How tall is Ed O'Neill ?

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Ed O'Neill's Height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

US Actor from Married with Children. I think he's starting to get more of a dodgy neck and doesn't have the best posture these days but did look 6ft 1.
Comment on the Height of Ed O'Neill

C said on 7/Oct/15
He has an inch on 6 feet tall Ty Burrell in Modern Family. Ed is 6'1''.

I do remember an episode where Mitchell describes his dad as being 6'2''. So maybe Ed O'Neill was 6'2'' in his prime.
BT said on 31/Aug/15
Hypado says on 26/Feb/15
Ed O'Neill

Peak - 6ft 1.25in
Now - 6ft 0.5in


I completely agree with that.
I.Rojas915 said on 15/Mar/15
boy do I ever stand corrected! Wolfman Jack was about 5' 10" at the most .... 5' 9.5" in his later years. He barely looked taller than Dick Clark. Click Here
CDS said on 27/Feb/15
I'll give him 6'1" peak since looked taller than 6' John Travolta in the film "Lucky Numbers", but these days on TV's "Modern Family", maybe as low as 6'0.25" since really doesn't look any taller than 6' (listed) Ty Burrell (I'll bet is more like 5'11.5").
Hypado said on 26/Feb/15
Ed O'Neill

Peak - 6ft 1.25in
Now - 6ft 0.5in
grizz said on 6/Jan/15
Lorne says on 13/Nov/14
I completely agree, Cole. 6ft1.5 is possible for peak, I've always said 186-187 range.
Seems like it in MWC, I agree, too. The scene where 6ft0.5in Boreanez with boots was shorter than slouched O'Neill with slippers kinda proves he was 186 at his peak, minimum.
These days I'd give him a solid 184cm.
IR said on 17/Nov/14
boy was I fooled!, but to me, he did look like a giant compared to Kelly and Bud. LOL
I stand corrected! Wolfman Jack if anything was shorter. I would give Wolfman 5' 10" at the most now.
cole said on 11/Nov/14
@Editor Rob: Don't you think he looked a little taller than this in his prime? Think he could pass for 186-187 cm back in the day. Today looks to be more 183-184 at times on MF. His posture isn't great though, so he might measure near 185 still. A peak and current height is needed imo, I mean you've already given Ty a "peak", and he's 21 years younger than Ed...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/14
Looked 6ft1-6ft2 in the Married with Children years. Today looks closer to 6ft

Rob, Modern Family needs to be added to that line
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/14
Looked 6ft1-6ft2 in the Married with Children years. Today looks closer to 6ft
Sam said on 7/Jul/14
I'd think it's time for a current height listing of something like six feet even. On Modern Family he's barely taller than, often about the same as, Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet.
jtm said on 29/Jun/14
rob have you seen the pictures with michael clarke duncan? he is probably no more than 6'0 nowadays.
[Editor Rob: could be heading to 6ft]
Van said on 24/May/14
Yes he is a legit 6'1. A perfect example for a 6'1 guy
I.Rojas915 said on 28/Apr/14
Wolfman Jack guest starred in "Ship Happens" right before his death.
I would say he was about 6' 3" ( 191cm ) tall. He was taller than Ed (Al Bundy)
Halb said on 25/Apr/14
Says he used to weight 230, if he is 6'1 I can believe that, didn't realise he was that tall.
Lenad is sexy said on 19/Jan/14
I suspect he was 6'1ish in his prime and closer to 6'0 now. He only looks marginally taller than Ty Burrell on modern family
Lenad is sexy said on 13/Jan/14
looks closer to 6'0 on modern family
Lorne said on 24/Jun/13
186cm peak. Looked an inch taller than Boreanez, an DB was wearing cowboy boots!
Buster said on 24/Jan/13
In a lot of shots, Griff is way taller than Al, even taller than the 6'7" Bubba Smith screenshots!
mId said on 20/Jan/13
I've said it before here but anyway.. on a radio show when asked about his height he said -I'm about 6'1. But he said it in away that he might be a tad under. So 184 might be right on the money these days. Might even be 183 flat before bed.
joe said on 19/Sep/07
He was 6'2 back in the early days of MWC, 6'6 dave windfield was on the show and he looked 4 inch shorter, 6'5 steve carlton 3 inch shorter, 6'8 Bubba smith, 6 inch shorter, 6'9 too tall jones 7 inch ect.
D. Ray Morton said on 9/Aug/07
I met Ed recently. Seemed AT LEAST 6'1". And huge.

