measured herself early in the day at 5'6.5 and she is rounding up to the nearest inch.. 5'6 to 5'6.5 is her height . She is above average height but by no means a tall woman.

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Here are Whitmores heels

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div said on 21/Dec/15
Rob here is a video of Davina with 5'7 Stacy Solomon . If you wide forward towards to about 3 minutes you will see Davina interviewing Stacy. Who do you think is taller?

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Editor Rob: wouldn't say much between them, a weak 5ft 7 is still possible for her.
div said on 18/Dec/15
Rob here is Davina with 5'7 Ulrika Jonsson . Davina is in higher heels Ulrika has her knees bent but yet Davina is barely taller than Ulrika . Those who have met Davina say she is closer to 5'6 than 5'7 . I think she is 5'6.5" at best.

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Editor Rob: I haven't ruled out 169cm for her
div said on 25/Nov/15
Rob wind this video to 37 minutes. You will see that Ulrika Jonsson is at least an inch taller than Davina . Davina also has a slight heel advantage. 5'7 for davina looks impossible to me.

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div said on 22/Nov/15
Rob here is a video of Caprice with Davina . They are both wearing similar heels and Caprice is taller than Davina by at least an inch . Caprice is a solid 5'7 so Davina is 5'6 at most . I think she needs to be downgraded . Wind forward to 11.29 in the video to see.

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Editor Rob: I would doubt there is more than half inch or so between them, certainly davina can fall into weak 5ft 7 range.
div said on 3/Oct/15
Rob i seriously doubt that Davina is a legitimate 5'7 . I think she is 5'6.5 or 5'6.75 so if she is as tall as Caprice then it's hard to see Caprice been even a legitimate 5'7. Do you think Caprice could even be below 5'7 say 5'6.75
[Editor Rob: there is a chance both of them could be in weak 5ft 7 zone, we know how caprice looked with that other girl who claimed 5ft 8.5 as her height, she looked maybe 5ft 7 at most.]
div said on 2/Oct/15
Do you think Davina might actually be taller than Caprice . What height do you think Caprice and Davina are if you were to guess.
[Editor Rob: they might be very close, without seeing footwear or more footage it is hard to really tell between them.]
div said on 30/Sep/15
Rob here is a video of Davina and Caprice at the Brit Awards in 2000. How much shorter do you think Davina is than Caprice in this video?.

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[Editor Rob: in that clip it is tough, she might be a bit smaller, how much though I couldn't say because I thought Davina was leaning a bit forward at times.]
div said on 23/Sep/15
Davina is a good inch shorter than 5'8 dec . She is 5'8 in heels so the
most she could be is 5'6 barefoot and thats generous . You could
make a case for her been below 5'6.

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div said on 6/Sep/15
rob do you not think 5ft 7 is a bit to tall for davina?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6.5 is quite possible for her.]
div said on 27/Aug/15
Rob could you add english model Laura Bailey. She is listed at 5'8 which is
REDO said on 16/Jun/15
Here she is with 5'7 Chantelle Houghton .

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REDO said on 27/Feb/15
Look at this pic with 5'8 Chris Moyles . Moyles is 5'8 he was measured that by
a doctor . So his height isn't up for debate . She looks at least 2 inches . So
Davina is 5'6 She needs a downgrade.

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REDO said on 19/Feb/15
Again here she is with 5'9 Tess Daly she is slouching so Tess looks considerably
taller but if Davina was standing upright. Tess would be at the most 2 inches taller.

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REDO said on 19/Feb/15
She is deceptively tall. I think she is a solid 5'7 . She has short legs
and a long body so she gives the impression of being 5'5. Here is a picture of her taken with some models . I reckon the blonde model is about 5'9 and the black model is about 5'8 . Davina is slouching yet she is still nearly as tall the black model . If Davina was standing straight she would be practically as
tall as the black model.

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gerry said on 16/Feb/15
She is taller than Dermot O Leary in normal shoes . How tall is Dermot?.
gerry said on 14/Feb/15
She doesn't look a legitimate 5'7" to me. I think she is rounding up she is
about 5'6.5".
geri said on 18/Jan/15
Rob could you put up Lisa Snowdons height please.
germs said on 11/Jan/15
I remember her presenting a show with 6'1 David Tennant . She was in massive heels and still looked 4 inches shorter . I think she is closer to 5'6.
Sean said on 30/Jan/14
Inch taller than expected, always guessed her at 5'6", Big brother is not the same without her, going to watch all the series again
ned said on 17/Oct/13
she looks short on television but is surprisongly tall in real life,for about 15 years she had best bottom on telly but never got much praise for it.she had great bum on tv series "don't try this at home"standing with back to camera in skintight trousers wow
every1ishuge said on 24/Aug/07
I think the twins are noticeably quite tall, about 5'7, yeah Carol is about 5'1-2 maybe and Chanelle about 5'5.

Here are two other ones that I read:
Charley 5'6
Nikki 4'12 (yes she put down 4'12 on her application form!)
Markus said on 23/Aug/07
I think the twins are about 5'5 to 5'6 and Carol 5'1 to 5'2. On Amy's myspace it says her height is 162cm (5'4) Sam and Amanda are only a little taller and Carol is a bit shorter.

Amy's Myspace:
Click Here

Amy, Sam, Amanda and Chanelle:
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Amy and Carol:
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everyishuge said on 23/Aug/07
Well I did a search there and it turned out I've underestimated some housemates.
Some website I looked at says they were measured in the house as follows:

Liam: 6'2
Brian: 6'6
Billy: 6'0

These could be rounding up slightly since the housemate would likely measure themselves.

It follows that Ziggy must be about 6'0 and Gerry must be hitting 6'2, indeed a tall set of housemates!
every1ishuge said on 23/Aug/07
Anyone know the current heights of the big bro housemates?
My guesses are:
liam 6'0
ziggy 5'11.5
gerry 6'1
jonty 5'8
brian 6'3.5
Amanda 5'7.5
Sam 5'7
carol 5'3
tracy 5'5
Helen B said on 31/Jul/07
I've stood in front of her and I'm pretty sure she's shorter than 5 7. I'm 5 7 and a half and she was about my height with heals.
duane said on 20/Oct/06
i thought that davina was 5"7.5 and sasika 5"8 and derek 5"7 and macosi 5"7 and kinga 5" 3.7 and vannesa 5"6
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/06
I thought that Ashleen looked tall but when new housemate Jayned entered, i heard her saying how much taller Ashleen looks on tv than in person, and Ashleen said herself how she's really not that tall. Just shows how heights can be deceiving!!!

However i rekon she's still got to be about 5'6? Imogen maybe about 5'4 and yes Nikki is absolutely tiny!!! And yes 6'4 sounds right for Mikey he certainly is tall!!I think your about spot on Big Bro with your guesses for the guys.
Big Bro said on 10/Jul/06
Mikey was once asked his height by another housemate he said he was 6'4 and Glynn said he is an inch shorter at 6'3. From that I would guess Richard to be about 6'0 and Pete 5'7.
Huey said on 10/Jul/06
I'd like to know as well sunbeame. Mikey looks tall prob 6'2", Pete maybe 5'8", Nicky is the shortest about 5'ish. Just my estimates.
sunbeame said on 7/Jul/06
Anyone know any of the heights of the current housemates???
Anonymous said on 16/Jun/06
did anyone see jordan on davina? who was taller?
Alicia said on 16/Feb/06
I watched her new chat show 'Davina' last night and she looked the same height as charlotte church both in heeels

[Editor Rob: she was certainly shorter than the tess daly chick...]
liz said on 14/Feb/06
I think Davina is about 5'5" or 5'6" Chantelle's heels are 1 or 2 inches lower than Davinas
TheMan said on 2/Feb/06
Divina is about 5,7 ive read that and heard it many times before.
rose said on 1/Feb/06
did you actually watch the final Davina had high heel boots on and Chantelle had kitten heels! I have no idea about camera angles I was only making a point dude (assuming you are male since you can't judge the height of a heel!)
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/06
first of all the camera anlgle was to crap to judge if chantelle was taller than davina and second their heel size was about the same .
rose said on 29/Jan/06
I watched the final of celeb Big Brother and Davina was wearing boots with a huge 3-4 inch heel and Chantelle (fake celeb winner) who says she is 5'7" was wearing a 1-2 inch kitten heel mule and she was still a good bit taller than Davina how can this be possible if Davina is 5'7"? Also Rula was taller than her, Traci Bingham was a bit shorter in big heels, and Davina was the same hieght as Preston in her high heel boots. . . I'm not sure of their heights so if anyone can help me ou. . .

[Editor Rob: rula is listed on her resume as 5ft 9...she might have lost a cm since her heyday, but bingham beside her, both intrainers I'd say bingham was more 5ft 6]
jonny5 said on 13/Jan/06
Davina is 5ft6 at most jimmy savile i about 5ft5 now at 80 years old i seen and spoke a few times
RLG said on 15/Aug/05
Eugene said he's 6'4" and he then said it in centimeters as well. 193 cm, he said. Which is also 6'4". Craig is then somewhere around 5'11" or 6'0" looking at him next to Eugene, I'd say.

Makosi said without shoes she is 5'6". Kinga said she looked around that and then Makosi confirmed it. I'd also say Kinga was more like 4'10" from looking at her next to Makosi. She really is tiny.

I agree that Anthony is maybe 5'7". He was the same height as Makosi when he was wearing his big-heeled shoes and she was wearing 2 or 3 inch heels on the final night.

[Editor Rob: the daily record described Anthony as 5ft 3. Lol, at the very beginning he came into the house in cowboy boots and I'm sure the voiceover said Anthony was '5ft 10' with a good pair of boots or something like that...yes, looking at that eugene guy he is much taller than the rest]
mimi said on 14/Aug/05
i dont think anthony's 5'10 because when the housemates were entering the house and their audition tapes were showed ant said that his was dark and handsome but not tall and therefore, he tended to wear cowboy boots which have a bit of a heel. 5'10 im sure is not so short that he would have to wear heels! i would say he was about 5'7 or 8 because he looked that way when standing next to davina.
lucy said on 10/Aug/05
Kinga is 5,2 what height is makosi and anthoney and craig and euguen, the all look so tall compared to 5,2 kinga. As kinga entered the big brother davina said that she was only 5,2 belass her.
Orlaith was 5,8

[Editor Rob: I've no idea sorry...all I know was Anthony claimed to be 5ft 10 (on a good day) when they were talking about heights one day...Craig 5ft 11? Eugene 6ft 1? Makosi did say she wore high heels because she didn't want to feel shorter, although she isn't that short really...]
jimbo said on 19/Feb/05
Its hard to know if Davina is 5'7 , I saw her in a photograph with tv presenter gabby logan who is 5'8 and davina was inch taller than logan , but then Isaw another photo of her with gabby logan an vina was an inch shorter . I would say she probably is 5'7 but I always thought she was only about 5'5 bt davina herself say she is 5'7
jimbo said on 17/Feb/05
I thought davina was only 5'5 but she said on Richard and Judy she was 5'7 .

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