Nice guy. HILARIOUS in his new series.
ignacio said on 17/Jun/07
in season 7 episode 20 you can see a big picture of his driver's license. you can barely see he's 6'
Anonymous said on 19/Apr/07
I just watched the episode "Kiss of the Coffee Woman" and Al (O'Neill) said that he was 6-1. Or actually, he didn't say that, he said to Kelly (Christina Applegate) something like: "Kelly, you should listen to somebody who weighs about 100 lbs more than you, and has about 8 inches of advantages of you [he meant himself of course]".

Since Applegate has always been billed at 5-5, I guess he meant that he was "about" 6-1.
phil said on 13/Mar/07
Just saw another episode of MWC (I have them on tape) where the guest star was former NFLer Todd Christensen. He's listed as 6'3" by the NFL stats and he and Ed O'Neill were also standing face to face on a wide angle, head to toe shot. O'Neill was clearly only 2 inches shorter than the 6'3" Christensen. Maybe Ron Pitts was wearing lifts, because at 5'10", he shouldn't have been face to face on a full head to toe shot with O'Neill.
phil said on 13/Mar/07
Now I'm confused. I just saw an episode of Married With Children in which Ron Pitts (the NFL announcer and ex-NFL player) was a guest. He played a TV reporter who was interviewing Al Bundy. He and Ed O'Neill were standing right beside each other. It was a wide angle shot and showed them head to toe. They were the same height and Pitts is listed as being 5'10" on his NFL stats page.
Red said on 8/Mar/07
I saw mwc today and for me he looked like 62".
dmeyer said on 17/Jan/07
does look taller than 175 sagal in heels so 185 make sens
ted said on 6/Jan/07
he always seemed taller than 6'1 on mwc
Height Tracker said on 24/Dec/06
He looked to have lost some height towards the end of the series. Probably lost about an inch, making him six feet even towards the end of the show.
Answer said on 5/Nov/06
I think he looked much taller in the first seasons of Married with Children, than he did in the last seasons. Maybe it is just the posture, but I don't know.
Derek said on 24/Oct/06
Looked 6'1" in MWC.
Editor Rob said on 8/Sep/06
described "6-foot-1-inch " back in 1998, dallas morning news.
bikagyura said on 14/Aug/06
thought he looked more like 6' 3" beside Applegate... Maybe a camera thing...
iw said on 26/Jul/06
By later seasons in the show, his heigth has somewhat gone down, but he did manage to have a few inches on 5'9 Katey Sagal, who was in heels.
MHouillon said on 13/Jun/06
184 for my favorite shoe-seller
BB said on 1/May/06
C said on 7/Oct/05
Al Bundy was a big guy, but not quite 6'1''. I would say that both Ed O'Neil and Ted McGinley were 6 feet even.
McFan said on 18/Jul/05
Ed O'Neill was certainly taller than Ted McGinley. There was between 1.5-2 inches difference. Al Bundy always walked around stooped over to give the impression of a shorter man. When he stood up, he was at least 6'1...possibly 6'2. McGinley looked about 6'0.
Smoke said on 26/Apr/05
Yeah, like I said, the best way to gauge McGinley's height is to catch some reruns of this classic show, unfortunately it's virtually vanished from the air. But to me O'Neill has always looked this height relative to McGinley, Ed also looked a fair bit taller than 5'10"-ish Jim Belushi in K-9, so I really think he was close to this height at his peak. McGinley may have approached 6'0" at his peak.
Mr. X said on 25/Apr/05
Al Bundy 6 ft 1 in and Jefferson Darcy 5 ft 11 in? I always thought it was the other way around. I might be wrong on this since they don't play anymore Married with Children reruns, and I hadn't seen that show in years, but I always thought McGinley was taller than O'Neill.

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